The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1955 · Page 40
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 40

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1955
Page 40
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6-Atg6no (la.) Upper 5es Moines thursctay, Sept. 1, 195S Norma Reding Is Style Review Winner At Fair Piclured above is Norma Jean Reding, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Reding of Bode, who was the winner of the 4-H style review contest at the Kossuth County Fair August 19. She was chosen style review queen in a field o 24 competitors. Yesterday, Aug 31. she competed for the. state honors at the Iowa State Fair. Her winning, self-styled prod uttion was a linen two-piece ensemble dress and coat duster. It is (an. trimmed in cocoa brown Miss Reding, a member of lh< Riverdale Rustlers Unit One 4-1. club, is 17 years old and will be a senior at St. Joseph's high sehoc in Bode. Rochelle Johnson To Attend I.S.T.G. Cedar Falls —Rochcllr John;<,'n of IrviiiRlon has enrolled at iIIP Iowa State Teachers College ;md will report fur the opening (it the fall term September 5. Roehelle. a graduate of St. Cerr- Ha's Academy, is interested in the elementary teaching area. The daughter of Woodrow John?on. she took part in various hifjh school activities including: chcer- U ader. class officer, stuclent council, ulee club, choir, school paper, G.A.A. •BURT By Mrs Jessie Rash Hoosier Picnic, Sept. 4 The annual Hoosier Picnic will be held Sunday. Sept. 4th, at the Legion Hall in Burt. Dinner to be served at 12:30. Mr and Mrs Earl Ackerman with Mr and Mrs Wm. Trenary are on the committee for arrangements this year. All Hoosiers are invited. Please bring own table service. Some 100 attended last year. The Hoosier Picnic has been held for many years. The J. D. Bridge Club will meet with Mrs Raymond Lovstad on Thursday evening, this week. Mr and Mrs Al Budding with sons Pat and Tom of Buffalo Center were Friday evening guests at the home of Mr and" Mrs Ed. Smith Jr. Herman Rachut Jr., went to Geneva. Saturday, after spending sometime at the H. E. Rachut home. Mr Rachut will be high school principal in the Geneva school. Dr. and Mrs Melville and children re-turned to'their home in Iowa City Sunday after spending the past fortnight with Mrs Melville's parents. Mr and Mrs Fred Vogi-1. The small daughter, Emily Jean, was baptised in the Methodist church Sunday. A correction on the bus drivers as follows: Bob Hamilton and Myron Cunningham are taking the place of Francis McVay and Alvin Baumgard. Frank Telliers moved Friday from the Millen house on Main street to the new house belonging to the Clifford Schraders. Mis« Stella Rachut attended the wedding of a college friend, Jane Consemus, recently. The wedding took place in Minnesota, and Miss Rachut poured at the reception. Fidelis Class Party was held with Mrs John Geesman, Si- Wednesday last week. Mrs John Riebhoff was a guest. Mr and Mrs Al Hinckley as guests over the weekend former's brother and family and Mrs Everett Hinckley children of Armour. S. D HOSPITALS Aug. 3 — John J. Dutton. Algona. surgery. Aug. 4—Troyce M. Bruns, Titonka. surgery: Mrs Martin Frideres. West Bend, twin girls, 5-12 and 6-2 (stillborn). Aug. 5—Mrs Jacqueline Pifer. Burt, boy. 7-ll :l .i: Mrs Raymond Lavren/., Burt. medical. Aug. 6 — Mrs Raymond Ellsworth. Renwick. maternity; Mrs John Hanson, Rutland, boy. 6-6, Mrs Frank Stattelman. Ottosen, girl. 7-8 :l .i; Mrs Dennis Webei Whitlemore. twin girls, n-HV'z and .5-11'i. Aug. 7—Mrs Vernon Daley, Algona. surgery: Mrs Duane Dreyer, Algona, medical. Aug. 8—Mrs Dale Mains, Al gona, girl, 7-8 V^; Dolores A. Thompson. Algona. surgery. Aug. 9 — Mrs Robert Boekelman, Titonka, medical; Mrs Arnold Ilansen, Fenton, medical; George Cink. Wesley, medical; Arlyce Jotmson, Burt, medical. Aug. 10—Robert "Hentges, Algona, accident; Mrs Dean Barnes, Algona. boy. 7-8 3 ,i; Mrs Raymond Ellsworth, Renwick, girl, 8-7'i; Mrs Robert Mayers Algona, twins, girl, 6-G, boy, 6-2; Thelma Spurgeon, Algona. medical; Mrs Cletus Sal/., Whitlemore. boy, 9-10; Gerald J. Whittemore, Algona, medical; Ann McGuire, Bode, accident. Aug. 11 — Donald Radmaker, Wesley, accident; Cecelia Hamilton, Algona, accident. Aug. 12—Mrs Everett St. John, Irvington, girl, 8; Denise Marie and Diane Marie Weber, Whittemore, boarders; Mrs Catherine Simon, Algona, Vincent Montag, 7^: Mrs J. I. gona, medical. Aug. 13—*Donald Froehlich, Algona, surgery. Aug. 14 — Mrs August Harig, Algona, medical. Aug. IS — Mrs LuElla Potter, Algona, surgery; Mrs Clarence Riebhoff, Burt, medical: Mrs Donald Wand, Corwith, girl, ft-?,: G. W. Stillman, Algona, medical. Aug. 16 — Mrs Harold Feye, Whittemore. medical; Mrs Theela Eisenbacher, Wesley, medical. Aug. 17—Mrs Paul Meyer, Ottosen, maternity. Aug. 18 — Mrs Condol Wood, Algona, girl; Mrs Don Winkel, Algona, girl, 7-1 "4; Selma Wichtendahl. West Bend, surgery; Mrs Leo Kirschbaum, Sexton, maternity. ' Aug. 19 — Mrs Joseph Hynes, Woden, maternity; Mrs H. W. Behnke, Whittemore, medical. Aug. 20 — Rudolph Fisher, Lone Rock, medical. < Aug. 21 —Janelle Newbrough. Lone Rock, surgery; Eldon Winkel, Algona, medical. Aug. 22 — Mrs Vei'16 Elinore, Algona, girl, 7-15'/j; ' Charles. Murphy, Algona. medical; Mrs Clyde 'Lloyd, Algona, girl, 6-13; Debra J. and Dennis L. Feye, Whittemore. boarders. Aug. 23—Mrs Edward Richter Bancroft, boy. Aug. 24 — Mrs Kenneth Stu- cler, Wesley, maternity. medical; Mr;; Irvington, boy, Merryman, Al- had the Miami Utility Proceedings Minutes of Proceedings or the Board r Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities. A meeting of the Bonrd of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held in the City Hall, City of Algona. Iowa, August It), HI55. at 7:30 o'clock P.M. . Present wort: Allen Buchanan. C. R. McQuiston. M. J. Bradley, T. James Palmer, Supt.. and Ira Kohl, Secretary. The minutes of the meeting of August 2, 1!I55 were read and approved. Motion by Bradley and seconded by McQuiston that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Motion carried. All voting "Aye". Light Fund \V. W Sullivan P. M., postage_._S 38.42 Payroll, payroll --.1.6(15.30 Milton Rilyeii. labor ..... Hi!) 35 Edwin Weishanr. labor 15521! Mervin Hentges. labor ...10fi.22 Hichaid J. Sloan, labor ..1CMS.22 Eldun Mouiv. labor .. .. IDS 1)5 Iowa State Bank, withholding t-'ix ._ _ 200.00 boc. Sec. Fund, soc. sec. tax. Ill fill North Cent rill Pub. Serv. Co., gas bill 12 n C M. St. P. & I'. K R. Co.. Irfii.BTIMl! Water Fund Payroll, payioll . 2923! Frank Ostrum. labor . . ....1HU.5U Walter Peterson, labor .. . .130.8!' Reakus Ileliners. labor _. _ _ 1(10.7(1 Reiner Helmers, labor 03.Hi Max (Miners, labor HI 4-1 Eugene Helmers, labor 400k Everett E. Knudsen. labor . 43 3(i George Weig. labor 123.17 Clarence HclReson, labor . 137 86 George M. Miller, labor 12348 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 59.60 Soc. Set. Fund. soc. sec. tax .... (J2.21 Lee M. Hatcher, services _. . 5G4 50 North Cential Pub. Serv. Co., gas bill • 11.37 Deposit Fund Waller Klmker, et al. deposit "•t'lund $ 7500 Next meeting date was set lor Sept 2. lil'K). Meeting .'Kljciurned. /S/ Ira Kohl Secretary /S/ All, i, Hu.-hanan Presirlent 'i[ i lie Board COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in adjourned session July 21, 1955 at 7:30 P.M., with the Mayor and all Councilman prescnl e-.crpf Kinsey and Rovn. A Resolution was adopted accepting the sewage treatment plant upon completion certificate, of Buell & SVinter Engineers, placed on file. Cigarette permits were granted to Rovn Lunchenettc and Kate & Jean's. Building permits were granted to Willard Grcgson, Harry Spongbcrg, W. Holldorf, Mrs. Vinnie Laymon, Leo Steven, I iarvey Peck and David Smith. This was the time and place set for public hearing on the construction of san- iMry sewer in sub-district No. 12. There were no objections. • The Engineer was instructed to prepare plans and specifications for reconstruction of a storm sewer on Elm and Garfield Streets. The budget was discussed with members of the various commissions. Meeting adjourned to July 26, 1955 at 7.30 P.M. Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk The City Council met in adjourned session July 26, 1955 at 7:30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmcn present. A spraying machine was purchased from the Reading Chemical Co., Cedar Rapids, for $1975.00. The budget estimate was adopted and August 11, 1955 at 7:30 P.M. was the date fixed for hearing. Resolutions adopting Resolution of Necessity and ordering construction of sew- sr improvements in sub-district No. 12 »ere adopted. Meeting adjourned. Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk The City Council met in regular session July 28, 1955 at 7:30 P.M., with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. This being the time and place fixed for hearing on bituminous surfacing on certain streets and curb and gutter on South Harriet Street, no objections were made. A Resolution was adopted approving plans, specifications and form of contract. Bids were received from Glover Construction Co., Everds Bros., fcnd Ronald Kenyon Construction Co. Resolutions were adopted awarding contracts to Glover Construction Co. for construction of curb and gutter and to Everds Bros, for bituminous surfacing. Minutes were read and approved. A contract tor inspector for the blacktop project was accepted with the Col- lint, Thompson & Willis Engineering firm, A taxicab license was awarded to Elden Collins, -Humboldt. A plat and dedication of th(^ Hargreaves Addition was accepted and approved. A Resolution was adopted awarding a quit claim deed to J. I. & Tom Merryman. Upon the filing of plat and specifications tor reconstruction of a storm sewer on Elm & Garfield Streets, a Resolution was adopted fixing August 18, 1955 at 7 30 P.M. as the date for hearing and receiving bids. Mr. Glover's bid to replace concrete at 70c per square foot was accepted. Builder's permits were granted to Harold Voigt, Richard Groen, Universal Mfg. Co., Tom Sampson and Marc Moore. .Class C' beer permits were granted to East End Grocery and Sjogren Grocery. An Ordinance was finally adopted, amending an ordinance authorizing use of toy pistols and caps for use in same. The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Linda Clapsaddle, Salary $ 150.00 Ivy Scuffham, Salary __ 239.50 Nancy Sands, Salary _ 67.16 L K. Ferguson, Salary 16.77 Albert, Salary 47.25 Iowa State Bank, Tax 76.30 Rannoy Leek, Labor 11.76 Verne 11 Ludwig, Labor 39.69 NW Bell Telephone, Service _._ 8.30 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies 50.25 Dudn Parrott, Fees 22.50 C.ty Cleik, Adv. Cash . 15.82 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. invites you to see the all-new Burroughs TEN KEY in Here's the latest for the modern office ... the light, compact, all-electric Burroughs Ten Key in striking new colors — SEE THEM TODAY! A *»••»»»»»*» street Fund Jess Lashbrook, Salary 119.75 Albert Pergartde, Salary 108.67 Glenn Burlis, Salary 108.67 Richard Frambaeh, Salary 92.29 Raymond Metzen Jr., Salary 87.29 Jack Mcars, Salary 92.29 Donald Prcw, Salary 101.59 Kenneth Frankl, Salary 99.95 William Woodcock, Salary 91.05 John Bahr, Labor 1666 Fred C. Hagg, Labor 211.29 Harry Ward, "Salary 15.12 Douglas Meyer, Labor 23.52 Reakus Helmers, Labor __ 52.43 Reiner Helmers, Labor 19.39 George Weig Jr., Labor 10.81 Clarence Helgeson, Labor 26.99 Cugene- Helmors, Labor 20.58 Max Helmers, Labor 13.72 Everett Knudsen, Labor 21.26 George Drummer, Labor „. 7.35 Iowa" State Bsnk, Tax 87.40 NW Bell Telephone, Service 10.55 Lyle Signs Inc., Signs 16.55 Clarence Fraser, Sidewalk 65.60 Miller Engineering Co., Eng. 1163.03 Donovan's Cabinet Shop, Mdse. _ 61.88 L'pper Des Moines Publ. Co., Notice _. 13.32 City Clerk, Adv. Cash 4.72 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Repairs . 19.15 Dotsford Lumber Co., Mdse. .. 93.77 H. J. Cowan, Repairs 242.35 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies 10.69 Norton Machine Wks., Repairs _ 8 59 Ready-Mix, Mdse. 742.55 Ernie Williams, Repairs . 80.16 Kossulh Oil Co., Gas 130.26 Mid-West Service, Fuel Oil 4989 Public Safety Fund A. C. Weishaar, Salary _. 134.75 Albert Boekelman, Salary 134.95 Raymond J. Krebs, Salary 121.70 Richard H. Groen, Salary _ 132.30 Leo Counley, Salary 126.70 Ic-wa State Bank, Tax 30.00 N'orth Iowa Directory, Supplies _ 5.00 B. G. Holcomb, Repairs 3.75 KW Bell Telephone, Service 2455 Ira Kohl, Salary _ 2000 Ralph Elbert, Salary _ 10.00 Slouffer Fire Equip. Co., Supplies 26.00 Donovan's Cabinet Shop, Repairs 56 10 Sanitation Fund L. K. Ferguson, Salary 13230 Harry Ward, Salary "1890 Joe Medin, Labor 13.72 Reakus Helmers, Labor 40.01 Reiner Helmers, Labor _. 10584 George Weig Jr., Labor Q4.S7 Clarence Hetgescm. Labor -6538 Eufli-nc Helmers, Labor __ 1911 Ma* Helmers, Labor 2352 Everett Knudson, Labor 8647 Norton Machine Works, Repairs . s'oo City Clerk, Adv. Cdsh 297 NW Bell Telephone, Service 3s!77 Bedford Lumber Co., Mdse. 31495 Ens. News-Record, Sub. 1200 Concrete Products, Pipe ..(.i.j. J23192 Kossuth Co. Recorder, Rec. Tees.' •' 3 20/ F. 5. Norton & Son, Supplies 19624 Ji-mes Egli, Salary . i; 149^36 Fren! Gronbach, Salary '-.J.. 103.62" Ray Wessol, Labor 754 Stanley Walker, Labor *„ 1.96 low.i State Bankj Tax ' . Icjfj Geo. T. Walker & Co., Suppll«4 . • 5.40 Gee T. Walker & Co., Supplies _ 5.50 Standard Oil Co., Grease 4.33 Skr'v Oil Co., Fuel Oil 88.20 Berther Lane Appliances, Mdse. 100.00 We<tcrn Auto Associate, Hose __ • 2.98 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., supplies 5874 Edu.ird Sindelar, Refund 1.35 Ed Holecek, Refund 22.61 S. W. Nelson, Refund 2347 Albert Baas, Salary 155^92 Mid-West Service, Fuel 16.46 Teresa Norton, Salary 66.15 Dr. Sawyer, Renf 35.00 Kohihaas Hdwe., Supplies [76 Reading Chemical Co., Mdse. „ 2013.60 Recreation fund Howard Stephenson, Salary 73.40 Don.'ild Cook, Salary 68.80 Wiiliam Dewel, Salary 60^80 Sheila Sullivan, Salary __* 44.80 Maicia Stillman, Salary _-. 44.80 Jacki VanderWaal, Salary 44.80 Marilyn Lowman, Salary 60.80 ldw,i State Bank, Tax 42.80 NW Bell Telephone, Service 8.45 Chrischilles, Supplies 187.81 Bolsford Lumber, Mdse. 1.75 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies 13^70 Norton Machine Works, Repairs 17.75 Zender's, Mdse. 27.00 Thompson-Hayward, Supplies -I 3600 Citv Clerk, Adv. Cash _ _ 14.42 F. S. Norton & Son, Supplies .. 3.49 Community School Dist., Use of Rus ' 74.00 Hutzell's, .• Supplies 37.97 Parking Meter Fund Ernest Hutchison, Salary 13230 Pa.-k-O-Meter Co., Mdse. 680.55 Meeting adjourned to August 4, 1955 at 7:30 P.M. Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Al|ps>:' Ivy D.' Scuffham, City Clerk Published in the Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, August 23 1955. ORDINANCE Nd. 370 AN ORDINANCE REQUIRING THOSE CAUSING ANY OPENING IN ANY PUBLIC WAY FOR SEWER, WATER, GAS OR ANY OTHER PURPOSE WHATSOEVER, TO j>UT SAID PUBLIC WAY BACK IN THE SAME CONDITION AS IT WAS BEFORE SAID OPENING WAS CAUSED; PROVIDING PENALTIES; PROVIDING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT ARE REPEALED. . WHEREAS, it has been brought to the 'attention of the City Council that on numerous occasions ditches, trenches or other openings have been opened across or in City Streets, alleys or other thoroughfares in connection with installation, maintenance repair or removal 6f sewer, water lines or natural gas lines and the persons, firms or corporations responsible for same have filled in said openings in a unworkman- like and unsatisfactory manner leaving a rough and unsolid surface on said public way and without any tamping or effective tamping to cause said surface to be solitl, and without putting said public way and the surface thereof back in substantially the same condition as it was before NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. Any person, firm or corporation breaking the surface of any public street, alley or other public thoroughfare within the City of Algona, Iowa, for the purpose of digging a ditch or trench or causing any. other opening whatsoever across or in said public street, alley or other thoroughfare in connection with in^ stallation, maintenance, repair or removal of sewer, water lines, gas lines, or for any purpose whatsoever, shall, after said work has been completed, put said public street, alley or other thoroughfare and the surface thereof back in substantially the same condition as it was before said opening was caused and shall do so by tamping or other effective means causing said street, alley or thoroughfare and the surface thereof at the time said opening is covered over to be solid and up to grade and if thereafter there appears at said location a defect in said street, alley or thoroughfare due to settling Or any other natural or un-natural cause, the person, firm or corporation causing said opening shall immediately repair same bringing It Kick to subsfrmttally the sa condition it was in before. Section 2. Anyone violating the provisions or any provision of this ordinance shall, upon conviction, be subject to imprisonment not exceeding thirty (30) day* or a fine not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Section 3. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions ot this ordinance arc hereby repealed. Section 4. This ordinance shall be iri effect after its final passage, approval and publication as provided by law Passed by the Algona City Council on the 18th rlaV of August, 1955 andI ap- pioved this 18th day of August, 1955. Byron P. Richardson Mayor ATTEST: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk AUTHINTICATION The above and foregoing Ordinance No. 370 is hereby duly Authenticated this 18th day of August, 1955. Byron P. Richardson ' Mayor Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk (SEAL) SAVE ELECTRIC RANGES 11/2 Years Use In Algona High School SWARTZ HDWE. HOG STYLES HAVE CHANGED DO YOU RECOGNIZE THESE BYGONE FAVORITES? 1910-20 LARD was in high demand. Big, fat hogs found a ready Market. The Poland boar (above) topped Iowa State Fair Competition in 1914. The Duroc was a champion in 1912. 1920's I BACON-TYPE was the style of the 20's. Duroc boar (right) was an Iowa State Fair champion in 1924. Junior Poland boar (above) was a champion of the same period. The MEAT-TYPE Hog of Today These "Meat Type" Boars were the 1954 Iowa Fair Champions. Deep hams, full loins, trim jowls and underlines, a minimum of fat! (Above cuts courtesy Wallace's Farmer & Iowa Homestead) PREMIUM PRICES FOR MEAT-TYPE HOGS Phone 107 Now — Well come to your farm, tell you your amount of premium for delivery to us on 'Fridays. WESTERN BUYERS MEAT TYPE FRIDAY IS M-DAY PREMIUM PRICES SEE US FIRST LETlSOOTOTHt NATIONAL BARROW SHOW AU5T!N,MINN.-5EPT, 13-16,1955 SERVING OVER 200 PROCESSORS IN ALL PARTS OF THE NATION. Your Best Market Is At , , , WESTERN BUYERS PHONE 107 ALGONA, IOWA

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