The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 18, 1902 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1902
Page 2
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Iuhui|ue lur been granted thi e i g h t h frmn him In thi Two-1 Imguu and the circuit In now complete The next tMiig Is Inn lensjui meeting In be called by Prmldcnl 8*xten in formally nppn\r bin an Inn In the i as M of Dub l(|ite- «rl Jiilltt aeoipt his rmlgnutlm anl i l i c i his urcrs«r This meeting w i l l lie In Id irl) next month BI wnilngtein wants It In Id there thing thl» will tiflft the ctmdldac) of Kit Holland fer president of the league J P Hunger und llelelen Hill ure the ,th er ii«i»f» lex t» presented It Is Mkuly livcatur will fuM r Holland Thl» would be natural In order thut In* loagur Influent* should not nil be In th* north tnd Dccatur and liloom- Ingtcn real.IF that tb»y «r- what might be called the taJl end ut thv clrtull us It now viiuli und uiwlhrr northw«rj shift Ilki- thf onn thai dropiwd Etansvlllc und Terre- lluuli n.uld leave both teams out Juliet Is also fnuirnble to Holland He used to live there und the Jollt t funs do nut look, n him as n strwige-r The JoHrt e-Uib tut gon» about lt« pbtns In a biulnesuHke manner The club hits t»*n Inrorpornte-d with · capital of «· loo Al Trbcau Mllllam MrKMters and Charles E WuodruR are th* Ineeirporu- tora The matter of changing the name en the Iwfue will «lso coow up It Is no long*r « ' Three · I l«igue. but It is just pc«slbl» the n«m« may b« r*Uln*d It b*« brought luck to tb* l*afu* »nd ther* i com* reluctatK* (bout dropping It ·OME BAeBHAM. COMPARUON8. A rocnpiirlsun of ih* work of com* Thr**-I l««t]u* ptaytra for «b* MSJSXNW «f winter | In l«lh l i l t t l n g am) luxe- r n n n l n i ; hit but | -.. In I 1 * I and^toli hll 11 ) i i " s \q hi Jill "in lust siiirun ami stnh 7 IMS -. the. l i i i | t n \ i n i t i I n f i r m M | H M S iij» Hki H ' l NI Ii i fi'K an I m irks I H I ) is i m | I ii. fan In mil nt. i S h i f f i r ', Ken k- I f ir I lnl t ii I ifiit in IW1 In lux x| i l 1 IMK purlnlnli it id h t i, 111 Krame In phiti-d H i d h i I t\ 1 us m nu K t in s u« I Ipptrt Ii!., hi mil, U I I I M i in ili il tin MK fi II ·» f n i id \ i d r K i t K of "IM ni ort fi It · fl h i r d In Iris I ' l l Ing l i s t s ison nmUiliU bt latit^p Ti w|i*nt ·* mm h linn raffKi i^ th* u m p l n KliiK hit M i i i m l u l l h t.' In IfKl hut t h i lust 1-e. i u l t In l i n t si i^ n wis J ^ ilm si n t u i n i l r i d |i .Inls fall UnorKi* Mil « h hit .". In Ul nnl t i i u i h i 1 I'll. .'t I isl si is n J u k Tlilir I m i n . v . i l I n his 'mtlintr ilurin-K the stixnn b a ' t i D B -T» this M ir 11 4H '.IM yur II irry H' rt I .1 tin IOUKUI In wu ri leu hltH In 1'Jil wltb 14 but UUi m itnn Harry h,n» onl 17 While 8Uirnn«le Terre I lei lite « |IMT caUhi'T luiet 48 Dickey lit own was second with li WAITFOR'^THE STORKS" Audience* at the Grand Are Small rnii Week. l.nial tlnatir-Kiiers seem to bi hnldlnir nff Ur The Murks' Saturday night Abnut the smallest hnu* of the si'innn saw Tin IVnltent last night It nan \ e r j w e l l i'one b u good !oek!ng e m pun) but Is entirely too nulodrumlc for thi thi erf ul Christmas season 1 Tho Storks i rile beauties more pop. ularly known s ' The Flirty Gertk G i l l s urc creuting as big a sensation en tour as they did In Chicago, where they were awarded thi wreath of glory, for being the mwt jouthfal and beautiful bov of any of the girlie choristers appearing In the many attractions in the western metropolis during the past sum mer season They ure all tall, Mutely girls of western birth highly educated and vlMnely fascinating--and as Ople Itead remarked · they are American beauties STATE'S CASE CLOSED. Oe«Mue In Tena Italia* Trial Aledo Ills , Drr. n --The state his closed Its c*s* agamst Ills* Tona Dun- Up acciintd of poisoning Allle Oool B F Felix was recalled to testify concerning the application made b Tona DunUp for th* position made \acant by Alii* Deo! · dMta. H* swor* ttat flv* days after Hiss DM dl*d HIM' DunUg «rov« up to his fton, ·ums*aswdkiiij* tlH sM*w»Ik and tfau»a for UM dfttUp whkh Alii* Dool ·f tiH h*r ttat oa%f tb* drew -- ~ -' BUT NO ONE DID. which he salJ tlu Migmlzati n Aoultl i l i \ frcim I'corla In Christians Called on to Confess. ISvangellHt Says They Nerd to Own Up. N nil i t the in mix is of · an M Ihei ell"t arnii lo m i i f i s the r t i n s w h i n Ui 1111,1 li«.l e n inli \ t i l l I lie in l i s t nifclit that it wa a Riiuel tlmiK I n i \ e i y one ii e n n f e s M publlelj i n n H t l i v wtre 1 g"jel Chrlstlins but at the e l»si ol the service several of the uncoim rti d v,fM forward nnd eiulte. a iitimtii r eif those In the congregation walked to the llntfirm to shake, hands «llh thi e\ m- K i kt. MOIIR lllKRi: Then v,ns an Inere isc In the itteniliiiKi over the nlfcht liefori T h e lemarks of the e\uni!illst wo-i directed jiartleul n h tuvaiel the e h u r e h ]ie.oido He told how often times ehurch m e m b u s w ti nt fault t h e m s e U t s arid dlel more harm thin goeul when t h e tried to l o m i r l "tliei people. Mr Conolij salel that Ch Istl ins wlm plajed cards and nent tei tn t h e a t e i .end diel other thlngn nhlch tin mile did not allow tould not expect to n form other piople lie said it was u gioit thing to publicly confess, but no on- confcvsed The evangelist after his sermon extend cd an invitation to the uncoim itul fo rorne forward and scvciat accepted and wont to the front OUTSIDE U O R K K H S It was announced by the evangelist that the meetings were to continue l«r same time and that work would be done on the outside In the waj of holding cottage prayer meetings Those who cared to nllow the people to meet at their houses weie asked to hand their names to the pastor so (t would be known where tho prayer meetings could be held. Mr Conolcy said that a band of walkers was to be organised and It would bt their duty to work among the un- eonterud and help to bring them In the church The meeting tonight will be held promptly at 7.30 o'clock in the lecture room In the basement of the church and will close at t 30 when Dr Mason, the colored preacher will give a lecture In the main auditorium of the church m e n t In that e l l in (.'and of Ik '-i of. t i n In remoMd to t h u the near f u t u r i 'I IH s t m Is dis i in i| In I'c irl in tin t e i i i i i n t l MI i Hi l i r t h rim icl nt ( h u l l u op, i 'I i" In V | U m b e r \ led i ilililltl III i fill In t i n t i l l y fur it i i*-l two w irn I 111,1 r 1 hi I n Ii m.ipoliH u in I unili i l i t i i l h IHUI t i k m II fur f,runlnl tliul Ii ins* Hi' i flu nl tin iiihllsliit of tin r i r i m e i i H M i« zlm was n M i l ii Ihn I n M i f tin p u s nt iionth aM lln iillle s are t) BO there -*Won't Leare Peoria. An Associated Press dlspatoh from Instate* that Grand Master HMtMhM ot the Brotherhood of nrtmeu c*.\e out a state- TRACERS CAUSE TROUBLE Agents Ask tfhipperB to Make flight t«« offbeat. 'I hi UK ul f!i Ight !!(!( ills l ssi e l l i n i f e l i l i a g n lias v lit n i t a e t r i l l l i r l a l l l U K a t t e n t i o n to the. unaitlsCnctorj n s n l t H o b t.iln il fmm tracers uf gewds ^hlpjicil In K]i.ukliiK of thi matlu i man In out m i l l s (relglit ill 1'irt me nt hen ialil th it tin use of tlu t i u e c r Is M rj R i n i r n l U m l s u n d i i R t o r d I'eopl* w i l l shl|i xonnlhhiR lo Sun rraiulwo to- da\ inrl tnmo run w u n t it folk w eel by a t i a t t r I his t u i n r eloes no ROOI! find e HIM s gn it ) m o n \ e n l e n e e t the tomiinnks A t r u t u should be jiroperly used iinlj w h i n thn onslgnmtnt has full- ed te rcae h Itn elestinatlon 'Iht e l i c u l a r ipsned follows 'lo the ShlpulilK Puhllei V\\ deslrt to c ill attention of ship pirs lo the cause of unnatlBf ictory ic- Hults obtained from tracing shipments of frelsht A tracer doe» nut In an) expedite* the mo\e;me]it of freight i r accelerate the de. live i j to consignee I USB carload shtpmentR arc forwarded on scheduled t i n l n s and a, tracer or even a request for prompt handling, does not In any wat assist to hasten tile freight to destination The name Is true of e nr load shipments In view of the above we beg to respectfully reeiutst that shippers confine traceis to such shipments as ha\e fallen to reach 1 dejtlnatlon within a. reasonable time after date of forwarding Compliance with this request will save the expense of thousands of use'ess tracers will help to make the legitimate tracer the agent It should be and will of advantage to all concerned 1 CHAPLAIN AOER'S SON A TRAVELER Ha* Been Five Yean in Central America. Damlllc e. iimmereial r l n r l i s M Auer af,i cl J7 \( irs Sim of Chaplain A u e r of th 8 leilirs II ime is visiting his par- i n l s He lias hem (hi j ' a r s In e ontral A m e r i c a and Mexico Hi follixuil various e-illlnRS--menhan- illzlne trading and surveying IIy ac- i l i l i i t i K the knowleilKe. of tin Hpanlsh 1 IIIRII iKe ami tho iminnerlBma and cus- t im« of the Spanl erels, he was and is able t nneli istatul anil judge* them well He s p e n t Dim ami i half \ears in Sinta Cruz nm \ between the eoist and Cuba, .tboiit the some Ii nglh of time In S m Peilro Sulii, the last jcar on tho coast, m i n i \ I n g His oecupatlon cirrled him in- t Mexico to the Pacific coast A person geilng there must be prepareel to amuse himself with books and his own company He aehlsps no one to go there althoiiKh tho opportunities for material HCelimination are as great. If not superior to any place In 1 the world Since th» time et tho Armanda, the destruction of w h i c h wits fallowed by a steady decad. ence of Spanish supremacy In the world s hlstorj nna also material and commercial Piaster the Spanish tribe, If not all the people of the Latin races, hat© Anglo Saxons It seems to be Instinctive with them Our manners they consider vulgar Ver few Americans seem able to acquire theirs With educated Germans they assimilate more rs»dliy in Honduras there has been no revolution for forty ears They have compulsory education In public schools, but Instruction tn Spanish only. A person who lends a careful life, eating and drinking as the native do, moderately, can maintain good health He anticipates no serious delay In making treaties concerning the canal or canal* and no trouble while constructing and operating it The leading men are too anxious to have It In order to develop the country Had a Letter. The member* of tho Shnkopeara drvb- lon of Hie \Voman's Hub held a mwtln^ VVeennenday af-ernoon nt the club house. Mia* Ifcjrlfcn. HeedL who la atlendtnB school In BerUn. wrote a letter to tht dhlaton telllnc of her school life and thto letter was road. The otemben of, nm wee-k on etajs. Mo Jtcount Per Diem on Cars. New York. Dec 18 -Commissioner J w; Mldgely of the WVwteTn Twrfflc association hM made a compilation, of the revenue, derived by tho dkfjereot railroad companies lii this dty from th« per diem charge* for the use of freight) cars while on other line* than thi? iFen#letaiy lines Hto ·how* that the ohonfe from ttoe mtle- 000 to the per dtetn «y«t«m wMch was made last spring la savin* the railroad* an aggregate of 1210,760,000 armua4l. Ktverton Mlaer AtllM. Bprlngflel* His. Dec !·.-«·,(** Dl*- ctato an Itmltut miner, employed in ·haft *h* division fli^l«hedread^'^"TB"mJng V jTu«sl»y' «r««flf ttnfUv after 4 o'etOOK FARMERS AGGRIEVED. Feel That Weather Baa a Grudge 'Against Them. 1 armera iru f e e l i n g that the- w e i t h T hjs a mostl iiarlie ular gruel^t at, ilust tliem Ttvu effen I of the nlc I lisis b«i n t » break elown u large IKT cent of tih' itirn tliut \ua nut huaked, which will gren'l) Increase Hie lihor HinJ etpem* of finishing tliet lui'sklri^ It Is estlmi'i..1 t h a t fully one f o u i t h of the corn Is nut x n t huskexl O*nirally the irn ilns ill l 111 KlmckeM by this time, !ut the work start- oil miKh Uler than insuuil (Jhis K eson Seorti of luisky y»ung hiiwkers are mak ing their »«y baek home 11 SIM ml nil- winter Ttaey r^m« from Ive.ntmky from Indiana and from mulbwn Illinois niul work through th^ mimmer and 1111 fhe end of the corn shucking season The cold ^ c i t h e r n h l e h has temporarily wtopped tin i irn chucking thto ear has H i n t them In me ward IM fore tho crop ia i l l iTlblMMi For eeve-ml d»^ as many is t h t l f tli EI n t l i k i t H 1 t\o neon Hold for « \ e u e II S. I) trdii t Ive-ntucky I H l i l l t N Ttucola-lVlndaor Case. 8helhvilli Jll« Uw m - T l m e i s i of GllUirl \irrfus OilllHon oce ujli«l llu a - ti ntlun if the hhi lln o u n t y e in nil i jurt nil of Uodii*.d«\ Th e is 1s m r « trjdi of »L stunn at 'I u**l i f i r i f i r m in Wlmlsir liiwnhlilp M en wltiKs'-i.a are. 4»cro fmm 'I uai i l l m l \Mniloi New Penntoiw. I i \ M \\lckllin of \\iirrni6ibure has IKVII Krintid a i m i i l i n if 110 a month 1JII W Parish uf l^llnliure Iran been granted 11* From Now Until Christmas We W i l l S e l l New Upright Pianos o It.. . $175, $200, $225, $250, $275, $300. WASHBURN Gult«»,B«n jo* md Mandolins. The Best In the World. Phonograph5 and Record*. A Handiom* Soavwir CtUlofuo Free. IfiD, W, IBS, $70, an* 176. 8UQHTLY wad Md B*ooedh»nd OVUM |10 to «S6 Spedtl PrlcM on Mortal Merchttrtfe. frftscott Husic House will i» held )tet «uJ «t» mett «*n» M*Tint tM mln* or the tioli* tfr MM a*y. nw wooUtaM mw d\i»-«o m t "* ^ILHtwjJt

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