Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on August 21, 1890 · Page 2
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1890
Page 2
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Ar »nd SundHv ay evening: executed) A PATTOItf J. K HITT, Editor J. W. P VUGS. Business Man-Igor Umily, month. ...-. TERMS. Sunday edition per One year, if paid m advance " dition, Sunday edit toml-Weekly« In clubs of ten Sen dnw , per month ition, per annum Ix months .. «, ., 5C «5« 21 81 5C Send money order or draft at our risk Coratitution Steam Printing Co " Chil TKLKPHONE NUMBERS BUSINKBB OFFICE No.. KDITOBIAL BOOMS . . .No. zo. ··· *· COBHTITI3T1OK BVII.DISC Boatb WuhlDKton St. Tbree Doors Sooth of Mansnr Bank XVXNIKG EDITION. DEMOCRATIC STATS* TICKET for Supreme Judge, JAMES B. GANTT, Ol Henry County ·"·"Sap* of Public Schoo's, L. E. WOLFE, Of Bandolph C'ouDty For Railroad Comnaissloner, H W. HICKMAN, Of Stoddard Countv For ooDgreci, Becona Congression U Dlitriot, H. MAN8UB, of Llvlnjreton county ASNOUNCEMENTS- FOB COUNT* (.Z.EMK,: ~W« are autborized to announce lj 3 Min nick, as · candidate Cor Clerk of the Count Court of Uvlngston county, subject to the action of tbe democratic party. We are authorized to announce Henrv Cowpill afl a candidate for the olQce of Coun ty Clerk of Uvin^ston CQunty, subject to the democratic nominating convention Wo are authorized to announce the name of JanvM W, Samuel usa candidate for the office of county clerk of JLlringston county, subject to tbe decision of the democratic part}. We are authorized to announce the name of 3mm. Leeper. of Chillicotho. as a candidate tor tbe office of County Clerk ol Livingston county, subject to the will of the Democrat party. PO* BKCOHDKK. We are authorized to announce Joseph BroaddaB as a candidate for the office of Ke- eorderof Deeds of Livingston county,snhject to the action of tbe democratic party We are authorized to announce the name or Nat Cooper as a candidate for re-election to tbe office of Recorder or Livingston county ·ublectto tbe w'll of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce £ H Wolf ·kill aa a candidate for the office of .Recorder ofoDeedB of Livingston County, subject to the action of tbe democratic party We are authorized to announce S J Hoge as a candidate for the office ol Recorder of Deedaof Livingston Countv, subject to the vUon of the democratic pirty We vre authorized to announce the name of P. J. Bailer as a candidate for the position of Recorder of Livingston county, subjtct to tbe will of the Democratic party We are authorized to announce W. A Green of Cream .Bidjre township, as a candidate tor tbe office of Recorder of Deeds of Livingston county, Mo., subject to the action of the demo- «. «ic party- * fOtt TKEASUKEH We are authorized to announce Mont H ttmith as a candidate for the office of trea surer of Livingston county, subject to the action of tbe democratic nominating convention. 1 hereby announce myself a candidate lor the nomination of County Treasurer, subject to the wishes of the majority of the demo ratic party of Livingston county. Mo J. HABVE MATHEWS. We are authorized to announce B B. am aa a candidate for the office of Prosecuting Attorney of Livingston county, subject to tfce decision of the Democratic party. Wo are authorized to announce Scott J Killer aa a candidate for the office of Frose- outinv Attorney for and within the county o Livingston, auoiectto the action of the dem ecralic nomination- convention We are anthorlxed to announce Joseph Bar tenas a candidate for re-election to the o£ floe of Prosecuting Attorney of Livingston County; subject to the action of the iiemo- crrntlo partr. We are authorized to announce John A ·ran as a candidate for the office ol Circuit Clerk of Livingston county, subject to the de cislon of the democratic nominating convcn lion. We are authorized to announce the name of YmerJ B. Fardonner us a candidate lor the ·ffloe of Circuit Clerk of U\ ingston county, subject to the decision of tbe Democratic nmir Wo are authorised to announce Alex Kob- inaott of aampsel township, as a candidate lor tbe office of circuit cleric of Livingston eouDty.Bnbject to the action ol tbe Demo ·vatic countv convention Angnst 33. lasto. FOB PBOBAT*. JUDGE We are authorized to announce J W* Bud, of Rich Bill township, us a candidate for the eJBce of Probate Judge of Livingston county subject to the will ofthe democratic party, of "vfngiton county. We are authorized to announce the name *fC. A.Perrln, of Chlilicothe township, as a candidate for the position of Probate Jndce of this county, subject to the action of tiie Temocrat)c county couve-uion I hereby announce mjself as a candidate tor Jndae of the Probate Court ol Livingston eonnty, subject to the action of the demo mfnjtoe county convention John Qilclirist eratlc party We are authorized to announce £. L Taylor, as a candidate for Sheriff of Livingston co-inty, subject I o the action ofthe Dem' ooratio party Wo are authorized to announce John Thompson as a candidate for sheriff ot Liv- ngston county, subject to the decision of the -OH)oratlc party. BKPBEBEJWTATIVE. "WO are authorized to announce the name of J. C flaney* of Medicine township, as H candidate for the office of Representative ot Uvlnnum county, subject to the will ot tht O mooratic party We are authorized to announce Jacob L- '.imlth, of Chlllicotbe. as a candidate for the office Tof Representative of Livingston count} , gubjecttotnewUof the Democratic county oonrention. - f We are authorized 10 announce J, F. O'Reilly of Falrvlew township, as a oaridl-. date for Representative of L l v l n - --- ""- tr. subject to the will of tbe convention, August 23, 1800. iton conn- iratic TAB l»«ESIJIe JITSTICK. Wo so* authorized to announce the name of fMBtlce Walte, of Cream Ridge town- sbtVlu a candidate for tbe office of Pre- sWfn«Justlee of tbe County Court, sabject toVbo will of Ihe Democratic county convention. Hoiv the Parmers are Bobbed. Tbe St Paul Giohe has lately been looking into the charges m ide tbst the farmeis of Mexico and South America are able to buj' f inning iin piemen's in tips countrj at much lower prices than our f aimers It finds that m oue of the fac'oivea in a Pennsylvania town among other implements for that d'stination a single order H IIBIDE; failed for 25,000 plows for one of the South Anieric in coun~ tries, and ad 's that it U a matter of congratulition that American nianu f acturers are abio to obUia o'c'ers for some of their prodi c s in the repub» lies to the south The agucultjralists in the Pan-American are to be congratulated that they will cbtain the best implements obtainable, and perhaps the United States plowholder will add his grattficaton that his brothers to the soutu a--e supplied at about half tbe pri^e he has to pay at home. In a recent speech m the senate, Senator Vest presented the facts he had gataered on this subject. He hid sent to Buenos Ayres iind obtained the circulars printed in Spanish con-, taimne; the prices offered those peo pie by the manufacturers In tbe case of plows ,he figures were exactly one-half of the home prices, and on all otliei articles a reduction of from 25 to 40 per cent Special investigation shows that the goods were identical in qualitj' of material and workmanship with those sold to the farmers at home. There have been some attempts to disparage the character of the articles sent abroad, but It is not seriously questioned now that most of the articles ot American production are sold to foreigners cheaper than at home It is not alleged hat there is any loss in the price to the parties abroad. The natural effect of high tariff is to impose the bur dens upon the consumers in the obstructed markets --St Joe Gazette. IN spite of the Harrison drought ihe Democratic farmers of Missouri arc raising plenty of lusty chickens whose crow will be heard loud and clear immediately after the November elections. These caickens are roost- ng away out of reach of Filley and McCune, and there are steel traps wailing to snap up any skunks and minks that try to get at them In hort, the f aimers throughout Mi=- ouri and the West are daily finding ut more clearly that the r-ay to pro- ect their corn cribs, their poultry ards and their smoke bouses 13 to ·ote against the Republican party,and here la every indication that the re ult in this state will lie an old-time Democratic party next fall. Filley nd McCune are both hjngry ind woultl like to lift a few coopfuli of democratic chickens. They mi^ht :et a bird or two by a still hunt, but bis j ear a still hunt is impossible. big bull's-eye light will be kept timing on all suspicious characters rom now til! election day.--St. Louis ;epublic. THE Democrat insists that we an- er its conundrum . "If the Demo- ratic party of Missouri went out of le Union i t 1861, body aad brtxch- s, how is it that there are now hun-- re?h of gcrds and true Democratic Onion soldiers n i t ' ' That is easily answered. The Union soldieia in the Democratic party m Missouri--what few there ire--have emigrated here from th- free states, since the war -- "Formers' Alliance" are two word oonspicuously present in all politic news items tins stmuner A loud call has gone across the wate for Chamicey Depew to come home an straighten out some of his bad boys the New York Central railroad The took advantage of his absence to misbe have English is the tongue that will con quer the world Therefore let us no talk it thiough our noses and back i our throats, but let us open om lipb an pour it out as if we were prcmd of it, a we are A young Washington mother who has to get up nights to attend to her hit] child has discovered that if she walk backward she will not Lit her shin against the furniture m the dark Ther is no patent on the invention The wave of pi ogress has curled ove the Argentine Kepubhc into Patagonia This country used to be described i the geographies as a wild and desolat region inhabited only by savages Pro 1 percma ranches and colonies now occup its table landa, and half a million Pati goman sheep await the first market The treasury of the Argentine Bepub ho may be empty, but the nch soil wil still grow as much as evei, there are ex actly as many sheep, horses and cattl m the country as there were before, anc every one still holds it formei -y alne S let the progressive republic gathei up and go on There is nothing to hmdp her working out of the load of debt shi has piled tip, but it -will take years,, anc she must not go in any deeper Kemmler The Kemmler execution by electricity seems to have been tinneeessinly har rowing For -weeks previous to tho event the newspapers of New York some of the prison officials and a good portion of the populace of the state ap pear to have been in a condition border ing on hysteria Several times the elec tricnn in charge of the execution wii changed and there was a general exhi bition of nervousness and confusion tha- made the perfect working of the death machine impossible A cool, determined he id and steady nerves ire wanted at time like that Still all the physicnns testify that after the first shock Kemm ler was unconscious The horror that overcame those present at the scene may have been largelj duo to the newness of it all It may be that hanging IB viewed with more equanimity because we are accustomed to the disposing of murdei ers in that waj But Dr Shrady thinks this a good time to agitate the subiect of doing away with the death penalty altogether and substituting imprisonment foi life At the close of an editorial in The Medical Record he remar\3 concerning the abolishment of capital punishment From physical, humanitai ian and judicial stand points tbo time ia nt)e for its consideration A\ c venturo to piodlct that public opinion ·will soon banish tbt d ath chair as it bos done the rope and tbat imprisonment for life will bo tbe only proper pu iiohment mpted to a murderer This h, Indeed tbe on! rational method which sc ence justice and religion can consistently recommend The deata cLair-n ill yet be tho altar from which this doctr ne will be preached. Carroll record The editor of the Record is not posted in Missouri history, and because of hie ignorance in this respect togtther with nis reckless "ssert'ons he is now "up a tree " Missouri furnished over one bundled thousand federal soldicis out of the ranks of the Democratic party." They did ·emigrate fiom the free statfs since the war," because they were here at the beginning of the war, and tens of thousands of them are here yel and are voting the Democratic ticket If our friend would read up a little he will find that there are more Union Democrats in Missouri than there are Republicans--including those of the latter who weri, ongmally here and those who have "emigrated fiom the free states Sii.ce the war." And yet these ' free state emigrants" go around shooting off their mouths as if :here were no ex-federal soldiers but themselves, when, as a matter of Tact, the Union Democrats in Missouri who actually smelt gunpowder. and who did not emigrate here, outnumber, almost two to one, the Republican ex-federal soldiers in the itate, including the "free state emigration." The Recoid had just as well drop that subject, crawl into its lole and pull the bole in after it -- iarrollton Democnt OThen Baby was side w e eaye her Castoria. When she was a Child she cued for Castona. ·When she became iliss she clung to Castona. When she had Cmldren she gave them Castoria. Hobei t Pin i is Aug 4 a distinguished citizen of Phil- adelpliio., Robert Purvis celebrated his eightieth birthday His namo is f j,iail larlj enough known e\tj to this genera tion as one of trie original American abohaomsts, of i 1 om he and tho poet Whittier, along with Harriet Beecher Stowe K e almost the oiilv 5.11 w ors It is generally ^.ipposod tint Robert Purvis is a negio This ib i imsta\e By Ins mother t side he is the grandson of a beautiful Iloonsh woman and a German Jewisn baioi On this side is tho warm, uipassioned oriental blood On his fathers s*do ho is pine English fighting Angij S»s.on and Purvis has the two natures \veil mingled Not in feature, manner or appeal ance has he any look of the negro He has, The Philadelphia Pi ess sajs a skin so fan that a Spanish beaut} might em y it a mamiei so gracioas and cultured that a scholai and poet might desire it, a hit, tory -so remarkable that many of the greatest men in this world wotild gladly excha-ngo it foi theirs could the records of time be chang°d Pui vis' grandmother, though a Moor, was betrayed into slavery bj i compan ion, an Arab girl Thence she was bougnt and rescued by land people who were struck with her remarkable beanty and stately maunei Puivi» himself was born to wealth Ha might, if he had chosen, asserted Lus white blood, and been one of the first man socially and otherwise in the country Instead he knowingly ai \ deliberately cast his lot with those who sought to fiee tho slave, and has born to this day the odium of himself being a negro His impassioned oratory and remarkable personal beant at once attracted the attention of all the early woikeis for anti sliver} Along with G?mson, Lucretia Mott Wendell Phillips and the iest, Robert Purvis was mobbed, catted, threatened and his life sought more than once All of these lived to note that whenever there is tremendous opposition to a cause in which no radical immoiaMy or wrong is involved, that cause triumphs vcrj quick- lj Of some of his thrilling experiences in slavery times Purvis remarks "There are moments ^ hen an} man, no matter who he i 1 caws nothing fo- hlS lltr* ' Says tbe Des iloines Register Gasoline' i-. a v e r y d irige o 19 s,ub stance to tiae n u l l tbe bouse i r e '-crhere It H exceedingly -volai IP Its specific w t a v n j is aocLt n i i C ) " . four decrees It e\apoi i c^ qu k v onexiosure to tie n mos t )bi.:e If ft vessel containing it =houW I t a k or be brrken, the room wou'd soon l e filled with 'he napthi vapor, wbicii would ignue quicker th m powdtr on contact with flame, end an would be the result The use 01 gusolin^ "i t,tj\cs is exceedingly dangeioua, c. n with the utmost \]giunco I be reservoirs are liaole to be ovciflawed, tbo supply GTS lo be overturned and gasoline sca'tered o; er the floor, and the vapoi to ccn.e HI contact w i t h flame, it rruv be f r o m a lamp, Ihe kitchen stoje, tbo keropena etove or the sinking of a mstch as in the case spoken of in tbe R i ^ i s U r The snfibt thiDK to d i *!. Ji · n (vent, is to op~n a 1 t / u i w nclows, so aa to dilute tlic \_[,,i ab quickly as possible, and extinguish all lamps and nre that may DC burning lins, of couise would depend math upon the quantity of gisol no ei.f osed to evip- Delegates to The Democratic Coun ty Convention. CHILLICOTHE TWP Fust, wurd--May bhelton, C Mirlin and Jesse Wilson. Second ward Win Hi II«· ralh.M Timbrook, Obe Giace and R W Reynolds I h n n ward-Trios MeNally, D - ! Lake, T. F. Harrington and J. oiate H Is Lonsinniftion incuiaMc' Jioaii the (olloftui^ Mi C Morns N e u a i k Ark , saj s Was down w i t h Absceba of Luti_ and friends arid physicl tlia p r o u o u n c eel me an Incurable C o n s u m p t i v e Began taking Dr Km^a »ew Dia covery for Consumption, am now on my ihird bottle aud able to oversei Ihe u ork on ua\ (arm It IM the finest medicine evoi made ' Je^se Mi3dlewart Decatur, Ohio sas .Had it not been for Dr King's JSTew Discovery for Coiisuraptio i 1 would have died of L u u j Ireuble" W a s g i v e n u p l doctors Am now in best of health Try it bample bott es free at N J fawetUnd . Co Drnugists "We "ie all well, ' wrote a rmr- raied !adj, v Lo wps trave'ing witL tier bibe, to LPT husband, who re m uned at home, "tbe baby can c r u n l a r o i n d on all 'us fouis anil dnnks from i bott'e ail day long Hoping the same nny be said of you, [ r e m u n , etc " It is not often that a woman a;i\es hei husband so much iberty explosion I Wj nne Fourth ward--H C, Ireland, 3. T. Johnston and J B Kirk. North precinct--Josh Gibson, Sam Lucas, Marion Anderson, Moso Hutchinson, Jesse Walton and Josh) Smith bouth precinct--Jus. Hernford, W. Ryan, FraaK Oliver, J. N. Jone W R. McVey, J. G Babb. MOOKESVILLE TWP. Di T. Fiske, John Glaze, C W Gailick, Chas. Ireland, Melviu Ku ley and T W. Donaldson JACKSON TWP. S M Gee, Lewis Marlow, Harr Ewiner, J- V. Ramsey, Mart. Pipe 1 Geo Mast, Porter Massingill, Curtis, A Moslev, Lowi^i Francis Dr R M. Francis SAMP EL TWP. lorn Te, Wm Breeze, Job Kiouse, Andv Walker, N, C. Drydc CASTORIA for Infants and Children. "Cafltorlalssowelladaptedtocfaildrcutbat I I recommend itas superior to any prescription known tome ' H A Ancmm, M D, 111 So Oxford St, Brooldyn, N T Caatorla cures Colic, Constipation, Sour Stomacb, Diarrhoea. Eructation, Kills Worma, gives sleep, and promote* dl I WitEout injurious medication. TB« CixTiDB COMPACT, 77 Murray Street, N T \ ] cic J 1 cmas "\V Fo tei a n d Louisa J ostei liis w i f e by their c e i t x t i i dted of ust di ted t h e l s t d a y ol Tauuarj IS 6 and recorded on the lOtli day of J u l y li 6 in book 24 patielo" of the records of deeds ot rust in .Livingston county S t v t e ol Mis- iOurJ com e eel to A W I eil ev iiustee certain real estate in su d|LI\ in^ton Counly illssomi described th f o i l vs 10 wit The south hill ol the n Jt 1 i half of set ti }n hirt C o u r t l ) i n d t h e n i i 1 \\eat q n a i t e t ol he iioitlieast q u a i t t r oi set-i jn t l i i i t j l i v e 3 ) HD 1 the 1101 the ist }uiitei ol t h e i i o t t h astqnailpi ol SPCI ou t h u t three (J) lud me and one h ilf (1 ) no PS in the s o u t h w e s t m i n e r of the I oitL-ucst qu u t t i o ' s ^ c i j u went} seven ( ) all m ton n'ihip tlttj nine 9) noiUiot r i n g e t\\euly three (2, \vestof he )th P sr teald deed of U ust h e i n f inade to secure ihc p a y m e u t o t their C L I t a i n promissoiv note ind whereas it Is pi o\ Ideal i n s u l deed ol lust thit it t h e s i .1 ] l i n c i p u l note bt, not aul wfleu d n e then t h t \ h o i p shall hPcomo [tie-mil pa jble n t the option ot tiie le- il lolclei thereof im ullt] »s t is l u suld l e c d o l t i n s turthei p i o \ i d t _ d l h a t l l s t k l ^ W lerktj shall be u u u l le 01 j e f a s e t o cl is truslcfi then ll c th*-n Sher 11 ol sikl jlvmsston County h ill become hl sue essor in trust wit! U l tin po\ ers of the inal trustee UK v.1 o e tUe C u 3 V V iicrkey Is n n l i e nd J a l e l u s e d to a t s trustea and w h e i e s l e t i u l t h i s b er aade iu the pa^raen* of s i l 1 promJHM ry nto failint. due J i n u a j v Jst Ibss How theielore T mil u t h e lequest of t h e egal boldet of slid LOIC i n I in Accord nee pltll tr^g,terms 11 d piov sions of s^id tKe 1 f t i u s t proceed to sell the i c i l esl tte lieio nbefoie d e s c i i h e l it p u l l i c \ e n d n e u t h e l^hest b l d d c i l i t e t-li ut Hie 1 out vt i i [ lie courthcu e s t u i U Ih tlie f i t j o i o h i II othe LlviD"st in C( u u t J ^lissoi rl on WEDjSiSDAi A D O U T 2 1 H Ib90 etweeri thr houis ( f n i n e o c l o e x in the oienoon TH 1 live o e ock in th" ilte u o jn ( Slid day t o s i t l R i j Hie SRU d^Lt bj s a i l eed of trust secmeJ m l l i e e x p e o s t b ^ u d osts ol e x e c u t i n g this i 1st IAKOV Sj II EU S h e i l f f i u d t-x otllcio l i usu o W likes Noah WHEELING 1WP. C C England, F P, Snyder, Jas Hog-in, J. A Wiley. MEDICINE TWP. bam W allace, Wm Kilburn OKLAM KIDGK TWP lorn Roberts, Thos Gibson, Cai Burns, Tuylor Hooker, J J May Ed Tavlrr BLDI- MOCND TWP. Byrd btagner, John Weir, Geo HedricU, Gene Howes. MONROE TWP. Tom Bryan, Spence 4ustm, Win Copple. RICH HILL TWP J D Beai, W W Patrick, Sol Redd R F Craiimer, G W Kent, J Marlow Fairview township--Sam Benson Jake Horlenstem, J Howard. Greene township--H J Rice, Wash Hugbait Grand Riyer--B B Hayden, J Brown. E E Wescott, G L Houx Happy Boosters Wm Tlmmous Postmaster of Ida v i l l e Ind , wiltes "Electric Bitter h i s done more tor me tban all othe oiedicmee combined, for that bad celtiiffarleino from Kidney and Live t r o u b l e ' John Leslie, faimer am etockuias.i of same place aaj» "Fine Electric Bitters to be tbo base Kidney and Liver medicine, made me fee like a new mm " J W. Gaidner h a r d w i r e merchant, same town, says I lectnc Bitters Isjust the thing (or man who is a 1 run down ind don care w h e t h e r be lives or dies, tie found new strength, good appetite and felt j u ^ t like be had a new lease on life Only jOc a bottle, at N J bnetlaud Co s D i n g Store TO ST. JOSEPH AND EETUEN FOE $2 41- August 25th to 29th inclusive I will sell round trip tickets to St Josepb, limited for return passage to August 31, for one fare. Tbe National Encampment Sons of Veterans wi'l be the attraction, C. H. NASON, Agent H. St. J B. H. OKIVLllOJI I'l \ 1 I O \ MISSOURI t County of Ijivm^Ljti f 0 tlie circuit couil oi sa d counti ^eptcm ber tt-iui I'sDO nJ L. J e n n f n 0 s plaiutilT ·VM amesT Jenn ug^ J a m e b l j Weldcri Kitlo T a j U f o r d m cl f a n i J t o a U 1 ei liusb md M ry M . P i r L s i n c t J PiiUs l i e i bus- I and Mai y H I i Is u a I Mis, h e r liubbaml Jamc 1 JoLns m L i a n K l_i Johason Clins K Penney C mi*; sin lc a r u J J a m o s A SJiii] hci h u s b a n d MJ^ tourl G Le ich md \\ G Ijeicli lier hu*. band IraoUio C udj,ell and J u l i u s . ^\ O-udgell her hnbbauU and i E Waldeu cleleaclaats At tbii, day coiries the plulntlir beieiw by * atlomey b e i o i o t h c undeisj^Ded cleik xitl com i in \acation ajd ulcb his p e l l on ind tllldavlt allet, »g iiiioug' t Ihoi 111 it tho b jvu u u n o i defudunifa w i t James 1 JOODSOC 1 i iQli 1 John* LuailcsJv l e u n c v mluois i«d Rat w i-Joid and LfinkJord hei liusbintl - H P u k v id L, 3 Puks. bei )i«y aud Maiy H I,Ui iud · E l l i s b e i l i u s d MIssoniiC Letch ind M * Lciicis liusband Fi \ukle Gndgell intl J M uell hei husband ind £ B- Wekleu Jic on residents of tbe st ite ol Mi^iouU W nereupon it 13 01 dered by the clerk here a. f l b a t said defendants bo notified by pnb* cation that D ' a i n t i f t 1 as commenced i n i t against them in tins court the £,eiicrai jiectand nituie o w h i c h is to obtain i dgment in p irtition in and to thelolLow o- described propei t\ to wit Lots one [Ij iree [3] fl\e [jl and sii. [f J in block eleven I] old t,aivey oi tlio cit^ oJ L h l U i c o t L e a n d t six fOJ in blocL ei^,ht |8 , Graves tliirrl dtlition lo s id c l i j Als t h e i l l o w i n ^ act or paicel of laaa vi/ L c _ i n u i u g t-bree u i i d i o t l o n d Jort and t\\o-tentbt, f i t 0 2 10] e t e a b t o l i h e boittnvesb o r n e i ol bl jcii eut |E] ttienco east or e b and red aad ivelve 1112] Jeec thence n o i l h i . o h u n d i e l ud l o i i y o n e [1411 iter thence we^t one undied aod t w e l v e LH-J i( - et thence ^outn hundred and loity oiic[14J] eet to place e"innin old s u i v e y to taid city of illlicothe and 11 p a r t i t i o n in 3tindcannot bad, that an oidci ol bale be m ido by iscoait ior the sale of said vbove des- ibed propei ty the pioceeds theieol to be ooortionecl accotclini, to law aiLci ill costs ens and judgments theieon shall b e p i i d Iso to ob'am a j u d g m e n t in avoi oi Ilie alii tiff nerein Joi the gum ol .^jJclol rs paid by said plaintiff for tnxts upon ,e aforesaid piemjseh Jiom lb~l up tr and eluding l^SJ and t b a l bald j u d g m e n t be ·clared a special Jien, and charge nRiilast Id premlse-j and m f avor oi t-aid plaintiff nd unless the aforesaid delendantb be ind ppear at this court at the n«\t teira there TO be begun and boideu at the couit ones In the city of chiH cothe in said u u n t v on the "^ud day of bet tembci next and on or belure the L h h d ciay o! said term answer or plead to the petition in s«id cau^e tbe same will be taken at. confessed and ludenaent will boren leied accoidinfe, ] y A»d it is fnrubti ordeied that v copy hereol be published accoiding to 1 iw in the ObUllcotlieCoJSsairuTXO^ a weekly news paper printed and published iu said county ofLivlngston ^tftte of Mlssouii I s County ol LlMntrslon f 1 "Wm Scruby cleik of the cucuit couit ot Livingston countv alorcsaid bcieby ceitifv that the above is a true cop oi tlie on^mal cider of publication in the cause therein , uamea as Ihr same appcais in my office Witness my 13 and is CJerk and the seal ot syiJ com c Done at offacem The city of CbiUicothe : this r t h t j a y o i Angus. ibJO | WM SCRTJBY Cleik Old) Kit OF PUBLICATION. T VTE Ol MISSOURI I BB County of .Livingston. f 8 H 11 the chcuit court of said countj .September erra lb)0 udie Shai\ plaint ff - X l b c i t C '-haw dLfendanl At this day coiner the plaintiff herein ici attornei before the undersigned uJert ol in cl cot it m vacation arid flies her petition ind ifTidiiAlt btuting- among- other things thnt lie dciemlant is a non resident of this state \Vhcicuponit is ordered by the cleiJc in va ·at] on that said cleudunt be notified by pub nation th it plaintiff hftfl commenced a sur ·MH-tist him in ih B court the general objec 1 nd n t t u i c of which is to obtain a judgment I di\oico Irom tho bonds of mutiinaony hcrclolore contracted with the defendant auc loi tho care and custody of the chil d 1111 bni n ol said marriage, na me 1 v Mom JcuniL Eva and Herbert oi the g-iound t h a t pinca tho marriage ot pi imtiff ard defeudaut said defendant bus committed adultciy with one M a r j L BiAjftr And untess tht, said Albeit C Shitw be and appear at this couit at the n_ _ tcim thereof to be bepun and holdeu at the conit house in the city of Chilhcothe in said couutj on the twenty second day of Septem bti next aneJ on or belore the sixth day of si id tcim answer 01 plead to the petition m s nd the same will be taken as confcssee nd j u d g m e n t will be rendered accordingly Aud it is iurthei ordered that a copy hereof be published according to law in the fun, LicoTiTi SB.MI WEI.KLV CONSTITUTION a nc-ttspapei punted and published in said county of T ivingston J L -Da\is Attorney ss State ot Missouri Countv of Livingston J I Wrn Scrubj clerk of the circuit court of I ivingston county atoresaid hereby certify in it tbe abo\e is a true copy of the original oidci ol publication, In tlie cause therein n iraed as ihe same nppears in my office Witness my hand as clerk and A snal af said court Done at of /lice in the city of Chilhcothe, this oth day of August 1890 WM SCBUBY Cleilc of Circuit Court A Word to Invalids- You are cautioned against tbe purchase of WbisUiefl with high-aouud- ing, fancy names. In most cases Uioe Uigh-toaed brands arc used to co\er compounds abominable in taste sod absolutely injurious in their consequences to tbe consumer My Whiskies have been before the public for over 15 years. They have stood the test thoroughly, having en analyzed by some of the most expert chemists throughout the country, and in every instance their abso- c punt was established and highly commended upon. My brand--the plain I W. HARPER WHISKEY--carried off the highest honoie at New Orleans over all Sour Mash Whiskies diep';ied from the State of Kentuck}. Respectfully, I W HARPEB, Distiller, Nelson County, Ky. Sole agents, U A. Cox Co., Cbilhiotihe, Mo. \ NEW departure In the Gro ·*· eery business after the is day o f September,! intend to run businesswithout the use of books so as to curtail expenses and enable me to handle goods at the least possible cost to the consumer and m the future I shall sell strictly for cash or exchange for country produce Watch our advertisement for low prices and save money,by doing busmes on the CASH S\STEM In dealing with us you will not tiave to pay a per cent, to make up for bad debts that others contracted for and failed to pay, It makes a difference of ten per cent, on every dollar, so count ten times twelve and see where your money goes. In the future I intend to sell goods lower than any house doing a credit business at home or abroad All persons owing me will please call and settle, and those having accounts against me will please present them for settlement before above date Any person making a purchase of Twenty Dollars worth within three months will be presented with one oi our Home Cyclopedia of Cookery and Housekeeping. Thanking" the public for past favors, and wishing a continuance of the same, I remain yonrs truly, Win. Summerville. Southeast coiner public square, second door west o± Citizen's National Bank, Chlilicothe, Mo. -: MIT BUILD 1 Don't Buy a Stove. Don't buy anything in 'he stove or hardware line until you see Full line of these goods He keeps the Best; and Sells Lowest. No Trouble to Show Goods. WM. SUIOIERVILLE, : Cash ; Grocer, Special Agent for the American Tea and Coffee EXTRACTOR, Something, Used to Make TEA andCOFFEE -- dallland See it at Once. PRICE 50 CENTS I. " HALL H 00NNINOBAJ1 HALL CUNNINGHAM, PROPRIETORS J FINE WORK A SPECIALTY. Lace|Curtains,|and ingrain and Rag.Carpets, Cleaned. WORK SOLICITED PRICES REASONABLE W. R. DOYLE, DEALER IN JEWELERY, Watches Clocks. Carries a Full Lin* 1 of Jewelry S. J3L Stone, Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria flip I o FOU THE Celebrated Neiinau Bros, Organs Chiilicothe, Missouri RE-OPENED! ADAH JOHNS SON Have re-opened the Alliance Washington Street, Meat Market! Just north Leeper House, wiiere will be kept at all times a No." I market. Good meat and everything neat and clean. A share ot the public patronage solicited. Children Cry for Pitcher 1 * Cattortt

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