The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 24, 1899 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1899
Page 3
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BRAY-BOOKER CASE. BUY THE GENUINE SYRUP OF FIGS ... XAJTOVACTUXXD BY CAUFORNIA FJQ SYRUP CO. SAME. A T. PATTEHSON, · Atfrjr*".. One month from today is the time set . for tne execution of James Co the : murderer of Sopbronia Forde. Representative Lish cam* ««fc» severaj d«J» with his fiat HARVEYH-iBKIS, " SEAL E» .w. ! Deputy Treasurer Fak-oner: Personal ioujU au* BJoct i P*°J*rty taxes for 188* become deh^ jquent March 1. After that time a five j per cent penalty attaches. Bluek. Red Fish a big Sioui from the Can- «S B ^ 1 was 10 the "V y«*«day. He ottered a team of good looking ponies for 'V 1.JP* nest attraction at the Atheneum A? I ^J^aSW W-kemiw « the ! "i" ·"' r%J »" ««»j«i M.v,,i. THE Kkx M.«xt-r,wTT E I V ; ',,«.., v, . ,.!%.*»*" It ha* been report that N-w Orlwjti,. La. JJEST i « sa prov^ farm ; r r,-at. s. A, no symptoms whatever of tbe disease T.-J n- ^^ M £*«*· lhp Sheldon; real estate «?»n who has become famous by adver ' . ' ' wfth'n * T H K ' W K A T I I K l t * j. in Bismarck '"" h f" ^i" 01 * '" ""«'«« the Jarji.-stown ; «.-Oo»ls today. He will also visit Fargo ;-; and Minneapolis schools before return: ing HI order to se* the latest work beins - done in the schools. i A social datKV wa* given at t'uc Grand '. jlacih.- last nujhL A larg.-crowd was : in atteodaiic« and a pleasant evenin- ; : was spent by all. Arnolds orchestra' ·'' : furnished the music .Supreme Court Hand, Down i_ ion ia Aa Interesting Grand Fork* Connty Sail. KarfV Clover Root Tea ': I'? 3 "-*-** th » C.OTs!-«i«.. I'-r-i-s -. f -·^uf^TnSii::"^'"', 5 '-.^.' ·** "··· '~^- ^---.^tf.^":'.::' l "'":|-. .So'd . C. CO.. The Bray-Booker Caae. The supreme court has affirmed tne decision of the district court in the case of John P. Bray vs. t«wis E. Booker appealed from the district court of Grand Forks county. In 1885, Bray sold a house and lot at Grand Forks, eighty odd shares of bank stock in the Grand j Forks National bank to Booker. In consideration Booker was. to pay some notes i of Bray's at the Security Trust company and the Grand Forks National and give Bray his personal note for *5,000 The house was to go to Mrs. Booker, as Booker had sold Tier home at Pembina I and it was agreed that another should be purchased with the proceeds of the sale. Booker paid some of the notes agreed ADVERTISING AN ABT SOME 000 SCHEMES FOR GAINING PUBUC ATTENTION. How WuhiBftoa Irvtnc'i "History o* Sew Vorlc-Wu latrodocrd to tfc. People -- A PfBcil Maker'. Clever the 014 World. Pur sele by p. c. Reniinjrton. sh ', 5uW on STATIONS. ' s? Bisrcarcx , M avr*».... efc-na. .. - St-PauJ... Dulnth. Hortjo -31 ^ 12 _ J- r!,,a Lt. .fair Lt. pini 12 __ LL I dv.. O f . . . . ; 0 ; .c!i-ar . 8 Lt. T O J It ; 0 1 I.I The house commit tee on appropriations considered the wuau-.appropriatit.n bills last eveiims,' acd di-eidc-d cot, to make no chanjfe. Thi- bills will pass tnr bouse .as passed by the senate. I. Isaacs, the Grand Forks merchant, who has been very ill at tbe hospital for some time, was not as well yesterday as lie has been ftir some time. His case w not considered dangerous, however. Bishop Edsall attended Hie consecra- , tion services of Bishop Morrison iu Chi- · cage Vi ttinesdav. | Susie Tunjam a Graf ton lady sues the I city for £,OuO for injuries sustained by I falling on an icy sidewalk. i Ellendale is to have an electric light j system owned by the citizens according ! to the last issue of the leader. j Mayor Steele has ordered the chief of I machines in the city are run out. _ B. H. BEDSSOS, Section Din-dor. CITr. P. B. Wickhatn of Glen Ullia was in the city yesterday. Mrs, E. R Hisbee left last night for visit in Minneapolis. J.W.Jones, of Ft Tatea. was a guest at Ore Sheridan yesterday. Raflroad Commissioner Simons came in from Valley City yesterday. States Attorney McClorv is an ar rival in the city from Jvib"Lake. Thy Woman's Relief Corps will bold a meeting ia Q. A. R. hall this eyeniag. States Attorney Register, of Etnmons ""--*-, was in the city yesterday on The Olaapell investigating committee met last :e*ening and considered some testUDon?. Then. Taylor, the clerk at Dawson's store, w among those-on the sick list with lagrippe. was an arrival from the Mr.'WaKBrtsj is one of tne oldest sher- in the state and has been sheriff- of county for almost twenty years. Mrs. Senator Marshall teft for- in Oakes last night after a brie E'mSf * ·' Wt . il ? tbe cap'tal city- She TM 1 *» missed in the social functions scheduled for the closing days of the of days with a slight at ' e d TM . tadtpf The public schools are taking; their hoMaytedajt which they should have . b*4-jOH--*---' The ladies of the Eastern Star will entertain tfcs .Masonic aad Eastern Star fwternttiM at Workmen hafl, Dakota block, tonight. Visiting members of the outers will be guests of honor and all are invited to attend. Mrs. O. P. Jewell, mother of M. H Jewell, arrived in tbe city yesterday inormng on her way frota California to her home in Michigan She spent yesterday in the aty and resumed her homeward journey last night. Married--At th« Meflmdist £ebrtiarv 23, lr. Joseph Katie Stick*!, both 6Y mony performed by Rev. James Andcr ??"{_ -j ^ oret has J" 84 wt«nied from Cuba and he and his bride will now re ade at Ft. Votes. · Sheriff Wilson of Caas connty was .* he cit- yesterday. Mr. Wilson recently resented a bffl to the commissioners o ass county for 863,000 tor conducting a distillery cast upon ,, is an old custom, dating- a§ far back as tho serr-nteertrh century. The advert!*-- of today therefore ha* over two -- ,, ^s.^ru; ""turi,* «f experience in thl» direction ; upon but did not vay the notes at the! npon whk-h he may draw. It te not M i G r a n d t o r k s National. In the mean j stran »". th «t that-ra«l..-rt i J{"»e, in order that lira, c-ould negotiate j the Booker note, the hrttw turned over !»ltate«l security j n r t e shape of bank 1 ?^T °' tDe . (ji rand fork» .National bank ; to the Merchants .National bank. Brav discounted the note at. the Merchant's K a ^£^L anU ,^' eived the ««* thereon! 1 r ^ k T h x. not fia v lhe n °*« at the ! Grand forks .National and in the inean- rtiuie^ftM Bray had renewed tfcenotes.the j renewal guaranteed by Booker the bank i «, | w«,t into the hands of a receiver Toe I « b lP n ---""' ! receiver sued on the cow. The note at' if ·I "2^' may KmembeT tow Father i the Merchants .National had not bt en ! J^"*?***^"* "History of Jfew York" i paid and Bray had given b£ own note i l^^? 11 Ir ? Jlg) was first «»«»*«» i ID taking it up. He sued tor a venor^ !? ^ bllc - ** ' a agood SHnstmtlon of '·--SteSssiffBa that ^-i ~ssas? ori8ioality rf *·*--*·· JJTM*??*?- .^l*^S^3Fa^"aV££ ment which read something Hke this . ^r^Q-a"". «ont m», brad brtatoed « if bt ..^ teeed » e - ntber *«emric, calls himself Father Knickerbocker. ^^ Co. peneua." Juarge mxmben at toeae orange* were packed ia small e tieveloped Into not only an busiiiw*. tjut in some CH*CS into ; science, for it is a a-u-nce t-o attract theancntion of too pnh- llc in a plt-asijj^ -way, ami nianr uniiiue and stanliiiij advertisements have Ix?«ii tho result cf the hijih intelllgente and on- · ergy of the American merchant ami ndm- tocr. It would perhaps be interesting n note a fevr of the ways in.wbich thaw m-n tave from time-to tinw tried to attract . «- a Mr. and Mrs. Perry Tingle of Dickin- ton were in the mtj the guests of Mr. and MW. W, T. Best. Mr. Tingle is the city editor of the Dickinson Press and fa coarttut pain when ror feet? ,. fa that "Jeaggiag, puffing) sensatioa wtt* yon from mom' tffl night? Why not pot the medicine , exactly OB the disease ? Why L --1 apply the core right toj -japot itself?. ' You can do it with shows that the sheriff's is^ good office In Cass county--if he gets it. The Ladies Aid Society of the Presby tenan church will hold a special meet Wartheparsonage this afternoon ai half past three o'clock. All member* of comnjitteee,ijost2 and 3, are requested to be present to arrange for chicken pie supper Wednesday evening of next week. Ike-ftmeial of Mrs. John Davidson wmoccOT tomorrow from the house at 2:30. Rev. Dobson of Dickinson wiU conduct the serrices. The ladies of the Eastern Star are requested to meet at the rawtenpof Mrs. S. H. Scott at 2 o'clock matt which place they will attend " funeral in a body. . . James Venwp. the 4-yir-old son of Mr. and MBL.E..E. Morris, died yesterday rOf tnetnbraneous croup. The little one ha* only been sick a short time and ts death will be a sad loss to its irrief- strjcken parents, who only a short time ·fo-lMt. ao«h« child by diphtheria. They havathejiincerest sympany of all . ,, j. .. gurrow. """" _ cerest sympanyof all The funeral wfil occur ' --.. ...V.. W.....T. *. U1? lUUCTidl W tomorrow at 10 o'clock'from the Cath .Be church. · · -. . Col. F. W. Majone, a Montana gentleman, has been id the city visiting Capt, Moorhouse. Messrs. Malotie and Moorhouse were.soldiers together in the war Cherry policeman and ordered buried by "the city scavenger has turned up, missing. G. S. Helmer, a well known Jamestown traveling salesman, has purcfaaaed the general store of H. E. Boyd at Edmunds, will resign his position and engage in business at that point. The Rugby Tribune is proud of its home and states incidentally as an evidence of Rugby's prosperity .that next spnng a new two story brick block and a thirty room hotel are to be erected there. · · . . There are rumors afloat which cannot be verified at Jamestown according to the Alert that Dr. McLechlan of Ne-Sr Rockford and Dr. Harris of Pembina, are to be two of the new members-of the state insane hospital board. Treasurer White of Ransom county has been found short in his accounts twice hut has always made the amount good and a correspondent to the Fargo Forum is anxious to know why some of *»·- people down that way persist in , . the supreme court. by sent to all aorta of Moutuo. in. president and his cabinet, thelJnitBd State* senators and members cf the sa-i preme court each received a basket. The*) were also sent to all the great men and! women of every profession, iTM-h^~gj wnjrers, actors, authors, ministers, law"i y«rs, bankers and editors of large papers. The last named class probably didHaore for the company than any of the others by the highly complimentary press notices which appeared soon after in their re- i apective papers. America is far ahead of European coon- i trie* in the matter of advertising. Jfews- paper circles ia Paris not long ago were electrified by an advertisement erf an American patent medicine company which appeared in one of their fanrnate for which ITiSOO francs ($3.500) had been paid. Xo such price had«ver before been paid ia France for an advertisement, and the concern was looked upon asa company of '·merchant adventurers," ^^ One of tie mo.* novel feat»of advertising in recent years was that accomplished py two young men not long ago. They were sent out by a large concern in New York, which provided ihem with plenty of money and Instructed them to paint signs wherever American travel was most frequent all over Europe. They returned la i about two years and a half. In tha* time ' I they used about sis toss of paint and «40- 000. A large portion of the latter had been .spent for »pace privileges, These two young men had been in nearly every conn- try in Europe and painted signs: on the Address boa 314. -he_ people Be**-* VITALITY, 1 .LOST ViGOfl ill ¥1 I A AND MANHOOD Jares Impptency, Night Emissions and ·n?in ? diseases, all effects of self- abuse, or excess and indiscretion. A nerve tonic and blood builder. Brings the pink glow to pale cheeks and restores the fire of youth. By mailSOcper box: 6 boxes -- ,. Oi with a written guaran. tee to core or refimd tbe money, NCRVITA MEDICAL CO. Dangers of tte Grip. The greatest danger from la grippe is ite resulting in pneamonia. H reason- Jf'? cafe if used, however, and Cham- berlajn's; Cough reaiedy takeo. all danger will be avoided. Among the teas of wpnsands who have used this remedy «w la grippe we have yet to learn of a angle case having resulted in pneumonia whach shows conclusively that this remedy is a certain preventive of that disease. It wifl cure la grippe in less tone than any other tasatment. It is If you want a healthful breakfast food for yourself and family, don't fail ^y ^ ^Ple of gold heart wheat gnts left at your house. None so good and your grocer can supply yon. A fine line of bats, new spring stock, «t Tbe Boston. For Mto by P. C. Bemington. dmggfet, Bbourek i^llattbeBcMtonand see tbe fine line of spring suits. After baring become" financially embarrassed to the amount of 33,000 or $*,Sn^T fe**?¥ nusappropriated some 8SOO r otschool funds the stafioaagent at U Johns takes a trip to his old home in Canada whens it is presumed he;*dl visit for some time. . · For L* Grippe. Thomas WhitfleW * Co.. 2*) Wabash Around tbe World. Oakes Republican: .By today's mail the BepuMican is in receipt of a copy of the Republican "issued November llth last, which was sent to one of its .subscribers somewhere, and from him seat to one of the soldier boys.'at' Manila. There itwas used for a wrapper to a pair of Chinese shoes irom Mvron W Hmgley, Co,-'P. 13th Minn., U. Tv. and returned to Rev. J. B. Hingley WS Pierce street X. E. -Minneapolis, and by him mailed to the Republican, hai,-ine made a trip around the world in three months, and got back home fn good con- · f Hv. , ca ff has oeen flied » w »?-, in the historical archives of the Republican and will be on exhibition everv legal holiday. There are but few of the best papers in North Dakota that can boast °f» circulation reaching around the world. · --" »«.«w*Ku»=utr «f^jcoicu every day for some time, and people began to wonder and ask amon^ themselves who tate Father Knickerbocker could be. . WiM rumors were circulated' of an immense fortune that wag waiting for hto. and at «terpriging newspaper came out with the statement that he had been discovered, crowned in the Eatt river. Letter* of in- 9Wry poured into box 814 of the papa which issued the advertisement, but not one of these received an answer. · In the midst of the excitement there appeared in still larger type in the cane paper thto advertlseinent.- DI9COVEEED--A teg belonging to Htbei Knickertioeier. toe xoiMag naa. The tu contained aleneraad a jmmnscrip»j - ^^ ta expiates tint ttwaamaajpt l»f ·· of KewYOTk,"wWoh Father Knit wl^Mtoh«TOimhB«hedM»ca«« ^ parted to parts oakaown. The manuscript in now ia course of publication mud will be ia- ·ned In a short tun*. The book WM then advertiaed in the regular way. Of course when people .began to see through the hoax they naturally felt rather cheap, especially the paper which had printed the East river drowning incident, but the object of the ijab- Usber had been attained: He had got tbe Constantinople, ete. . er over the roads and paths through those grand moontains. Just fanaglnean American traveler, far away from New York, IB the heart of tbe Swiss mountains, who ·hooM suddenly see ahead of ate, painted on the aide of a mountain, one of those old familiar trademarks .of America, *^se - **. it would certainly leave a deep impression upon his mind, which jrouMiaat nntU he returned to America. So^jejrwwtt on, painang^ sign* every, where. They are accredited with having palattda large number on a* PyramiS go e people talking. It is needleas to say that thebqpkhadaTeadysate. It is usnalfy a clever pfcceof advertising i the indirect kind Tifra Hu .»^--,, .._!that _ w ,^7 wiH^a^r w »»»*:» of the indirect kind Hfce tbe brings the largest returns. . One voy clever scheme of advertlstna ao ^t*a*i mmnrtnmttt_-.V ^1 1 . _ . » . . ^ 1 toallow them topattSeir __ on the wall of his palace, bat thia be did not allow them todo, gtrange to ·ay However, they contented tnennelvea with signs on some of' the MaKMyrhf.^ laosqnes in Constantinople. The ycrana men said they had better success to Cca- ·tentinople than anywhere else, for the Moslem is a tover of brigh* ookws, aad the Kg red, blue and yellow signs teemed to pteaaehrm. One old fellow came oat and begged them to put a sign on tbe front of his dwelling. He seemed to '·""^ijfr it quite a decoration. · Sometimes when we are in a poetical a poeca frame of mind we become perhapr some- which one what irritated by tbe advertisements put up everywhere, .. -TM uuc s«3=. put up evraywnere, Vf- naps spoiling the beauty of a landscapelor making a city hideous with many staring H-u-wn. T. *,. 1_^ k ,KU*«IB m £3 MJJSl^HlCl 1U tlH* Wttf J -- * OUOBU of the rebellion and bad not seen each f*fj"* orner Jaraaon-st, one of Chicago's other for years. Mr. Makme was colonel J^ 1 " 68 * aa * Jnost prominent drujmsts; i of the Seventh Kansas cavalry and has j reool * jm * n ds Cwon.ljerlain's Cough Bem- j ac excellent reci'rd as a soldier". " He is \' e "f ' Dr la'srippe; as it cot only gives a lone of Montana's most promimmt repub- j-.P 108 ??* at 3 conaplete relief." but also j licans, and receivetHhe vote of his party ' cs H | *t e TM*' any tendency of la grippe to I for tbe senatorshio in January. i Jf 8 " 1 * ID !nenmaraa. . Eorsale bv E. S. Beardslpy, ' -" Be not deceived.' A cough, hoarseness or croup are noi to be trifled with. A dose in time of Shfloh's Cure win .save you much trouble. Sold bv P 'C Remington. ·· i a» Gold heart wheat grits is the best breakfast food. Your grocer sells it. If you read detective, stories, call at Capital Book Store. . 70 titles. en- last Master Immediately after tb 'laster is appBed, yon fe« a warming, soothing k . Ifioence. Its healing remedies! , - e o j for tbe senatorship in January. i . ' Mr. and Mrs. M. H, Jewel! ! U-rtained a numtK-r «f friends ieveninp. tfap event beinc jlarly in honor of the presence of ( Mrs. Baker, wife of Ihr- speaker of the j hii«f. ami Mrs. Allen, wifr of the i chairinai: of liu- h'.mse comiuitiep on ap- I propriations. The occasion -was honored i by the presencf of Governor and Mrs. i Kanchcr. Senator and Mrs. Marshall. ·; Senator and Mr*. McCiilitvraA- and s i number of euneenia! people at whist i and musk% Attention Firemen. - There will be a meeting of the Banner j Hook ,t Ladder Co. Friday evening,! Feb. 24 at 7:30sharp, All members arr- 1 earnestly requested to be present as Always in the lead, The Boston, for low prices and square dealing can not be beat. i Ful| e»' Ue Disc Press Drill. years ago to be used in the semi-arid districts of Western Kansas. Oklahoma acd Indian Territory. That country gets much less rain than the Missouri valley. It met with - duced fair crope where shoe-drills and pro- 1 1 quired before or after-- the discs cultivate the ground thoroughly. It spreads the seed . two inches wide -, ,-^.^^M^ *m, o^cu twu wcae wioe which gives it a better chance to stool than when sown close together in a shoe track. It has 30 per cent more pressure on press wheels than any shoe press drill - s broadcast seeders produced failures. sidepf^eeyear, it drove ^ out of that market In that country it I into the groun? while t h * s c c u is claimed, by those who have used the 1 **** g"" 1 ' 30 ' of their own weight-- leaving d that fair crops of winter wheat 1 j ? wei » httof the machine, seed and " Healcy has the best line of uroceries in tho city. bnsiness of importaec acted. A. W. CIKA.MRJ; Secretary. is to be trans- . , Foreman. [quickly penetrate down deep] into the Ma " " Pain is qnieted, inflamed tissues. | Karl's Clover Root Tea is a pleasant i j laxative. Regulates the bowles. purifies I j the Wood. Clears the complexion.; ! Kasy to make and pleasant to take. 25 ' ! c«nt«,- Sold bv P. C. Remington, the! i druggist. ' j ! Call on Healey. tbe grocer, when you I want butter, groceries or anything good I to eat. » »««_««U»e CKCMI o* TAOT** VOWBtK ~ ' ' «* «jw4vvc%kf avL^uvao ^ ic~ neved and steength imparted. "· plaster Rk«tt No Placed over the chest it B » powerful aid to Ayer's Cherry Pectoral; relieving congestion and drawing oat ~M inflammation. Smokers will find 18 brands of cigars to select from, at Capital Book Store, in addition to a full line of pipe tobaccos. Will Entertain. The ladies of the Eastern Star will entertain Mason.1 and their ladies at Workmen'!* hall, Dakota" block on Friday evening February 24. at 8 o'clock. Visiting Ma«ions and their ladies are cordially invited. The worthy matron will be aaustcd in receiving bv Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Watiion, Mrs. Scott "and Mrs. Rdick. Asocial time and dancing. Personal Tax Delinquent March i, 1809 j Personal prc.perty tax for the year i 1.SK. will become delinquent March 1.! 1SS. Five ioi per cent ponaltv is added i March 1. !*#. E. H. SI-ERP.V, ! Cnuntv Tn By \V. A. FM..OXKK. ' CREAM LUWN6 The Xorth Dakota Floral company of '· Farco will fay telegrams for all ordfi-s for flowers in excess of S2. They have been fiirnishing a nice lot of chokv cut Bowers to our citizens. · Wanted ; to let the contract for aiakin,; :S».noO j brick at Fort Bmhold, ". D. i WantPti to let the eontrart for diggins and building a stone we)] six feet in diameter, forty feet d«-}.: also the haui- inc of all material on our contract from Mi not to Fort Berthold. Address OWPB A Hille, Minneapolis, Minn. Awarded Hiffhe*t notion. World'* Fair OoW Medal. MidwfaM*f Pair Did OU try that sample of gold heart silk Per- New and elegant Une of front imported Hadras and cale shirt* at The Boston. an- siting rain when there sra« a liberal' [ snowfall during tbe wintpr. I do not p that far but I can prove that it produced fair crops io certain dry portions of Xorth Dakota, durine the pant three · J-ears, where shie drills .produced fail nres. Shallow cultivation and hoavy · pressure to retain the moisture and ·spreading the seed i," the secret of it. This drill is in use on practically all of j the lante farms of the Red River Valley. \ Men who have reduced wheat railing to ! a science like A. R. Dalrj-mple and N. ' G. Larimore would not huv thorn by the ! car load and lay anide shoe drills if they : were not superior to shoe drill*. They i murht buy one to experiment with b u t ' they would not buv the second and third »very thing roll* while shoe drills drag U h*« no equal in stubble work; the fh^rTl into * 9olid ** * n d co-rer This drill hag prodncpd in North Da kota from three to m bushels of wheat and flax and ten to fift.en bushels of tats per acre more than shoe drills on the same class of land. Frank Oramfe w my agent here and a sample of the dnll can be s»een at his plao*. Bv send^ "-f 08 ^ 1 canl *° thp F «f«o Storage ITansTer Co_ Farsfo, you will receive a et coDtaininit oO letters from farmerg of the state telling just "" know aTxMit the Fuller lee Respectfully, M F WILLIAMS rSPAPERf SPAPESJ

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