The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 15, 1902 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1902
Page 7
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BVENINO, tOSOfUUM 15. 190*. THE DEtrATUR ******* CHRISTMAS... ·H -' SUPPERS AND SHOES No Gift More Appropriate or Better Appreciated. We Offer a Large Variety. Novelties and Staples. Right Prices. Correct Shapes. Men's Slipper* in ooze calf, black vici kid, brown vici kid, opera or everette styles, turned A I A A soles, pat. leather trimmed; fa.oo, £1.50 ^ | ·|J(| Men's blsck vici Nullifiers, best hub goring Men's Dancing Pumps, in kid or patent leather, la.oo and Men's embroidered Slippers, velvet chenille embroidered, kid quarter, imitation aligator, or pat- J AH ent quarter, f i.oo, 690, 540 and only TVW CHRISTMAS SHOES. The Blg-3 Combination, HANAN, W. L. DOUGLAS FOR MEN. THE FAMOUS SHOE FOR WOMEN. WARM LINED SHOES. Women's kid lace, kid tips, warm lined $2-00 Women's kid vamps, plain toe, lace with A I | J beaver tops, warm lined, 11.39 and 9 I ' I T Women's kid vamp, kid or patent tips, good style, lace or button, only........ $1.39 Special Cut Prices On Rubber Goods Men's Arctics, buckle, $1.75,11.40, Women's Arctics, buckle, $1.00, 850, 7SC Hen's Alaskas, storm, fi.oo Women's Alaskas, storm, 750, 650, 59c 75c 49c Women's Rubbers, 750, 6oc, OC^ ««· /flC Women's Rubbers. 550, 500, 450, 350, | r $1-49 350 ........................... . .. . Men's Felts and Overs, large variety, $3.00. 12.75, fa- 5°. $ a -°° ............ Women's Felts Women's Felt Juhettes, fur trimmed, turned soles, black or red $i and .... Women's Oriental Velvet, green velvet, A | A A black satin, few sizes. 11.50 grade A\ *(j(J Women's Black Vici Kid Vamps, felt top Juliettes Women's Patent Leather 3 Strap Slippers Women's Vici Kid 4 Strap Slippers Women's Vici Kid 3 Strap Slippers Women's Patent Leather Strap Slippers Women's Vici Kid Strap Slippers 8lc 51-50 $2-00 $2.00 SI-50 $1.50 $1 Rubbers Arctics For Everybody in Town. Warm up now. Red-hot prices on warm good*. Tremendous sale on Men's Felts and Overs--Arctics, Alaskas, etc. Cut prices, quicker Sales. Remember tbe place. ' FRANK H. COLE SHOE CO. THE MIDDLE STORE. DICK'S FOOTO 8UBB COMIOBT, Men's sizes Women's sizes .... , $140 $1-25 MARKETS. BAHQE Of OPTIOH8. [Wear* Commission Co., B. Z. Taylor, Manager, Review Building, Private Wire.) MMIR.I "C 1 ·-· ·S.^-VT^'*. --^^" w ."^» r ^-\\\^%~v^ * -$; GOLDEN LOTION ForThsSkta rrosly wi'Biher means rhapptd Faces and Hand*, aiul «liM«n l/tln mi our Dress. Ing Tahiti mesns rrllef at unee l*ntli'mi n will find It excellent after ·having Out a bottle SKUay. 77%, M .» l , \ , | .hi · US, Kl'H I " , i '\\ M,w U'fti I»y li-KollowIng Is the Saturday'!* HOAV: 77%«V4 7«4«|!4 31% 31«iC T i, \\tli-it- i»»«· ?ij Tii Tr,^ il.iv TT*.,i i. 77Si J u l y 74Ml\ 74*. 744 l.iti !'·. TJ II.: 7. JlilC (1C 72 110.0) :*» »711 97!! 8.70 Kllw- HI.' S36 omit raowo. DRUGGISTS. . 5AVED . Pull «f n«w ld«s* and valuable lafonsa- tlon. Also bargain list of slook* to IN prontotnt eoapanlsa Writ* todw. BBBBfWN A CO. in t«aall« Strstt. H Nassau . - Ohimgn. ivo 13 -nutter -- Steady; -n-ami'M IVf,iV. diilrlm, MliiJc. Kg**- 8ltul\ , '.- r«ulir-- ActlM-, ntcailv to flrm; tur- CHICAGO CASH MARKET. fhk igc. UOP ir..-Ctti)h wheat: No. 2 icil, ((.faiHTfc. No ;t i ul. -.IMtTtx; No, * hurd winter, 71^750 n. No. 3 Imnl winter, db^Wilc No. 1 norlhcrn sprlnc. 77il"«c n. No. 3 northern .-prlu« 71i»7t)H. No. 3 spring, 70^7'.^ Cash Oats: No. 2. 3U)3U4. No. Z, whltf, 3-I1J3C. No. a, 304MJ31. No. 3. whitv, 100 PER CEiT PROFIT once, and we wl ttoumn of th* best saf* tavestm«nt eve brought t» »ou» nolle*. ^Thl* offer U made te sdrtrtis* our buslnes* sad Will B* Withdrawn In a Few ** -- «og.rs_*_Hajni««. » Br 52JT, W. T. pd Day*, fionroa, Broad street. New AOIIni|»eatWallStre« ·r, t ^ Consolidates ''reduce · way/New York. Phlladalphla. Hartford. Boston, Montrral. Write for Infomatloa en apy noaoeial natten that interest you. COWTKACM ron ovtm Uor. 13.--A fonlmct the BciblMHxn steel works for IMrty nri«en-ptnind*r rs#M Bring guiis i at No. 1, H««6c. No. I. white. No. 2. yellow, B)«Wc. No. 3. MttfCUc. No, 3, «llow, MORIA OlADI. Peorla, Ills., IX-c 15.-- Corn-- Eo*y ; No. 3, 43V4o. Oa»»-at»-ady; N'o. 3 while. 82c. * e * e » e « * » « « « s e » » « * » » « e » I MARKET GOSSIP. | ' « S I * « t l » M l t t 1 l t t t t * * * * * * Wear* Commission Company. [Wear* Commission Co., B. Z. Taylor, Manager. Berlew Building! Private Wire.) Chicago, Dec. 15.--Cnrlots: Wheat--Re- elpts. 100; contract, 62. Corn-Receipts, 349; contract, 20. Oats-Receipts, 218; contract, U. Cash business: Local cash sale* Satur- ay wore 115,000 bu wheat. Seaboard re- ortcd 16 load* wheat taken for export. Estimated receipt*: Chicago, Dec. l5.-Hog»-Hece!ipto, SJ,. 000; cattle, 23,000; sheep, 33,000. Kansas City Dec. lS.-irogs-BecelpU. ,GOO; cattle, 8,000; sheep, 20,000. Onrnhn, Dec. IB.--Hogs--Receipt*, 2.B09; atlle, 2.COO; sheep, 1.100. Passage statement: Wheat today. 25,728,000; decreased. 3,144,000; week ago wheat, 28.872,000. decreased, 668,000; year ago wheat. 52,828.000; decreased, 720,000. Corn. 7,239.000; Increase, 89.000; week ago rheat. 7.150,000; increase. 114,000; year ftgo rheat, 10,162,000; Increase. 696,000. World's wheat shipment!: Total last week, 6.4(7.000; previous week, 8,814,000; ast year, 7,0)6,000. Corn shipments. Total ast week. 2,826,000; previous week, S,34B,- 000; last year, 8,221,000. Liverpool close--Wheat. Wd to %d higher. Corn unchanged to Hd lower. Chicago, Dec. U.--Stock yards close-Hog* closed lOo to ISc ihlgfher. LUghl. $6.70««.20. Mixed, 15.8006.46. Rough, t5.«0e«.06. DO Y O V J COUCH i I A Y B A L S A M no*jsM«»,oi Oailtle mostly lOc lower. Sheep alow and weak. _ Vl*lbl«. with Chicago to hear from-Wheat-Inert***, 2,2U.OO» bu.; corn-Increase. 1,603,000 bu.; oat*-decrease, 661.000 *"· _ Visible mipply-Wbeiat-Today, 48,111.000 bu,; year a«o, 09,368,000 bu. Corn-rTodltty B,4»S,000 bu.; year ago, ll.WT.OOO bu.; decrease. 6,*»000 bu. Oats-Today, ,lttjMO bu.; year c«o, 6,742,000 bu.; increase, 461, 000 bu. Chicago, Dec. 16.--Look for 860 car* of corn tomorrow. Clearance* of Wheat and flour, 2B.OH on.; corn, 72,871 bu,; oat*, 21,000 bu. Primary receipt* and ·Mpmsnl*: Wheat-Receipt* today, 1.H4.00* bu. shipments. 143,OMbu.; test year-receipts, M.OQQbu.; *Mpmonte. MO.OOO bu. Corn-Receipt* today. 4»,«0 bit; sbto- SBMti*. 147.000 bu.; lost year-receipt*, Ol. DM bu.; shipment*, 884,000 Bu. POULTRY ADVABCBP. Dealers 8»y Turks AM sndasuenllsrin ______ Vos will ss* IBS surfoit BJWtl Ukbi IDS Toe pries of ducks, see** and turkey ·4v*4ic«dln the local wnuwsale market* jjtoadsy morning. Dealer* art offerin U cents a pound for young turksys, an they are scarce at that. There Is n Decatur wholesale disVers are offerin . ., . --, vnifle eopn, SK ndaed or yellow, Ho; oats, new or old whtu. Mo; new or eld, mlsed, ·*; rye, cows, 1 09.60; heifers, «®4: calves, |3.DOM4.BO; ·heep, 13.60; hogs. K BOWI.75. POULTRY AND TPRODUCE. These poultry prices to farmers arc uoted by the Arthur Jordan company: leni, 8c; springe, SVitrtc; roosters, 4c: ducks, 8c; geese, 7c; hen turkeys, 12c; lutter for packing, He; egg*, 21c; tallow, Be; green hides. 6iio.^ WWTOM New York, Dec. M.--Butter -- Steady; creamery, common to choice, 22029C; extra. 30c. Eggs--Steady; poor to prime, 20@2tc; fancy, 27c; refrigerated, 19@21Hc, i e In the Soulb. Jennlng* Times: M. 'Wl Randolph, Decatur real estate man, who nut beori (hero for several daya ·ecurlng options on land*, Oeff on tho noon passenger for til* borne, but expect* o return soon with some prospectors. W. R. Adams, formerly a real estate man. of Decntur, arrived here loot nlgtot to make Jennlng* Ma home, Ne Qiaa accepted a position with Hie Southern Oil oompnny at the field and will erect a residence on Ms -recently purchased prop. irty In the Shultx addition. J. L. Keller arrived from Decatur lost nlgM to spend a few day* on business with the Southern and Northern Oil com- lanies, C. E. Smith of Assumption, Ills., arrived here last night to spend several day* ooklng over tho country. WOULDR'TWALKWlTfl HER One ol (fee Chars** ID Divorce Bill. Mm Luclndai Schwer he* filed a dl- vorco suit and petition for toluncUon, making iher husband. Frederick W. aSTwe?. and U 8. Draper defendant*. The petitioner states that «ho wo* married toBctower April 14.1887, at fit. Louis, and claim* 'that tie choked Iher on a number of occasions and used profane; ancuage and otherwise mistreated ·her. Mr* Schwer also *t«te* that her husband last June went to the Murroan barber shop to work and since then he refused to walk with her on the atreet and h«* mistreated her. li the Mil Mar*. Schwer atoo *to.te* Mfet (tie *ve her husbnmd 1876 which he wo* to put with* some money of hi* own and loan to Jamos A. Hunt on* Mai estate mortgage. It ww understood that tbe note and unortgage were to bo made payoWa to both the wife atid WUsbamd jointly, but Ur*. Sahwer wtates that *he torn discovered on nuUdne; invevttgtttlon Uhbt the note and mortgage are payaMo orty to the tou»bond and the wife reTM that tie will dispose of the money. The injunction asked for and granted rertraln* «» hu»b»nd from OlBtos^e; of the note and mortgage And- restrain* I. 8. Draper, tbe conservator of James A. Hunt, from paying the money due until ordered fry the court BrottMhT of J. Vra Gaudy. Daniel Van Gundy, brother of John Van Gundy of Decaitur, Mrs. Mary Merrto ol Msaon county, Adam V«n Oundy ol Bluffs. Ifr*. fe Allison of Bt Doul* and Mn. Jobn Smallweod of Tasewell county, died In SprtngneW Sunday night, oseo 74 year*, I month* and It day*. Mr Van Oundy HM b*«n In , falling heami for *mS« time, but hl* dearh wad unexpeoted. He waS takeh IU during the latter part of November, bat bad town at ' "~~ie. Saturday change for A CORNER IN TURKEYS. Chicago Firm Holds a Million Pounds. Chicago, Dec. 15--Turkeys are scarce thds year In South Water street. So i.s other pouVtry. B. Aaron 8oi» have 1000,000 pounds of turkey, which, they wtH Uspen»e through retailers Just before the holiday* Tills vast holding of the- American bird constitutes a corner and Aaron 4 Sons are rejoicing tllwit this year they haw outgeneraled* the packera who hurt year gathered up all the |toul- try, much to the tihagrln of other dealers In South Water street. Tho 1,000,000 pounds of turkey la m.wtly In cold Moroge, or. If upon legs, la being rapidly reduced to cold storage. The bulk of thu comer was gathered In Kanmut, Nebraska and lUssourl. The 1 ««ents of the Aarons began buying In the three otatea and in Indiana as eiirly a* October. The utoteB were praottoaHy ewept clean. Tho Aurona also have In cold storage at for Than'kaglvlng, which lias all been eaten up. Now, With .tlholr 1,000,000 pounds, they come pretty nearly monop- ollilng the Christmas supply. The Aarons also have In cold storage at this tlmo £00,000 pounds of duck* and geese eadh. Qeese and ducks oru about as popular In the holidays as Is turkey, though turkey rules tho roast at Thanks- glrlng. old tbe tmspltal only * short time. Saturday it* seemed improved, but *. change for to* -Won* was tmMced T**tetday. and b« hwt night By the dethi of Mir. »- 2*r - .' 4 , 9|p(w .j^^,, 0 , that otty hW bom*, and wai ""Ijr known. He was * of the Wsttufc road, he 4ef t Oi»-*er*loa of Out . sliK* 1t»*d a Httaa Ufa. Ouody wa* bom to Leggings for Men, Women and Children. Large variety, $1.25, 750. PRACTICAL ..CHRISTMAS.. Make your selections early while our stock is complete. Holiday Headwear The most complete line of men's popular priced Hats in the city. Sole agents for the "Elk Brand" Hat. Latest Shapes Slie«» RHEUMATISM Robbing with liniments, blistering, the application of platters; in fact anything that will produce connter-irriUtion, it good for external treatment of HHt t ***"tt'tii. but these simple remediesdonotreacli the seat of the disease nor touch the real cause, and relief i* therefore, only temporary. Rheumatism ia due to uric Acid end other irritant pofaoos ia the blood, and M It circulates through the system, these acid poison* are deposited la the muscles. joists and naves, and esponue to night air, cold cut winds, or any toddea change in the weather, will bring oa, an attack which may hit for a few day* or linger on f or mouths. Every b a t t l e with Rbeamatism leave* Uw blood ia poorer condition, while the ^^ corroding acids are ·He and faid* Uut i nbrkate the and joints, and they bscotMstifl iBkeunatim, with its aoarp, enttiog Mim*, CM never be conquered until the a5d Wood ha* been cleaned and purl. ied, «ad«U irritating substances nentral. ivd ud filtered out of the system, and atthing doe* thta M promptly and eSeo toally a*a8.S. Under the purifying aid tonte effect* of ia vegetabta rcm. * blood ia made pore, tb* gene**! ia rapidly built up and the sufferer relief front the torturing, Holiday Neckwear The largest and most complete line of up-to-date Neckwear in the city. Panel Four-in-Hands. Bows, Tecks, Puff Ties, etc., of every description. Just the thing for Xmas. presents Men's Silk Mufflers in all shapep Gent's Gloves, for dress wear Obarlss Van imtisiB before it snake* you ·ner- peevish Underwear, all materials..] Fine Shirts, all the new creations Men's Night Robes in great variety Complete line of plain and fancy Hosiery.... Men's Silk Umbrellas, another suitable gift fl^f «·»» Hundreds of other suitable presents for the man...... The New Store-- YOUNC'S CLOTHMSTORE 217 NORTH WATBR STRBBT Opposite MIL,L,IKIN BANK Open Evenings until y o'clock. EVERYTHINO' NEW. fjjBgS^BpSSflcj^BPS^^Bj^^faH . NFWSPAPFK!

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