The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 12, 1924 · Page 10
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1924
Page 10
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Y 100 TABLES FOR ! HOSPITAL BENEFIT i PART? WEDNESDAY More than 100 table* have been purchased .for the Hospital benefit card pBirty to be given Wednesday afternoon In the ball room of the Blks' C1i*b and more tables are expected to ho reserved by tho time the play begins, at 3 o'clock. The response haa been grreatly encouragJnt: to those In charge, since the an- n o u n c e m e n t of the benefit card party. However, not all of these persons who have purchased tickets will play cards, as t h e y wished to use t h i s m a n n e r of hol.plns the fund. Arrangements have been made *o* th«t there w i l l be no confusion nor c:on(testlon when e n t e r i n g and finding tha prc-pcr places and tables. However.'--vcn t h o u g h tho table reservations havft been as much or more- t h a n expected, t h e r e Rre etlll several vacancies and tables not for which may bo used by who find It convenient to attend and tt'ho have not n o t i f i e d those In cliarjro. Q u i t e n n u m b e r of donations have been sent In to buy prlies In the play and to meet the necessary expense which Is in connection with «uch an affair. Candy in pretty baskets w i l l be sold d u r i n g the afternoon. A nurvber of the baskets ·were made by members of tho Sans 6oucl olu-b «t a recent meeting:. Tho proceeds from the party will ·ro towards the f u n d which will provide a special nurse d u r i n g the Immediate few days following «. serious operation, when t h e ~ p a t l e n t N Is unable to pay for a special nurse. The cause Is worthy and ni.-uiy women are a v a i l i n g themselves of t h i s op- p o c t u n l t y to h e l p the needy and .nt -tho sumo t i m e pass an enjoyable a f i c r n o o n w i t h t h e i r friends. # W- * Mr. flml Mrs. A. W. TV'ajmer, 215 Went W i l l i a m c-trc-ct, l e f t S u n d a y for a t r i p I h r o u K h t l i e south. They w i l l spend one \vV,c In Hot Springs, and w i l l end t h e i r t r i p In Miami, F)a., w h e r o tlic-y e x p e c t to spend several v, c c k s. f p H K o b s e r v a n c e of Lincoln's blAfll- 3av : n n i v e r s u r y was d o m i n a n t In th«? p r e t t y 1 o'clock l u n c h e o n given rs. H row i i : S v r u ( : SAVE THE T R O U B L E OF COFFEE M A K I N G USE 1 1 IS M A D E J U S T DISSOLVE A N D D R I N K IT. A C . H I A T ( O N V f N I l N A N D O H . S O G O O D ' SLEEVELESS JACKETS Tuesday In tho Elks, club with Mrs. Roy J. Moore as hostess, the guests being mfcmlbers of the Wednesday Bridge club. The color scheme of ret white and blue iras .used In decorating. Covers were laid tor sixteen, at the luncheon table, following -a-hioh. four tables of bridge were at play. » * * Member* of the Y. M. C A.' board ot directors and their wives will attend a d i n n e r for Dwlght Stamper at the Y. M. C. A. next Friday evening ,t 6:30. Mr. Stamper after many years service In the Railroad Y. ^1. in Decatuir Is going to Centralia aa general secretary. » * * PLAN DINNER FOR CHARTER MEMBERS' OF DECATUR CLUB A d i n n e r is being- planned for tho 500 members of the De'catur club for Tuesday evening. Feb. 19,'In the Decatur club, In honor of tho seven charter members still living anJ thirty men who have been members of the club for at least twenty-five years. The 600 Invitations to members will go out Tuesday. A committee of t h r e j has been named to be In charge of the affair, namely, TV. Lutz Krlgbaum, W. H. Wiley and C. Y. Miller. . ; A special program Is being arranged, for the event. Dinner will be served at C:30 and will be followed by a special entertainer from tha Lyceum "Bureau of Chicago, and several musi- :al numbers are planned, the talent to be taken from the membership. The seven men who will be the most honored at the dinner, beins charter members, include E. P. Vali. Dr. A. S. Waltz. O. B. Gorin, J. W. Clugston, F. S. Powers, T...A. Powers and John A- Swearlngcn. The other special guests and the year they be- ame affiliated with the club, for the evening w i l t be th'ose who have been members-of tho club for at least twenty-five years, namely:' J. D. Johnson '99, B. F. Kuuy '59,. H. Leas 'SS, C. C. LeForgeo '94. Adolph M u e l l e r '95,' Robert Mueller 95. J. W. '98. J. E. Patterson '97, Charles G. Powers '84, E. G. Bowers 'S6, F. Shlaudeman 'S2. G. A. Stad!,cr '02, K. J£ Vail '»S. S. K. W a l - ker '07, Fred Wilson '94, C. M. Allison 94, W. G. Bachman '95. .T. S. Baldwin 09. W. M. Bering '98, William Barnes S9, S. Campbell '88, Cass Chenowelh 9$, w'lll Chenoweth '93, J. H. Culver ·95. Frank Curtis 'SG. J. Donahue "91, F.L. E v a n s ' D". Charles A. Ewlng'96, Robert I. Hunt '97. William Hosteller 'S5. « · * COMPLIMENTING Miss Anna. T-ouiEe ' C U p p i n d e r . daughter of Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Clipplnger, whoso marriage to Clifford 13. Shank of Dayton,O.. will take place Feb. 23, the members of the Young- Ladies class'.c First Presbyterian church; taught by Mrs. Ail e. Overman, entertained w i t h a c'o'clock dinner In the church Monday evening. Covers were laid ' for f o r t y - f i v o guests, all of whom wes* seated at one large table. In the center ot the table was a'"Wishing We'.]," from w h i c h red ribbons were atlached to the places ot the guests At this end ot the ribbon In th; w i s h i n g well was a red heart with the p r i n t i n g on it "Miss Anna Louis? Cllpplnger-Mr. Clifford E. Shank, At the end ot Miss Cllp- "ribbon was art electric The sleeveless j a c k e t 'of flannel Is one of the smart garments that' are worn under sport coats. In the house, outdoors for extra warmth--on every possible and Impossible occasion. Two .styles are sketched. One 18 long and loose, tho other fits closely around the waist and takes the place of a waistcoat with many of Hie new- suits. Velvet Girdle. A g i r d l e ot ruby colored velvet gives en unusual note to a frock of peach colored satin. . * Tliue I* Fnvorcit. Blue, of a part'lqularly. soft and flattering' shade, Is one .of tho rr.cst popular colors for spring: in millinery as well as in frocks. PLACE CINDERS i Shale Ordered for Some of Drives. v . D r i v e w a y s in Torrencc piu'U ,a being cfudercd where cinders h n v o heen used b e f o r e N i n d w i t h i n the last few days Io9 loads have been sec u r e d , from the power plant of the Il'.inois Power Llg-ht Co., at Edward' s t r e e t ' b y the,parlj: d e p a r t m e n t teams. , S:ia.!e Is also hcinj?- ordered for use on ttio shale drives- whlcli are ii bad shape because o; the ^freezlh; and t h a w i n g 7t Iho last few days. GENT1P.T.1 1 -Event Will Be Held Saturday, March 1. The Parent-teachers' association of the Central Junior high school will, have the fIrst-clrcus of the' season Saturday'nirht, March 1, In the high school audttorium' and gy.mnaslum. Plans for the affair were made in the regular meeting of, that organization Monday evening. THREE RINGS. , ,' The gym .will be njarked off In the regular .three-ring circu* style with E. E. Caibert, atliletic director at Central junior as ringmaster and general 'master of ceremonies. Three sldeshowj wlill be arranged. These are the minstrel show, living statues and take-offe on the faculty, and will be In charge of ttay Wldlck and J. Tount, Mrs. - Margaret" Honey, and Mrs. Ida Stubbieflcld, respectively.' Members of the faculty and parents will be clowns. CONCESSIONS. Following arc the concessions and the persona In charge: Hamburgers^--Mrs.^Mary Buckley. Wieners--Mrs. A. J. Beck. Pop corn--Mrs. Armentroiit. Peanuts--Mrs. C. J. Biven*. Candy--Mre. A. D. Mercer. Candled apples--Mrs. J. W. Ireland. Lemonade--C. |f. Puckett. Cofrce--Mr*. I. tocb. Eskimo pies--Mre. Richard' Payne. Tho high school band will lead the opening parade around the ring:. C. E. Pennlngrton is advance publicity agent for the affair. Earl Pholps and A. Nichols will have-chars* of the seating and J. W. Montgomery, assisted by twenty high school boys, will sell tickets for the affair which promises to be one of the biggest of its kind ever put on by a Decatur school. The entertainment Is for the benefit of the library fund. The association also decided Monday night to hold the meetings of the club on the second Monday night of each month. ^ ' , ..GOOD MANNERS '; BOW ON BHNG ;·:' INTRODUCED Beat yolks of. egg* until .thick and 1 lemon colored. Beat- In sugar. Beat 'In milk. Add cocoanut. B^at whites of eggs until stiff'and dry'with salt and 'two tablespoon* water. -Kold Into yolk mixture. Turn, Into * deep ;ple cUsh lined wltli pa»try and bnUe ifl- m'inute* in a moderate oven. Protean, 183 calories; -fat, '1289 calories; carbohydrate.. 1U7, calories Iron.-.0034 gram. . ' (Copyright, 1924, NEA '.SerVlca,Inc.) , Wiion introduced, a man and a woman bow Xo each other slightly. They do not shake" hands unless she offers tiers. . ·""" By Sister Mary. , UnlciiM otherwise ftpeelfled, tbcac ecipe*^ are planned for four: person*). . COCOAM'T. Cocoanut' is Jilgh In food iliie, PRINCE ERICK AND BRIDE START HOME Montreal, Teb.- 12 --Prlnco Erik of D e n m a r k , and his hrlde, tho former Loia Booth, p l a n to leave for Now York today on t h e i r way to Europe. They were married, at Ottawa yesterday. sUiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimttiHimiiiiiu i For Your f Valentine Party 1 UvlUlloiM. Tilly Cirdi. Place = C*H*. Nit Cupa. N(pkin«. Cat = On!(,8«al«. Ilollle*. C«rd Kbardi, = L»mf 8had«, Fvor, etc. H Valentines | CcmpUte ··nortincht old ctylc H ntw ityla aad Greeting -BUY/TAT I Feb. 23. plnger's toaster. " . The co.lor scheifie of red and white, w i t h Valentine novelties ami lighted candles was used In decorating. Following the dinner, w h i c h was served by four young women of Mrs. Mary James' Sunday school class, an enjoyable program was given ns f o l lows: Violin solo--Mrs J. T. McDavid.- VOCKI solo--Miss Thelma Hill. Reading--Miss V l v l e n n o H i n t o n . Poth the accompaniments 'for Mrs. McDavld's violin selection and Miss Hill's numlxT were played by Mrs. Louis Chodal. * » · Mrs. G. K. Ijconard e n t e r t a i n e d at chicken d i n n e r Monday e v e n i n g In honor of the b i r t h d a y of her m o t h e r . Mrs. Id-a Zollars. Mrs. Zolinrs received- several lovely R i f t s of f l o w - er*, among which was a potted p l a n t f r o m Mr. and Mrs. Ahrens. A son. D. C. Zollars was present. * · · The n. G. U. club met w i t h , Mrs. George Tillers, 525 Uast Lcafland avenue Fel). C. Mrs. Bertha Hart. 3i:i Xo^th Water street wlil.entorta-in the club at the next m e e t i n g on Feb. 20. An Empress party with Mrs. Nona Ferguson as hostess. has been planned for the meeting: of the My- sostus club Wednesday afternoon. The club will latet\go to the confectionary for refreshments. * *' * The Past Presidents club of the W. R. C. met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Mary P.evls. i · ' · · · The O. I. -W. c l u b w i l l meet Wednesday I n u t i l e horns ,of Mrs. Greely Stewart, 2144.East Main street. PERSONALS Mr. u n d M1-3. P. F. Mar 11 n le -h;i v e r e t u r n e d a f t e r a s h o r t visit to Bloom- jtor, tho gue-sts of Mr. and Mrs. Charles .Adkcsson. A. Mcltna, 51S West Sa\vycr. SCCOIK! ick f -operator o f ^ t h c I l l i n o i s Central, was called to .Luharpe, Kan., Monday liecause of the death of his older brother. , Church Notes D. M. c. PUPILS GIVE RECITAL Pinno and Violin 1'rngram Greatlj Apprrulnted. ' An appreciative audience h e a r d ie advanced piano p u p i l s of Allco Clay- j-opl Jefferson "and tho advanced violin p u p i l s of jfary Mclntry Reid, both of the Decatur Musical College, in the recital given Monday night In the college. Each p e r f o r m e r pleased with the Individual work. The fol- lowinn piano students appeared dur- ins the e v e n i n g : Miss Gladys Bartlett, Miss G e r t r u d a F.eld, Miss Melba Gengerke and Miss Roha McLane. Ap pearlng in the v i o l i n program Included Cressy T u r n e r , Wilson Aug~us:tine, K a t h r y n Ewing: .and Bernard Henebry. · One of the feature n u m b e r s "TTn Bateau" for two. pianos played by Miss Frieda Moessner. and Miss Gladys Bartlctt, and an especially pleasing n u m b e r was a trio, played "by Miss Gengcrke, pianist,. Leo Anderson, cellolst, and Creasy Turner; violinist.-. Oh "Wednesday night, the j u v e n i l e violin p u p i l s o f - M l s s ' R e l d will ap- .pcar in recital In the Musical College, followed by a short program for adv a n c e d pupils. The dance programs given by the _jollegc.. w h i c h have pleased Decatur audiences this w i n t e r at the Lincoln Squ.ire theater, will bo resumed w i t h i n f i v e or six weeks, or as soon as t h B ' . n e w organ Is Installed In the theater. containing much fat, a High percentage ot starch and some protein end mineral salts. Consequently a made flleh contaln- Ing cocoanut In a rich, tncrsv producing f6od and sliould supplement a scant meal, made up of foods rich In 'mineral salts and dissolvents, (COCOAA'UT PUDDING. ·Two cups milk, ^ cup sugar, teaspoon salt, 3 . tablespoons cornstarch, 2 whites eggs, 1 cup grated cocoanut. Dissolve cornsturch in a little cold milk. Add sugar to' r e m a i n i n g milk TO BE 001 Issue to Be the Best Yet Published. ·The D. H. 3. Observer will make its I n i t i a l appearance of the semester Friday. The .management has m a d e good its promise· tp have an eight page-paper and ffi this Issue of The Observer Will appear a bigger and better paper than has ever been published In the school. ' · This' year has been a grood one for the paper and It has broken away fro'm_ Its old magazine style remarkably In the last semester until now- It looks llko a, small town dally, m far as size Is concerned, but with miSre Jive news about the Inhabitants than any i other paper printed havlns a circulation of 800;^Jt;Is a paper of whltfh The Observer staff should be proud. This Issue and the others to come will be distributed during tho semester at the regular price, 50 cents. _ : The news items are neweV and written in a better style,, due to the journalism class of Mr. Yoder. The people in this class and the regurar reporters are given dcflnlts assign ments just as In the real newspapei game. The editorials are written b5 students who haVe views upon schoo customs and polloles -which they be- lleve will help and Instead of pass- lng\lt up entirely students turn firs' to the editorial paje to «ee wha otlicr students thln',c and scald. When ready to fcoi slowly slir in cornslarch. and cook u n t i l thick and (smooth. Beat vv.hltcs of eggs u n t i l stiff and dry* Fold into ir.lxturo and cook ona m i n u t e . Add' cocoanut and turn Into a mold to chill and eet. Serve with boiled custard made with tho^ volks of tha eggs. Protein, 153 calories; fat, 6f.l cal- orics; carbohydrate, 71S calories. Iron, .0005 gram. Boiled custard c o n t a i n s : Protein. CS calorie's; f a t . SM calories; carbohydrate. 220 calories. Iron, .0013 gram... COCOANUT. PIE. One cup grated cocoanut, C cups m i l k , . % cup- sugar, 2 eses, 'A t«a- spon salt. 'If prepared cocoanut Is used, use one-half cup or one-third cup sugar. Pot Ltitk Supper. Cvirs.- Chesteen School class a-nd Dr.\3S. Sunday 'T. Evans 1 class of the First Methodist cluirch \vlll havo a pot-luck supper Prlday evening -at In tho in the dirilug room MARRIED. .DURSIS-GATTOX. . 'Jliss Eulah Durbis ot Bootiy and Charles Gatton of Decatur wore u n i t ed In marriage Monday n i g h t at 1C o'clock by Rev. I* G. Mllby In the li.lrsonaKe. 510 East Division street. The "brlclffeerom Is a machinist at the \V~ufoash. The couple will make their homo in Decatur. MILfiOEV-BONTAR. Milsoev and Rosle Bor.yar, !oth ot Decatur, were married at 3 o'clock Monday a C t e r n o o n , tho ceremony being performed by Judge J. H. McCoy at tho court house'. 5 atnwmr:WATZR ST.'.'.'"£ niiiniiiiiiiMmniiHiiiiiiKiiiiiiniiiMiir? The Avundale club will trcet F r i day with Mrs. W. E. Long, ~453 East Center avenue. · * · ·'' Mra. Frank Baugher wUl entertain the Gl«d-U-Kum club Friday afternoon in her home 2192 "North .Church street. ^ SAT6 PASTOR GUILTY * OF EXTREME HERESY Nev Yai-k, Feb.-!!--Charges of extreme he/esy have been prel«rred asalnst Rev. W. M. Brcwn of Gallon, O.. a former bishop of Arkansas and a. member o( the house of blahopa oC the Proteatant Bpincopal church ,by BUhqp« A: C. A. Hall, of Vermont; J. .M. Francia, of Indianapolis,, and -yr. L. Gravatt of West Virginia, it was revealed todav. The Ideal · Valentine-A Pearl Necklace Choose here from a complete variety of the most beautiful Pearl Necklaces, any one of which will make an appropriate and lasting Valentine. All styles and sizes -- Necklace Ihi fdhiily »nd '.friends keep it growing. . , - ?,and : up.- Frank Curtis Go. --JEWELERS-156 E. Main St. f the school. Much credit Is due the editor. Mis Pauline Stewart. GLEE CLUB SINGS. The s t u d e n t council will be li charge of tlie a u d i t o r i u m Wednesday One of the feature- will be the ap ncitrance of the Mllllkln Glee club sing-Ing the same songs it will «mg In 'Orchestra H-all at Chlcmpro, nex Monday, Feb. 13. The remainder o the program has not been announced LITERARRT CONTESTS. · T h e committee appointed some-Urn ago to arrange for Inter : soclety con ·csls in literary activities has mad a p r e l i m i n a r y report. Some decision were agreed upon which should ROV ern the contests. These arc: Entries shall be learnei! oration h u m o r o u s readings, dramfttlc read Inps, extemporaneous speeches. The l i m i t of entries to final c test shall be three, in each kind o work, from each society; twelve rep rcsentatlves from each society. P r e l i m i n a r y contests shall be hcl March 10, learned orations; March 1 humorous reading's: March. 17, drama tic r e a d i n g ; March 19, extemporanc ous speech. Points will be gh-en on quality o Constipation (an ruin your health- get permanent relief with Kellogg's Bran lection, ^Interpretation, correot pro- part of the; afternoon, / and in th^ unclatlon, clear ·nunclatlon, and age presene. For extemporaneous speeches cub- eta will be taken from the January, ebruary and March number*-of The Iterary Digest *and Outlook. Ma- erlals for these subjects may ba ob- .Ined'anywhere. , An hour of tlro» will b« .given to ach contestant In which to make reparation for his extemporaneous peech. Such contestant may use iper or pencil, but no book or maga- :ns clippings. In this contest credit for per cent f attendance will be given to each peeh. DR. PENHALLEGON AT DANVILLE MEET Give* Atirrmm Before (JnKra Men'* Brotherhood Bandar. Dr. W. H. Penhallegon 6und*y aft- -rnoon wa* iu Panvllle where he ad dressed the meeting: of the United lien's 1 Brotherhood in the Y. M, C A. A Danville paper read* as follows ·"The regular preliminary long serv c« was postponed until the 1 *ter hrlef J«. : mIBUte» ; which remained, th« aged minister, now In hi* "el*btle*.'l gavi a snappy and Int*r*«Un*; talk-. "He emphasized^ particularly thai with the growth of cltie* *uch u 1* now going on in Danville, · th« churchei must look ahead to take . care of the changes which incident!? coma with expansion. He recited *ev^j eral poems dealing with trait* of personal character which were well re« celved by the audience." In Sunlit Plants where even the Air : i* filtered--that f «( where'-', r " : '; Nucoa The Pure Spread for Bread is made. Read the Story of NUCOA now running in this paper. When clean and clear, tho intestine is converting wholesome food into vigorous health. But. when clogged » by constipation, it generates poisons from the obstructed food that can lead to many eerious diseases. Kellogg s Bran swccpa, cleans and purifies the intestine. It has a natural, healthy action. It works exactly as nature, acts. If eaten .regularly, it is guaranteed to relieve permanently tho most chronic cases of constipation, or your grocer will return your money. Eeaulta with , Kellogg'a .Bran arc euro, for Kellogg'a is ALL bran. Nothing but ALL bran can bo 100 per cen£ effective. That is why Kellogg's, cooked and krumbled, is endorsed by doctors everywhere. Eat it and you need never take another habit-forming drug or pltt Kellogg's Bran, cooked and krum- bled, should be eaten regularly--at least two tablespoonfuls daily--in chronic cases, with every meal. You will Injoy eating it. Kellogg'· Bran has a wonderful flavor, a delicious nut-liko flavor. And this flavor is an exclusive Kellogg achievement^ There arc many ways to enjoy Kellogg'a Bran, cooked and krumbled. Eat it with milk or cream aa a cereal. Sprinkle it over other cereals., Cook it with hot cereals. Look for the reci- 1)05. on every package nnd try it in muffins, griddle- cakes, bran bread, etc. Bring back your health JJlitJi Kellogg'a Bran. Start to-day 1 Every member of your family it. The leading hotels and clubs eer»e 'j Bran ia individual packages. It is \made in Battle Creek. Sold by all grocers. Iniroducing'A Beautifill New Spring [ Arcli Preserver ' M O D E L A T FiELDS-f IDIER Co I 2O7 NORTH VAATER I REMODELING SALE } CLEARANCE OF 300 HATS | l''W-- ; .Thru oar remodeling we are tied up for space--so 5 for .Wednesday we are offering 300 Beautiful Hats for !·· a great Clearances-Hats worth up to $10--Your unre- 1 atricted choice--divided into 3 groups: Hate For Misses Children E Malerlata--Straw, Comblpationi, Silks, Felti, etc. All the newert ; «hade« and beaatifylly trimmed with Howera--Fandea, and. Ornm: menti. . './ '·.·" ' · . " ' .' · ' . · · ' - . . . : . . "-. '· ''- v . : liiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiuiifiiiiiiiniMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNiininiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiniiniiiiHiiiiiiliT H "ERE'S an early spring arrival combining r e - markable b e a u t y and charm with foot comfort such as only Arch Preservers can provide. --Airedale--a new shade of tan-in suede. --Suede in Jackrabbit Grtfy. --Black Satin. · --Patent Leather. A model you'll fall in love with the moment you see it. As sketched above, with medium Louis heel, $12. H-H-fr* Bargain Hunters can find some extra values in the remaintfer of Bruce Co. stock on our floor. These are high grade quality instruments and their value cannot be duplicated when they- are gone. Some phonographs have 10, 12, 15 x 'records. Your old instrument will be .taken in exchange, if you wish and terms may be arranged on deferred payments. 2 players with benches and rolls, $325 and $265. / $140 Kimball phonograph with records, $95. 2 used pianos, excellent values, oak and mahogany, $75 and $90. ' I I · Other Phonographs, including Colum- · bia, Silvertone, Kimball, $35.00 up, with records. \ ' ' \ . · / ' , . . · . - ' , · : J! Decatur Music Shop ^ L. H. Nifong R. W.Garecht 118 E. William "Everything IhMutit? -H-i-H-H-? NEWSPAPER! \V.%M named on Hi" local election bunnJ. The Ellis' e n t e r t a i n m e n t i i l t r o v l c t t ,-t crowded hour.'.^ itt thts 3'(i\vert « n J II waa believed ? I , O U O \voultl bo cK'-'irt.'!, Dan MncKncl' uf DcttJItilt* 'vn« elected ono cf thu ctlreuturn of t h u I l l i n o i s l^umlic-r unit Uiiild«vu' Kui'iilf Denleru' AsHOclnlion in Chicago. Misses Alma Moor» ant) Allc* Whalon e n t c r t a l n o U the !OH club u ( the latter's home. page: and/red to' himself and »np. TAVoet-.tM'ceV tweet to Melbn a scd TWBXTV Y K A H * A«O T I I I J A f , Profcsuor Kdwkrrt C, b'lihnrlvr, teacher oC piano iit »Illllkli Unlvct - slty, died of pnoumonla. The Hospital Aid ns«oc!aUon c l n n r - cd $SO on a ntmin.iKO nalo. .Slorv- keepcrs sent "ninny «rtloie« ot n u w clothing. Plans wcro brlnfr made liy K r a n l c Torrenco f*Y many tlioiimutilH erf tlowers for Falrvicw Pmrl; In t l i « .summer. --I-A bis feature y!' t h e mule I'oriuui** Institute w«s to be 8 corit exhibit m which prlxes amouutln* la |5«0 M'er« lo-b« grlven. iNEWSPA'PERf -i-rJU ^WSPAPFR!

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