The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 23, 1899 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1899
Page 1
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fenwrch tribune. MEMORIAL SERVICES Fitting Tributes Paid in Joint Assembly to the Memory of the Departed Gov. Briggs. BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY. FEB. 23, 189 ELOQUENT AND FEELING ADDRESSES State Officers and flembers of the Assembly United in Paying Re= spect to His Memory. fhakc hw hand.was to inspire confidence m him. As I knew him- we often met in a social gathering -Frank Brigg« was hke the tallest forest tree that stood. He had a knack of bringing men's hearts and souls to him. He was one of the truest men 1 ever knew. He never (seemed to vvant to appear to be above i other men: no place jou would put him j would elevate him in his o» n estimation. 1 met him manv times after he was governor of the state and it was the same as it was in his capacity as a citizen--he would reach out and take my hand and say--"good morning Joe' - and I would respond--how are jou Frank?" He did not cart? about tx inp called governor. He cared nothing for the fact that ne was governor but he did tflmlr a great deal of that name- -Frank Briggs. He wanted to be known in his individual capacity, and if I ever was acquainted with a man who I be ieved was one of Uod s noblemen, born a. true,honest gen- fc^°'£ w ^* n A Bri *S?- . Wh« made it an mae t both pleasant and agreeable for them to be with him. High-toned and comes lores: she again?" He re- :--i -- . ... n ^ Lur^fc t»ji«im. m=* F*. pbes teat he has asked that dread ones tion of the hiBs that look eternal: of the ·*-- that flow on " fashion oecommg a K»ntteman, and ex-ihad^jT pectedhke treatment ia return. All ~ who came in close acquaintance or con- silent. , . r g s . en the peo^e of thw state put thrhefmof tne ship of state in his hands, it was in a safe plac*. admirers. With a force of will power that wasi trulv wonderful he foaght the dread disease which had fastened itself upon him. With a hope of partial or permanent cure he traveled into other and milder --. - ·--.-- .-- -«MVU ws-vjuatut^iuu*! ur CUH* 1 I foot th.. I --- A.L. *. i ji ' ta^with him became hi, friends and ^T^^gg. 1 shall meet again." _- spirit had that question they L but cow.** he adds, iy living face. through its peri»h--we sections of our land but all in vain, tender, devoted The BESPBCT. Senator Arnold then moved the follow ing resolutions which were adopted: »», "^f,' ^ er ^, h " b^n removed from this life Hon. Frank A. MAWLi world was r*-aj*hi»^ «n*3 Ufa pani^k^j ·*:*** T__ * **· It is »ad to see even the shrunken and f won withered giant tree sway in the M** I and fall before the fa when in tne peaceful I the cdpitol IE who**' offices he \,is lory i sj-pi-join figure, tccaib»rs of tiie leeisUiive ( it semblj, -Jtate olH.-ers and ciua-ns of the state cathpred to lay a tribute of nsjipvt to the memory of nn bonor^l pubi.c of ticial. a jj.iod citizfii a kiud friend an upright man amon; men In fitting addre-x s. urfatbins smcerttv and Mjr ; row ,it t 1 !- imtmi' !v dtf?a*- of one who had -D voting njiched «o distiDpuished a s-tatioi. ,inU whom Utath U "1 railed from the mUst of lift- s hur.urs an} pli ast-«-s. the virtu* 1 ** of ibf- laU* ^ivcrnor wi-re eoniniem irated. h;s mtt-jrisv paid trib t utc ant! hat true mantioud att--teii. Th.- senate chamlier wa-, tiU-d with thost-aho unifcd ;n thpnifm irial Prom the d^k of tho ht-uU latit i;ovcra*^r ro»e a sia^ie crosaof whiti-flovvtrs ntnii- at the back of the dpk wa ^ a {ortrait of the t)\entitT. dra| d m foids of t-rapp mmKled aid floatiuir forth » i t n a rj.u; intertwined. The memorial vrvic-s were ojwp.etl with pravpr Vv R, -,. Aader- f i«on, whose invocation WAS cjoijm-nt, n't j ting and sincere. Lu n a n t ' r o v ^ r n o r ' Oevi»e then prew,-nt«i Governor Fan cher, who spoke as foilows o\. F. is. r \ \ HEK. Mr, Pri-5Hdi»nt, Mr. Spt aker and ( 5 m - ' of "' meet toprtht-r todav to pa* a ttib'ute oi respect to Frank A. britps, who died on Fittwetribirtewa^iiaid u-s-wrday to ! ha term to governor, as thf name pri the mt-morv of Xorth Dakota's depart"il V BJP-secretary Jinpik-i, was mo«t inti in tho-»nat chamlv.i-»f i h t ,..,,,, f ,,i ,« , ^ 3ud ^'' of a! ' d v '"* !lJe ni-. character. 1 · cue perouts nu* to strict onlj his lead in_: t-haruct* "lode -his nianlint-bs. I u»v tht- term lu its hijjheat , broadest, truest sj nonj run us _ courage. was the I HOX t. 8. f Senator Hanna spoke as follow*: Mr. President We hav e met here to dav to pay our resp. x:U to the memor of our latp eovernor, the Honorable ' I-rank A. Briggt. I became acquainted , with him a number of jears ago, and I remember him as a friend, and chen=h j that remembrance today as one of the , ,- ,. TM-TM u -, Bueu DC pleasant memories- of the past- His life w icds b! w, when no cloud is in the -kv it seems to me is an example of what j a!1 suddenly falls, the ^reen and sturdv i an be aL-compiLshed bv a man who is oa ^ we sUrt back Chocked .ind dismavc-d" i Sonest and t-anrsetic nr.der our rfpubli ' Humanity catnot repress a moan m 'the i can instituuous. He held various of prepuce of »uth d^ath. Around it there ' nees in our state H« was po~rn:astt r at. B such an inipecPtrable mysterv be- Mandan. trt, isurer of Morton coiraty. i twe«a the i v i n s a o d t h e dead there is I sta'e auditor, and Tj.-d while holdimrtU such at. unsijt-dkeablp. fathomless un I hj«h .ind l-oM raWp- }x^,'jon . f soit-raor measured gulf. And vet sat! as is' the of this strfu-. Marc Antony in hj» ora ciwteijyiation, wrun^ and torn as are tion over the dead bodv of Julius C^sar , tn- hearts that au^rn his kjss, «-ho can , , -- : ~ v p."«- naj w auuiuer' uufreiore, oe it weary i life was by force of his ownVrtue^ shore j whose public record is clear, whose prT rtstnrf 5 vntu Ittr, m- nn -1 _ - _ _ i , .f** ---' ·--»~ "i ^+^^.7^ fcut-uiuriaj exercises Dt ?i, I DO L n n t t .^ a t '^ff^and that fifty copies H» ,w thereof f be bound and placed at the disposal of the family of the deceased. A MEMOES: OF FLOWEBS. ^Senator Hanna moved that as a mark 01 respe.-t and esteem of the senate the fijwerson the de=k be presented to Mrs. , with true honor, and courte^v r-- ! tar, guiding his life. ited a lie and scorned a dishonest aut He never bv word or act told an untruth, or bv insinuation led to a false oeiii'f on an subject. His ever* bnsi ' ne-- act uill bear thu minutest scrufinv. Hi « HS the soul of honor. His word jiice giver aas a sacred plodg-p, never violated. Toev.»r dutj he eavp his l«~-t thought and (fTo-t ",ir.d under pbj j a u a ' sii'Terinj;. vshfch w» ecdovvetl wifn , b*'alln ani strengUi i "n not apprt-ciat*-,' hu perforated with fidilitj the t-usts njj jn-sed ,n hi- krt-pir.2. Ft-ar he nev t -r said, -I POIUP to burj C.e-str. nut to i praise him. the eul that men do livt-, after their the good is oft interred vvitn their bone,: so lei it tie with C.esar " Bet with Governor Bricjrs. if tV-re was acythiac v-.rong in his lifpit 1'iis hurit-1 with him under the sod and we cherish his memory and remember him as tne i v.i-w tne l.fv of o«r djiaru-d friend, so i rounded and so sj rametrical. so steadv in its up«,ird progress, so full and over noviu,j in ifs frintion and not «av -- it ,'^~ ~- -·*· --«·» --,Lc«m acu re sjiav bu tiiough blinding t^ars. but'stifl ??Jr r j?^ kvinr--the widow of our de- 111 lorou; prue,- *it K well * " A r d uhilt I would-n-it dry one tear that is shod ft r him, while I w^uld not | Mr. Laughlm, on behalf of the house of representatives. ,eeonded the motion, which was adopted and said: We mo--t heartfly desire to join with the senate-, n presenting this beautiful aoral offtrmg ia token of our respeU for the deaa and of our high e-,teem and re Extensile Losses to Property by Fires of Incendiary Origin .'Are Reported. Some Fighting, But Few Casualties Art Reported As a Result of Conflicts. Salutes Are- Fired in the City and On the Fleet ia Honor of Washington'* Birthday. Incendiarism at Manila. la, Feb. 22.--AB outbreak of in- cendiarism in the city today is accompanied by fighting. Only a few casaaB- ties are reported but the property loss is enormous. . parted chief executive. Jomt assomb! - v adjourned. ..« (uLtui^i.^ auu remeiij otr mm a^ tne- i "*«**· ** ^i Kind father, the loving husliand. the true [^Pp:v»s one moan that breathes out mend and the honest able, efficient of ' tile sorrow of those who mourn for bin, ti_'er in whatev er position of trust the ?;·', I tae heart " vote-* of the people of this stat. placed i t * ldt those things which madi ttllLl. j QJIQ Jlpl^lflll Utfl(*Vl \TTt-rf* Him j ** *iT;» t »tu.j wj^ivxi wait; turn iiicuus mut Deriain's l l mii*-h r*»n *- r ^!^f£.nr^^,*r tblB «P h * te «* ^rwK^ded? The mttelap-eof vesrs is r.ot lif. The lieutenant CJover: BriKfj= »' an f nthus^stit: ila^uii, arid i tfie_Uiair desire-, to reoniniye y. J. Hui Dangers of the Gnp.. Tee greatest danger from la grippe is If reason- and Cham- )n, cwurse hu illimitable, Making what tti le-s fi^-ut agaiDBt courage s-u^tamed be n e s t r falt-re«l. ·unced of the rig5t i it \v i ill j courage in capacitv of a Mason beriam s Cou^h remedv taken, all danger will be avoided. Among the tens of tcousana-3 v.iio have used this remedv Honored His Memory. Woshington, Feb. 22. -Washington's birthday was celebrated geaeraHy throughout the country by the display of flags and patriotic exercises. Brvan spoke m Washington, Alger in Detroit and Senator Davis at Chicago. +~+4+~~+ . Remembered at Manfi^ Manila, Feb. 22--The white guns on ha city walls and those on board the stupsof Dewey's fleet m the bay fired a salute in honor of Washington's birth day. Four of the commissioners from the island, all negroes, had an mterview frith Otis and informed Turn that the American flag had already been raised over that island and that the inhabitants were readj, ansioiis and willing to accent any proposion the Americans might offer. The insurgents have heea driven from tae island entirely. HJLL. \V( " ,, i , i ^- r - Presidt nt and Gentlemen r Of a, J\ n "\ Waa 3 hnpe " 5 '^TMrBr I K r ,lk-nevv but lijrle. but b^d h to 'tOTS ! ^d-'^al^ai^r:^^ of t lhe t-vcrlasti, ff hills ' .jau in the^rand lodge of the state of *as he i North Dakota, «L;rf without a thought , on hi* part he n a- electe»Uo the posi- tu^n of grand treasurtr. and a tuore sur prised man tnan he was not on the floor i He had reached -the ballot position in active · t tuber of his chapter. He'had 1 reached the highf-st want in the com-' convictions were estahlj-Jhed. above ail vva« hi-s nniform . Cart-fu! to a f.iult of the and toll-rani of the opinions of ho jaoti'TUlj heard all -Tupu rt-jrardrd all mtnts. carffnllv i all claims and made* decisions ' rlt H- no one w«ted eommandery o f t e Owonsatttecitv « ceived a more " r n a a U one d to da.-k-iess aijd to hi;, I round ia th--- tnili of habit ! thui^iht into an implement , this w not life. I a all this but'a poor I fraction of the coii^caentiuusness of hu j iaai.jtv i» aaakem d. and the sanctities i will s]utaier which make it north while ' tube. Knowk-dge, truth love, beautj. ;£oodre$. faith, these alonp can cive value and vitalitv to e'ristence. The lau^h of mirth that vibrates through tae heart: the tears that freshen the drv childhood back: the prav?r that calls the future near: the doubt that makes T3s meditate: the draith which startles u» en mvstcrv; the hardship which forces to struggle: the anxietj that ends in are tin- true nourishment* T,f nn^ enjoj . r ._..,,,,,,, m £aat ' Coffev, pastor of the Christian church, Sneltwi Xr^S^it^'^^f^ 3 "" 118 ^ ^ ste ^ jasant and safe to take. For «ale bV'« g d the ** vtD S» ot Mrs. H. A. S. Beardslev. ' J Margaret at whose home Coff-y had been rooming and boarding. Mrs. Mar- 5I rrrp««CI II rooming and boarding. Mrs. »UCVt:a»ihUL. ' garet is a-widow ever 70 years old. Dancing Party Given at the Sheridan Night an Enjoyable Social Eve .t. ' brou Poshes the Canteen Measure. Wastunsrton, Feb. *. -Senator Hans- rh says be will puin the the amend the arm re-irsanization bill There «s an e^Lstenee be vend the worth vva» the dancing partv last evening by functions of ·ose m and Mrs. j ed statutes. pf war the propos The house amendment was leagues, together. We consulted to ? na opannjr as me words came. ".No. sir. news came to us thai gether frecmently. Two }e*rs ago ] ' I can t do that, because"-and in clear, all felt a sense of pet stood bj his:sidf as be was about to take!' 1 ? 6 TM 'terms his reasons were frankly , Knights Templar the oath of office as governor of this W^MI. I have »-en men leave hu preJ t rowfuHj left their state. While waiting for the nidce. an ence with pet projects dt-ttroyed and in his remaina »a rH»i , i t . j * i~~i." ^' i ·^ i "*"«*" u ' ; -t,j "i "Je-Niate, ana at ail re-' t ' , ",--" ' I ^'i'"*'', * "« , liniotis at the cicv of Farce, no one i-P-IP atQral bein « an1 make life worth wa=, the dancms cam triv-.-n,t t ^ OKTM I ·ay f.a^p aiai u^it!e$s power in S nnh m-n and affairs. 1 have -,..,, ... -iritps, wuo aieu on "i«-i« Leard uier. unfold to him their | us thPre he »as no longer go-ernor but «"nt uie wnrre an saali be made clear --«···"«"- -»iu.uuj; ujuse m attendance; stricken out bv thp - thfr 8th of August l*«t, while oecupvms l} lanri an1 V m ^^-^-kiog bjs co-opera he was Frank, or Brother Brisks' j n , We shall sec as we are seen: we shall! ttere prominent people from all parts of an amendm^nf s *^ e TM mau ? ee * a * thehpoorablp position of Governor of ti-n or approval, \\nen all was heard the Scottish Kite he had reoefved the ' ^^ ^ we «re..known. Dickens, the ' the state and all were unammo,,* i,, TM^ f TK amen ° men , t adopted providing for North f8kota. Oov. Bru^s was my ! **· "md had Kipped the salient point ' 32nd *«re«. and bv aTn aw ^,u« vole j ?^ at master of ^Kon, made tnTpooT, i nouncinz Mavor TrTw P f ? P ?" ° £ malt Hjuora «« """^^ «»- wannest, nearest, personal frk-nd. I demoted the « M k spot,., and found the of the roj'neil m \VafhTnetoc, ^^ Barnab a nd tne coarse, sfaSng. ' «"« lcin S Ma °- and Mrs. Patterson the enations, Hausbrough's prooosed knew and loved him well We came in **°r*- H'-- d-.t-rmination was final. If , he had b^n elected a, knLht comnSSI' i Hu?h of the Ma JT»!'-1"° hold conwl'. most n} a! of entertainers. The parlors amendment provides that A* ^^^ tooflfcciathiscapitol Ouilding as col- runfavoraWe, I recall his, positive tone ' er of the court of honor When tS' saticrDS afout the Bonders of the Tisi-1 ^ dining room of the^house «hi-! «== · «» *..,»,. - - secretar ' b-agues. together. We consulted to ? ncl t»'annjr as the words came. "Xo. sir. news came to us that he was gone we ! "« T eni. and thev -inquired of each " _ ^^^r^ n ^^'^\TMTM^ business teitn^tt ?* h .\ n tb ? «"e both under sentence of 1^^^°^- Mrs. Patteraon-a charm- \ the faonse. left nothirg oodone f^oiufort of tiis guests up'toward thT^riad' Hghte"6f , f 1 'fTM? ° kf * e W «* ^ "tfatic u^ --,-=-.. j ^ . ·» *". "'id«wr«t,.,^ f ,t t he ball room and the ex- Hiau^ « miP waning lor tne judpe, an , "«·«·»..ia lf- pnijwts ufsirnjrea ana in nra remains as thev passed through nn ' imperativf summons camo for me at the s '« d "f dLsapjiointment have ~h-ard the funeral train a-id pay a last trYbatP teleeraph office. I received a telepram ; TM f » express thanks for a favor received, f of respect to our lovedSir Knicht anrf i annoBncinjr the death of his elde»t If * w ftre tae meD w °o can deny, requests i for the last time sav "PilffrmT ».-T daughter. Stella, at Minneapolis. Mrs. j 1D sn f 1 » manner_ as to create the i m - j wellr" "' Jifiggs and Bessie wore with her. The j P re *Bon of granting a favor. His was a governor would have been «ith her ejt-1 nature not stilted, padded and inflated *^»r,t tur fH*i in«t.f*,,v*^,.^, A » *t,:^..... i to Inrir^ proportions, to be stood on tt Lieutenant Governor DeTine said- onps' was tne nravexMuan lever knew, i ·*"""««· «uu mrger re appare He faced death abwolutelj wrth a smile.! P?Of] can t-ome close to such At the last, as he crew weaker, his cour- i £° artificial barrier separated (» the night, eieiainwo, Hlngh. we suaii , know what makes the stars shine now " i "-'liect music furais-hed b Poole' f l l * » » * f *»I*V. Vn-fc^, A^J. T . . t t i t» vv+t* · Ul to excel j cnestra were all features \jhich contrib* stew * Uted * th * success ot ^ occasion. In vast' ? e b all room was a large picture of U" Y-SSt -·"**%*- |«i.bui ^ ^/t search, ( Georsi^ Washington on horseback sur- South Dakota. ? 1 * sta * e , foUowin g "*"' C. Baiter At the last, as he grew weaker, his oour- j i. ·-- nge increnspd and as I "sajd the other ' B"ES^ from day -he yielded only to eshauited na ture. and went out to meet lh«- future --- --v with s spirit as brave and dauntless j^ | »e lives wit tho summer day i« long. To other _.ff°« i fn the impnss of his character will friends of his 1 k-avp lii etilosv. Aft««r } '"""Id our thoughts and Uves. We h» death WP Iiore him u-ndt-rlv to his- d»fpiv mourn bin Uxs. Yet ne find sol- Who-o powrr o' bank of a in Miune-aa," orr the lake, m one of the fortu it to «ef. surrounded bv htitnlreiK. JPS thfitisnndsi of those who'had known him 111 ··arly hfp. \Tc laid him to rcs-t. recM-tt.lH-rinsf that thi prav- is h'll the receptu n mom tohc-avrn drrsrv tln-mrh itsopms and that trx-o th--- world b"i:in it ha* ix n the f.»u- of h. art- like his to live ami brphk ant] dip snl «.- km w that .vhtc the .'loners bU»v»n ovrr hi« ifravr. tn- nugplq nf (Hod wUI kiss tb«'"u. and flirs: t'i. ir fracrancr liko blpssint^t on thp s,tmmi-r air T'i«- IdMiu-nant f«jvprn«r I dpsirp to r. .^.^n/ · at tit- tm-,.^ on.- w h . --i- · tiiims t«-i » i t h him for a lorur tni" Mr t-or_»* H I'n.-Iis h-s pr.v.u.-s, ( -tar» m (.!·!!« h K. r«hL''«. Mr Pr.'sui. nt an,! tptitlrnir-ti of thp .loml \*.i nblv 1 iliii not (tiii)'- i i re t dpbvi r a nl.i:\ on mv ,.it fru-nd 1 -in* Ilv camp In r- 11 rft In mv pn-Mpm-p I mijjht in n fpt liit- ri.u i*r s-hott niv rp-f pect and ajiiint-i .' .m for lum My beart i sx f u l l of th-things that I wtmitl *«y and thp times., ] m l itfd that I havp thought ljfs.t to i-indi-nsp into n f.-w i Ulk thp thoughts' that occur to .._ those abort him. Those lifP and death. Few w'ho s^wl^FT ·/»-.-- ea na , nenr-t recognized b~it his srrpatnp^. Bri K? s at the bepntun^ of ^c ilst%es' ° f Him ' future He h »bcf.t fr.m our mid toda,.*t ston thought that deaS would «-,«" ,_ ,,,. he hvps with us *bo ki, P » him. As time cast hn pate shadow upon X U^PnTp part-ntly hpaithj body and vjcorous- mind. How uncertain is thp future' Todav life is- brurht, the SP» is calm thp tide' swoJLs hujh and strocc tomon-oft thp tide turns, business foublp s Vnessor death ml- us of hrie and T -.asure Frxim Ihp calm and" bvsvtifu! 'i.»r wherf we tioatt'd so c^ntidpnt:i n-p an- rudeh ' tossed out U[oti thp -via- t ar-. T 1 honjxjD btretches fsr bty»nd our ami thp bn ak of its rp-t; ^» wnv-~ ei'nps from d ^id- that a-* ;i'!fT"^,,i a O!P Vainlv struirtim.-«I-PJ;S P , ^, n ^ ,',, tai- tranquil dpy-rh-s «h-! is jv^.-.r- o- tempest toff, aj^i faint, are cast ujxuj fh.- shore \ \ p l l m a v tht jiu-t pviami in the hope that as we emulate his e a e , m one o e rir tuf-, follow hix example and ^bape most beautiful -spots it ha^ ewr i)Ofn mv °' lr I l % 1 ^ acvtirdiujr t j the n-t^iel be cave . 'tat the wnr.d may be benent f ed to rthers So n-,i\ tins rounded by fiags and bunting. The attendance was large although of the invued sniests were .-- -- ».»^ w^^vtiH; |«*ruei- . i "^*t knowledge and soodness ironi atteniliog by the inclemency of the aeather. Splendid refreshments were served and all present enjoyed the evening imm-'oseiv. Amooff those present were. ' [Hnlt Uov.andMrs. Far.cher. Mr. and Mr-s Jt» e !l. Rptainctyu. ISest, Conkliu. Beik Yankton was set for Sept. 25 to 29. Whife it is not jet generally admitted indica- WiUlOUt as w p thp pood he gave to - ... --.. plrndid *tate of ours ivhich HP server! Rc.i it- ;x- pip who overt Jussi w i t h an dff' v --.' i. rarelv ac ' (-rd.xi a mat m public lift». retWve at i,r ; t"- ir -rcaspd ^-r.ediction of a )ob!pl fi aov JOh'pn n \KF Mr .ios-tph Hare of HIK'K jipxl rPO"i:nu ( M.l by ;hp j To this fehcitv the friend we now with tenderness remember has alreadv ad t vanced. WP would not, if we could. Wine h.m Iwck to earth slowly and painfu ly to du asrai.1. Vi~- wait reverent Iy ana h. pefullj. for thp summons to us to jc-:n mtir m s., m o star that is s-himnsr fro-n pt"-ni.v to ptermtj, With unfading lusfrp in (rod's illimitable wiHenj--K of worlds H rt-st- ir tap U-vjtiftjl c-mptprv a, How.ird I^ike w h - r p the watpfs "th-^; Suicides. Hawkeye, Ia.. Feb. 22.-Miss .\ouie a highly- respected young lady of this city committed suicide by shooting herself twice with a revolver todav. She »r r, . ...~^»ucu j4ucas. aare, McGiluvray, Marshall. Saoborn. Biebee San.ierscn Falconer. MansHeid, Bacor.' La . il.-^-rs McItoi«pU. kerning. Moe Me Kc.slit H u i i i s . Patterson. Ballard, ' TnI S c Its contents. l --- · '*·· ·- )' Car Line for StUlwater. Stiliwater. Minn.. F^b 22.- The Still- uh county "iair He ( r smtr to Siet p i%n. "H- ' - ~ -- - - wi h- 'tioulderiu^ ashe* watrr e " lslM l ha?, tv\n.i,a Wvulcrnian. M ss-i-, LaMmire (.'o granted a street Mandeibaum ^lr l'ft-.i- ard It is on. m ;IH h tfit late i-i risHjdt v tt»srfj ··."Ti- mt. 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Bm-k!"n's \rrica S.I.K.-. thp brst IL thi- world vi.'1 kill tuc jmin and proiipt!y m a l it furt-s old sorps. l-ii's fpi.tns corns B -st pup ,-urp on -sal), it Cure cuar t* Ive'iimsrton ft»v r son-,, uicpr-. all skin enijitio-is pjtrth (v r ,n jr; Ivr antppri Sold bv T Have that clx;k of yours repaired and - - r * - - - - - · * · · » · » « ' * » v«*t u^*jii i»iat * iuwuwu i *o^flt* M-i run, uV lliij, toG jowclcr his earthly career as we left our brother ' - ^ « » » ·· cantiv-P on thP thrpshold of thr niffht I Oold hr»rt wheat grits i* tho best In the drama Ion, thp young hpathen j breakfast food \ourgroct-r splLs.t Qoacker City Makes No Error. , f i r \shorid_-e the republican i-andu.atp for major is 1197(56. thp laritst , ver civen a candidatp for office Fails, Flunk*. \!p!pton, Wis . Kpb. i. Th.- .Marui f.«'turiiic Inves-t.-jcut ciwujiani which ojicrates twosulphatp miUs m Wi C prr--it, has t'onp in thp hands of rer-( mr-. w i t h propcnv v a l u , d at 81,000,000 t. Jl -JXl' Hood s PilK cure all liver ilK for 25 cents C. I. Hood A Co.., Ma.-*.. .Mailed Lowell.

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