The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1896 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1896
Page 8
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T. TIE BAILY NEWS. , KA.T BRIEF BITS. -t uf Bricbt IteaM tt --It la reported taal qateoas will be ¥ --Tae pla 'actoriM of taa Palled Stataa tataa(ic;nra about IS.000,000,000 ptavt par year. --Tae laauaM* law pataad by the la** Lcgiiiatue will be tejted in court. --The locatt tree* are now in toll blo*- »o*n whlie indicates, according to the old adage, * fnU corn crop. --MUe Lillian Panel*, of liager«town, (av* a recital Wednesday night at Woodiboro, thli count T. --The nley:le rider may toll not, but lie certainly dses spin. --Tie 50 cent U. postage stamp to --The fallow wheat la Washington c-oniy will mike about a two third crop while the corn ground will make about oie-'.hlrd of a crop. --Straw ha* advanced In price. Far- acre who held U are reaping a profit. --Handsome door and window screen* bs»e been pat In the Monon laundry. --The lonRMt jump on record made by a hone was 37 feet 1 inch, done by Chandler. An American hone, Leo. is siid to hire jumped a height ot 6 feel C inches, and in 1792 a certain Mr. Biiknell i imped ·hit horse over tome ot the old Hyae Park ·wllt, which were 7 feet high. --A. fakir held forth to a large crowd cm the t'qitre Corner laat nigh:. --The law passed by the late legltla- tare dolag away with days of grace (or debtors will go Into effect on June 1st. --Harrey Longnecker was thrown from a buggy in a runaway at New Baltimore, this ciunty, and bruised about ' a« atomacn. --During the coming summer the :hool ground* of Cincinnati will be aed at play grounds for children. It is iao proposed to provide *and piles for Akeealldren to roll in. --Senator Evarts, when asked once by , oae not Initiated, it there was a difference between a canvas back and a red aeact duck, and if he could tell the differ- '···ce, quickly replied: "I can, very read, aly; it 1* simply in the ilza of the bill." --Of all the sovereigns of the world -·the Shah of Persia i« said to potseti the .-largest treasure in jewels and gold orot- ,«enU, It being valued at $60.000. The caief object of value it the old crown of ^Persian rulers. In the form of a pot of -of fiowers, which la surmounted by an '·incut rub? the tizs of a hen's egg. "-There are large districts In China -where labor is to cheap that ii can hardly b« reckoned on a money standard. Thou- atadi of ColntsB laborer* live on a little more than a handful of rice or to a day, vnd yet even then there are thousand* ot ·nemployed practically starving. IS TflK LAW'S 08IP. A. HOVKL CASX. 'Police Justice Thadeas M. Blaer hid -an Interesting cue before him yesterday - afternoon, at a result of Which he held the accused, atrs. Olivia Raaubarg, of Jfiddletown, in bail to await the action of the August term of conrt on the charge -ot being a common scold. Tne writ npoa which she was arrested *wa* sworn out by Howard Sparrow, ot Middletown, and wat served by Constable John A. Simpson, of this city, after Constable Alexander, of Middle town, ad resigned rather than terve It. Mrs. Bairubuig it 00 yean old and was the wife ot * veil known farmer, John Ramstmrg, of H-ddletown Valley. A FKwrtebln* ladoitrr. Dr. P. D. Paarney, the President of the Frederick City Manuf actariog Company, luu informed THB Nxws that the Amen- .csa Stacdard inks are still growing in popn'srlty. This week they shipped fire ttLcdred docsn qaart ioks to Ute northern ·sarkdta-- 1,600 gaQoas. It will take ·many dips to consamt all this, bat they ja« permanent in their marks. Gladness Comes ll/itba better understanding ol the Vr transient natnne of tie many phys_=al ills, -nrhich vanish before proper efforts -- gentle efforts -- pleasantefforts--- rightly directed- There is comfort in 5be knowledge, that * many formspf aelcaess are not due to anr actual disease, but simpJy to a constipated ooBdi- of the system, which the pleasant ilT laxatrFe,, Svropol Figs, prompt- DOTe*. That is -why it is the onlj JT with millions of families, and is ci so hi^rhiv bT all good health. Ite »eneficial ; dt»e to the fact, that it is th« 3r Trhich. promotes internal * without debilitating the rhica it act It is therefore , IA oroer u get ita bene- o note wh«n yon pur- bare the (reanine Mti- |«£actnred*bj the Call. onlj and sold by i- of gcd bealtt, * neeoed- If one L skillful t away tro» market tali ·soralat ieaU»j aaywaj ta *ot ftttiaf « vtffir of what waated, yoa MB jot It dowa to la*tr credit that t!»ey we hard to plaaa*. There an MCA paopl* 1* Frederick a* wtll M ·r«rywa*r* ckw, t»ad It taif at tie that oae or two of Uwai loud taair way toaur- kcL Ta* aujority who weat aw*; «rl- tiy fo*ad afitaattilaj: to IMlr iiklag * «*** * ""d**? ··* qaaaiisy that aot a ft* had tut Uicl by ta« daw U»y reached aoaae. That la*r« anua Ine aiarket thJ mora- i»f to la ao way ajik*. Ovrtair ta« pact wata frata eacoatbara, ba*u, (qiath aad airia beaaa a»T* bf l«kla*«d ta* alraady aiaborata layout, aad waa« foa coflM to lalak of it there la aot atch ta tite vay ci Ssasar vagctabiaa that la aot already oa aaad. Paaa, c*bba«, aaparafaa aad tha bJu aar* baaa aaotad and«r oar aoata for aoaM Um», aad ai ia« wa*aa roii aroaad aew aad tampiiof rartetlaa ara gotlan tOMtbar by oar baat- Usg daalen wao aapply ibalr iradi with oaly ta« batt. For taa praatai Loate Kiln* U drawing upon taa raaoarcM of tae Kaatera Sbo', aad a« if making a aocsaat ot it. Uacl« Wm. Kliaa, U» old ·Uad by oa North ataraet«tra«!. Uaita iooalag af tar tk« wanu of hia coatoaurt, aad wian thing* CIB* from alt tore yoa can pai them down aa b«lag all right, all right. · · There waa aot mac a demutd for pool- try thU morning. Thla year*i crop U yet too much on tb* wee «ma' order, and th-»». ~* «.«t 751: _rs iilJ :^ »;;c iuoii leg* auatght np In the air attar being boiled. Yoa hoate keepen know all about chickens ih»t stick np their leg*, and the other* who do not will find oat in due time. * · The bntchert came In for a large thtre of the dollar* aal dimes tbtt were drop* ed about the market hoa«o this morn ng. Initead of freih aaage, tboie who made thit article a specialty daring the winter, now tell the smoked variety. · · Strawberries sold tblt morning at the rate of fifteen cents per box. The frail was fine and large, bat not quite M tweet as it will be later on rather, after old Sol gets a square deal with the plants. » · The following is a lilt of good things that people carried home with them this morning, and likewise the price paid: Eggs--10 cent! per dosen. Batter--10 cents per ponnd. Poultry--Chicken*, lire, 28 cents apiece; dressed, 25 to 40 cent*. Meat*--Beef, sirloin steak, 12} cents per ponnd; roond, 10 cents; tenderloin, t cents; porterhouse, 18} cents; chuck, 10 cent*; rib rout, 19} ceaU; boiling beef, 8 cents; real, 8 to 18} cents; mat- ton, 12} cents; spring lamb, 15 cts.; pork, 10 cent*; sausage, IS cents; pudding, 10 cents; liver, 10 cent*; hams, I2i to 18 cents; shoulders, 18 cents; sides, 10 cent*; breakfast bacon, 10 cent*. Vegetable*--Onions, 30c. per peck; potatoea, 8c. half pock; cabbage, 83 to lOo per head; radishes, 5 cents a bunch;' salsify, ff cent* bunch; kale, 15c per peck; lettuce, 8s. to 5c. per head; spring onion*, 5c. per bunch; aspsragns, 10 to 13 cent* a bunch; rhubarb, 5 cent* per bunch; pets,!4Q cents per peck; tomatoes, 15 to 20 cents per box; beans, 39 cent* half peck; beets, IS c*nts per bancb; squashes, 5 cent* apiece; encumbers, 4 to ~ cents apiece. Fruits--Bananas, 10 to 95c. per r'own; lemon*, SOc. dot.; oranfn*, 80 to 60c per doz.; apples, 25 to SO cents peck; strawberries, 15 cts. per box; currents 8 cents per box. Fish--Potomac shad, roe, 85 to 30; back, 153.; rock, 10 to 18c.; tront, 10:; bine nth, lOc; pike, 12*:;.; herring, 12 cents per dozen; eels, lOc.j while perch, lOo; flounderi, lOc; droned cat fl«h, 18J. Property U«edel. Charles B. Rtdgeley and wife to Evaline R. Chaney, 18 acres, more or less, $385. Charles W. Johnion and wife to Ladwig Bon'athn, 10 tores and ft tquare perchea, $15413 Peter S. Bn***rd and wife to 8*muel O Bustard, 158 aerei and 83 acrea of land, $8,500. Mary A. M. Welty and hatband to Basil T. Wood, 39 acres, 1 rood and 85 perchea of land, $250, etc. Hilton O. Btnner aad wife to Daniel O. Kri»e and wife, 3 acrea, 3 roods and 20 perche* of land, $996.84. Mary Baat, Jennie D. Faltt and Daniel J. Falk to George G. Hughe*, loU in Point of Rocki. $800.00. Amanda A. R. Grots and 0. A. Grow to J. Barman Ramaburg, leveral parcels of land, $1.005 00. William Bnrall and wife to William B. Burall, 29} acret and 18 square perches of land, $a,55000. Lnn R. Beachlav, et al., to John O. and Xlaaar aV Baachlay, 16» acraa aad S* eqaare perchea of land, $7,19875. John B. Bariholow and wife to Prank- lla Bardette. Si acre* and 85 perch** of had, $185.84. John B. Bartholoa- and wife to Ana M. Mole*worth, 155} acre* of ttnd, $ 10100. A PLIASINC A Hi? AY 1 i-1 ;A choice line of DRESS COODS in colorings worth much more-25 Cents. i A snappy lot of elegautl«tyles | in I MOHAIRS °* - that h»ve been selling at one- : third more, limited quantity, 29 ] cents. Hundred* of yards of Superb dealgni in Corded WASH SILKS for Waists and Dresses, y CENTS. [| ULL FETIT Ili CLITI to be closed at better than bargain prices. You can own a CAPS at very lor A BA NG UP UMBRELLA, 26 inch, fast colon, Dresden Ball and natural stick handles, strong frame, 49 CENTS. * '° ?*av;' chance. I price. Try ns. A FINE TWILLED GLORIA, splendid clotb, 26 inch, Paragon frame, very choice handles, worth $1 anyway. The makers nilf fortune permits ns to say of TaeNorta pier of tae Araty Corn- tpoadaata* Manorial, da th* raaunil ol tM 0Mtb maintain, at Gaplaad, Wath- iiCtoe oocnty, Maryland, wat eoatpleted Wednesday to the height of 7 fact, or to the faring of the 16 foot area. The first belt and the arch are to be pot In May 25, when they will arrive from Haaamels- towa, Pa^ qoarriaa. The South pier ii under constnctiaB. Tbeee two piers ret (each apoa a bate of concrete 8 feet deep, oa wifca at* 7 faet of stone, eo that their preeent helghlh, below and above the turf »ce, la \1 feet Each pier it 14 by 10 feet to the artificial ratface, the pitch of the mountain baring beea filled in Trlth 400sqaare jard« of stoae and earth to bring the base lias to the moon- ·eat, which will terw ,rter be abaci 6 fcet la the pten and 3 In the cnrtato. The conJiactor Is Dialel W. Mirtla, wko U aeaitted by hia aged f»iber, the ao*t ce!s brated atommaaoa la the mooatain rock la Weatero Maryland. Na pabllc corner- atose laylac i '* take place, as the aod dety hae no money to tpead for eater- UlnmeBt. OoBtriboUont cDnUnae to cone (a, which are expected to raiae the Halt ot $5.000. If o ioacTipUoos win be cat till the ttractore Is paid for. The ·UtM of Orpheoa, the relief headi of M«rcvry aad Poetry and hones, and ataay otter materials are oa the ground. Tte meaorial is 49 faet hl;a by S7 wide and Will be flnliua b? A.a?a*l, taoagh it T?si Oil? coaceltcd U«i December. 3«7 yoa taw it In The News. Lots of other good things. NEW LARGE BUTTONS, NEW METAL BELTS, NEW LEATHER BELTS, NEW NECKWEAR. THOMAS H, HALLER, Central Dry Goods House. A Y ! Do you know that the Monon Laundry PHOD0CBSTHB VERY «T LiDNDRT WORK In the city. It is a Fact. Try them and see. H B. DEBRlNG, C. H. HEFFNER, PROPRIETORS, a * P. T«L*PBONB NO. 30. SO. 43 SOUTH MARKET 8TKIKT. Tim Kntllnh Destroyer*. Tho Jl.iiork imrt Horiint tiro tlio first of B hntch of s mom or less similar vewol: now nipiill.v apjip inching completion. Tboy nil cnrrv a Id pounder quick ilrkip gun ou tlu turtlo Imok forward, tho rist of the uriiKinii'iir being nuuio up of from throo to five iinti-hklss 3 pounders, tho InrRi-r COO foot !,o:its c;irr3'iDgfl\eof these. Speeds vary from 27 knots in the Hornet, to 30 knots in HIP npwnst of these ships though of course they rannot roach that speed except in smooth water. Still, ns bud weather nffrcts a torpedo boat even more than n destroyer, they can reckon on good (ivo knot superiority over the he«t; of posbUile fiH"!. As regftnis their having to run away from larger vessels, a sltnplo calculation fmin the following table will show a!x..i him luii^; 11 »uuld tnko them to escape: Battlcahip-. ................... IS to 12 knots Cnsiwrs ........... .. .in to JO knots Catcher .................. 20 to 15 knots Destroyer .................... SO to 2T knots I/iko their prelr'T-ws thp cat-cher*; of the Hntilwmnki- and ^h:irpshooter cla«g, Hnvocks am! Hornets exist to defend big ship^ from Immjlo torpedo boats, and In thi«o nmnctnt-r^, tlje idcn vfas to tort tho relative vMnt-s of de^trnyers nnd catchers. The cnt-chep; have heon much abused on the ground of lack of sp«-d. bin it is questionable whether fhis is such n serious defect in the mutter of torpodo boat hunting as ninny critics aver. The mission of tho catchers is to )lo off the torpedo boat shelters and sink the bouts as they come out. Their comparatively slow speeds arc dangerous rather on tho ground that it exposes thorn to captaro by a hostile cruiser.-Good Words. SoaaMblnff New. A Wotk Not Clabbu been organlzsd la this city, vita the following officers; Thoatas Sbbeit, President; Charles Beager, traasarar; Paris Lamp*, recording secretary, and Lewis Praley, correspond tat secreUrr. The dab has headquarters on Bui Patrick street. The Chicago Colfoeum. Chicapu iiiun in W.nsliinpton thus de- ii"- the Coliseum now lipiriR erected in Cblcajto for tin- Democratic uutional con- \entiuu. "U will cover iSo.OOO squaro feet, hut :i liettcr idea is conveyed by the stiitwueiit that it i- twice thn?izi of Madison iSijiian* Ciardfii in Xcw York. The Boputiliaiu.s will huld their convention at St. Loui in :»Imiidinj; ISO Iy iCU feet. It could be put iiiaidtttliu Coliseum, undthere would bo room enough left for s race courw, a football game, a bicycle tourney nnd a circus The «eatliig capjicity for delegates is OVPT l.OO'i. and the speaker's stand will hold 3IK.1. The newspapers will be accorded fur ariuul working men seats for 860. Their dc*ki. «ill be in front of the speaker and not liticl; of him, as has been ton nfion the i.ii*'. Tin; nailery and proni- eimdo will m-coniioodatc 15.000 spectators. The iirrrxDcenscuts for light and ventilation aru pt-rftvt The location insures a delightful hntri- for the structure is Iso- lulvil. To ihi- nro the greenswards t£ Jiickit'H phrU. ;«»! within wumi of ^bo convcation ht i!c rippling waters of the lake. I think it would be advisable for the delegates to bring overcoats and heavy aa- Aerwear." ?av ?on saw It in The News. Orphaaa' Oovrt. Second sccoent of Pater W. Shafar, executor of Peter Shafer. 8r., dacaased, usa filed, dlstribatlon aada and releaaea taken from legatees. Mr. Franklin K. Alexander ha* resigned as connty constable of MtdlJstown district, learlag Mlcldletown wlthoot a constable. ths A DawstrcMUi Pallore. Ttnaaclal OOOTQWOGS wblch d'jtcrb eqalUbntm of the botiaeu vorid ttre ot t»r !·»» viMblsf tku tke f aflore of ta« UOmjf to nwfo«Q »· oa» awurnM to UteiB br natar*. Waen thsse OTK*°S b99OBe InaoUra UiselronUtton aoqatrss ImpanUse b r l a t o f t T o p * T . e i M . r t s - h t i * - "fcv»L, oatarrti of tie bUddw »QJ other a * . To impart to tb? kidoen aaa bladder a heftltfui mpetos. rery different frcTB the ezctteaeat »ro3a3»d 17 an nnme]! eated alocboac KUBUUot. uw Bost*aers Stonaeh Blttsra. A*«OMS tfhamlo In exht- eooe. Tasi ««)·«·« r»«ely forlaac:fritr o' tkeki*A«»st«»)sooIh» fMatwt »TT)O» la malami. drss«a«lo. bUtom mot tfoaMsa. aa4 kM naulni ta« ·uottoaof«M*e«t parri taeeU«rt/Baiatm and rlT» aa*p«ak«b(« brasii from its ate. Use Ii with pmatteaoo aa4 at fixel mtarfals, an aattMpste .with ecoftdeaee thi rasalts. Many a boy *ttrtt out in life with the firm determination of conquering the world. _ B* means to achieve *ucccs9 and wealth and facie. Hi* inten- tjcn* are good, and hi* will is ttraif. If he has the bodily ·trenirth to carry him throngh, hia efforts will be crowned wita achiereaietit. Bod- fly strenrth and health are hisfreat- estcapttal. Witbont them he can hop* for nothing. How and youndr womea are cnt off just vhea the future teem* arieBtestandliaiestofpnnmael They art taken away by the disease which causes ·ver ooe-nxth of all the deaths in the world--the disco* which doctor* can eon- tnnptioa. Consumption h** been costid- cred incurable, «nd the medical profession kaa arreroukde a prtater mistake tha» this. Then i* absolatelr no icaaon in tha world why consumption abonld be fatal--why it ·aould be ecea ·ertons. It is a disease of ttsc blood, and caa be cured absolutely aad alwxTi br porifyict; and cnrichiaf the fclood. Toe onlr exception to this it the essc where tbe disease has bees eegfected and impToperlT treated uutll H ia aliuufef Qua the body cntll the body haa becoaaa ·o wwfc «· f hart last tie a£n£f to reco- yesaxe. Dr. Pierce'* Goldea Itedkal Dis- eovery will cnrc q8 per cent, of all case* of consumption if used acconiinf to directions. It also ceres an Haggling covglut, bronchial aad throat affection*. There Is oo reason w By the child of tMMcap- uTC Ut^tJI TStfCQ tVCl hT9 COQSCOSIV tion if It* blood aad lungs are strcngta- ·eed by the prefer cse of tha " Disco*, aty." AD who Lave mnr teasoa to ft*r ·onromption. shoold read the chapters on (hat disease in DC. Pierce'* Common Sens* Medical A5Tj»er. This great tGeakmlwotfe af looS page*, profosely tBostfiated, bas lesched a sale of orer 6So,ooo copiea. It wfll be *ent free ot «b*tfe on receipt of at roe-cent sump* to cover cost of "~* M »r ' World's Dispensary Medics! A*a 6Sj lliia Street. BofctoklfX. TO TUSK Of RIIlIllE IS » THJI If CUTT. A BOQUET OP BEAUTIES. T'ja *m *.ir»t; 9t f** lv* priest prenltine wiih tterathqrare f «jrOnr arw! of x^r BEAT, PRETTY, SEBtlCOBLf. i r art fftsnss HUM Belroom ion toffM. 11 3 : «! rraa waldk to chioM jocr XUa* »j. on tiki iM««." tou CBS'S attiet · k»t froei ao a«orta*ox i Too e^a Me th) a*««tM* et oor j (ran tit* out***, trot *m naet i woaW lealto* at wktt prvtm o« ksren't jot ttott ·zmw kct yot. txcaw to »'. at ooe*. ·w»7 below vkat U»y w»te iU» Ua« rear. Boa. 1« a IS Honk K*rk*t au rt«dertekJCd. Comaalttava, The ctrenit court bat appointed M peers Hlakt, Droer aad Mtalsby to draft inlt- abte reeolu'lonsopoo he death ot ex- Jodg* Boole, and Messrs, afaoisby, Worthlacton and Ftabel nnoa the death of Mr. a. H Metaaber Toe death of Jads:e Brnlc wat anQonneed to the court by HOB. Milton Q. Uraer, and th»t of Mr. I yer=sber 5? 2r. '.ViJU.o. i j . a . u m o . In ni{fi* Well Made Babr Cnrriog* ror«5Jk). Ktnt. The flr*t bancb of wheat beads to reach. the Mlddle'.owo Regls'er o£B;e, says that paper, wts p'.uckcd Wednesday OB the farm of Mr C. Stone, a: the western edge of that town. Kruot Citizens Ol* l"ennsylvmiia. Who llare Been Oared tfj Cbatnbero laiu's ConRlx Jtentcdy. S. D. Newliazt, Sav-Jorsbnrg, Taj, savs: '·Chamberlain's Cough Kemedv is an escel- :eut mixliciiw. J have used Jl for coughs and colds wild fine efl'ecL J have sold it at ;nr store for over two yeurb, auti my customers have all been pleased with it." J. A. Van Valzah, lliighewille, Pa^ says: "Cliauiberlain's Cough Kcmedy has proven so valuable that 1 do not hesitate to recommend it to anv one." TV. F. W:=ser, Ej.Iiruu, IX tay^- -'-Air. J. D. Cline, a cigar maker of this place, re- lorts a complete cure of his cough with a 50 «.eut Itottle of C'imuiberlain's Cough Kerned? after he had tried others which had failed. 5 ' For Kile nt 25 and 50 cents IH.T bottle by A. L. Pearre, Frederick; AV.Jtltudy, ill. Airy. 155. USEFUL, HBPFUL, CONVENIENT. This Ove Drawt-r Oafe Chiffonier for $5.76. This So'Jd Oak Eitensioa Table only 17.50. The bedroom suit has bevel p'nte mirror, thg dmlas? chair his bcaoe arms, the biby car- riaire to ttnely upholstered, 'hsch flceferls a perfect article; aal the extension table Ifl htod- Bometr carvel. The place to secure biyh values U NOS. 42,44 AND 46 EAST PATRICK STREET, FREDERICK, MD. UNDERTAKING A 8PJCCIALTT. Look for the Large Wire Sign. THIN For a nice cool dress for a Graduating Gown or a warm· summer evening, sefr ouar line of from the cheapest to the- finest, at a very cheap figure. We have a- large liae- of Light ad Dark Us in Jacoiais, Diniiies, Lace Ete. Etc, These -goods are all new and pretty designs. LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS i 4 have been in such demand that? it is Tery hard to keep- up sizes, but we line to show. iU a large RENNER KEMP Popular Dry Goods House. T here is just a little appetizing bite to HIRES Rootheer; just a smack of life and good flavor done up in temperance. Style. /^/ by any test. r.. Philmdriptu. SEASONABLE GOODS. REFRIGERATORS, GASOLINE STOVES. OIL STOVES, GARDEN HOSE, BICYCLES, WATER COOLERS, SPRINKLING CANS, ICE CREAM FRRZQIS, WASHING KETTLES, In fact a finer line of everything in season than can be lonnd anywhere in the State at prices which bave been marked way down. Gall and be convinced, Very Sespectiully, UW03M, EXGtlSlOB STOVE HOOSf, FREDERICK, MD. KNOCKED OUT! While repairs are being made, we will ooatiooe our bargains. --Gome in if you can get in, and we will eoavinee you of the troth of o"r statement. We have very few real "stickers" and we will sell clean, first class goods at greatly reduced rates daring the balance of this week. After our store has undergone extensive repairs, we hope yon will call and see oar novelties. We propose to get some '*eye openers'*. Watcb for them in our handsome new show windows. GROVE KIHOLEY. PARLOR FURNITURE. "What, Alas! Can I say f * he inquired with a sigh. '*Yon caa say," cooed the maiden demurely, "youTl be as true a* Etebison's Furniture for the Parlor, Dining Hoom, Chamber, Hall and Zaibrary. SO MARRY ME, OSCAR, and we'll buy our furniture of Etchbon." BEST ASSORTMENTS IN THE CITY. Their Summer Furniture is par excellence. The comfort of the home when "'Sun Bong'* reigns. 8I8T CtRRlAfiES. l» Serti Best Gosstneted. lake A\r. H. B. ETCHI80II S The iPurnisher of Homes. UKDEBTAKING A SPEOIAMT. Telejhofie No. 12 ana 14 South marxet it., Frederick. HW

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