The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 19, 1881 · Page 6
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 6

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1881
Page 6
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ill .1 From Wednesday's flatty. lioveHior ?it ;in on Monday vetoed house 31.1 No. 172. The Rio Grand; and San _'uan l-Iera!d ·or to* month of yiarca ais made its appearance. Thomas (Srahan was dangerously in; ur- *c! in a Leacvi le prospect hole, on the 11 h, by a bucrtet o" ore uton him. k le new six mc.i mam wiica rue coun- ct. propose -aying on Xevaca avenue wi.. be o- marerial befcoit to tie ^ire cepart- ment anc wi.. aForc. more protection to the property owners on t.iat street. ~ie Gree ey £ir j» are brought up to cook, le p their mot.ieis in tie garden anc sp it tie summer wooc. They occasional .y go rabbit-huiuins, an amusement wiich is rapidiy tat'n;j the p,ace o:' cro- ruet in faat region. " W H E R E A S , A mys.erious Divine Providence has cal!ec 'Yon our midst our wor- My Drotier :'atrtc J, Stnitl," reaos like a grim bur.esc ue, and iS'entire.y :oo merci r u. to t i e aarties entrustec. with tae construction o the bui'd ng that cjst :!ie poor 'e.'ow ais ii-'e. Ciar.ey Stearns, preparatory to ne opening of tae spring trace, is making some e x t e n s i v e improvements in his store. !· e is aavmg it resaperec, paintec anc, genera..v. Cnar.ey wants it uncerstooc that tie s;ore is posi.ive.yc.os- eo to al. co. .ectors -"or tae next : ew cays, Dut at the same t u n e i: any one wants to 3e suec. up or a suit o!" spring cloties he can be accommocatec. deputy Sieiilr" Dana aas cuite an, i n t e r - esting lot o r prisoners under his charge in the county j a i . Seyera. o r t h e m are o-"a m u s i c a . t u r n o" m m d anc Mr. Dana says fiat ie !ias ta ent e n o u g i - r or a gooc trav- c o m a m a t i o n . ~iere's Whist ing lack the war D e r , / o u r Fingered Joe the aango p,ayer, Rough and Reccy the tumb'er aac contortionist, anc Sam30 tie ire eater. Tiis quaftettc wi:a tie otier 'our prisoners as a suDernumefary sta" woula no cou^t marie a hit i f t a e y took :o t h e i o a c . Canon Ci6y is where Uey will ? ay tieir first engagement. Tie Si.ver CiFProspect mates .ae -'o.- owing bru.iant showing in reference :o the Bu! -Domingo mine o" :aat camp: "Tie pro-nab,e results arising -"ram m-,el- igent anc care-'ul of mines is we.! cemonstratec jy lit -Domingo mine o- Silver C. i ~ ' w lie i is- now being wor tec ay 125 men and is yje.cing over oo tons o" ore per cay. Tie ore is aeing :anen out be:ween 156 anc 250 -"eet !eve.s. Between nese "bur otierleve $ have been run, anc men are a,sc extracting'ore '"rom :ie stopes o taese. A -orce o-"t;i«~.y men are employee at :he iconcentEator, waich .rea3 about 100 tons o- ore per day, anc turns ou: fairy -,ons o- concentra:es. This company rea.izes on an average aaou; $79 per :on r or :.iese concentrates, or $3,250 per day, 0^67,50$ per mon h. Tae mine 'uinisnes on an average loc tons of 'first c.ass ore per month that is no: concentrate, r or which tie company receives an average o" £70 er ton,, o- $7,000, whici, win tie concentrates, re:urns '.o .ae company aaout $7^,500 p^er month. The es.imatec cos: o concen ,Ta ling tae ore is $1.50 per ton, which would, make Another Cave. , Yesterday's Chronicle says: "Tae pub-; -c general.y aave aeen aware in a vague way for a .ong -ime pas- t lat a cave o: some dimensions existed on Long and' perry's hil_, bu: beyond this very lir.'e aas been known. ~-: was c iscovered. about a year ago on a cairn owned by a number o-" Leadville parses, bu: no minera. or value being discoverec, the mine wi.h its' extraorcinary terminauon was abanc onec. From Thursdays Daily* Mr. L. 3. Jarrar, of we firm o; Peck, Jarrar Co., a: a rarr.e yesterday ctrew a $75 music box. express traia wii' leave Kansas Cry 'or San 7ran- cisco via lie Atchison, Topeka Santa /e and the Southern Racine. Work on t ic M; Z. Church, corner of Nevada, avenue and irCiowa su-eet, aas Seen discontinued or -.he present on ac- More sleighs out yesterday than we have seen be "ore in :wo years. T ie slipping was excel.en: anc every one who aac a cu-er or bcb s eig.i took acvan-age o." i:. The committee appointed) -.o inves:i,ga:e into the condition o' tae Stout street schoo! at Denver re por. Osa-: '.he bu! .ding is unsa-'e anc recommenc -ha-, i: be c osec 'or :ie present. Tie pos-.-o^nce r'orce had an exceecin,?- ,y aeavy eastern mai :o c is'ji ju-.e Aay morning. The b ockac e at iie eas-. is no*r broken anc our mai is coming regu ar y again. -.orches, pene-ira-ed a'_'v.le distance in:o -Jie cavern, broke or a few of -.^e beau-iful s^a-airites -.hat hung in pendant masse? -Vom -.icceUng, anc fien le-":h -.o car/e- ness and cesola-ion. The silence in which :lie gro: .o ay for nobocy knows how many ages agone coniinued wi:a :his sjgh": in- -.erruo-aon unDroxen intil yestercay. ISarly in the morning a party, headed by Dr. Hodge, o, *.he Marrison avenue drugstore, and IVIr. Bangs, -.wo of :ae owners, 3-4 ou*. ror a .horough exolora'ion o~-.he "Taey wet e'.c., and were magnin .heir time and :roub.e. Tae cave consists primarily of a large chamber, rrom which several ones rachV.e. Tae main v^ul: riresen-.ed a scene o- rare anc weird beau-.y. 7:sroo-"was a mass o" cawing tha: hung in -"an-As .ic gro .os o- every conceivable shape, requiring no very vivid ima^ina., on :o-.rans'brm taem into -.he gnomes anc t^enii o." tae p!ice regard ing -jie in:ruc.ers as -.hey war. dered :hrough fjeir domain. The wal.s were covered with a crys-a^ine substance resembling the mos: beautj.'u, " orescence anc aunchec like sponges where .he grow:a iac been more extensive. Any- -.aing more deacate anc. r'airy-!ikek would beurer.y impossi3!e *o conceive o". Severa^ o the sorays were Broken of and carried to the city. Their interior was round;c.ear as crys-.a., whLe the outside was celicately tinted with mi!ky whhe. "Aner wandering in the gror.o -"or several lours, tie exp.orersreturnee -.0 ./.he ci:y, resolving to repeat .he trip at no very distant cay. "Some specimens o- t le;ites may DC seen a: Dr. Dodge's crutr store, anr. several of :he pieces were given to "riends. The cave is an ex:ensive lime -"orma:ion, whica "u!»y accounts -"or sta.actite growth." Ostrich Farming in Arizona, Tie Arizona Citixen takes up tae subject o r ostrich farming and c-aim-s t.ia: Arizona is we,, acaptec to-.his important industry, .t aas the 'o lowing: So .itt e is «nown o r os:rich farming in tie ,'nitec States t.iat i. is even trricu.t to get inte.-igent men to ta . about the business. Jut time is no: farcistant wnen we saah aave p.enty o" inte.Jgent men to Casf.e Rock is now pressing -or fae capital location and offers suitable grounds for the turpose. Wioarethe aspiran:s for mayor and ci :y aldermen ac the coming loca, election? Jut ir^e is sate on the suVect.anc: e-ec-ion time is fast approaching. -- 1 . r . . building boom s-x. continues to prevail and more handsome residences wul be erected in Colorado Springs di-oing the coming spring and summer than ever !?or over a year past there has been considerable alls of the. construe ion o-" a broad gauge raLroac fro-in Denver to?ue- 3 .o. _n the Pueblo Clilef-ain of yestercay we inc the fo!! owin^ account of xae organization of a company fo- the purpose.anc we notice tha~: several of our citizens are connec;ef witla the corporation: "It is us to ae a^le to announce road company were iled wi'j -he secreta- *y °- s^'e. Quie-. y and determinedly ;je :ors and ?romo-ers of :ae new fai.- en-.erpnse -iave for several weeks 3een a - w »* ?er:ec-ing -jcir plans. Tae ».e«.or woica-jc company is crea-ec Deuoursey aas received his commission as notary pub-ic from Governor Pitkin, and is npw prepared to a. ee ac/cnow!edjemen'.s of deeds and other le- ga. instruments. Tae Captain's .orig ex- is such mat .ers pecu.iar! y n-^ !iim erate and mainxain raLroac and telegraph -ines between certain :ermini named in ±.e^ cerufica:e, Tae is to be con-' structed from a point a*, or near toe city or" ?uehlo by the most feasi le route to Colorado S sriBjfs; thence :o a point a: or near ernor has appointee him, ·-4»~ .Qrirt Ooe, a drunk and disorderly, was yesterday coninec. to ;i?e coun;v ; aii for safe keeping. Th.s is his seconc o^'ence Iwrhin a week, r : was an amusing sight to see the oncers :aking him to the cooler, --.e wou c no: walk and. as i- was very good slipping :hey dragged him ..through :he snow. '( men o South Amca -'or the su-ao y of ostnci eat.iers. Tie supp.y 'was meager--never ec_ual to tae "cemanc. Some inte..igent men o- Souti A-'rica who aac aecome postec as to tie .laaits o* :he ostrici, conceived the icea of taming the 3ircs anc. .ooking alter them as :hey would any ot icr -"arm stock. A: t.ia: time there were 3ut a :"ew !iuncrec Dirds in tae entire country. At first au:one or two men engaged in the business, but they succeecec so we!, tiat otaers soon -"o .owed taeir example, and now -.hey have sev- era. taousanc ostrich r arms and over 120 coo birds. Tiey enciose a large tract o" and, t ic sam« as our large cat^e men do in western states, with a three- aoard r ence; this tiey were comt3e!!ec'. to do, as tie ostric i is a very .' eet birc, ant. cannot be contro .ed by herders as cattle anc s icep. Xany o" Lie men who engaged in :he Business in South A'rica have amassed -ortunee in a few years. Taey produce ive brpocs o- abou: twenty caic/cs at a brooc in a vear. T!ie young ones may ie p.uckecwien eijht months old; therirs" olucking is worta $5 per jj/d. A: sixteen mpnns o.c they may be p.uckec again; .ais anc a. suasecuent ~.uc!Uin T s worth 52? per head," anc ":.iey' nfai. ·3. uckec every eigat montas.. T , mence bre«cing a: 'our years o.c! ""u grown ostriches are worth 'rom 5500 :o 'ifires above 'urnished it wi' be seen tha: the prorits are enormous. Xow we desire to cal^ :he a:ten:ion o: our people to -.ais imxr.ant incustry] There is no p.ace in Souta Africa adat);edto tie raising o'os:riches than the .ower Gila, from Tucson west, and a! ong the Coloraco river, or wherever water can be round in !ow!ands in wes:ern Arizona. T.iere are mi lions of acres oi now ma:e anc aiysical -"ormaaon to c_ "arming, which wil! become e in tie near future. O77 WS87. City Marshal 3ea.. yestercay received a!et:er -rom S'.rs. A. So.omon, postmarked Manchester, "ew 1-Lampsoire, asking w ictaer !ier ausbanc, Dr. ~. J. So.omon, was in Lie city. Waen here, Dr. Solomon pro-'essec :o ie living witj -is only wife, but it was reported that con- sideraxe in elicky exis:ed in the ramiiy. ~ns: how many wives So.omon has -iving in various parts o- the country is not fu! _y known, on.y four having been heara of up to the hour o : going to press. The CDCtor.eit here ra:aer unceremoniously several weeks ago, since which time nothing las Deen heard of him. Tae last seen of him he was taking the train a: .lc.ger.on S.ation, a, r :er having wa!ked from this city "or the purpose o" evacing 'he o.ncers. Some time ago the GAZETTE company purchased, o" .Vessrs. I-lnsminger Davis, the enterprising machinery manufacturers o-Denver, an engine wi:h w!iica :o ^rope. its presses. The engine has been given a satis r ac :ory test and has not been bune. wanting in any resoect. Itper-'orms :he work rec uirec of it in every detail and is justw.iat we wanted and ;'ust what it was recommencec to be by .Yessrs. Ensminger ·5: Davis. T.iis Irm aave curing tie six years t!iat they have seen in business Duf.: U-D a good trace wr.h a! 1 parts o" the state. T.ieir wort a.ways gives satisfaction and. can be ,reliec upon, decent!y Xr, Ensminger haswiihcrawn "rom the copartners lip anc the new -irm name is Messrs. : r . y.. Davis Co. A., ore ers J or work in their !ine wi.. receive prompt attention and the new nrm will aim :o keep the gooc repuation heretofore establisheo. 7Ue Oauer.a *imn g company. A mining company searing this been organized in Colorado Springs, wi ii ;he f o..owing aoard of o Dicers : 1-1^3.. Mami :on, esc_., o ."e^'erson Ci^, Mo., president; Geo. O. Xevins, vice-presiden:; A. M. Cor man, secretary; C. l~, ^!L.s, treasurer. Tae capha. stock of :he com- oany is xaced at $100,000, in shares' o-" Sio., A working capr*! has aeen ser as de, repriset-ung ^38,000, The Galena com- sany's c-aims are: The "Cr/sa.," !ij£ mLes nor.h of Silver Cli.". At a cep-.h o- 19'eet samp! e assays jave 2i our ces silver lo the ton. "Nora X." is half a mi.e nonheas: from t le "Crys:al,", and. is Joined on :he north, wes: and souta by .he "J rdba-.e," "J^uk Maid" and "Jir$: Iowa," ressectively--all showng good .bodies of mineral. Tas "Columbus," i^ 1 northeast ^irom tae CJF, is a issire vein.; anc has a shaft So 'eet deep, ^e "Spencer" is 5 east of SLver Cv 3 , and is an extension o- tae Del Xonte, is a large vein o : ga.ena ore. Al. the Galena company s c aims are in the .- searing be.t, anc jive pronise of yielding paying ore if which .he company proposes to do. ! dome 2c.coruL Canon thence along the valley o: 1 said stream as near as pracicaxe to or near tje cj:y of Denver. /rom a point on tae main line at or near Coloraco Springs, a Jne oi" raia-oac is to be auLt to a point at or near 3.iver 3end, in Z her. coun :y, -.leace extencing by the most direct practics^! e route, to :e determined- by detailed survey :o a poin^ on the Aricxiasee, or Midd.e Fork of the Republican river, in the county of Arapahoe at or near the eas :ern boundary line of the s :a:e o? Colorado. "Provision is made -'or the cons-ruction of a branch Jne from Co.oraco Springs to the coai ne-ds^ a sout east o-~ --aat city. ;Tae princbal ortice o. tae company is to' ae in Pueblo. "The directors or trustees are : Yahlon D. Tha:cher, Micaae. I-I. Jkca, O.iver X. ?. Baxter, Irving W. Stanton and Charles rlenke., o r this county, and Irving I-Zow- bert, Benjamin 7. Crowe.!, Xatt Jrance and 'oseph 7. 1-Iumparey, o" li. Paso coun :y. Taese men are not given to the 1 construction of mere paper railroacs. ?rominen:ly°connec:ed anc icenti.ned wi^a tae building up of the material interests of southern and sou:hwestern Colorado ror more than a decade, :he public may res: assurec that they have inaugurated this enterprise with both the ability and ceter» mina:ion :6 push i: to a speedy and successful comp.etion. Taey aave never been known to !enc :aemse!ves to cues;ionab.e measures, and now that they aave united.y put tieir shou.- ders to the whee., Puebio may * ell rejoice in the hope nnc assurance taat the "twin cities" will a: an early cay be connected-by a dired.;!ine with the Bjrlington and TvCissouri r.iuroac. The route from Coloraco Springs to the connection with 'A. .VI., near the state .ine, as surveyed by tae engineer of the latl'er com aany .ast summer and 'a , is reported to be both direct anc of easy grade. Tae new company has already put i:s engineers in rielC, aid no time wil. be ! ost in preparing th; ! me for :he graders. The buildings of this railroad wi.l be or" mca.culabl.e benefit not only to Pueb.o and Colorado Springs, but to the state at larje. It wi! 1 give us another ci« rect trun.-c line to taeeast. I:, opens up another grea: artery of trade anc commerce. Tie near :u:ure of Pues.o is indeed radian: wit.i a promise, whose ful. -ruition no one can sa-"ely 3rtecict, Le:us 7ator'8 Elbercla Deal. Yesterday's Denver Tribune conta'ns the fol! owing in reference to Tabor's Mi- 'sernia deal on Wai. street: !" Xin ng -lecorc of t,ie 5th contains a. sharp rial growl over certain alleged transactions by Governor Tabor in I-Iibernia stock. The gist of it is taat TaDor unloaded u-/on tae lambs of Wall street instead of al.ow- ing them to un.oad upon him, as they did when Caryso.ite threatened to go gipsy- ing. Tae facts appear to be ;hat 1-Iibernia aas been a good mine--in spots, at different times--and when the spots were up the reporters mace the most of the circumstance to tickle the ho! ders Q-" the stock. When tae governor wen: east i: may have been one of his p^rooses to come back with as little I-Iibernia about his person as the state o" the market wou a tjermit. It is also suggested that W. H. Bush's mission there was of much .he same nature. At all events the fac:s remain taatTa^or- Bush have realized taeir money and tha: Xew Yorkers bagged tae experience --and the mine. There is, perhaps, a good deal of pocketyness about both ends of the scheme. "Underlying this transaction, the care» ful observer wL, see tae shade of an intuition on .abor's part to get even with "some of taose saarpers" in Wai,- and Xew streets, who let off that Chrysolite nitro-glycerine cartridge under aim iast fa'.,.. If he has succeeded, no one here will blame him. When the Hecorc 'commands him "to purge himself publicly of complici:y wita i!l-looking opera :ions in :he stock of I-.ibernia, and also o~ allegations in the same connection taat directly a*"ect his personal as well as ais business honor," the ciances are tnat tae pause between the order and its execution wi.l be long and exasperating. When they shinned Tabor out o-" a mi-lion in Chry so- li :e, he said never a word, anc no one could have to! c -"rom. anything he said or did that his composure was in the slightest degree ru.Tec. He didn't go w .lining about, asking those fellows to give the money back, but Just pocketed the corner, settled up the best way lie could anc patiently bicec his time. It may have oeen taat he thought the .ane rnig.i: have a :urning by · and Dy i-" oje looked out for it, anc it is barely -Dossible taat it was found at ne liibernia crowing. Anyhow, man.iness ciLtateo t.iat ne men he peelec show something at .eaot c:" tae "ortitude whici ae exhibited K h t n they cosed aim six or ei-jit m o n t h s \Vhen jJ. I.. IVIoffat blood fiom unccr !" H iti.e Pit:-.burg, some of those who hau btjen Lar'.y scorchec wen; to h i s office straightway and congratu!atec ami upon his s.n jw_.- ness, with the remark,'We , Dave, i a'\ ° got us and, we acknow'ecge taa con i you uacn't f eececl us, we'u hxve tit iced you. We cicn't t.iin'i you were t . n a i t enougn to out so neat'y, 1 Tin, expresses it as complete'./ ;ind tersely .-s a quarto treatise on stoc camj.ihg ,oulc co. Tie ooeiators on the stree?, an i e^- ·oecially the Cali.ornians, regarc Co.ora- cans wao venturec the pool p.3 so many geese Lo DC p.ucxec to the iast feather. It's positively refreshing to see them bea,:en at their own game once in a whLe, and we commenc to them this moral: 'If you wil. hue c the tiger, don't abuse the cealer i." you get worst o" it.' Tae LeadviLe Circular says : ' simp e fact aaout the 1-Iiaernia is, that there was too much stoc ana too .ittle ore--too much sack for tae breac." rtartecl on a trip east, and died in oufa.o. I was then, with my cbi'Ic, Cora, on our farm in the valley. After a tbree vear?' · ; gl;t \vi»h tae writer ana ytassho^jers I r^ac to move, anc. _ returned to Denver in '69 penniless. Some;iin^ aac to be done, sol placet! Cora \vit.-, ue Sisters, in Denver, and startec out. A piece oi ;;rounc given me in Alma by Mr. Dexter nnc Mr. Wo'cott held me there, and I 3ui t a itt.e cottage on it and took in washing. While .iving in A'ma I got a place as cook-'or y.i. JVCeyers and ais men. They were sixteen away working a holding. I put up in Meyers' hotel. Taere were r ew" oeop e t.iere, but Meyers' luck Drougat in many, and . nought I ought to lay off a c.aim anc strike out -"or mysel' as well as the rest, I !ocatec behinc Tabor's place, ana, ciggin? out the snow, I -Dut uo'some logs, first thawing out the ground, wita aot water tp ma,ce plaster o: the raud to stop ut) the c.'ainxs, and over these logs I stretcaec sheets -"or a roof. Taen I toek in boarc- Qrs and wnsaing, anc waen spring catne ' -ounc myself located in tae centero" Lead- vi .e, corner of 1-arrison and State streets. . hac some troub e -'or my rigats, but . succeeded in court anc out oV it. Taat scuare is now coverec with bui'dinga and is Known as Mrs. .^.ay's block. My daughter was we., grown uen, and I tooK aer -Vom the S.sters waen 1 .ocatec in -jeacivil.e and saw I was making a str; e. Maving a cesire to give my caLc an ecu- cation anc to remove the ! itt.e Mexican wai- r whom I hac found abandonee at 51o3inson's run, - returnee east." Mrs. !-\ay has taken a Drown-stone f r o n t up town. She is celibated with tae c u .y after her long absence. L2TTEE LIST. '-.-'. of letters remaining unclainaec in t.ic Duist ofnce at Co oraco Spnngs, ^_ Paso county, Colorado, f._r tae week ending Niarch l6ib, iSSi: Cuiry, Edward - ) ' O . i a i : i . .·" I: -^mmeison.yrs l'a.',mytamiih, Marian \Cayaugr, Z F. ' .sjl er.Derger, Mag-.." yurcock, :i Thompson, Smiiy h Tu obtain any iji li-.c^e ctler^ the ap'.i'.icar, mu^t ca i ."or "advertised .eiteis" and give lie daie of this IL«L If not .jr v,\\r.\r. Lairly (30) days they w. i be sent tu (.he deat; -etter ofrce. '^ I. PRICE, P M . . t n l u r n o r c d t i a t Mr. (J, \V. iJ^r xer wii. assume control of the Maauou hD^s-e again this seajon, anil taat it will je -"or tae accommodation o'" i'uei.s on or about tie firs", of Ma;,. How Elvers Freeze. on us to s ' l d d e r l y .n ."ovL'K.l-cr ] a b ' , i p y attc-Jit:(-:. v; i c,. l c ^ ' r . .1 c jr:c.:s p a e n o i n e i. c i i', i !:;· on f h · i , IT- :- ·/ ^ r _ I.erc. , ;j- 1 ·( ; ''f-e, ;· v - e,c . ' .--e r \ T ·. - T · ;· i ;n -r. :· V..IT-. U o or · - : c t - ; -; · ( . . - · . · !C e a'. t: J c it li r :i" r ' o'j'i. t ':."~- . n c h - j ;: - .. The sio r t_s i 1,1.. \ \ c i c . - . i. t t -, r; i K i , i . ci trie r i v e r , i ne p n e n j r i e - in ; ^ L-ro i n b l v t * o p.'.:i 1.5 non i ; . I..-* ;. ne-,v oin-, !:JL !: w^.s d'sp,,-.vcc , .lerp u;.-311 i.o i.'r^'c r. ^aie, r - v . the C J T U : 1 Uon , ;._\oHi»u !·' p c r i o KV v r h ihosc i.".;i.t setnis to be \vo. :ti v. r.;.e to ca.I atleulion to :t. TO . ' r . ?..o:e in -. tv. o .lur.iircc. v e . u s A Stew Ston» Quarry. says: '- We were informed by Mr. 3.. lichens,of 3iCanitbu,yesterday tha: he had ciscovered and ooened a r.ew stone quarry at Xani :ou, from wjici he was :ak"in,j a |bet :er quality of stone than a^is heretofore been introduced in Colorado market. IVIr. Hicaens was :he discovirer and fok several years tae owner o' the* c_uarry r rom which nearly al of our buLding stone has been tacen. About one year ago he sold i: to Denver parties who are now operating it. Thi new quarry is -ocatec only a short distance^ 'rom tae o,c one and is as convenient of\ access. Xr. Hichens says that the stone is of a whiter appearance and o' a better and more dura ale substance than any otier stone in the sta:e. If is a white magnesia stone similar in appearance .o that in the tront of the Wei! s and Prewi;-. Dlock on Tejon street, only of a purer and more per- »n opinion of !\Cr. Rica- a, ,,, mine u ft Sl . , otai A Saguac , e bui: , i -Nooaeinn. ut zoo ;ons o ore makes an average cc" $3.75 as the labor cos; o :aking out each i:on o f ore from, t ic mine. Ta s, wi:h cost c ' h a u . i n j :o and concen mating at :ae works make/ a . ,o!a! cost of $5.05-or mining and coocentra:- ing a ton of ore. The number o' tons treatec at the wor ss is a sou: J^CGO per month. Counting ioo tons pe^tay, anc the tota. cost per monti "or aainln^ and mLing tae ore that is concentra:ed wou.d be $11,1150. Tae cost of handling the 100 xms of .ITS: class ore that is taxen out each monta, is awut jvoo, which makes a total cos: of $15,500 per monta ;or, mining anc. niL-ing ue ores, Taus the com- ?axy expend $15,500 per monta Ir. realiz- iu^ 1 ^7^,500, and makes , net wont o'" £58,- k. a year, a: this Tae erection or cremauon works is talked o: in Caeyenne. Frank Allen, a wavwarcl bov o- Las Vegas, was recen :.y IcL ei at Zl Paso. A here of taree hundrec: mountain bison recently went into tae Xorth, Park. '· The camp house in the Kansas corra. was cestroyed by ire on the 6:h, at Canon. .'oseph Bennett was -cLlec a: Robinson on the 11:3, by the accidenta. discharge or a pisto.. Wl-liam Jonca took a sho: a- A W Hurley on tae itch in .a Leadville beer aa... Jidn t hit him. i 1 1 ' Dr. Coleman. atencerfoo:, aac nouce rt) .eave Raton Chy, New Mexico, in six hours a few cays ago. ,1-Iewent. e water coming down a gu_ C a resur- reciec several bbcies ti a: iiac, been repos- .,1Z .i tad _r*c-.CVl..i» Cfr»« -v ' -.;.- m-V, Wil was a: pne time city ed i'or ^*.era.d\ and das aeen connec :ed wi St. Louis GlobeOemocra: and other inen; papers in the west. "Jnder tae reconstruction acts o: Grarr.'s ^rst adninh.- tration he was publisher of tae Daily Republican a; little Rock, Arkansas.fae on.y repub.ican dail.y newspaper in uesojtaat tha: time. Af:erwarcs !ie cone acted the _.i rii.e Rock .livening per waich succumbe in j tiie 3rooks-3ax er wur. lie can saow outlet marks upon ais person, recciveo from enemies of its principles and as aon- orabie scars of ais pltici. His Life .aas been .hreatenec and aremptec.n..ore.than once and he aas fount cof^ns in afs eqi- .twia. c«skr, I" ae makes; as good a sue-; c«ss a'ratroacinjr as ie^didd: neme- ?ers :oe 3, X.G. are to W £:£; ·K-'isw^jliierTr^," ' ; I anc wii. ia a few cay^be prepared to sup- p.y those wishing good auLding stone abundance of taem. Taose con:emp.aUng buildinjf s?iou d examine Xr. Richens'new stone. i _ _ .-»-. ACr., one o" our leacing sheep men, came in yesterday frorr. his .ranch, .ocatec about thirty-five m'Tes east of Colorado Springs, near Steele's Forks. Xr. nfbrms us taat the recent storm aas no: extended very far east, anc a: his ranca on.y abou; tare**, inches of snow 5s.-. He says tha- tae deep snow extends not over six; nl .es east af :ae ci;y. In re- ?«y^ a ^^yio^ asked a'JQ it tae con- ddon oz ^ sieeo, 3Cr. Pebbles reoiied liEt -'wsy were in an excej^eat condition ^1^6^,05-1:4^:01011 .:hat i f no se- LeaavlUe's First Lady. Tae INew York Sun says: "Mrs. j'rank Ray, who was the irst waite woman tiat enterec Leacvi! .e, has late!y returned tp this city. lier father was Xr. "oan Me- Xahon, wh-o lived for a .ong time at Sixth avenue anc Jory-ninth stree:. On May 8, 1856, she was married to. Josepa Ordway, in St. Ann's church. Soon a'tprwarc they went to Lawrence, Kansas, where Xr. Ordway died. In 1862 .Yrs. Ordway married "rank Ray, a Texan. Xrs. Ray and ier husband were with tae train taa; was attacked by Indians at Snake river. Sae gives a grlapaic account o- the massacre and her subsequent !i"e: -twas i t o'clock in the forenoon of "u y ro, 1862, and we iad aeen out aoout two days -"rom Denver, Coloraco, when the Indians came upon us. Taey killec and scalped many or" our train before we got our wagons in a square. When the fight was over I was the only woman in the camp who was ab! e to move. Poor Xrs. VCcXaaon has never recoverec from the shock. I-Ier husband was kL-e and seal 3- ed in her presence. My, clothing was almost gone. I had torn it in strips to (bandage the wounds of pur men, wo.i.e I stood by Jrank and nred as fastis I coulc. A'ter we got out of the canon, and a" train from Salv Lase overtook us on .he rbLowing day, I was somewhat unnerved, but still kept up all riglit. A-"ter the massacre we took up our home in Bannock City, Montana., We remained, there one year. ~,n 1863 vie great "ielcs of Virginia City set every one on the road crazy to reach that place. My ausbanc I went there. We estaa isaec. ourselves in a iitt.e au: anc Frank went to work. 1%'c fell in wita a man who ae cai. eci Bummer Dan. He, Dan anc others, .ocatec some of the richest mines in tae territory aoout Virginia City. Yy daughter Cora was born in Virginia City, anc in our jut we aad more than three times her weight in gold. We used to hie e our rincls, foiT roac agentsjvere very numerous and daring taen. They would come right into thie city and rob our aouses. . I saw ?! urrnner, .'iy;, o" OxWc, I-.".»lanr , cct .nbeu Sii ar occurrences in the Tiarnes, and gave at ieast a oartu accouiit or taeir true Criufie, _c is we., k n o w n that water, like most other substances, contracts uner the influence o"cold until it is recucec to a temperature of 30-. InU i: its temoerature is lowerec, stii '"urt.ier it expancs until reaching 3;-, w.ieii U ireeres, DV waic.i its ou. is increased much mo^e taan by its cooling-'ron 39 ' . 0 5 2 . -ence it is that water begins to 'r-je/ie at tae sur'ace, since, when ne,-.r t,.e -Yeeang r?oin., toe co.cest water oeing the ligatest is fauod upon tae top, and it is taat waich ireezes first. 3u: wl-ffen the weather is very co.d, anc the c.rerent aarts of stream are thorough :y mixed 3y ra Dials or some suca mecianica. action, tiie water may be about tne same tern aerature at all ceptis, and may be loiverecl altogether near y to the freezing -Doint. "n tais case the water wi.. Degin to freeze at Bottom, because it is sti.-er there, and perhaps because tae stones anc bottom aave .ost some heat by free radiation and by contact cool water. Althoug.i so muca lighter than ta« water tais ice woulc not rise as soon as formed, for it woulc ae fro7.en fast to the bottom anc tae stones lying upon tae bottom, But as soon as its size gave cajke of ice buoyant power enough it ,wou.c tear itse. r .oose rrom the bottom anc tae .arger stones and rise to tae sur- 'ace,-carrying with it tae smaller stones anc gravel. Then it would be -"rozen m wish tae surface ice, keeping Us curious loat. -rozen fast to its under sur'ace. C225" Tie f n a t remedy f.. r ]yspor-in. Bilious D i s ease* .ind Functiosal I-cr.-ingcucnt^ attendar,; upon. Jcfciht;. In l-aiVbott ef, 75 cents. Sis bottles, S-J. Accredited I'aysiciauEancClerKrinc;. snPr.liedwit.1 not excceing si* bottles at one-half the rctai. price. 7j5oncy to accompany urder Suk ay i'ruffgists a n c by I). ]j. D L W F .Y A Co.. 46 St.. :Ccw York 'y lhr ?··»:, « b/-j S5 cent:; A pleaaant, cheap - va.-iat.le remedy for fretfu, anc puny chiidmV otiier roac agents Jiuigec. in Virginia City. ] _^ At":er a three years' sojourn in this place j ran s sold ou; anc bought a iarge farm in aeGalatin valley, .l\Con:ana. We a at t a oottseanx. aac. ae farm well -

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