The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 19, 1899 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 19, 1899
Page 4
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CUBUT SHORT RANGE. £ was* their tsoes erer Gives Hi, VS--- Vrtves WS Views Its Sports. _ THE flgJtWM WOW tke -- --,, --ening in war -- aad ones a week rub taemeejTes downwHhatowel attorned in afcoaoJ. I them considered injnrions to tbe health. Cnban women do not admin beardless or smooth shaven met. They eoo- ·ider tbe American and English customs bideoos and insist on their ens- bands and tons wearing a beard or mustache. / ,, The Spanish government's lottery. .,, Ian* an institution, has passed away. rawing was advertised for Dee. i r»*a* P.Mbtr i. iicaets were sold on tbe streets for -»-« rwswar. , fortnight previuos to the date of . br the Antnor j drawing, all nnmld tickets being re- rV- tnrned and redeemed by tbe government --. -«J of tbe old regime before tbe drawing we* held. Two im- «L. i^JzS*"" 1 djM PP ear » great mense glass halia or globes set on a re- many usataaons. social customs, sports solving axis were placed on a high plat- and pastimes purely Spanish on cfaarac- form in the courtyard of tbe colonial JfLjwT*^? ^L*5 e 1 B tboo « n P°=*bly treasury, the one containing 13,0001 inentaig disapproval or even condemna- a ambers, from 1 to 18.000. represBntuig "f I****** ground of tbew being bra- the total number of tickets issued, tha I tal, lacking jn refinement or exercising other the amounts or prize*, marked on ·nevu influence on the manners and little ivory Jbalta, A child, selected from ' morals of the people, had yet come to the State Orphan aoylom, waa seated on ne regarded as objects of at least pictnr- the plstform between tbe two glass ~y*fi interest If Americans, numbers balls. These balls were set »n motion so i °* w ~*" w «TM tempted to pay a anon ·* to shuffle the numbers, and simnl- *««* , per montta for the OoJJy. far tbe Weekly. ST. PAUL SAINT PAUL MEWYOW. «EWE«CUJ1D, B03TOK, MOIITBEAL, QUEBEC, OIJTABIO, MICHIGAN, MEW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA. DISPATCH TJ*e St. BMinzsPATCBu the best Twin City daily it baa no equal u the Northwest as to sue or quality Th *^ PA J CH eXCeUs m »o«ii^«tem new, fcavinn cor- Jespondenta in every Northwestern town. ^S **" Tbe DISPATCH is renowned tor its complete and reliable market reports, tta market page u £· of ita ^- ·IIMIIIWUM*,; SAFES. 01UOL* MFCS « · LOCK eo«Manr. QEO. C. QARROW, ·«·«*. St. Pa*. Hlaa. ===== I burghwi Tbe WEEKLY DISPATCH equal as a weekly and SO YEARS' EXPBRI«NC« ^enfific ^fmcrkam P Address all ^·""'"nTiiftrioiis to TM* BISMARCK TRIBUNE, J. . DOUfl, - Propriotor. SECRET SOCIETIES. BuBuurk Lodge, fi»t and tfairt Moo4 3fASOX/C. Bismarck, North Dakota. Henry Watferson's HISTORY OP T«E SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. A COMPLETE REVIEW OF OUR RELATIONS WITH SPAIN. . HIT» THB CCBAtf CAH5RES AT WOBK. '^** *P Co 1 * dnring the winter month* taneonsly th« child took a little ball OT» »W»pan IB tbe refy games they M °* «*· One garette lodty number ·twogly crftieifed at borne. * a» other tbeprizatthad d»wn. This »owno«IOBtfaeliatitaBdabtillflght-7 aske »* tt P«'«"«J»e pttaMime as- Ihat will die oat in Cnba, togetk- *»"»««*, when a lift wu printed and ttbSpaaiabnrte. It will ^^^^^ fi***l«. Tbe dtawiMWM «ote»*ed by tbe United Statei, and it S" MJc * nd »»««»4 to be abaotely or apbeld by to ' ^ ""Jy tf * 3wBblfa « *· tkewling it i»cba»ct». C«taJ», and*grabfiag boMBiTO to ta pttltb, tetbe **Bdla OT «yd«yeadTillagetbroogh- fay tbe Spanitb. Sundays bare rat *Be island. At Havana tberelbi a iSfaf"**^* 17 ' *» weB T«y conndenble mmfan of aaeb pob- The Sabbath UooaBrredaeJte gambling beHg, wbicb doting7be L. 0 ' "««««». not tf»"« *·* aaw Ptored a afmreeof BO erery theater, mouc hall, aalooa «»" retemio to tbe Spanish gore»- Flwe «rf aaraanmit being widest, which iapoted awwtaiof 10 jer cent oa all aoaeya or beta ex. * S» "eorrides,'' or bnlUSgbts, take «*?»«*. p»oe at 8 p. m. and are always attend- There ie an argent demand in vana ed by tremendous crowds, from the ftff cna « **« In* class hotels with hjgnest official to the hnmblett soldjer, Bod«a improvements. Tbe establish* ·Mfe armed with his bottle or two of awta today existing for the accommo- MaimBtilta, which be driaka steadily Cation of viaitors are totally inadequate, tttnegfa the afternoon, aiviag the empty »o» «» not enongh hotels to hold tbe tattle to throw into the ring or at tbe ·"«» of toarists, spenlaton, tdven- taJ^tor, according to tha style in «««· end business men who will visit *Moto be dispetenea his animal the island this winter. Boarding booses " tbe mstidore kills his ball st tbe ·*· B0t **mm in Cnba, nor are far- thmst, tbe pafalic goat wild with f igaed fl * t * Md spertoents. fients are «w«m. Bau, iewalry, cigars, bot- J 0 *' *»* »«t people livs in their own _»0"*7. eanes, are showered into *°*J? B witb * **"** P»3«dic« against tbe ring. If, on the contrary, be stabs *·**»« ooarders." *S**** 1 te » c5n«o«r fssbion, the wrfor- ?*ose who do not keep boose or live wnato ttsudore ig hined and onrsed. » boteai rent rooms, which they fnr- w»v stones aid stocks are tetown at ·»* w »*b prunitite aunpacity aad bare ·Jnd it oftan happens that bets*"*' «n«»js sent ta froai a neaghborfag ·wt by one of time miadlea. "'wui «. The way seek meals aw asrred idonot attend bollflgbts M a «^ dlatrinated is very ovrtoto. Some -TT- ^^ ocoastonaUy yon will find «« of it can be gained by a clanos at 28»S^«««*» following the rport «·· Meompanylnf mMt^mT^ ^·»«B^«jaeandimpt cariosity. Fire or six agate raps erdtabesfit- ^·r? 6 ??*."* b «^ r « ·*»**». diatn- ttogsnagly into esob otaer sre kept in MBECT BOITE Ttl Canadian Provinces XEW E\«L41VD YORK, ALL FOCtTS EAST. Thmnrt Put train, ailj to r.u iFir mm mm. the Canse and Declaration of War, the describee with enthusiasm «nd power every event, such as the Making of the Army and -Navy, the MarrelonsBattle of Manila Bay, tbe Blockading of Cuba, BotOingof Certera's Squadron and its doom, the heroic fights at Goasuaaa, San Juan and El Caney, the closing faoa Santiago and its surrender, tbe Fail of Manila and THE PEACE COIIIIISSION'S WORK. . «iy*pocho»Wii8eTo,tfap«. sentrtto o«r sfelt psge besmOtal h«lMcm«. togeUrer with · tneaber of magnificent doabfe-page litbcgrapli plate, {a tea men, renmeuting the battles on land aad «ta. Tao* is a nan fitted by cdncation. peeallarty advaa- ab«ati« and .ympaihrtlc feeliae fir tne«is«et, to U ateorbfav aad crewtoc it, iatemt. TBS of tt* book U eompliB* aad Alimy* t. V. CSDKKWOOD V 6n.Pua.Act. IfflTHWESTEBB liiVELB* IB «*»Oftli-W«at*rn CMKAOO M« tbe BAIT thedisbesand so OBe dollars is bat a tow «sfa, tood--ttetost soep, tfee second eastin of ted mooey eootnioe»»oy," as werebetoothe»eaJtofafiglrt. oopeis called locally, it Tbe wealthy Oaban vtevs W. aaae- together wrt. rjS eoofc. witt tbe saaw prtd* aait .toiigwoote pc^ weahhy Atawwen Tiews hi, raeiagfln a tey'e aboalder tad I r f t « . c f a atabte. aad the tord's pedigree is as fan- eostoa^r^ door. Thefact ttat a postet a matter to him as * horse's nor* ecowys we eanied o« at tosed»gi,tothebo»»«. toe for d^botio^SnTLd DneJing Is sWl much in vogue in possibly fi»e idoeks or mon. indtuetr ttm e n o e s or mon. ntuetr tm aad geatieBwa settle their differ- istecnee that Cohens are less parties- OB tbe field of booor. Oo tbe ^ **·» Aaseneaas as to the tanner- ·ass tritial excaaas quarrel* are pick- «we rf Uwft meals when served. ad. cards exchanged, weapon* aad place Children among tbe lower classes ·elected and doels fought The rsptcr^ispenae with clothing tmtfl they bare or foil is tbe favorite weapon, and it be- ""awed their sixth or sereath year. It aoores a njaB to be a good swordsman, aii'" familiar SMM is Cnfaa to seefoer ·emay becaUed noon to faoa an ad- « °»« twysaodgfrla, possibly of a mean tarsary and aaked steel at anyaoaeat fgeererateof 6 years, playtag, roinp- -t A**"* 1 «°* oc *P* "ohalJenge isooe- in B or fighting in a eesBptete state of ·dcred rank eowardiee, DO matter oa l""*"?. bat sbaoJntely aooaaeeioas of what KroBdt the objeetteo is based. ***** »«* of ckrtfciag. In tbe ooen- -t?* *??**, CatM » ·".«·» Wle, I** 00 tiM mt ^ t «*** *b«7 do not ·lean and fond of water. There is barf- ·**» «° feel the watt of wearing SIK single private boose to be found *·*·' w»fl they are stU older, end one and eaa that are *·»·"·· oa tbe ptaHatioaa, bwdly bs ·«»«· «»· g*rb of priaiiUT. *. o. Ooosm -4JVW£.VT ORDkR I SITEl WORKMt V Wholesafo OATS - . \SBORTS . GHOCZES A LARGE ROYAL OCTAVO VOLUME OF 65O Pages Mm nvntUM ol aceacs aad cvsatsielallaK to the war. aeotisgot Porto Ueo aad the Pbttlpia* TrtsnJs IB adcfi- ttntaBatfcaoeiltettfMiaM, fc tonlaiaa ItajaOM MA8. ncm »ocBtc*racx jrtiq»n ·Bv WpWMSniflJf ttl rthttcaaasertte Cor. Second and Broadway. roJec- C.B LtrrLm, PjwHent. y D KntiBKi. Vice S. M. CAPITAt. 9100,000. · ··· «»^rBa» *aan »owis»prkaa W ** ^a» J?^^^^" ^·rl'W%Pll 'Wltlvill Full Morocco Binding* The Tribune, ·Isatarea, ·ertfc Baket* .nie.1 · * * ·*^^^^^^«a^a«ee.^%a S9e9g9e9 , g8 LITERATURE IM ^* kMl FINEST TRAINS ON EARTH FROM St Paul And JJinneapols To Si Louis. ELECTRIC LIGHTDE AND STEAM HEATED. HB ^^ ^^ · *« * * ·((^··ff^v I H. S. FRIESZ.1 **· Sboemakcr. ^ Aestln Ugan i IfiWMS, CRITICAL REVIEWS BELLES-LETTRES EDJKlfftfr OdSE lalAlP Wlf" I t CA MJKfiT»^t^^ ^'···n^BiB n^^ fflvUUcIC SIR HERBERT MAXWELL DEAN 5TUBOS m^r'^!L, t ?'h!?1_'^ PM ' r"* rf """^ '"^ P**""- »"·«»· ** TOS»r^5tr^ ** lr * re ** epra * *»«M-««W«» «uovAKO«ntme oeoftoe AMERICAN LETTERS Ti^"" ^J*" 1 !""" »»· ««nr«0». te.H dk««»wjr m«h ntqecu ofTB« tn. FOREIGN LETTERS ^^4^^.^^^^ k t» »*»rr Jsssss. n! ·» at kkc .Juy. £ SPKIAL SUPPLEMENTS T.^ MdTKrfprtw wSd« m W S ·rt.Wh °fi LP ^^ *P K »' »«uow o( {man book., A PREMIUM OFFER To Caflfemia Wltho«rtOwn** via "The Milwanfcee." On every Saturday during the winter " «legant Pullman Tonrwt Seeper will teave Minneapolis (BdB a. m.), St Pnul (8« a. m-X and arrive Los Angeles, Cal ifomia,at8as a. m. followingWedoes day. ^* a ^AJ- * 8-F.Ry, Uiwngh Sooth era California. Amost deaghthil winter route to the coast. h 9!!£* e j* l »£ » ««d«. ria tins route fl33S?,. 3 h, P * 1 i ""* MinneapolHi and t^afon:i« than »ia any other fine, Rstepm-donbtelferth. 98.0 froiaSt Paul and Mmneapoli «pol» ever Los Angeles - information, and ' to i f« one rejf'« lubtcnptta*. Trial Sonscripthm, 4 Weeks, as eta. * *^S* S»ttcrtfttf*, tiOO a far t WOTtO9t5, P*MMHI«. NM» Vsrk. N. V. Bam both for w a e e ul or Minneapolis, or ad J. T. Ctwurr. Asst O*n1 Pass. Art., St. Panl, Mion. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBUNE.

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