Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 28, 1916 · Page 10
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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 10

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1916
Page 10
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THE FOUT WAYNE SENTINEL. Friday, July 28, 1916. SENSATIONAL SATURDAY BARGAINS FROM THE NEW ECONOMY STORE This store is the proven friend or the workingmnn. 1 Thousands of work- Ingmen are profiting and learning,' tlio logons ol' ecoiiunt) bj shopping at this new store. Don't fail to tIiop here tomorrow if jou «KU to Colored Hat ^Shapes Spec. 24c Jp to $5.00 Trimmed Hats at 49c Women's Si House Dresses 49c Women's $1 Samp.e Waists 49c $2,00 Envelope Chemises Also beautiful gowns, piiiice-s '-lips, petticoats,, corset covers, Jace, ribbon and embroidery tnrnmul front and bacl; $1 Poplin Auto Caps Spec, GIRLS' $1 PLAID PaESJES 49c $2-00 Long Crepe Kimonos ^ 94c Boys', Girls', 85c Union SIP $1.00 Envelope Chemises Also gowns 1 princes slips, petticoats, coiset coveis, lace ana ombroidciy tiimmed. ·$1.00 S1.25 Muslin Gowns at69c Girls 9 $2 V^hiteEmb'd Dreses 94c Boys' 50c Sport 5hirts, Spec. 39c lOc Buck Towels, Special at 5c MEN! SAVE HERE TOO! Finest $1.00 Dress Shirts, Special, 59c Men's $1.00 Union Suits, AH Styles, 69c Men's $15.00 Suits, $8.95 $1.50 Dress Shirts at 87c 75c Sport Shirts at 39c« 85c Sateen Shirts at 59c 75c Union Suits at 39c $1 Railroad Overalls*, 79c 75c Silk Neckwear at 39c $1.00 Sport Shirts, 69c 50c Underwear at 37c 35c Pol. Suspenders, 18c lOc Half Hose at 6c $2.00 Straw Hats at 95c 50c Night Shirts at 39c 25c Paris Garters at 19c n MI till i i n n i H * M » » » » BLACKBERRY PIE. This is blackberry pio season--the time when the small boy begs black- iberry pie between meals and the big boy snitches blackberry pie from the ice chest for the midnight lunch. Here is a recipe for real good, summery blackberry pie: Tihe crust should be firm, yet rich and tender. To make a paste of this quality, measure 1 quart pastry flour, V- cup lard, % cup butter. Chill these ingredients and have a cup of ice water at hand. Sift % teaspoon of salt with the flour, chop In the lard, mix to a very stiff dough with a little water, then chop in the butter and set on the 'ce three hours. Roll out on a well floured board to }| inch in thickness. Line a deep pie plate with the paste. Wash 1 quart of fine ripe blackberries and dredge with flour. Jlix with 1 heaping cup of sugar and spread over the paste lined plate. Dot with bits of butter, add the upper crust, perforating same for escape of steam. Bake to a golden brown. Dredging the fruit with flour thickens the juice. GASOLINE WAGON EXPLODES. Driver Badly Burned in Accident on Street at Columbus. Columbus, Ind., July 28.--'While gaso- r There fa more Catarrh to this section of tt» eountry tUau all other diseases pnt together, ana tmtll the last tew jears was suppwou to ba incurable. For a great many years doctori propounced it a locrl disease and prescril-ed local remedies, and by constantly (ailing to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Sclenca has uroven Catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires censtluitlonal tioatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo. Ohio, IB the only Constitutional cura on the meriet. It Is taken Internally l-i doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonfiil. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer ope hundred dollars for ftiiy case It falls to cura. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address: P. J. CHENE5T CO., OJoledo, OMo. gold br Druggists, 75c. Take Hall's Family Pills tor conatloatloa. line was being drawn from an oil sales wagon on the street here yesterday the wagon was destroyed by" an explosion and iiie, and Ralph Fox, the driver, was burned badly. The horses started to run but were stopped and unhitched by Fox before the explosion occurred. Nearby buildings were shaken by the force of the explosion. DAVID L. CONREY DEAD. Man Who Founded Furniture Industry at Shelbyvllle No More. , Shelbyville, Ind., July 28.--David L. Comey. 80, founder of the furniture industry heie, is dead at his summer home at Walloon Lake, Jlich., as a result of a sunstroke suffered several ciays ago. The body will be brought hcie for burial. Warsaw Union:--^Irs, E. K. Finney, f Fort Wayne, passed tluough this city Vednesday on her way to Xappanee to ·isit her parents for a few days. Hartford City News:--Ed Kelty, of 'ort Wayne, transacted business in this ity Wednesday in-the interest of the Standard Oil company. Bluffton News:--Jlrs. Florence Ynmg- T went to Fort Wayne tins morning to 'isit for a few days at the home of Br. Miles Porter and family. Bluffton Banner:--Mrs. W. H. Hatfield and children, of Fort Wayne, arrived in the city'this forenoon to make a fora days' visit in the home of George Hatfleld and family, Delphos (0.) Herald:--Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Clark, of Fort Wayne, came on Wednesday morning for a visit with Ins parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Clark. Mr. Dlark will return Wednesday afternoon and Mrs. Clark will remain for several days. Defiance (0.) Express:--James Hopple has gone to Fort Wayne today to visit his nephew, James Hopple, who was injured in an auto explosion. Van Wert (0.) Bulletin:--Little Miss Mildred Bamsey has returned to Fort Wayne after visiting her aunt, Mrs. Otto Pennell, and family. Decatur Democrat:~Mrs. W. W. Pool of Fort Wayne, came last evening for a week's visit'with her parents. Fred Maroon, of Fort Wayne, came last night for a few days' visit with friends. He was formerly the waiter at the Martin Joseph restaurant. Miss Mary Hindenlang went to Fort Wayne to viait with her sister, Mrs. Frank Shie. Joe- Fisher left this morning for Fort Wayne to visit with his brother-in-law, Pearl M"T,ain. Miss Katherine Egly. of Fort Why a Bbbk-of these "A. B,A." cheques is the handiest way to carry Travel funds American Bankers Association Cheques arp readily accepted by hotels, railroad and steamship companies, and the best merchants. This makes them as convenient to use in payment of travel bills as coin or currency. Another convenience is in the simplicity of identification. All that is necessary is the countsrsignature of the owner in the presence of the persoij accepting the cheques. The Compactness of a wallet containing convenient denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100, makes the Cheques easy to carry. They are the safes* travel 6r emergency "money" also. How to Judge a Woman by Her Hair j Tri-State and Trust Co. There are always the well-known and semi-humorous methods, such as saying brunettes are quick-tempeied or blondes are keener in their mental activity. Bui there is real common sense In just noticing whether the hair is well kept to judge a woman's neatness, or in looking at her style of arranging her hair, to decide whether or not she has good taste. If you are one of the few who try to make the most of your hair, remembei that it is not advisable to wash the hair wtth an cleanser made for all purposes, but al- \\-jiys' use some good preparation made expressly for shampooing. You can eiijo; he very bes»t by getting some canthrox rom your druggist and dissolving a teaspoonful in a cup of hot water when your shampoo is all ready. After Its use the lair dries rapidly with uniform color Dandruff, excess oil and dirt are dissolved and entirely disappear. Your hair will be so fluffy that it will look much heavier than it is. Its lustre and softness will also delight y(M while the stimulated scalp gains the health which Insures hair growth.--Advertisement. Wayne, arrived this morning and will be the honor guest at a shower at the Du- gun home this afternoon. Huntington Herald: --Miss Hilda Baiter, of Fort Wayne, will come to Huntington Thursday to spend a week with Miss Helen Allos, of East Matilda street. Kendallville News-Sun: -- Mrs. Frrd Lindenberg has returned to Fort Wayne after visiting Mrs. Charles Adams. R. B. Gallup returned to Fort Wayne yesterday after visiting with his mother, Mrs. M. E. Gallup. - » Columbia City Post:--Gerald Mor- sches, a son of Frank Morsches, of Fort Wayne, arrived here Tuesday evening ind will visit with the R. F. Hood fam- ly and other friends for a few days. Plymouth Democrat:--Mrs. A. J. Em- iek, who had been bpending several days vith her daughter, Mrs. Holycross, rc- urned to Fort Wayne Wednesday. Mrs. lolycross went home with her for a ew days' visit. Decatur Herald;--Dr. and Mrs. II. E. feller, Mrs. Dena Smith and daughter Margaret, Miss Lorene Keller motoied o 1'ort Wayne and weie guests of Miss Mith Rxipp.' Miss Jeanettft Merrilat, of Fort Wayne, is the guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs,. H. F. Dauer, of Line street. ,, Miss Maymo Deininger spent last evening in Fort Wayne with icr sister, Mrs. Kilbourne, and with other friends. Columbia City Commercial Mail:-Mrs. Frank Meitzler and son Edwin and Miss Anna Meitzler, of this city, with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ebers,ole, of Fort Wayne, went to Tri-Lake Thursday morning to spend the week-end. Frank Meitzler, proprietor of the Red Cross drug store, will spend the nights at the Meitzler cottage. Avilla News:--H. C. Horn, of Fort Wayne has pui chased a one-half interest in 'the J. S- Clark meat market in Kendallville. Miss Thrcsia Roy, of Fort Wayne, was the over-Sunday guest of her'uncle, John Slephonson. and family. Mr The Fort Wayne Rendering Co. Under New Management --Automobile Seryice- Withirv a Radius of Twenty Miles Daily Service for Collection of Hotel, Restaurant and Meat Market, Greases, Tallow, Bones and Garbage A Call Will Bring Us Promptly 1700 HOME PHONE Tnr Sentinel Want Ada. Sentinel Want Ads, Pay, Our Superb selections of summer clothes which entered this reduction sale are disappearing as rapidly as Mexican bandits before a squadron of dashing U. S. troopers Fact is, if we followed the trend of the clothing market we would be adding to their price the amount we are subtracting. Which means that suits marked down $5, are selling today not for $5, but actually for $10 less than they could be secured in open market. .95 At 10 to 30 per cent, off* $15 suits now $11.95 $20 suits now $15.95 $25 suits now $1 ( $27.50 suits now $21.95 Store Open Until 10 o'Clock Saturday Evenings, Kratzsch 618 CALHOUN STREET. I Troyes a Former Center of the Hosiery Industry of France. jir* GCOIKO FiUsimmons, of 1-or; Wayne, iniived Monday for a visit with Mrs. Will Pfleightncr and family and other relatives. Hicksulle, 0., News:--Attorney Howa i d HenninfrhofT of Fort Wayne, was on the farm near Ncwville and tiansact in-{ business in Hicksvillc last week. Harlan Heiaid:--John Carrinfjton of Fort Wayne, spent Sunday with his patents. Mrs. Robert Anderson of Foil Wayne, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Webb. Mrs. Clarence Timbrook and daughter of Fort Wnvnc. aro visiting in Harlan. Ezra Guilford and family of Fort Wayne, spent Sunday in Harian with iclatjves. Edward Wann and wife -and Mrs. Win. Page were Fort Wayne shoppers, Friday. HUMPBACKED AMD DEFORMED CHILDREN Bow lefcs and other deformities are always cured If taken while the child Is young and growing. Yet many parents wait for their children to "outgrow" eyOs troubles which are almost all deformities and should be braced and treated the same as these other troubles. The only chance your child ever has t'o get away from eye troubles is now--while lie is young and if taken in time eventually they can discard glasses--while if you wait they need them anyway and the trouble cannot be cured. Ask your physician about this--he knows the methods used at the Melgs optical shop, Lyric Theatre Bldg. J you to eee v^ -most likely will advise Harrison Hill the new addition located on Oalhoun street directly south of Kudisill boulevard, has been re stiicted in such a manner that pur- clmslers of lots in this tract are protected from all the unsightly features which so frequently mar the beauty of an entire icsideutial section. There are a number of restrictions regarding tlio building of stores, public garages, livery stables, factories, etc., which assure" the quiet of the neighborhood Except on the corners, only one house may be built to the lot, and every lot in the addition has its own building line and its own grade line. Further infornw- tion regarding these restrictions which have been made in tlie platting of Hai- rison Hill for the protection of the in- \cstments of the purchaser of lots nny be obtained from Hilgemann Schaat North American building. Washington, D. C., July 27.--Troyes, which has been the concentration camp of the Russian troops brought to France to aid in the allies' drive against the Germans, Je the subject of today's war geography bulletin of the National Geographic society. "Before the outbreak of the European war the town of Troyes, situated 100 miles southeast of Paris, and 175 miles west of the Alsatian frontier, was known to American importers as one of the centers of the silk, cotton and woolen hosiery industry of France. "As the chief town of the department of the Aube, this ancient capital of Champagne, with a population of about 60,000, Is charmingly situated on an alluvial plain, with the Seine flowing to the east, and Its narrow, crooked streets intersected here and there by canals. "The history of Troyes includes many stirring and dramatic episodes. When the Romans came they gave the name of Augustobona to this capital of the Celtic Tricassi. One of the hcioic figures of its eariy Christian days was St. Loup, or Lupus, the intrepid bishop who succeeded in persuading the supposedly ruthless Hun, Attila, to spare tlio town. But there was no diplomatic churttoman to stay the hand of conquering,Normans during the closing years of the ninth century; they sacked the town, leaving it a heap of ruins. Shortly after this calamity the power or the bishops and of the nuns In the famous abbey of Notre-Damo-aux-Nonnains began to wane and authority was tiansferred to the counts of Troyes, afterward known as the counts of Champagne. "For a short time during the 100 years' war the city was the seat of the royal government of France during the period when the countiy was being devastated by foes at home as well as by those abroad, while the mad king, Charles VI, raved neglected, at Serilis. It was at this ebb tide of France's national pride that the Treaty of Troyes WAS signed in 1420, whereby Henry V, of England, was made regent of the kingdom, and the dauphin, afterward to become Charles VII, was declared illegitimate. To make the bargain more secure the new ruler took as his bride Catherine, the dauphin's sister, and the marriage "was solemnized in the church of St. Jean, one of the fourteenth century edifices which Troyes still treasures as a show place. "Nine years after this treaty and marriage Troyes was redeemed for France by Joan of Arc-while slu was marching toward Rheims, at the head of 12,000 tioops, to attend the coronation of the unworthy dauphin. "KoHo«ing this momentous pe 1 :^ Troy03 entered upon an era of gica: prosperity, and by the middle of the seventeenth century had a population about equal to its present size. During that, time Protestantism had enjoyed considerable recognition in the city, so that the Revocation 9f the Edict of Nantes in 1685 struck a staggering blow to the community's industrial life, the 'population falling in a short time to 12,000. "Troyes boasts a large gallery of distinguished citizens and of these none did more for his birthplace thin the humble son of a shoemaker \vh became Urban IV, the pope from whose thirty-thre-i yean; incumbency dated the preponderance of French influence in the councils of the church, lauding evcnutally to the removal of the papal court from Rome to Avignon, and indirectly bringing about the great schism, Urban gave to Troyes a gem »f cothic architectur3, iho church of ?t. Urbain, one of the mo«L beautiful ecc'esiastical structu cs i,f tin 1 thjiU-enth century. Here als; B-J-S Chnsiit'ii de Troyes, the great French poet and founder of the n;o- c'icval c.vitly romance, and an adapt- tr of Arihunan legends to t h j uses of French literature of his c'.iv. Jt ^a« I. Mm »he work jf Chrestie-i s that Woifram v-m Eschenbach received inspiration for the great epic which was tl^e basis of Wagner's 'Parsifal' libretto. The two Mignards and Fran- cols Gent 11 are among Troyes' great artists, while Girardin and Sirm-rt are her distinguished sculptors "It is to this city that we owe the measure 'troy ounce' and 'troy pound,' this standard having been adopted by Great Biitain in 1197 for weighing gold, silver, silk and other valuable commodities And while the apothecary and jeweler pay honor to Troyes with their balance scales, the epicure prizes this city as a place which exports exceptionally fine snails and dressed pork." Complexion Blemish Banished Have You One of These? Pocket ininois bum ing the following numbers sue each good for $5.00 in opening » savings account at either of out institutions: 9-99-999-3489-5472-8961 Any minor is good foi fifty cents in opening an account. Four pei cent, mtcicst compound ed e\ery six months will be paid upon the account from Aug. 1st. Let us help you sa\r. Begin now. GERMAN-AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK, Court St. GERMAN-AMERICAN TRUST CO., Co-rt St. GERMAN-AMERICAN TRUST CO.. South Branch, Calhoun and Holinan Sts. Distributed by the FORT WAYNE Op three of these coupons bearing consecutive dates and present them together with our advertised price of $1,48 at our Main Office and receive your Copy of the BIG PRINT RED LETTER BIBLE. 3 COUPONS $148 SECURES AND *1*° IT Description Sl£^E Cwren,rededge»,roundcorner*,gold lettered back, numerous beautiful colored plates, maps and biblical ftcenes, fawly record and many u«ful helps. EVERY WORD JESUS SFuftE PRINTED IN RED HAIL ORDERS WILL JU? FILLED A4U fot Point*: V p t o IJOmlle* . ... .07 Uf l» £00 nolle* . , . , JO Vp to (fa Billet · · . .15 Vf to 1000 rallte . . . . .JO For tKUCt JIttlKft *tk pMt- niKcr me f»r 3tbs. I «^ *i TM \

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