The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 22, 1896 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1896
Page 2
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I' sr, TFE DAILY SEWS. .'*? - * - -- · -·*-».- u. ·-!' 1 1 "tc *·'» « !»· '* ".i *'*i '«. '··'««' · · - · » » » -e W^ -r- ' 1 5 ll 1» » · '- * {*··- 1 H F \ * 4 * K l VM: S JJJC,* ·* it » ;--r FRIDAY, MAY 22,1S»«. 1896 MAY. 1896 En. Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. Sa. _ _ _ _ _ _ - ^ ___ T 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tofu 12 13. M 15 16_ 17118 19 20 21 22 23 cf rtuicfc support re»'» upon the J»dy utmben md. tteieJor*. Uwy thcaSd krni* a MJ in th* fOfernmeat of tat la- ·ttiBtio* welch tier libor to zjaJofltlj azd faj!kjn.lJ7 to cpko!d trd perpe'.cs'.e. rAU.i: Frta the Ba,tsavor« Sc^ Evident!* the Senate did njt tc!ak wtL of Mr. Gorman's p^ui to i*»e tee country o! Tfee MarrTaed 8«ti*;cr propc**i to Usae f '.00 '.CC 'X'. .-! ;iccc «,:.:« :«, :-t u**»ifj. t u t cc.y nise of tc«*e ^.'ty-oi who voted upyatt.eB.taia re w»re :o g:tt .: evtc a partial rxcator feberniin tauie a p'em for a aoa* partisan lariff b:.l. !uh!ccd oa the plan i f U* r*fJ/sJ!kltl Dlc^ley ttewurer, to nieet any emergext. y thtt naiy ar'.**. Failing tte pafctage of »uch a bi.i. tow- tttr, ee ^a»^i ue hoped the Freaiilem would txerc'te hit prerogaUfe acd ao( k..ow oce J.oUar c! the »a*i aanu appropriated t \ ttts Cocgreu to i* expended beyond t'ae retenoe of the goternojent The nation »I credit mail te prwerftd at uy co»t. »ay« the Ohio t?«nator, bat anfortanaiCijr for tae country, it M«mi tapoutble to Re; the poli-.lcUai la both ptrile* to Uke a nMtoaal aad pairtotic flew of the subject and eV.aWlih a car renqr system watch wottld be the most ·obttantial protection to tte treaiary In lu time of seed. LOCAL LOGIC. f I'vuple, Picked Up by t Hr purler*. 24 2 5 ' 2 G 27 2 8 ^ 2 9 30 81 MOON'S PHASES. A 10 -il It . First 12 3C3 p.m. 1 3T a.m. OKX thins; worth mentioning about the Greater Frederick Is the fact thit its greatness It not only on paper. BXMSMGBB the needi of the old lol- dfera for fiowers on Memorial Day. b«*i ulauoin uact for incm. DB. GOODBLL'S excellent article on blcyeHng IE something worth your while to clip oat and paste in yonr hat. THK weather we are having may not be much to the taste of the average pic- ate party, bat it is a welcome yleltor for the grau and grain. TEE Baltimore Herald says that if the Slate Camp cornea to Frederick it shonld not be on the ground that Frederick did not get ike bicycle meet. And it won't be. It will be because Frederick is the beat place for it. I'nlted Action. Taking it for granted that Frederick ·will succeed in her efforts to obtain the State militia encampment, it is an Indication of what united action upon the part of public spirited citizens can accomplish. While a little more credit may be due to tome than to others In the matter ot tie effort to obtain the State camp, credit if due to all the members of the committee, and especially to those citizens who ·9 generously and un hesitatingly contributed to the fond required to pay lor the inducements that hire been offered. If they had not responded u they did the increment ·would of course have suffered from dls- cooragement and fallen through. The tCort, howeter, to succeed in this matter was spontaneous. JPetty jealonles were pat aside, the common interests of mil the people were taken into consideration, and united action was the spirit that mored every one thit had any thing to do with the matter. United action of thb kind upon the part of our people can accomplish equally gratifying result* at all times. Jealousy, narrow mindedness ·ad personal prejudice most be relegated t) the rear before any community can ·Bcceed along the lines of progress and enterprise. CURRENT COMMENT. Opinion* of Topic* and General. Twixt the woodman's aze and the firebug's torch the forests of this conn- try are hating a TCTJ tad lime, · · When it comes to tall-twisters that really know how to twist, you're got to go to one of those Texas cyclones, · · The bffl which has been Introduced in CeBfref* to erect a monument to Abraham JUmcoln at Gettysburg will meet with general faror both from the old soldier aad the citizen. · · 8er«nty Bullion of ucrowaed American monarch* of both sexes send greet- lajtto Hto Imperial Majesty, the Csar, aad beg to aatsre fata that they are fairly *apP7 working where they are. · · Tie appalliaje dactracUoa of life and pioperty by latt week's awfal tornado in Tana tea aharp reminder that acJrace, with an lu achieronents is othar direc- tfOBB, baa aot reacceeded In stasterlcg the pianomana of storaw. PUBLIC OPKI0X. Excerpt* ftosn th* Cois O«r Learned ABB XTOl ALXXT. ?ioai the 5ew Tor* Mercary. Ac the weather grows hotter the toe barons tqueese oat of ike traffic all It wffi bear. TSX OC«TTO». Ta« women question ia the General Conference c! the Methodist Epiaeopal Ckvch awms to be giving more trouble OMB aay two other subject And It will MsUlaae so uttil the ladies hare a say in ike gOTtnant of the church. No one -wffi Kop to dny tae fact that iha bardra The phytlclal culture entertainment (riven al the convent yemte'dsv a»tp»nnnn by the pupils ot atUa Uariy't cla»t was an excellent example ot thorcueh and finished training.-- Brother Wheeian. 1 am a constant reader of Tm WXIK LY NEWS and I f e e l t a f e l n faying that the most Interesting and important hap- penlngs of the county are accurately chronicled each week la Its columns. -- Wesilev Morrison. g'.ad to see that the citizens ot Frederick are making a united and determined effort to secure for Frederick the next annual encampment. In my opinion the-emcampmeaV-wttt be worth more to Frederick than half a down bicycle meets and what we want just now Is something that will do us good. Push the encampment along. It Is a good thing.-- Henry Wlntberg. The gentlemen wbo came to Inspect the site for an encampment were much pleased with the collation served them. Tli*i U diiuiiier iutiuceuieul for uiem to bring the soldier laddies here, to get well fed. Cambridge and the bicycle meet are nowhere beside cur good eating. -Mary Jane. THK CLOCDV Life Is a cloudy day, With only a ray between To show us the joy of the Urine world And the clouds of the silrer sheen. Erer from morn to night We pass In the gloom and mist, While only the peaks abore are bright With the sun's gold ardor klet. We sleep and wake for the dawn, Waiting the clear bird call, Bat the cloud of oar care is ever there And the rain so prone to fall. The seasons come and go, But ot toll there is no change- Roofed with the foam of storm and stress We move in a narrow range. Life is a cloudy Ah! yes, for those below In the rales who yearn for the heights abore And the crimson after-glow-Bat the hour shall ccmc for thorn, When the petks beyond are won, And they stand in the Master's radiance On fields ot the endless sun. -- The Bentztown Bard. With an electric railway for freight and passengers, running from Union Bridge or Frederick to this place, our citizens and the fanners In this section would enjoy benefits which they would not be without for three times the cost after they had glren the project a trltl. Why not put oar desires Into actlre efforts to secure this needed enterprise? --Editor Harry W.Lewis, of Liberty. 1 am of the opinion that Frederick will get the encampment. The risitors were so well pleased with the site that the decision seems to be in our fayor. -Kayor Yeakle. The Electric Railroad will be ready for the can as far u the top of the mountain in ample time for tourists to Braddock, but the question of motire power seems to be a difficult one to settle, and thus far no final conclusion has been arrlred at. If they only take ample time, it will yet be a steam road. The claim that the electric road is the modern road is good only so far a* passenger traffic is concerned; to date, freight hauling electric roads are experiment!. The B. O. tunnel road is a success, but it Is a yery short line and so rery expenslre that no local road such as the F M. v . aare consider it.-- Editor Casiell, of the Clarion. The little excitement at the Brick Yard yesterday will not Interfere to any great extent with the work. The only damage done was the bursting of a steam pipe, snd that can be remedied In a short time. --President Winebrenner. CURRENT VERSE. Contributed and Selected Foe*ry, Old mud Sew. Wberc'a aCotbnr. Banting in from school or play, This i* what the children say; Trooping, crowding, big and small, On the threshold, in the hall-Joining in the constant cry, Erer as the days go by. "Where's motaei?'' From the weary bed of pain This same question come* again; From the boy with iparkllng eyes Bearing home his earliest prize; From the bronzed aid bearded son, Peril* past and honors won; " w Sere's ccibKr* Burden with a lonely task, One day we may vainly ask For tae comfort of her faje, For tit* rest of her embrace; Let v* lore her while we may, Well for ua that we can aay "Where'i mother?" Mother with untiring hands At the poet of duty stands, Patient, seeking not her own, Anxlont for the good alone Of the children ss thtr cry, Erer as the days go by, "Where's mother? 1 ' --i. R. Eastwood, is TU QCITXB. Nerrons troubles an due to imporer- ished blood. Hood's Saranparilla is the one true blood purifier and nerre tonic. MZ8OELANBOO8 * a ji U A - 1. latwttt . . ,. r t : irvtrjr If-rtt C t±-.*-, City. Tew ac*l '. **v. *-·-·! *»ery *itr r, L Wi . C« da. '- ". ££AJtV ' " .. »£ - ."E^ ^"* r»«r C.'^.. » _ J · U-c It. « '-'! '.I.* Aft. t -a::*M :FJ*- tte "" c-rtu »t:oc, -t ta« but* *. juxt rt -.1 u « I. 0 -i:t« tjr e» .o u » *j .;» ·» _e»j» r»."rrf c.c rx' I ac tcrt: - -- '.' s-cr«j wirttjrs li h«p»ct:. -- y. It L. holK" a CO , KutJ^Ar;* Ba.l:tci,rt City L'ltetory. 1.. Nofta tur.v* f-r»e:. b«.t;moif. He W BAT THE PKOPLK 6AY. H. Bo»d Brncet Water V», Ky . "I ficJ Pit-*"" of Ucaebudi to tteaAreprtairc'.- frd en yturiircujrt Et«-»t*cilHuda/o«yor- cer ur 1 tfcirn boir*. £*nd at one*." A. I tppt it, Balio.. I'd., writ**. " BI'MS. ot Uo»eluU -* the uaiy prrporatlua tbat .ur«4 my cracced htndi." MSn B AnderKo. Orangr. Eantu, wr.toi "Balaatt cf Ho*ebudi u uo belt UiUet prvpa rmtloo I enr aicd. Make* mo traooth acd white Like m»flc for retcorici.-tan,lucburc, pimpiw. Ac. Would not be win,out it :or ten tlm-ithe price " W« «arn Mlj dv«li» every reader c( tin tu pert Jotiroki to try Banam of Ho*ebua» and b* son»loe*! that th?rtr '» BO O»BC- ri-f-paii- ttuu OD tut market tu ctiual itforiklodlMate* and toilet. 1»o i'.z*t. price lOc. and U4c . at drufk-UU aad dealer* or lent by mail, taotple rre«. THE G. F. bUITU MAN CfACTCHlNO CO.. WOODSBOHU. MD. C RABB ! CRABS !! PRESE S I E A M ed hard Crabi trery Wednesday and Friday. Alto Crab meat In any cjuantiur. Famlllri supplied by learlotr orden at Kfllt.'i Meat Marks'. 77 8. Market 8t. L. O. Cutle. TCST ARRIVED SOME NBWTMA BETS AT THB LOWBHT PKICI8. LAMPS AT COST. FOKKB AND SPADES ALMOST AT YOl'B QWti PRICK TOCLl'feBTHBMOUT. OKO. F. THOMAS', N. Market St.. near 4th St.. Frederick, Md, L EAVE YOUR ORDERS AT KumpCs,-1 B.Mbgt .oral8.MarketBt.. for Ice cream, root beer, crab meat atd dev- lledcratw, Oc. each. KW HJCKH1NO. NEW POTOMAC CCT HRBINQ BBL8 , JU4LVBS AND QCAttTBRB. BKBArtT KNOTT. IN O LIVE OIL. GKSCINB BOKDEAC7X OLIVK OIL. OLIVE8. MAJONAIBB DE1SS1NG AND TABL» bACCES. BE3ANT KNOTT. M ALT EXTRACT. PABST'S MALT BITKACTP, "THE BEST TONIC." BE84NTi KNOTT. W HITE WASH, WINDOW AND BWEIPING BBC8HIB. We have white wuh bruiea for outside work for 5 cents and np; good bruahea for Inside work for40 cents and up. If you want a flist clais window or ·weeping- brush, coma in and look over our stock. 7. B. BAPPIKOTON. 73 N. Market St. V ALLEY QUEBN STOVE HOUSE. New firm. New gocdi. New More. All goods stiiotly flm claii in every particular, Kcollng and · pouting a speciality, cummer stores alwayi on. band at the Valley Queen Stove House, C. P. hmlth *8ou, aprltfdSm S PRING AND SUMMER MI1LINBHY. All the newest and latest creations in MILUNtKT NOTELTIBS. Our Bibbont both for Millinery and Dress Tiimmings are tuperbatthe lowest price*. N., B, * D. 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I have mil modern appliance* lor the prompt and a*txfaotory uecudoo of an i.lui of work; also dernck, ropes, Uocsa and cks for remoTtniT b«fldln»a. heavy suaertai, te. ·stlsiaiM oheerTully slven on all liusteeas in say line. ·BtOMly MAI^KTCTJ. TRAIL. IT. We know tte Com! we are seUlnvoomes from the beat mtee*. We dent bar »cy bat the beet. This ii true of coth oar HARD AND SOFT COAL. TfefS. too, oar Coal is well aczeeaed mcdknti lumen who bay Ifrom ttt jet Coml, HOT DIRT. Can we supply you ? MARKXLL * TRAIL. HELP WANTED, ANTED.-AN EXPFRIENCED white woman to do jrenerml bons* work In family of two. Good watt*. Befereoce re QOed. Apply 79 E, 2nd St. maylSdlw* W W ANTID.-A WHTTi: WOMAN, middle «««d. in afimilyof three children, to do general hcnwe work. Apply to J. B. Borsey, Oersamntown. Md. mayiedlwawlt S ALESMEN TO SELL BAKING powder in «l«s» rolliar plot to frooery trade Ko competition, expeileaoe unnecessary, (SO nonth mad espeaM or 35 per cent, commission. Chlcaco Bakinc Powder Co. 66 Bamilton Are., CUcmfo. stajriediw* KELLER, NEWMAN CO. c° AJL: COAL:.- COAL- \\ ALL CNDSE CO*"B*. At UJ*E;TK»slBLB FsUCS?. for H*y meg $-r»w. t.tttr a MAN , co . K EAiT PATRICK ST Mr. It.! tbt trili.. U trees* cm,:; tc *«·- Us. * ai»C*iat«l k -c**ti U. CAie - co. ATrORNEY-AT-LAW. A , AT10RKBT-AT-LAW. COCRT STREET. FREDERICK. MD. FmrtlcuUrnttn'lon co CocmtrcUi taw aod Col.ect.uB*. DECBEEtf PKOCCBSD rCBTHI BALI OF BBAL ESTATE. AND OKFHANS 1 COCaT BCBlbKts PBOilPTLT ATTENDED TO. jintkUwly . / . . . . Himctocd Crer. CttWBK, KIXbT * CKHJIK. Attornej* an! Countelor* at Law «ol eoUciton 10 Chaccerr. Will attend promptly to all Law. Iqtuty and 1 uumeolary BotlotM. OFFICK6.--Hecord ttieet. Oppoilte Court Hou»*. Frederick. Md. / 1HARLE6F.LEVY, ATTOB.NBV-AT-LAVr. SuocctMor to C..V. H. Lery. OF TICK-Court Btreet.oppoglt Court House Special Attention glrea to tecurlnx decrees fortheialeof realtiute. Prompt and can ful attention will be glvec to all buslnen pU oed In O LEGAL NOTIOES. R D E r s i S I ON NO 6-UC KQCITT. In the Circuit Court for Frederick County, elttingln Equity. Hinrj M.-.arj ^* oration Uorsty and w.fe, a a'. In the matter of the Kcport of Salea filed the ai'nd day of itay, 1886. MAY TIB*. ISStf. Ordered. That on the 13th day of June. 18WJ. the Court will proceed to act upon the Report of Salea of Heal K»t»te, reported to aald Court by Henry JI. Clary, Trustee In the above cause, and filed therein as arorefalil, to finally ratify and cuu arm the aame. umeu cauio to the contrary thereof be shown before said day; provided a copy of this order bo Inserted in tome newspaper published in Frederick County, for three lucceaalre weeks prior to said day. The report ttatei the amount of sales to be . Dated this 22ml day of May. 1880. JOHN L. JORDAN. Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick Co. True copy-- Teat: JOHN L. JORDAN. John C Mottcr. Solicitor. Clerk. i;:av2_d4i: O BDER NISI ON AUDIT. XO. 6i73 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Frederick Coun'y. eit- ting in Equity. William H. Schloegel, assignee of mortgagee of Lewis Brttz on petition. In the Matter of the Auditor's Report filed the 14th day of May, 1S9«. MAT TERM, 1S96. Ordered. That on tbe-Hbdav of JUCP. 1S( the Court will proceed to act upon tte .Report of the Auditor, filed as aforesaid, in the above caute, to llnelly ratify and confirm the same, UO'.CSB cause to the contrary thereof be ehown before said day, provided a copy of this order be Inserted in s:me newspaper published in Frederick Cosnty, for two successive weeks prior to said day. Dated this 14th day of May, 1S86. JOHN L. JORDAN. Clerk of toe Circuit Court for Frederick Co- True Copy--Test. JOHN L. JORDAN. John C. Hotter. Solicitor. Clerk. maylSdSt FOB SALE. SALE CHEAP. -- BICYCLE lamps and belli, at Smith's lemple of Fancy. mayassdlw P LANTS FOR SALE.-*-A FINE assortment of Tomato. 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Mellros* Kye. AitamoDt Jtye. CRABS AND CLAMS nppUed at lowest price*. The only Bar selling Vtl BlaU Later Beer. CHAS. N. fiAUBB. I G HAEAM. TBE -x '.t. ·- t * t' »i t · W.j«..»r*.r' . «... ».*«l.i, - { « t ^ t,' ·. nf-, ^t ! ^ -:iiDAl Ol J «.' *_t ^ -5 ' · -v .« '- ' i.. ^z^ A- ·· E- : A 1' Z ,r r» idluN · / P ROF. CULLISOS, PUiCS OF MBS. S. P. KRISE. HAfiJC»T**TCKirBDFfiO*l A i S R8S TfilP A«D HAS MLLJSD SOTEl STOBB»,Jf08.T7 AND 8TBB1T, W IT A1 S IK y Q ,XOLITE, -ASD- ECBOPBAN SESSAtlOS. S WHIfl 1= tveeuyr tpti.'. 13 -- BLACK AST, MAGIC, WOSDER AND Ft'N. 1 -J. .· - Ec_ ii ?!£.,,:·-. i,~' iir-.. »r t .:»---"·. * O5 ^ci«-e*'rCt»y i-i't. \ jj I ~---.\~. '. L, -Tv. . B. 1 . Xc, Jo'. ·. I, " M«j 'l»i. A l . 1-yj «.^ . -a-i Lata KIUI..-AU. li. l.ixr J L J_ X- f«. .o^». :· r t^cCA/rfei:. (ttrto! e*.- tot frv I ul cuiti IjLfl i_ it). MI 10 \fc M '.t *»,- ULJ^:t:l^. tL*t -o^tttrr. p«rt I'.rrwi utiLx os ti-e t-mst ttCfvini'i Mum Krvel, m I tu*ii oj W woi-tiOrc'. twn-ty^.^tt r«;t, rt ^r U«. «ud tj t. r..i^/ «Lftward.y the .c wi«ltt, V47 1 JocE. tcurt or 1*-*, !or 'tL. H!.:LL u l^.proTc.-! w.tii a c^uifv.rutljU -TOKV It \.^ :ib bai.k bui -ihetgndCmthsr.ceMi.iUi M* » 1 r Vr. '_H * ClltL. ii:cvl lu tbu t»r a% '.ug dtvuea the -amc to Us wife. *nM C'a'hiuine Muiih. fwr jitc. Ac., b) Ma ljut ni'.l and (cctaii.riit, duly recordni titcou^ tl.c ^ ill Ktci. rdh, in the oflictr of tin Ki-tfU-Krr vl W :li». for sa!d Krrderic'k li,uoty. ji Llbtr J. K. \V.. No. J. folio* UKS, it::d lor the ^Ii if which proceeding!! wen- taken by fettid Jo.-t[j!'U« LoBt,'urtb- buatnlut i.iCMSlf untl other cnrditorb 01 MM Benjamin smith, dcxtOKtl. tc Mild Jio. »^17b E«|U! y can-i- Tue j*rt of said Lot .Xo ^t! ^o to be *o d ly U!d tiusUrt*, will U. roW ^UL·jo^:t u the life tr- tau. \«s'ec4 1:1 Mild Catharine Smith. by;«!U last wll' of hf r bustand. the ·«!(; lieujatt::! fuiitu, decc-at*l. but c-ltar of any othtr bt- ,ut4t ch.lrfccc£ sLt-rtm by ga:i testator iu ^ald will The whoV of fiud Lot Xc». 'M it subject to an aunui rent of oi;e Jol'ttr, pevjablu to the pro- pr.etcr uf said town. Ttrnib of Sale as prc-cnbed by said Decree.-Ont^half of the purchase uiucey to be- paid in ea-h on the day uf s*.e or on ratmcation thereof by the Crurt. t*.e ris.duc in sli. iuoutU=. the purchaser or purchaser- (ming his. her or l heir note w:th appro\ ed security aud beannt-' inttrest from the day ol ?a!e fir the deferred I'ayment- A deposit of twtctv-li\o dollars will be re 'luired from purihaitrat the time of sa!t. All con\r vai« "\ir »t *··* Tf*^c* - * .^ TM.., cua-er. JOHN S. NEWMAN. WILLIAM H HIXKS Trust'es. Gco. W.f hank. Auctioneer. inyl5dlaw H SALE. lh ·. irtue of a power of sale contained in a ·^ortgace tlvui LL-w is Bruuuer und vnf e. to the Franklin S»\infc^ Bank of rTederick. dated October 4th 1SS6, and recorded in LioerM" I. P. No. 3 folio C9 c .one of the Land Kecords of Fredeiick County, the undersigned as the attorney named in said mortgage to make tale, will sell at public auction at the Court House dcor In Fredeiiek City, Frederick County, Maryland, on 8ATCHDAY, JUNE 13TH 1890., at 11 o'clock a. m_ all that lotorperce! of t*roun(i -nrlth thsimprovemenH therein sitca- r*«l on the North East comer of West Church and Bentz street =, in said city and Countv and described as fol ows: B ginning on West Church street at the South WFBI corner of the lot formerlv owned by Mrs. Keller acd now owned br Mrs Nettle F. Sailer, and running We«t with the line of s»d Church street to the corner of Bentz street, nfty-two feet and four inches: then fr Orthernly with Bentz street to intersect the divulon fence of tfie adjoining property on the North. Ninety-three feet, and lour Inches; then and with said division fence in an Easterly direction thirty-six feet and four inches; to the line of wid property formerly owned by Mrs. Kellf IT thence bv and with the line ot fence Souttemly Eighty- three feet and eight inches to Church street, the place of beginning. The improvements consist of a rwo story bnrk dwelling and other buildings, ma gcod state of repair. Terms of Sale.-- Cash, conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. WILLIAM H. NICODEMU3, Aforiier named in the Mortgage. Urner. Keedy Vrner, Solicitors. A N ORDINANCE To regulate Bicycle Hiding within the Corporate Limits of Frederick. Md. SICTJOS 1.--Be it enacted and ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen ot Frederick, that it shall be unlawful for any person or persona to propel a bicycle or tricycle in the public streets and tilers of Frederick, unless there be attached to such bicycle or tricycle an alarm bell. SECTION 2.--Be it further enacted and or- damed, that It shall be unlawful forany person or persons 10 propel a bicycle or tricycle m the streets and alleys of Frederick, one hour after sunset, unlecs in addition to the alarm bell, provided m the previous section,eacb bicycle or tricycle shall display and be provided with a light ed lamp or lantetn. SECTION 3 --Be it further enacted and ordained, that it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to ride any bicycle or tricvcle on the streets or alliys of Frederick at an immoderate speed, or engage in racing- or trials of speed with any other rider of bicycle or tricycle on or over the aforesaid streets ac.d alleys of Frederick. Stcrios 4.--Be it further enacted and ordained, that it shall not be lawful for any person or persons nding upon m bicycle or tncycle or velocipede, on any of the streets or alleys of Frederick to coast upon the said vehicle, shall ba provided with an effective brake, and any person riding any bicycle or tricyle or velocipede no- provided witfc an effective brake shall keep his feet upon the pedals and a hold upon the bandit; of said vehicle, so as to have the same under proper control, to avoid ace-dents 8icnos 5.--Be it further enacted aad ordained, that any persoa who whilst riding-a bicycle on thes-i eei stud a leys of *rederick. shall tun into or strike any person, c'nseing a itreet and shall not have sounded his alarm bell to announce his approach, shall subiect himself or herself to the penalties p-ovided for acI imposed in Section 6 of tats ordinance. SlcnosS.--Be It further enacted and ordained by the authority aforesaid, that any person violating the pro visions of either or any section of the aforegoingr ordinance, shall pay m fine of Dot less than one dollar, nor ra ere Than twenty dollars, together with the cost* of prosecution, and upon fallureorteftisal to pay taid fine acd COM*, upon conviction before m Police Justice, shall be committed to the jail of Frederick County lor m period not exceeding thirty days. Sicuos 7.--And te H further enacted and ordained by the authority that thu ordinance shall take effect from the date of its passage. Passed May 20th, 1896. G. W. TTS5N, P. B. A. Approved: AQCILLA R. TEAKLE, Mayor- /^H)SPORATIOS TAXES. SPECIAL XOTICR. Xotice is hereby jrfven that the Commissioners of Taxes w.U meet OS MONDAY. JCNE 1ST. 18S6. ai 9 o'c JKk, a. ic-. at the City Register's cSce. and remain to session daily from the honnt of C o'clock, a. a., to 12 nu and from 1 to4 o clock, p. m-, daily, dTrinr r«-^ «£«** following said date, to bear appeals, make transfers and cOTftct '.be !cry oj 1886. illcr adjournment tie book* will be closed. All persocs -.aterested wil; please Uke no- FBANCIS T. RHODES, N. a. wiLsoy. J. GEO. JLAMBBRT. 2cayl5dlzc Commissioners. CIRCULARS A.U, HZM AXO RTIJM. iT THE Kivt orncE. THE MARVELOC8 IL^CsION. THE NkCKOMANCE*3 DREAM. Prv-c=setl liy prtai uii p^l^i wonierfu: peiformaBc* o! : efer MATIXBK TO-MOBJIOW. PRICE8. 15 A»D aiC. BOLIO 61LVER WATCH PRRSSKTATION TO LADT IN THE ACDIENCE HOLDING TBS LCCK.T SCMBER. W. O. ELDBIDGEL OT GONE OUT OF BUSINESS AS BKPOHTED.1BCT MOVED LNTO A LAB 6KB AND MOBB COMTBHIIKT BOOM. WHERE WK WILL BE PI BABBO TO BIX ALL OCB FBIKNte AND CCSTO- MIHS. We have jiut returned from the City with an KLKGANTL1NKOF M ILIKBEY I OOOSl IL1NBBT A»D NOTIONS. WHICH WB PfiOPOSB TO SELL AT LOW PBICSS. AT OCR NKW BOOM. KO. 6 ·VVBBT PATRICK ST., ONE OOOB FKOM JIABKBT. WILL BB PLlASBD TOHAVB T00 CALL. C. ELDRIDGE, . PiTEICS S-. rSEDSSICK, 341 . R THOMAS OLABY. ^^^^^*-*V^---^S^Sw^wi^rf KAL ESTATE. f. B. THOMAS. JNO. N. CLAJtT. RIAL BSTATV AND LOAN ASIKTB. Mortgage* Bongbr and Sold on Commls-Io 1 Money to Loan oc good Mortgage*, in Sums Suit. 1st.--We have for sale a farm of 3i acres, o miles from Frederick In Baker's Valley. 2nd.--A farmer ITS acre*, 6 miles East of Kt Pleuant. 3id.--A fine farm of 126 acres X mile B. of Frederick. 4th.--A until farm of 21 acre*, 3 mile* West of Frederick. 5th.--Many other city and farm ptopcrtie* call for particulars. 6th.--Mr. 8. F. Smll property of B acres and fine improvement*, eltuated on Weet Fourth street extended. 7th---Two offices for rent In good part of city cheap. Office No. 30 West Patrick St. JTrederlck, JONATHAN BISEB. "^^·^^n^-^S*^ 1 *-----^^^H^s»*%^^rf-^-lM- M ^.XN^N.^^ A TTENTIOM COMSUMSRS. COAL. COAX. COAX. COAL. OOAL. GOAL. COAJL. COAL. OOAL. OOAL. COAL. COAL. Tour attention li called to a KSTT COAl Chat I have reoeutly Introduced In this market It ia especially prepared for oooatncpnTposN It is quickly limited and not so objectfonabli u Cumberland ooaL Give it * trial and J think it will prove what all honjewlre* want I also carry a full stock ot the best qualitist of Hard Coal and constantly keep a lapplj tinder coyer tor dellrerr dnrlac mowr · fltuhy msvtber. The patronage of the public is ntPMtfoll- soUaitod. JOHATHAN BI81E, WOOD AJfD ANTHBACITB AsTB BITUMINOUS COAL. But Tkild Street, Tredertck. Md. lanadtf TelspkoneHo.M WANTED. I^HVUV^OW W ANTED.--SAW LOGS WANTED of mil kinds of wood. Name In part, chestnut, gum, elm, poplar. ic« tc. Cat in 10-12-14-16-18 and 2O feet taaatha. Bought, for cash delivered at the Palmetto Fiber CO-V works, emit end of Ernst Charch Street extended. Frederick. Md. Oak hunter for sale mod sawed to suit. may!9dkwly CARDERS WILL BE ACCOMMO- dmted at very reasonable rate*, two front rooms. The JILstes Humm. W. Patrick St. nayldlw* W AHTED.--A FEW THOUSAND bttfhels of yellow shelled com for which I will pay Itighett cash price. Have on hina plenty of mill feed of my own make, trrjoe 65 cents per 100 It*. Jame* H. 6ambrilL maylMlOt 13 ALTO. 4 OHIOR. R. OH A1TD AFTER SUNDAY. MAE. 15, 188t 6.40 A. iL, daily, for Baltimore, Philadelphia, ' Kew Tork. HarrlWDbnrs;, Winchester, Cumberland, and War Stations and ex- -oept Sunday for Lexington, Bmgentowa and Way Stations. 6.00 A. H.. dally, for Washington aad Way Stations, Fhiladelpbla and New Tork. 8.06 A. «_, except Sund*r, for BaltnoTe and principal way Stations, Philadelphia and New Tork. 10.48 A- M-. except Sunday, for Washington, Philadelphia, New Tork, Keyser, Lex- Ingrton, Haeergtown and Way Station*. Chicagt) and Plttsbunf. 146 P. M_ except Sonday. for BalUmoreaod Way Stotioas, PhliadeJphiaaod New Tork 2JO P. K, except Snudar for Washington sod Way Stations, Philadelphia and New Tork. 4.10 P. M, Daily for Maniastmrx;, Cumberland, Ctacftinatti. St. Lonis. LouisTille and Kansas City, and oa Sunday for Washington and above point*. 4^0 P.M., daily, for Baltimore and Way Stations. PbBdtipbto and New Tork. 6 JO p. M, except Sunday, for Washington. HacEntown, Winchester and Way Station*, Plttst-crg. Chicairo, PhUsdelphiB and New Tork. A.M, except Sunday, from Bmlttmow and War stattOM. A. M« except Sunday, from Winchester, Hsetrstown, Martajstoorg, Pitutnrf. at. Louis. CHxsnnaa and Chiaa«o " « A. M, except Snudar, from Way SttSons. New Tork and Pbfit^ei- 1U85 A. M-, Daily, from Wa»htogtonai»dWay BUeaent, St. Loots and dadgo- P. M_, Sunday only, from Baltimore and Way St«Hms. P. St., except Sunday, from New York, and Way Stations, £.45 P. M* SrnJay only, from Waahlagtao an! Way Stations. P. M, except Sunday, from Bmltaocre aad way «utxna. P. M_except Sunday, from WaAhlurtoD and Way Stations, Philadelphia, New Tork, Pitttbur* and Chlcago, 6C5S P. M, except Sunday, from Baltimore and Way Stations, Philadelphia and New Tork. 7.56 P. M.. except Scaday. from Washington Wincfaecter. Hagentown. Brunswick aai Way Station*. SJ.O P. M., daily, from Baltimore sad Way ttaaoos. _ I.NViTKIl TO CALL. A« BI.DOM LOOS A cc^roue FOOND. F OUNLV-A IB a store on Konh Karte'. tur«t. (/ haiea«iB» by e»U^c«ail!6 Kt*« lor L OST.-A CANARY BIRD, D^ wasg» aed tack, wttb y watd if rttufs«a to itu* * OST-BETWEKN TOLL (iiTEr Buekeystownaad frederlck ap«ckt" about til A i i * BAILBOAD SOHEDUlfiKI:' P. * K. R. »« (OIK « Wntera H. H. at U*g«rtowa B i- Ballraad si Uag«r»town aad Cfct-ry Hu£ Fena. K. B at Brucenllc. atd likao Ter, and P. W. 4 B . N c aa«l K k. P. Railro»d» »i Uuion Sutioa, Baltimore. Xd. BdutriU in Efeei Srp'rml-tT *DtA. 1*5. Read Downward. r.n. ·4» 4B tai 444 *·*. '«65 816 526 636 S43 Ysi 604 .»*» 6S .... ·717 T.M. T x 825 954 12 S3 A.B. A.K. u a 11 2S 1140 1146 1156 HIS r.x. F.H. iOO 31ft ass 360 A.H. 610 6 IS 6 26 6 3i 655 A.X. 617 "US 7SO 7 3b 750 r Sf ' x 2 W 760 3i2 e l b 352 843 41o 906 433 445 P.M. 9ii 93S *.«. r.x A.*. Bit »3b 5 S3. 9 47 5 45 10 ID r. x. r. K. *53 954 sac 331 344 355 359 405 423 6W 501 533, 554 P.H. r.a A. X. A.X. 750 752 6 Ib S20 837 845 S49 S54 911 . 943 !OOS 10*7 A. H. A.X. 6451135 9541251 1S33) 3C3 A-K-lr.*. STATIONS. Bsaa Leave Arrive A.X. Cherry Bun Big Pool Clear Spring Charltos Willl*io§por: PV Eager* town Arrive Leave 1 S 4fc! * '0 8 IN 1 17, 6331 104 318, 805 A. M. * Williameport U49 nsv r. x : Lea-re ArrU e t. «. t. n. Hagerstown '73UJ1S15 Chewsvilia 1*00 Smithburg \-~ 10 11 5i Edcemost £?* U Lwve IligBfield e FaTrfield Gettysbarg New Oxford Hsover Porters Arrive Leave Leave Arrive Porters bprfnr Grove York Arnve Leave Leave Arrive Highfield, Tbarmont, Rocky Kidge, Brnceville Union Bridge, Linwood, Xew Windsor, Westminster. Emory Grove, Gvnaoc, Arlington, Baltimore, Arrive Leave Arrive Lcste Washington, Philadelphia, Sew York, Arrive. Leave. 70tll45 B fiS A. ». 653 65i 625 6t?i 600 '553 54C "iii .... ·430 A.M. A.H. ttOS 900 r.x. life Ii» 10 J6 , X, 1028* 1003) ^^ sstlj^H *·«·! ^J" 90S A.X. *.». 11 2 1133 1053 K)4Q 10 J9 10 SO 10:5 1010 954 916 S5 311 A.M. A.M. 7«6 350 1813 A.*. r r - r r ii" A- BilTUOEl UD CdBULUD TiLLII g. i. P.M.IA K.J. 815 109 3^110! 3 3S 1 85 3 47[ 1 39 358) 119 4 06 1 57 413 422 4 SI 439 515 7 IT 205! 213| 2 S3, 230 305 600i Sbippensbnrg 010 fconihampton 617j Green Village 631' Cbambersbarg 642' New Franklin 650 Altenwald 6S7 Five Forks 7 06 Wavnesboro 1 715 31id"\a;e 729 Edgemont Arrive. \i£T- 802 5541027 r M. P.M.XJL Arrive. Leave. Hagentown Arrive. Leave. Baltimore 'Additional trains leave Baltimore Bridge snd Intermediate Stations at and 6.06 p. m.; and leave Un for Baltimore and Intermediate d.05 a. m., and lt-47 p. m. dally, except S3, Stmdajs only--leave Baltimore for Union _ and Intermediate Stations, at 9.80 s. m. aadl. p. m^ and leave TJnloa Bridge for Baltimore «. a. m. and 4.05 p. m. Leave Bocky Bidge for XmmJUborg »t 8 26 «» 10.40 a. «i^ and Jja and 6.54 p. a. Leave Emmit bnrg for Bocky Bidre *t 7^0 *nC 10.00 s. m., an US and 4.EO p. m. Leave Brnceville for FredM Ick at ».40 a. m^ and 5 40 p. m. Leave BraceTHJi fbrTanertown, LitUegtowc and Colnmbi* at «. a. m. and 3.4S p. nu B. and O. paueoger trains leave Cherry foi Cnmberltad and intermediate points. No. 1. daily at 857 a. m- Tor Piedmont snd intern* dlate, Ko. 17, daily, except Sunday, si 1 36 p. m_ sad Chicago Express. So 7, daily «11.02 p m. PtHecgen for Chicago limited, 5o. 5. or Cl* cauatl Limited, Ko. 1, take Ko. 17 to Hincoe and there transfer to Mo. S or Ko. 1. Passenger* for B. A O. Pittcbnrg Express. II 9. take S o. 7 to Htncoct and there transfer . ·D»llt. All others daily, except Sunday. ;Stop« onl; to land passengers from Baltimore J.M.BOOD. B.B. GBISWOLD. Pres't and Gen'l Manager. Gea. Past. Acat ENNSYLVAOTABAILBOAD. fidbMf t» ffta TBBOJEBICK DITIBIOB. ·T" stops only OB notice to eofidaetor flf afsstt FOB PBOADELPHIA AND TH* 1A»T, SOBTBWABD. Frederick ..... U WslkerrriDe.. woodshoro.**... Brswville.. Utttattnra. InmBldn. ..... Bprmr Grove,... Tork. HiMtaal. Lift- Ha*. Oafm town Tork orer M» JBxp. Ace. Man. Ace. Bxfk. a. IB. a, m.a. m.t, m.p. «. ............ 900;..... » » . ........ 9 it ...... · ...... »,.*.. 9 XT ·«.... I*S* 944 ...... S* 9B7 ...... · 610...... 1017 ...... 4 IT ·» ...... M* tso 4» f « S3 ...... fl844f £ S 7 f 4« 687 ...... 1061 t 49 41* tSS ...... HIS 706 7 C B 1 1 B SIS f S O l t U M f *«·] :i HaHain., f 7 IS S06114S __ Stowr f S l l f l l 47f 3*4t«-*» Wrigatsvllle, ... 7 J7 e 17 11 M ' ' ColUBhla.....Ar t K 8K1105 « W Lancaster 800 90* ««0 4 JO PkilsdelphU..... 10801145 J M 40 t« a. sa.a. in-p. m.f. m.?. sm . .- wm-mTS · Hs»- UtV fiornfWAED. 5ew* o-ufT Totttow* Ezp. Ace. Man. Aee. CohEBbls. 4 SB 8M 19 » 1« 4 · · » » t* »* « 7192051 » SB · U 7 , 17»ni«8f tnt - - a u - ~ Tork. W«*tTork. HIDOTSX Xlttlsmtcwm. TsacTtown Braes Tffle.. w s*C*lT'OTn WsJkenTO Tre«*rkfc... TT»'J» k A.X.XL4 75B 11» S« 80* M* lit ... 8JB 1187 4».... .... f « » f l » « 5 f 4M.... ,,.. 843 U15 4».... ,,.. »0» 4»^.. .... ·» SH_.. .... B 4v ...... I 4V !·»*» * BO ······ 0 fi( ,,... 10 06 . CBS... ··*» »* »»« a. m.p. aa-p. sa.p. Hijooiei Ibr " P. M. weak m. », M_ weekdays. -...* Trata have TOM fee t»«Bo««. PMltendKottksn Exprwa,4UUy». LH A.X. Kew*Exprts*,4aUy ,,.,.. 7.OTA.1*. Kiatara Ezpraw a«4 Man.week dan4«J| a. n, CUcaf»EspnMaBdFmttUs« 4Ub. UHF.X. Q!emgoam»t.LoBJ«*uitasi,iay.. (JIF.If. F«t ti»s tablM and ruths* I. WOOD,

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