Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 12, 1910 · Page 1
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 1

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1910
Page 1
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^ r "^: 'v;~'; Weather--Fair and cold tonight and Sunday. E s t a b l i s h e d O c t 12,1882. EXTRA Twelve Pages--96 Columns. T r e n t o n , N. J., S a t u r d a y, X (» v e m h i r 1 2, 1 9 1 0 . Pagf-s--96 Columns. Price Two Cents . , , . -- c e w o e n s T YALE DEFEATS PRINCETON BY SCORE OF 5 TO 3 BRUCE-BROWN IN BENZ WINS GRAND PRIZE RACE AT SAVANNAH Two Hundred Thousand People Line the Coarse and See Daring Drivers Literally Split the Air Trenton Cars Are Withdrawn DEMOCRATS ARE OH KtCOHi) FOR JAS. E. MARTINE Three Assemblymen Are Pledged to Support Piiwary Choice for the. Bailed States Senatorship ' SMITH DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT HIS SAVANNAH, GA.. Xov. 12.--David 'Bruce-Brown, young New York mil lionalre. driving a Benz German car won the Grand Prize cup of the Au tomobUe Club of America today, covering the 415.2 miles In five hours, flfty- three minutes and six seconds. Victor Hemery. also in a Behz, finished second, losing to second and 42 second. Bruce-Brown by one one-hundredths of The finish was one of the most spectacular in the history of automobile i - racing. · Bob Burman, in a. ilarquette-Buick car. finished third. This was the first American rar to finish and Burman thereby won a special prize of $10,000. Ralph JIulford, driving a Lpzier · (American), finished fourth. Joe Horan. in a Lozier. was fifth. i--r-The Marmon car, driven by Ray Harroun until the fourteenth lap, and by Joe Dawson thereafter, was sixth. The average time : made by .Bruce .':" 'Brown for the 415.2 miles was - 70.6 3 miles per hour. :' * RACE TRACK, SAVAKNAH. GA., ir Nov.. 12.-^SpeeA Bends got their fill :: here today when the" fastest cars in ,'. * the world, - manned by drivers of. un". excelled .skill and daring literally split the wind in a wild hair-raising race · erf i!2. miles for the Grand Prize cup .'; of the Automobile. Club of America. ?i To the winning driver the victory is '\ ^personally worth about * $10,000, the H main cash being about $4.000, The cup i! goes to the* makers :of the winning car S and was'held until today by the Fla,t- . Company. The driver" finishing; second recely4a $2,000 and the third $1,000. In S addition to the regular .prizes there are many specials, one Savannah =clti- zen having donated $1,008' to : the driver · of the, first American · car to -·finish, .Auto equipment firms have offered f prizes. e 17,2'. nr many The 17,2. miles course . is said to be the. fastest in the world, and this" race, above all others, was declared, - today to b e ; a _ straight te^t.of car; against because the 3ri yers : will ."be : able? turn 'enr,.foase." - Xlie .Teats '.must tnake : twenty- four laps · of tte cpursei car, tiv " The entries were:, Fiat. De Palma; Fiat, Nazzaro; Flat, Wagner; Marquette-Buick, A. Chevrolet; Marquette-Bulck, Burman; Marquette- Buick. Hugh Hughes; Lozier, Mulford; Uozier, Horan; Pope-Hardford, Bazle; Fope-Hardford. Disbrow; Benz, BruceBrown: Benz, Hemery; Benz. Haupt; Marmon, Dajvson; Harmon. Harroun; Rpebllrig-Planche. F-. A. Rolling, II.; Alco, Grant;' Simplex. Matson. The Sharp, RoebUng-Planche Marquette-Buick ~Hughes, driver), and Simplex cars were withdrawn. The fifteen contestants got away in the following order. 30 seconds apart, beginning at S o'clock: Arthur Chevrolet, Ralph Mulford, Charles Basley, Harry Grant, Joe Dawson, "Victor Hemery. Felice Na^arro, Joe Horan. Louis Disbrow, Ray Harroun. Dave Bruce-Brown, Louis Wagner. Bob' Burman, Willie Haupt and Ralph -De Falrna. Grant, the winner of the Vanderbllt cup, and. Joe Dawson, who captured, the Savannah trophy, yesterday; were given great applause. All the famous drivers had their admirers. The race started uqder most auspicious conditions, the weather being ideal. In the twentieth lap -less than two minutes separated the leaders. De Palma in his Fiat led. Bruce-Brown in a Benz was second and Hemery in a Benz third. D«- Palma's time for 345 miles was 4 hours, 52 minutes,. 32 seconds. Wagner's Flat turned over on Sklddway Road and both Wagner and Louis Ferro, his mechanician, were seriously hurt. Both were hurried t£' }*e hospital In -an ambulance. Sirs. Democratic Leader Says He Will Answer When He Determines Whether He is Candidate--Assemblyman- elect Simpson Declares Question is Moral One in Which Party Can Take Only One Position JERSEY CITY. Xov. 12.--Assemblyman-elect C. M. Egan. of Hudson County, and . Calvin L. Brodhead Plainfleld, today came out emphatically _wjth a declaration 1 that they . would j support James E. Martina of Union;! County, for the United States Senate: Mr. Egan said he confidently expected that the Legislature would stand by the primary, expression of 48,000 votes i Chamber of Commerce Publicity Committee Gives Further Consideration to Municipal Advertising WILL ASK FOR LAW FOR YEARLY FUND Desired That $5,000 Annually Shall be Spent to Give Publicity to the Advantages of Trenton--Other Cities · Are Doing Well by Campaigns of This Character--Metz- Work. ger is at TIGER AND BULLDOG IN GREAT GRIDIRON BATTLE Big Crowds Defy the Cold to Witness Football Game on the University Field and Brilliant Plays on Both Sides Drive the Spectators to Enthusiastic Outbursts PRINi'KTu.N, Nov. U.~-ln spite of th* K.ii^r:i! belief that Princeton would dvf"at Yiil- .in t h e gridiron here t diiy ih- figuring tpam downed the Tif,'ir to th" wort- jf S to 3. in Martina's favor. To do otherwise, he asserted, would be the rankest form of 'part treachery and perfidy, and would cause the people of New Jersey to Immediately, lose faith in the Democrats. .Mr. Brbdhead takes the stand that as Mr. Martirie' Is the regularly nominated candidate of, the party, he feels It his duty to support .him. Mr. Brbdhead is a New York lawyer, and during his. campaign said frequently he would' vote for Mr. Martine if he was elected to the Assembly. . The declaration of Messrs. Euan and Bro'dheadi follow that of Assemblyman- elect Charles'E. S; Simpson of Hudson, who yesterday announced that he probable that a mass JAS. TAMS DIES AFTER NOTABLE LIFE AS POTTER Series of Illnesses and Operations Ends Fatally for Oldest Ceramic Manufacturer in the Country James Tarns, president~of the Greenwood Pottery Company, and the oldest manufacturing potter in the United States in point of con*in.«aus activity In the trade/died this mdrninsr at 4:15 t'.VIVERSITY FIRI.D, PRIXCE- TOX. Nuv 12. Princetim was a huge f " t l u l ) '',-uni this afternoon, with tme little -h;ilk-lir.-U riM-tatmle ' known as .Following a him heim at the C o u n t r y ! rnlvnrslty Field, OK- centre of aetivi» tub yesterday tendered l.v the p u b - 1 lies and th« centra, Tim, of the foot- licity committee t,t the Chamber o f ! hall world. Commerce, further funsiileratinn was i sr-d." Siren to the question of municipal ad- ! Whenever th.- Ti^or a».l the Bull Yn!c «-as in 4B.wn. "'nough of Democrats 'will be held in this county 7 - -- _ r ____ ,,,, ___ -------- ,, __ -.,·*"" **? 'Purpose of making plain the Wagner was In the grand stand, and | attitude · · of the people, on the United as soon as shre heard of the ^accident, wentt to the hospital to be' with her lusbanil. Dax-Id Bruce- Brown^ the American xy driving a Benz car. took the lead n the twenty.-thlrd lap of the Grant! ?rize: race. He was nearly two mln- ites ahead: of Hemery; a.lso in a Benz. 3g-"p;alma (Ffat), who had been lead.- n£-.iip'..-t6 that .time, failed to appear it: the finish line with the other two, About, SDftOOO .p'ersbns-'sa-vv- Vthe ; rac^t :havlhg dropped .back. States Senatorshlp. . He was in the'sixty-sixth year of his age. During recent years Mr. Tarns has undergone a number of serious oper- Smith, ,Jr.. of today If hi matter f win . Senator James 1 Newark, when asked | a candidate agralhst! rhen I determine the' you knowl" ations. . These and led to his 'death vertising. The- meeting- was called by ' C. Arthur MetZRer, secretary of the-, Chamber of · Commerce. Ir. Durand of Xeison. Chees».-man ! . Company. New York Advertising'I Agents, .and Mr. Morrison of Success! Magazine, which lias carried such ad- verctslngv-were present and related their, experience. They outlined the results of municipal advertising In many cities of this country. _^38ewtary Metzger spoke nf the bill Introduced Into the Legislature last ·winter, which failed to . pass and wS15ir will- be re-ihtrbiluced tbe coming" session. The measure provides that a citj^ may appropriate $5,OM annually for advertising its .-uH-antagps. Mr, MetZger suggested that a Publicity Leaiie i might be formed here as an auxiliary to the Chamber of Commerce. It Is believed such, an organization might enlist many citizens In the movement aid then might take up the" consideration" of how such an appropriation could be spent to the best advantages . ' MAY FORM LEAGUE. . It is likely, thai the . movement- for the, formation 6t such a league will I'ttt meet tlwn- is n -Tixhi and not- withstandinK t h a t this ypar the Kull- ii-K was reported to b« in reality noth- {.'ir- t u m i t - n r r; il,-l,.-. i; , !,,,,;, \Vils th- b:iin ih-'n tirik« i h f i u n h ftttti PriTi« alty fop Howe., who -*-t'M rft Iraldltie ived u Ituliou kicked a«'k ly yardH. f. ,r . P e n d l e t o n j ,Miia.,d p ,-,r-!.,u, I t . k .( itn,iii\ on r: -v B,»!I-.u. ini,- ,.v,-r t h ~ Utll v.h,, Home muff*-i ;i pass for a live-yard i i,-ked out o tiv., -yard -line [i, .(..-.. loss, "and imm»dl.-itty bound? at Princeton's Pemlleton tried t" run rick's end, but Tvflpatrl lallou punted and after the l i a l l ' t e returned · wr:'s«-htad- Howes? iind brought" It .to)" -line. -Kistler -bumped* ·.-ton's line for,five y :: sli--rt kick, the bounds. P who ivas droi ? a det ' r «'P" ger was n l t in in his c was fumbled. Horn" «ave.l U ' his v . ,Y"* day was b l t l n S !1 -nd Mustering. ' ' , j ?' , , a , 4 i' ar l ni "^ su " h av( nP ·'' hard '· , , A? '^e clouds. A snow storm " T " the " eld shortly before noon. " : " S S "°" induce1 to proceed on but its way. There WITS very iittlo bettingr on the , The earlv odds of 5 and 6 tt and through TM Princeton immediately t'H.k Brook? I --- - f " r faileiV: Hows tried ,,n her placement but his kick fell «horL It · a forward pass bat Ms The -children are Arthur. Thomas, · · - Ins S3'srem" · ' [e -t 3 **' 1 * UD - There are many .business 'h~ was'direct-f m ^ n an i others interested 4n Mr * t-'ms -Js-t' n s. Trenton .commercially and other- rife'-and nine elfildren.'i ""te^- who Relieve that a. proper adver- r \Villiam. George; 1 tiding cnipaign'- *wc«uld do the city Blaine, Raymond, *~ "" ·""--- Th- Hne-up: * Yale. Kilpatrirk Scully .".. Fuller .., Morris .. McDovitt Paul ...... Brooks .7 Howe .',.' Field Left End. l^eft Tackle. Left Guard. 'Centre. Right Guard. Right Tackle. Right End. Quarterback. Princeton. ; . . . . . . White -- .. Brown Wilson Bluet lienthal McCormick McGregor .. Durilap ... Ballou Sparks for a 15-yard · . -. · '.'funds at then yards "Just at tin 1 close of ; the first half. PRINCETON. 3: VALE. .0. . Score: Princeton, 3; Yale. 0. After 15 minutes' rest the .teams - center of the field. ^«.- BaJIou . J tht? ball back. Yale was penalized J yards for interfering with Fena!eton_, j catjph. Pendleton made eight y»rrF% j thrnuglr Tale's right -wing; ~. ' --^f The ball was now on Yale's came on for the second half with no '"«·· change in the lineup. Yale defended t! ' e the north goal in the first period of this! IOFW half.' Baltoi? Tticked off to Daly, wnO] - to her 2?-yard line. Before, the b«ll " Pendleton tried for a, goal froiUi''-=£ eld, but the kick was wide and ? ·-?··· -' Yate brought ?difr""bsai:-"" " ' ; m play the releree' . , O] came bap.k 15 yarda. Kistler took hist "-°«W be old place at fullback. Field was laid I whlstle ^announced the close- of out in the first .scrimmage and wasj carried off the field, evidently suffer- Final scqre: Tale; 5: SIMPSOtTS JPOSITIOK. ,"· Mr.?Simpaon, In'his. statement-said: ."Whether-or not T consider Mr: Martine · the; better? and. : mpsit competent inari -for the positionVj^ois.fipt.? enter ?*netbef cir'" nott the TJ^esttbli exi8tlng:law - ! Mrs. Frank Gee. Mrs. Charles. Zfinkpr. : S -.- and Mrs.-Dr. H. P. Johnson of Allen: ) _. --- ... . . Beft ..Halfback. What has been done al- I Da '. v (Captain) ready-In exploiting .the new" Jr'arto \ _i "Right Halfh'a,ok. I m -«* town. There are also-t\vo broUiers,; : William and. Austin, two. sisters. Sarah ; »nd-'..AHc_e,'' aiid? thirte^nr-grahderiliaren. _. .Tfie iunerai "will.-l^'^.T.uesdfiy -morn- "Thfr- World Take*:--Trenton has "-.-benefited ; the"·:- city, it has-been on a smalt scale: [ Kistler Ing from ah Injury to his head. Baker took, his place. Howe punted to Ballou, Pendlflttin wno was downed on Tale's 50-yard' " · l |ne - . - · · ' . . . S p a r k s ' Ballou on a .quarter-back . play- I throush center gained eight yards. Fullback. (Captain) Hart M tellME^fld^Arjf4ttge$ ic^nfJ: : ^eSr^EY(^|^ r^Almi^|^ge-\^a[s ]|)ornpti^5; '^ i JJo^T; 12.--A Built "f6r;':her-"j - , - - to .express ;th;etr. preferfence .at .-fhe=' open primaries 4s bindjhk : legally · on ttie Depiocrafic rnajorlty ba joint btjiiotv The qiiestion- Is a moral one. and 'for j: Democfatfc members of tile tiext ·th the, i\gidtigh it has -been on a smalt scale: - - t n e · rale cheering *TfiiS :is tifce'n as an example of what t.TM w est sta.nds»-,-while. might be-:fl6ne :i bri-'^. tarxr?scaie if e " 'Q-liave.-a v$at maji ;JKf^Mir.,^ ~~^,iS^]^ 1 ^ t e n d stand*^and tUe ei ^.^^^pntlnuea; oa^aga^^oor .At l:5^p. ni, Prinejei ni'ass' at the .Cfiarch pi~tfK Trrimaculate I Cont:epi|6n at .10 b -: c4ock ,tj' -which .the friends are iirvitect;' -Tile fticrdy may l6, viewed at the :home' ffjsnt 7 to 9 c-'cJoct ]' ,, ,,. ,,,, ,,,,. -Arbnday.-.evenlng: -."Interment finder the! ;?House to faU^to carrj- but the, ex-1 dirpctiort of Murptty--wai be In River- I pressed wish of : the Democratic plural-M Yievf Cemetery; · " " .* : J- fty at^the la^t priirtarlea .will not ; only;j · : CAREER OF IR;- TASISt:;.. ;:, : Mr; tams was borH In Staftordshlrei England,, and. ,ra'rtie id: jthis r.ountrj' ityltb his father. William Tanis. In 1S6U father./took pOs"st!Ssiofi-?6f, an old suspicion. :pf ; rcireuiristance being, wpven about a . dpetor". ·: and : ; ^salesman' in the "iijyatery of -theipbfson John -STchenk,:. v;of ? ; this ^ .^itjv- - Mrs. ;,^ ^. the -«ife, jl ; the ' ,; pbI*ori ;.4ha- . Tn."- fegiil»r ; lapses ::- water Ui4t he "drank. " ' ' = prepat^ " :-4 . :totaJly;; iRfaorajit . pf :fltas v cnemirtty - . o - n i g a i , to; admiaister the »«enIi;~iB 'jthe, 'scientifically,^ subtle ; 7 miinner, lij " fore, . plci6n fastens it : at - "The*e' ' : k V , jacki?hone" of "the" comfprti islon? to-.wftn? "SchenTt. tec* *er-; troat _the : kitehen .of ijf -\hi» .ployed .-'before : -'$»?-iniurteil her,;:- . Iron bars "acre concealed I'by tapestries taken frojh .-. her -.. -f«"i»hkjnable" : Island. ·.·hpme'^i- It- 1? a;.c*»y eonjer: . She sleep* on an etetorbtoe«dJ:c6ncbS: :Shi/fiks a c*rd? table and plays solitaire ; through - tbe:/ . day. :-her. home -Called, ; ti oiu .gathered, together the appoi:- tenttnces of 'h«- dieting table, per- powders, eombs and ·-'-. bmshem. . , . . ·She' had her be«t clothe* brought to J*fl and Is dre*sed a* »h« -mlsrht b* ' home for. an evening or afternoon's reception. : advice of het she say* , nothing not even to the Jailer. Her jfneal* are bi ought to' her-ti^uk the city'« leading, «af e and they «»l ti -each. The loca p«ptr» call h«r "the splendid prtaoner," ^ · =', KMPJJOif Bl AS JCXf* «JTiC. kitchen .to iromnJott and ·from to JaQ-- that covci · the life story of-lAura Fa..Mi w orth Scheak. Sh* wm* born on a, farm and c«m» to , tW» dty to work 15 years ago. She worked a* a do,..««,uc three yean and Ae .(..laintnr twelve years la Uii« city na»* beta devoted to ufciua:! ful to brtUiant «wlal that hav* atn.ya failed. She i* 37 yean old. Her hwftrnd Is no* SO. ; She wa«~ «pf king a a d--»ttc for M« father's neighbor whAn tte _A h» H« married h«r ««tTi(t the f.ote»l« *f W» family. Th« Scbenk fmwtfly -t^-1 had «o-htl uplratlon* and; had. "ar- «»td." The fli .1 Schenk. th« hither of John Schenk, came to Wh«*Hn* frota _r,K»rtea a butcher *op no* bit family own« m. ,, -it Ji»j of th* *»nflble jirVrptily «if th« ii ~ " .w.'Hh they h»4 »·"« id ' ·A d th* doo,« of the chfti jd u «tl thiiw when John ram..1«d th* than: his - rther's' ana' pished ; lt: rhore?^beatitlfully;: . thanCthe =home r wprlcedl : -' Two .who . ·is, iiowv 12. years' old,", and.- k . boy" who? ' ' - " : - : ' - r - : - -"· - - " ' : " - - " - Schenk : began: : i'ear kfter- ; she nMtrried- She';lnvited, numerojiB of the tocal v aristbcracy; tn* newSjjapers, ; to ^describe Itbe'Jairangements j f nIBceht. Bui:J few came. j-jMrsIu was/not" discdorAged^and njade ; - "Pers?nally,vl sin: glad that the pie have relieved fn*e' ; x»f ; he respijnsi-' blUt- -:pf. using: nJ3r . 3uagrnent. in "the matter. -:". Our "J3emtcratlc r Tepresen.ta- ' " " " {Continued" dii " -: Two.j . . carriage shop jon. the site ;of-the prit main ..plant: oi: thp r t t i e t * - ' - - : " - " " ; a modest ?wk-? ..that: ?tfie? ITrpt J %vafe .tarried?io'ut;,-iV:jth '.the'^Jderi ~ ihere :wasf assofeiate'd In ;the ' -TrVflllaT^i.- ?Bannardi. . William" '-Tams -S ; dipper-anrd : kilri ; Srer -by :trader: In?g_ learheS tfie Tvorlr In Erigland;?? -ira:- medi^tely?: after vbttfing? here- ana''.: b£-- fore- afartinsr im iiiislijess for "himself lie worked, in' Young's "was conducted:on"the.slie 6f.:the flllHilllMROE Nov. I'^.-^-Oh issuea by lnited.,S.tates Commissioner ·Shields, ; :p^sl --.ofStite ..inspectors . torlay - : ' ' " ' .the; 'international - Company; "aiid the Progress : VCompany - J n : ". t ire Tr3 bu rie " ' e r . - arresteH -"'.Frank - G,. fmrrirni..*. --: : wrtliam: X "HarVf-y.- who: X.. 'Saunders and | with using the iiiails to ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . - . . . _ . . :; Aec«rging;.tii : ;tbft cpmpiaJnJ. -the'-twn off ered'.fdr rsale .ISiSflO acres Y./-.25.000 ' Oiesoclal: barrierB that . heciihumble 'p.aJst .hadvset tip' '-against ftprr ^- ; : ~'^: :^-": :-- : - " : , ^ '-^ " : . - - . - . - r - : - : ; ^-~- VThe" Schenft l-*h_e .first smd, one of the txinltie?; that ^ have: to ;sht-w t n» t-"?'t-:i*ally -liitendss- 1 to keep: ali:of th ^rjn'mtsies;;for .economy and: refoTin 'made .dnrlng- the- palst cain- ^algn: win repine ;w1tfi .the drganlzatlbn- 6f the J^oiute :of Asseiftbly Of the "next " ' " ' $100,000 a year:J ft:ha« ^ beeri:spent ly :on : : his . Wife, ^ : : He' ; bought, hir: * . . . . ."-John .Scfienli;;- atth'qiagh a minionaire; r - ' ' ' ^ - J ' - ' " · . te r -''*' . Schooled ^ tp c hard : «prt 'of- " · person. h« : had.Jhever the social gracei-necessary "a«. ; asset: .:to-- his wife's 5 jspcisil 'cam- fionae ^ ' ":-. to- : slt" - =around ttOs' : ahirt : - ^sleevea. '-· : th« . . . . in : ; th« ; . cowrae" of her *sclai r education waa " ; thgt r shirt slie^yea-are not-proper " " ' n _a splendid mansion. " ' -fashioned ;to find *rought? att i«:*h niar;real-^ able :to able and we« .pork establlsaroent and In . . . . . . . v. During ai j.df:\iSe^yeari ::: that-, the DemoCTats have been .'-ia^.ttie- hitiiorfty in ^ the* : House they-, hive Tpught and .objected to the -;nutnher, ot- pages and d^ofckeepers-.that:ihe- Hepubllcans hrfve appointed. There were pages by" the wholesale and ifloprReeperg enougii 'for even the windows. ,and~ Ventilators;= ;iit.l9pT: Oie ^Houae was Itehibcratic ;and^thc jpssoplLotith^ Staiel expected' that ; the lojiig; fought abuses Would b* cuiiectedi But their hope waVih for not only dTd/ the. IJemocrats the Casual, :;dooris ; iandl ventilatolrs, out If anything «i«y went Jost.,iai little further- .thafl- tfie" RepablITM.Ti(. !Wlth the of :th« ; rein* by T ^5 _ya'e_^he;ering squad occupied fhile.Prlneeton seem- maj;prity:in the two "" J east statid. ,. - . Jieetdn came on the field ana received, a. tremendfius wifN come. but it- hatl . nothing on the rc- .ceprion' for Yale headed by Captatii Dalv-. who came on -later. A biting- wind swept across the ffeW from the ·w*sti and the chee-- leaflers engaged'In constant nVft-Bteppihg to keep warm. TOSSi '"-.." .Captain Daly- won,-·" the toss and pr.jwptly at 2 o'clock Ballou kicked'off tinvard th«- north goal, which -Daly chose to. -aefenit" "-f~ " - - "- -"" the- ball tm I'ffle's Pendleton followed this up with a forward pass, putting the ball on .Yale's 23-yard-line. ^park.s went seven yards] hearer the. goal on a- play thrtiaghi ,Ballou tiriad^ i_Jl»t.ldawn;..?and-t L " ' 1 SCORE 'Captain paly took - . . . . . - -'"«?'-15-yard'line?'.'arid carried It 4* : -'ards. Baly-borea: through the. line for". tn:o -yards.- - ' " " · " -·- " " : ; ,The - game was "delayed a- few: mln:- ates, .until Timekeeber ,-MffurIae -prb- cui'e'u- a : new. -\V:F£tc"h."f ,-:: ;r v " -- ·" " "": r -'.':: : Ht,we went^around the Princeton -end for la -I-QI.H?; .Oue--the next play'Baly fumbled the ball and -Wilson recovered ^lantnj i ,-hmediaTely signalled · to ·_'?r.'"n.tq start.? but he, went -wrong . . . 'Princeton sv;a.« ^penalized IS. yards .for hulding the ball too: Jong. ; Pendleton: was i hrown on tJie- 35-yar(f line ' after a.tnt1le_attemut -to jfain. · ; - ·-."'. :..-' : ti:«-t'.-. -tried tn: make an ·, aftack through ..the line but vi-as downed with - " It looked llke-i toudndowin. f " PRrXCETQN' PENALIZED. Princeton was ; penalized; 15 '^j-ards for Tioidlng. -Sparks.almctst ^^3113^1^13: loss by a-, smash through left Kuard fer ten yards. Hart failed to gain .and Pendleton: tried for ..a goal from placement. Brooks .breaking through -and blocking' the ball and, recovering^ If; He then carried. It .to the center, '"of the fleid. -.--He had clear ?salltng Mt. ipas- Ptilled liowii from : hehfnd: Kistler made three 3-ards hut:McGregor; pullid down Daly for a doss., of: three yards. Howe.* kicked tn :E»ndieton .who fumbled :.the ball r and Bro?oks rtc*v- ered it. ; ?on" the 2_6.-yard tine. . S i - "" . :ICistlerTvas. stopped without niatetial gain;?,KiJpatrlckrniade -".a' for jrJTaJe :prt ?al beautiffil fprw"ard?'pais». Howe^ ?Tnade the jmss;- after dbagtbgl twd-'Prlnc_etpn tacfelers:' ^ft -was 1 one?? 'of .the.'finest plaVs .seen : on. TJtitvetsity-: Field.: :Tale;. stands -'w^ent wWb , ".The 'toiiehdown :-wa» tnadf? ln.:the eoriier ot . Philadelpfiia. Xov. 12-^-Ready foif the tray and. prepared to participafJ* Iti ont! of the "stellar- football' ga;ines::6f the. -jreatV;- tbe:-^rldlrjbn the th4 I'ntverslty. of SftohlginV ' of Pennsylvania ;.srnS . this cityr today from th^ii 1 ' .cainps; . ·Out on Franklin vField a crowa: T gan gathe"rf% early, .despite the." wind " tjiat - niade tiie day football but uncotnlortaole- for- .taturs./ ,-·- : .. - - . - ' ': " --' ' .v ".'·"·..-: ". Michigan complefely outplayed- 'tfia Cniversity of PenrisyJvifnla In ^hS'iti Quarter whifch ended with "no' sc6rei5; i'tbsrlllt.yJ: between:": the : : teaim'i. " -"w y airi'ty apparent in the'.sec-olia: : Hardly ' : fiad. : play Tieen reisurn«d :Bennay:fvan!a?sr veteiait. : »iiil«i " was; at ^ pi?ce sent -to the' side " 'Score;- .Ferinsyvanra' Sf MfehigaB, f the. field and,' Cfeptain..Daly failed In baa h'is. attempt:' to klpk'-'out 'tof ppSlt/ipnift'^ri . Yale'was . in the, ·.Grfttftiwobd plant;;; James: ,went. to Eng3and,an. ISSi : "Me: married " U - '- .-=..-' " :' . -"---.""- " · _ -" '-~ 1 :' -' --j* i - - - - - - - , - : = ----- f--t^---" -- ''- -- - · - · · - - - - -----i .. own wt "''-9^'."V l .*:.'land. :offere3. for sale. and it af-ain: Ballou punted to Hcnve" wfeff r^-^P^i 3 M every . -sertfon--. of . the ' was downed: on the;- 45-yard^ihe =Howe -H«'; ^States, bare .vfteen---. dr-frati5ed. ' ·.-·'« ^-n.=j -i -- -- .^ · - - · - - . - - - - - - ' ----- - - ~ - ~ " - - ' fsfih'd ""tff" gain/ :-' ;Howe:. puntp^i over tiie Prlncetopr wlth.which to kick a robbed" of .tfie point that'-mlgfit^ been added to., his score. ' "·""'."-".- ·-: ta)|ou -Kicked ott. to Ktstler. _ J-lowe punteil ?;backj "to. Bailoii ; who. : was" lownecf.--in. thfe ^centre of the- field. Bal? loo. made a- twoyard ^ Penaietpn was -thrpwilr: witfrput : galii, " - ,Ball6u . : Trtcls r _ by = Pejinsylvnia ; pjinted 'to Baker", who ran back cro.aJ llnK; Princeton^ brought tne- ball 'ar3s.. putting*.-taliij6n .olit to the, 25-yarj line. Kisslpr ; took i " ard -line, Howe lost "three i^ara the ball aliritttla yard; .yfeid furiibled J ^ lt ? nl PV ^ slttr/ J CTiiieet"bnV.-'-Iett' : ''" ten 32- Sti keep keep ?Schenfc ;Scbenk then then bc^an--to'yearn--"-ftw *h e broader cni- ore that he thought he had neglected and the social per»on*1 atmosphere hat his, wife «tttued to ? acquire so e**ily. So h* decided he would Bee the ·drld, and aear agb:h« «Irclea _th«s JOb*i'-"'i- : -'- · - " . ' · . - " - - - - . ' - - . ' : . · - ' Wheelter i« nota ; larg« «H«r and on« can not do thinipi without the neigh- ors knowln«;.8Rd taftlngr at Is'posal- in a:metropqHa, Wh«e!ins bt»ari o do cotwIderaWe. tiiivtog shortly af- Jphri -Schenk left- ~ 3pha : Se*«nlr'» utoniobfle l« ope of ^ the sights «nd as prominent an a^tet of the city the Old Soldiers" Monuiuent te innt of the Court House. ' ;· When^Wheeling's Ie5"1lnr autoijoblle seen 'er riding about the ·Ui«tB .luring Schenle'a abxence. The . express drivers' strike. r '" else a -|i'gj|it ' ;to ; tfie jclty 'o^. tfe : isifle .of. : tfie_. express .companies. :.;; , The decision 'wiilr come; .(his noon rwheft sin «ffdrt.'.*rili B it the (·' _ _ _,, - . - , . bout a young man woo wa* sifter in he machhre -Mrs. SclieJ»lr also" ro*. . t o _ : Jersgy ·strfkefa-tal'^c- : time ihiSnoteat-inlstoni cept ; Uie ; peace: : te(ins- that Jias* al^ tf its %-WTI. -"",:"-"-i?-. :" ready ·be^tent4tiveiy : aKreed; : ta i :'by . . . : the State-will b« upon I the strikers 4n Kew 'ork. -These terms the Democrats-of: the -Hou»iB.-Uil»; ae ] late ¥ yesterday- irere rejected b?y ? the ston and th«--action ..will be : watched t New Jerser, men^- who .declared; they Wth Interest. ... . .-..- ~\rwould accept no settlement. that :dld And tne: party./is also expecteS -toj not provide for" the "closed shop-.";"; A. committee was at once-appointed," eoh- sistlhg of eiKht ;of: th .eoldest njei, to draw tcrm*-jf settJemeht. but this coiiiiiiittee-i -after; havlng session -until after midnight. Instead .Co :recm«jiKatd "Ur the -meeting writecK." .a-punt .for a pass-and'lff owe^kicked: So ya.rds.bat was held -by, soiS downed by ·Pendleton oh the -35-yard tfoe; :·', : Xo -.. ^galn. ^EenxUetbn-triefl a sweepinV end ' -: r.ui bnt': was :stppppd= by :: Brooks-urith- ;out-any::gafni -:i«ul ?Mopped Hart: -kicked :6ui vdf-'boH'nd 'at the ""-Pajv made .then puawd to Btalloil ' who the .ball. :bnt Pendl«tsr|got =lt :nird\reKAined tefr yards; 1 :Spiirlt!t made ;oiw; i'ird' '.and, PeTidletion g:arncrf. .two yards. .return Sod., in Ballwj wno waa H!Ul«if by B1T- patrlck, an* Pendletim p-ietr -:to .go around: .right vend; ; but. waj: dropped 55parksi ? fumbled- oni- th the ; i . , Bsiiimi piiiit«I .to HpvCe .who vards. , :Bow;e" atKUri -pinit-" . On Baker-JStled? moch ~:tS do, "with: .the- progress :pf : baH. in -the early. ?part.e:f?:"thfe "A; jntccesalpri of *«liiB'pn"i«_ ._ parses : soon cajilid. the .ibslt :lntt» lrehisari territory;. ·" -=^^ »---^^- ff.p. .tte? .-QiiavkeTs i .on -the wO.--^-»i.*l-linr ·-brtu-;l;i -ili^- th» ?MicfcJKS n" stands .to titeir iipa?Temi" -.vhile =t-._. :':eohorts usere crazed ifi r a»tiSSr - .f al score.", ?i :: ;-:. The gzcmc: ended ; -Tvith : 8cSring/"^ -.-."".'."···-","""- ..' ...-:.'· Ing; aession-afelS tj'clock, will be opened = wJtlr ~Bfble. read trig.'y t lie R.| v. Gi Lv TJrowti.; rMrs?! -E;;.ti,/Silver ;of : teast Orange",? President'? "of th«K,VkssocI%tJon,' wiU": ^»e«He: on- infssIoiT? study" class., .^tiss GuHfty ! ^:'ftoy r -:jf. Y^ 'Mrs?: RoMrisott of .Boat6jj,-.ii4- Mr-s r Stepfnin*. ot :Boi-r-; : pface Jtwof downs aij'rt JPendleton," tried .and . in" Irtckltig the; feitl aver: the-goaf, scoring" thrfe'points for .-prth'tetOnV:..":" .-'-~: '- .:-"· ··_ '-'/;./- . : ;'.-." ._ Paul; kicked, 'over thei.Prlncetbnj line at-:end. ., . _ .. J.'-iiJid_ I5aly tried a-kick for? field goal frt'in" the lE-yard41ine,. "It Vae * "beauff- fnl ktekVbut?the ItallV-strucife o"aa.rf the touch baclt. 'th* annual-t^O(»»-cota»tty ; contest. : -Cornell. Won.:by a : wrofe.of-3T:ppfn*' HarvanF: was "second:'; with ?70;- -Y third.with -3; HicMgaaifdiirilr with, and M»««aeh?'a«ett« ; -Tn«titut«'; "" : " · ' rnfaf/trtthr---" " " " - " it. FORM GALLAGHER CLUB The Charles H. Gallagher -Democratic Club -of the Fifth Ward was !·- ited, last evening, whan 100 «n- ta_ !»»tte party '«ok«ni in that sec- Uen «l*ct*d Ore folk*lng offleets: -. JVlfdsat, tksnlel F. Ca t .MOdy: vlc« ·M * it, John X 1th; M«t.ry. John «*'-TT. Charles Cotnfort of 3t4 Reservoir Street and Jbhti^ O'Hara " of 732 New "Willow, sucet: were arrested this morning by Oamc Warden H. M, Loveless for the killing of five soni and insect! vtiuus birds while gunning 1a Lawience Township. The young men were under the tmpretlon that n«*n that th«r accept the . original -- - _ , of the express companies. "With the'" announcement ftjat the ** re . warden Loveless has charges against the -yw»w tnen and they will be given *^ear^ this e4a- ing before Justice of the Peace A. D A. Naar. The penalty for kilting song or" insect doLoyins; birds is $20 each, so O'Hara and Comfort a» liable to fines of COO each, they having had five of tn« song birds In their possession. CO TO PRINCETON--YALE GAME. Oeonty" Physician and Mrs. Frank O. Wew Jersey 1 strikers had refused the peace terras : that he' had been - at so nitrch trouble" to secure, Mayor G.aynr at once laid down an uUImatum to. tBfe strikers. The proposed settlement, .he declared, was perfectly honorable to the utiikers. and if .they refused .to abide: by it the ertfcre police force' f ot the«clty. would be" used ia. Helping the 4ress companies win the strike "We wfll teach the strikers," -he de- ied, : "that the express wagons can foe i an .wWwnrthelr help, evenf-if it 1* necessary to man: every wagon "with a. *Af i^»nva«% " - . * » *·» . the. Rev. and Krs. 3. SPOILED TRAMP'S The appearance of amoke comlnir rrom ajrfano box today caused people living on Academy Street, near Stockton Street, to fear that the box was on fire and Patrolman Schuman wa* called in .a hurry. The policeman turned over the box and turned -out a of_ whUkey and a tr»mp "hew to : Howe afthe'TTifadle of the down Trinceto« Yale's -twerlnk ^ work ·«·!» be glvihrtot" t t t e v " - ' · - " - : ? - = " · - " . . ·'.''' «j«?fn«ti- { stage.- although her Ifife had' glyen" . a ' Xov.". 12--r-Speciais from PRIXt Ki 6X. 3; YAI.K, «. ; ·" Howe punted 40 yards, and Scully dropped the -ninn- catchliig the bail 'on a skin tackle and made four yard*. The flirst quarter cl»s*d with the scorer Moscow today declare; no trace has yet I Princeton, 3: Yale, 0. ." been-found of Count Leo Tolwol, the.'. Except In covering pu'nts -Yale show-. world famous; 'author, u-fto .has fled from his home, in Yaanaya Polyana for an unknown : destination ____ witti the st«t*raenfr:O*8t he intended' ttr spend his last days Br solitary- rellreTDiet. AccortfUkk :' to «te niesage,- Countess Tolstoi is in despair. : Reuter's news agency today reports Enat- 'Countess Tolstoi has madfi two un»uccesaf ol attempts .to kin herself ri her grief -over -her- husband's* disappearance. He disappeared October 10. SHARP MUCH IMPROVED, N - · · - - . - - . _ . . - r - Mifs 'Lillian Sharp, sister of Wll- lam »fcarp, received a t«le«ram from Savatinah, Oa., today to tb.« afreet that «d mpre aoIUtj'"thari Princeton in the first fjuarier:, and her followers were not In .the least~ discouraged, in this period. - - _ - - : : ;':'"" ' ·.'· ' ' .' " A""SIKVW flurry came over the Aeld, making tt very disagreeable, 'and with "the biting wind-th* crowds, which lined the stand had to stand up and keep their fee* moving, JPrinceton began the second quarter with the bait on her 33-yard-line. " Ballou immediately ponte.1 and Daly dropped this balLi Itely got the ball and muu»hed through Princeton's line for a 15-yard Rain Klssler added four yards more. Daly then carred the ball to "Prince* ton's ' 32-yard-Iine by - a beautiful d**h through McGregor.' The ball was called- back and Princeton givsu II yards penalty for holding. Daly went around Princeton's left Hows Wckid to " Scores.- Yale; 6; ? Princeton. 3. Both. stands "ripped, things up during the final intermission. Princeton show tiigr-no disconragemtnt over the unex pfcyi*d ; toachdowh .by Tale. y ,. : : ; - / FINAL^PERIOB; ' The teams .changed goals and.. Dun- ' left end for .Princeton. two yards. Daly to lap Klstler thrown without a gain and was downe by Spafcs. Howe kicked to. Pendleton on "Princeton's -^0-yartf-Jlne. kicked to Howe, who fumbled. making a j£ne recovery for T-a ale'» ball in the center o) On th* next play Kistler fumbled and -F«ndteton feH on the ball "but the ball :wa» called back for offside play. Yale, retained" pM ni'on. j£ It was Ya thi eSeld. Daly made a miserable next play, losing ten yard*. 46-yard of d Howe kicked to Feiidtefoa, who the .'ban back to Princeton's line. Savage took PaoTs place at tackle. Ballou kicked oat of bounds at Yale's 35-yard line. Baker gained Av« yards through centre. On the next play Howe punted to Ballou wh grumbled on his own 48-yard line. Savage was injurtd in making a tackle bnt he- rsumed (lay. Ballou can led the ball ten yards «nd lost ten yards immcdtetely afterwards on a play around left end. H* then m»d« a long p- to P*n"«ton, who - xther i* greatly improved and Plnal : ueoTti - Harvard, 19; mouth, to, -·"-' \··".-_'·'_'-.-" -- " .' Michigan. 0. . - ; ·-.- FL»t quarter l*»ry, 0; CajtHale, it -: Second quarter pottyvbiu^, O: ~ " Second quarter Georgetown, of V*.. 0, Vint duartai Colgate. 8; 0. : -r First qw»rt«p-- Lehlgh, 0; Ttech.. ft. , ASKHIFIMONDAY i NEWSPAPER Counselor John the Oicbnd M. Backs* _ recount ·! »· cation MI -Monday bofor* Court Jxistic* Rwxl B* wID b« comr-Tl«d by City Counsel «. ' " Bird, who wffl repr»:rtt th* County Co»»mltt**, th« abi^dy ·« in "t «A,ft to ^

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