The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 15, 1902 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1902
Page 4
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THE DECATUR REVIEW SftWBXY EVENING,. DECEMBER iw r uUJOM'oomiTirV MONDAY «VBNINO. PKC. U. HM._ B1OGBR PfcAYGROUNJM. At tn» s*en'« meeting at th« DecHur club this evening thire Is 'to b« a dls- cuMkm of school buildings; more particularly. the manner of raising the money to put up a m-w building for the Church street school will be considered. Borne of the prominent men and heavy taxpayers of the town arc to take part In thl» discussion; .ilso tho board of education will b« represented. While the gentlemen are on thto subject they shoulil not overlook the matter of a pla ground In connection with that school. Playgrounds About city schools are coming In »· considered of more Importance A f w days ago n new high school building was dedicated In Philadelphia; the COM! of the structure was a million ami n liulf. On that occasion President Ropsivtlt made an adilrrps; among other things he said: "While we niTil sound bodies-Hind It I* u poor lpt of Hchoul nowaduyu that has not a good phiyground attached (ap- , platuif)-- M m,- Interrupt mysilf to »jy that It I" not so lung ago, In my own city at It-nst, trot was held as a revolutionary doctilm. It was bcllrvetl that the schools, espci laity In the very quarters where th«. playgrounds were most needed. In «he crowded purls of the city. did not neid playgrounds at all; that It was a new fangled Idfu and that It should be frowned upon by practical people The Idea of huUnjr playgrounds! And they e«peeted to turn out good cltlaens of the boys and girls, who, when they went Into school, wore put upon the streets In the ciowilcd quarters of New York to play at the games Unit tliey could piny at In the streets. We have passed Ihtat »lu*e I think We re.illxe what a good, hc.ilthy playground meunx to the children 1 think we understand that not only Is the effect good upon their bodies, but ulm upon their minds." In this matter, again, the president has got In line with the trend of thn nge Some one has nald that this In the ngr of the little folks, which means the rights that are theirs nre coming to lit* recog- nised. Decittur IM u town th it Ix KIIIW- Ing. II really expects to become a clt of Importance: It cxicctx to t with the foremost In evirythliig. HO II will have to make arrangements to care well for the little folks. Just now the playgrounds that are attached to the Urcntur school*. with fi w exceptions, an- clearly Inadequate, t i n y are too umiill. JutkHim, lmf«c uncl Marietta schools h d \ i fulr playground-, lull in all the others the ((rounds ai t . 'ton small. The proposition now Is to put up a new building for the chuu-h street school. A good building «l|| K ,, up jhere. for this will «lw«)s IM- a -, niral school and the attendance will I,,- large. Also this sch.ol Is In what Mil] remain a rather crowded Part of thi U l . cm,, that will get more SO. Now l» Hi, im,,. | 0 ,,., morf KTmml With a un «om*thln« la sure to napeon that will provoke him Into firing. This In especially true If the nation that In parading the fun Is altogether stronger than the other little fellow. Of course l'nc\f Ram docs not like this situation, It rather grate* ntralnit the grain of a policy that he has bi*n pur- mine for nearly a contury. Germany and England will do well to go a little slow in Vemiiifla. There Is a contagion In this thing of pulling a gun, and there li no telling where th« shindy will stop after the lights have been shot out. BOTH MEN WIN. James Henson succeeded In having tho board of supervisors take up the county Jail matter and now tluro la a prottpect that something will be done to remedy the Insufferable situation that has prevailed here for some time. At the same time J.imis Holllngtr hns probably flx'.d matters so a new Jjll to cost »73,0)0 will not be built; Holllnner can claim 'tt victory If only l»ilf that sum Is njcnt. Here Is a cu»e In which both James Hcnxon and Jam« Jlolllnijcr w l n out: there Is a n-cord for both tho :.uor and the advoc itc. lint It will take only a small part or IIollliiK ·'« tT^.Mio to get the jail In goad slvapc. anl he probably knen this Hi the time. However, If lien- son ever gi tH ,i ch.imv to read that de- lou In the Mtpn me i nurt reiortH there no lei I inn how imirh money ne may spend In order to put UUVC]VH on tho e side, e Ti YEAR'S mm One of Experience Says They're the Best. HAS READ MANY OF 'EM. One Girl Already Planning- for Next Year. Thlw year'x prize stories nre the bent ·f on.v y«ir. ThlK IH the oilnlon,of one who |I,IH rind about in vniiny of Ihe storl's. oni i n r w i t h ,i m t h c i-, HH :uiy l i h e r itiu 1 in I'Min l-«it !i y ir t i n H i s t nnil eeord | i r l ^ - s t " l i ' H l . u - I n · H (, r nnl. Snnie if I he:ii li i\ ·' h - 1 n u n n i l i rl u".v ' r u n i l . ctm- Idi-rliiK I ho .iKe or the wr.urw Kvery year, tjowcvcr. some of ( l i e Ktories th i l thi: rrlzm should go to them. This year t'hc prize .stories arc nil Kc'!, t x l i v m i l y KOCKL «'m|».iri (I wHh other .\ar.i. n i l worthy t i n - prizes offered and even better ones, und all of the ro'M of honor atorlcs nre good and Interesting 1 . The high Whoo! is to bo conerratulatea on h.ivlng OH nrnny Rood writers «« i%eti .his nmnl) number at prize, and roll of tnnor Htorli H allows It IKIH. There wan not In the roll of honor ftto- rle» tills year one that wu* chlhMsh, or Hilly, or weak, or marked' by glaring errors In English, 'fills 1» probably MM flit year tliat «» much could be said for ihe Morles. Whil" th re wns perhaps something of a Ceilini? of dlaunjtointmenl that more, of tlw hlK'h schoul pupils dlil lint so Into tho content, there is the |rrcnU*l Siitinfaotlon on Hi.- part of The Review with the won- lvrful improvement sliuwn anil tile B«II- nil i xeellence of ihe flcirle?. NMXT Y K A K . one liltf! Kchiinl K i l l «'ho IH nn the roll of 'honor impressed t l i t i telit Idua about the contist when »he .said: "1 know one thins, I w i l l l i n e a KIKH! subject next year, t will IHI?III now to look for one, n n i l I w i l l HI · Hut tumo Kd.s liy me. I w i l l 'have HoinetUlnK good t i w r l ' e . i l K i u t ly Tiext y « . i r " The p n i l i a l i l l l l l i i . i n , ton. t h . i t ."lie w i l l Kfl tlie prize, liec.iiise Hi,it Is the kliwl i r work t h a t wins prize*. The prlzi 1 w l n t H r.s c a n K» t (heekK for Ilielr prizi.s nl The He\ li w cwintlnu; nn«n j t f t i f S a t u r d a j mui i i l n ^ of : i i i s \\eel: The sleet storm »ot mori- vlKoroiisi Him. lay night anil by Moml.iy inornliiK h u n - ieds of other wires u re down This thliiK will .it b a i t xtuxeed In b down fvery weak wire In t h town Monday inornlnj; It wai noticed t h a t many rather hta\y w l r e K we're down ,i:ul at that time there WUH a p'-omlHe Ihe storm would bo kept up until ovcry wire tit town should trull the ground. It IH a little hard on the companies, but It will reconcile them to the added expense or underground work. From Now Until I Christmas I W e W i l l S e l l New Upright Pianos . . .at. . . SITS, $200, $225, $250, $275, $300. at that ,.huuper ,,,,,, ,(,,,,, ,, will b,. l n the f u t u r e . It will be wi II to le-irn w l u t n.ljninli.,, K r,,und eu n be got for Iher. :,,,,! , ni,, r ,, rn , ngl . I ( ) K ) , some ,,r It ,,r K , I | «!,.-,, |» I1UW ,,,,,,,.,, -n( , l'«t up Ih, ,,, ,, i,,,,!,,,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,, |lla( . i , n..,r, e m,, ni , ,.«,, b,- had It,,,, ·l».'y iir..iM,,l ,,lj.,),,, I1(t ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. «'f that ,,.,,,,.,, , ,., ,,,, had B| u fa)r fl|t "'". it J I 1 % ,,,,.. ,,,,. mfa who hav This storm may trim some, of the trees In town that are badly In reed o.' ut- | lentlon of thiit klnil. Of course the | owner might have the trees trimmed In more s mmt't rlral fashion, but If h,. will not do Ihe work nature must attend tu It In it* own war. WASHBURN Guitars, Banjos and Mandolins. The Best in the World, Id port from Springfield suya that the brl k men In that town nre hloeklng the woik of paving the streets with asphalt. And that Is the st-me of development that RprliiKflcUl Is wrestling with, n Kood quarter tit n century behind the time*! Ten Years Ago Today in Decatur THl'UBDAY, DRC. 1.1, iv'j.'. The board of supervisors lertcd Dr. Ilnbcrt Tobey » u n i t y physician James r. Campbell ulled at 13 Wi-tt Macmi Ktreet. Mrs Thomiii A. Qnlnn illul at SIO South Water s t r i c t . Mrs. l.jilhi Drum, a«id M, died In Cerro Oordo David Dlller of Albany, Tex , nnil Miss Mattlc Miller were married at the bride',, home In \Vhe.itlund. W 1. C'hanilierlaln purchiucd Charle.i llnnii-lfs North Kdwanl street reskltnce for |!,7W. The four operators at the Central rnl.m lelephono cxi'hange counted the number of cullH answiTfKl In twenty-four hour* Thpyi made 4.^ r 13 connections, an average nf 110 connections for each subscriber. " "s to !,,,,.,, h| g, w . nd motfmntrrn ·choo) building Thi, ,,,,,,,,, mlrtl ^ 1 """"* ""* -hi. even- »lg gm,» in,, ( . |,e,.,, ftre1 down ,,, VVn) . «uela arul f,,rtM ,.f ,h» t counlry h(|vc been silenced This, It Is said, came somewhat in the nature of a surprise to Uncl. Sam. who ha« ., ·nd.r.Unding »hat hostility w . r . ,,»,«.,, , lh . |y ,,, «*«ch the sh.wtln, ,,.,.. g uud , n , y ma ,. «*» take u serious turn and w« are ·hock«l to hear the boom of big cannon. However, there Is no reason to be much ·urprlsed when a thing of this kind happen*. Around Venezuela are a lot of Germans and Englishmen who are carry. Ing loaded guns These gentlemen know that, for th* present at least, they are ta comparatively W f» positions; there Is »ot once cbanc. In * hundred that the Venogiiela force* can do them any harm. It I* · rather serious thing to have a ·»·* running around with · gun and h* ·sjelMid In Impenetrable armor; In a sit- ««U»« of thfs hind h* gets very touchy and * Is a hard matter to «f«p him from From The People. liisxs®d®ffi5)e^^ Why L Him On? t'ltnr Itevli-u 1 v.-ould I l k . to kn.iw why UK- V M " A dm s nut l somi 1 I h l n x ti k.'iji .1 II K ' . \ m i the |I!IM din nor, frtwn nolrn .i»«y I « M , I - tur. lie IH ton tiii-iJ :, ;i u.n fur u« to lime. I knew nlm |* ioi i l l y ai'.l know lint he in good In his dr ;arlTrti nt of t h u Y M. « ' . A Work. l. Well I l k l d I'V (he b o H l l l l i l naa a good Infttt^nce wltri thun. and lh« kind of H man that we need In out town. I mipimse !»· l» Kolnn nwitv IHTIIPM' wmie other town IM u r f i r l n u lidm moru than he «jet» here Hut wliy do we nrt offer enoiiKh to keep micli men'' We let ;h. m U urn on our boys nnil tlp'n K" away somi whvre else to u»e the kiuiwl- -c1ge their * xperlenco glviw tntm here tnr winetxnly -!s«''» Lrnertt. We s«m to have money to hlro more imllcvmcn anil rebuild the jull. ut ""t eiinuifti to pay th»- nn-n who are trying to ki p the lKiy» and tho young men out of Jail. W- can Hike nire of erlmlnuls. but do not seem to bi* ublo to do much for the men who would try to kut'p men from being crlm- Phonographs and Records. A Handsome Souvenir Catalogue Free. SVrjp A "KTC 950,100, |65, |70, and (75. SLIGHTLY VJK.VA110 used and Second hand Organs $10 to $;!5 | Special Prices on Musical Merchandise. |Prescott Music House 1 104 B. Prairie Street. i*i«*e(^(.?»«»*^(S»(»«®«!»;^®»^»®*®*®*®« TIME TO THINK OF CHRISTMAS W E THOUGHT of it long ago and have prepared a special collection of goods, which are particularly well adapted for Christmas gifts. Some of these may have never occurred to you being suitable for this purpose, but did you' ever consider the fact that a new suit or overcoat is positively one of the · most acceptable gilts that you can make a man or boy? We Have Men's Sack Suits that are superb examples of this season's styles and high grade tailoring, made from every fashionable fabric, and if made to your measure would cost you double or more--our price $7.50 to $24 HOW ABOUT AN OVERCOAT? Our stock is immense, and includes every fabric, every shape and every style that is recogni/.ed as correct for this season. 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(/otniD); inV 124,126 and 128 Prairie. I'KOMI'T DEI I V K I J I f . d . *+»*+****** UMBRELLAS made ? « rder ». re : j; ^ m ^ mm ^ a ^ t ^ fm covered and repaired J |f Crane Ashhy's, 135 Merchant St. ·;·· ;; W»+«»»'f«-t»t t*t*t*t*T*t*l*I*t*t*t*t*t!t!t!t!t*t* · ' ,;. ,f«»»*»*«j(t***4'*T«^»*»T«t»T«*»4'»T«»»4'«*«*»*«*4'»^«4' In point to an Illustration Tn* aMUvJunan announced to us he ·o«M ·** aw atrtaMUiy that h* would ·· osHM on to 4o any flrta* But aont- A M* tMolUd Ik. Brltbli ria ( , ··« H to MUTIDM Hurt Mta ·»«· 111. U* ragvd far MMK B**Mtte. within two kMn wu «MtMk*M wrf M it m Tkoliitt: It I* ·omHhtac the lame way wlt9i our school tenrhrro. W« hrar every little while of mono of our good tenchera (tolne ·to *«·»« other town be-aus« they «an Rpt more there. Wr should do more for our ·rtioojs and kwp our Rood tiacher» hero. That la not the (mention Just now, thou*/h. We ahouM do more (or fh« Y. M, C. A., so that It can keep good men Ilk* Mr. Kvyffr. Omnirt Decatur do a* much a» Rwk lulu ml or Bprin«fleld or other cttle* in Illlnosi? OP A BOY. Chanson --Cigars BEST For Five POMlSOTPfMOl) © © $ CURES WEAK MEN FREE none LOTS ATO A aunr un FOR ju How any nan Bar (itaklr sure hlsuMtt ·*· ter r*a* of nrtferla*; treoi senal wnlnm*. lost elulltr. aWW kMM*. varleoesle. etc.. aad eo- tert* srsall week oceans to full sis* aad Tlfn. *mt rout aaate ana saans* to Dr. ~~ " ItH Hull balMInc, BlMbMU fifl***B*V. IIU Hull MMk. Malker will «la«lr i wMk fM AlrMtlou so that any Tliisls rseslpt* ·uur saany ran BHisslf at honw. talaijr a *M*t (MIMOU* oicer, aad th* following ·Mlrael* tama from tbelr 4alljf mall show wnat Iblak of their g«a*ostl]r: eonpMMr eraeM , KM a* when a toy l k**«« r B^ ·· i _ Tows was M*m4 and I ha* ta aaklaf.up *4: tk* rs*jpeja« '**^^ C HRISTMAS I s Here again and you will |want to make EVERYBODY HAPPY. ft P h very body Loves Books and we have them tor everybody. !i*9«r*J!4®«S^«9«^^ Good Attractive B O O K S from CHODArS BOOK STORE 25c t --UP- H a l f ·between Linn Scruggs and Transfer House. 143 E. MAIN ST. W a y Rastlc Mercl- tle«, Calendari male by Inolaas aad Shell G**dt frorath* miipylaei I5c --EACH- 20% Discount ON ALL COPYRIGHT BOOKS IN STOCK. ·^»®*®+s*®«s»®«^ This is our first Christmas in our new store and we have taken special care in selecting new and up-to-date goods at the right prices. Our facilities tor serving the people are better than ever before. Call and see us. 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