The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1896 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1896
Page 4
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WHY HE SHAVED. AN IMPERIAL PRAYER ANSWERED. f f m»t*r ··AW UW Nwt Wwrt Hi* Wbtek- *, w t*u«* WiUiMB l*tervrrt» m» \mA- ::JL« «.-...·; S*-:ist r Ba-} A* i::^'.-»::: / 3 ;,. .I:*.-{.ha.-* -,-f the ' n i.- · .',:·.'. f :::,- .f v..'n a · ·:-· Baking Powder , _ , te*^- . Ei .." . l-.V-r, L ' ' A eraus or tartar «!l « !«»Teci StaUi ftwl Food v. hs' i! -':..-'?;..' .! !:i :r THE DAILY NEWS. WlDKSaDAY, MA.Y SO, 19M Suuup* fur » J rvm^lT j rwtir plr!, with the brightest ryts.. tbt- f:r;kott chwks tbe {so? ;ha: tvrrn s*»-n In rwr* So pretty »r.e ·was ii:a: tbe giwcejuibit. 1 clerk at th» stan.jj wir.i!-w fra!p«J in if h«- h«j} rwal!ovr*i .jau-:!.!ri(; wbrn the came trippingly up to tin- wiuCuw and tpote tc- blffl. ··Have you porta^re *tamps" bhe a*kel as !=E'.xr^y as if gvYeTriiaest 7to£o- usoaliy ij«i!t in hayracks and prlndstonw. But tte cK-rk ui'Vi-r noticed that, lie didn't no;iiv aDythiOit but tin- ^Mtrkllnt: U-tters l:i its Mj(t. wtiitu hand "Y**. JiiiKs," bu rt*iKjtd«l, making a herculean eflurt to fcupprv»"- hii t-u.-utiou "Can I got tbnv for a i.lcki '.*" Sow, this clerk lovwl his lutle J'ki. uiiii a man who will juko on a K;IL^-«! MI!IJ»I.-I 1- Jit for trxia^iii. t-inuepins ;i:ij f.;wii:- "Yes, mb*," bu auswi'red, uisJ ijulti- ic.iderly too. ··Ob, bowuir..-: ' she txvittt-ivd ' Mint: i:.:» Raid they utvor njld tln-ai uny li-s,. \v manor how itiauy wo wauuni. but I s.iul I Vias suit! thi-y wua!ii, uiul mw wm: i niKiuma bo surprb-eJ when I u-!l hor itrit I c t thrt-o for n u i r k i l v " The coy, «rch ismllo blio s-ci-.t lluttorl::^ through Jlio w i n d o w to tin' eK-rk was something to bo trwisunxl In the hturl «f any man to his i!yin;j Jny. "I am sure hltu will," ho murmured. Bailing back at herns U-^t fit 1 could undi-r the clrcuniFtancvs. ·'Well, givo nic thitK 1 , pl«i»." And slu- laid a nickel down In tlio window boron- him. Ii« uiu not ojirw IOOK HI HIT, oul kept hi eyes on the drawer where the btamjs ·iv confined. As be picked out two twos utid n urn- and laid them beside that Mil, littln litind waiting for them ou tlie window sill thm 1 oanie Into her beautiful eyes such a Imifc of tender reproach that he went right over to the registry el'-rk and registered n *"! imn vow that uevur. no, never a^ain. jrould he permit his sunso of duty to dull »he finer faculties of his feeling. -- Washington Star. The F»d. Everybody supposed sho would, but no one looked for her BO promptly to set n fashion. However, as she is the Duchcs.-' of Marlborough. her example was -cure te find many and ready imitators. It happened when she wag in Rome, nnd the Ulna rra? all her own-J-- to have her nxther celestial little features cut In pure Parian marble. So she went to a fiimotis sculptor, gave him sittings, and to Iilin- hebn castle will probably bo shipped n bust of the girlish duchess, to be mounted on a column of polisbL-d. rosy nmrhlo in the great green drawing room News of the duchess' doings q u i r k i v reitched this BHie ot the waU'r, and tin eml nont master of the chisel st;iriil la ;v^;mi lEliuient whe:i no J»-- t h a n live very eli- gii;:t dnnioe; foiiiul t ' M - T r way utiii ninrm: ·- l:):.i Ills dt:f!y ^Liil.'i. a.i.l. .-ifii r eying ui- bli;-' workius blotiM 1 s:id c),ire:ikt-d li;i:nX thr ;;;h their lurt:i::i.- oriii-nl t h r i r trai ·! doiio in iii.-irlt!i' 1 ln-y m.-ulc nn mt.r-aur lit the big pri'-'-lui p i s t o n lil t,»I ?Ut~. but some (if i l i r m (li . i:i"d Ui IIP done in bronztv. the brown ITUII/". in plsten n( tht- chillms svitiU' biuiie. lr t;i!ct-- only a fev- ,«ittitn;« fur the sculptor !o catuh tlir puso he \i^he?. tlit-st t h u sulijivt 1-1 photo- gnipht-d: tho inasii-rcf elay taken h N o t l u - r Studies from that. When ehlpju-d ih m;vr- "ble -r cnst iu Ir r n?.L- vlif lui-=t mu-t r,r\t be suitably mounted, and thi women who *o far have IKH! home their stone or mntnl columns, placed in the drawing nxim before a length of rich, dark tapestry nr ;i certain of dwply colored \vlvut. -- f'hii.i del [tii ia Times. «=s - ron t«w It fn Th^ NPWK. Gladness Comes vA/ith a better understanding' of tbe V · transient nature of the many phys,:al :1K which vanish before proper efforts-- Lrentle efforts--pleasantefforts-- rightly directed. There is comfort ia '..he rif.o 1 '" ledge, that PO many forms of -ickr- --. are not dm- t- anv actual disease, bst simply to a constipated condi- "on of the system, which the pleasant iaiVlv laxative. Syrup of Fips. prornpt- .»- removes. That is why it is the oniy .^erywhere esteemed so highly by all whovalae good health. Its ix-nehcial ffects arc due to the fact, that it is tbe One remedy which promotes internal cleanliness" vrithont debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore ail important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when yon par- Chase, that yon hare the pemiine arti- «ie. which isinanufactured by the Cali* :_ T^:_ c-----* f~n ---'-- *·*"* «/%'»' ~-,- .^j^j.-j. --_- J --- -,,· li; reputable dmggists. If in tae enjoyment of good health, -and the system is regular, laxatives or nther remedies are tfen not needed. If afflicted -.rkh any actaal disease, one day be c~.3.tnendel to the most skillful physicians bta if in need of a laxative, «*r,( =bir id have f r-" fst. and ·with the '~ell-informed everywhere, Syrnp of ·jgs stand^ hip'ri^st and is most largely led and gives most genera,! satisfaction. v Drink HIRES Rooibeer when, you re hot; when j0u''- thirsty ;--a.'kcn cotters come. At any atidall fifties drink HIRES Rooibeer. a: »- i -:· · '. ::$; f a -i^ w h ·· i" j : -· : '· T 1 w.v^ 1:1 in r I" . ' S - r - t.. !·:· i :.: j .-i.:: -...!i \ \ . t i s (;.· !i · i. ami \s'- '..· r- r.ii: . r ir*-!iu:I^.i'-!\ ^I:.i.::^ .'. : : i : ml ·..::!..·.'. r jj- ).,,·::. cruW'l. \\t:- .. ..a .i.v..i.ii . ::;-- a; ]nu»«'i: 1 c» fr r:. :.;. · p »:tt- iiir" t" ·!' I ».iv .1' .; ^;.t:ti - " fi...t l!..- I 1 . .:. i::i«l ! f«* J:'- i:i;..-- -i!.'l !(·^' but a li!::;'i r- !: i.. :r. , :· % ...i :j.- u.i- ;··?·: riii^' i.i- l.tll J . ' :· ..n It! ' .«!.«· V. J.» .. he v i v i - : ' »l .x.,.i . -.: ·- ,· I"!.-- »U V .^'. :t it hj.-; ! * I. .. i I I!!- !·!!!· ' 1;. !· · 1 '. ,· v . : \ .i-- t i j . ti.'- i:. n. ill « :·! r I. - · · I :i: -· .!. -..: ^ .! li ..! - ! · - · · ' u.\ \. I. -..· i -. v. .!..!· t: 1. ·'%· :. ·· ' : ,-r.-i 1:1 i l l . - ctht I !'.·.!: .. ,. · . . : : ! ..r I r- %!..!· f . : . · .: · -; p M. t - . . . . : t · · '. r ·· . [ . \ nil il '.:.·· i: ··. '· -·: _· ' : ; : .:!i '. .-.·· i.i" JII..V.T'.. .: - · ··· - i - . . i i i t... :i 1 w .t^ \\ ::ii ; · · ' · · . , . . · ; . li -,. t .. . : ti!ri ^ i ' j !!.· - · - · I il - . 1 1 ; . ··_·; ",,· "ii ' :i- li '!!· to ·!! ·;:i;i i : - · :· ·- m:iiii;.-ii ·· 1:1 !!..;! i.m in .·. i ' i (!·-;. ii- '.''rti.\'' n.i!^:.-I :·!·. \\li:i'!i :.i r«i i i:-. i - : u f i ! l I · u u - k i l ! i ! skii!' rv. '--Vr.4!.:i:-_''ii l',i~r. MINISTERS' ^ONS PLAY CARDS Il»w · Ttilrt-i-ii-yi jr-nlil liny Ili»»r! i.l Tlit-rc i- .in i;i':-i- ···..! :I;'!]|K:- i- i · ·· nortJi SK'H- v.'isn 1 ;·.- ; « · · ^ m.-. I.'! a'!(l 1 ! years M r - ^ - . n - ' t ··· !;.. i t M J I - 1:1 In :- vory pnuii! T! · i ; · - · ! j l . l y · ! p '. ing two s !!- ',!:..; I!; v in..v !'· i :. :: JUflit-s U M* a i \ i^ tin · !v iii.|m -· il i I. OH tht P K H ! :iln! ht 1 \ \ a l i l i - - I: boys \vitli .1 j'.ijiii:-. i ;,··. fc.ini:c f-. : they may IM' bnni^I.t mult r l':tii::ti:i :n fineuci^s, ()i)*' tnul't! 1!!^: lit* i . i l i ' i l !:i» boys :it tli- UMiiil hi-ur. ::nd \ \ h c n ! · had satis-iicd liiiusrlf t h a t thf y wi !·· 1111 ho retunu-d to Ins iminunjr paper, 'i'hir- ty luijiutcR jia.sscii. Imt r!u- boys 1 ill ii"t como d»«Ti stairs, mad. thinking t i n y werf up t') some niLschii-f, he went quietly to tlicir ojifiicd thf dx i r, aud V:L startled to stv thciu sitting up in Ixxl with !i dcrk i.f cunls botvo')i thi-m. pliiyin;: scvou-up. Ht- ilul nut s:iy laiythiug furtln-r than to tvll tlicui that breakfast was ready, bur he inimcli- ately sought his \\ iff iuid confided to her what hi hail tli.srovrrrd. Thi-y hold n ion uudilK-idiil that it wen Id bt- best for thi 4 motlinr tt) talk to tlu-ju. \V1ieii the uinrninj; uii'Jil was linished, sho talked with her bn\s long aud seriously nn thf cvil of rani playing, nw\ courludwl by s;iying sl» would tnist to th" i-ldiT iiti'- to cii c po« of the dvck they bail Rime tiui( during tin- day. VTith lhat tho subject W;is drop]«'d until I'vennifc. At tho diniitT table ghi; said tn him, "Hsr-Jil. did you clispuee of these c.'u-ds? 1 ' "Ves, mother." "Did you destroy them?" "\Vell. how did you (li-^x;*of thorn?" "1 S'lld thi 111 to thi' Baptist minister's son for 10 e-'iit-;," W:L the reply.--Clii- o;ii;o luii-r (.'i-'-an. Kapltl I* Proff«stir E. .Maclie of Pr.iirue i.« ited with some nui:irkuble::i-!.;i \ i, in the line of rapid photii^n'.pl-y. thc flight of :\ proj\-rili- lt.i-,i.-- tened on a sensitive plwe, i!i' -xp. being estimated at probably .dh. .it thousandth of a second. In t a k i n picture Professor Jlacln- MH*-- · t'. only in showing the proju-iili- }. upou the negative, but lie aSo «!:·*·. air cnrrcnts, ;ujd the ond r - r i pliotograpli. it is thought, nn^ht i s the luminous Jail on (viitut- AII met?or«, which are presumably ] ; tiles hurled through inlinite ^i.ii- a larper sealc. Another of tin -·· ; graphic arhievemeuts is a i r .v-,-.;x- by the flight of aleadeii Ki'i i I; - 1 .. of air is divtited to all -!!· ^::r :,·] . of about 45 degree.- \« t n - ;:\'» . : projectile, aud the wh;ri\. MM, i. vrake shows jiartirli^; of lin-.t . « . ' . atoms carried in tin- ataif-pni r . i. \vitb an enersretiV n i p t n i u ;;i :'· vrbich the pivjecttle h.i j i^i i t . following it with almfe-r tin S.H11' .. itr. g !'· A new wrinkle about palms \% !:·· ; t .. London florist indorses is thai tin !··..··! should bo washed, not with ]nr- w.ti r bnt with milk and water, ivhu-h l'.s« u wonderful way of pn^ervinc flu m »i"i preventing the appearance of the ln.\\:- spots which are so disfiguring. An 'th r suggestion about plants is that a l i t t l e Cold coffer }v;;irvd iivor ;h'^ earth a; th-~ roots occafioaally will be found bene ficiaL Coffeo i« n gxl fcniliz-T. This trcatmfBi is special! v reouajn«-uk^ f««r hfacis'-hs. -- Nt-^v Yoik Tii^- .-. Tb« Frofe ·loft. "Xow, look bere." said the professor to the infuriated ball, "yon are my sn- pericr in strength. I am your reperiox in mind Ix-: ss arbitrate this matter and see which .-hculd hy right hare the better of our controversy.'" "Ob, no,''rfplied the bull "Let's toss up for it." Later.--The professor lost.--London Tit-Bit?. There is an herb growing on Mount Libanns and in the Eurrounding country vhich is said .to stain a bright yellcw the teeth of sll animals that feed upon it. Kotbing cah bring yco peace but yourself. Nothing can bring yon pmc« but the triamph of principle*.--Emer- of ti.r :i:::iiallu n:j -!i «.» hrart. -i :. 'A'- -i'i I;- l KiA'.il u» a fa'. urt(o»lgti. d«r ·.; ,-,i Tt.«- »ftl the luck out! . t w o in i i:..i»- it t/r«-«i'h in tiil tnwiu Fro:a lit-rtiiaii llttKi 1 , ttini cou»;riii-!*! ::i urv lbt wntli i '. !-rtri-: iKlth t.|«iT l l t l l l t j i a tf'-r\' r^i'^-« i" ^t^-' 1 -'·-* ·f"-^-. · ^ · · »"^ 1 i~l»AS 1,, Mir.-niiial.-*! i'V iiif[* i.iii-iii'»« t\* irf tin- cr.iv., ttii-i!ii;.' (ihl|iiuu\itt (orwitrd and tin' la-t li^!: 1 :.:!!^ lln-tn - ; ..niil nrrt» [.'.!· sUy, \ \ h l l i - n frotit c.' ii- l:iv :i stilli-n ihi-Uy Inn!, uf cli.'ii!., ..t:t uf which "Tliu !··*·«·! rMi IIK! tt»- llii" T.'in ton- iljnujx'rtthli 1 Thi 1 tnwrr» ^riMlii'il nnd crc.tWiil, lull tin-i-nfili' [:ir:'l at l;i-!, .iliJ A' t i n - K » ! n « ' i i » i i ; n i t tin-J'.--: r:iy-. "f i!» ^·Ir'iniln^; otiti l'iir-t ti[ tlir'u:^! t thi' li.'iiiLs cuo bluiri Imur tin- Min finite out in il* full n..ij.,.iy. " I ' n i l i r Mich fair au-pn-i". \v-i« tin- i-'in.-i! (ijH'UMl. aii! \\licli tht- M-^-^-I :»JI:H :irri, l!y lun i'..t !uti:n r t,t li." i.i-w n i i . i i i i i n^urr, ic wn.4 pm-:4-l by (ho th'.iini'-r 'if i-.tiiiiiin fruin llio bhips of the viilltv world." Chlom U'aklnc Cp. Cfiina la po-iltlvoly waking up. Sho la ing heiself. Tho JapaQoso w;ur gavo hur such a tvrrlbio slinking that Rho liM dolcr- mlood to do Boinothlnij to provunt a llko dlsiiHtor In tbo future. It soems as though civilization wore boing lit-oral!/ cmmmed down hor throat, nnd she takes to U about oa kindly ns n nor takos to n closo of salts and scona. Sho ba-t cnpiipod tho servlco of » lot of Kuropena military oflicera, who will trr to brhif; tho army up to some sort of dlsolpllno and i-fTi-ctlveness. Sbo la going to build muds wido onongh for tiro vehicles to pass each other, and for tho first time in hor history will bo heard tho Toloc of thu tivitiistcr on his way to market. Thu few railroncls now existing are to bo rei;iiivtl ivml others ore to be built. Telophuiiiisiiud telegraphs aro to spring op and tnn^tcnl chaiigt-s nro to take place. PoorChlnal It look an nwfui drubbing to iimko hur KM- that Rtupldlty can't bold its own jipiiust oiiwrprlsc. nnd that llf- toenth ci-utnry machlnury doesn't work wall against smokuloss powder and repeating rlfltei --Now Yurk Ilurnld. A.tor'» N Sir Diu^lii.-i Stniight, tho new editor of Tho Pall Mail Unzcitts was «illed to tho bar in l.Siin. A f t e r a jimrticn of some years at the Old Jkiiley, ho went to Alla- habmi i\s : jiulgi-. whunc« ho rctvirned in 1891 with u pension. Ho is by no means nil amateur in journalism, us is shown by a good Mory told of him by tho lato Mon- taguo Williams in his "Loaves of a Lifn." Sir Dougla« and Mr. Williams wero close frlonda. After leaving Harrow, Straight went to London with a viow to making a llttlo money, and soon turned his attention to tbo newspapers. AneveniiiKshw-i; called Tbo Glowworm had just been started, and tbo young Harrovian became ono of Its principal contributors -- one of the most active members of tho staff, wo should pay -for ono day Mr. Williams saw the young man, saoh Is tho svory, go up to two newsboys and soundly box their oars, their offense being that they had failed to call out The Giou worm iu siu/fioiisuiiy stentorian tones. Row Ch«r»« Strmwn Are Made. To innkncheose .Etrnws, pat half « pound o! sifted Hour In a mixing bowl. Make a hollow In the center and In It pat 4 nances of butter, 8 onnoes of ohceae, an egg, a pinch of rod pepper and a gill of milk, added slowly. Mil all wall together. Boll out tho pn*tc till It li about one* eighth of an Inrh think. Cat It Into (trip* ono-qunrtcr of nn Inch wldo and ilx InahM long and plnrr In n moderate ovon until colored a llaht brown. Sorva-Tsry hoi-Ladles* Home -Tonrimi. Anrlrtit Timber. Prt'l'ii! ly the ilili-t IinilMT in the ;i ni' 1 :im-i'-iit temples '«'t:(;i w i t h st-ini 1 work iroritl of Kirr which yean" . thi P" the f.i m k : m \ \ i i ·!·!. '! h--. i!ti-:e;u M I-- at ; nly w t!".- ;· i -iis-r 4,(iiK ii s.-ivl in '.i -. i. m ;;il f «ne An Attula-vit- This is to certily that on May llth, 1 ·walked into Mclick's drut; store on a pair of crutches and bought a bottle of Chatubcr- Inin's Pain Bnlm for inSammatory rhemna- tism which had crippled me tip. After using three bottles I am completely cured. I can cheerfully recommend il- -- Chas. II. V icl, Sunlmry, Pa. Sworn mid subscribed to lcl"ore me on August 30, ISiM.-- AValtcr Shipman, J. P. For sile at 2-^ and 50 ceois jwr lxttle bf A. I* larrc, rrcderict: W. K. Iftby, "Ml. A fry. Electric Hitter*. Electric Bitter* ii *, metSicIttv suited for «n ·euoa.but oerntiK more »eoer»l!T wh«o tb« Urer 1« torptd tnd »)Q»|rt«k mat toe o««d of m tonic »nJ »!t«r»t]Ti Is le It. A prompt oae of this medictnc h»i often »vtsrt«l else vill set zaore lorelr to ooaateimoUac atxt 7re«ttietttesntez;rot^e di'jiTUi poitxi. Hew] »cb». lodlKflKKm. Ootp«tlpit}oa. niitf.a j'^'.i ;o c;eote.c mUer*. *0o- aixi j-i-wi per bottie «t A. L- ftum't Drof Sans. A Ora«t German 1 * Prewnriytloa Pll8*»ui» Mood, ootntlpctloa. cod ;t»er *ad bowM troaotn M» oared by Clcrvr KootTas. for satebr Albert UFwrr* Pills J3o Xot Cure. Pills do not ear* Constipation- They Mtvnurtt*. KmrttCtotcr «ootTe»«tre» per ·ot ncnhzttr of tbe bowel*. Par tale by Alert L. Peam. Statriw* ftalidtec Oapt«to Sweeney. U. 9. A_ 8*0 Diego. Cat, tara: -SbOofc 1 * Oatwrb Beaedy u tbe tnt nedtolB* T IMTC er«r f oand tkat would oo me »OT 100*." Prtoe Cdo- For ·ale by AlWrt L. Pearre. Itchier I *m» nerroat. tired, irrtctbte and orow Earl' 1 ! Ctot«r Boot Tarn h«t maltm* well and hop??- MM. . B. 'Womon. For l^n by Albert UPsarre, BteUna Balid- A Wvf Vi^ltvr m! th* tfcvr. h fair. "Y.-i ! -i. - ·..- ' -a.i ;b- f. of -A a:- :_·__ I:.-- \ -.: r ·.. -· a-.:;- _. "" "li ·,, - j ^ 'i · - . - - i; e^.,, : ,^;4 i'i. :..·. · ' . ' _ ( ' Tutt's i Pills Cure Ail Liver Ills. Perfect Health. i · t l ' i - s\ -tc!!i r : i ]· r' " T . · % r ; , t ! - ' . - :-;·;·'.: i - . i t , i . i \ ··· ! :. . 'i «··. r- . ' . : * · I'M: !' i ',M-' IN . . · ": « : A Vi porous Bod"/. ' A PLRA9INC ARRAY J.TT'S Liver PiLLS s-- from vtuca t-y C^WM jour mmaxrr hsi. ~ tblae eje be thr Judgi." Too mo't mim it wbao you ·trttct · b*t fxM »a M«on«*et 1 k«oun. Ton MB »M tii» Onutlo* et oar itrtw h»t from the ouuiis. bit TOU man eom»lalfyoti woaU r«*)U» M wbu prtee* taorirebeiaKaoid. If »oo Unw't got thu ttrmr hit jn\, b«ier do i: at one*. Price* are »w»r belo* wMt thtif ven» ittt Urn* Ittt jrt*r. Th«*c food* esa be *eea»d «t GEO. Ju GILBERTS Hot. 10 * 18 North Market 8U. rradartek.Md. SAY! Doiri you kuow mat we ve just completely "paralyzed." our stock of goods'/ If trade keeps up one week fore like the past week, you can't buy any such bargains as we've been selling, it's surprising to see how people will climb in our store, over bricks, stone, lumber, dirt, c. WHY? Because wo tell thf in of our bargains and they kno'v what we tell them is so. We are selling first class goods now, 25 per cent, reduction. Don't believe what yon see ia the newspaper, but come in our store, ^e can show you better thau we can tell von. GROVE KINOLEY. cn-diii,? A vi-timj " ·::. tt.i\ ir 1 .^-. of ciuirs-i'. :i-knl pi ri:il-.-nin «-f iii-; f.uli- r ID court t h t baud ami h-,ir! if MIIIII- i!i'i\'!ilit)riti^ !an w! -- by m-l^!ilnri:ii; I tiu-un anywheix within fid milt-, -- jir«icei-ds to ptin:hu.M Hit- must liiuilly co!"retl and ijtvurateil h.-iddk' Clutli f'tr I i-. I j u r - j t!:nl lu- ran Im-siiily iitiil. lie will spi'iul lnrn« sutnn on this artlrluuf in) dine adornment, anil one knowing tin- country eiin iifM-r mistakeu young Uoer piinir out cfiiirtlntr. Mounted on his nx*t hpirlti-d Kterd, he approaches tho lioasu of tliu f:it)ierof his lady love.' Un- liko the yfHith of more, civilized life, he avoids the l;:dy nnd seek? her father, from. whom In- reviTt-ntl:illy asks perinLsb-ion tc rtiurt hi- d:iiiKiiter The old man returns m nnMver. out i-on-ults his vrou, and ths yusith j i u i t ^ :.'n- yimiijr f:ilk Xo nji-rc uritv-i' i. t:ikfii of him during thu day. hut if hi n^pii'j.t bo agreeable to ·*! .-:i tin. till- pan sits. C X P.H^ tin* n- yinn^ ling i-.ii-ili- i nn the : iMf. plu an !i.icc JuVir for retiring iihi'r -itili-!tuly npproftchos tbfi mid 1:1:1:1!, n. w i t h » IOOK tai- her IUIIHL This sho places !i_-!!N. ;u:il, bidding tho cou- ;u:i:iti- p,.«i nijrht, rctifes. Tlt'-s i~ tin- f.'eir .siTM:]:il to liie lovor that his aim :^ MI.-JI-- -lui. l u u young couplo aro permitteil to sit tip tngether in the kitcbi-n ···!) l u i ' ^ u ^ i l " - i-andlt- l:i.--ts, when tho lady n't i'-es to the one dormitory of liers-If ami si-.tcr'--, :int! tho yotith shares tho bed of the brother-; or rtnilii portion of tho f.-unilv. -- l'\irum. Better In Six Hoon. Dlttrenloft Eldney and Bladder diseases relieved in all honri br tbe "Nsw OBI AT SOOTH IMKOSOAK EmnT CCRX." Th'g new remedy te a (treat Burprtso on acoonnt of Its exceeding promptneM la relieving pain In the bladder, kldneyi. bmck and ererr pert of the acioary pawage* la male or femle. It rellBT8» retention of water actt pala In patting it almost Immediately, [f yoa wiat Qdtok rallet and cure this rt Tour remsSr. Snl* by J. A. laouoa, dmggtjt, Frederick. Md. Skin smooth, 1 complexion good. I limbs strong, blood rich--always t h e case lakfn you use BROWN'S IRON BIT- TEKS. Can By the ute ct Shltaa'f f^-ra. Thtt great JoaghOara li the oalr Kuoira retnelr for -hat terrible diteele. For tale by Albert L. Pcarre Btohi»on Boildfair. Lt» 8»Ted. "tfr baby bad croup and mi tared bp Shiloht Care." writes Mrt. J. a Martin, of Hunttnlle, Ala. tor tale by Albert L-Pexrr*. BtoMnn Bulldlnr The Beet Ooocb Our* It Shlloht Onre. A netleoted cough la dan- fferou. Stop-li at oooe with SblioVt CUM. Fonaleby A 1^ Paarre. Btohiton BaUdlnx- A Qreac and trnnMal Oflbr. For orery oat* ot Throat ana tone disease :bu SbUoh*! Oure fall* to mire, the oon price be rafonaed. for tale by Albert L. BnUdlne. . Prometheat wa* on term* totinucy with the foda. Firm then k* Stole fee. and ffrre it to met. for Uia ti» M wa* bound to the rock* of Mont Can- ttsoa. aad vujtore* wer* act «tpo« kirn. They «oly *te hf» Mret. Thi« «rrw aja5n M ftit M n wa« pecked *w*y. Ar« M* mf fcrinfft to be imagined? Yet,*»d rtelked. Takeaoodern interpretation tt UN pt» ·lie. TtMRunoeooaiaftritbowtin. I* . cooktef Md eatlnj the raWiief Iteft. Tit ·tomtcb is ovMtasked, tbe bowel* **eofn« dotted, tfccy omxM dfepot* of tbe fcod Cat fc fircB them. Tbe bmpmitie* back J em tie IITCT. Tben coait tbe nJtuiea. Tbe coffering* awn «a oetnde, riaibl« tort, are « rarre pia-tcralck to tbe tmaento ·/ a diseased liver. Ssrt, modem are ahead of th* aunkiiu. Tbere Is a nct-ael to the old «to*y. De. Pierce » the actbor. Bit "GoWe* Med- leal Discovery " it more then eqval «e tb« Tmhnna of drspepsta snd it» Jcndrvi dfe- caMa. Erery atom of the " Dbcotcty " 1* an active agent against diieaee. It 44« Hk» a ferret, waetevcr it ia aevL It i* at ·ore ·» the needle of tbe compete. There U co more eerd of sofierinff {rota djtfjipsia than there is of bin fiojr ooe'a tetl fit. -w. ROOK**, of so; Gi*mn SL, tftdnOlt, JTr. hat this to *y for khu^r ca4 tke ~ Coidee MrficaJtrtwrrrry": "I WM t dyfpejpdti Dud »o« kad t eosnforta!** o!(W hi sfayrua. tba«« Uie» Uinc bo«il«»«f ftr. Pwrt»-« Otlilt« Me* k*I DincorcTT. Iamww6ftyyeanJM. X ted Uiiity yean younger." Tom traly. ««oa M centt la oa+trat ftaocfe «· Dr. t.». , Boftalo. N. T, aad «« Dr PtetWt Me* ka' AdvivT. it U · book ofiM* oana, in lift* Tj il'tivntrd. Uwffl (*·« yea complete koowledft. at ih* bumtD y«teii la plala SEASONABLE GOODS. REFRIGERATORS, GASOLINE STOVES. OIL STOVES. GARDEN HOSE. BICYCLES, WATER COOLERS, SPRINKLING CANS, ICE CREAM FREfZERS, WASHING KEITIES.JMC, In fact a finer line of everything in reason than can be lonnd anywhere in the State at prices which have been marked way down. Call and he convinced. Very Respectially, U \\ILSOU-NII.V EXCELSIOR STOVE H8USF, FREPERiCK, MD- A HORRIBLE LIFE CAUSED BY CATARRH. Few. If anv. human d i d Richard S , "M13 VV. Lombard 5f^ Baltiaiorft, with Head, Eves. Earsi. T h r o a t . Che? l and Stomac*. He. like von, thourtrt Catarrh iacarablo. T^ day he s?v? -I air. -well and have hao - rr-tura for over one year." USED OXLT A GEO. W. FISHER'S CATARRH CURE. PRICE 50 CENTS. BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Have You Seen tie sew Ponoxt PUTT Bozf It Is given frrewitbeacb box of Powder. Ask for U. QJRCULARS ALL SIMS AJTDSTTLM. AT THI NIIW ornoi. TO THLtt OF FLlfflttEiSTOliHt OF C1ITY. THE MOST IMPORTANT er zoo--U to be porcbmwi »« Re!r!««rv.on «il lee CfccsU. prefer re?riz»r»Jon wfaUt- oUter» wo^ld h»»ers:T te« chests. you wim elia*r. REFRIGERATOR ONLY $7 50 [3 iqi IT I PpinBQ to AI ALL fliMb. We have them with porcelain Ice aud Water Tanks THIH UP-TO-DATE ICE CHEST OXLY 87.00. We have them at a lower pr'cf. atid they will be sure to p!r*aseyon as to quality. There are msny styles and m\ke? o? the?e jrr-;{3 o£fsre r l forsile. bm we believe we have u gcod a» cm be bought. No troub'e to sbow yoa ihte* Roods at Has, i2, tf 53d 45 East Pifeick Slmt. Frederick. SU, UNDB2TAKINS A SPECIALTY. LOOK PORTHB I.4.RQK WIKB SIGN. IT IS VERY PROVOKING ·?·»· \ Iwlr to h»Te her dre^t dyed and Bai Ui jilrtshrunlrtB mv r*l inches vid twitted ax. ioC of auape. We now hare the ONLY PROCESS IN AMERICA to oreve it this la made-no r raeset. Wheo dyed br m ^be tklrt u not shruot and retain lt» «^»pe like new. By our motnod of Doing: Up Lace Curtains for »eeo clo»n loan^r. hMg better, do u-' get torn ia flatihiar. as they frequently do ii otnerttecbcxU. bare A Bf autiful Finish TMncb»noetlor toany olher. and prlcet much lower. 5O C k S. P£B PAIR. LADIES OXFORD TIES. Sharp Toes and Patent Leather Tl?, Neat, S'.yllsb. and Wearers. SOOTS. PAIR Come esrlj before tbey are gone, at LOY PERRY'S. FOOTER'S DYE WORKS, OUM3BBLAND. MD. et a price lltt from L B. ADAMS, 74 W. Church St. RUSSET TIES (n all the HEW SHADES and COLSRS. m EFPECTS !K CHILDREN'S GOODS. Bright, Cheerfal and Up To Data effects la this line. FREE OF CHARGE TO advertise oar College we will give a thor- aga oour*3 of laatra-;cloa tn Deabie and Sla- fle Entry Book Keeping and Commercial iltthmetlc. by m*il, FBEE of Charge, to a Dmlted number of Dettooa. Thia ooune will ye com Dieted in 4O lees. ni. No oharce for Addrets CAPITAL 61TT C01IERCIAL JOLLEH, Omaha. Nebraska. FOUR FINE OFFERS The GORMULLY JEFFERY MaBniacturing Ctvmauft facturers- of tiie peerless RAMBLER BICYCLE, Authorize us to announce FOUR more- fine offers in addition to these already ooted in these columns. The are as follows: "Sverytttneth»25 MtL^ BOAT) RSCORDIi brokenm oomvrtl- Hon. on«i tumbler oieyole fitted with G. ft J. TIrei. wo wiU pretsaf the holder with a VM,(J ABC.* yn flu. tin 11- "« very time tha 25 MTLB HOAO R1C08D it broken a oompeS nU lU"-» Won. on anrBlcrcle other then the Rammer, bat nrtsd wltn G-* J Tires, we will present th? holder with, a r ALUABLK SPECIAL SOU f BN1B." NO I A ~TotheboUeroCthe3SHIT.SCOVP8TtTTO!THO\rEKCO3Toii [IU. 14. T ~e=emb9rl,lS96,lfiachreoordwaimadeoiiaBamb!eTBlorcle11»9d with ·*. J. Tfm. we will present a eBlKD 8OUV'B!n MKDAli. VALOBD AT »iso oo." Nfl t C "^ thoholder ot tbe above wcorf on Dec-m^ier 3s. 1896. tt mvl^ IlU, 13, nn any make of wheel other thin tbe Kamtl»r. bat fitted with 9. 3e J TI ret. we will preteot a GSA» O 30HT«Nt B WOKTH J100 00." Tnonr'att annotmc nnent of these SDuviIn wsrs mmJe pnbl!-; offart 8, 9 and 10. Ii mts b-en dec! led to maka the latter ~a doable oSfer." taat It, tbe 9. ft J. Oomoany will prennt a 6rand SouTenlr-- different fron tbe Rambler raid Souvenir-- to the bo'der-ot ttoe s reataK nnmbe-of e. * 3- Ore -two-mir/aw" touvenlrt. This wiU b^ nown it O?i'«H No. 11. Ab3vear»UFFBaSKoi.r2,13.14andl5. AND THSEB AKK OIHKB3. WA^CH FOR NEXT WEEK'S OFFERS. CORMULLY JEFFERY MFC. CO. Tor toll detailt of OfFKRU Not- 1. a, 3. 4, 9. 6. 7. 8, 9.10. 11. call at PARLOR FURNITURE. "What, Alas! Can I say?" he inquired with a sigh. "You can say," cooed the maiden demurely, "you'll be- as true as Etehison's Furniture for the Parlor, Dining Boom, Chamber, Hall and Library. SO MARRY ME, OSCAR, and bny our furniture of Etchison." BEST ASSORTMENTS IN THE CITY. Their Summer Furniture is par excellence. HEFKIGERA.TORS. The comfort of the home when "Sun King" reigns. CARRIAGES. All Serb. Btst Cuiefed. toe femtei W. EL B. ETCHISON, The Furnisher of Homes. UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. Telephone No. 122. Not. 12 and 14 Soatn Market ft., Frederick* Md.

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