The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 12, 1881 · Page 6
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 6

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1881
Page 6
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i /·/ uffi 1'Sedresnio.y's Daily. V r . \ T ^ J u k e r wSo has been spenc-1 ;i ng t i e iw f e w m r n i i s in California is t n tae c i t y V r ' U r e r is on .1 is way eait t o | u r c i a - e ^oocs wi;h which hp wi , open up ausiness in Los, CaVornia i-.e seems to be very "avora- vy impressec with California! and its climate and has there "ore conc.udec to locate there permanent'y. Maatlf Mining Company. i' T T ~ L ~ , T h e - b l o w i n g is the report of t ie \Ias1F: Mining company presarec sy I'ro-'es- ^,or Jaco3s. As many o" our readers are nteres"tec in the mine and it is .ocated in pur county, we t)ub'ish the report entire : Vlr. A.':'.. Corman, Sec retary of tie Mas, ti" Mining anc Mil n -2 Company, | DEAR SIR--'.n accordance win your in structions 1 have mace close inspection o-' he IVTastir Yining company's propery, Your claim is wel si-uated for economic 5,u2rxra Cres* mining anc mi_lJng. Jy starting m at the i ' norta enc of your c aita, a short, distance _ above the bed o* :ae creek, ai.£ running Tae3.«xton creek water was :urned in the level into the cepo-i:, you would have pipes yesterday-"or the firs: time in Uree StocK and StocK Men. PeaK Meteorological SecorC. .ocx. ."or tae same resu ;s on :he norfa end ue citv was cu: o-~ "-. was ·.hough: a-t'ae *JTM\^TM?TM*TM ' oundin y° ur *ne taa: the cVect was only temporary, The new mining districts o r New Mexico are offering some excel en: inducements to prospectors as we 1 as to capkal- ists. !n tae Oscura Mid Ladrone mountains huncrec s o r prospectors are now at work, and were it no- -or the aostiie Indians some mines of marvel.ous richness irou.c soon be develosed. Some Colorado Springs parties have recent'y been working at I-'anson3urg, a new campthirty five miies east o-'Socorro, but uey were criven out o r Lie country by the Indians be-bre they hac accomp.ishec much, i A new company has recent y been -"ormei in tais city under the:: name o { the Socorro Mining anc Prospecting company, o-which _". '"'. A'.aerton is -jresicent anc !£.'.". llaton vice president. Dr. r6se secretary, and ". '/. Carr, Treasurer. Tiey wi . carry on their operations tmnclsa ly in New Mexico. ROOM FOE DOUBT. | Tae Las Aiiimas Leader contains t i e o.- , J 0 r tae monta o- Jearuary. 1881. owing interesting stock notes: Yean barometer, 29.718 inches. ' TieSmokv River carte mcn-Lajcin ^estbaromexr, 30 088 inches on 7eb. · i . , " . . . ·, r · /- · Z O l U , l O O f . anc Wa.ace, wi.. meet Marci i6u, at Lowest barome:er 29 359 inches, on Feb. Garcen City, to make arrangements -or ioti. spring work. Tais notice is given at re- \-onU v range o- barometer, 0.729 inches. ,*, -- , fl iu-eres-ed are re: ~ :i S hes " temperature 26° on 7eb. 3rd. Lowest temperature--25° on 7eb 12th. Monthly range o- temperature, 51° "Immy Graham, whose ranch is seven Creates: daily range o-" temperature, 25° miles west of Granada,' says; The losses on --ea. 12U. cues: o* s:ocmen. cuestec to attend. o- i~ ?ike's Peak. ' It covers an a r e a o r two hundred and eighty acres of! and, and is developed by :wo sha-"ts, brty and seventy-nve feet respectively, anc by a tunne! seventy- ive 7eet. ~. heresy submit :he "o .owing: , T s e Yasti-^ \lining company's t)roterty consists, as above stated, o r two huncrec fane eighty acres, anc is located on a cle 'posit, oetween a cong'omerite red, anc a fine grade o" gray sancstone, w i i r i at ast dai y range of ;emperature 8 on T - * d ^ 5 . .c.u jcriiurc, « on -"CD ^ . :. near U e souu.enc. . . . . ~ ,,,,.,,-;_ ,,· · 3U · s "'sec uenl; investigations saowec that . ,-ie main pom: ;.n your ceve. otmen. is _,,_, . .- . . .* _ to ce ine the wuf:'i o- your pay stra:um many or " Je ?l Jes Jat 3ars " ?repara:ions and cetermine how much per :on i: will werfc at once inade :o repair ne c efecive average, anc then to decide oa some ?: aces, but before any great amoun; o' on tais sice °" " ie river ar6 no: muc::1 ' 3ut . cheap method o-:reaing :he same :ha: money had aeenex^pendedi: was ascertain- °n ue other side ;here is any amoun:. A iousm^. 16 " 31 " 268 ^ 6 "' 060 "' 0 '!^ 6 ^ 0 ed "at many of :iie pipes were m'ured TMan coulc stanc over 'here in one place Depu o; unmetec snow lying on :! · . bevonc renair "-was mncir »iW ite* »ec and count a hundred dead - wou.c recommenc ,aa: you inves:i- ^; uu ^ repair. ^. was consiterec use-ess jats .he lixivia:ion process, whica is now "o involve ue ci-y in a large expense :o rein operation a: Canon City. T^is would 36 t ie cbiea"3es: metho d. of workings your ores, provided this process wi/co waat is c aimec. Tae materia, being P ta-c, when criec. wi.: TI.verize easLy anc with but litt'e wear ;o :he machinery ones. i- 3e more JuLs los: :ais year -_aan for a Total rainra.. or mel:ed snow, 1.^7 inches. Depta o-unmetec snow lying 01 " Taere ground at end o:" month, 2 inches. Prevailing wind. Wes\ - a^ain pipes anc : le same ' di riculy occur as it was the genera opinion that were no: laid to a su.ncien: deoth -.o keep ceac · - aave Jac no trouble the mat Tola movemen: o:" wind 18,109 Maximum ve.oci^ o' wind and directic -,eec, .lie a rica man's son. They can't 80 miles at i a m , 7eb. arst, wind W. ge: enough here, and a good many are perhaps have ? rea V w - ai - e - Tbese ' 3U ~ S were raised on Maximum ve.ociTy or wmc and cirectioff Rumors Tnat tuo C . B. Q Road la tb Com- manoe operations Here. Some -itt e excitement was causec on ta« street yesterday 3y Lie circu a.ion of a rumor to tie erect that tie Ciicago, .iur lington 12jincy raiilroac were to com- menre tae construction o 1 ' their r^ad between tais c i t y anc /liver 3enc, on the .v. ? , at once. .t wi . je rememse'ec t h a t c u r i n j ast summer tip C., ). Q company lac a corjs o'.engineers r u n n i n g various sreiimmary 'iocs between this city and Kiver 3enc , Dut at the time no partic u ars in reference to ueir operations cou.c 3e securec. Severa c r t irent mps were i r u n , o p e o " w u c i -rsncned oT from t i e m a i n l i n e a t t h e ' ' u g s ' e y r a n c i , n f t e e n miles eist o' t h i s city. ConbicleraVe a n i - mosity was c.xuset. at t i e t i m e ?.s :o w' motive the e n g i n e e r ^ lau in s u r v e y i n g t i e 3ranc i. aut it s i n c e oeen ascertainec taat the me was sta'ec from tae I ' u y s ey r a n c h direct y to D e n v e r . We wtjre u n . i - D.e to .earn ' r o m w i e n r e the rumor came, an. coulc not trace us o r i g i n to any v e r y a u t i c n t i c source. \Ve w e r e m'bntiec y one ^ent.em.m t i a t t i e c o n t r a c t "or gtai.- i r g -'·, H u e s of r^.u., "rom CD oraco S p r i n g s , m ne direction o'" .Jig U e n c . h a d heen "ei. lo C h i c a g o p.xi'.ieb., t ^ e wot't to oe L.omp,etec jy lust o" Augus;., Tie same gent, eman sair. that -ie 1,30. gooc. reason tr ae.ieve t i e leoort tor the C , .!. i i c o n o a n y lave or some ti'inc past aeen a c v e r t i b t n ^ m t'.ie Cmcajjo aaaers-'or [,ooo asorers to w o r k on tie Co.oraco extensions o' t ie ro-ic. '' The Scab Among Sneep. T,ie Las Vegas G.iz*;te, w a i c h a,ways keeos its reacers we in-'ormec in stoc anc woo. growing notes, contribu es the *'o,,owing . "A Jent eman ,u^t in "rpm us ranci yestercay gave some i m p o r t a n t : acts concerning t le ravages o' tais cisease a m o n ? tae sieep o~ t i s c o u n t r y { Tais country, however, it must DS 'some in mine, is no worse ""or the soreac o~ :his disease Uan any other, and periaps not so bac, waen :ie : ocs are properly at:enc ec '.o. jr"ut -.3.6 great :rauo.e seems lo 3e that tae owners o" sieesco not t a t e :he i n west in Lie prevention o'tlle sea 3 thi: taey saould. True some o r the larger r a o c h men are comg wiat tiey can to eep tneir t jess c.eir o" it, jut as long s the great maiority of their n e i g i s o r s co n o t i mg taeir .abors wi'. avai. ut'.e. Tae gentleman above revsrred to gave it a? ais opinion that northern New S'.exico atone annuity .ost $80,000 from tie .oss of wool, whica al.s o" and coes no one any good. Tae.osso" sieep, 3y ceath, -'mm Ue effect o : tiis disease, was given .it tae same igures, js8o,ooo. Tiis makes A ^r^intx or .he t n e r e counties, San V.iguei, Mo-a anc Col'ax, o- |;i6o,ooo. Tiis is no-smal. .oss :o this sart o-' New V'exico. .'t Can be prevented, 3Ut not 3y i n d i v i c u a l eTort. Taere must be a combined effort on the part o" a. t i e owners of sheep. As long as one ^.ock o f sieep is a .owec to run witiout attention, :iey wi . s o w . t x e seeds o-' tae cisease wherever they go. , : Tae only way t i a t fnis evi. can be eracicatec is by 'egts'Ttijve action. Now is '.he time ''or woo. growers to move in :he ma;:er. . t is near.y a year yet je'ore Jie .egis.ature meets, whici wi k , give j.enty o'"time '"or 3etition's to 3^ circu.itec anc signers obtainec, H. ae wor shou c be :aorougb and com^ ete. A law sbou.c je pissec recuiring sieep to ae cliopec :wice a year,\anc imposing a heavy nne on tae ownersXwao neg.eq: or citobey the iaw. Waentlm is done :nen faerew'.lbe less loss -"rom the ravages o" tais disease. List o" etters remaining unclaimed in the 'ost oface at Co. orac o Springs, Z. Paso coun- ry, Colorado, for the week ending March Q:J, 1881: . farmer, Mr. "ones, VI Yl CJDJorn, Percy " Scain, ?ran/c Cooper, ". ~~. ""Co Stoat, \.rs. 'ancy, 3 Coz ne, Miss Mo !ie Hwettin^j, 7/ute .Sendee. It .* Taus-aro, _-_ I-I To obtain any of :hese Hatters tie applicant tnas: cau 'or "advertisec lexers" apd give fie d_-.e r -^»» Js*- I not ca-ed -or ;wa s o near y a , course o r tie strata o* sandstone being nearly nortn and'south. A sha-'t has been 'sun t to a cept i o- seventy- ive '"eel, near 'the nor.h enc o-" tie company's proserty. Jrom the 3ottom o' tiis sha~t a Cri t has seen run 'brty *eet wester y, t.iroug.i a a'uish co.orec t a e , anr is cistrisutec fine.y through this materia. with arsenica' 3yrites, w.nic.i are general y very 3rigit, indicating tie oresence o-" precious metal Assays have beeri taen -"rom tais cri'; .showing tae materia to contain -'rom to sixteen ounces per ton in si ver, and -"rom a trace to one do'i»ar oer :on in go.d · A crift aas oeen run tiirty -"eet^r'y .·"rom tie aottom o" tae same saa't, in a . 3,ice materia. waich is srincipa .y fine sane anc ta,c, showing occasiona'ly some c u i t e age cuses o r s u l a i i r e o-" iron. So -'ar. in t' r ns en t, it coes not give tie aa- oearance o^" containing much o-" the orec lous meta , t i e ob'ect o" tie cri t seing to cut at conbicera^ e cepti a stratum o~" ox- ice o- i r o n -- w i i c b shows uoon t i e surface t i e entire en^t'i o- t ie c aim, g i v i n g evi- cence o- nere leing a richer stratum o r the ceposit adjoining the oxide o- iron -- anc a so to project t i e portion o ' t i e grounr y i n ? next to t i e east wa . o r sanc- stone, as it now apoears. Near t i e s o u t i enc o r Lie claim a s'ia"t has 3een s u n "or«v feet, in a c . u k i s i co.- ored ta.c. '.^ie object o-" this si;\"t "eing to s m ceei i n t o t le deposit. Some t w e n t y -Vet north o' t i e s h i f t a tirinp. 3een rr.n i n t o the Si 1 ', or d e i n i i t , seventy five V f t , w i i c n ' r i b ;ienetratec l i e same c'ass o r t.i r wit v u t a n v^e o ciaracter ·'rom nat in w'l'u i t'le s i a ' t ' ec n e a r the r n o u i i o t i e t u n n e . . Sample 1 - of t ic m a t e r i . i . t i k e n oy , )i A M o n m . i n 'nun t i i e t u r - p e , .'.m ass.iyec 'V !'. V . U * C K , ; u c n r e t u r n o 281 -'.-,. n " s i l v e r to t i e t o n . s p e c i m e n t a k e n ! ! ' u v e y \ o u n s r £'ive ii,n .-os;iy o " 350 ( ,·· Samp.cs were a\n t a k e n bv V.r. \ o t r i i ; , a n u n ^ s a v e t ^y .N"'. .illeck, giv- i n g r e t u r n 3 o 7.X _· o/-. in si ver, w i i ' e t i e s.iip.e s - m j'c was as-j.vyet. 5 Mr. M. ,i. , :uul j;ave i\ r f t n r n o Sj ,, ( ; c ' , i m e t u n n e , ' r u ; Sirieoy obtainec. t - » . in gole',' and lom sha't No. -', near tne t u n n e , ^^ 10 in go c. Tne e eposrt ti jon \ our c.aim is o r i n c i - T)a'»Vy o vo'i_.inn matter, W l n c i 1'owec ay cif'erent ierioc s, r - j r i n i n g strata v a r y i n g in t ' i i c n e ^ s anr in riacncter, .ircorcing t o tie amount o - t i e " " » w ; , a n d t i e si.ver that is b u n c was ae o. in solution, aaving been cisso vec by ciemica. matter, aicec. 3V a k a . i n e solution?, w h i f h createc great neat anr was "orrec to the surface in a i t u r c orm, was ce:osite. i n comiination wm ta c and dtner materia', and is aro3a 3 y c i once u ' si ver. .t was cepositec in a ion.jonta position anc a - j o r t i o n or"tie matenai t h u s c'esositecl , crysta izeo and "ormed strata, as t ley now ao pear. Near t i e c.ose o-'tne TO canic action, anc a-"terthe main ce30sita have 3een made, I find evicences o ' t i e upheaval o~ oortions o-"tae mountains ac^oming tiiese ceposits, waici seem to, ia,ve sroken anc set up near t y vertical t i e great strata o~ sancstone, ta.e, anc otier' materia wiica at one time aic norizonta in t i e i r respective positions as uey were ceposhe-, saowin? c ear^y the .ines o r stratification o- the cireren: material as i: was cepos- itec. On tne west sice of your claim ~ 'Inc. a tnc.. stratum o-"a Uousanc -'eet or more, o'a cong'omerate rec sancstone, wiich was evicenLy Lie irst t : ow O'" tae outbreai o r a great mac vo cano. 'ortions o r Lie materia. as it now stancs in us crystaLized position seem not :ohave seen entire.y cissovec sy tne vo.canic c e m e n t , br we fine the ^esa.e mixec through the ceposit of red sancstone. Tais portion o- the ceposit was colored 3y t i e oxice o" iron, w.iici hac 3een ce composed anc was cepositec in combination wita Lie grand mass. A vo.canoes : ow 3y oeriocs, anc some times ong, . ong ages elapse 3etween t lese oenoos; anc. it js not strange to "me taat n-^erent material has '"own rom tie same issure, or crater. Taus we nnci it acre, and some very strange ce3osits, too. A siort distance -'rom the conglomerate sandstone w i i c i over.aic it as it was ce- positec, I inc. a stratum o-" gypsum, vary mg in t licxness from - ur to eight '"eel, anc embracec in tie umits o- your c aim, which is va u a i e br -"ertiifzing, anc couid 3e made very -arofita-) e if worked and ma.iu acturec u p o n a .argesca e. Still a3ove tiis, as it was ceposi'.ec, I THG a stratum o" ta'c, which seems to be severa luocree- feet in lnicness, or in wicU as it now stancs. It is in tnis por tion of the ceposit in which the si ver and goic seem to aave been cepositec ; and tie cuantity o-the ma-.eria. so far as ex- o.orec woulc be iniauitib'e, and im- mense:/ 3ie j - i : CDU c be minec with :ro it the entire wicti o-" the stratum of ta.c. Tae gold would be -ound as te_. urium; laving been cisso-ved 1 , was helc in so.ution in common wiU .he silver. 7rom the samples :aten and :he assays o 3 :ained by :ae a 3ove named persons, i; woulc show cone usive.y : la: -jere are porions of : lis deposii which are very ^ocess :o work your ^mence'with I sma" irSd incase -rora Teezmg. i Tie counct :er in hand and insomuch as the oioes had to be uncovered and -£.ken up -or re Lun.uicm-c wiu siiia in L, anu incr«SHse . · your capacity as you o-en u 3 your ground " 3air " Je y Ceemed it expedient to have and -"rom the pro its obftainec. ^em sunk 'leyo'ad .he reaca of '"ros: and Uis mornlD 2 anc sa ys: c6*NCLUS3ON. :hussave furvieV :rouble. Bonds ;o :he Tne Mastiff Xiningcompany's progeny amoun: 0-^25,000 were issued recover .ae nc ? oor n a rice _.- .-._...,_= lomical y. expense o- doingr:he work and :id con- A wanca tract was _ e . to ^ essrs Alexander 5 o- roggy cays wita my ^°: °" c * ear ^ ays on w ' aic ':i rain °r s^ow own s:ock since Lie '.ood, when I had to ^o. or c . ear cays on w:iic ' n no rain or gnow ge: :hem out of -.he bot:om. Y.y stock is -"el , 9. No. o 1 :air days on which rain or snow Isaac Bassreacieil here -'rom Beaver x .' e "',3-. , c . No. o- -air cays on waica no ram or snow Stoc.c is coing -^ g sully down Stock from here is hor- No. o-"c.oucy. cays on which rain or snow wenty-r'our miles _ "'e-, 6. on our range I saw on.y eleven aead dead. ^°: , C - OU( ^ Y ^ avs on wn ' c "i no rain or snow My stock is doing we.., and all stock will -wJ.'V,-/,,'- f ' *- ^'r\na ^VC is anc wcrking the year aroune. of t r e Denver a n d Uio Grande rai.roac i s . . . . now r u n n i n g trains witiin .ess :han two. 3 6 "' A: : - ie "mie Ue work was commenced lundrec -"eet o-" a good mi! Isite upon your Uere was "rost in the ground and the c.aim; and the materia. cou c be m nee", pipes were on,y removed wha considera- siove.ed into a . . . . . rect.y into the mi... not two huncrec reel distan: rom the mine - which wou c save ,,,,, ..«,,,,,,«-- ,,»«, *, «,,,. the exoense o- hau ing and handling, tae pipe, work has been con:.nuec anc .^ mn S l:iem - a e sto « W1 - A w lie i is-rec.uent.y an item o-'grea: expense the present time. Tae :ipes between majte lt '" e " a-one. We wi_. aave new in mining and mi ing. , Vanif^i a«r -\« »..»,,,:. ,~~.~ ,-« . 2rass i- :ae presen: weatier holes on "ucging '"rom the rain or snow ata. No. ol cays on .e: We aave had a e :,; 10. aard winter--hardest I have seen since Total No. o- cays on w n i c i n o rain or , when '- came out to San:a 7e. Grass snow -e ., 18. Dates of auroras. None. i 1M ^;^ nd s^S C --^ **ci* Wi:h :ae excep:ion o'sev- »-taring » 5ne._ A we are a "raid of is ^4 o :- so ar aalos None. h v - i P nnn jy ,ae non- n . 0 - men from here going down and driving -) a tes ° ° * *jdics taem The stock v-jciu. x »Jt SI.UL.A. lunar halos. Double haios and around the moon on the ni^at ,. .- . . - Yamtou anc :ae reservoir aave heen sunk 2rass ' ' " numerous assays :otherecuirec waica lave 3e«n t a c e n a n a tae amount obtainec, 1 am o-' tae opinion tiat cuite ,arge strata in tais cpposit wi . be -bund :o or -our and one ha - wlUlin :en ca y s - 'ee:. Consicera xe or' tae old pipe aas - "Sam T. Smith says: I hear the northern . replaced wi:h larger piae^ wherehy men say '.heir losses are no: as great as parhelia o' ,7eb. i ^, Dates of -"rost 7eb. ist, ith, 7ta, 8U, 9th nth, 12th, i^th, 15, 17th, 2ota, 26Li and 2711, NOTI:.--Severa. sun dogs o f unusua. brii.iancy were osservec during Ue strata in iais cpposit wi . oe-ounc :o -"- tu ' wj.j .ari-cr pise, waeresy ' . . ., . - , . month On "ehrnarv i - i h at c ^ m o L lancsome pro it 3y wor dng t ie same; our capacity las been material .y increased, ^presentee at -irst. .: taey aaven t .ost ^ ^ so . ar L ai3 TM^ ^s o 'bservec a^out and ' co not icsitate to -. . . :en per cen:. we sou:.i o: tae Purgatoire 7rom tae evidence a reacy ohtainec '. be ieve your company has a prpsperous ruture. . . n*epnnnenc a . ae pres c ure is muca grea:er : lan aere:o- :ioruga investigation n deveiosing your · . . oro^rtv rorewaicais some:amg muca need ec a: y t i m e o ^ i r e . Ruxton creek wa:er was first our / a nge aave been ricing since Ue nrst le: into :he new pipe on Tuesday evening, ° - anuarv bu::he bursting V a weak pipe near Man- carcasses, asice from s:a:es, in tnat 3n jant rainbow was observec asout degrees Vom the lorizon. aayen't .ost one per cen:. Tae men on Summit o r ?Le's Peas, Colo., 7eb., 1881. haven't seen over twenty Serj. Sig. Corps, J. S. A. I am, sir, very truly jours, '-'-. S. ."ACOHS,\C. itoucomrcLec-laernto turnr.o- again, wao'e Carrizo and Cimarron country. Tae Reoairs were at once mace anclsiortly °n.y way we canjucge o-'.osses is by th ?et«r Cooper's Konumeni. From the Ncw Vork a. in his lecture Sunday f t i ^v /-- . T. f -- * · .A t i r '«. '-- ~ ^ **"*^-i *'· -»*j -\,v.kut» hjui*^_i.» Co.oraco Springs, Ct,.., Marca 3, i8Si. he-ore noon yestercay tae water was again "ac catt.e we see. We aaven t seen as evening in the Brook'.yn TaDernacle, said I'rom 7/titrsda/s Daily. turned inio the city pipes anc a..owecto many ceac ones t us year as common y. l.ow uncer a oretty strong heac wita a view to criving out the muu which had lluxton creek water, iow coej it taste ? gat.iered in tae pipes -'rom Monument r n o r e f i n e . 3uL ." ' i l U ! N'eisrs. S.inoers and AUX wi . orjcn their i very ^irn at N'anitou much earlier this season t h a n UMia . water. A ter running some time anot ler yrea In bulls the loss is going to 3e heavy--no getting around The reason o' it is, v. e; t; shipped ear.v no ou 1 , the w i n . er U j U . ' l . "i.e so p r o v i s o n LOU c e m.ict; -or S e t ^ c a n t ( )',\.eelt"fi (.me cown "rorn t i e ?c.v' ycb'.enl.xv. c -eports the warm sun c 1 t ic 3,-iht. few t.-iy; ins melted t i e s n o w r a j i c y ant. t i e trai. is com'Darative- ly c eir. ' ' occurrt'c in tie pine near .Seeker's D ace, on M anitou mac, \ v i i c i necessitatec siiit of:'. Tie leinoorary v/ater w i i c . i las jeen Derived -'rom fie M o n u m e n t , ias been j u t litt.e usec for houbcho c. otjrpobes, it aeing too ri y -"or eitaer cooking or washing. It was not suaposec at tie t i m e tae engine was irtf- '~ne amount o" Yeigit receivcc at A a- cured to-"orce tne Monument water into mosa w i t h i n t i e iast nins months'was 70,- tie :ipes t' it wou'd ae nt for gen- \V. ' t-C.ain, i i i i-.j S \ ·· : Sf-ci: 15 i ,'th-. c.ntle or. the r.ui/i-. '. ^a^v n-jnc c e a l to t - beon r i c i i i g u j and ^.* -bounce of t u r t v rr.,! htosie ranc i. ' 'ae icavy there as or. ( LV rom j'-car ciec-: r 'i.'m, '.jut not I'i.v 1 ) Mo".e a r e d y i r j , a n d -JL,. ; of. \Yc .ave »'.vr: ;j;i _ l c : ( 'ce ; a ^i in the v i c i n i t y o t n o w wa-; rot as the l i v e r , nor t i e streams as hign. Tae ground nice tiere now, an£ on ae ounc in the eu.ogies taat had 3een printed since the ceata o- Fernando Wooc sonaetiing Beautiful in fact that cetraction stoos a-'ter ceata, anc he 3ade us 'leirers remember taat c'irerencs be"-'.een t.iemselves and tie -auhlic men \M.!I w -,om they differ in -jo.itics may b« 3U 1 one ot o p i n i o n . Toucaing sriefy u p M. the dean of Senator Carpenter, Dr. T; i - n a g e n a t u r a .v turnec his eyes to tae monuments to tae memory o' deac, anc t.ien accressec himsel:'to the obelisk, tie greatest o ' t h e s e ;n America. It wil. '.. s t n n c an a c o r n m e n t of Centra. Parse, he said, a suggestion to the scholarity and a ' signet of tae brotaerhooc o-" nations. But w '.ere are the c u a r n men wao cut it out o" - t i e .edges o-'Syener wiere the scholars wao cictatea its aierog ypaics ? where tae orators who spoke wien it was first raisec is cry anc . i . . . . . soutiern exposures grass must soon start, t o -joint t o tie s v ' Onrp i t w« i ' pouncs, amour-ting to £700,000. erai aouseaoic use, su: tae city aemancec . . . ^ f . ? v ' u . e u as * "·-- - · f - - . . . . xnow Lie .osses o: nort.iern catt.e aave stone, anc taey were Lie speakers- now ,-rte r e r g i t louse is now as u., o ' - r e i g a t taat tiey saou c iave some source rorwa , k . . , r - - - . thev are inanimitp anr it U t'^V-^lo,~~ been over-statec, Xr. 3au-man :o.c me \ ne y Are |nanimaie, anc it is tae soea^er. as^ it can ter in case o" nre, and the Monument wa- Uere were no Divide cattle dead when O3easx, type o- tie evanescence o- auman autionty, even taou ter was the most avaiia 3 e. W i t i t i e ad- , -·ro'.Strieby, yestercay bought o'" Caot. ven -o-" the ux-on creek wa er the avo y ° U gC ~' away - rom t:ie rlver ' anc Uose crumb e away, -ime aas a caise that Je Coursey ot L. b o c - c n . o n Nan Cas- ,.«,;,,,, «r ,-,i ,,,,»,, ,,.,,..., ;,, ceac represent a.1 tic ca:Le from Lie Ar- wu. o3.iterate every aieroglyohic. Time. cade avenue 'or j;i,2oo. Cao:. De Coursey has aTso so.d ot i . b ' o c k i, -'or $ 1,000, m merous unemo oyec - lese two .ots are eac.i too -eet front by muster u _, a team 190 -eet cee-), anc are 01 Norta Cascade avenue asout o^aosite t"e co. ege. On the 511 D e D u t y T. S, Marshal Wi.- 'iam i. H a r a n ' e f t Gunnison w:th "Six- toec "ack," Lie Ruby camp murderer, in cus:o.y, intending :o ta-e lira to Pueblo and ce iver tae murcere- to Marsha. Wi.- cox, but when a -'ew Marshal 1-larlan was-atal y shot by crosping lis wil ^ . revo.ver. cation Zver since t ie first sreai in the mains nu- ·oersons who cou c wagon have found a renumerative occupation in peed ing spring water through the chy. At irst the price demancec-"or water was exorpitant 3ut in a shor: time :here was so much Ue venaer is now gone {ansas (Q ^ ? _ atte ^ consecuenl ; v Ue -, er w.nca aas c r u m D ec a Co'oseum, wL. t .f»-,r«t -,r M , ,,, t,. m o,^=^.,. t - , to it, "Dust uou art. and unto dust cent must 36 sma... , ^ ou g n a t r e t u r n -, But there are "-n rep-y t o u e ecitor's interrogatory, monuments, Dr. Talmage conin- what is the condition o-" sjoc'4 your way ? ued, that sba" never perish ; and Uen he adcressec to H. S. I-I ..y Wecaesday, ue t^rew a gar-anc across the East river, to response was: Ca:t; e are doing oretty r a r o n ne.3.eaciec aeac of PeterCoo^er, . . . . s · : asmg, Wnat are pe or Ue °ha- we.., consicenng waat taey aave ^assec roaas when compared to tie magti;5cent Monumen: water into their pipes. Many may uin/c :ha: they wi.. now be suoo iec ie Ruxton cree,* water continua. y. 3u: Messrs. Russe.. A exander have nor ye: comp eted their contract,; and the ^ipes oe:ween Manitou and Hux:on cree/c are ye: to se sunk to '.he rec uired cep:h flour and one ha ; fee:. Tais part of :he stock is south and east. A ^reat many cattle between ', the state line a«c Careen Ci:y, souta of the river. Most i.iat were near us have crossec iae river. Tae osses o~ Bent county range cattle I coa 1 :,ve wi reach six per cent. I ately' . - · · » . . . . Uroug.i. . ic 3u.jc o- tae Jtnt county monument to .iteilature at ZieaU street competit.on in t ie 3usines 9 taat the price _.__..* .. _ _ , ,,_ , J in X«w York ? W. ia t ,« ts. «!L ", Z.^ decreased. Many 'ami ies used tae spring wa:er exc.usive'y, and never turned tne Waat is the ose.isk when institution tha: has been in New York ? comparec to erected o the veneraa e Peter Cooper? What he has done aas inspired Ue whole and, and thus -"ar acvanced civilization. Yr. Peter Mariani conlemp.a:es making some improvements on- nis bui.cin?, ana work wi.; probaby be commenced :ie early part of next week. I-Ie expects to en.argebis store room, raise Ue w r t wi., necessan.y pes.ow, asconsicer anc place in a new / ront, ceivec a large o: is his intent on to carry a '. wi reaca six :er cent. . ate.y-foce-rom - . " . - ; ^ , » SUJ.K- c . , . c . · · , . \. - square m N e w i or*, ^ a e o:aer tav we Shenoci :o Sancy anc con t se^eve . saw ce , e bratea Lie ninetieth anniversary o'hia over nfty head of river ca'.Le J u:sic.e o- birth. All benedictions on ais " nam* .-.e ha£,_'ust re- variety o- goods :han ever ber'ore. _« as.e 3-astmg wil have to 36 cone. Tae -: fres i candies, and it con TM ctors Jave so arrangec Lie remain cer o: :he wor^: as :o no: ma:eria..y in:er- -ere whh Lie water supply. They will arst ill the reservoir wita water ana then ex- tty aeac ot river ca'.Le u:sice o- piru. A;, oenecictions on ais name, those killec 3y tae rai.roac. The losses J^ay tie good Lord oermi: us to celebnue on :hroug i cattle and those criven in from ^ centennial. I-I eaven can do along . .. . . . -' · u time wuaout aim,.-or aeaven is peoplec tie west wu. pe pretty aeavv. . t w i t l ^ gooc . -^ New York ^JJ^ ,i ie to estima.e the .osses o' throug.i ca: one Peter Cooper. I con't know what his tie. Jr they were mine I would consider religion is, but a religion Uat oaves tae , tae loss 3ig:" tae wa ? to use-illness -or the young, Vaat Xezlcan Zevayr. Mr. .G.Warner, tie lumberman, says cava:e only w lat sipe Uey can sin K anc Uat ae is coing a r u s i i r g business, anc reo.ace, waLe Ue reservoir is being emp 'ucging -"rom Lie amoun: o-" .umber dai.y from his yarc, Liere must be going 01. Xr Warner aims to eep a., varieties of lum- .oer anc 3ui ders' materia , suca as mou.c- consictrase o: pui.cmg tiec. Wden tae reservoir is empty they wi'«l again connec-/ the tiipe andi refi. it, t lus giving : ae chy a continuous supply. 07? W3SO. ecucates tae poor, ana taat e.evates Ue Irtfliman'B 3xp«nenc^-A Bona ?:de yew P ora '- s f.'^ dt T'. is a ?? od enou 2 J «lig- ~ · ~ ' ion :or Lus wor.d, and . taini it has a briliant chatfce 'or the Titure. Tae Cooper Union is worth frty o se.isks. It will out- .ast more perishable stone. Zvery good deed done wi.. be ever.asting y remein- 5, sasa, coor, 3 mcs, etc. I-iis tirices compare favoraaly with those a; Denver. _ J ue3.o ar:esian we.. wa:er cos:s :our col ars a barrel a: the weil. -- ...«.., .--__ The coal product -or rhis state -"or :he Tae opera house company wi.. erec: a ^ ear 1880 is es:imatec, a: 5S7.3I/. tons. Wi-"e beating is 'tecoming common in pos: shou-d be two-story brick store on Ueir lot ad oining . arnes P. ?ollard sencs to the Ottawa I-Ieralc :he -oLowing version o-r a New Mexican wind storm : "Perhaps you wish bered 3y tie Lord, remem3erec .ong af:er :o know what a New Mexican storm is like. a., ose-isxs saa.. have aeen los: in ue : was ! in one a -"ew cays ago anc I'l. ;us: ^ C J_°' * '' 0 " pceriD g wcr - d ' te!. you a 1 abou: it. Tie heavens """P" UI " UIL --«»··"·aBMBGnaBMBaogy werecaim and screen. Tae sun ^.ung its umbrella ribs of hea: around gorjeouslv. Sudden:ly a lee:le clouc sho: across the sky. I thouga: i: lookec pretty. Then I icarc some:hing segin :o howl on the hill tops overhead. I .ooked to :ae condition o- my breaca-.oacer, and I wond erec wha: in'the tarnation was us. ~. was afraid to ASH- are al. ire sared and work will be com- insn:trec -"or such V.ows. mencedat once. The 'juLcing w i . be Isaac.3ass says catte lave cone very 165 -eet in length by 25 *eet in wid n, and we. i on Beaver,' aut a great many have .e : "t wi . when comp eted, se occupied ay Mr. that range and g«ne to the Canadian AinsworU Brown. T-ley co nOtintend to The Durkngo Record boasts o: bain- aave it two stories, opiy t:e -Von: n-"ty 'eet; tie OQ y ca :y 3apet wes{ Q , ^ v ^ ^ :ae remaincer wi!l be bu: one story, anc and souta t r Gunnison City in .-^ ^.^ *on- wi' Tsimfar^ "" ""-' etC ~** - : is r " or - ed - aa " one °" : e ^ Q es: ap- Samson was once again on the warpati, bc?use W "ron 3 -%e^ bearing mica mines in the Uni:ec States -^er a snooze o: a tiousanc years. Wails: llT/r^^l exists abou; 5; : een miles souta of-I-Iaan' 5 - wasgettin'suci »:u-f as t « t t cLIIC. v FcSScC. SiUDc* __ . . . . __ ^ peai, 3.out; County. The Gunnison News says within the las: ·" wr *- Vires: » : ' Trinidad, went in:o move. Dreckly a-isru. o- sma'l s:ones were :hrown at me. Tie effect was un- i easant, anc I grasped my rir-e to snoot the -"e.ler taat d i d ^ it. 3ut I lacn't mucn time to tain , for a slibwer o- 3ine :rees began to n" U D the canon be-"ore me, and ·' gavel way to tne idea that T!ie great remec y for Dyspepsia, Bi.ioot Diseases anc. functional Derangements a,ttenc»nt upcn Debility. In L-2 lo. aettes,75 cents. Six aottles, $4. Accredited PhysiciansandC ergymen suppHod witli not exceeding six bottles at one-hal.' thcrctaii price, inpney to accompany orcer. Sole by Druggists and by D. 15. D f c W E r fe Co., 46 Doy .^t.. New \ o r k - fflf - tfif week there has been formed on the wa heac, an avalanche df pine trees, ten :on rocks, etc., Plundered into the canon, and concluding that a volcanic million on a was in full blast* oveVaead I beat a retreat his sea rica m :he precious rne:a s. From :he manner in which :ae sampies xbr assays were taken in :he tunne , wou-c Judge the pay snrarim :o be. -"rom 'orty :o fi, tv ree: in wicta, so -"ar as pres- em cevelooment shows. Should a s:ratum 3e ,ounc, say from thirty :o forty -"set in wic:h, and con-aining only :wen :y ounces in si .ver to t je :on, i: can be mined and a new mining distric: tj e sheep business five years ago ,:ers of Whi:e Ear:h ca?i-al of-'ve hundred doLars. ThU ^ ^^. waitin . for oarlev or ex ^ ana - don creek, Joining :he Indian r 3 s'erv a :ion; .rae. son le so - c J1S wo °* c 1 ? :or i»»^ve thou- Whea go . Qu: a piece saw taa _ a Mexi _ 7rom wha: we have been aj.e to :.earn sand f o.^rs. , can ze jhyr was out :o; practice on ue uere have been some d :een or :wen:y TJe Prospector is respocsible for the ^, s In making my way :o :he Ranche g m : nin y c! aims .oca:ec py miners a.ready story t ha: a 1 prir, :er who iiirec ou: to a San lou se I observed a barre. of fiour scurry- on the ground. T je locali .^ is in SagsLuehe ^«»s iranchnan wa«n ta d :o se-. some fence { ns across :ae prairie at the rate of a mLe » county, anc distant from Gunnison Cry -Tosts, inquired wae^ier they siu^d ae set in ten seconds. I gave :he alarm "mmeaboa: :utym (r es, a ver r litde we^ o: leaded or seltd. \ diately and two men ?U :.ed out in pursuit soutj; anc .'rora our knowledge o! :aose Tie vacao-. bouses a-, o-d Las Animas on horseback. : Waen las: iearo* from consi-ti::ng tae company «e shaL' watcia are nu ec: ay whir d^ad carle. 1 S3 cents. A pleasant, cjeap, anc ralaaale remedy for fretful and puny children. 7or Sprains, Wounds,, 3, Jexsmatism, and any pun upon Xao or Beast. wmiSSl* iweny ounces cons ; lw - u f -ww-«?»i»y we saa^ wa:o a ? wit*ceac c«r:e. The olf tbey'ed crossec the Texas rrotier on :a e e riinec aac with inte-es:: Je deyei opment o: Gunaison G: Irnai house "teanMe in it-and *.i.e tdll'traLof the t art®, and iiougbt tixey'ed' Ijjroi^jougi Mimn^sjic Sm^ing Compaay^s pr^iet^ Iduw^ .:ie^fi^t^s, 7i» islUely wiag^wli.;-;, wror^ . gc; U*A ue Mis- **^^y^^i^atft*Mc^^i^^j^ije^ : .^ ^ - ··· -^^: r y." ; ^, \ I wi_ pay f)5 reward for the _ o-any person found stealing iieS-JCiT GAJCKTS 5-ott. ^uXscrl^s^ cxrs.

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