Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 11, 1910 · Page 5
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 5

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1910
Page 5
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£', en are *'- Industrious Women In the World ;·- fet. j Personal Mention | Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lynn Xutt are now resififny in their newly-purchased borne, sltuatsd on Brunswick Heights, j 1243 Jfortii Olden Avenue. Mre. Xutt was formerly 3VTins Sdlzabeth Matber Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ashmoxe, formerly of 140 SlJtiuian Avenue, have iHSVSa in tcair uiswij 1 -- purchased home situated on Bnjn«wick Heights. 1240 Olden Avenue. i. mm is GIVINGTEATODAY . William Russell Standeford, who Jwfl b^en visiting her sister, Mrs. Hntcblnson of West State Street for the past four months, has Joined her husband at Plattsburg Bar-* ra^ks. Lieutpnarit · Standeford *"" completed his work with the United States Signal Corps, and has been assigned to the Fifth Regiment, stationed. at, Phittsburg. Little Cathrine Bawyer, of ville, a eix-year-oid pupil of wins Rosa. Warren"" "JtiickS, died suddenly last week of diphtheria. She was the cousin of Miss Catherine Sawyer, another of Miss Hicks's pupils, and gave much promise, being an exceptionally bright child. Miss JSmlly Westcott of Pl«lTrfleJd is the euesi of Mia? May G. Wood. 64 Southard Steet, - ' Miss Clara Blaclrwell of West State Street has as her guest Mrs. Horace Hatcii of New Tork. Mrs. M. Emma Fritz, forinerly - a well known resident of this city, but who now resides at West Chester, Pa., Is visiting Mrs. Edward H. Steve"«on of 620. Stuyvesant Avenue. Miss Gei trade Gate, from BOB tun spent last night with Mrs; John Britton of 142 West State Street. Miss Louise Peters of BnsnkUl, Pa.. Is the sruest of Miss Margaret Aitkln of West State Street. MrS. Henfy Collin Minfon of Bellerue Avenue has gone to visit her two sons, who are in the Washingfcn and Jefferson College. Mrs. Charles Stuckert of West Hanover Street is out again after a long illness. Photo by American Press AMoc*tton. most industrious women Inftbeworifl are the Scotch lassies, who work their way. to work, as thViHustraUsai sHowi Recently a_ number Vfeven on their way. to |y.;=the,tireless Scotch may supplant them In . MUSIC LECTURE HERE MRS. AUSTIN SURPRISED A social event of today will be the tea given by Mrs. Oliver Milton Schaf- at her home. 850 Carteret Avenue, from 4:30 to 6 o'clock this afternoon. | Menu for Tomorrow Miss Elizabeth Scarborough Greenwood Avenue, will leave of the BREAKFAST. CereaL with Sugar and Cream- Reheated in Gravy, Baking-Powder Biscuit,' Coffee. LUNCHED:*;. \ Milk Toast. Jelly, Singer-SnapB. Cocoa. DIKXER. Salmon TImbales, with Rice Border. Hollandaise Saucf, . Canned Peas, Lettuce, with French Dressing. Crackers. Chese, Figs. Coffee. "DONATION" TONIGHT "Parson's PoojuDonation."-an entertainment *iven under direction of the T. P. C. E. last evening, at Second Presbyterian Church, will be repeated tonight. A fl»c drill given In connection with the event, was arranged by Miss Grace McConnell. and was the seine as that at the state convention In Third Presbyterian Church somn time ago. The entertainment is for the benefit of the mortgage fund, and Is in j charge of a committee composed of j Miss Laura McCormt-ll, Miss Grace | McConnell, Miss Helen Chambers and MJKS Arma Little. Those who are taking part in the enter+ninment include "William Forman, George Glldea. Mayme Holtz, Anna Little, 'Grace McConnell, Helen ·Chambers, Arthur Baxter. Myra. Chambers, Ada Holtz. Angle Breare- ley, Mrs. A. R. Baxer, Jessie Fulton, A. R. Baxter. E. Y. Wilkes. George Wllkes, Leroy DansTjory, Millie Carthtedge, Pearl HlHpot and Eva McConnell. Solos were given last evening by John J. White of New York. MISS COLCLOUGH ENTERTAINS. Mrs. Schafer will be assisted in re-j M | SS Bessie Colclough, daughter ot ceiving by Mrs. Charles Whann of i Mr., ana Mrs. Zhomas Colclough. Jr.. _ _ .- . . -_ - ,- 'entertained McJRcL . home on Princeton Avenue. The luncheon favors were small lanterns, fashioned after witch's , head^ black cats hostess in the entertainment of her and goblins, eighty guests will.' be: Miss Gladys,' ^Dancing and games were played and Stull, Miss Mary Moore," Miss Margaret! at . 11 o'clock luncheon swas served. MRS. OLlVfcK IH. SuHAFER. Quantities of yellow chrysanthemums relieved by ferns and palms, will be hsed in ornamentation of the rooms. George Grossley. Mrs. John "Ward and Mrs. Fred Katzenbacli will your and the young ladies who -will assist the Mrs. John-Austin \va.» pleasantly sur- by a party given Eisen Morgan, lectured- last ^i/jigblfat th State Street M. E. Church i , se on heT - i o n "Musical Education and What It · f of-"th* "decora-tin* a ^ ^ ^ TM ^ She ;y of a musical - i was- presented with a handsome.hand- .bein'g given :"With a " present were the Misses M. E. Williams. .E. Canipben. K, B. -Raywood. fi. Scahton. M. n M of. Those'de-.p!"-. ^ or. Mrs. ,M. Manning... Mrs. inay ^uimttaicatel«.' Jackson, Mrs;. L -Scanlon. ilrs. T. Z)r. Wood of the ^Statej Gardner.aiast e r. J. ..Austin;- W. Flohr, C. K. Mr. Morgan is expect-rFtoHr. W. Manning. A Jackson.-E. again next Tuesday even- 1HE ilMES DAILY PUZZLE PICTURE - - V Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia, today and go to Atlantic City where she will stay at the Renneymede Hotel fop some weeks to regain her strength. MCTS-. Henry W. Green of West State Street entertained a few ladies yesterday informally at luncheon, to meet Mrs. John M/cCullough of Ellfton, Md_ a sister of Mrs. Charles How-ell Cook. A special meeting of the Womtfri's Auxiliary of Christ Church will be held this afternoon in the Parish Hall, to arrange for the annual Christmas box: which goes, to Oak. Creek, Cai." ·/ ; At the meeting of the Old Barracks Association, yesterday, no quorum was present and-in. coiisecffrehce Mrs. Joseph M. -prirst will remain as presi* dent for anther . year. '·'-... SORROW Perhaps if ;you isre-a rbit .of" a -phlr Ibso'pner you have .wondered - w* " sorrow- : Is for. There .:seems such a lot of--it.^particularly for women, iii this wurld of ·ours. If" you lare religious you have -probably considered it .simply'in .the' light of a cross that must - be cai i led to gain life eternal. If; .you are--, a. materialist, you have simply shruBged'your .shoulders anc muttered, "It's baa Inck, the wrong turn of the wheel, which" brings black instead _.of red? But -there IS nothing. . in tbia" life .does nat^have a bearing upon this life Itself, lio matter,how much n is: ·K OH'. _ , *iRj«n.tbe r^*"^ 'parfame ««- -»_·= --· - - How onr · tastes ;kieep ,c*nngSn.*l Jane -aeerned SJl sublime. Ifew we're Jest as happy 'Cause it's pumpkin time: Middleton, Miss Kamona Brit ton, MissjMiislc was furnished by Harris. The Mary Green-«f Philadelphia, ahtl Mrs.] guests' Vlelvllle Schafer, sister-in-law to Mrs, "" Schafe.r. . ~" SMITHS ENTERTAIN FRIENDS Mr. and' Mrs. 'Lincoln Smith of 13 ook's Place .entertained friends at their home .EViday evening. Music, singing and games were the features of the evening. Music was rendered by the Misses Elizabeth and Pauline Tem- r .V -A quartet composed of Mr. Smith, Frank Kelly, Arthur Kelly and Harold TBm'ple -sang; several . of the latest songs. .Ttefrescments were servecL Those present were: Mr. arid Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C.- W. Temple, Mr. and Mrs. C. L..Temple. Mr. an-d. Mrs^ S. Barclay, Mr. and "Sirs. C, Warner, the Misses Pauline TempleVEH'Mbetlv Temple ATIUS Gregory, Pauline Smith. Ruth Alia Barclay .and. Mildred Warner Hoy Temple, James "Vlne^ Thomas McNally, Sarold Temple, Prank : Smith. George The Misses Helen Voorhees, Lillian Ewlng, Lltllan. Tunnicliffe, Margaret Smith-. Ethel Faff, Catherine, Ford. Fanny Young, Laura. Mltchell,"'Bessie Weeden, Olive Pullen, Florence Grover. Helen Hlllman. Edna Gaudette. Lillian Decatur of Hampton, Lorena Decatur. Elizabth Adams. Catherine Power. Anna Reynolds, Leila. Voorhees. Frances Colclough, Mrs. L. Power.' Mr, and Mrs; Thomas Colclough. Jr., Mrs. Alma Voorhees, Daniel Weeden, Andrew Trier, Edward Piper, Ira Jones, Albert Fell- Eokert, Elliot Poodle, Le Roy Treptowi EJw-ard Mahlow^' George Page r William Page, William Young, Joseph Willey. John Wllley, -Cheatle, Louis 'Bruens of Madison; Edward Wai i en, of Princeton; Edward Clothier, of Princetoni William . Rpbison. Thomas Riiherill, Howard Reynolds, Jobi Keynolds, JDr. - William Gainpp,; of AtlanUo-Clty; John Bowers; of At- ·laatic-CIty; Dr- Jaiiies Heller, -of Potts- · ' Smith; Frank K«liey. Arthur Arthur Dennis, James and Cariton Barclay and Fred WIlsoiu WOOD TO ENTERTAIN. Miss Hdith Wood, daughter of Kev. pK-'I'»*«.c L. .Wood; of the State Street Slethodlst Church, --will entertain .a h6nse ; party of, ;about ten over the week end at her homtey.on, Bast ;State Street. The young people will all attend -'.'" the . Ynle-tPrinceton football game. They -will come from Tankers, N. T-; Jericho, L. "L, /Brooklyn, Harrisburg; Pa. -That part Is not nnder flls- /People used ^o.-irflTik there was; -ugly. xiselessness -te this world. Thay kriow .better -now. .Even deadly killing subsymces used roughly give life. * » And sorrow Js one of tese. It fits ji*_fxr greater things It enables _us to grasp them, which m«n-"^ largely to see.-, them when : they, dome :to usThere: are "taousand* of.iworaeri ito/- day who -would not be what they are tut for sorrow. It took the stupidity, the Meirtal: malaria. tlie\ sodden *we«t-: ness at a will weakened, comfortable state of being and" gave them glimpse of fee gods themselves. It gave thein strength, ^It gave thetB*-br»tn It made the world bless them for their being, alive. It madt th«n thKrasrh their one sorrow save and, help «oA teal hundreds of others who migl* have sunkvhad that vlifif *«*» happy: And ir.soii u » did-not^WsVinoreithan- teach a womsat to } find her Owii Btre-ngth and the tool of thing* It. wouW still be Wessea.*- ^TOCONQRESj? OF MOiHERS. A FUR WRAP IN THE NEW "BOLSTER CASE" STYLE. Someone has facetiously dubbed the new long coats which have perfectly Straight lines from shoulder to ankle, "bolster case" wraps, and truth the lanie does riot saem inappropriate. But so fashionable are these long, slim ooking coats that the .woman in a more tightly fitted garment flaring at the · bottom does not appear at all smart. This coat 1» of Hudson ^eal which losely resembles the "expensive genuine pelt and'the U-Uumirigs are of.^skunk ur, the big muff of seal being trimmed'also'with the long-haired-fur; What to Give Kaby town,. ·vTilliam. IT. Spear,. 'of . . Wilmington. Mr. snd Mrs. Cheater A -Eower; Mrs, L» ; BL Ruminlll; .Mr. and Mrs. li, Watson. -George RUMMAGE SALJE TONIGHT. So sticcessful proyen. the runi- mktge sale which the .Ladies? Aid Society- pf Trinity M. E.; Church : is.cqn- dueting at Brunswick Avenue -»n! -Montgomery- Sti-eet '.-' that : ; it has been dedded : to^ppen. the building to the public tonight. This will be the first evening- session: of .the-sale; _rwbicb/-wi be conolcded: tombrrowi HOME TAT PR0BI.KMS OF THfc HOME Jhe Considerate Man * REPEAT M'KIIEY HOSPITAL BAZAAR Fuily 1.000 people attended the opening of the McKlnley Japanese fair and supper in Masonic Hall last evening. The idea of*a Japanese garden was carried out by the decorations. Tables were laden with articles for sale, from the finest embroidery to toilet necessities and domestic requirements. Dolls, beautifully dressed, attracted attention. A good supper was ** I served. Wlnkler's orchestra furnished music. The affair will be repeated this evening and tomorrow evening. CAKE SALE AT CHURCH. Th-re wilj be a cake sale under the auspu'es of the Ladies' Aid Society of he Fourth Presbyterian Church, this afte.rnoon from 2 until 6 o'clock. In th» chapel. State Street and Cllntoa Avenue. History of Fat Reduction Her? Is « bit of history published for the benrfll of the overfat. Eor many *rs ther*- bas been published in th« ially press throushout the country a home-prepared recipe for oyerfatness-- the now I'amous Marmoia .Prescription of an eminent physician. - JTo doubt you save seen it, noticed it casually end decided that yvhen you had *the time you wouid try for yourself--the merits of this mixture. Many Have successfully u«e4 tills harmless remedy to their everlasting Joy, and benefit to health. The same great physician has condensed hla Famous -Prescription into convenient tablet form. so. that you have only to take after meats and a; bedtime a remarkably pleasant little tablet containing nil the- effective, pure, harmless in- eredfents of the original prescription. The pound-a-day reduction to your normal self comes -without dieting, self- denial or exercise, and leaves no wrinkles or flabbiness. ·. Marmoia Prescription Tablets are sold by Sill druggists or sent postpaid by the ilarraote, Co.. 555 Monroe Are.. Detroit, Mich. The price is 75c. for a large ease--a generous supply. Walk a Flight AND - 3ave d Dollar Ladies'. Sample Shoes at Retail , $2.50 and $3 ' j Actual "Values ' $4.00 anJ $5.00. doll top, or. a dainty "handmade one of lace and lawn over silk. Baby brush and-comb set, painted with flowers.- Ribbon box with hand-painted bodr kin attached. A talcum shaker or a powder putt j Carved · for th% baby's and box,"hand-painted. jbath A silver or painted soap dish- All the various clothes and dress ac- A- bib and napkin holder, silver and j cessorles, from hand-emoroiqerea with Initials on the clasp. ' ' . dresses to little: sunbonnets. A rattle--revolving -ring and ball, ball and handle^ or swinging-- r all crocheted over. A brush and comb set in a' satin- covered box; tb^ latter 'embroidered. A handr painted "satin ribbon pin- bolder, In the. appropriate color. tio o and lace, Baby armlets of silk -serving for sock- garters a', Embroidered llnen-coyered Jewel and trinket boxes Of cardboard, two or four drawers, to; hold the,little ;pinp arid studs and rings. A ribbon hair, bandeau a novel gift. easily made at home; Baby armlets in ribbon rosette styte.. Baby clothes hang**, clothes rack and tlrler,' or clothes tree, ,-ih; · h?"d- painted white -wood. iA measuring stick of-:patnted'.woiod, pbik or blue, according to the baby's BX. Baby carriage or high chair straps ·with- toys attached. - · A musical -ball, or other toy of the same kind, also crocheted A babv record book or diary, with a leather or hand-painted satin cover A nursery clock, wllli painted china A tiny hot-watsr bas, or crocheted silk _ A satin pincushlfm, with- a bisque .Gold pr .silver dipped diaper ninSi in an emhrpidered pin roll. 14 ttte beaded leather anoes, with.slHt socks. But whatever it is, send jour -present as soon, as possible atter the announcser meat of the little one's arrival. And "every thing here can either be made, trimmed or improved by . the clever and saving needleworker or the girl quick with: her brush stencil- MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED. The tfrst marriage licefise issued by Registrar Holmes in the new City Hall was one for Tanme Potts; of this city; -and Grace Brubaker, ot Salem, life j Qther'llcenses have been issued as follows: Alva G- Clark, and. Adelia Fell, . Maple and Clava M. Metzler, Tarnowski and Helen Eskol- Tans, Patents, Velvets and Suedes. 8ki, Joseph Collins and Mary Johnson, Ale-raider .Feare and Marie Walfof TJ D T)elJUd^je and Johnson, Joseph Meyers and Bgll. CalettC Milhcu thing*. ~ASA does what Be "can ·This Uty reprOKinted aT and.- has" more; : -out c .of lite-jfor we'geVwfiat'we give.-; He gjyes_niuch and much returns to him- And: -It is j- of the real -things of life _ . _ . . . . , . . _ . _ kindliness, love. And these are -counteract them. -,Ar.3 so he goes! jewels that .make beautiful the daily the New Jersey Congress'of Mothers kt Orange yesterday. - The: Mothers" Club, of :adwalader School sent-thesff delegates: 'Mrs. Josiah Molliea. Mrs. B." C -Condlct Mrs. Thomas .Woodhouse, Mrs. E, Mackey, Mrs. C. G. Horn and Mrs. H. F-.Puie. ROSB GOLD MEDAL \\- *_ . 'T* ,' V *_ V O R THANKSGIVING BA : /Poe?cdn«lderate:man is the one- who has gained tfae"-;-XnpwleIge,.":,possibly through experience, that It is the littta things of life that do more to make or trim- its b««.ntlfal jjattem, than the bis ~ to see that these little things shall for beauty. He smooths away little anftuances, and If Tie cannot smooth them sway entirely,, Be does O»oug:ntful little ,thing^ to through life mafring the- pathway lor others s«?fer ; and" pleasanter. One considerate man ran across a "ince acqnnintajice, a business woman. In a. tuvui strange to her, UP": against a big business proposition which she was pmrinus to a «uccesB, But all was new to tier and to her *rk was doubly hard. He divined her needs aVnd: without a word.- placed ; at: her disposal helpful. books from -jrtrrarl^-entreeito-places where sh_* would "find the references .they want. ;Ther«;-is -no- real";.Interest in- us. Bnt '-the ;considerate .mari; :the rniiii Of a great, warm heart and kindly interest itt'-air-whoni-jhe - meets' lives^n a..wider, ^blg, wu friends. : He ' garment of: lifK. working late at njKht, she found a cab- waiting to- take Ii3r to hBr hotel. In a store of little ways he helped. And all simply out of the *(nrtii«ra of his £«· L' Th«re was not -a u *CA of sentlu» 0 iit in his conduct which many Insist under-: Has aH such- action- He was slntply of* the lx*al d»« of considerate men. men w*"-^ h««irts are flBed with ktod- A for. thetr fellowu?6n and women. Another bn«inst n\n who had as a ti»nt a bn-y Httl* working ^Ul went ^o ^^^S"- icSr]*)B office wft^T^ ft, -was neces~ fcu-y to s* h*r tin the matter in h»"d, though such 5» eiiott In this case was oa hi* ji ; t entJueftr "n"5ixao«ry. -- He- wa» a pi\i"«"*nt bosin*«s man with big af- f»(r» on hand. TWs ««e ha» been brought to MB notice-by a friend. It u.**nt only a tew dollar* to hmi In the «-y ot fcec. But bwoauia It --» difficult for her, to get away -from her. office and would mean a deduction In her «»t"T, »s Hell for Isss of time, he w«tt to ; i«r. - In ^nwrty otWr little ways, while he Md her on«inesa in h«nd7 he cormVlered her welfare rather th«n his own. and thus made this little btfinesa experience one of the plctuwun ·pots of her meinory. -'.-"".. · - " . ' - . Some inan In his position would nave considered themselves -too important to do these things. Some would have thought they hadnjt the time. But he was of the considerate men who have time and thought for others. It Is a short-sighted policy th*t consider? only self. It makes the. world exceedingly small. I t . attracts to us only those who are equally selfish, and. wfao co»V only bec»"«e of something; ou T«* j i yonr ·aiil to put; »c tbe»u l*»p white, sound and he-Jtfcy, a body ftvwu the ckiUivii np. It Try ft s« any A.: D. 8. DJ f ikot*. · for the bailer and --* icinf? ICH, yellow yolks to drop iato the batter and clear whites for icing that's half the cal^e, isn't it? Use Mifeen Eggs, always fresh, guarattfeed*iTtsh and dated. Insist upon-them at your giocefs - - - - . " . . - - ' . ' - . " - - . " ' . " ; V "' v ·- ' " -" --" -. '_ ~~ ". -.*·"-' -"·''-';'_ see the date on every cai ton. ; " fVriSHTO4JAY At YOU* GROCERS · .-· . .'.- - - P. F. Bio#a ;Co., 41 43 S. Front Street, Have TNT Witciei, MAN S. Rubitt 7i .Iff J l W^IICH ' ' pf 107 E, State Street Second Floor. Trepto^, N. J. CONVERTS , SPECIALS W7 Nor lit, BroaxeTsil season^ latest ^hlrt *I*00 Ladies' Heavy Mocha, and CHam- Ol» Gloves, 50c; r . Samples ol Corsets up. 10^2 "50 values, special clearing price, 50c. Out size Hose for ladles, special IBc. - -- ------ - ~ Hea-vy Flarmelette Gowns "for ladies and children* KSc,, 50c. and. 75c- Ladies' hand-knit Sv^ater Vests; nss - -Snur Undrewear for ladles, Set- Ste" fme r Lamb's Wool ;tJnder-- wear, J1.25. . Spedat prices oft Babies' Wear^ Come here f or . Babies' Coats.; all of my « _..... . »htl* I was vrfth th« r*inV ·r* to S«t sc^usintvd with my Iwltoir ifilt p»~l«r on tb« stiirtd fl«c¥ «f tKt Bkkm- BufWlna. f «trry sll »f 0i4 «»«·· th« F!s«h»r. MM !lh ____ A. \tif*. And lh« price I* o«»i*Jl- ' - · - ' Philip C.Mathr.w i Floor B«1(«r «i«.«.- a for Me. Im lull 1 »., ^IKVING n. BA^KS ·r «I rifc -iAdAD tr. tor.

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