The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on August 23, 1947 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER. HARRISBURG, ILL, SATl'RDAY. AUGUST 23^947 The Daily Register ( UMabUibed 1869 as SalbM County Register.) Published evenings except Sun- JayMiid hrtJday8,at SSSonUi Vine Street,..- Harrisburg,, -Illinois, by REGISTER 'PUBLISHING CO. ·of-Harrisburg, · MRS. EOy L. .SERIGHT. President CDKTIS.G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered ;«sjsecona class matter atjhe post-office atJBarrisburg, minbls, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cento per week. By mail in Saline x .and, ^Adjoining Comities, 55.09 jper -sear is advance; $1-50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; ,52.00 /or three months; 75 cents per. month. The Daily Kegister is * private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any e statement for,use.either as a news item or a paid advertisement. BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY . If we used all the strength we .'have we would amaze ourselves and our friends. Have faith in "vourself. as. well as in God.-.Joel. 3:10: "Let the weak say, I am strong." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY -Aug. 23. Fairness in All Things. --Luke 3:7-14. · 'Aug. 24. Helps for Wise Living. --Proverbs 13:5-15. Yeh, We're Fed Up With Rabbit 'Dirty Frequent" gathering of «ggi reduces tne proportion of dirty eggs. Trade In Your Old WATCH on a. ...fine, new watch from our" outstanding'selection. HARRISBURG BULOVA DISTRIBUTORS t ^ Winiterman 's % JEWELERS Winnerinan BIdg. .'Harrisburg, HL WASHSH6TOH . t-. «.»"«'. 1 f.f'OH. MERRY- 60- ROUND · y , f l A - R $ o N ROBERT S. ALLEN Says: New | bloody llurtgen Forest battle, the book by General iMontgoinery is j period that culminated finally in muss "of omissions and bait truths: glosses over bis own errors for self-glorification. (Editor's Note Peanon is on a brief the Ardennes disaster. It is of more .than passing note. S therefore, that Montgomery should While Drew ; single out the "supreme command. v-. ^.. ~ -.. -· -iff vacation. Jcr" for special mention in this the Washington Merry Go-Round | particular portion of the "Desis being written by his old part-j patch." especially in view of the nor. Robert S. Allen.) WASHINGTON.--The ton Merry-Go-Kound this week Awards its brass ring--in reverse. Recipient of the bob-tailed dec- "··at ion is Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery. Occasion: the distribution in the U. S. by the British Information Service of Montgomery's amazing post-operational report of the war in the ETO. Bearing the quaint title of "Despatch." the report is an astounding concoction of misstatements of fact, half truths, innuendos, omissions and self-glorification. That Montgomery should compose this kind of a document is not remarkable. On the basis of past performances, the report is \\holly in character. What is remarkable is that the British gov- imanner in which the reference is Washing- made. Says Montgomery, "In September the supreme commander assumed command and direction of the army groups himself . . . ." This will be very interesting news lo Eisenhower. According to his report, he was in personal command of all army groups from the jump-off of the invasion. AMAZING 'OMISSIONS There is much more of this sort of thing in "the "Despatch." But the most amazing feature of the report is its omissions and half truths. The report is filled with them from start to finish. The following are a few of the more outstanding: Not one mention of the heroic role played by the Maquis in the liberation of France and not a Sulphur Springs Services were well attended last Sunday, as was Sunday school. Mr. and Mrs. Will Harbison, Sr., and daughters, Jennie Madelene and Mary, aud Rev. and Mrs. Godbey ate Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. K. Church. Miss Ermagine Hargrave led Godbcy Thursday night, and « one enjoyed a pleasant ," Cfy They'-brought delicious iV. and cookies, with them spite of the rainy weather ' a one came. Those present I t Mrs. John McNeil. Mrs, iij«h l ? Donald, Mrs. Armistead and ,i ters. Edith, Effic. Ailene. \\ eminent should not only permit the report to see the light of day, o^ but to distribute it in this country at this time. Its publication is a blunder as offensive and provocative as Montgomery's extraordinary opus. It is traditional that high-level post-operational reports are not noted for complete candor. Frequently, .they are "more illuminating in*~Svhat~ they omit and gloss single word-about the 11 French °l\, ou °" that fought so gallantly prayer meeting Wednesday night. The last meeting, led by Charles Harvey, was an interesting one. A few of the families had a nice time on a fish fry a,t Cave-in-Rock, Sunday. Logan Sisk is not so well these hot days. He is at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Golden liar- grave. Mrs. Helen Hargrave and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hargrave Sunday. Mrs. T. L. Blacknui.. uho has undergone an operation. at the Barnes hospital. St. Louis, has returned home and seems to be do- j ing reasonably well. Raymond and Wayne Seten have purchased a new Ford truck. The Sunday school class is planning an outing as soon as a few of the pupils can be with the class. Billy Dale llaney. who recently went to East Peoria to visit his aunt, 'Mrs. Halley Cummings, has found work there and will remain in East Peoria. . . We would appreciate more visit- r meeting are having and Joyce. Mr. and Mr* Reiner, and Mr. and Mr^ " Hull and son, Johnnie. Miss Ermagenc Hargra\e her cousin,' Miss Betty Dorris Heights, ate si Mr. and Mrs. K.. Church tended prayer meeting night. David Kittenger of Mich., who is visiting Mr. :..,, John Adums, attended pia\i-r inif* Wednesday niulit. "£ and Misses Cora and Virginia Bab. with their friends, spent Sundi with Mr s and Mrs. Newt Church ' The- young people i.. u . lttllh Rev. Godbey, Friday, to p !actlc songs for the radio service The Daily .Register, 20c a the southern flank of the western front. The ridiculous statement ''The Battle of Normandy was night, just to prove interesting meetings. fought exactly as planned -before the invasion." The real facts are that Montgomery suffered a crushing defeat at Caen, losing the bulk of his armor when he -attempted to drive head-on through the densely hedge-rowed boc- h V * ^ « ^ » « "O --- -- -- s» _ Mr. and Mrs. K. Church called .on Mr. and Mrs. John Adam* tnat Friday night. Mrs. La Francis Stncklm had What Price -"CT - _ . fc.*»N» U^. tl*J%** » 4 4 VV4^X. » \J 11 \. V* W^i over than in what they actually a g e » that was heavily fortified with massed German artillery. The amazing omission of any mention of the immortal Battle of Bastogne, where Third Army paratroopers and tankers broke the back of Hitler's counteroffensive. The omission of any relate. The reports of Generals Marshall and Eisenhower, published last year, displayed marked symptoms* of this occupational disease. Hanson Baldwin, veteran military analvst of the New York Times. the Sewing Circle Thursday be fore last. All enjoyed a good time and much work was accomplished. A crowd of Gaskins City folks met at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Amon Smith and Miss Freida' Smith of Harrisburg had supper Thursday evening [with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Smith and .Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Santy. i Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Cummins, ;who have bought, property near City, moved Wednesday. » - - f -n' i w **·*·" **·«· » %·· Jk a * ' -- W i l t 4«JkT»vr 1 1 UA f c » * * ^ J sharply criticized the Eisenhower word a b ou t the destruction of an report on this score. Baldwin par- cntire German army group by ticularly ridiculed Eisenhowers !T hi r d and Seventh U. S. Armies in bland claim that everything m j e j g h t days in the Palantinate; a the ETO had gone "according to victory that broke the back of Ger- plan." Rudement Mrs. Sobert Booten, Correspondent ·^ .Vra^Mili l l l , iiiu^cv* » r cujicowajf . w . ---- ,. ,-. . . , ,, ,, · ,, The Rudement choir attended i Mr. and Mrs. H. Parks, of New ' Joe Oglesby of .Chicago .is visit- ports were dignified and lestram- ' - ecL The e r n c , us accur- But, while tainted with consid- Harold 'Edwards -left today for erable mumbo-jumbo lily-gilding. school in Chicago. the Marshall and Eisenhower re- church at . Dorris . . . , . s a v night' Mexico, who are .visiting rela- } ing with friends at Raleigh- av ng , Heights Methodist lives here, spent Sunday at Vien- Bob , Quic band;o? he for- a na /, he au church, where Reverend Bernie f n a Smith is pastor. Mrs. Pearl Wallace visited Mrs. ^ mer Alice Bradshaw, .has return- erea ed home from Germany -He is . . . Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Hanks and Lilhe Poster Sunday a ternoon. | the son of Mr. and Mrs. TSnos ^ perpe d was ag he reports went lhey W ere . . . . familv are visiting Mr. and Mrs., Mrs - F °ster has had an infection Quick. Boote'n for two weeks. They are m one fmger. | Essie Musgrave is visiting in , « entleman i y an d soldierly. from Chicago and Mrs. Hanks is i Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lam- 1 Chicago. MR A nephew, bert visited, Mr. and Mrs. Walter! Mrs Madge Daughert y ' Mr. Booten's sister. Randall Booten of California, also visited a couple of days in the Booten home. Rev. and Mrs. Bernie Wilson Sunday. The Daily Register, 20c a week. ing her daughters, -J.ackie Arline, in" Wilmingtori^ '111. Jess Dennis spent Sunday" eve- with 'Harold Edwards. · Montgomery - s report is inaccur . ·ate, vainglorious, ! chievous. petty, and mis- Smith, i by carrier boy. very first page is- an [extraordinary misstatement of fact. Montgomery declares "Headquar- GO 'ROUND'THE Y E A R WITH THE Y E A R 'ROUN BY man resistance on the Rhine and shortened the war by many, months There was plenty of glory in the war in the ETO to cover all participants with acclaim and decorations from'head to foot. Why Field Marshal Montgomery considered it necessary to be niggardly in his official report is something only he can explain. But that kind of "tidying up" does not foster good will and understanding. (Copyright, 1947, By The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Returns From Hot Springs Vacation E. 0. Joy, manager of-Kresge's ters 'Twelfth "U. S/ Army Group were formed in London . . ." That i , . t -, , Headquarters Twelfth I slor *-, ha . s returned from a two iv Group did not come i w ' eks sojourn at Hot Springs Ark.. £,,,« ,,,,»!! i,,ot h^TM where he remained under the or- is not sc U. S. into existence until just before the jump-off of the Third U. S. Army's epic break-out of the Cotentin through the Avranches corridor. The U. S. Army Group Headquarters set up in London was the first (FUSAG). Months _ ders of a doctor and was greatly benefitted by treatment received. While there he met H. E. Edinger, manager of the Brokerage and Jimmy Azar, grocer, both from this city, who were vacationing at later, -hen this headquarters be- ^^'Se'a't^ ^ne Ridge 0= ffiffiTS wafleciSrS 1 jgg^ £ ofl^^AbS designated the Twelfth for decep- j ^.o £o ThlyS the P lens"re Just zip-in the inner lining, sleeves and all. Then this fully lined coat gives all the protection you need -- without bulk. Made in a beautiful all-wool covert, it's one of the styles from our collection of Year 'Round Ramblers Sizes 10 to 18. AN'S ·'· \ HARRISBURG 'Smart Shops For Women' tion purposes Immediately on the heels of this misstatement of fact, Montgomery on the next page, makes an even more extraordinary pronouncement. He lays claim to sole and complete authorship of the assault plan of Operation Overlord. "My plan." he says flatly and unequivocally. The basic outline of this plan was agreed upon befor_e Montgomery reached London in January, 1944. And a number of senior commanders participated in working out the details of the plan. A large part of the first chapter of Eisenhower's report consists of a detailed account of the evolution of this plan. Eisenhower makes it crystal clear that the report was the result of many lengthy conferences, in which Montgomery was only one of a number of participants, and that changes were frequent and far-reaching. Eisenhower repeatedly uses the expression "Our decisions," as it was only decent and honorable for him to do under the circumstances. In striking contrast. Montgomery not only lays categoric claim to full authorship of the plan, but, in keeping with his self-proclaimed proprietorship, makes only three fleeting references to Eisenhower in the first forty-four pages (one-half) of the "Despatch." And only one of them is by name. In the other two instances, Eisenhower is referred to merely as the "supreme commander." PASSING THE BUCK There is another very significant, and characteristic, aspect to the references to Eisenhower in Montgomery's report. The first time the "supreme commander" is singled out for marked attention is on Page 45 in an italicized precede summarizing the operations beginning with September !. 1944. This was the beginning of the tragic period of the war in IM ETO. The period that started with the order, at Montgomery's vehement insistence, halting Psiion on the Moselle, when 'his Third Army had in front of it oily a decimated and disorganized enemy and an un-manned Sicgfn ·! Lino barring the way to the Rhine. Nazi Germany could have been conquered before winter if Palton's bhsting tankers and slashing douchboys had not been sat down so that Montgomery could launch his costly and abortive offensive in the north. Th' : !l-conceivcd and bungled campaign was a dc- featjtmsiirpassed onlv by the Ar- denfrcs disaster. And it was this period, also, that witnessed the of talking with "Dick Huddleston," a character who also takes part on the Lum and Abner radio show. Fatalities Drop Passenger fatalities in train and train-service accidents in 1946 totaled 103, compared with 132 in 1945 --a reduction of 29. Agonizing. Hehlnj torture from Crotch Itch (Pruritus). Foot Itch (Athlete's Foot). Barber's Itch. Factory liefe. Rfngworin Ringworm of the Scalp and other Itching due to funjus Infections Is relieved at once on contact, with specially prepared scientific Bondeaie. A liquid: clean to use: originated By a Dermatologist. First bottle guaranteed to please. Sent prepaid, n receipt of price. SOc, Ray's Drugs ALSO ORAPEFRUrr AND GRAPE IMfJY BOTTLES AKl FO8 ICE-BOX CONTAINERS DRINK WONDER ORANGE IT'S WONDERFUL! Is Your House Let Laxich Lazich Give 'You a New Service-- r " A'"MEASURED VALUE FOR YOUR HOUSE ( ANOTHER FIRST FOR Lazich Lazich H£AL ESTATE MOfcOtS. '-·· / Saline County's Most Complete '.. Real^ Estate Service ^ IT'S YOURS FOR THE ASKING Auto Club Phone 8SS r: Quick Dear! Start explaining about the fine watch-repair work that Winklemans' does and he'll forget about socking you in the eye. GET YOUR fining AT OUR SHED Bring Your Own Baskets Tunnel Hi On Route No. 45 .NFWSPAPFR NFWSPAPFR!

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