The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 19, 1881 · Page 4
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 4

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1881
Page 4
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- S." s nriting some sjpicy letters «o ' "e .eacvi; e is he ' Hera d 'rom Denver. --,,,*~ 005725 on* war between the rival repub- or' South American may be said o' enc ec in "January .as: by the catSure : OD81ce "«o' 'ae Creates; quesdon waica is "It is greatly to his creci - " ? : tae -^ v ' a a capita, b :he Oil ians. ' ?«* '° come * r ^e h for some rime, -aa-. . .. -- - " *' Jat been a war o- such bitterness, tlur. w ' Je suo - ec · o' representation ir. the re- n e .Jenver Times says we are still si- raan y °" the aattles would ' unt was one o- a rare r ami,y W TIC'-I l i v / e c i n Sou:a C a ro:iaaand were a - uni °nists. JtOKjk^dSft. o? iirs^osy. -·mavbesa'ev s* a «« at ? " ** ent on you je its r e - j o i t ? t.-je assessment question. wi*- ? uoa . can nationa: c inventions. The s TU^. Wi.l ou; exaggeration, simply slaughters; ^eets *- es imm eciately before the Chicago con- ent a ter, Ue comrrJi.tee mates were aniaLatec, race interTM-, »r «,,.: ve»""" --' - - * · I *»·* · ^ ·** **AA U J iCVb T*Tid w i , commerce destroyed. Tae ski; 1 shown in -/ was a S;ru 2i:-e ^o at sea an;d on the kand was c-Jsn ^ o' TM " repUal ° n * J1 " lie «- free wil., witbou; any pressure whatever. Xe made free 23;6oo,ooo sers m i86j. . WhLe he did |no: endow them wit i po.iti- we cid *.ae negro, ae recog- BESCEENKIDGB. 3apm Xransit Conattlon turf. Progpecta of tue Camp. i not i wan i to ajain express our agreement w i t h t i e Denver K e uV.ican. says tae X. V. Sun is t'i e most im^eci ·'a iet i a tie country. ! :ica - remarkable; various nava. engagements ZTM 531 TM** "*'nc* ir. I- -· a::ractedthe a Mention o: the wore, wai. e :° wec Io se -ect its ow tae«tormin2- o"ei-w *\- \.'_ have sel ec ted 73 ai'n» 7-vania, own delegates, cities, the marches over ;* avese ec*d 3. aine ^legates. 3 Mfacu. t mounain passes and across m* u .' mam ? u: ation, his ri»v ~' ***'* persona, liberty. LEADVILLE, Xarci 12.--Tae dis:anre irwrit- ---e went as ^ as itkwas safe. It wou.d TM m A .ma to 3reckenricge sy the direct lasting undoubtedly 'have ^een setter for tais rouf e through Hoosier pass is sixteen -o cling to those country i r a dL~eren; s.a:e of arairs had mi es. but the pass has been closed cur- 5?-ct the listory existed at the t south,!; so that the' negro in £ the winter and the only avai'abe invariable conies to should have receives: tae righ: of suffrage r °uteisbyway o'Como, 1-iamucon anc ; mcalging in piscatorial sports a^er having becomeftoore intelligent and 3reckenridge pass. 7rom Como wagons oro'thegooconewhootnor- used to being his own master. The re- are run for four miles, when a change is to 5sa rhe 'a~_en sinner from :orms in ;he ac ministration or" ;ae govern- m ace to s eighs. An freigaj has to bu; :here is a wice men: have been zrett. Rogues have been trans-erred at this snow line. Th con t siow ouir who.e portance with ei:ber Peru or CaLi ~ae'r " wo o:aer members o: :he ^ av -_ '^e re-ations aave mostly been ~'wrh Umvira ' e in ~~TM°K o v e r n o r Gear's Toooiutrr'ent 0 -" T c- .^ 2 - and or ? TMce, and their bonds are ^ rwas ^^ carried into ^ as surressor to Secretary rrkwLr ^ e c 33roac " ar ^e generally than iere. COIWe "' 101 ) WJI " «cidec against u . i a v e , e e n a v e r y s e f i s i o n e ' ° e * ** in:eres ^ s ? ec:a:ors, we aave i*e ..u:e limse ' and hence 'ap- n * ver Wltjdraw n,our gaze 'rom thereoub- . . .. wi;aastrue and firm a'eeling as gracual.y increase heir power as they .ona-jai- when he wove he tales o* .toman maoles «cnew i*ow p useii.l andcepctec the early scenes o-" New nwona. Znjjland 1 i'e'or his older reacers. --M«ifcCI3 v*. wiu ciUtV Jis;orv. wi "n i-e represen:aziv*» nr *!··»·«n» ,, « , 'u.g t h u s nointeu a in in w 10 wou u ^ c,cctio,i. V h e j.ace Wi.son. or re- be.on^ekl to Hon. A ;;ent eman who is intimate wiu .-'res- ' cm Uu fie. i. says t i a t in fielceoartment " 10 i', C l l . science iis avoril'e anc most r e a ( -ooks a i a ..icoer's ".'oiitical Etnics." -ics wa 1C i aave so general.y acopted our orms o r government, and our minsters taere have been nslructed .o co s^ in taeir power to affect peace Between' "the Jut .ns action, aeen, liac tae acvantage o' · havei: this way ai of .heir action was S00n c Our driver was careful enough ti But faese'important we reac.iec the down slote to Brecxen- governmen^. re-brms aave aeen over- ri(i r e. He had .us with m- .ookec. /Alexander to ;he was the ter esting accounts of his recen' ujsets and K ourear.y history, wiii its representative of tyranny t anc he thus we w ere preparec ."or something on tne " - picturesqe accessories perished. cown grace. He hac stowec away raUer sntiono-the - J« «ac A.exanter was Jorn in 1818 more t.ian the usual stage driver's 2 -exer: them- and ear.y exhi.ntei those liberal tencen- ance o- whisky, waich In such garbs as wL. cies » an: Je [ability to, govern ow- tne :ae mines of the world. To which , cistinguisicjec t e deat ath Woo -.t-y " n:ernationa. Law." 1'roressor ° yes ^ ~° : - 1ese coun:ries "Currency."andSpencer's "So- l i e vexed f = uestion3 o: ""sett.ement and im i u S t a t u s . " '-: e con't ;ive' any aearm^ ( u c c t l j on tar»r question. W i men : was j contenc ing paries. But neither ChH nor mos:im Portant cuestion'"whicla saou'd be ° f ' he ^ oys and ^""l 3 ^eru have ,e, any great re^arabrAmer' « ci ^--n :a e Vpb.iucal rbriunes^no TM*'«TMTM ^^f "^ *** * ** ^^'~ »ca a n c a ; t h e - a l l o . - L i m a i : w a 5 t o ,- c -^«e or candidate mav be a-ected by" ^S ancexplorers W and 7 mnce Ja: . Jey :urne -- r - is laere'ore cuite a,proriateTh a he ^'^'^' * 8 " UCy ^ nationa. commi^e saa.: consider the s U3 . ect at t us time arc decide icy prepare "^ cam ^ a ^ n ?«Hs. - icre has ahready been some ais larcne. ."us reign. On ·"atier in 1855 be suc- asnunsel' Ut . demnity witii a recuest : la: o' Deace. t H O U . G the wor'.c 1 c-.o w'ithout Oaio ^ucec: by ; a e commission. man Cai i has Deen so steacly - ae request has bee$ grantee anc. the ar:icl*s wi.l soon be,pro! * en Yr \ ^c?aerson has mace vic: -·xst -'fid;iy, when an -X inaugurated to succeec an O.iio anc has even now such ascencency 'over^ Peru and Bolivia, that sae wi.: no c.oux T repor, in ' de: man «- s president, an O.iio man adminis- ? terec. t i e oau, anot.ier Ohio man held his demand a vast incemnity sum . I: anotier t i e U i a e wiica ,ie kissed, ; tiat she wi.l e a s m i u i i o m a n w a s g r a n c m a r s h a . ty millions o'co^rs, ana Ma"w O -a7 o t i e procession. Wao was it gave New of - ' ' V o r i. ie u. i m e y.noire State ? each con- fcect :wo ce.egates ;o minority repor, gives ou; al.ows .he to determine :IQ manner o' selec-- sumu.atec 5,^tarough Ue wai 3, as taoroug.t y t was as good as coastm^ was neverueless very gratifying u uoon taeir ceed **. by his son'Alexander wao was born Breckenricge ^ "esW -, ,'!t ° C Cei: tfa '" * * o « · ·» *"*C33 *_n5ity anc more ,. , - lights and J« i«-5« unc « tie true o- Alexander 1II. Caution would have p.eased us ben s lades which fe,l upon our early settlers; "^e son will ascend ,he tarone only a Brec^enricge grew very ra ''**' :o G escribe the grow ia o'ihat se.f reliance year younger taan his ralier. Tie new season. J t i s a . a r g e r anc be^'' ^^ eo.e tae which may be-j-acec to tae present time; Ciar seems to ae popular with the progres- town taan lexDectecio see C ^ ^ ' li-e sive b art y in Russia, arad wLl be crowned tae rigorous winter .las produced ^3 wit lout opposition. Tae faults 0 -' his ry du. ness, as in a 1 mountain towns :.n :or a rew years .lave some- ".here will De rapid recovery when led his fair reputation, aave opens. Taere are many good b u ' d i n e s I 66 ". : J6 _. causeo: . sone co °- ree '-i n g ^e- and at .east one excellent liote., toe Grand by giving ^hece;aLs o: ac:ion ta- an c, our o. pioneer ; by weaving toerether the f$cts scenes in which brave more 3u t clouded his . y c ? r e s e n - I : - "- -«ie same r ,- iproye more mines ,aan would Jeen -^ cause o: some coo.'eeling be- and at .east one excellent ho'e Je Grar Jscuisitions c'elivered in a-ter " w een tae rather and son anc aasuncoub-. Centra., whose ceneral air o--' » . ec.y strengthened the latter. c.ean beds and w e ;. ser^d taxes Je v"v -ae-iveso: Sandisa ancPris- TM, a , n..' , -, ' rerres.iin-T. i n contrasf ,,,;,, »·,, .... \Vhen 'resii.ent Garfie.c took ,iis oata of o trice .us i, l)S were saic to have resteif "n the -\ 'aiwinjr from t i e twenty-first li.iptcr o r 'rovti js · " - . v e i y w.iy ^-'.i m a n i s n g n t i m .lisown c j c s , 5ut ' ie ,.nrc .unc'ereti Ue .icarts. ' " - o ( o j u s t i c e a n d j u c ^ m e t t t - i - c e t - t a b l e to tie ^orcl taan .,,?; x hl - -ms amount sha. t be paid by Pen and tae othert.iird by Jolivia; and tia: .he 'at- ter state wi.1 be mace an interior re- is harc'.y :o mace by w a t were ««»beio: J s a c j r i c e . ; C io anc. a prouc. .-'.eart, Liig o" svic'xec, is 'sin." is more -t has Deen ce-"eated by Ciu : anc .ias never 3 een on the 3 es. o' terms with suca a ciuamity were :o sefa-l. iso. atec "rom tae wori.c. »at botli .ae spates are tae aarcy p;". grims o: our 1 3ng.anc co«s; have been woven into 'as- Fr001 *" Denver lnter Ocean ' cinating tales; but the Selc is grea: which ye: is unexplored. 7rom cistan: Zuropean the minority repor bv -Je r»«V" "I"x.-- J0mes came i sai M ° r Discovery-which "rode aou^ted. SO:Ja , a ,JIf ?:0r :/L_ ae . Gran ; raem ^. at anchor along our coasts insinua-ion o"" some who pretenc :o , n contrast mouotain ares. - J n l i K e . h e A . m a mmera. with the usua arses f rom Bolivia itwou.c 3ut rom Ue fac: : taat after a!»i: is, we o.c igi; in the conven;ion commit :ee. Taese reports rerrec to a special committee ma ie a ina. report. was not :r ne: aspirations, Anti- ^"ses. malice or ignorance. Tae ailure .-_ · °- CoiOradio ^o receiv*" mn*ir*TMt.:nn.;~ cistnct. tae surface arounc Breckenrvclge are inconspicuous. As a ru.e tae minera veins are bJnc. a.thouga Ue f.oat indica- are more extensive and reliable than at L ««.'..e. where o-' nve -o " m-.o unknown - sovereign it i s no: i k e . y - anc representation lanes is fu~ ^enough ot" adventures and hardships and rria.s to saasfy the mos: ex- ae wkh reference to Governor ^ou:t .ooied :o ^ :or suppor. Wl!j t j e prevailin claims wit.iout it is a " anc this -act, in con'onctioa s mania for ' cevelc f'e )c:ivi.-r ' . V i D u n e i.eciares, "Muc, i n c f i f - - uc'e5", o i snow v i i i r on to ?ay ineemni:ies, from .osses bv y ' ie C ipito. may be seen · ' o . e ue sur ace,", and ass W i t 1 you Co Oraclo ,-j r i r i c r c 5' - reb,s. . ; iey wL . ^ er ^ om ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^.._. sen ative. Now if : . le me :hod o r e ecting toese celega:es is 'ixed on tie same basis ·aere can oe no donbt about which o' :aese two reports saoj.dbe acceptecT. 1 interruption of tra^e aac ' rom gerera. ·'«*· snow facing in Denver Cestruction to TMo?erty. au: Uey wij not" · anc oujit not to je um iatec r^ Q e too, are worjy reservation and encouragemen .. countries Uemse.ves, ce and sena:ors represen: staies anc are eec'er" SD ° W ' ^^ :j eir .ong co.c win:ersoSera ay their legislatures, "t is here "or" 5e,d which is :ia and Massachuse:ts ir .ong V, of romances, whica only · · ! « _ _ * Eeporta from tn Range. Mere are o a - y t h : e e a r e p r o t i u s l e yrori ue other, ,"o'r , ^ *.^4vj« 11 ' t T 1 n e we aave v ·, c u , e v e r y cay, weLiave 'N ° ""^ ^ a r e ' CSS u )r n s n o w ' ' i t i r \ |l'.i.. !".)!(i ot ' e n v c r . senators should w e.ectec :wo delega:es or each practica. taan ; ieir convention r ^and our picnic 1^TMTM*-TM****TM'-TM'***."* congressman Viou.c Je e«red ^rr.aV^r'aTSsvf ---^^ ( , ee -- who naveooservec t i c m . were y nvisi \V« are sorry ·' o ' e t n o r r - t bulges ec ,1 l e w . ' -' ;· tieirc e some c f l o i c r . i t i o n ^ e - - i i K c i t i e s . i . - i t h e souch on tnc cap- '' V ( - ·' · ·''UggestiQn ,.ias jp.en tr-.i 1 '.' r t r i v e t . :»y -.).ucrs a', t a r o u g h the i::ij-n. p i t ! t f t .- s s t a t e Wc a so w i a h ( · n l . - i r e i t . \Ve are n . intejrestec '· ' ' l ' ' l " ^ p i t . I . O U t l Of t l " n a,y wno e li e," says Yeilennca. "' n a v e n o w n on y ;en or :we.v e ^o sta:e convention wou c usurp tie rigats anc Senator ° f : ? assa 2 es 0: " WJic ^ wou d « : ow come-ul of in:eres: i' :oucjed bv the magic of roman:ic description. '- icast one of these Ammas i.eac»r says tha; Mac. iocatei Wa..ace and Caarley Martmart.represent- c ing nonaern catt.e owners, came up tais hi"' · week from Lakin, Kansas, "'- - waom it was jlsasant :o persons -f c ' ' 'or lemseives, anccono;ta.ko";.iemse.ves- Cancica:es ' . Tic representation or congres- nominate congressmen as we! as a site ticket. never ciaimec suci ^ :s "ew\ors»tere j -«bicanconv enion' sa ^ es - cc alarm and waen the danger 0 -' · - · c ea.a ur^ec a. ways atony's coor. i: is we.. ;aa« a.. heal;ay ma:erial.which wou c bring Ias-jh 2 re3u:a-aon:o one wao could pour sunsnine m:o the of :,ose :imes,w ie n ney went over tae route for .ae purpose of ascer- tae exten t of-..-.63' losses o:" cattle. *ounc between lureanc Ue slate o : catt.e kiklec by the trains; to Lakin m. · i n lo ue suD.ect, do not reaeal l ° no . mi f ate TM -^v^iree congressiona n e \ L - i , men w i o co no: .isten .o tieir own voice are cultivatec enougi no: to lc iave it in our .own soe- Uemse ' ves n commonplaces; anc, l i " possess tact and m cons oo 3 ular, anc intencec ; o represen- ,.- -------- - · Servcs ; ° in ' erest anc gur-s, should be near.y as possible the wi,. t»eo- we i an : i i ' ) . u is merinos a .itt e early to c o n v e n t i o n now, but it wou.c lave one y " D y an agent o" the !l.akin to the sjate a t e -ie laancs of Kansas wao "camp out," and anima.3, who are ^t*'TM'' * St TM alea Uat "««.' tne utuzea or uveni.e literature; that boys, : hides in gooc taste enough -,. , ae not to e,evale their own Arsons above ^^ lcan - anc - - ie oenjocrats in m the summer. We Ue . ir . SUD - ec ' 3 -" ie g ,u to suD'mit our c.aims to such , , '' I S a 3usy ^ or ' c we ·"«*, anc we are - here is .ack Jsrepua.ican, the-senators w i . b e re- Wlse m / leir generation, snou.d be ihe - ·i c o n v e n t i o n . The s o u t i wl . not -iway its s t r e n g t n ·jy civicec counci s, " wi! go wiu ,1 v o t i n n-, of t ie n o r n e r n part o r the s;ate. rater or time ' i~ Jave no represen :ation in :!ie sena e. "t not so in .ae aouse. Xew York was ican -ast -"a.l, but she sent never- aUng themes of stories;- out -.1 patience and love catLe had been skiined on Uat j,ec- -ion o-" taeir route. The stock east o · f . state line does not l o o . v ^ s w e . OJ aber.y, encurance Co.orado. the as t.iat in or our mines w-,.ch ccib at present A~ - w.-rrior's V - , ' / seven m, « fron; DreckennG^' ne:ir tae road to Como, p-.oduces,' g r a L e g r e y co.,Der cies m cons-ccr- ai.e quantity. The v e i n , aiuough c'.aimer to e a fissure, i, orobaaly a ceposit. No wa. s h a v e jeen foum. . aithouja crius ·lave been run m one cuection aaout one auncrec feet, wiih cro,s cuts of t w e n t y five feet, a! l n ore. Taere ,s no o u t c r o p . i h e m i n e r a l , /lowever. bej,',ns a few feet oe ow ue sur--.ce and has a lnown r c D t h o - o v e r t h i - t v 'eet. At s.xty ; ee t m m o.-. i s - o u n c o n l y i n stingers, so V a s c e v e i o ^ c Vhe iirst c.ass ore. in six ton five auntired to nine i u n - Near'y a.l Ue ore Br e c.,erricge on ore ciu°e :air- anc jravery o' ^iose Long seoaracec from "-, wL. come soon into :ae rbreground o- ton, and -.lius the minority wii k : oe"reort ' a " -i ° n *'"- ^ m "° Ue earl y bistor y O: " °w wi. i avP · . . ·«' »*», oft«It»-«^.« ~ --_· f ' . . . "«-i l l c t V C sentec. rom t e lives and experi- tnoug.tancre-ectionjtacteegrapa^oo^ ^ n de TM ocr atic congressmen to'Washmg- ST^L ^^ a "' e f. ^"2 «pu- p een mentioned us, wes.,a.. .iave US w t l news : ^ mines o -" the wor c over- """ ' " -a-ion w,. -,,,,-,,.,.. »ju,ation of s.oeo in ? ° Wer Us wila ;heir w °r*s, bat w.ien a oremostoDserver of peop.e asserts ^a' o'taose known i n a .retime onlv twe^* r p p _ c.e r ega.estoa na-jonat convention -" ae majority o ^ tie re?u.icans'in Xew York r c f a i Y \\ UK om'b appointment seems are p.easaot to to question if only - w associate wi: a , one is Because tae tate was repub.kan C ° ttn " J:y l and i: cou.c not aave a 1 its representatives re- C . nces ° ihose WJO saUc up our mighty are on puxican. Tie para, e. is true in e.ecting " VerSf penetrated our vast rores;s, , r u n s from i ounces in ji.ver. is SQ..C to sine ter at very favoraD e tenns. orpmises to be very extensive anc I'TC mine may :e sa y rated as strict.y ir« t ass. Cpnsicera-Jle prospecting is i n a r o - gress m the vicinity o' this mine V - ^ D T O ^ T . T f ' t ^ T t ' t ' r t * * * * «-1 j j ui c i_(jm i ii^ s£ssori s vr*or * .»·» CO DS »: K C. 3cf , re P . ans can ,'TM« rj !i. 4i ss "fcss-s^- mace, as Uc 3u i o' :a:tLe --rom liere «in~. · - -^?°, at - "aat range. i*« --ie . : an ..-lanc.e men i':e'. 13 ttl s of u s home a f t e r :mie is not was:ec ?reacer cegree Uan is realizec. to a o: Docy anc o r materials can be grea-r to :,.easu e . H i n t r y better the more it is -.',( . / ;.. White in the 'rovidence l i b m e e t i n g ilm in 187^. in u i v i r u voted "or Ue in Nat i o n bi... / . c aai. ia i u c t ; m e n t waoi against a, out ,ie Uoug.u the e o p e wantec suc.t iegisla- l i o n ami ience ie v otec for it. ·ie . o u n d o u t a'terwarcs ,iat U e p e p l e c i d each aour, and renders binTunabe -o "ot w a n t s u c i .eg.slaiiqn ana :hat hereaf- aeJeve .iat anaour's conversation wou c ter l e s i o n c vote atcorc ng to ais con- expose him as ignoran: and Wno. ^ 7 - vctions. ..K-Secretary;. I). Cox o: Ohio Bowledge is so o-'ten sa-^Wo 'J. ^ u e s fiis opinion of a i m : "Sena:or Win- sate in iSSowe wiii say were -or Grant, i: was rigat, there we, taat the .-bur ce. and who braved the dangers of our track- " amCS ~' Fros '-' an ex ^eriencec cat:.e plains wiu fine; romantic history; _ man ? ' aces t l e osses on t n e mass o' cat - »ess Tie '' *"** * ?,"!!!? .* mis ; aie - !l an : ' ie waste °- r ^e among those W4o anc that tliey were r . - oppor.uniies. ..esaic ~oncei: convinces a man iaa I he improves Con7en :ion 3a Gra ^'nen. ** rig^t * go enoug.i to render ^aeir our chilerens" eyes. -urnsa .hem ma:erial. naraes -"orever t-e a: 50 per cent. "* City Council, council held an extra meeting counci. room Monday night for the ma:erial. to . t f ^ l l ' J e " Der «nt. esti- ^ rr . 0 ,- n - ,,,- ---/ «. fiJ . .or ue horforec in' ^ orraB i; a nao,t ae true :e- TM?°*\°' aclln S «" tae appropriation b,,/ ^ *'·!( ^ » « « « j , _ _ _ ' ^ * - i * rtT*tilf*fto/*t ..*_-. A - I -- _ cause this is the .oss best seasons, x Great .osses must sti.1 occur as : ie time ue fisca.year A. '_. , S 8 r . :ayor pro -etn, occupiec the chair and A cermen Walker, Crowe.:, Mumparev ' cistricts o com nab ixeo a character in tas senate i Jesi:ancy, -.a repression so vague, celivery so marrec by Jes '-ancy, taat -"rom oeing a desired comas oemg one or t ie sa-'est. most practical 'panion, one Decomes a xwr *· may mr yana S ens,oJe of -ie working menaers of \* amiss then'or all ioconsiclera momen-' ( t » a t joey, l-.e is a man of steady nerves we examine our macainesmoreo^en-han' ,.vnc even temperament, ana has been Our min «, Dut both are ecua'y 'iab'e -o ·'fcncerstoocto be thorougli.v in accorc ,-«· us »i-iou: a careful examination 'rom wita uepo.icyo- Secretary Sherman, =»me to time to trove tha; taey are in their ' anc even in .us conacence in regarp to ?errect order. A sermon.long and sound //'I lor .ast rour ye^rs. Taere Is ppoo. migat easily be written on dur was'e ' " . i D y n o man m .ie west anc northwes: ^??or.unities, our neg.ect of c u;v ana our "soent,re-y sure to represent t - e same -ack o-' self improvemen- bu- ^.- -J "genera pr-nco es as have nil ec Me c e- Bought su.^ce taa: ignorance above t - e .ast administra. ^ renters us unenviable comaan- ions. congressiona. :e (iran; men, any state aas a rig r. to a .' the same parry as :ae represent states. S ° -xogers anc. .inson were oresent. S 1866 and hardly a year has ec wi uiout one or more tragic ceata of the :o GJC is yet :o came. Tae Greeley Tribune says that .oss or Nevaca avenue came be-ore tae severe wear.aer have been mace .n tae papers o; tae -·«»uLlr. j.«n,^. y . IBCeKled; i(, many .^^.i'"^^ ^ "1 S °^ $««'»" of.ayinga new six inci main on iitrsrJ^.i i i~:.7 j ? «*? ' ro "' ··- «*» »f"..- .. . 1 *' ^"epresented. any district coun^. Our repubucan princi xes way in with r^-.rac.r,- · · ', - " J ~ " J ® CZ3T Was not 3 Tepresenativesnourna^na.con. -'or ubery but against cor. s ±utiona_ era men t. Theassass ejecting delegates to the na- ·uoiuu conven:ions based on , je same as the dec ion and re?reseti:aives, tae conventions mu s: «.,- .« ^. wori to orenarowsode: tae state during the past few weeks, -or iae most part they were mere guess and in most inslaices tae overstated. We gi^e a rew · - - . t : are t, one of man tl Xr. -ae meeting anc resu.tec m :ae appointment of Mayor Brown anc City Clerk McGovney to draw necessary contract for the work - a e r o , .owing appropriation bill -br the -osses ensuing year was passed and approved · =eea ures -m Moving anc. inspectors WATERi WOBK : for tlie ^nterest on water works bonds und some i-es ^e-ow the mouta of WLd Cat Strett commissioner STREETS AND DITCHES. e*.ec; .M ae countec - ^ T «*« sxami were f « anr '«« · I . S '~ ^ e ?* ir5 -" streets in citcaes i-e, anc an examination 3 ' ' oartment curing "don. - is speech on tae suverbil. on Ue of /eoruajry, 1878, shews that ae is in ractical ( agreement with tae republican Jress o" .ae state. ,-Ie taen said,,"! " ieve in remonet "most ceepiy regre "wii ng to make "or a: .east .o give "seranee .hat .-..12 / -- O r . - . w r, , _ t 4 * W . iildAC" \ I f ' a do*, ar worth 100 cents, it saa . be made w - lere as, tae -acts o: je case "so by ruture.egis.atior. On .ais pour, ^ f* 36 ^ 2ibf ary is in no danger of col- commi:;i "aowever, I tainx we may trust otr sue- ; a?Slng ' f° c :he . ? r esent debt amounts to 1 cesso-s or ourse.ves w.ien it shal. be ice- "mons ratec tha: -i2)i "enough x constitu:e a : ul. "the go ,c doi lar of tae commercia. wor d s^r.:iTj: 0 ^:^ ^^uT^r^ ^ ^ :ef; - - - ««- wmw wou^u ^.a^e a very *. veacaerous, Zvea v ~«' w :o w^a-. class of* cattle su^ered M rintin «- s'^tionarv, ,'uel anc hYats examinee two or -^ e e buncaes. .JeS? DS · · " · · - - - ae -eacvil.e Caronicle says: ' rado Springs claims :o be cultured anc 'lentitled to the ap je^tion of the Boston grans wi.. not make and · . , . · . - --. ------..«,,- --.%.«.»1. 1 a i/c-ww ,ae mo o' is.anc ; anc,eaguer represent tae same creek, on -jc north sice sta;e ?£ ^y 3 ,ae nihilist. Al. are at coo ceau cattle ^' mg aac Nebraska. To satisfy hi^ aa'. class of ca^tl [lined two or taree one bunch o f K* ieac. 66 were ' CoTcrioa o/reve'nu'e .' 7,210 2,000 720 1,2 3.000 . MISCELLANEOUS. j s a aon anc. tae o ss up p w n o ^ ^ u to u. present time wL . nop exceed h customs of socie^r percent. Tae storm o ' «- turdav i- ' · · . . 1,500 · . . . 500 Interest on warrants ."or j£S i* ' ' ' ' S ,°° An ordinance :o provide for tae apo^! pnation o: the revenues o' the city 0 -' Co.oraco Springs for -j e fisou year jSSr' was passec recommending taat the 'o ow' ^amounts uncer the severa. heads of propriatec out of -.he accrue to the J-orado Springs, curing the year GENERAL SALARIES. to · soon 3g u weaker :o cotne saoulc je rough, the loss/ will not Se y any means y i 36.,: F!R * 8 ener a-purposes. 2.COO SCO rRKRCHIVU.orn

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