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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, December 16, 1902
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E DAY .Review THE DAILY REVIEW. .DAY REVIEW .TOUItTH TIAX, HO. MO. IMQATQBt moron, TOMUT EVEOTO, DECEMBEB 16, 1902. TOO LATE TO ARBITRATE aid Germany Do Hoi FtYor More. TUnk Castro Merely Plays a Game. Italy's Demands on Venmela AreHodest. London. Dec. W.-Replylng to a n«J«s- tlon in the nous* of commons today Under Foreign Secretary Cranbome MM^ no attempt had been made by Ore»t Britain to refer th* dispute with Vennuvla to arbitration. In toe house of torts today Foreign Secretary Lansdowr* said If the leisure of Venezuelan gunboats did not prodife* the desired effect further coercive measures would be employed. The matter -had been considered lit consultation with Germany and lt had been decided 'o resort to n blockade of port*. It was not Intended t, land a British force and still lest to occupy Veneiuelan territory. Berlin, Iec. M.--The German government has not yet replied to Castro's offer of arbitration, still being In correspondence with the British government on tht« subject It Is Intimated that Germany'* reply will not llktly be ready for some day/ The opinion of the cabinet appears to be that Castro's propnsals are merely a move In u game designed to «·- what UermiBr and Oreat any way to unify the thought, worship or government of the vartoua ohurche*, but lo promou and aa*M. tin co-operation of *v*ry church, Mttlement and oterlt- of Tic*. PERKINS PREDICTS MORE PROSPERITY DowHotAfn* With Bill aa« at th* present arbitrate. (JASTRO «ET8 SAKOAHTIC la BeeJ/ to Bltuterlitf Note ire** the Allies. Caracai, Venezuela, Dec. H.--Through th* medium of William W. Russell. *ec- rstsry of the United States legation, thn commander* of the allied British and Herman fleets have submitted to President Castro an order which ha* provoked a sharp retort from him and which ha* further lacerated the scnslbllltlo* of hi* countrymen. Apart from that It* only effect ha* been to provoke ridicule and derlsloa. In substance, the order, whloh I* couched l n emphatic term*, dtroc;* that after Dec.'H no vessel* of the VcMgttolan fteet will be permitted to have th* harbor of LaOnalra. la a eaaraet*rt*tic anawsr, which wa* returned t. the Brltlih and German naval authorities through th* same channel. President Castro replied that Inasmuch a* the vessel* of England and Germany had already either confiscated or sunk all the ship* of VeneiuehV* little navy and had not overlooked the Ossun, Mr only commercial venel available as a transport, he begged tc. Inform them that Veneiuela had no fleet left In the harbor of LaQualra or elsewhere, except *ucb a* might be composed of Itching imack* or rowboat*. In vNw of these fact* he regarded the order forbidding vessels of t*io VendiufIan (l-rl to !eav. that harbor after Dec 18 -is superfluous. NO FKAJW MOLD At WaaklDCtea of Us Getting In- (·Trouble* Washington, Dec. ll-The president aad caMaet had one of tfce ' · - - Chicago, Dec. 1*-O. W. Perkln*. right- hand man and partner of J. Plerpont Morgan, added $50,000,000 to Chicago* wealth ion paper) when lie delivered that amount of slock !n tile mw btrvt*"."T combine, the jpiiwjltonn! Harvester company. A!:h«iuicn Mr. Povkirc wai in Chicago all day knowledge of hi* prceenc* wai kept from all except those Interested In thv harvoier combination. Even LaSalle and Dearborn street bankers whose buil- ii«xu r«l itlons with Morgan ft Co. are the close sr, were not aware that Mr. Perkins liad been In the city thirty-six hours. T'ml ho was coming they knew,, but he went ciLKtly t th« Chicago club without Informing ihis business acquaintances). He took dinner with Mr. McCormlck, GME/.TKR TO COM® Mr. Piklns took flat Iswue with Jams* J. Hills and John D. Rockefeller'* recent pe**lml*tlc utterance* on the country's futuie. Without referring to these men by name, h« declared his belkf that tbe United State* had not *een It* greatest prosperity (a* Mr. Hill aaserted) and that hi- financial centers of the country in the eist would rot be greatly affected by the mil. en rush due to land Inveetments rd «·!···loymenl In the went. ·Tnnl iroiiey 1* tight 1* evident to every one " said Mr. Perkins, "wherefore It U equally evident that among the upecu- ators In stocks the borrower I* handl- apped. But the value at the stock* hemselvcs has not been affected. As a eneral proposition ttnwe Chat are inylng Ivldritd* they have earned are *UII con: to earn then), mo to the Investor Vy have the same value aa when their rtllni; prlt-f was inuc/h MRher." Obtain irfliicKthil luSnHe street men, owuvi-r SLR gent that thv security litua- n't tut* been cmphanlsiHl by m«an» tho ontr'iry o( legitimate; fr purpose* which will, bv dlM'loe**} ultimately, Joho Lnm- Wnt» that J. J. HIIV* utterance*, If ccrrei tly reported, are to be accepted in a Pickwickian *en*e. He Intimates that ha H II syndicate Is taklnc advantage' of hr- dnii» on 'change to capture the St. \ial a 1 0 ntokn It part of the Northern Securities company. THESE PASTORS BAR OLD SANTA t's a Myth That Hurts Ihclr Consdeaces. Hamilton, O.. Dec. l«.-Th« convctencc of Hamlltun ministers will not permft them M Impos* on Bunaay sahosl childrtn long- r at the annual Obrhuma* *nt*rt«ln- m«M« with «ten wrap*«d *i wMt* cotton favor the session. The Veneaualan was di*cus*ed In all It* phases, but no conelusHn WHS reached different from that which has actuated Ihu president and hi* advls*re throughout consideration of trouble, between Veneiuela and Ucrmany and England. It can be Slid authoritatively that no apprehension exist* In the minds vf any of the administration official* that serious trouble* growing out of It will accrue to I hi* country. TO AVOID OKKKN8E, The navy department i* preparing order* for disposition of ve**els of Oewey'* fleet* during Chrtstm** week The plan Is to avoid concentration of ship* at any on* point. Department officials *tale thl» I* simply In execution of th* ordinary program decided upon before the manuev. er began. DMtbetatotw W.Et*. Phlladelimla, Pa.. Dec. l«-John W. Kta, president of the Civil Service Reform league of Chicago, who wa* ·trick- en wWh apoplexy wthll* ·Mending the, Na- Civil Servloc, Reform convention, died here at 2'30 o'clock te bohocV tradition must go, according o the combined voice raised by the rrachvr* here. Action wa* lakcTi at the meeting of he Hamilton mtntaterhvl alliance, which met to dlKia* the qutatlbn of Cbrlstmoo ml th* chlUren. The pastors of all, tlie nadlng Protestant ohurche* were preicnl, n1, thotigh tne disruption was long and plrtted. the concltudon was unantnous. Rev. H. Mevln K«i*t of «h» Reformed hurch opened the talk. He took the ground that Santa Clau* was * myth, and hat the churches were not justified In oMertng *ven *o Innocent a. mnct*Mtlon. "Beeldr*," he said, "the Ohrtotmas cn- ·rtalnmmts «re becoming purely prac- loal and, Mvelr true HgnMcance Is lost eight of. I believe that they should be sed to Imprnm on th* MIdren the *tory f Christ's MrtK and that the program* hould b« conflnsd to Chrlstsns carols and h* sU»r of the natrvlty." A!l tho mlnlstmra concurred In this, and, Itmtever ti » rhUdren may think, fh«r» Will ", no S inta OaM* to nieitlhiBtr nutu ml candy ihii ynK 'Tb*r» will "to I f t'h"lstm,.s camls, tltouglf WIFE KEEPS BBR HUSBAHPmjAH, Be PettoBed Their Bey Over Twenty Yetw* A*re« Topeka, Kan., Dec. It--A wife'* proteW prevented the pardon of a muroerer who ha* awrved twenty-three yean la tbe Lanelng penitentiary- In tt» Martin Jabben, a jAhiMon county farmer, poinned hi* young »on by giving thin fig* with araMle In them. He pleaded guilty and wa* ·entenced to bang, which In Kaiua* mean* life iinprktonuwnt. Recently fee ap- pUea for a pardon and secured a long fine of Indorsement* for hi* petition. HI* wife, who 'ha, never forgiven him for the aurder of weir boy, heard of It. aad when the oai* cane up before Governor ·Ualey yesterday ah* wa* en hand with · protest declaring that she feared her tHMtaad nrould kuT the rest or the fan TM1t 1* better W a murderer to spend hta Itf* tn prison than for a good woman to live la deadly fear for the net of her day*." remarked the governor. "I reftu* t, grant a pardon In lh» out." TO OH AIL CHICAGO CHDRCHB8 IN UNION SLAVERY OF LinLEGIRLS Brlnfs Out a Protest to State Thit Permits. Judge Gray Shocked at Disclosures. Bcranton, Pa,. Dec. 16.--When tho coal strike commission met today Chairman Gray opened tho proceeding! by s«yl.n* the commlMlonors were Impressed iwtth the spectacle of little girls who yesterday testified they worked all night. He said cltliens of the commonwealth ·houU not let the Incident pass w thout taking some steps to have the legislature of Pennsylvania seriously consider enactment of a law that will forbid employment of children at night. At the suggestion of the commission a ntuumcnt of the wages of the fathers of the girls wai prevented. One earned more than a thousand last year, and another over 1900. W OfERATOR'S ADMISSION. The miners sprang a surprise by calling an Individual operator. John C Haddock of Wilkesbarre, president of the Fly- mouth Coal company, to the witness stand. Haddock explained the miner's ton which runs from 2,700 to 3.200 pounds wan fixed jears ago. so that the employer could grt out of a ton t.'M pounds of pure c nal about the Hire of a pea. 1'rn and all Hlses below was waste. Regarding prices of coal, Haddock said middle men In New York are paying 111 and 112 a Ion, Judge Orav "Do they pay tho opera- tor« that prlcf''" ··Possibly," was tho reply. MOTHER JONES AIRS HER VIEWS plenty CARTER HARRISONSAYS oung Man tthovld Oo West and Orow Up. Chicago. Ills. Dtf I D -- Maor llarrlsun rr- urn*d from a hunting trip in the. southwest w'lh th' same s.ltlrc that Horace (Ireel.y Ihr uung men nf the country long years ?i» mayor's adMce appllee esiwelally »o Ok- KHna and the Indian Tenttory Were 1 under M years of age," he said. I would certainly go to tbat section of tbs ounlrr Nearly .very mari out there Is young aad ^ Igorous aad prosperous every on* fiemed to N making money and Hie future Is ull of vromlsc. 'The cotton fields am like snow fields at ·sent. The stock farms are magnificent. In act. the country In Invigorating, Inspiring and most alluring I advise young men to trlke out for that portion of the wast." ·fire at Aihto*. Aihley. Ills, Dec in -At II o'clock 8un- _iy night fire was discovered In a largo Ice OIHM back o( Offlll Ilrothera' drug store. The lame, spread to Die drus store, destroying he building and contents. K i t h · loo* of bout HOM. the barker shop of Henry Parm- r. loss MO. store building nf Lee War*. barber .hop of Hubert Ix|an, lois $2,000, and M mlllinory store uf Mrs. Maud Farmer, Ion Only by heroic wnrx. of the cltliens wai the entire business block saved from destruction. ·he feu.lnese men all along the Mock carried out MMlr good. Into thn street, where tho rain oared ana the mud was ankle deep, causing lundreoi of dollars' damage CRAZY NAN KILLS HIMSELF After Wounding Wnole Family With a Razor. Laper. Mich.. Dec. It--John Best, aged I and single, early this morning am* from his bed and ran amuck tfirought the hou*s. cutting Jaaper Clegg's bead nearly off with a racer, dangeroiwly wounded hi* own mother, wounded M* sister, then shot hlmaslf dead. Ciegg wa* «0 yean old and boarded at the Best home. Best wa* committed to an ln*an* asylum about a year ago, but *U month* later wa* discharged a* cured Oeal Ttart Terro Haute, ind., Deo. U.-Ttn Indian* coal irusA has Men deflnlMy a*an'- -- ' ------- ------ - , wai Chicago. Dec. 16-- f Hlx-or-halrml woman rushed Into the 'waiting room of the Grand Central railway at 9 o'clock. Running up to President John Mitchell of the unltod Mlna Workers' union, she threw 'her long arms round him In an ecstatic hug "My boy John!" said the old lady. "Hello, Mother Jones," gasped John, ·you were nearly loft that time," "You're a nlco lot of fellows, going away without your mother," said the famous labor lender, and every ono Joined n tho laugh. While Mr. Mitchell ami his companions wrrc making a bee line to the train, Mother Jone* wa* busy sewing in her room at McCoy's hotel. Her watch showed 8:30 when an excited young roan burst nto th* room and told .her sh mould be jeft. In spite of her three-score-nnd-ten 4ft* Amerlean'ljoulse Mlchei Is a hustl-r. :n a minute she had thrown her betong- ngs into a valise and was sprinting to the station. MITCHELL, HAS LITTLE TO BAT. "I am not prepared to say what the chances of our success with the arbitration commission are." *.ikl Mr. Mitchell. "It would be manifestly Improper for m« to talk on the matter, and. besides, every one know* the evidence and can Judge 'or himself." Mr. Mitchell also refilled t_ make any answer to the statement* of Newell Dwl*ht HUH*, who believes the nonunion man Is the modern martyr. The little man in the black slouch liat, with the half-burnt cigar In Ms mouth, · a born diplomat. When he doc* answer Mr. Hlllls It win be In the nature of a ludlclal ·utterance. Mother Jones has no sjbh bridle on her ongue. "What do I think of Hlllls," she quer- ·jd. "Why. that he 1* an autocrat. He preaches his Jesus' doctrines In the In- erosts of men 'like J. Plerpont Morgan. ~,t course the nonunion men are mar- yrs. flo was Judas Iscartot and Benedict Arnold and every traitor. They are the martyr* of a bod cause " MOTHER JONES ARMS UP. Wanning up, Mother JOIII-H let lanso her wrath on Mr Hlllls uml (bun-lion In general. "I would like to knw."'She cried out, 'what business we hud to raise an army o free the slave*, if a mnn I* to be com- iclled to work for CO cents a lay when t takes at least a dollar to keep his fam- ly? Tho advocates of slavery were mar- yrs. Of course they were. As for Dr. Hills' talk on eho Iniquity of boycotting, ha* he. not himself boycotted rival tburche, and religions? What about the Protestant boycott of the Catholic Church? Didn't the Christians use to boycott the Jewish religion? Don't the Methodist, of today boycott the Baptists In order to build up their own religion? Are hey not all Jumping on the Christian Bclenlsts because, they are trying to get something out of religion themselves? "You can apply that doctrine all round. t sounds suspiciously like hypocrisy from mch men as Dr. Hlllls. He Is not alone. VTien the ministers come out In favor of he oppressed and poor they will loan heir Jobs in the churches of the rich." The only thing.that stopped Mother 'ones' eloquence wag the warning whistle if the (rain that wa* to bear the party to Spring Valley, where Mr. Mitchell wo* o receive the demonstration of his life. WEALTHY MEN DIE. Bitatet JLett Durinff Year $300,000,000. IxmdoTf, Dec. 18.-Over 200 wealthy Brit- l»h subject* have died during thjs\ear, leaving estate* valued at over JSOO.flOO auA\. the aggregate being M60.235.700. The average age of these person*) wa* nearly 73 year*; one-fourth of (nem were 80 or over, and fix were over 90. The chancellor of ithe exchequer reaped death duties amounting to .92.668,670. For line moot part till* wraltfh ha* been slowly gained ty people who made careful Investments during their long live*. Little trace coulfl be found of fortune* which had been quickly acquired by speculation. A further vi,ay*lk anew* that there'were five of over 15,000.000, ewventeen bc- twwrn $3.600.000 and U.OOO.OOOk twenty-four of from tl.MOXK» to tt.M»,«0, thirty of from U.000.000 to $1.600,000, forty-one of from I7M.OM to $1,000,000, and etflhtr-nkm of from $500,000 to$760.000, Tbodeattalaat Monday of Colonel Harry MoCsJmont. wncen estate probably amount* to $15,000,000. will fee another trnrveM fop the lotd «har.cellor. T« Calcutta to Wei. Taylorva*. I*. Deo, 18.-MU* BMss* of Taytorvfll* wtR MM** stands* nUM vta New York oily for C**s*t», In. dla, wtore *h» wffl wed Dr. Brswe D. MsmotM upon *er a«Tlvml. a ON Dr. flbhmnt* tad a. tfental onto* Jn Tayr torvltle atwm year* a*x and besusnt to I*d4a «MR* ··(· ag»to . \ * ttadtk. an Jr»«r1can denial flnn. JCls* to II yean of age. to a MMrtUul s^apopylys»o.*ty «sft ·rMadOsM. kncton etiwet, ·!* in a *»rlous condition,' the r**u*t of wound* Uifflctoftln one hand and on th* caif of «he left leg by e. mad «at The animal wa* a p*t In the Clarke family and became rabid from some cause and attacked, (Mm.' Ctarke, badly biting the hand. The aMauM wan so unexpected that th* woman fen to the floor an*, before «h» could rise, the cat twd bitten her in the leg. A bulldn* l.jtengmg to a. neiglh'bor w*s flnrt to the rescue and the raMd- wntawu wa* )hasod up a tree, where laitw it was killed by a gun *hot. The injured woman 1* in a precarloue condition^and may die. ALLOWS NO BOXING Sprtttffleir* Mayor Tak*» a Moral Tarn. Springfield. Ills., Dec. M,-Tbe Olympic Athletic club, comprised of society boys of Springfield and central Illinois, re- celVed a solar plexus blow when Mayor Phillip* issued order* to hi* police department to prevent the twenty-round price ring battle which wag scheduled fr occur next Thursday night at the club room* In this city. The arrangements for the battle have been madu secretly and some frwt fighters were to appear, the feature event of vhe e**nlng to have been between Clarence Forbes of Chicago and Jack Kelly, also of Chicago. Mayor Phillips would not even grant permission for a six-round friendly bout, and said » far ns he was able he would enforce the order of Governor Yatea that there ·hall be no prise fighting here. CLARENCE BANK LOSES $3,000 By Robbers Who Escaped oo a Hand Car. Bloomlngton, Ills, Deo. 16--The bank at Clarence, Ford county, wai opened by robbers last night and $3,000 taken. The gang cut telegraph wires to prevent an alarm being sent to neighboring towns. Cltlton* were awakened by the explosion ami chased tho thieves but they escaped on a hand car. A Hank Cloned. Washington. Doc. 16,--Comptroller of the Currency Rtdgolcy has closed the National Bank of South Pennsylvania at Hyndmun, Pa., »nS, has appointed Bank Examiner Mason ris receiver, PRUWNKNTJANA MAN Died Suddenly on K.Mt Sunday Sight. PanM, Ills., Dec. 10 -Toloncl P. (1 .Jal- vln, ID year» old, dl«l In this city Sinulov cvunlng qtilte suddenly H? waa a prominent memfcor of Pope post, No. 411, G. A. R , and saw scrvlcr through the Civil war. He was colonel of the Sixth MIs- eourl retfmtmt and diiflngulshed himself at the tattle of VicMburgu Child Banted to Death- Qulncy, Ilia, Doc. 16 -- EU1WJ Bassott, fi years old, lilod »i Bltwilng lKwplt«l as the result of burn* received Sunday afternoon. In t!ic absence, of thi' mother tho '·'hlld, who was left In chargv of on S-year-ifld brother, oinnod the kltchun stove and set tire to hw clothing Before assistance arrlvel Hhe was burned almost to a crisp. DIED III SIHL1I FIRE Belief Concerning C. C. Livingston of Ivesdalc, WAS DRUNK AND IN BED In Building Where tne Blaze Originated. Hulllvan, Ills.. Dec 18.--It now develops t hero i ono man missing slnoe the fire Friday night. His name Is O. C Livingston, a painter, and It K said he eomes from Ivesdalo He and three othor fellows hail Indulged freely "fie water" and had been visiting various Kins until a late hour the night of the fire. lie. left some money with one of tho twrtend- ers in RarJVs saloon and h,tH nut as yet returned to get It He went to thi Under house nd paid for a bed, then went to nuriiart'a loardlnx house and went to hod, then got up jnd went to the easier restaurant anil got In company with three friends They were all pretty well jagged and were put to bed by Mr. Caller In a room over tho restaurant TRAIN WRECKERS IN ALABAMA Limited Train Ditched and One Han Killed, Birmingham, Ala.. Dec. W.--The south- liound limited on the Alabama are,a Southein railroad, w.)s wrecked near Moundvllle this morning. The officials *uy the wreck wan the work of train wreckers. A rail was removed near a trestle which spans a small creek. Express .Messenger Colaon was killed. Mall Clerks Kelly and Klggs and u colored fireman wcro severely injured, No passengers wcro hurt. COAL LOST IN FLOOD Twelve Feet Rise in Twenty- Four Hours. Cincinnati. Dec. 16.--The rise In the Ohio river In twenty-four hours was twelve feet. The swift current today swept eighty coal barges from their mooring* and most of them were sunk. Several men were on the floating barges one of them being reportedjnlsnlng. DEATH OF PIONEER ARTHUR RESIDENT John sears Built First House in the Town. One of the Men of the Old School Gone. Arthur, Ills., Dec. 18.-John M. Boor., one of tbe pioneer residents of this section, died hen yesterday afternoon of dropsy and heart dls- Mr. Bears built the flrit house In Arthur. It being constructed h the fall of 1811. In this ho also conducted tho first store, living with his family In'the upper story. Thlo bulMIng wa* afterwards used u a hotel for Inanr years and Is still U,udlng, having boon mftwd and ooavortod Into a private noMenoe. Mr. Soars was one of .those men of the old school, of sand juaimoitt, MOnstHoue and honorable. He bad auuVr friends aad win be greatly missed Mm the oomnranlty. ruiiral ··moos will be hold tram th* r*. IdocNM Wirtssdsy morning, after whloh the Me*f*m|-wUl tike -piece either her* er at itoaalaaa. pmslt JI^_«rraaw.Wt* not havlag BtJIUVAlT. IIIIIIMIIII where the flro originated It now transpires that t Livingston, whn, It Is sail It now transplren that they all ohow up but d, wan almost too , , drunk to walk. It In now supposed hi per- luted In the burning building Search ha* liern going on Monday and will be resumed and the work kept up until something definite In learned His friends who were with him think he was cremated In the burned build- Inc. U«ck HnnkH received at letter from UBS 8cl- a ctntlruous downfall of rain. Twenty thousand men took part In tne day's celebration, and to them It had but on* point of Interest «* *5£ wa« "Jack" Mitchell, "the «|"«» friend." Throughout U all UM iqu**£ unassuming l^«rref«^. * accept the plaudlU as a tribute to WnjssM untM wag presented with a *five)r · which was, engraved re Ing the'success of the to his "sane Judgment, stertln» and sagacious leadership." Then feelingly accepted the gift and thanked his neighbors for their praise. It wan a strange assemblage that fathered to see and hear him. There were men from the western collieries, Italten* who could understand but little save their native tongue, and Poles who knew naught of the meaning of the day save that John Mitchell, their president, was home. With these races were mingled the sterling American population, the professional men and storekeepers. The reception consisted of addresses bv w. U. Ryan of Springfield. C. N. Hollerith of Spring Valley, T. Doyle of L,aBallc, "Mother" Jones and Mitchell hlmsclt Rev. John F. Power of Spring Valley presented a beautiful silver service to Mitchell in the name of the latter'* 'el- low workmen. Mitchell's address was characterised by modest clear-headedness and tolerance. FIRST TO USE IT. Decision as to Library Lecture Hail. At a business meeting cf the dlwctors of the university extension course hold at the Edward street Christian church Monday night after the last lecture of the ?«ason. the following officer, were submitted by the nominating committee ami fttvorab.y passed upon. Prexldent-- Adolph Mueller. Vice President-Miss Ulllan Croa. Secretary and Treasuret-- T. B. Jack. A general review of th« season showed It was profitable from an educational and financial point of view. Arrangements will be made soon for another series of lectures. It was decided at the meeting that the next lecture «t Bock llnnks received a letter from lias 8cl- '"» lunti ·» "-- h ""5.-M ,,, MM lecture by, who Is In Mississippi on a hunting trip, tho course should b e h e l d 'n ine lect "i' lUs savn he think, he will kill a bear. H o i hall of the new library building. T h e Is In camp whero. President Iloosovoll w«« first lecture will be held shortly after tne and has the same rings In hunt with new library Is opened to the public. Jo Unnrcv sn.l Will llartlett returned from SOCIOLOGY. Arkansas rimnln where they had been on a -r^. subject of the lectures of the next """h'^vi^ 1 kinlS* *."£», ",md Vh^'SUa i TM ur "c wl » b « "8oclology." The lectures ooch having killed a deer nnd other small w]u fee , undcr tnc augplcc g of tne Supervisors W 1 Kennv ami Cicero Oil- breath are going over the account* of Circuit Clerk Hltver preparatory to making a settlement with that office Considerable trouble has been experienced here with the telephone and electric ll«l)t wires The sleet caused all kinds of trouble lioth In the city anil in the toll lines outside I Trains as a rule were nearly on lime The. hluckxmlths linrt a busv .lay nnd even part of the night, is but feu trams were prepared for lc pjmmrnts when the sleet came. Attorney A \V f^ilx ami \V 111 Hepler of f.ovlnglon were here Mnn.l.iy on business A K ItouiT* nf CtiKhnmn *UIH In the city "Monday Mr H'.wors luis recently purchased ffirm n«ur \VinlHnr, but will not move there about n your Ktlljnr llernwn ..r the 11. tluinv telephone exchange WH* hi r.' M..n.lii helping lo repair the rlamaceil llni" In thl.i cllv I']i*ni!nrc anil Frank (Hover of Allen morning over the *. 11 1 for 1'aragould. Ark . to btiv wmc lan'I Julin Mattox returned Monday exenlng from Colorado whfie be had t a k t n hln non. Hen. lien n health IH not nn KOK| an It could be. and he. goes to a dry ctlmato to spend the nter. will be given under the auspices rhulr of soilology of the university of Chicago. and the speakers will be fur nlKhrd from thut Institution. The unl vvrslly has made a special point of this rtudy ever since It was opened and what tho Vhlcago professor* have to say on the Hubtcct will be intewittlng. KMKK8ON THE CLOSE. The liint lecture of the course was on "Emerson." Professor Nathaniel Butler of th,, university of Chicago was the spcakt-r He H|ioki on the matchless ert- s;t\M nt tin- New England Idcallxt. Ho mininicil up all that Emerson has left for u* In hln "Conduct of Ufe." Kmerson iict'cptcd C'hrlHt HR a teacher Just us ho did Confucius or Socnitcs. He thought him greater only In the 1 respect that Chi 1st Hjioki- of the Brfitness of man. Emorson'B i (own chafed tho orthodox ....... ...... ,, ................................ vllle nnd .tames iinlln uf thin plaro left t h i n ' )ioo|ilc of New England but It la not nec- · - · · - · - - · -- -------- ..... · · 1'nnnTy to »huro Enuion'» views to appreciate his work. wint Th POSTOFFICE ROBBED. Th« city louncll nut In regular session on ,,.__ _ - , . . j . « . « » Monday nlxht and transacted .general rout Inn TWO Oleil Believed to HaVO OOl business Beveral hills were allowed anil the fjarf* A Mlim _. Newark, O , Doc. 16--The irastofflce voked ngaln came up. Tbe motion wan ,,... ... ijranvllle near here w.«iivnam. jii^^ris. rwri; sssr WM , r TMf " hli ^Jf £' t F°? Is r i men, who escaped The postmaster de- nEAt, KSTATE TRANSFERS ' cllnos to sttv what amount the men se- .Tohn R I'olan.l to l*aul II HarnlTman. block 2, I'ulnnd'H addition to Sullivan. 1121 Harriet Clam) to J \\. Wood, lots I!! nnd 111. block 4, rkmn)Hl] aiMltlon to tu" " '(X) Louis BroHum lo Oeurffc Hrosiim. quit claim to lots 3 anil 4, block 4, I'atU'rson. Bnyder * Co.'s addition to Sullivan, II Oeorire Hrosani to Joseph Wright, same properly, |1."00 MARIUAOF, l.ICKNSK. Martin Sullivan. Motloon 28 Nevada Davis, Mattoon IS euietl. but it IK believed to be larosj I UU0IIU*. W l l l l n m h t m . r , has a Wabaslt mnchltilst. Fireman YOONO HILLGETS FIRED He Couldn't Get to Work on Time. St. Paul. Minn. Dc-. 16.-VValler J Hill, son of President JanKB J. Hill of tho Oront Northern, and who ha* betn working In the office of Auditor of llls- nuilH Aiiirtlti. h.m lx'-ii dbi'hnrs, il. \\lill.' l're-.!ileiu Hill VMIH away the young man, tin 1 slory (toes jli'ldtil to the n mp- tiUlDiia of the, ^wison and was .1 llttli- careless 1 uhout re|«rtlMK «t tin- nf- tlce when ill* other clerka did. Tho elder IM1I said yestordnv. "My bovB have worked hard. They . :afl«'li ait the first rung of the Udder and tiuvc boon pulling ihnnwMvoi up ateji by *lt\. Of cotireo-, 1 CJV\ fhcm a *Urt, put. ttit'in at work at th* lowret *«Ia.ry and most humWc Job 1 coiUdi llnd. 1 snv« them a wrtrming up. 1 told th*tn fhey would get fired Just, an quickly as any other fellow." GIRL'S LOVER On tbe IUUMI In Oonlbp Warder Trial. Aledo, Ilia., Dec. 18.--The first witness of Importance called In the Dunlap case yesterday was Frank O. Owen, the young man to whom Allle Dool was engaged. Owen's testimony elicited the fact that their engagement hud been broken in Au. gust, 1901, owing to his habits, but that later he was given a sic months' trial, and then the engagement was again broken. The attorneys for tho defense Introduced letters written by Miss Dool to Owens. The state proved that the letters were received before the trouble between him and Mis* Dool and that statements therein had reference to differences In her own family. Miss Blanche Coleman testified that Ml*» Dunlap came to the Coleman residence on the Tuesday following the day of Miss Docl's death, and that Tona sold: "I got one piece of candy that wa* very bitter and I «plt It out;" that she went home *lck and after being notified by telephone that Allle Dool was dying. Nannie Thompson told of a visit of Mr*. Dunlap and the defendant to their house and of Tona saying she got gome poison and also that It would also remain a mystery how the poison got In the candy. Miss Thompson stated that as they were leaving she said: "I 'am so sorry for you," and that Tona replied, ··Oh I am all right." Dr. Browning, who waited on Mis* Dunlap, testified that she did not present any symptoms of strychnine poisoning. SPRING VALLEY HONORS MITCHELL Spring Valley. Ills.. Dec. U.-Plck* and ahowsta lay Uto In the mine*, stores ware clowd and bftslness was suspended In -- - ,y. for its dtto-- foteyto wai mf.msrms.JfS^ Kii man Tn\l..r Is laying .iff oml NVii I it. nn ilv papM, nffrr run Kit* man LaUon IB (iff Fireman Keeler is In hl» J.lau' nn N*» 718. lOxtia Kniclni-i i A S Owens has reeljrned his jMisltlim with the Wabash and will go Into other IrtiHlnewH KriKlnecr Tom Owens and flrentoa went lo Hprlngflol.l todaj to brlnK out engine 71 which has been In the shops \Vnlmsh engine 708 Is out of the Decatur sho|is after a week. r.iurlnei'r Callahan of the Wabash is quite III at his home In this city Percy II Mvrlt'k. superintendent of Wabash .llnln« car ser\k'«. nils In DouUur kurt night and tmin IJitrl Morrison Is In charge of the day itraph offici at the tlllni.l« Ontral station while Pred K Wiley IK dl«[intrhlnK trains at Miitumn The bad weather his cnuM'd a practical Hiisiii'iixlon of tho w o i k «.f la;, Ing th'' Wubash water main In Bement. A Mix- Inch main Is being laid for the reservoir to the lower water tank Three thoufind feet of this hag been put In ind 600 feet are yet to be laid. The W.ibHBh pay car left for Chicago tills morning. The KffluKlmm division will be paid today and th.. Chicago division as far an Forrest. The large number 01 extra gangs on the seventh trlct will require a good deal of time. HOWI,INf! The bowling team from the 'v* abash superintendent's office. lust night again mopped up a considerable portion of the earth with a learn from tho dispatchers' office, beating tho dispatchers by 67 pins. The clerks were represented by Marine, Tcad. Kennedy. Karnes and Hi an The, dispatchers' team was composed of lland.hy. Shephard Xrugh, Olszs and Clark. WENT BOIJTH The homeseekers' rate In effect on the rail' toails Tuesday made business brisk at the ticket offices. It Is scarcely necessary to say that not many of the homeseekers were bound for northern Iowa or the land of thn Dakotas. Most of them were going to Jrnnlnrs and Crowlcy, La, and other southern points. Tbe Illinois Central sold twenty-five or thirty tlek- ets and the Wabash ticket offlca did a very fair buslnesa. OOLLI8ION. In the east end yards of tho Wabash yes lerday afternoon light engine 713 collided with an Incoming freight train, engine *M. Both engines were, considerably damaged and s*v- ersl car. were derailed. WAGE SCHEDULE. It Is expected that President Ramsey will complete the new wage schedule for the men employed In the Wabash shops today and that It will be received here not later than tomorrow. General Fore man C. 8. Needham of the Middle division shops has returned from St. Louis, where he, with other general foremen, was In conference with the president He says that there Is nothing to be said about the scale until it is ready for announcement by Mr. Ramsey. "RECEPTION Given by Mrs. H. C. and Hiss Jones. Mr* Herbert C. Jone* and Mis* Flor ence M. Jones received Tuesday afternoon from H o'clock until o'clock. It, wa* Miss Jones' debut. About UMadte* were received and entertained during th* after. .noon. All afternoon gaily dressed mes- dames and misses came anad went and the handsome home of the entertainers on West Main street wa* the scene of one of the prettiest functions of the season. The large room* on the first floor of the house were handsomely decorated Great biasing log* were piled up In the fireplace* ana lent an air of cheerfulness to the whole hoiu*. The predominating decoration* were of holly aad smllex. In the recaption hall the following ladle* were stationed with Mrs. andVis* Jones and lulptd receive the fBla*t* Mr*. H. I. Baldwin. Mr*. Joespk M " Aten I* Lytte. Mr»v Wll and Mrs. Sb*m*n J SEVEN DAYS, TEN CENTS. IIDUGE COSTLY Gewge Harris Already Has $500 to It. MORE ORDERS ARE MADE. Damage Case Against Saloon Keeper Falls. Further steps have been taken In born. of tho law suit!) In which George K. larris and his wire, Margaret Harris, aro InlercstoU There are two suits. In me Mrs. Harris links for separate raaln- enuncc on (hi- ground that her husband treated her cruelly. Thin suit has been ' tk«'n to the apnelluto court. The other case i a still pending In the circuit court In thin case Mr. Harris asks for a divorce from hi* wife on tho ground of Infidelity MADE A ItIO VOW. In this latter suit an amended answer was flle] by Mrs Harris Tuesday morn- ng. She denies all th.' charges made It *a« alleged ! the plaintiff that on Feb. 3. 1902, he became acquainted with the 'act that she wan guilty of Infidelity. In ,he answer Mrs Harris state* that after hat time Harris culled upon her at Jttlesburg- and i n me occasion vowed leaven and hell e«ul,i not make him be- levo these things of her INJUNCTION ABKED. Another slop wai taken Monday afternoon In the separate maintenance. Recently George Harris sold his Interest In the confectionery store to his brother, Fred Harris. Mrs Harrl* presented to the court a petition stating Uiat It wa* Ufr belief that FYe ( | Harrl* wa* preparing to dispose of the business and asked f r nn Injunction The Injunction was granted by Judge Vail It restrains Fred Harris, from disposing of the store but permits him to conduct It and carry on hr regular business. The two cases have attracted a good deal of attention In the court*. In the separate maintenance suit In which Mrs. Hurt i« | R complainant Mr. Harris was ordered t pay $2 a week temporary alimony nnd $60 as foe. for Mrs Harris' attorneys Tho latter amount waa paid and the K a week was paid for about two months. Later alimony of 160 was allowed and when the separate maintenance was granted the fees, of the wife's attorneys wi'ie llxecl at $75 and the all- mnny was placed at UK) a month Mr. Harris hi/wever prayed an appeal and fin nlshed a bond In tho sum of $500, which protects the final alimony and attorney fee fixed The case Is yet to be decided In the iippellate.court. Afterward, however, Mr. Harris was required lo pay $130 suit money to his wife's attorneys on account of the case laving hoen taken t the higher court. Mr Harris lias been required to pay so far about $450 In alimony, attorney's fee* for himself nnd wife and In costs and be ; sides this payment of money he has given bond to secure the payment of oth- pr money In case, the suit In the aopel- late court goes against him. ONK CASE OUT. One of tho case* against saloonkeepers held responsible for damage* due to drinking, came to an abrupt end Monday afternoon in the circuit court The case was that of Mary A Prater versus John Ryan and othois On account of a former order of the court tho case WP.S In such shape that the pIMntllt who wo* suing as a poor person must either furnish a cost l»nd or show a good cause of action The latter was chosen. As a showing of cause of action there '»as presented an affidavit of the pl.Untlft In which she stated thai tier husband had said that he had drank liquor In Ryan's saloon In answer to tills then- was filed an affidavit of tho husbnnd contradicting the n r f t l H V l t of his wife and stating that he hnd told his wife that he -had not drank In Ryan's saloon for over a year. The suit was dismissed as t defendant Ryan on account of a failure to comply with tho rule of the court, the affidavit which was contradicted not being considered a showing of a good cause of action. BACK ON DOCKET. Tho divorce caso of Ella Murphy versu* Michael P. Murphy was put on the dockets again A citation wan asked for by the complainant In her petition sbe ·tatod that she had been granted an alimony or $12 a month many months ago and that the ilefcndant had failed to comply and hnd n.. t paid over any money. It was further stated that Mur- »h- was working as u laborer for the Wabash and waa earning SI.26 a day and was well able In |ay the alimony The defendant was cited to come Into omit within six days anil show cause why he had not paid the alimony. IN CHICAGO. Judge Vail went to Chicago Monday night and Judge Cochraa presided in ceurt Tuesday when further evidence In (he casxi of Right versus Walker was heard. Entries were made n n (he docket* a* follows: COMMON I.AW. Caroline Woolfc \ersu. Peter Halmbacber et al , case, rule to file bond In ten doya. Mary A Kraser versus John Itvon et al.. tresspass on the. case, suit dismissed o. to Ryan for failure to comply with rule CHANCERY. Klla Murphy versus Michael P Murphy, divorce and injunction, petition for cltaticn and citation awarded and returnable In six days. Hank of Warrensburic et al versus. Jerome Culp, Interpleader and Injunction, decree, oonfosso a. to all defendants not and referred to master Elsie Whlteilde. versus William Whlteald... divorce, motion for alimony allowed and default and payment of 110 ordered by Jan. 1. 1903. and »10 oollcltor's fco by tlrao COM u colled for trial. Omrg* K. Harris versu. Margaret Harris, divorce; leave to Hie .mended on.wer Instanter and aun» filed. i. Wward r MslMJgrUU. ma pro swering PULLMAN SHOPMEN Chicago, Dec. W--The 8,000 employe* In Tho ·hop* of the Pullman PeJaoe.Car company are preparing to take a stand In ·upport of their demand for shorter hour* «nd no Sunday work. Foremen In all the ·hop* were notified today that Individually the m*n would not report for Sunday work hereafter, | .^m The PuMman oompany hu* never recog- nised any of MM union* of men In He employ and the unions have, not «ekcd recognition n this caw. The voriou* bodtci quietly agreed that Individual member* would take tho etand and put an end to Sunday and over-time work. Later It fl the purpoee of the unions. H I* assented; to formulate a settle of wwge* provldhaf for a. slight advance and submtt H to the company. THE WEATHER. Chicago. Dec. 11-Th* wMlher Indications for Illinois for llw nest twanty-four hours art: Generally fair tonight and Wednesday . WKATHIB MAP. _, Tbe map tot. morning show* seasonable wte- t«r ooodltlons. T»« temnratura. a» nwdjr- oi. Th«o or. ·H.srsTnlttmosoU, tb» Dake- and MJMri. . tos, lowo. llllnol. , - Thsm are IX)CAb OMEItVATIOM«.*~ iNEWSPAFER

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