Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on February 21, 1953 · Page 10
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 10

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1953
Page 10
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph Saturday, February 21, 1953 Page 10 Gambler Joe Adonis Faces Deportation TRENTON. N. J. (J) — Big-time gambler Joe Adonis, already serv ing a term in New Jersey State prison, now faces a government move to aepori mm 10 naiy. Immigration Service officers are due here today to serve a deportation warrant on the stocky, greying, 52-year-old underworld figure. Issued in Washington Friday, the document charges Adonis ac tually is an Italian although he claims to be an American-born citizen. Adonis, whose real name is Jo seph Doto, was spotlighted in 1951 by the Senate Crime Investigating Committee— headed by Sen. Kefauver (D-Tenn)— as one of the "big six" of American crime. Until then, although arrested on six different charges from 1926 to 1940. he had not served a day in iail. The government claims Adonis is an alien and thus subject to deportation and that he was not in possession of necessary immigration documents when he re-entered this country at Miami, Fla.. after a short visit to Cuba during the winter of 1947-48. VeldeWill Investigate His 'Error' WASHINGTON OR — Chairman Velde (R-Ill) of the House Un- American Activities Committee has ordered a "complete investiga tion" of how Mrs. Agnes E. Meyer was erroneously named author of a letter praising the Russian peo ple. Velde Friday announced the suspension of an unidentified com mittee investigator who, he said, was responsible for this "regret-able mistake" concerning Mrs. Meyer, wife of Eugene Meyer, board chairman of the Washington Post. The congressman said Tuesday that Moscow Fravda in 1947 had quoted Mrs. Meyer as writing to a Soviet journal: "We feel profound admiration for the people of the Soviet Union." Mrs. Meyer termed Velde's statement "an outright falshood." The author of the letter was found to be Mrs. G. S. Mayer, wife of a' retired Port Clements, British Columbia, rancher. Factory Pay Rise 18 Cents Under Controls WASHINGTON — (#) — Average 'pay of the nation's I6V2 million factory workers went up 18 cents an hour, during two years of wage controls, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. January 1953 earnings were $1.72 an hour. $71.27 a week. Most of the two-year gain reg istered during controls resulted from cost of living and other wage rate increases allowed by stabilization regulations. President Ei senhower ended wage controls two weeks ago. The cost of living itself advanced about 5 per cent during the two year penoa, beginning in January, 1951, covered by the report. Average hourly wage increase amounted to liy2 per cent. Forced Loan LOS ANGELES Uft- A young man approached Otto Shaffer, assistant manager of a loan company, and asked Friday about getting a loan. "What is your occupation?" asked Shaffer. "I stick up places," replied the jouiiR man, exhibiting a gun. Shaffer handed over $201 without collateral or argument. After the eruption of the volcano Krakatoa in 1883 a remarkable scries of red sunsets appeared all over the world, believed to have been caused by the spread of volcanic dust in the atmosphere. Cobb optical company will pay $1,000 to any person who can prove that we charge more than our advertised price . . . regardless of your prescription or your selection from any of our 88 ultra-smart and modern frames. Cobb's is the place where the one-price policy prevails . . . you cannot pay more! $9.50 includes Kryptok bifocals or single vision lenses, and frame. OPT N tw spaplrR RCHi VE Man Doomed By Disease Is Acquitted NEW YORK m— Vincent PurIi. 39 - year - old tuberculosis victim whose attorney says he has only a year to live, was acquitted Friday night of two murder charges in the shooting of his wife and step-daughter July 17. An all-male Bronx County Court jury returned the verdict after deliberating 3 hours and 15 minutes. The defense had called 56 witnesses during the six-week trial to prove that Pugh, a war veleian, was temporarily insane at the time of the shooting. Pugh, a chauffeur, was held after the fatal shooting of his wife, Eleanor. 37, and her daughter, Mrs. Jane Curley Whalen, 22, in their Bronx apartment. The shooting followed an argument during which, Pugh testified, his wife taunted him by suggesting he was not the father of their 8-year-old son, Vincent jr. Spectators in the coui iroom cheered the verdict. Defense Atty. Bernard A. Lauren was mobbed by men who pounded him on the back and women who smothered him with kisses. Lauren said in his summation that treatment of Pugh's illness had not been successful and that his client expects to die within a year. Animals may live for some time in a state of torpor either in hot months in a dry country or in cold months. The former practice is called aestivation, the latter hibernation. Wood is always in movement. It shrinks as it dries and swells as it absorbs moisture. Alcatraz Cons Living High, Says Senator WASHINGTON Wl- Senate debaters reached a bipartisan agree ment Friday that stern Alcatraz Prison costs more to house a prisoner than would a plush, big-city hotel. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by DR. B. RUBIN, Optometrist CITY NATIONAL IANK ILDG. Sen. Langer (R-ND), saying it now costs twice as much to feed and house a prisoner at the island prison in San Francisco Bay as at any other federal prison, figured the government could board inmates "cheaper." The subject came up when Langer, chairman of the Senate prison subcommittee, was getting. Senate approval of $5,000 for inspection of 33 institutions operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Morse Wants Counsel for Quiz Hearings WASHINGTON W>- Sen. Morse (Ind-Orc) says witnesses in Senate iiivestigations should have a legal right to counsel, who could object to questions and cross-examine any other witness making accusations. In introducing a witnesses' of rights" measure, Morse Friday .said persons accused of disloyalty, subversion or Communist tactics should have "adequate assurance by law" of a chance to defend themselves. The bill would also require wit nesses to stick to the subject under investigation. The greater part of Africa is in the tropic zone. ' CLEARANCE SALE Appointments Save Time— rhone 4-om Open till 9 o'clock Saturday Night Residents Return to Death Isle CANVEY ISLAND, England W1-The White family came home this week and papa poured the sea water out of the television set. This was the report of sandy-haired Robert White, age 11, one of the thousands of refugees who have returned to what Britain called the "Isle of Death." Canvey Island, in the Thames estuary, was the home of 12.000 people when hurricane-driven tides struck it Sunday, Feb. 1. Angry waters surged over the 8,000-acie island, drowning at least 62 persons — along with 245 more elsewhere on England's eastern coast. Holding his cat, Susan, little Robert White cried when he got his first look at his once trim bungalow home. "The three feet of water in the living room was nearly gone." he said, "but oh, what a mess was left. "Mom had just finished paying for the television set too and the first thing papa did was to empty the sea water out of it. But it was wrecked. "There was a dead fish In the bath tub." The 4.000 people who so far have plodded back over the old iron bridge from the mainland, past the water-soaked sign. "Welcome to Canvey Island." have found their homes in about the same But Canvey Island is shrugging off its disaster and the people are getting on with the business of life. Sheep and cattle graze again on fields which last week were glistening ponds. In the grave yard of the St. Catherine Pansn (Jhurcn the flood-toppled tombstones have been righted. Some woods technically classified as softwoods are actually hard er than some hardwoods. Yellow pine, a softwood, is harder than poplar or gum, which are hard- Ridden treasures Pirate Loot in Brooklyn Charles Gibbs, the nortorious pirate, buried $20,000 In gold in the sand of Barren' Island in the neighborhood of Floyd Bennett Field. Records of the U. S. Court of the Southern Dist. of J»*. Y. verify the location of the hoard. Some people believe that, the concrete runways of the air field may now cover Gibb's treasure, which will make it difficult to recover. If you want a treasure of your own. open a savings account at Dixon Loan & Building Association and add to it every pay day. In that way you are sure to have money. 1 Infim ISehIh 03^1 • N-O-W! • Sunday — Opens 1 p. m. Continuous From 1:30 J|"^^M^SjiUI W I BIGGEST SPECTACLE w UUbSSSS^^SSII/ Amazing >fl K II I=mfA OF OUR TIME! VT LAST ON tHE SCREEN! mRLAU... i ^ -% X The sreat nniuv unniw s jr «- wttlZ™™ DAM Jif "t^iz ^^SSSMj^K/^gB^^^mm 1 \ 'flj^HHH^. romantic novel • LIBERAL TRADES .^J^ lp ^«BJ!!prlZ^ • CASH DISCOUNTS M ""^f"' WE SERVICE OUR SALES Mk B ^ » B Barriage Appliance Co. "^^IWf SUE W 111 E. FIRST ST. PHONE 2-8771 ^Tf'SM^^ i^^^^BP^ '1.000 REWARD wHt^^^^^V IK^^^^v^H I ^^^A Technicolor HI I W//L £\ ?\vTi I l ROBERT ELIZABETH JOAN II I IC AL COJ fSUBOUj \ TAYLOR-TAYLOR-FONTAINE II fl^^«r"~^«!«aV\\ ' A W « III [\\ 0„.,^rrv> lift, TV."..* II I I Also: L.t.st~N.ws — Features. l:45-3:45-S:45-7:4S.t:45 I Taft's Son Is Slated To Be Ambassador CINCINNATI Of) —The Cincinnati Enquirer said today in a dispatch from its Washington bureau that William Howard Taft III, son of U. S. Senator Robert A. Taft, "is expected to be the next ambassador to Ireland." The information was attributed to "a well informed source at the state department." The Enquirer said Sen. Taft declared he knew nothing of the progress of his son's application for the diplomatic post. While serving as an English instructor at Yale, the younger Taft taught Gaelic culture. The Enquirer said Sen. Taft had declared he would not urge his son's appointment. Kt«p Posted on Politic* Read Westbrook Pegler Pcqo 4 — Every Night PURE RICH Am, - Available In Pints and y2 Gals, Job Wanted FRANKFURT, Gcrmany-W-A Frankfurt newspaper carried this "job wanted" ad today: "I am looking for an employer Program To Be Announced Feb. 24 PIE Contains delicious tasty cherry ripe pie filling in rich nourishing Hey Bros, vanilla ice cream — decorated to appeal to all. with polite manners and a good education for whom I'll be plcasod to work as secretary." About 48 per cent of American families use wine at home, a recent survey indicates. FARMERS PEANUT I DAY SATURDAY, FEB. 23th ® EAT ALL YOU WANT fl fell' AND THROW THE DIXON *s SERVICE 106-114 PEORIA AVE. CHERRY PHONE 4-1531 February Is Cherry Ice Cream Month SEE YOUR HEY BROS. DEALER FOR THESE LUSCIOUS TREATS Delicious Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Made with Hey Bros, smooth 'n' creamy vanilla ice cream,x loaded with delightful, top-quality, natural flavored cherries. Serve at Home Regularly This Month TEMPTING! APPETIZING! CHERRY ICE CREAM NEW 2-IN-l DESSERT Ice Cream 'n Cake Roll Extra creamy, luscious ict cream rolled into rich, dark chocolate cake. Just slice and serve. Treat your family today. BUY ONE NOW! %[ ^^3^^ Serves 6 to 8 <?^5!?!_ """^ SERVE IT AND YOU HEALTHFUL ■l»l!I.^^J JailCTr«K»1 zCTIm* PLEASE ALL TONITE! Ronald Reagan Dixon's Hollywood Star in "Tropic Zone" plus: "Sky Full of Moon" Starts SUNDAY Doors Open 1 p. m. Cont. From 1:30 p.m. It's Big! It's Different! It's What You and Your's Really Like, With the Great Star of "The Greatest Show on Earth" He LovecL-As He Fought... Like The Savage Technicolor SUSAN MORROW-PETER HANSON-JOAN TAYLOR Also: Cartoon - Sports • mm

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