The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 19, 1899 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 19, 1899
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mended a substitute for House BiD No. WORK CLEABED UP Senate and Bouc Dispose of a Amowt of Work in the Session Testerday. Howe Bin* Imported and « Large Nun ta» of Senate Bills Read tad Referred. Twine Want Bill^Passed by Senate sad G«e» to the Governor For His Approval. Senate Disposes of a Large Number of Measures and Has Work Up to Date. after The Senate. The senate convened \esterdaj noon at tile usual hour. Prayer waa offered by Rev. Ryan. RILto BEPOBTEO. The temperance committee substitute for Senate Bill Xo. ft), creating the office of temperance commissioner was recom mended to pass b} the committee. Xo motion was made to adopt the report and the bi'l will coow* up in regular order. The coffljnittef on highways and bridgwsreported favorably rfenate Bill] No ISO, relating to the purcha^ of tools and machinery for making roads. ||The jaditaary committee r?ported Senate Bill No. 37, providing that when properU is erroneousl} sold for taxes b the county treasurer he -dial! refund tbb monoy, to pa.*-. Souse Bfll No. 70,-relating to the pub- lacatton of election returns by precincts, was also favorahlj reported. The committee on railroads recommended the passage of Honse Bill Xo. t«, the anti tramp law. The concurrent resolutions for constitutional amendments for the taxation o( express companies, and for a state board ·** «ardons were read and referred. Ir. Noble requested that Senate Bill -^ providing for terms of supreme - Fargo ' - BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA, SUNDAY, FEB. 19. 1889 passage of the substitute m*. , · isr _"P*' *** *»aw i which was ordered printed. The committee also reported back Honse Bin No. 143, Lee's, with a recom meedation to pass. Bouae BIO No, 108, Lees, relating to admission of pupils into certain school districts was recommended to be indefinitely postponed, and it was so ordered. Honse Bfll No. 1, Bale's, for the division of school districts was indefinitely postponed. House Bill No. 15, relating to salaries of school treasurers met the same fate on recommendation of the committee. The committee on charitable institu- sens recommended the passage of House Sill No. 171, Sanford's. for the ferae of Jondo for buildings at the state asvlnm. House BUI No. 167, relating to the government of orphan societies was recommended to pass. The judiciary committee reported I loose Bill Xo. 162, providing, for the maintenance of highwaysto ferries and ! · was recommended topass. A substi- was reported for House Bill No. 146 threshing lien bill. Senate Bill No. 74, relating to -incumbrances, waa reeoai mended to pass. Senate Bill No. 92, repealing law for discharge of record by marginal entry, was recommended to pass. House Bill Xo. 156, for record by butcher* of cattle killed bj them, was recommended to pass with amendments anii went to general order-*. The committee GO irrigation reported Senate Bill 79. McGiihvray'a, for the promotion of irrigation to pass The committee on state affairs recom mended Senate Bill 10, Mansfield's wolf bountj, to pass with amendment* providing for bounty of S2«o afl wolves, in nulraad compeniee. Gives r r n / y oa; Ppwerjtojbegin action for compulsory utHmmcv rauding. House Bill Xo, 178, by Mr. Lee, Main* it a misdemeanor to pot oat strychnine or other poisons, except for gophers. HoawBiU No. MflTby Mr/Swire, MsiKs it a fefony to conceal estrayB, al ter or deface brands. HottseBaiNo.181, by Mr. Stevens. . . . "Ovjqes means {or enabling substitution of papers or ---- 'Betrayed by fire. House Bifi No. 182, by Mr. Dougherty. Regulates appointment of deputies by state or county officers. Hnnse Bin So. 183, by Mr. Laughhn. Provides 1900 tot chief musjcian of regimental band and $100 for each troop or battery. Mr. Laoghlin. Sakes it a misdemeanor for any coltec- *r to resort to any intimidation or ;hreats in attempting collections. Delinquent taxes to be collected only by county officiate. House Bifl 1S5 by Mr. Erickson. Provides bonntv ropher of two cents for each Levy of three-tenths mill Regulates organization of school ma- tricts and school townships. House Bill Xa 187, by, Mr. Sanford. Provides for construction of high waj over railroad ngfrt-of wa. Confers authont} on railroad commission ers. SENATE BILLS BEFSBBED. The house put to some good work fading and referring senate bills and the follow ing were read the first 86. turnedontthMyearbnt next year the output of tb* plant wiB be pot on the market Ta* bin for the sate of «Sft OW of certificates of indeJjtednew has abo passed both houflw and both go tothegovernor te anproral. The of the phot solves tile "» **» vua iiMHi» am question of convict labor, and tojustify every expectation of the com mrttee-Messrs. Twkhefl and Mansfield and Representatives Sargent, Hare aix Bacon, who investigated the matter thoroughly, and supported the measure from first to last--and the confidence a the two bouses in the wisdom and discretion of the committee was evidence* far,;the almost unanimous passage ot the Ml, there being bnt one vote against it in each house, and those merely on grounds of opposition to competition by prison labor. 7 Senator Nobfe's bfll providing for terms of the supreme court flxea two terms of the supreme court annually. The terms are divided into two sessions. The first session of the spring term in March is to be held at Fargo and the second session of the term in April to be leld at Bismarck. The first session of :he fail term is to be held at Grand Forks in September and the second session at Bismarck. The county commissioners of the county are to furnish a court room and suitable accommodations ree of cost to the state. All easesare o be tried at Bismarck as a matter of sjurse-, and where attorneys desire, by 129, 110, 118, 73, --3, 121, 107,' ! and 117. sESATE SJU£ PASSED. Senate Bifl Xo. 74, defining encum- braoees, was read the third time and _T f 1 ----·--· --*_r*i. Htrvw* J-iirj ^ V4CZ»Ut, IJV filing request with the court, their cases may be tried at the other terms. This will give those attorneys wha desire an pportunity to have their cases heard in -- - i ·*** Fargo or Grand Forks at the and J times the terms are to be held there-and those who desire the benefit of the state, law library and the conveniences of the capital and references will have them at Bismarck as usual when no re quest for a charge ia made. The committee snfetitute for the! 70 , - cluding prairie wolves. Tha bill went to The house adjourned. of w»rt_t Fargo and Grand "ForS," be withdrawn and there being no objections tae request was granted. - BilS CTTBODCfED. Senate BiH Xo. 144, by Mr. Noble. Relates to time and place of holding terms of supreme court. Senate Bill No. 145, by Mr. CreeL Provides for an annual encampment of the militia at the Hock Wand reservation near Devils Lske, which has been set apart as a state militia reserve. 8E3TATE BILL* PASSED. isSDO The committee on railroads reported House Bill 142. relating to salary and expenses of railroad commissioners, to be indefinitely postponed and it was so ordered. House Bill 137, relating to running of trains, and providing for certain stops ' at countj seats, was indefinite!} postponed House BUI 144, Deisemte three cent passenger fare, was reported without ·recommendation and went to general or- ROTES. o n w n w the appointment of aboard of chief in spectors consisting of thrro members by the governor. The inspectors are to be competent steam engineers and shall TBODBLE Of SIGHT faaargeats An Concentrating Tier Forces Before the American Line* at Manila. Heat is Very Oppressive and Troop* Considerably Prom Use Effect* of It, Americans Are Strongly Intrenched-- Insurgent Fires Are All Around a Jungle. Warm at Manila. Manila, FelxlS^-Tae heat is, very op- tfessive and the troops, especially those who are compelled to work in the open »ave been affected to some extent. It will possibly be warmer from now until the rainy season. The rebels have been concentrating south? of the Pasig river and in front of Gen. Ovenshine's lines on the right all day. The country is jarticulariy thick jungle which extends or miles. Scouts report that the rebels are apparently coming from Laugana ndCavite provinces. The Americans re strongly entrenched all the wav rom the beach to the Pasig nver. Records Are Broken. Omaha, Feb. 18. --The west-bound urlington fast mail train todaj broke I all previous records. The train left Chicago last evening at 1047. The train All the open dates at Valley City have bale authority to examine all ann been given to Secretary Luidfclie who cants for the trasition of district boU will appear in that cm as soon as he has (inspectors. The governor is to appoint finishednisrduties here--it is said. }one boHu- inspector in each judieMdis tpet who shall hold a certificate from ·' ··.-.! mfffm »,,*» «w* »yi«wi»ini lor paying traveling expenses of the * Senate Bin Na 140, relating to dnties of state fish comnuaawner. Senate Bill No, 123, amending the convict labor law to ado* convicts to be employed fntiieinannfactare of twine. Senate B31 No. 71, providing for toe aasewnentof shares of bank stock and tor the listing of the same. Senate Bill No, IS, requiring the secretary of state to keep a fist of aD brands and trade marks together with the location hi which branded stock is ranged. HOC8B BTLLS PASSED, , House Bin 51, coBTerting penalty and interest into county gener ders. The committee on ways and means reported House Bill 98, relating to salaries of clerks of courts, without recommendation and it was referred back to the committee on state affairs. House Bill 104, relating to salaries of county auditors, was reported back with waa placed in older amendments, and for third reading. Senate Bin No. 49, for record by secretary of state to state -viamcr of moneyed corporations, was recommended with amendments, providing for simple ·Ww^A^wttAV. H^t - - * " - , J » " " T » , e notification of organization, mafrat of facts, and went to the third readme -- -- · Miss Edith Varmun and Robert Reed two popular young lAmenia people werk married at Sjkeston last week bj Key. Kjan of Jamestown. Mrs. Bt*d is a sister-in-law of Representative Harley Miner. The count} commissioners ot Case eountj were called upon at their last meeting to consider an unusually large JnlL It waa rendered by Sheriff Wilson for 965,195 fees for the sale of lands reverted back to the state by reason of non-payment of taxes. The Wcod bill which at present governs the sale of delinquent tax lands makes no stipulation as to the amount of sheriff's fees, and under thsusaal law they are aOowed a *»£« torafl, aswants leas than «,ODO and 510 for all amounts of 91,000 or Mr. Wilson charged Just IS for --"VTM_ «·· ...low l^MMjgQU JUSt «U UJT each description sold, thus striking an average which' would seam to be fair. The cOTrta having decided that the safe some technicality , order. .Senate Bitt So. «, duties __ __ dingof , House Bill So. K, appropriating «5,- tortmbHc printinK. The senate "V _!'««*«·*· p«*M»g«m. j.uv npMgMg -amended the bill, to provide for the pub- bcation ot a new edition of the code, re viaed up to date. Souse Bifl No. 129, establishing a twine and cordage plant at the state penitentiary. Bbwe BfflNo,X, defining what territory may be organised into school cor novations. ~ Bfll No. 40. defining public House Bill No. 88, providing for the aortgafting of property of daceaaed or iBcompaotated penoos. Honse BiH Xo. £. prohibiting certain forms of re-insurance and for the payment of all fees to agents in the state? House Bill Xo, 18, providing for the regular appointment of chaplains at the state penitentiary. Howe Bill No, 102, capital ' maintenance bill, amended by the senate to provide an appropriation of 430,000 annually. . The foBowine Kst of appointments by the governor was considered in eiecu tive offKton of the senate yesterday and confirmed John Shuman, Milnor, Sargent county. Charles H. Sturgeon, Bdge- Jej , LaMourp county, to be members of the board of trustees for the Industrial school at Etlendale, Dickey county, for the term of four ears each from and after February 17, 1899. H. J. Holmes, Bathgate, Benjamin James. Bathgate. andj. B. Robinson, Bathgate^ to be members of thp hoard of trustees for the North Dakota Blind Asylum at Bath- Rate, each for the term of four ears from and after March 23, 1899. The House. ~ The bourn convened promptiy »t 2 o'clock. Bishop Bdaall offered prayer. UILL8 BKPOITITO. The committee on education recom- -9Hp****mw ****» «w« VI j US of county commissioners ia flrehreaks, was recommended ss^ Bouse Bill No. 3, Earl's bafler inspection law, was reported back wrthasab- «titute whfch was ordered printed. uuniTUtlox ooKmrttt niaca ABOKD. Mr. Tonsley offered a resolution of thanks to the joint committee to visit in- ·titutions for their able work and dear report of facts, and discharging the committee, which was adopted. HW ATB sKtDs A Btnrca or BILLS. Thirteen bob were messaged from the senate which had passed that body. Botarry TAX t*w TO JTTDICI AST. House Bill No. 57, Gron void's, increasing the levy for wolf bounty, was taken from the table acd referred tothejudic iary committee. 9XW8B BUX^ASSKO. Honse Bill Xo. 9S, Allen's, providing for construction of sewers by cities, was read toe third time and passed. OBAI7T REBOttTUW ADOFTKD'. Senator Marshall's joint resolution for the passage of the McCollnm bill, by the Minnesota legislitare, to create an inspection appeal board, was concurred m. XBGOTIABU IXSTKtXKrr BIU. PASSSD, House Bill No. 21, Steven's, relating to negotiable instruments in general, was apas .special order. The bill is the one prepared and recommended bv the American passed. KR A COD* House Bill 75, the public printing appropriation was reported from tho senate with an amendment providing for a revision of the present code, Mr. Stevens explained that the amendment provided for a repnnt of the code, now ex hau-tted and to bring therenaod volume up to date The hou-«e concurred in the senate amendment and the bill was passed as amended. -. .-flows laaddSHontot^^nlchase 1111 aHy paid they will have «»sum for the lands. Application for charter of the Hebron -le bank has been made to secretary fi ^ate?canitel, KOjOOft Incorporatori f .Lenta, Hebron; Wm. a Badger, Mandan; C L. Timmerman, Mandan; 3. P. Heas. Mandan. Officers, F. Lentz, president Wm.C. Badger, vJee president; C. L. Timmerman, cashier. . -j_-- ----- .^i.,,· ** v *u «* 4^*uuv«ii.e irum the state board of boiler inspectors. The wll provide^for the inspection of boilers by these district inspectors. Chief inspectors-are to meet at Valley City in each odd numbered year and "examine applicants for certificates, and receive 85 a day for their services while actually employed. The district inspectors receives fees for inspection. The Napoleon Homestead Jets out some facts which show how difficult it is to keep things from the country pre»-- and probably the sessions of the investigating committee may he along the lines suggested by the Homestead revelation. loomng up the records there regarding naturalization of citizens. ThetewpitK yideaitmost be in open court, but the Homestead states thatannmber of citS sens were made by the cterkof the court FIVE CENTS prevent the seating of Congressman Roberts from Utah,it has'appointed Mre.J.B.Geggieof thfccity, traveling mtanonary, to make this fight Vancouver, Feb. 18^-M. Marks, an Austrian expert direct from Dawaoa places the output of tie Klondike gold --TdsattMOWXMBO tor the son. Guilty of Arson. Easton, Pit, Feb. ISU-Prot. whohs* been on trial charged'with setting fire to Pardee Han at Lafayette college was found guilty today. Railroad Wreck in Germany. Brussels, Feb. 18.--The express train from Calais for this place carrying, passengers from London collided with a rain which was at a standstill in the forest. Thirty passengers wer* kffled and fifty others injured. Liad Not the Whole Thing. 8t Paul, Feb. 18.--The house passed he sugar bounty bill over the governor's ·eto. Loobet is President.* Paris, Feb. 18.--Emil Loubet was today elected president of France. Sensation at Salt Lake. SaltLakfcFeb.18.--A sensation was created in the joint assembly of the leg. slahire today wken Kepresentafive Law republican» made specific charges of ribery in the interes a of McCone and said the charges could be substantiated ~ ----~ u '=*uu uwvuargescowa ne substantiated was an unnsuaUjheavy one. The weight bv positive evidence, An investigating of themadearried was 230 tons. The run committee wasappomteT ^ la considered th» hen* »,,,,, __-i,. u_ f rr ^ considered tip best time made between Chicago and Omaha when the Burlington exceeded one hundred miles per hour for several spurts. elapsed ' Reception to Bishop EdsaiL of Omaha The time between Chicago and f ..Ji »r_ T.J T, '_*. IT . " *""" ttisstf jss Sssssjsara; ing out «n stops was eight hours and i "^^ "^ de ^^^ TM*TM* forty*fbnr minutes for 308 miles, best previous runs were east-bound marl on 1 2, nine hours and twentj I f- '. targe Connived at Prisoners Escape. Sfcnx Falls, Feb. IS.--. the to pay their respects-to j churchman and his wife. the eminent The apart- Sheriff Paul Meyer o ' . General Hughes e cer o e court pnor to election and that the record was J»t staled by the judge until a fSw days ago when the record was expressed to and he would sign them the next Press reports Alex MoBtagu of Dictanaon soon to accent* andw N. RTfefaon, coB»cs atPembin*, The present edition _. Codes of 1986 ia exhausted, amendment to the state ' tile «nateywteKiay provides for the tepub- - mre- a pleasant permitting a U. S. prisoner to escape f^oZT , t ~I~ "ITTMT ,,'"*',"L* *»«««» Webber in open court at Deadwood that -- ---e-- «o«w be paid S100 for the privilege ot escaping from the Sioux Falls jail last fall wlu% awaiting tria! o a charge of making and passmg connwrfeit money amend- AL(fcuin so captirated Tammany Bar association and was B1LM ISTRODUCTO. House Bill Xo, 174. by Mr. Permits water companies bridges with their pi pat*. Deisem. to cross over Water com pan to pay rental on amount of water passing. House Bill Xo. 175, by Mr. Taylor. To settle dispute of county boundaries. Substitute for House Bill 3,for creation of board of boiler inspectors, House Bill 176, by Mr, Hale. Appropriate* fund* for the payment of extra ordinary expenses of the attorney gen eral in prosecution of casra -' House BiH 177, by Mr. Towle. Amends the law relating to building of " Y" by fork. The Jamestown Atert thinks theses, sion laws ought to be published in the newspapers. Attorney French of Richlaad county goes to Porto co to establish and superintend jchooto on tiie island-- with authority from Washington. Th# report of the special grain inspec tion committee Will probably be pre- ·ented to theaawmWy on Monday. The' feport win be a voluminous one, cover mg the matter thoroughly. Representative Sanford's bin for issue of bonds in the amount of $30,000 for the erection of additional buildings at the state asylum has been favorably reported to the house. Mr. Sanford says if the Wl passes the trustees of the institution, he believes, will be able to negotiate the proposed bonds. n .£*« *°jern°f yesterday signed Honse Bill No. 88. HaleV for interest and sink ing fund in school districts that have issued bonds. hcatwn of the code, -with afl ments and changes. new kws, , -- the ptan of the present code, but ,, it up to the date of the adjocnt- mentofthe present JeSsktivenSiiem. Wy. Tbepayaent^oriSe work comes out of the repnlar state pnabon. The number at 2,000^d tile maximum , stole at $3 a volume. If the secretary ofstateimn secure fl» publication of 2500 Tohunes for 12.75 a wtame ie may 8 5 * . e n i n e r o to* codes to sell after distributing them to states, officers and members of the ssent assembly, and the new code win _, secured practically without cost to the state as the price is fixed at ^VroT nme for sale. The amendment provides that the work is to be done under the dujctito of the secretary of state as- tested by one or more expert compilers and is to be completed within six months . Webber was acquitted ot this charge at Ifeadwood and after making the state* ment regarding his escape from jail the federal grand jury returned an indictment against Deputy Sheriff Meyer who » alleged to be the person to whom the money was paid. Webber made a similar proposition to Sheriff Oirem of Brookangs county white in Brookiags coonty jail. Merer this evening fa nished 11,000 bonds for his appearance at-the April term of the U. S. court Aroeal solo byMr8,Laca8csntr:bnted I Tnft-TlHkJUtn*a rtf +hA * -- j- *». _ to the boats '--7.-- -- ---~~^*M«, and £ho eight until eleven were pats, meetings of Bishop ra°rH Frappe was served to tin the course of the Mrs.Edsan made a polished become KflledtheBifl. Pierre, Feb. 18.--The bouse today killed a bill placing express companies under the control of the railroad com misiacBers. A communication from Gov. Lee was read showing the total available cash in the treasury, onlj 185,000, and that no more emergency appropriation from the adjournment iegisiatnTe. of the present Band Concert. The Capital CSty band will select concert and render give a ball at the bills be passed unless it were absolutely necessary. Atheneum next Tuesday evening. The »nceof MinneapoHsinhis decision as atyof Bismarck may well feel proud of! Jndge advocate of tteG. A. B. In the Lextoa's Successor Most be Elected. Minneapolis, Pen, IS.---Death promotes 1.0 one in the Grand Army oftae ^Republic.'' So rates Captain EH Tor- . . . should { «natter of the succession to the vacancy house. in *h e °*oe of commander-in-chief *,vyu^r*u wm ij*: «K* ««io»s. x. ±1. iroole I t solo cornet and director; Wm. Jones' Tne Mandan Pioneer in its last issue gracefully recedes from the position it took when it characterized CoL Robinson as the Judas Ijcanot of the Johnson Reports from the south show that the , I m t - "*· O. Allen, saxophone E. Town North Dakota editors have been greath . »f"d, «olo alto; Wm. Braithwaite, first hampered on their trip by MiasarSs and ' alto: H Filps, «e«ond alto: W. \. Sack- other fool pranks of the weather. When j '*"· sl "te trombone: Frank Pettee, first contrasted with the present fine weather , tenor. Wellington Irysh second tenor- !« y_T-»* V T \ -- ^ _ A « · * . " . . a . « . D A _ I^11_ l_ ^ . frf » * . TW^--W» * this organization and the boys and wiU be greeted with a full UUU9C -. -- -- -- v»»uu«iuuer-ui-cmBi Since Mr. Poole has been director.the or j »«aed by the death of Colonel Lexton, garnzation has been self supporting. Xo Captain Torrance decides that die snc- subscnptions have been asked to keep ceasor to Lexton must be elected. There it going and the fcoys are to be congrat-, ra no order of succesaon by virtue of ulated on the way tbe hare pushed to which the vice-commandeT becomes Jo^n^JS^rfff.lSriTT 1 ^' ^ eiccatw «--»» Wm. Jones' of the national council has full power to elect a commander -TMj» www MM0. ri, iirau j excellent hnpreasion that ized the receptions ' of the state. The and scholarly « , _ much admired wherever he has SSS-f*? 3 JF* J2? ^H^ -- **«» M the crty at the Eptocopal churchtiusmorning at H o'dodtand preach in 3toB-aa thfe evenmg. Be not deceived} A cough, hoarse-" nesBorcronparenotto be trifled with. A dose in time of Shfloh's Care wffl ty P. C Did yon, wheat grits grocers. -- _J gold heart at your door. For sale The Emmons County Record thinks-- ot *** appropriated for the expense* « the rauroad commissioners said that »e fad not see how the commission would wabte to accomplish much with only *SOO for expense money. Heretofore tae commission has been allowed amounts or expenses as follows: 1891-1882. ffl*«; IMS-ISM, t2.66t.aD; »4,097.78: 18S»7-189S. «t3o above statement was taken from the editors reports. to "A small boy of asys a writer to the _~-«« iran -ar stood the other day taking * boon ( feminiwshumaoiiat_re--nothJf_m lee . son, but a bitter one--wttb quivering Up and deeper perplexed face. Hecidatoei oaring reference to his still smaller sister " ir ^"- cries because I don't do a M I i *-*·-·*v*s-awn w i v u vuu jprcnoub uuo in North Dakota it sounds queer but said to be sadly true nevertheless. The bill for the establishment of a twine plane at the state pemtonfaarv passed the senate j eat. rday. The bill f« the house bill introduced by the special committee and authorized the board of irustoes to proceed as soon a* practicable to the establishment of the plant It M not expected that any twine will be - - - -- - ' · · - - -- « ^ W « M «,,'.«, -*TWJUU MW3UT; Ben Belk. baritone. T. H. Moodie tuba: M. O'Connor, snare dnim. Geors* Up) nght. baas drum. Tickets for the con- I cert and dance will be f 1 per coupl*. Seats refler\ed at Remington'·» drug «tore without extra charge. Just received at J C. Swett's a carload of choice hand picked potatoes also a carload of feed. Wifl Transpire Soon, Kttsburg, Feb. 18. The movement to form a gigantic combination of the leading pressed glass and tableware factories of the United States it is expected will be consummated at an early date. Laofhha Has Stirred 'Em Up. Duhrth, Feb. 18,-The national organ nation of 'the Methodist-Episcopal church of the United States through its bishop* has decided to begin a crusade against the Mormon church and thus to wat true and natural, bat the ooy i remark wa« not to profouad a* wa» a» anecdote which I once read In tho "enot A wife, so this story related, was awakened by her husband'* weeping and Bowling in the middle of thenJgh*. H« WM evidently having a dream, and iho woke nim and asked what WM the matter " 'Oh, my dear,' b* said, rubbing hi* ·yes, 'I dreamed that yon were d«adr "'^' ^« «V* wtterly, and turned ·way from Mm. 'Qreatgrlcf* ate mats.'" If yon want to be well Informed, take · papsr. Evens paper of pins will gfwrov points.--Exchange.

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