The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 14, 1903 · Page 1
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 1

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1903
Page 1
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·'··· :;·'-,: : ~U^ - ' , i.Jj'g -X/' ; - t \ ' · ' · ' - ! ' Vol. Ho. 35. i AUGUST 14 19O3. FOR SAVAGERY ·HOT SHOT AT TURKEY IN RUSSIAN EDITORIAL--TIME FOR TURKEY TO GET OFF THE MAP--MORE ATROCITIES. St. Petersburg, _Aug. 14.--"The Sviet," in an . editorial toda*:, says ·that -if Turkey has.' gfveh -up liope of remaining a -member of the European comity of nations and has' f Jnad^e up her inind to 'be a playground for savagery of her army; she will find -no place on the map «af Europe. The article concludes by saying that the time « past for cermtmy towards Turkey, : BT ScaiPFS-McKAs PUBS ASSOCIATION. Vienna, Aug. -14--The Die Viet says- that in the neighborhood of Monastir, Macedonia, where the insurrection broke out, the Turkish troops pursued 2,000 insurgents who escaped. The Turks then perpetrated fearful atrocities upon the inhabitants of the villages. The paper also states that the Turks destroyed 14 villages in the districts of TJskub and · "Veleze... The insurgents robbed the Turkish post near Vod-; ena, which is 46 miles northwest of Salonika, and secured 2,500 pounds sterling. Near Ochrida, the insurgents robbed the Turks of eighty wagons" in which meat was loaded. ELYBIA, OHIO, FR * · · ' . . · i '"' " _ WEATHER BT 8caipp*-lf CAK PEES* Washington, Aug. 14!--For Ohio: Partly cloudy tonight,, showers in portion; Saturday, show- southern ers. BER HA WE8CH- .ERDEAD - Denying statements made by! when : he is determined to be unt cult task; -but it is wellhigh hopel mination, he is .under contract to tide of last evening; he has mot u insinuation. Now, in order to get at the f; which he has been making during . EKzur G. Johnson, at a time ful and misrepresent, Is a diffi- when in addition to his deter- ['«o. in bis long and labored ar- ed one truthful statement, or of *he numerous statements past month, which he sum- Bertha Weschler, the n-year-old ·daughter of John Weschler, who fell from the Elyria Milling Co.'s wagon and was run over at South Lbrain, Thursday afternoon, · died at about 4 p. m. the same day. The funeral will leave the Catholic church Saturday at i :3O. o--· -- '· SAILORS TO CO TO WELLINGTON Some Elyria Soldiers are planning to go to Sandusky the loth of this month to meet with the - reunion of he I28th~ O. V. J R^ittaentalthead- v The 103 O. V. I. will hold their annual reunion at Randall's grove this year, which has been their custom.: Dates being August 18 .to 25. There'lias been some question as to whether they coud have the grove again as there has been a change in the management, bat arrangements have been made. . The County Soldiers and Sailors' organisation ..afe_planning_ to^go Jo. Welington, Sept. 3rd fpi» their annual reunion. OF TROLLEY ROPE CAUSES THE OBERLIN TELEPHONE CO. TO BRING SUIT AGAINST C. * S. W. T. CO., FOR $1515.36. The Oberlin ^.elephone _ Co.. has brought suit against the C. S. W. Traction Co., to .._, the amount :of $1513-36. Oh December 28, 1902, the trolley of a car going east along West College street came off the wire just as the car was crossing Main street, and when the trolley .jumped off the rope fastened to the back of the car broke, causing the t trolley to stand almost in an uprighfc position, , It, jrom,.a, ,-gas-company. «r any j .4 _ 1 _*·_. _ ·· s* t, .jMT^."' * . .,, . i* * _»J _. *. * . _ ·*£· - f" T .* *1f "T-.J3* j5i\y .*? :'- m with- one * the the and Oberlin heavy charge Telephone Co.'s wires, burning : the wires also burning the switch board in the telephone exchange entirely destroying their telephone communications. and doing other damages; ANKLE POLICEJJOURT No- new arrests, but things are a little :,exciting over an old one. ,· John Schmitz, one of the four arrested Thursday morning, was let go. After he was out, the man who gave bail.dropped out of the game and Schmitz was again arrested. This was not enough, however. Sometime after that' the man in charge forgot to close the. door, seeing this Schmitz, again walked out to liberty, but not fot long, as Officer Whitney happened to interfere as he saw the man on the street and recognized him, and run him in for the third time. They all four now working in the old stone yard cleaning brick for patching holes in the pavement on Broad street. ANOTHETRASCAL OJJJ BT Sc*irps-McRA» Fums ASSOCIATION. Washington, Aug. 14.--A. W. Louis, superintendent of the division of postoffice supplies, is slated for retirement. Postmaster General Payne has definitely determined on this course. The charge against; Louis is that, he bought cancelling ink in such quantities as to provide the post-offices the -country over for from three to ten years in advance; also that he paid thirty cents per pound for the ink, when the market: quoted it at from'so to 44 centi. Louis is a relic of the Heath regime.' . - . " ; · " " · . , V-v' ·.''" ' ·. "·· About 6:30 Friday morning Dellis Granger, while working at the Steel Plant, fell from .a crane .an.d his ankle was broken. He was ^brought to Elyria about 17:30 on the car, and from the car he was taken to his home in a carriage. ·· · ;--o med up in his article of last evening^,. The Chronicle desires to state^hat first, it will give to Mr. Johnson $100 if he will show that'pie Chronicle, editor or manager, received $2500 of any other sti^from a gas company or from any man as representative of a gas Company. Second, The Chronicle will give^Mr. Johnson Sioo if he can show a single instance or where the Chronicle or its editor agreed to take a position on any question in corrsideration of money or promises. Third, The -/Chronicle will give Mr. Johnson $100 if he will show a single instance where the Chronicle swerved from its first position for cheap gas, came out against dollar gas. Fourth, we will contribute $*oo if he will name any widow or any other person of whom the Chronicle ever borrowed $1200. Fifth, we.-will contribute $100 to|Mr. Johnson, if he will name any loan that this company ever niaftte. where it paid or agreed to pay over six per cent interest. i * Sixth- wfe will pay Mr; Johnsof!;$JOo, if he -will name a single article belonging to the Chronicle, or which is in its possession f I *"^·^^"TM""^r^T^^ 1 *^TM GLANDERS IN 'ST MORTEM ON A LORAIN HOftSE SUSTAIN* THE POSITION OF, THE STATE VKTERINAJtlAN. cerncd and feinted cat on tbe score ' SPECHJ. TO THB EXrtiA Lorain, Aug. 14.--The state vet-'j ermarian held a post mortem Fri-1 health Jhe^blar*w« interred to day morning over the remains of f the extent of Seeing that the animals Dr Brown's horse, which was one ' were ; dis P°S«* ff »»d dispose* of as i speedily as possible in tbe beat sible manner, j, - There was considerable debate indulged on all sides, the citizens ar^ guing against the existence of glan~ -- ,ders in the horses which were or-^-t,' dered killed and Dr. Fisher insisting '"_ that he was right. Don't BeHeve in Test. Dr. Brown says, "I waUt to say plainly that I have no con^dence in which is under one dollar of a. mortgage, jor ever has been. / Seventh, The Chronicle "will pay him $100 if he will, show where it jever paid a. bonus for a loan. Now, Mr. Johnson, just take "your money! "Don't hatch up more lies and call them answers. All of these thitigs, with the exceiption of the $2500 matter, you have repeatedly stated to be facts and consequent!^ you must know them. If we are unable to pay the $100 in any case where you fulfill the conditions, we will publicly Acknowledge ourselves "bankrupt. The perverting by Mr. Johnsorf^inTBis issue of Thursday evening of the statements in the Chronicte of Wednesday night, is beneath reply. The Chronicle Jievee- j^asjreceived^ sL solidary dollar CrOT Johnson is^so farTfrofrf doing ariytlfeig through friendship, that he has no conception of anything but the illegitimate. Let him rest in peace. A BOT IN SUMMER TIME. Special sale Ladies' Silk Coats, this week. The Biggi * Everard Men Captmre Be*r». For the first time in the history of hunting in the province bears were taken alive, without the use of firearms and in a manner which was remarkable, says the Vancouver (B. C.) correspondent of the San Francisco Chronicle. Japanese engaged in cutting shingle bolts discovered a large bear in a hollow tree, and in the attempt to oust it the animai chased one of them. As the bear came up to him the' Japanese jumped on its back and held his position until seven of his countrymen followed, all piling on bruin,and securely holding it down until it was tied. The she bear appeared upon the scene a few moments after and, elated with their success, they sprang upon her. She showed fight but they captured her also.' The bears will be presented to the city zoo by Rev. Goro Kaburagi on behalf of his fellow countrymen. The animals w*igh 250 and 2^) pounds, respectively. A G«mtle Re«r A funeral director, apparenty of Mi- lesian extraction, has gone into business in Bucklin. Kan., where he advertises thus: "When yon die, remember that Bucklin has an undertaker." For Saturday we offer 50 fine $2.50 fancy parasols- at 95c, choice. The .Biggs Everard Co. For the month of August we will give a. term of music lessons with each purchase of a piano. You can select your- own instructor. 3032 R. M. Summers Son. Seton Bros, put on carriage tires. --Cliicago Tribune. "Dog gone it! This kind o' life ain't the kind o' life for me. Pin gonna run away 'nd be a soldier 'nd get killed, 'nd then you bet ma '11 be sorry she treated me thisaway." A FAMILY PICNIC The annual August picnic of the Day and Austin families was held on Wednesday, August twelfth, at the. home of Arttiur Austin on the lake shore. ' The occasion was the eighty-sixth birthday of "Uucle James" Austin, as he is called by everyone who knows him. A large number of relatives and friends from Cleveland, Elyria, Lorain and Sheffield, were present. At one o'clock - the sumptuous chicken-pie dinner was.served, after which a short program was listened to. The program in part/ was as follows: ' · · - , ' Address of welcome,' by Ray Cogwell. . . -···/.- Music--Quartet. Remarks by Mrs. Helen Day Burrell, of Kalamaroo, Michigan. ·'" Family History for the past year. In the absence of Fannie Root, historian, this was given by Albert Du- rand. Three deaths, six marriages, and ten births were chronicled. Music. In Memoriam: A tribute to Mrs. Eleanor Austin, by Mr. Walter'Aus- tin, of Cleveland. Business--election of committees, secretary, historian, etc.. for next year. The remainder of the evening was spent in having a social, time. The young people enjoyed themselves with bathing, boating, etc. See our little Jewel piano. It is a peach and the price is $150.00. Cash or easy payments. 3032 R. M. Summers Son. Kindig, 557 ixxli, cleans watches for 75 cents and guarantees them. New fall dress goods, Agawam Melton suitings fifty inches wide. Agawam Vicugra cloths 50 inches wide. The Biggs Everard Co. of the ones that the owners and Cleveland horse doctor* claimed was not suffering from ^ glandeW, and it^was found that-itS lungs wer-e affected by the disease. This sustains the state veterinarian. The remainder of the horses condemned will now be killed. Something of the feeling»that has. , existed in this matter may be seen that raallem test upon which he has from the following from the Lo- condemned these animals." / ram News of Thursday I State Surgeon Positive. The destruction of the twenty-five { Dr. Fisher said he would be pleas- horses, which the state veterinarian ed to meet anybody at any time, but declares are infected with glanders that nothing would be permitted to will begin this afternoon ^and will interfere with the carrying out of continue today and tomorrow, prob- the orders which he had from the ably The first horse killed \va that state authorities. He stated that He of Dr S S Cox had no doubt that the two Cleveland Another effort was made this, surgeons*'found the horses free from morning by the horse owners to clinical symptoms* of glanders. 'His sa\e their property, but nothing was report would be the same "but at the accomplished An informal meeting same time that had nothing to do of the Board of Health \\zs held jn with "the fact that the horses had the council chamber, which was at- glanders He pinned his faith oii tended by Mayor King, several the mallein test, the recognized jnembers of the board, the city soli- standard the world over. He ^rd~ cftor,, a number of the horsemen and ded: ' * Dr. Fisher, the state veterinary sur- 1 "It would only be a. waste of tJrtie 8*°"- ' to consult with othtr --^ursccs^r The situation was thoroughly discussed for about two hours. Dr. _, ^ Fisher stated his position. - He said I would rather do it pleasantly, bat he h~ad orders from the state live I propose to do it anyway.** stock commission to destroy the! An autopsy-will be held, at horses which he had declared to be j a state expert will be present,, infected He Jiad also been request-: well as ^hose of the owners who ed to secure the co-operation of theatre to ..attend. There a* locate health- authorities .if possible Iparts of the boUy ^ which to the end that the hcyses .might be tease Joeates, 'the-, lungs^ d^peled^o^ -a% rajydlyc as possible. **3 * s ^--*"--- ' ·»*·-"-£* .*--"^ f^^^^^fefc health could not see just er or authority they had in the mat- rabbit or other am" _^ ,,,,,,,,. ^r Dr Fisher explained to them j lated If the horses had glanders the deadly character of the disease. the bacilli will produce death to the so far as human beings were con- rabbit in. three days: ·S, ' *f *S' w j These horses have glanders antf must be felled. I most dd my duty. VERDICT OF GUILTY -'-% ak, ~ GRAFTON What's the matter of Grafton Tent K. O. T. M.? It's all right; at least the members of La Porte tent think so and so do the little bunch, the half a dozen or, so, that represented Elyria tent. No. 3, one of the big tents of Ohio, but we made Grafton think we were the big six of Ohio. There were two candidates, and one of them was certainly a crackerjack. The cigars were the best in town; plenty of good music and a royal entertainment all around. By one who was there' o- · MARRIAGE LICENSES. Henry .Kolbe, 50, farmer. Lorain. Catharine Ruth. 26. Brownhelm. Rudolph Rollie, 30, quarrayman, Henrietta, Eliza Burre, 26, domestic, Henrietta. KENTUCKY JURY TRUE TO ' THEIR CONVICTIONS--JETT ANp WHITE GET LIFE IM-* PRISpNMENT. BT Sotipps-McILu FBBSS ASSOCIATION. Cynthiana, Ky., Aug. 14.--The jury brought in the following verdict this morning: "We. the jury, find the defendants, Curt; Jett and Tom-White guilty and fix : their punishment at confinement in he penitentiary for fife."* The jury :\vhich went out at 10:50 Thursday morning and returned a I verdict at 9:30 today. Jett received: , the ^verdict calmly but White wept. j Jap King, a juror, secured the life '' sentence. All the other jurors wanted the men .to hang, but King's wish I .- Special prices on pianos for the month of August at JR. M. Summers Son's music store. 3032 o $1.25 Ladies' Duck Skirts, choice, oBc. The Biggs Everard Co. ' o CHILD DEAD. John H.. the six-months-old child of Thomas O'Brien, died Friday morning at 4 o'clock. Funeral will e held from Catholic church Saturday at 2 p. m. · O . New fall, shirt waists and dress skirts, excellent showing. The Biggs Everard Co. 0 Try the new shoemaker at the olJ news stand, East Broad street. Mens' half soles 50 cents. Ladies' 40 cents; best oak leather used,and work neatly and properly done. finally prevailed as the jurors did not want to score another disagreement in the .case. AT CLEVELAND. Apiong the Cleveland visitors yesterday, were the following: George Nicholas, Dr. Nicholas, Edward Douglass, F. CL Williams, Dr. H. Sheffield, Dr. B.*E. Saonder** Councilman Howard Cook, Frank Esthruth, Mr. Millspaugh, C. C Lord, Harry Bardell. Edward Gale, Heman Ely. L. D. Bolton, Theodore Freese, F. M. Stephens. William Kfugman, John ReuWin. Most of them went to see the ball game between New- York and Cleveland. · , CAME TO STAY. Thursday about ia o'clock, (j«st in time for dinner), a new boy caso* into the hone of E. C. Rtntbach of 608 West Rhrer street No Mr. Rhntectt w«*M sgch » smile today. . .. ···!·'.;; . · ' . . ' . One grots- foe stock ial xoc each, j for ffe. They win tx* May at the prke. The Bins * EveraH Co. ·Vl ' £ * ! l.fl"L-|\E» O - IM -xflHCiilVEeOTr!

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