The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 28, 1899 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 28, 1899
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£rHumc. NINETEENTH TEAR. BISMAfiCK, NORTH DAKOTA. TUESDAY, FEB. 28, 1889 A BflSY MI. ROOM Pots in One of the Longest Days of the Session in Considering Bills. Wolf Bounty Tax Bin Recommended to Pass After a Spirited General Debate, House Passes the Bill to Transfer tne State Fair From Mandan to Valley City. The Senate. The senate was called to order at 2p.m. The chaplain invoked the divine blessing. slCSE*. Tbe speaker signed House Elite Nos. 171,114 and 80. BJLlii BEIXUUTESDED TO P tSs. House Bill Xo. S, relating to liens for sires. House Bill No. KM, providing salaries of county auditors. House Bill Nc. 7,!. fixiug thr boundaries of thf» fourth judiHa! district and fixuu; the timv of holdiug court. H«n~»« Bill No. 173, prohibiting discrimination of - railwa) companie.- in providing cars. House Bill No. KB. pro* iding for the salary of county treasurers. Senate Bill No. 03. providing a penal- works and fire apparatus, was amended aad recommended to pass. THE TALLBY CJTT FAIB Blii. House Bill 97, the Valley City fair bfli, transferring the appropriation from Mandan, came up on third reading. Mr. Stevenson asked that the consideration of the matter he deferred until the afternoon. It was hardly fair to take up the matter so early, when many were absent, who should be given an opportunity to vote. The Mandan association had been to much expense ia making arrangement and erecting buildings --it was a matter that should have .tair consideration. He moved to have consideration of the bill deferred to the afternoon. The motion was test Mr. Stevens said it made no difference to him personally whether the fair was at Mandan or Valley City. Earl would see that he was entertained at Valley !ity and Uncle Don Stevenson at Man dan. and he wouldn't pay his way in ither place. But there some reasons why the change should not be made*. Ete association at Mandan had pat up extensive buildings and they were in he hole about $2,UOO. Another state air would help them to recoup. Valley City if it got the fair now would be before thy lejji-Jature two years from now. as Mamlan is now. asking a continuation fur two years, to help them out. At Valley City visitors to the fair might go away with husky throats -oolv the CENTS warrants to tne aggregate of 9100,000, to be due Jan. 1,19QL COMMITTEE Of THE WHOLE. Substitute for House Bill 90. reeulat ing legislative employes was reported with recommendation to pass. ESTBAT BILL KILLED. House BilllStthe estray bill was up for consideration. Mr. Tonstev spoke against the provision making ha felony to fail to advertise estrays within a certain time. Thought it would be a mistake to change the present system and pass such a law that would not be generally understood. He moved that the bill be indefinitely postponed. Mr. Wblbert said the stockmen had stated that-the biU would not affect them, had voted for it in committee, the people of the Red River valley wanted it. He said the bill should pass. Mr. Laughlin explained the bilL Mr. Stevenson said he had not agreed to the bill -had merely stated that it did not affect him personally. It would affect Jjany people in his section --do many of ;hem an injustice, Mr. Bacon said the committee reported unanimously, and he did not believe any injustice would be done. The bin was reported to be indefinitely postponed. THE WO!K BOCSTY. Cheyenn" river was there to prevent. At { ^ Mandan, the fair was closer to a suppb me D Tof bounties was" of--a great deal bttter water. Mr. Stev ens spoke uf the western attraction at the Mandan fair--the Indians, cowboys. ty for failing to correctly property. Senate BiH No. 1W, providing for , , broncho Aiding and features that were j- House Bill 57, special tas »f oce-third j mill tot payment of wolf bounty j considered. Mr. amend by striking out , ranfinins the tax to the years ,. 1900. He stated the deficiency in the tax of one-tenth auQ for the state wolf- bounty. The state was in honor bound t« pay the bounty it had authorized. It no_ right to rejjudiate the obligation J ' ' provision for pay -»^«. .,» .rwHuv.wu ,i«*j insufficient. Xho state was morally bound to pay them, as any other deficiency. Mr. Lynch said he did not think the ing for uniform teacher's examinations by the state superintendent was recom mended for indefinite postponoment. Mr. Stevens spoke at length against the bill, which he said took from the county superintendents the work they were elected to do, and made them chore boys for the higher officer. He did not believe it was good or wise legislation. It was a centralization of power. It was saying to comity superintendents that they were not competent to do the work they were elected ~ uv . Mr. Hale said his county superintendent was as good and well qualified a man as there was in the state, and be had requested him: to vote for the bill--that satisfied him that it was an right. Mr. Sanford. incidentally to the discussion of the measure .called attention ;o an imputation that had been put upon the teachers of the state- and said: Mr. Chairman--The teachers of this state have rather a hard time and I desire to say a word in their behalf--to de- 'end them against what seems to me an unjust imputation. I have in my hand* a copy of "Th* School Educator"-- a marked copy. Three or four or Sv« weeks ago you found on your desks a marked copy of this pape'r and *ou. found an irticle there masked, headed "Western 3d«cation'* by Joseph Kennedy of the JBiversity of North Dakota. In reading hat article I found on th* third page of hat paper the following language: "As t now is. our profession is tbe refuge for I the -scum of the earth; the mentally WILLING TO QUIT Insurgents at Manila are Tired of Fighting aad are Ready to Qnit, They Say, Eight Thousand Signify Their latea- jUnkm depot Valentine had been held to the federal grand jury and was about to be taken to Mankato for trial. « ···--. " Can't Make It Go. Dolath, MuHt, Feb. 17--The millers *e» have pfacticaHy given up the idea that tie Melntyre deal for the flour mill purchase and consolidation can be closed. tion of Surrendering Americans. to the Agninaldo Hakes a Report to the Spanish Peace Commissioners at wolf bounty was | the -scum of the earth; the mentally mors of Stevens moved to blind, tbe halt and the lame are induced ' result in ut the amendment ] to come into our. fold. Teaching is a | ;he years 1899 and sort of a nof)r.hniia» in »-hi«-K alt mat Manila, Feb. 27.--The Spanish commissioners have returned from a conference with Aguinaldo who says the rebels want peace and that they have enough. Sight thousand rebels near Manila have signified their desire to guit fighting. Quay Trial Postponed, Philadelphia, P*., Feb. 27.~The Quav- trial was postponed until April 10. Rumors of trickery in the jnn panel may Us. personal possible at no other town in the 1 He nrzed that the fan- remain at dan. Mr. Stevenson urged that the fair the state. Man- · ~ .«*. otctcusuu urjcuu mat me rair re- comi-er:.sat!on of clerks of district courts main at Mandan. For the benefit of for estra work. Upon motion of Mr. Noble the rules . o those who have stated that Jaw was disregarded in the sale of liquor, he would pon m o o n o r. oe te rues ee wa ere a more o were suspended and Bouse Bill No. 173 f ?? d j here was no , j^an wM««,lrt«x*hi«»,i,n.-.,,,»TM^-i j Mandan people would like never was there a more orderly crowd, The was read the third Senate bills signed 'hv the speaker: 130, US, 42, 26, 36, 30, 35, 52, 3, 69, 3L ,8, 133. SEX ATE CriJ^l PASSED. Senate Bill No. 47, providing notice of trial. Senate Bill No. US, concurrrent resolution amending the constitution making 85 per acre minimum price for school ·land*. t - . pavment House Bill 175, to settle disputes as to " J county boundaries. ·land* Senate Bill No. 137, for the of count v judges. , . Senate Bill No. 1,11. appropriating j House Bill 179. repealing chapter 29 of money to pay the expense of advertising i t h e session laws of 1*»7- special jury to i the sale of itate ni-hool lands. j ****! ^uiages under law of eminent- destruction of l valley counties should pay increased tax to the slope counties, when thev got no benefit. Mr. Bacon thought the stockmen on the slope should hir.e a f^w mm to kill the wolves. It was a rank.injustice to appropriate nearly as much for wolf killing as to maintain the ttrgess educational institution in the state. Mr.Ohaeey did not propose- to support any measure that projiosed to legislate in the interests of the stockmen as against the formers. The motion to amend was lost, Mr. Dougherty wanted to amend the bill by a levy on personal property, but withdrew the amendment. i-cv/j^xc u» t,uc 9 uitr »uu woiuea 10 mane Mr. Lvnch moved to indefinitely po*t- exhibits could reach it conveniently, i pone the bill. Mandan was too far west--the exhibitors! Mr. Hale said he did not believe the could not go sc far. - - - The bill was passed. 42 ayes; 12 nays. ' 8OCSE BILLS PARSED. House Bill 72, deficiency appropriation tor board of university ar.d school lands. Hous*» Bill 180, penalty for cancelling people would like to see the fair held there for two years more-- they had been to much expense and Wuuld like to give another state fair. Mr. Cbacv wanted the fair where the people of the state who wanted to make exhibits COUld rrarh it rvinvoniontU- J sort of a poor-house to which all may come and be refreshed.'' Gentlemen of this House, is that tru« of your daughters and your sons and your neighbors' sons and daughters, who "have struggled to G obtain an education and have passed the requirements of the law and been admitted to the profession of teacher*? Are they the ' scum of fh» earths I would not have risen to this point except that these papers have been distributed upon your desks and have been distributed throughout the state and perhaps throughout the United States. It U an unjust imputation upon our teachers and upon out state. These boys and girls who are teaching oor schools are worthy of consideration. They are young men and women of noble purposes and high aims and noble ambitions. It is true that there are different grades of teachers in our public schools, and in our high schools and graded schools, but it £s my observation that N. P. Wont Be Skinned. St. Paul. Feb. 27.-The Northern Pacific will inaugurate a new train service in the west and eas't bound sen-ice. The new trains will parallel thw put on by the Great Northern and will make Portland in 61 hours and wiH consist of nine Pullmans. , estray or de-facmg brands. «~i«**w*i=-) «JUfc »». *?* LUJT U*J»cr»SHUJlI M43V there are also different grades of teachers in our universities. I think the imputation, the aspersion that is placed upon the character of th'e teachers of our state in this regard is unjust ami I pleasure in rising here to refute it. clearing titles to school lands now mortgaged to the state. Senate Bill No. 51. providing for vot- -- *· · __ I ing at primary elections and punishment House BiH 177, requiring the building j for the violation of the MUIU*. _ of "i 's r ' and conferring authority on j HotsE tm.u* I'.usMD. j H OUSP Bill 176. for payment of extra- j {tom ^oV~~ " House Bill No. 2A requiring coAint ordinary expenses of attorney general in ! \li-\Volbert treasurers to she bonds in fidelity com prosecutins cases. ! ' panies. " t Hou** Bill IS?, fixing salaries of assessors. Hooe Bill 14*5. threshing lien law- House Bill Istf, ---·" TM -- -^ --i- UV.U «C«C.r lllC , c ,,.,, .,, "·=*"* UO.C TfJ J t l u state could afford to go forth as a repupi- Mr. Bacon said he believed' Mr. Ken- ator. Tne s,tate should pay the obhga-1 nedy was as good aad charitable a man tions on nie in the auditor'* office. Be- j as there wa« in the state and he did not peal tne bounty law if desired, but the j believe it was his intention to cast anv state must pay its honest debts. · t-iur on the teachers of the state. Mr. Sargent said the law was passed Rouse Bitt 287, requiring the coostrac- ra good faith. The state could f two of highways across railroad right of not afford to repudiate the debt. ways, was argued at some length, and Mr. Bacon did not want to repudiate - j progress was reported on the bill by the ne wanted the psj ment of the debt to i com.oittee. extend over several years--he did not! Senate Bin 100, county payment of e\- bflieve in attempting to pay taidebt all I tradition, was recommended to pa«s. at once. He moved to place the lt-vy at i House Bill 213. sheriff to be examiner appropriation for as- Thieves Caught. Alexander, Minn., Feb. 27.--The two post office and Glenwood were caught a mile south of town today. Will Lose Heavily. New York, Feb. 27.--The North Da- men who robbed the treasurer's office ac kota Miller's association of Minneapolis is m ntioned as a creditor in the bankruptcy, petition of Isadora Mitchell to the amount of $19;376. There are no as- sete. .Mitchell handled baker's supplies. Passes the Senate. Washington, Feb. 27.--The army reorganization biD has passed the senate. NEW YORK LIFE IN THE LEAD. An Excellent Report to be Followed by a Jfew Policy. Albany, X. Y., Feb. §7.--The insurance reports filed with Insurance Superintendent Payn are being tabulated for reference to the legislature. This year, 1898, for the fire and marine companies show an impj jvement over 1897, The total premium receipts were, $128J52,- 228.40: pm'd for losses, «75^386U3; paid for taxes, $3.816,444,96: total disbursements,. $132,138,97835. The life companies statements show that there has been a large increase over 1897. The New York Life leada in business paid for during the year with 725,471r policies insuring ?15aOS£369 and new premiums of 36,054,499, The Mutual late reports 51,785 policies, insuring 3128,780,088 and new premiums of 85,146.549. The Equitable Life 162,030 policies insuring 8128,730,088 and new premiums 35.146,349. The Equitable Life i2#» policies insuring £121.267.316 and new premiums of $1.486,654. The war stamp tax to the government on the new business of these three great companies will exceed 8356,000, The New York Xife has filed with Supt. Payn a new form of policy which is made absolutely non forfeitable and incontestable from date of policy. It is based on a 3 per cent interest earning assumption and the department experts state that it is the' most liberal policy contract ever issued by any company. It is expected to create an upheaval-ia insurance methods* AN AWFUL BAD CASE! Lawyer at One Stage Thought it Would be His Last. , , ,. to know what 1210. for establishment public scales were also recommended j pass. The hou» tlit-n adjourned. " Passed Many Sleepless Nights on Account of it- How H* Won a Signal Victory. Dispensary Bill Passed. Pierre, Feb. 27.--In the senate Mr. Smith moved as an' amendment to the pending dispensary bill that nothing in the act should interfere with the present " ' ----··"· -* = license law untoi the act went into effect! ^f__ unting has won a which carried. The previous question, i "" " ·beimr ordered the dispensary bill passed j 38 to 6. The second bill in the interest j Minneapolis, Minn.. Feb. 27.--Lawyer notable victory. "1 was troubled for three years with weakness of the bladder and" kidnevs." debt than the when it recently BUSOtrTHW- IM«"SEO, \\ allaco'si, s o^E*urr?r;t r^-*olutiori of ---- ---. ·-£-- t , ,tribute u the North Dakota regimtnt '°* s^" 00 ' 1 istncfc and school townships now ia Manila. f House Bill 174, permitting water eotn- Crepl' concur-ent rev Intron rpqupst ' panies to cn)--hridse^ with main.-*. ing that tin- pr,*di- Forks university use I.. to secure the teaching said uuiver»it». sTKEmXl- Mts.-rh. Little, a?i ft ~te - . .,, a more legislature had passed a bill making St. Pan! Cncrch Burned. Millions Given Away. It is certainly gratifying to the public «« t « ,, ,vv^u» v t .«K*r,4 a utu liiatiui;. to know of one concern in the land who appropriations for an expend which the j are not afraid to be generous to the taW -'* -"- " * · Mlm »S^«i\*'L^.^:?^^T^y?S'^i'?S and institute of technology was then . 1! for the governor. of Aberdeen for the industrial school j ^ the kwyer, and I couldn't get "any and institute of technokarv was t.her, I f! l l ef before t commenced to UMJ Dodd's Kidney Pills. I could not 5ieep well and would have to urinate s»vpral times at passed. The house bill* are now ready night. Now I can nleep roundly thi"ugh- out the night. I gfve the credit all to olic church was burned today. Tbe los--s «Q, ·*-··» ring committee for the wnat,-. Tfl- v l i l d rtph, 'nuiui m t -, n a pattern-?. :i;st reeeivixl at I)-»Gmir.-. w r^ ,VT;:U-I bi M Mol, ,«,« ru, be« arr^t^d «ithr. 7, IT) Mr. Hoggo. Lawyer Bunting's is one of many thousands of cases that have been cured by the n*e of Dodd's Kidney Pifls, the onh recognized remedy for all kidney Dodd's Kidney Pills strike at the the trouble and remove it for banishing torture fe ^ weet again. ho dir*courasstx T remedies t,» no i but try DoodV Kidney PilK ·) t" «u. - for t-' hv Mr. of f.T.- . S. uair- mil I . current resolutio tors and waichn . t Mr Itanna. Poc- r-^kr ^r of jani- ** a da. . * * " Ttc House, was -si)«l tii Hanna. To tn laniruai:*^ I l-.iTI^ B!·-'X·BT^D. i Senate 1JJ1 \73. lorrectinc thr 1«J1 ( ri\iE2 it. 1 - 1 t^'rir.s i f i- -tirt ;n the Si*cocd {district and »-4ppl\itiir .in omission, was I Jiai'*;il m l:m f -r I'.irJ r"ii;o£. J Hwii-«'Jiili '2="'. relatinc to pxamina prompt-1 tIOD °' wit»u-»*»». in cnrainal actions, «as j , ri-csMumendcd to jaws. I i Secatc lliU 117. join upon (fame tnir, reported iinnmittces and t niaendmer.t-*. iu!T!ruTp"-!Cin distrii't j t .j^ t ard the !-i!l passed. ', arH , a ^tar.c. Mr. Wallaix- wa^ not iu favrr of r- -.u-. thmg that Uioki-d list- it. i out of ;v!!*..n e-XA-j.t frr the ki?ar^r "f ka*^ »«*PK rhc -tat-- '- - tastitutiops i.-a'-t t :f ri\r»r tii m-irnr- · inc tJse It-gi-Jature had vttcd the single 1 SI .250 that remained «way frrsa tUc wot s-ide. Th? legKlaturp »hould pass the aiil ; as it sttmd -- fotlow the anldt-n rr.lf, i Mr. McHarg -wui tbe fn'l should nass i a- it t« pax the bounty aru f rutrct th" The !«u*. was rsJJed to ordor uromt-t-i tIOD »' witr. t -^, ,n cnnunal actions. «as ) f?**;^"^ 0 :!Ot I"' 1 a wrpettial tov 'Die urdor of hK»:rc^ as reports, of staiidinc third reading o( hou«- n^tJKTsoKtoMJtiTrr.^. i H-TM*'- Bt.l 214 for apjxuntine of truatltarN for druokard-s and spend Seuato Kill 71, repulatir.c a.«w*»ment i thnfu*. of bank stock was- reoommrnded tol HfVu«e Bill 21". hy Mr. Li-b i»ncur , , Mt , ,,,.,, , ^ , . , ,, , , « , atn'ndtiiect to the i ins the vrars 1S99 to ] ; for local option. ! HouV Bih No. 159 Feels Sorry for Lmdeiie. Plntterson; V.^.. 1 article in thi t And\ L,nd--;:e f'-^-L-. ore that ms5ii-.ier Jrjl J.d not pass--had roramittep'-. to pass with Mr. IXaonr.'s amf ndment \va,-» i'5o;ite3 lro\ iciina a levy of two-tenths mill. Mr Hale offered an autci:iiim it ;nv %"idinjf for the le\j of tbe tax Irt the -tatf Ixwrd of pqnaliTatifin whi\' ; was pass. I rent r»-*oluu«n for an am- 1 ' Bill 14."). fixing Rot-k Island as j Hou'w- BiH % 16 h\ Mr a permanent camp grouud for the state pealm« law providing for an guard, was rocoratnendojd to pass. Senate Bill l."4. relating to enlargi - -- -~ f --.- -- -- t ^---*s-^atnend- ··d. TTie liii- »· finally amendetl jiiv videx for a le\y of two-tenth.s m-li dur ·"' .iax. was tenoned to Andj woaid have been my choice ·jn'-^r. IT. fact I had en- him fir tho- pos.tii'D. I under, stand that he told Senator Arnold that he had T'i\ ^r.doraemeDt and taat I was m fn\»r of the bill. He alan asrrced | with me that if ire captured the pluia that he would not interfere with ac^ of the liquid drinking jiiact-*.- in Bisjoarck. He neaped t put same in n ritimr. He cot verj drunk m th« Sherjdin h,u~o durns the senatorial contpt. and 1 can prove ;t b\ a do7xn people and some of t!km are residents of l.raad Forks. Th"; was the «nmp nis;ht that be was : robbed of five soti of pape*v and afflda- Mt *irn«i by hi-. detH:tive Duty on Seed Wheat. "Wa.hiw:t' n. T.-h. 27.- The house N. V. pa.-ed a bill p-ri.r.tUD^ farmers to ita- · o por: wheat free of dtttv .-. hich r.t'« sro to the president for his 1 A J. P. Potted. Dulutfe Minn.. 'Ftb, 27. M-ha»l 5iKiith. justice of the ix-aee at Erelt-th dtappeared from tha* vflKice- la-t month. He wa.-. arre^tt'd at Lak- \ basatuon charged w.t'imi-iar'propnai.cs village fnnds. Irrtmtors. tothisi," sud ope trolley cat -or?. ttr writer, -tta. tbe eapert- ' csco thai i ;.i ;·'··:'# to tcl; J-OQ about Is 4.n..econii;.oaacdn0t a single lostaace. Toi. ha\e a crowd-d car, and there is an alraost emp^ one not more than two rods belnr-'J yyu. A lady at a street earner hails you, and von oom« to a- stop. '· 'Do you go to tbe Park street station?" ment of corporate limits of cities, was indeflmtelj t"t(!oned. Senate Bill 140. prescribing powers of state dab commiationcr. was recommend ed to pawi. Senate Bill 18, creating city -improvement district*, was amended and recommended to pats. House Bill 180, relating to city water NEWSPAPER! tray paier (XXXt.R VTUHTES MK. Mr. Langhlm offered a resolution of congratulation to Hon. Dan'd N. Orecn of the Fifteenth district, who was a member of the first convention neld for the organization of the republican partj. TO AWTU1PATE COLLKrTtOK*. The committee on ways and meant presented a resolution authorizing the governor, treasurer and auditor to anticipate tax collections by taming funding - - -- -- .*..-.. .^^. ,,, t ^,,, it ^ in the Keti River Vallev. . rr pa-w as ameoded. ' he \vas .iecu-*.xi of being drunk h% one official es | OnHouwIWl No. Iso. the gopher, of hus friends the nert dav he sa,d he w U S S I' majonty report favored »a» .btaimne evidem-e ngamat theSber- tne bill, toe minority tnat it be indefin idan houie. This is the onlv complaint iWv postponed. . t h«t I have had where * man has been Ibe minority report was adopted. ! rol.lxd since I have been proprietor of House Bill No. 63, for publication o f ! the Sheridan and I have worked cam- school district treasurer's reports by j estly ever since to locate the thief I county sirperintendents, was indefinite!* ' have a description of the paprs given postponed, | to me by Andy and I hope m the near Substitute for Hou«e Bill No. RJ, the ' educational bill, was indefinite!) post- Tint rtLACHKR'« Substitute for House Bill 84, provid- future to locate them and return to him as per mv agreement. them __ _ _ _ _ _ ^ _ _ _ t Men's shoes about LTO pair only on hand, new and good, at actual cost at DtOrafTs. Pyle as Authority. Pierre, Feb. 27,-- \Morcej («n" Pvit- has fxver tu increase th-- nav of tts empkijees at an* Hoto Ivfore ad journmrnt. Gutted by Fire. ladwood.S. D.. Feb. 27. Fire gutted the hoot and «ho- store of -Charles Karcher. Loss. W.Ofti. with small insurance. Took His Departure. St. Paul, Feu. 27,--Chas. Valentine, a federal prisoner who is accused of robbing the St. Peter post-office escaped from the deputy U. S. marshal at thr " 'Ye«. ma'am,' "Sbe starts to cHmb on, · 'But, ma'am,' you sar. this car to crowded, and the one just behfcul is going to Jaric street, too, aad it is almost empty. ' " 'Hum!' tayi the lady scorn'alirae she climbs on. 'But it doesn't coine from the t »*me pJaoe!' " Tbe conductor (m a Breton-car was tbf , *ner day quite at a loss what to my to a , lady who said to hto, "I'm going to a , place that they tell me Is about nvo min- Bte* walk from Matsnchnsetw avenue, and I wast yon toteU me waere I'd better get off." , As Maosaclraaetts avenue is leveral miles long, the conductor felt compelled to «sk for farther information, bat no more ooaM be get from his questioner. Wsen peoua travel on «trect caw, ttey should not tare their oommon nc4B 1 Mod them. rWSPAPER!

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