The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on June 8, 1870 · Page 2
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1870
Page 2
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i ; 3 ' J 1 V i J. K. NKWCOMKR, Kul'fOK. Wednesday, Juno 8, 1870. Democratic-Stale' Ticket. Socrolory of Slato. WlLLIAMMlKISLKY.ol'Uuyaliotfsi. Judge of Supremo Court. K. A. TLVRKISON, of irutllsou. · Complrollcr of I ho Treasury. JOHN II. UKATON.ofUclmont. Member of Hoard of Public Works. WILLl AM SPJ2NC1CU, ol'TJcklug. THE STATI2 CONVENTION. ' "\V"o surrender much of o ur outklo to - the procecdhigs-of tho State Democratic Convention,, hold at Columbus lust ·week. Although general good feeling; and hope Tor better limes im'inialcd those in attendance, yet tlio convontion was not s.o largely uttundcd us wo expected to see. "Wogh'o tlio proceedings in full, Iiiolu- ding the remarks ot'tlic Presiding ofll- cors, result of balloting Tor candid:) tea and the platform. The candidates placed in nomination are competent, and workers in tho uauio of rescuing tho government from t h u control of its destroyers, plundered and violators of public tUith and t r u s t . K. A. Jl.uimsoK, of Madison county, is an eminent lawyer, and is regarded by the legal fraternity as possessing u very lino legal mind. His elevation to the Supreme Bench would bo giving I he State one Supremo 'Judge, at least, ot the very highest order. J. II. JlKATON*, of Uclmont, who received the nomination for Comptroller, is well known to the people of the State as ft popular candidate. On former occasions his name has occupied a position on tho ticket. Mr. SP-EXCKH, of Licking, candidate for Board of Public "Works, ih represented as a practical man, and his nomination is regarded as an excellent one. The platform is a comprehensive ar- iraugomcnt of the Kadicalism that is making r.uin in the household of our Republic, and gives emphatic expression to what we believe to be the deliberate judgement of a largo majority of tho people of this government upon tl ovil doings, false and treacherous doc trins and mischievous policy of the pa ty in power. It very properly deuoui ccs tho subvcrson of Slate rights; tl j)rJligacy and corruption of the Admii ·Jstrnlion; tho land-stealing subsidies demands a reform in tho tarifl'law ftufl Internal Ucvenue system. Of course it is understood that tl Democratic party is opposed to all Ih revolutionary schemes of theliadieul and while the convention denounci the acts of Congress growing out of tl Fifteenth Amendment, it implies 11 ncqucsecnco in tho fraudulent so-callc ·ratification of tho Fifteenth Ameiu mont. By steady action and thorough orgai iaition, Ohio wilt place herself in Don ocratic line. The JICOX KAIL. Project of u Knllway from Elyrlu to Rclmoiit.'. High hopes are entertained by many of our c o u n t y people and others along tho routo of t h e proposed railway from Klyria via. Medina through to Uolmont Station, lielinont county. Certificates of incorporation wore (Hod in the See- rotary of State's ofllco some weeks ago, u n d e r the name of tho Lnkolh'nnch of the Baltimore, Pittsburgh Continental "Railway Company, route commences at IJadical Stato of lUiodo land requires of iialurnlizcd foreignoi a property qualification to enable thoi to vote. -The Fifteenth Amciidnicn will be -regarded in that Radical Slat and all tho negroes will bo pormittc to vote, while about ten thousand Goi mans arc dobarcd the right. "Wo ad mit of tho right of that Stato to rogulat tho suffrage within her limits and refc to this to show a principle that is invol v od. About four thousand recently ap plied to Congress to remove tho'cnibtu' rassmont by legislation similar to tin fifteenth amendment. Tho Congress, w believe, rofuood'actlon on the p e t i t i o n o the Germans on tho ground that tho gov crnmont has no legal right to interfere with State regulations relative lo Ih suffrage. So you see, in order to iiifran chiso tho negro the JlndicaU invade tin States and regulate tho suffrage. (in when tho Germans, tho foreigner, ask for an equal recognitio they are denied. For the purpose o denying priviogos to the foreigners the Radical leaders arc willing to maintaii Stato supremacy; to enfranchise the no gro these same Radicals disregard the rights of States. A Prohibition Slate Convcntioi ·'was held at Columbus on Wednesday Juno 1. A ticket was nominated, and resolutions were adopted which strongly favors prohibition and distinct political action. This is tho ticket presented for tho suffrage of Prohibitionists Eor Secrelary of State--Jay Odcll, o Cleveland. Supremo Judge--Ci. T. Stewart o Huron. For Comptroller of the Treasury- Thomas Edmonson, of Clark. Member of Board of Public Work --EnochG. Collins, of Hocking. How many members of temperance organizations will vote tho ticket is yet to be known. If the vote last yeai cast for tho prohibition ticket h an index of the .strength of Die Prohibitionists in Lorain catmty tho ticket w i l l receive but few supporters here. JO®- "WiUTMonE, of South Carolina, t used his official position as member ol Congress (o sell a cadotship. "\Vinr- MOnu is iv carpet-bagger. Charges were preferred against him, but to avoid an expulsion ho resigned his seat as a member of Congress. WIIITOOUM went homo, camo out as a candidate for reelection, and has just boon clouted to a seat which ho resigned to prevent an pxpulslon from official corruption. J8@-Now8 from Helena, Montana territory, under dale of .Jnno .'!, says that ,'" the heaviest spring storm of rain and . .. HUOW over experienced in that territory , ·' law jual occurred. Snow fell to the · 'depth of «vo mid" hix feet in (In- mounfititm, Tho proposed Klyria, passes t h r o u g h Gral'ton, Medina, Seville, Orvillo, Kew Philadelphia and lorniinatos at Bclmont Station, on the I!al(iinoro Ohio Railroad, lll'teen miles west of Wheeling. It crosses the groat Baltimore, Pitlnburgh Continental Road at a point. In the Tuscarawas Valley above New Philadelphia. Us connection with the If. P. C. road makes it what is really intended, (ho Lnko Branch of tho Hnltimoro, Pittsburgh C o n t i n e n t a l Hoiul. This brings tho new "road in direct connection with Pittsburgh Wheeling, aiid'nniking tlio routo to lido water a distance of nearly Iwo hundred miles shorter than any other road now in operation or proposed. This road is graded and partly bridged from lira ft on, this county, to Dalton in Wayne county, a dNtanco of aboul (Ifly miles. This was accomplished by another company. Several weeks ago this road bed was sold by tho Sheriff of Medina c o u n t y on an executor. llou. II. G. Iii.AKK became the purchaser, and is now invested w i t h all the rights, franchise and interest of tho old company, /which ho holds subject to bo transferred to that company which will build and p u t in oncration a road on tho old road bed. The confirmation of the sale was contested by oilier parlies, but at the late term of the JKcdina county Common Pleas,'the sale \v«s confirmed by Judgo W. W. BOYNTON-. This loaves the old road bed accessible lo tho new company, and so soon as a sufficient a m o u n t of stock is subcribcd work w i l l bo commenced. Many of our'people are confident of (ho speedy accomplishment of this very desirable enterprise. On Saturday of this week subscription books will bo Opened at -Elyi'ia, Medina and Seville. If fifty thousand dollars is subscribed to the slock, the requirements of law can then bo perfected by Ihe election of a Board of Directors. This accomplished and (ho matter is fully under way, and the project placed in a tangible shape. If tho ciii/.eits along tho proposed route w i l l now lake earnest hold of the matter, (ho day is not far distant when a railway from Klyria to the inexhaustible coal fields of Ohio will bo a fixed fact, and a very i m p o r t a n t road in full operation. As tho project has reached a point whore active action becomes necessary, it is hoped that capitalists will readily see Iho importance of such a road, mil liberally subscribe to tlio stock. HO" Wo wore somewhat astonished to read in tho Now York Independent a communication extolling the virtue, in- togrity and honesty of Hon. 0. 0. HOWARD of Frcodnnn's Bureau notoriety. Tho congressional investigation in regard to tliestcalings of tlils"pioiis thief," has already developed tho fact, that that person transferred somcS 700,000 belonging to tho Frocdmaii's Bureau to his pot scheme, lie is now proved almost as great a thief as Bus*. BUTLKU. If stealing makes a Christian, then IIow- AIID'S Christian fortitude must certainly bo immense. Otherwise, wo pass. · » -PIATT, the Washington Correspondent.^ Iho Cincinnati Com- mcrvial in speaking of Iho Radical Congress says: "Tho fact is now p o t e n t to tho world t h a t no measure can go through Congress that has no money in it." Wo t h i n k T)oss is right. CQy-Ucpoiis reach us from central Illinois to tho effect that crops are looking splendidly, are nearly a month/earlier than last year this time, and that fruit was nevermore pro mising. State Central Committee. The Democratic State Central Committee for tho ensuing year was organ- zed hist e v e n i n g by Iho selection of Charles N. Allen, oi' Slcubcnvillo, as chairman, and James S. Crall, of Rich- itilid, as Secretary. An Executive Comm i t t e e lo c o n d u c t tho business of tho campaign was appointed as follows: John G. Thompson,.Jacob Roiuhard, J. G^McGtiffoy, II.C. Ilclmick and Lovi This is a strong committee. Mr. Thompson, at its hond, is one of the best political organixers in the stale, uid his selection gives assurance, of on energetic canvass.--Ohio titalcsman. Frightful Scene--A "Woman liuv- lecl AUvc lu her Codiii. A n o t h e r warning against tho iniprop- administering of chloroform is given by a correspondent at Berkshire, Mass., 0 tho Dental Ctfiue and Lubomtor, 1 j o u r n a l published in Philadelphia. iVo give t h i s account as a warning to hoso who t h i n k it noccossary to tako Chloroform when dental operations arc nado: "lincloso the account o f a horrible :aso, which as your paper has boon the toady enemy of chloroform, will in- orost you. Mrs. Foolo, from u nolirh- OUK. STONK TheSuiKH-iorlly of Northern Ohio Stone-- AiuhovHl and 1 Brown- ,, ' helm Quarries. , 1 i Tho Slono quarries ofNorlhonijOhlo have become justly celebrated for tho superior quality of their products. A Now York paper of a recant date iu speaking of this slono says that Ohio contributes to Iho wealth and l u x u r y of her sislor Slates by producing from her Borcaatid Amhorat quarries a b u i l d i n g slouo which is becoming very popular, owing to tho handsome otfocl it is capable of producing. Tho sumo paper says that blocks of costly houses have boon built of the Ohio stono In tho uptown streets and avenues much to Iho architectural improvement of that city Tho building stono from this region of country has became so celebrated that largo contracts are constantly boiilg mado by gentlemen in the principle cilies of tho country to furnish stone for business building B and prominent residences. The Oommcroi'al ./toft'iy, published at Cleveland, thus refers to tho Amhorst and Brownholm quarries, which wo give as interesting local intelligence: A M I I I C I I S T STOXB Q U A U H I K S . Those quarries are situated in North Amhorst, Ohio, and have been worked to a greater or lessor extent for Iho past (lltoon years. Tho present proprietors havo invested over aixly thousand dollars in tho purchase of tho property and Iho erection of mills and machinery for tlio sawing of tho stone. The w o r k i n g face of Iho quarries last year WHS sutll- cient to accommodate from eighty to ono h u n d r e d men, by whoso labor a largo amount of block and sawed stone was prepared for tho market and about 1,500 tons of grindstones, weighing from 500 lo 9,000 p o u n d s each, wore manufactured. Tho facilities for prod u c t i o n and shipment having been largely increased Iho capacity of their works for 1870 il is thought w i l l bo more than double that of last year -- averaging probably a thousand cubic foot of block slono; 10,000 to 12,000 square feet of sawed stono, and from 10 to 15 tons of grindstones per day. Tho character o( tho stone is ronvirkablo for its u n i f o r m texture, and the furnishing of ashler, steps, platforms, coping, belt course, water table, w i n d o w and door sills and caps, o., promises to bo of great importance to tho public. THE AMHEUST AND 11UOWN1IKLM QUAK- 111KS. It is believed that, in tho aggregate ·100,000 cubic fool of block slono aim 0,000 tons of grindstones tiro now produced a n n u a l l y at these quarries, most of which is shipped to d i s t a n t cities and manfacluring districts in the United States and the Dominion of Canada, The reputation of Northern Ouio (or Cleveland) Ktosvo is now extensive and well established. In Iho principle Eastern and Western cilies, as well as in Canada, and oven in Kurope, t h i s stone is now in demand and highly valued for substantial and ornamental purposes in b u i l d i n g , and for rtiigging. In short, tho stone and grindstone business has become one of Iho foremost and mosl valuable of Cleveland enterprises. The total product of all the quarries for 1SG9 was about 155,000 tons of stone and grindstones -- a largo increase over the propucl of tho previous year. 1 f yon have a discharge from the nose, offensive or otherwise, partial loss of tho sense of smell, taste or hearing, eyes watering or-wo|ik, fool dull and sttiplu or debilitated, pain or pressure in tho head, lake cold 'easily, .you uiay bo sure you have the Catarrh.' Thousands an- uualljf, without manifesting half of the , tormlimto'in consumption and ond in tho grave, ' No disease is so common, moro deceptive, or loss understood by physicians. Dr. It. V. Pierce, of Bnll'alo, N. Y., is Iho proprietor of Pr. Sago's 'Catarrh Remedy-- a perfect specific for Ca'.arrh. "Cold in tho Head," and Calr.N'hivl Headache, wlijieiji ho souds to ar.j; address on receipt of sixty ccnl9. Sold by / m o s t druggists' , Tho Lako Shore bridge across Swan Crook, near Toledo, is completed. It is composed entirely ,0!' iron,, resting on gigantic slono abutments thir.ty'-throo foot, high and eighteen foot broad. Tlio length of Iho span is one hundred and twelve foot. The structure cost the Company about $00,000. D1ISD. t'OOl'Klt.-- In lililj?ovllli), ill Uio rOHlilont'ii ol'hor iihiir, I.HV! W. Ton-Ill, on Humliiy, Afuy 80, I:, M' I t'u of Kdgui' K. Cimiiui', In Iliu i.1illi j'u til' luir COOIMIII.-- Kriiluy. MixvSOlli, llil'lintilnii)?)il«i'(f KilKili' I 1 '., iiml M. J.oulM) C'oopur, aguil lour im mm twenty-two iliiys. IJI.ACJCSMITHTNG. New Blcksmith Shop HORSLEY HERBERT, ItSuccoMora toll. UI'TOX] l.ll icspwtl'ully niinoiinuo lo tlio cUI/.cn» Lnritln uonnly thut tlioy linvu liouglituut ' inun, h ol' Jl. Uin mi .Main Htri'i't. \\hiiix- thuy ^^'lll carry on l l l n u k H n i l t h l n ^ [n nil its I cs. I'Sjiuchil aUuntloii will \a palil (u .Itolnjr liolli Komi iirnclli-nl iniinliunles, they ilo not lic-HitiUu tu Kiu'i'unk'U sulii';ii:tlnii iri to work iiml ink-us. W. II. IIUHHI.KV, W. lli;UI)KHT. Klyi-ln, MHV Si. IffiO. , :»-nm NOTICE. DJIY OOODS.' BARGAINS ; ; m i DEY GOODS! AT HOWERHIGBEES 23!) Stiporior Street. Two Cncnn Plain, Strlpod and Figure FJIKNCII TJCHCALES at 25 conls.por yard. KOdcls iii'u worth ·!() pur cunt, innio llu thoso of AmtTli-mi iiiiuniliicturu tluit arc Kohl Lhu Hitnio pi-leu. One Case FRENCH OKGANDUCJ A groat bargain it 25 cents per yard. Three Cases PIUNTKD LA.WNS f W/ cents per yard.' 'J'ho inimiil'iiKtnrci-'iicflta price u r i h N iiuiillty [,'ouiln In lOciuih, Two CiiRc-H MIXED CJIENK P01 LINS at Viy, conlH per yard. 1/JO Doxon Double U u l t o n K U G L O V K H in the host q u a l i t y -former price $2,00-- w i l l closed at S1.25 per pair. 100 Dozen G E N U I N E KIDS; real va tic §1.50; to bo closed at!W cents per pair. 2I!9 Supoi-ior Street. CLEVELAND. HIDICS, Ac. Budd Rankin, Donlcrs In Hides, Pcltx, Ji'itrs,' 12'lusleriny J/aii Unit, 6c-. School Election Notice. rnili: rotora of Klyrlii Union Si-liuol DMrlrt mo JL liuroby notllle.l tlint an uluctlnii w i l l IJL- hulil In UioTown Hull, On Monday, Juno 13, 1870, liolwetMi till) IIOIIIT at ID A, M. anil 1! 1\ M., for tlio t-leotlon of two liU'culii]",, II. K. MUSSKV, ['rcslik-nt. K. C. Ciiuswoi.i), Rerretni-y, TA1LO1UNG. nr '"""-' WAN'l'Hl), IflJ^X) Illihs, 1(XI(XWSIn. ( .ii Shliw. NMXX) (V«in SI.-IHH ' !0«,tiW) .slanik, skint, SOMETHING !\!EWi Tho Itod ICivor Country oi' the South-West. Thpro are comparatively fow persons in this latitude, Bays thc'Miasonri Jla- publican, who k n o w any thing about the groat extent and richness of t h d b o i l u L r y drained by Kod Ilivor, or how rapidly it. is being dovolpcd. St. Loui.-) h a s ' a l ready a largo and t h r i v i n g trade w i t h yiirovcport and other points on Iho riv- or, which intercourse our merchants ought to take particular caro lo c u l t i - vate, in order that they may reap (lie full benefit of tho dcvclopcinonl. We have learned tho following commercial and statistical facts about t h i s section from Mr. A. L. Hay, of the Shi-cveporl Jfcton and Ilalvillc'(Texas) News, who is now visiting St. Louis. Kod liiveris navigable about four months in tho year, one thousand milos, and to Shrovc'port at all seasons. Above Shrovcporl. there is a raft which is a barrier to tho ascent ol'slenmers tho greater part of tho yuar, but which could bo removed at an expense of not cxceoditig three h u n d r e d thousand dollars. This is only forinid- crable obstruction there is in 'the river its whole navigable length. D u r i n g the present season there will bo shipped from the lied River c o u n t r y 270.000 bales of cotton, 100,000 head of cattle, 100,000 hides, 1-10,000 barrels of beef, packed principally atShrcvoport and Jefferson, and 1,5"00,000 during the present year. Tho country luis a Iar#o interest and a c o n t i n u a l l y growing hope in the railroads lhat arc lo bo--among w h i c h are tlio Texas Central, Southern Pacific, and Now Orleans and Houstan roads Texas is going ahead rapidly and prosperously. Bich, wild lands are entered in that Slato at §1- 25 per acre, and improved lauds range from !|!C to $12 per acre. Texas has no Stato d e b t -- w i t h millions of acros of public lauds. Tho Legislature now in session w i l l accomplish much for tho fuiuro prosperity, of tho Stnto in making tho leading railroads liberal grants of land, and otherwise facilitating their progress. FAIL TO READ. W K u-oulil Inl'orin tlm c.lll/.cns nr Klvi-ln, nnd tin- inilillu In Kunuriil, Hill wu liuvu urn- ployed thunorvlccsol' A PrilST - CLASS TAILOK, Aml,nr» now piunnroil to miiko nil k'lndn of Jt KX.-} 1 iin/l I I O \ S - C L O V i l l X C In tfm vi-r.v |IL-(| itylo «l price-, thi\t i-iinnot I'nll to unit tliosu Hint \vltl' I'iivitr us \ \ l t l i llw-lr pntioniiKO. Wo li:iv« nliu on liiiuil a ' nsoi'tniuntot' Oct. IS, IHi'). liLACKSMITIIING. hij SPRING AMD SUMMER GOODS 'OP OUIt MANUl-'ACTUUK, A'I'O, nil nuoi-tmvnl'or Which wo will soil lit i educed pi li-o«. Call nnd i-.\ ; ainlno our goods hul'oni pnivli.-iKlnK olfi-wlii'i'D. One door noi Ih ol' llafcury, uiist, hldi- I'nlilli: hnniiio. CLASUKNH llltOS. lilyrln, Alim-li 211,167(1. 211 llm LNGAL. DIV 0 K^E~NOTl C~£ Krlth, riainllir,) In court of cominnn v-i. f Ploiu-i «f LoiMln conn- Thomas l-'rltli, Defendant.) ly, Ohio. r p l I K defendant M i l l tiiko notice thnt o n T h n r s JL dav, till! lllth day of Juno. A. 1). 1871), the plaintilf above iinincd will tako thodnposltlon-i of sundry wltm-!scs to be uiod a 1 - evidence In Ihe above onso, at the i-toro roonu of MCSM-H. lliiMoll t A lleu.diyijood-! merchants. In "Old Hond street," In Iho city of London, ICn^liind, between lb« horns of H A. M,, and S \'. M., and Ihe taking of the same w i l l be continued from day lo day, between the -iiimo hoin-, u n t i l completed. Dated MnyiSId, ISTO- I f . H.rOl'l'LKTO.X, '3l-3w Attorney for 1'l.ilntllV. A.DM1 NJ STRATOIVS~^7vLis' HEAL ESTATE. A M pro pared l o d o n l l kinds of lll.ii-l.nillliinir at reasonable rates ami I n i l t i - nil Iho.e de-,' an) t h l i i K donu In mv Hue to (,-ivc me a cull f$t" Work warranti-d t o i - i \ c s.itlsf.icil.m biiviilor sale, ai liurcloluio, all l.lndii o f h a i d O O For Stove, f i r « l o a n d Illacksmllhs' nj.0, which I nil M'llliitf cheaper than Uio iiiinu ijimllly can l - i - p u r c »T'i«r W'l'wi,.. x ' w ^.' ;u ' DItUOS. Dealer In , Medicines, Dye Siuffs, fie, DeWitt nioclc, Elyrin; lias Jum recelvoil a l'rc»li stock of O I N piiiMinni-c of an onlnr grunted hy the I'l'ohato Court of Lorain count.',, Ohio, I will oll'er for »alo at I'liljlic Aiu'llon, hatunlav, tliu llth dny of ·filly, A. I). 1870. nt 10 o'clock In the forenoon, upon the prumlK-i, the following ilcai-rlljeil roul i",tate, situate In the county of l.uruln, htalo of Ohio, lo wll: eljtht iii-ros of land, on the north ond of Illtv acres nf land known as UiUHinth-viUit part of lo't n i i m h u i - t h l r t e i - n (III) In thu towiihhlpof llus^la, In Mild connlv, Immnlcd south hy the line of said lot, and laud In Mild lot owned by .Sanford (. l ) l b o n ; wc^l/ by the middle of thu Xorlh and South load. riinnliiK lliniiiKli wild lot; north by land In said lot owned by .Tames lliuel, and oast l»v the east Him of siild lot, mid laud Insalillotownad'by snld-Sanl'onl O.UIbson. Appraised nl ?3IO. Terms of sale-- Cash 011 thodavof nalo. May 211(11870. .TASK A. I'LAXK, Administratrix of the eslato of Ilourv Plane. N. L. JOHNSON, Attorney for the Administratrix. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF HEAL ESTATE. John Flood, Administrator; 1 ) f " 1'iiibato Court of Wlc.liael t'lowl / o f Lorain C'o., (Jhlo. vs. f I'otlllon to sell Ueal 1'atrlck Mood, ol at. J Khtiite. In niniiinnuf of an order granted by the Trobntc Court ot I.oniin County, Ohio. I will oll'er for sate, nl Public Auction, on the Ulli day of June, A. 1). 1870, at 10 o'clock A. M ; ,, al tho Court House In said In the' IloliiK u part of lot No, 8, In LiiCtrmiifo township, and boundeil on thiieiist and wosl. bv tho oast and \ lined nl'Miid lot; on the bonth bv land owned (own, ciuno (o the oilleo of Mr. ., rtontrst, in onr town, and snicl. 'I vnnt yoi to pull nil my tooth.' Tho ontist, lookcdut her and said, 'Mrs. 'oote, I am nfnml io give you chloro- orm, yon look delicate,' and her hns- and suid, 'Wile, if I wore you I would ot lake il..' Uiiltho lady said, ' I have tillered w i t h toothache for a week. I vlll lake it. I cannot die younger.' i.nd take tho chloroform shotiiili She roppod into tho'cliair, lau-fhin-', and pulling twelve toelh she said, 'Oh, must, vomit again,'and reached over ml fell DEAD! Tho body was taken to liodlold (her residence), and when the oflln was opened, It was found that 10 had turned w l l h her face down- wrds, and ono of her hands was raised her face! fUias caused a dreadful ale ol excitement in our place. In ante. Yours t r u l y , J . U . I ) . " THE FENIANS. Fenian Stores Captured--Destitute JFtmuuis. MALONK. N. Y., Juno2.--TwoiUy-Jlvo double wagons, loaded clown with Fo- nian stores caplnrod ntli'ort Covington, havo fti-i-ivcd here. Several loads of stores, such us liimpsacks, clothing niul cmiipmonls, were abaioicd an'd brn- cd for lack of ti-ausporlatioiir Three h u n d r e d dcslituto Fcninni are all that remain here now. All the rest have been scut homo. The body of Ilowo was w i l l i n g l y given up to his friends on request being made to L i e u t e n a n t Colonel W. Os- borno Smith, commanding the Canadian forces on the Southern frontier, by Deputy Marshal J. M. Sniol'.oy. No' in* dignities hud been practiced except lo drop stones on tho grave. At tho clis- iutormont Colonel Smith would not permit the Montreal photographers lo t a k o tho scone. Notwithstanding the departure of nearly all tho Fenians, the Canadian Iroppsaro easily excited. ,The five or six hundred now at IScclos' H i l l were thrown into a state of alarm on Monday by tho discharge o f a single gun on this sido/which proved afterward'to have been 11 red by a hunlor. ty, tho following described real estate, 1 n l t u n l u a county of I.oniln, and;btate ol'Olilo, to wll: i? u part of lot No, 8, In LiiCtrmiifo township, loundod on (hi) east and wosl. bv the oast and ,,^u llm-H nl'Miid lot: on the boutli bv land owned hy I.uthor Wood, and on the north by land owned by J'litricli Donolmo, cuntiilnliiff twenty · clirlit fturci of land. ' " Also onu other pleoto of land In said township, taken I rom the north xldoof tho Nuiitli half of lot No. .1, and bounded on tho east and west bv tho. oast and west lines of wild lol; on the south bv another part of said lot, owned by John Dedrlefc, and on thu north by other parts of said lot, owned bv Patrick Itiidy and John Heath, andcontiilnlnic forty- i,i.\-aercs of l.ind. AppviilHcilntHlDO. Terms of sale, one-third In hand, oue-tl|lrd Iu ono yuiir. ami ono-tblid In two years fiom date of sale, wllh inteie-,1. Tho pav iminu, to bo txiuured by morlgago upon tho proin'l- set) sold, Mny JS, 1870. JOHN l-'I,OOO, A il in I n Istrator of Jtt. Flood deceased. 3!y M, C,. Johiihou, his Attorney. JJ.'J-4\v Painls, Oils, c., Which he is selling at Reduced Trices. Klyi In. Mny, IHflil. 3 | STOVES. 213. Dealer In all l,liid» of DRY GOODS. BALDWa^, LAUg\5DO^ ' i Wl-.oldgalc and rctail'dcalcrs lit . ' · Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, WALL J ' A I ' K U , BOOTS A N D MJ1OKS, UUv)CKUII.;s CAUPETS' HATS AND C'AJ'S, OILS AND 1'AI.NTS, Agricultural Implements, Ktc. 1 o t Ixirx OLD C'AHJl ti'J'OJtii, S. W. U A L D W I N , S. K. LAUNDON, c3L o t o T. \V. I,A U. C. U A L I M V J X . ' T. I.. 20-1 v ' TO( K Oi Spring and Summer Goods. SHAWLS, DltKSS GOODS, POPLINS FOR SUITS, J A P A N K K S E SILKS, AMEK1CAN HLACK SILKS, W H I T E GOODS, M A M l ! U I ! ( ; i f K FANS, P - A R A S O L S A-N-D R E L L A S WITH A ITU. UNI; or CLOTHS AND CASIMERES. CLOTH i xc; MADE TO ORDEK. " f "" C °' (Jrorci ' lc "' w l l i c l 1 will be sold as cheap as the Cash Paid for ail Kinds of Produce, I I A I M M V A K H . HARDWARES J. E B Brcoks , Go's !· lli place lo ii) Hardware Tools, lion, Steel, Nails, I'udy, I'.unt, oil, V.unl-l.i'-!, S \ I l I'llll J ' 1 TT I i; .JL J J L l \ 1 113 Uiuilmil M , 'M"\N""i A" 7 l7F\IC. - Xe«~i^oV." I - I D I vtam|i. T VIMtANT.^l'O.X. Y. ^i-jll"'-, Hoes, h'nil.^, MIOVI We pay vpctilal atu-r.tloii to h.Jid I VAGOU CARRIAGE GOODS Such :is Thlmhlo Minlin, ,\ \|c S p i l i i K - , and all iithci "M TITIC'S 'MEAT JCAlUvET. T I I K i m d o r M X i i o d would rospectfiillv tolliucl(i/un»ul 'Jil.vrliL Mint ho liiu announce him opened n the lowest imirkot priee. .JOHN TITK. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE, given that tlio or, late of Oralton-Wwnshl COOK AND PARLOR STOVES Maiini'aclurcr.iiid dealer In Tin, Copper anil Sheet Iron Ware P KliSOXfl In nooil of siovos, Tin, fnpner an Sheet IITOI Ware, will llnd a complele itocl; a ourMoio. Anda.s (o priceh, we aio determine, not to bo undersold by any cslablMimcnl of III HOOFING, SPOUTING, ETC., to order, flew- Tlaco of business, t i n e , » jv-at of. th« Tleobo Ilonso, Main Stieet, IIIv rln, Ohio. M A cMionv Klyria. Oct. SO, IFOfl. J) ' Al CAll ,, (yux ^r YOUlt GA11DEN SEEDS Al J7JABLY ROSE POTATOES AT MANVlLr/K'S. E OBANGE SEED, AT MAXV'S.IIJ.K STOVES. i and icatiiineni of A nsel Jladc- ownshlp, r,oi'aFn i-mniv, Ohio. VVM. II. Ultm-HNDEM, PAINTING. _ A company of negroes at .Indianapolis, it is snid, havo organized for tho purpose of building a colored hold, (o which no w h i t e persons w i l l bo admitted. How's thut for colored dignity ? Todd, House, Sign and Carriage Painter, , OHIO. TTK Is alwajs roady to do work In Iho different J.J. branchCBOl his wmlm-i", smjh us Uonio, hi«n aiii an- URC J'alntlnR, Gialnlng, 1'upcr lla ,« n« nndliliu!liiff.'-A)l orders promptly nttomlccr to.' 111°.'' 1'ubllc Square, over Ilrooklnrldgo's ' l.(iy Griafton Center Hotel, II, Jlccqjin.Shas u-ceiilly laken chiiru-u of - !°H.V l , "J 1 ,^'',^': l'.ol«i; Ho will M.IUO no ,loTu. ... - p i n e no country liytol. Stove and Tinware Store, MnlnSticof, KU'UIA, nearly o pposilo 1'oslofll c f .' ol ' i !' l ; (! l ) »i'edio do all kinds of work In Tin ftsusjias'tt 1 " 0 ' 011111011 TM«TM » ! " ! i lie keo|H on liaml u largo sloek of COOK AND PARLOR STOVES, , , , , . i:iyi-r,i,Xov.l5.18iB. J O U N STILL At WQIIK. Sfi-lv We .ire i for .he ,,. ""'./'' wish to l-iko nut Letteis miisel iviih Mt;.\X ,V CO., edii.ii- ..- Amtrifan, \iho liiivc nrosc.-utcd',. Uii I ' K e n t oillco |..r over 'JMentv · 'li'-li' Ainvin-iin mid Uin'opcim latent '·v I' tli,. run! e \ t e n « l u l n t h e w o i l d . ( l i u i v . itin'i i'"" " ·''' "j.-eii(-y. A ii.iinpli- i-ahs. MUN.\ t(.o.,:i7l'. l iilv KonV.NoH^.irk!" YOB! It is True! Tli il UK. iM'st Jio«iM-_iiio bust Dmppor--the- .·,cisio I,,, i.mnd In ihe \vorl.t nrot ·· . , . . , , 1 t I L , 1 1 . i . i _ · , . . ' . ' "· * "'_ I" I I I I I, I I I ' o i l v i u a l a i i i l llelj.iblc lYniVlVi C I I I M s. nride by tin-.1; L'N.V .I:TM · Olll-.l'OIIIKl O^ °\ Crninptan*N Importnl II. maUo i w c l v o q n n r t H I.iiiiiiilry *nnp will Of i i T l l l i l N d , ' ! ! - M f l f T .s cci- r,it |r unit Ti NEWSPAPER niin. Awli oiu-«;r». r v "' - -'"AM 1-1-0k iTout Si., Xt-w VorU. \ Dixil, of m clc.s,.]y printed line's, lately Issued is! ol Ihe best Anii-ili-nn Advertising' t'o no and we »». 32y J. K. II. CO. M1LL1 NICKY. NEW AULLIXE11Y STOHB, M lf ri!)Ji SNI Klyria a · i i · · - · · · i-.r Ml I ( I V 1JUIK ' and vlclnlly, -}, v \ in O p«ieil New Millinery and Dress-making Establishment, 3O r © s» - In all Its branchc fi Bpooets Repaired, ..'.''"V". 1 " /'"''I s licclii] attention to tho*el i,,,,.,, ni-", l .'.'. i.Vi.'?. ) ?!' l ''.? hB 1|0 1 IC lo I'oeelvo n I i'onti-nipl.-iux lii-cninlntcMicb, will llm : lint S f; » lo l o r t h e l c i s l o x p e n d i t i i i o o f m o n e y . " THKATMIONT. Manliood: How Lost, How Ko- stored. n new edition of l)r. Culver- .) -I ilce, In .-sealedenvelope, onlvi)cenl. In. colehr.ued aullior, In lhl» ndinfntlilo i»«nv. li'.ii Is deinonslrales noni atblrly ycm-s' Diicce^lVI' lii.ii-tl.-i-. lhal Ihe al.innliiK eoiiH-i|iifiili'Os of «W' II|IIIM may by Im radii-ally cured wlllmitl-feMn.V-' ".'·'!i "V ls i u ." 1 '".^riial nieillelno m-llronpplltntroii ) liie knlio; pointing out a. mode of cuix! MoiiW ^linpli-, coii.iiii, and i-nVotuiil, by means of wlili-l everj Miileicr, no matter «bat his condition m.iv .)*. iiiiiy cure Wnrjeli'ehe.iply, pi Ivnlcly, ami radl- rur,vi-:iiwB]«r/.s"irnn-i.i|w«iiMi)," ;)i'lce!i5 cents. Addiw-t the publishers. C'HAb..).('. K I . I N K C O . IS7 l!o\i cry, Now York, 1'. O. llo.\ J.591. T SPIKITS. I PUltR Ilns for Knle ARTICLE ANT) DJi OF PORT' Sl-ly HOUSK AND LOT jfr'OH SALE." 'or niedlclnnl purposes only. ThK Tort Wine and! Handy have been pronounced bv competent Jn«£- · to be the article thov lin'vucvcroxamlunl- lear what.l. Lang Caxvli. if. !., Annlytlml nnd- 'OnMdlliiKC.Iiinil^lof the Cleveland Medical Col-le^e, sav.sof them: Cl.liVW.tXD, JI.iv 17. ItfiO. Mn.MANViu.i:-Dar.Mri 1 have siilmilitcil W n (homiiKli onil earcfnl cheinlciil analvsls the ini« jilcof 1'ort Wine and Rramly \ou hoiilnn). rube- in« Irom ihHlionn'of H.IIK, .%'o., New York.mul' llnd tliMn both lo bo perfectly fi-ea A-om all Impii- ion In alien; c« where bin h btimulenU In a d d l i i o n , I I havo frequent'. I -fiat MEWSPAPKJRl

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