Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 11, 1910 · Page 2
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 2

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1910
Page 2
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NOVJKlMKKK n, 1910 1 RliNTON'S liXCHANUI: FOR RI:AL HSTATI DRINK CRAZED NEGRO i SHOOTS UP TROLLEY CREW ELECT JERSEY SOCIALIST r^Srnown nejcro. cruiy the ljrt rs^iiiy car ou: For Rent FOB RENT 1J7 Fountain Avenue. - Houae 3 room*;- $» In advance; open 10 s, m. 11-11-Jt FOR REST--Houae on Oenor»l O/»»n* Aye; $20 per month. In advance- H. C Valentine. W. State Bt and Dela- warvlew Ave. 11-11-tf FOR RBWT -- 707 Prlao*ton Ave,; «- room brick hou*»; rent$ll.*0. Apply Charles B Kennedy. Forst-Rlcbey Building. 11-U-tf FOR REST--Two-aud-helf «tory house, six rooms and bath, 1 Elm Street Inquire 810 3. Broad St 11-11-lt FOR RESIT--7» Ward Avmno*; $ rooms and bath; hot and r cold w»ter; $18.50 per month. In advance. Inter-State 1654-B. 4 Southard St 11-11-lt FOR RBSTT^A *ijc-room house, wlih barn. JOT^y}!!'*TM St Kent reason? able. f 11-10-" FOR RENT--House on Anderaon St, near Clinton. Apply at 11« W. Front St - ll-10-« FOR BTTT Six-room house with all lmprove"»ents, 438 Oenecee Street Apply R. C. Bllllngham, ITS a Broad St 11-10-tf Center Street. Kear Lalor, three story brick. 10 large room*, bath gas, beater, and has side aier- The rent of »hU home Is $20.00 a month. In advance, anyone could easily secure boarder* In thl* . location. "W. A. HOLOOKB CO, Real Emtmtr, Inauraace, * Ftttti Floor. Broad St, Bimk Bl«f t FOR REST--SOS Third Street 8-room brick "house, modern Improvement*. Inquire Jo*. ZjellnekJ, 121 Grand St 11-9-41 FOR RENT--Two 7 andS-room houses; centrally .located. H. D. Phillips. Broad St Bank Building;. 10-29-lmo 418 LIBERTY ST.--7 room*; $14; all improvements; 3 trolley lines near. James W. Rusllngv 284 E. State. 10-i8-tf STABMSG 10 to IB h*a/l t big yard, box stalls, all In good shape, etc. Suit small livery or express business, etc. Rear -636 Centre Street, entrance on Ingtetos Street Apply to Thos. S- Everett, 219 and 221 E. Front Street . .. ll-8-5t FOR TUBjfT--Stable, centre, of city; 5 single and box stall; ample, wagon and mow room. Holcombe Wilson; 14S·'g. Hanover St - 10-29-tf FOR »i3NT-^S-story brick house on S. Broad St nearly 6pp. Bridge-St; 10 rooms and bath; fine for lodgers. Geo. -- · · - - · 2oj Broad St .Bank. "-- ROOMS FOR for light housekeeping. 5SO Qeneeee St 11-11-Zt T.AR0B furnished room; all ooaveal- eacea; housekeeping. 577 S. Broad. It FOR RB»T--Very central nloely fur- n.1*bed' room, with u»e of bath: very reasonable price. 81 Cooper 8t_ It FOR RJBNT--Furnl»h.ed_ room to desirable party. Reference. 1S6 AJ«I- .emy St. ' 11-11-21 FOR HKUT--Furnished front rooin; $t; heat; light and bath. 94 Sweets Ave. It front room, suitable Cor two gentlemen, near qilnton Street P. R. R. station; other rooms. 25 Wall St CO- - UWIOATTSTG ROOMS, 11-11-31 light ,,. _ . In kltonen. BeH phone 356S-A. 227 E. Front St. 11-11-tf; double rooms, gas, 851 N. Clinton Ave. bath and board. - 11-10-lm FOR RRBTT--Two room* for housekeeping. 135 N. Broad. Inquire 128 N. 'Willow. 11-10-tf ·*-»¥O newly-furnished rooms, second floor (heated) two block* from Po«t- ofBcei private family; references. Address O-mi. Tlmes.ofBce. 11-8-11-21 FOR BRTT--Desirable furnished front room. 30 Carroll St. 11-9.-1U i'WO KCRiaShlblJ all conveniences, ROOMS for rent; to Cooper St. FOB RBXT -- Two unfurnished rooms, third floor. Call evenings. »10 S. Clinton Ave., 2d- floor flat. 11-9-tf FOR RBrt-i--49 North Stockton Street, central; ole*n; steam heated-rooms; latest Improvements; low rent ll--5t RE.VT--a ll-7-8t ROOKS FOR Clinton and Yard Ave- FOR R*!NT -- Two furrnlshed front 'rooms. 148 West fT.Tbver St. ll-9-3t ROOMS FOR water. 208 'ir B»ci*T -- ^Wlth St. rnnntni U-7-6t FOR RENT--Furnished rooms; all con- .venlences. 219 B. Hanover St Bell phone 1593-1?. 11-2-Imo DESJUABLE VACAJ?Cl±,S with UB6 of phone and bath. 248 Academy St. 11-8-lmo FOR·*»WTfT-^168 S. Stockton St: nicely furnished rooms; conveniences. 10-29-tf j FOR ~" NT--^A nicely furnished room with' use of reception room, bath and FOR RBJfT--House, centrally located, 9 -rooms. $27r Lioeust St, $15; Walter AVe. '(Wilbur),- $15; B. State.St, (Wll- bnr), $23; first and second floor, flats, centrally . located, . $16; 1. good work ;shop. Coo"k Brosr., 133 E.'State St FOR-ReiBi-i"--Dwelling house, S3 3Lam-- berton St; $14 in advance. Apply ; to George H. Purvis, · 701 W." State - -'.: - 11.1-tf FOR RKW^-rOh" iirqv, -10, 3J Fttlryiew Aye, opp. Clinton T Sfc Depot; '6 roomSi bath, and cbnvenlences;, $18 per month In advance. Inquire of George F. Wilson, 22 S. Cllillon Ave, 10-3I-tf FOR RBISTT--New-8-rdoin brick house, with Improvement* and portico front, on B. Clinton, near E Stats St. A. XJp- dttcejfc Son, BrnaiSt, Bank_BJdg- 10-31-tf FOR "REST--6-room and bath brick house, 62TE.CHiilon Are.; $1» month. J O. Rednor, 30» a groad St. 10-28-tf house-. 32+ . reV St.j.$ 'advance. "Charles S. Kennedy. 26 Forst-Rfchey Bldg . ... -- -- -· water . Street Groceiy For Bent. A good corner grocery, complete wlttt counters, and shelving. Cook Bros., IS3 E. ^tate- St · 10-2S-tf1XA»Y Store For Ttent. StoreVIand-'basement _ -on ; good." corner- In centre -of city} suitable for any purpose; 425. Cook Bros.. 133 E* State St lfl-3Z-tf ._ __ .on Montgomery - Placet 7 rooms and bath: all convenience*. ' Inquire 66 West End Ave., P Estate, 10-19-tt phone. Ill E Hanover St, second floor, ; 10-25-tf FOR RENT^--Furnished rooms; hot and . cold water; bath," heat 18 Perry. ··· . . 10-24-2mo FOR REHfrT^-Furnlslfed or unfurnished .rooms; phone and conveniences. 143 Periy St 10-22-lmo FOR RE?fT--J unfurnished rooms. Call 1S9 Perry St. .10-21-tf VOJt, HEJiT-- Lsrg-e room; fourth floor. PPly. v Broad St; Wa«ner A Meyer's, 153 N. 10-JO-tf FOR RENT---S furnished room*. 18 tlv- Ingston Sf. Bell 2944-A. IO-lS-tf FOR HJS.V'i---Furnished room, with or . without .board; also table board. 39 W. State St. .,. . ' ltt-15-tf FOR . RET5TT--Newly . furnished room* with running water In each room, and .some rooms with private bath. SSS Academy St. ' *" t-U-tt vacancies. 250 H. Hano- I'^--Fariflshed front room and board for roan and wife or ! : gentlemen; heat and bath. 314 Rutherford Avenue; 10-4-tf FOR HiSA'i'---Desirable rooms, suitable ver St. for doctor or dentist Cor. En State and EwiBg/Sts.. ·. ' : . - · - . »-14-tf housekeeping; all conveniences. Chestnut Avfc FOR MJBHU---S nice rooms and 1 furnished room. 509 X. Clinton Ave. MO-tt RK3VT--Furnished roomt; running in, each, room. , 21S' Academy: would like two .iinfunshed room« r _'wltlh use of bath; central. Address J"-Ililj Time* office; It or tw«» roust In private family ana no other roomersr reference furnished;' Address .(S-1109, .Times Office. 11-8-at For Sale. Homes. $4.000 buys an S-room brick: Spring fit 10-room brick. Bellev« Ave.; $2,800. 9-room brtok. Belle-rue Ave-; 13,500. 10-room dwelling Hamilton "Ave,; $5,000. 9-room dwelling, Brunswick Ave.; $3,700, Brick house, lot 26x1X8, Centre St; $2,100. ^ 8-room dwelling. Hermitage Av«.; $2.900. 10-room brick. Berkley Ave.: $7,000. 10-room brick. X. Willow St.; $4.200. Two 7-rooni bricks. New Rose 3t; $3.200. 8-room dwelling, Centce St: $3.500. -room brick. Tyler St.; only $8,300. 8-roem brick, hot-water h»»t. Stuy vesa* iAve.; $4.000. 7-room brick. Frlooeton Ave.; only $8,500. 10-room · brick, steam-heated. Rutherford Ave.; $4,000. 8-room brick. Hudson St; $3,500. 8-room brick. Sandford St.; only $2,300. 1 Write for- printed list before baying. EDMUND BTJRROTJGH9, Real Estate and 'Fire Insurance. . Room 307 Broad St Bank?* Bldg. i 11-10-tf FOR SALE--Near centre of city: 3- story brick bourne; improvements; price $2,100. "Fogg, the Farm V«-n. Ill East State St ll-lo-4t Hamilton Avenue House. 725; just finished; 10 rooms beside tned bath, pantry .and lanndry; For Sale. For Sale. New brick bouse. Cleveland Avenue. 6 room*, bath and heater; $1,600' Easy teiiiis. For Bent, Fin nished Nine-room house. Chestnut Avenue, near Hamilton; can be rented reasonably for the winter months. 15 Per Cent. Investment. J8«' ETast n new brick houses on jTaat C!'.nton Avenue; $1.600 «»ch- Easy terms. CHAfLLES O. TEUXON, Both phones. 135 E. State St. FOR SAT-*'--New eight-room brick houses, with latest improvements steam heaters and easy payments. 1501 Ingrhnm Ave.. Bell phone-19S3-D. li-io-st FOR S^'.t"--117 Mott St; eight-room brick: $1.100. James W. Ruallng. 224 E. State St. 11-10-tf Van Horn-Murray's "^ist. For Sale. $360 ct"h down bay* an eight-room dwelling, with large lot and additional' ground can be had on easy terms If you want to raise chickens or have a garden. The house Is large and eJry, wiln windows on all sides. You can pay more ct«h down if you desire, but J350 i* enough. This la a. special bargain, %nd we want you to see It .Bromley Place, fine home... Rose St.. good bargain S. Warren St., bric-k house. . $5.000 $1,«00 $1.800 all woodwork -chestnut: all floors finished hard wood;, extra large veranda; large front and side terraces; gas ana electric light; hot wator heat; lot SOx I 200 to street Jn rear; price low: terms t easy. Inquire of owner. 116 Hudson «,,,,,_,,., .-_---- .;·"-__ v._b «*---^ · . , n « .«i t..nescnut Ave.. 7-room arlcK.. str *"- io-i-tf Mercer st n IX0m brlck Meroer St, nice brick house N. Clinton Ave., 16 rooms $5,500 Stuyvesant Ave., detached Cottage ; *5.000 Real Democrat Bargains. How of brtck houses paying froA 12 to 15 per cent, on money invested. Six-room brick house with all Improvements, hot-air .heat, offered, for $2,300, on easy payments. Frame house and large lot for $2,500 can be purchased pn e.asy payments. Single brick house on South Clinton Street. ,, all Improvements, hot- water heat large lot: will exchange for other, property. For Sale. We have farms of all sizes and prices. One o f . 108 acres, with *g°°i buildings, water at house and batn from windmill, for $4,000. Good First Mortgages For : .Sale. For anything In the real ea^t'tltne, call on A. ui-uiivK i SOJT, . 11-9-tf Broad St Bank Bldg. FOR^ JSAtB OR RWUTT--427 Spring Street; 10 room*, steem b»at gas and electricity;· all modern- Impro-^-ouJients; rent $82.50. Apply. B. S. Applegate Co.. or 224 Spring St. 11-11-tf FOR SAT.K--I,ot TOxJOO B»'"MJai C3r- · cle; one of the choicest locations left Atkins . Watson, 20B BldK. 11-ll^tf FOR BAI.V stoyir««eiit Av»twe, near Belmont Circle, frame hpnse. S rooms, lot BCbclOO; excellent loo»tteit Atin-hs Watson^ 208 Wlllrln«on Bldgr. ' FOR *Ai.i5-- Division 3bkyt. ". new Aye.; 8-rooui brlok; all 1m- prevemBnts; a ane op.pOil"i-ity to bay -a home. Atklna Watxm. JOJ *vuk- ln*on Bldg. ll-tl-tf and ' FOR SAtE-^That 8-»tory brick frame dwelling, contalnfwf; 8 room^ pantry, laundry, reoeptlostt -hall tile, path-room, hard wood inl»d floor*, steam · heat, modern plumbinr, electric lights. Hard wood trim" and cement porch;;lot 40xlTS feet; sitnat* 1101, on corner of Btate-and parkline this is the b*st bargain we have «v«r to offer; dm't be too. late . waitt a beautiful tome or an tnreat- · ment; tie p«c« J» ' ·Wortn- Ington's Sons. 144 fe. state St Bell Phone 228; Inter-State 138, 10-18-ttufr-tf FOR 8ATsw_Tc clews an estate, B-room frame: hooae. 48 W. Tifayette 8t, : I«s88. Inquire fi. C. Quigg, 46 W. T«- faystte. 11-5-tf FOR s)A1-*"--N*r B«TT», -BS Oak T «ne, Height*; *L.~Tr, bath. heat, electric light gas, etc.-' Improvements complet* awl modern. Inquire US: Oak T^ FOR . , , frame, seven rooms improvements, $2,000; kins 11-4-tf lear State, bath, all 0 cash, At- A Watson. Room 106, Wllkingpn 11-8-tf DRjUJffi? a-- ·«/ ·· . f%MO -to f%VO| »vO In - " on..5Test Bnd 8 rooms and bath; an convenience*. Inquire «« West End Ave. P. J. Beiiy Estate. - 10-1 9- tf Tvro For, J6i9S. Each as atejVheatr electric elevator service, prefity of light; suitable tor manufo'-turlnK or any other purpose; will rent one-or both floors; reasonable rent .-In}nire~ Union Over- mil. 22» S, Warren St. 10-17-lmo brick house; centrally located; all Improremea*-- Char-les~..W. : "Cartl.: 5 -Front- Mi* -Streets." .. neir:.1rJos:: house all modern Improvements; $13.50 per month. Stryker ft Br»a«"ia. k m E. State St' - 10-7-tf Rfcii^---Third floor, -» E. State St; --"~ * - \for 6fllces."v^lnqiilr.* : ios=pr*w^ jse*. , 10-4-tf FOR itui.t r^io» X. - Broad St; nicely furnished room*; $1.60 per w*tk; side *Btrmhc*. FOR BEHT House on West Bnd Ave. facing W. state St; 9 room* and kath; all Improvement*; Interior newly etintad and papered: $22. Apply P. J. Berry ettate. ?iVe*t Bnd AT*. 9-l*-tf FOK MKnV--la-room house, Carteret Ave.; all Improvements. Jo*eph H. Wrl»ht 11 W. Stat* St »-S,-tit v «- door. . kn~ ta«nlre next itr* of dty, * »»U fof Viaaf *«:nj . «-*- *f oandlnc onr t-ll-tf house* t* on W«*t ', W«*t JBnd I-ljU J»n*ft er "t-errjr -and . Id floor, imr dfu*; store i^btir .,D - and bath; $11 la"a*r-- ·». ft. »*!.· Har.y Blown. 1S» NT.* Broad. ." "-. '".'. ' . . : - · . * - - ' - - _ . ' - - ll-l»-tf bath; rent. $14 «t . rooms sjjjd advance. 70S ft. !-».« FOR """IT Smalt flat with yard: e«- » and hftth- «t«-t»-liv ted " .vted; m E«t»t». -family wltn all modem conveniences; reference, exchanged. Adflress .Fi- I108\ TInies Offic*; Offices To Bent. VOBr H.«:i-i-^TiC6rier offlc*tof. aoctor or dentist. H. State and Swing Sts. yon **a««-- Desirable .tm« vars Inteit^t, t-^i- and on'prln- ^lp It « n _ · bj xi ,«· iritt »X' fw It before ,*u kn« n J*. Anrr *· J. H. reflned n-^i-Ja, *«, * O*, «· . . . S 2 . 7 S O . . .S3.600 . .$3,350 Hillcr«st Ave.. 9-room cottagw . .$3.200 W« offer the cosiest cottage in Villa Park at a bargain price to quick buyer: easy terms: will consider trade for uptown home. For Two nice dwellings tlon for $2,80* clear, ren year.-; Esc*llent chance for vestment. in ?ood ital J288 per Bood in- Buslness Opportunities. Restaurant business ............ . J500 Meat and grocery store...... -- $1,500 Country grocery .............. ,,. $800 Wholesale qandy business ...... IS.600 Boafdinis house, 14 rooms . . . : . .i2,000 For Kent (keys at office). 3reen-wood Ave_ 14 rooms .. ---- $50.00 W. Hanover St 9-room brick. ..$35.00 Oeneral Greene, 8-room ".nrlok .... $30.00 Laroberton -St., store .... ......... $5.00 Central flat; 4 rooms. ....,..;... $9.00 Cadwalsaer Place. »pej-tii.«ut ____ $85.00 Monmouth St, 15 rxima- ........ .$35.00 "Wllbnr, «-room brlpk ..... ... ---- $18.50 -Hermitage Ave.. 9 roou.s, n,« . .$1S.OO Money To Loon. ·We' have sevenal thoneand tfooO. mortgages. Five per cent Your Pitpt»*L^ With ITs If you want to sett or rent and «e*~i»v« I"k l ily a teii"T|t or bu^=r Is fuuiid, lSOB.8U.lett. ·H ^ tl For Sale; ~ _* St^ No. 88, irttt S rooms and an ImprcrvaTnenta. · · Ja-^ 4« «t. No. 221. I-.LU.J brick; atl ImjiroTeinenU. - . * slut AT*, hear Southard St. .3 a -fine tiivelu«axit. ' ' 2H-*to* briak and Financial. Good Mortgages Wanted. W. A. BOLCOMB CO, l ^*rat«. Insurance, I^o Ftrth Floor, Broad St. Bank Bid*-. Manning's Storage. ^ Clean, dry anil «efcaratel- looked r-oomo: eatlmatea ?lv«n on packing f u r n i t u r e and china. ;o-22 S. Broad. I Q - l S - t f For Exchange. EXCHANGE 96-acre farm for Trenton double house, with stable, neighborhood. Owners only. Tre.iton Times. 11-9-it Q-asoliae Engines. FOR SALE--Oasollae ana *t*am engines, saw mills wood »a*». feed mills, new^and second-hand repairs and competent experts on hand. Geiser Mf*. Co.. 228-2Z8-MO S. Warren St.. Trenton. N. J. . »-S7-tf Contractors. OAHJtBTT W. IBO^s, buHflln* eon- tractor, JTardvlll«. jf. J. Bell phone 2802-H. Estimate* riven on all klnda of work. »-I5-2mo JOSEt-M J. 9'1-etKKiSR. painting contractor, Penntngton Ave. Bell phone J744-A. Branch office. 378 Tyler St. Automobile Storage If yon are going to place your car tn dead storage, we will store It for 13 drunk. f Yari3- tu shoot Charles Meyers, -he mo'.orm^n and Conductor A HV-T^.tt A ···i":*': which gianced fro^i the\ Sid-? of t:.e '-ur · truck Meyera in Ui» ajrrr:. hui i:-l ^o senoua dftm^gr. V^hen the care r»ach«3 W h i t s !iors» Ihe nejfro demanded he b^ :»?l --.t The crew being fffe^l to b* r'-l "f h ' m i stopped the car and the fK^ow d!s- j appeared F R I E N D L Y WRESTLE DOES H A R M . Thorns* Hunt of 816 Nortj-. rii^t.j.i A v e n u e sustained a fracture :·? t.-.^ right knee cap while ^re^tllng; %v!!r: a, friend. Re wae removed to 30 F r a n - cis Hospital BLOOMTIEUD. N J Tuesday irot Ihey we're ' to tv» ^h p ?» I AS U'E "Some * saj "Would '. '-''i ; irval option J-'urnal NOT V* In 11 --A So- 'his T-^wn SADLER WANTS GUARD mm from m :#:-.: that those *'. v .o sho'.jid · lnt«r*jit of he NalC'Ra'. i in favor of younger ·; b« risked tinder tstor!«hicg to rtiink have the b««t I'^ard a r^~t - u st«p aaida 4 rr.aro acar- .-.^m to obt«^n Public Sale Of Valuable Suburban House aiul Lot of 'It is strongly r*co.--.rner.i»d that the s Legislature Smroed'ate!;- pii«s an act · .··j'-h as wa." *»effir* !: (Jurusg its la»t ; «"f»s'»n rnmpi?;iing aJi prS'-^ri to under- i g'i a n n j a ' : y a pny^t-'ai as^'.co by l a cnrnm 'sytcn ;v'r.!T. sna!l r-^w--n upoa tr.e ·. ^r.St ! r::aJt!n« !·_ n^Cr-si I '.'hi-? ar»- pr-'j 1 *; | s^r-. !cc." I i^a^lng his Ju1e*rr!**nt up^Ti his ovra j »'js U'pa.-:m»r.;s nf ;:·« Xait-jrinl the R^z-;l:ir Ar.-ny per month. Jl ISO Brldire St. »-13-tf Automobiles stored, repaired or repainted, lib Bridge St.. Trenton; NJ. Call at 11-5-tf Plumbing, PI/IT "TTO, MMATiSSASD JOBBING-- Fr»r/1r Fell Co.. 144 E.'Front St H-8-2mo THURSDAY, NOV. IV, '10 AT 2:30 O'CLOCK P. M. On the premises, situated on the road leading from the Trenton and Hamilton Square Macadam Road to E. C. Hutohinson's Mills, and being the residence of the late Spafford W. Hutchinson, deceased. The improvements consist of a Two and One-Half Story Frame House, 8 Rooms and Bath, large Hall, Steam Heat. A Modern Country Residence. Has Barn, Wagon House, Corn Crib and mieh " other improvements that will make it a first class place as either a CounU- Residence or Chicken Farm. Has .about two and one-half acres. " . . . . Anyone desiring to see the House can do so by inquiring at residence of E, C. Hutchinson, near the premises. The place of sale can be reached by taking cars going to the fair grounds or Hutchinson's Mills. Conditions made known on day of sal«, by CrtAR. L. PA-ri'JSilSON, Auctioneer and Agent for Owner. ra who 'n tJis nf othi.-.- . r«co:nm*n.'1atior.s. In doing r"-ov;.5(?tl for i '·'- '-h» N a - Re-s«rve ais- wis* incurred ^ ·.ri'iowTS and R*r,rgard»a. oBpiml corpa, Thai p-snaluns = -.·.·:;! c« tl't.Va! Guard -«-.·! Naval ahie't hv w.o'ir.-is 'r dfs whiie .j.-. d u t y , a'.s- '--r 'minor '"hH'Tr^'Ti "f S'l^.h. ti.,n nt the rr.ft.3!.-a! -ind^i o"*lb«-'m'»fl!-'al .-t-ar;nr-;n' Sy'a d«tall ,-f mvdl'-al rt«H-crH an.l that a eoursa of lecrures ^« e!vr. ptrtainine to the duties of thp inr-!l'-al C'-rps. That tfca lie'.d e^«!pm.«.t nf e«u*h organization h« iieot in t:-.- rfK!n.?:;t and company armoriiss for irnrnwoi*' 3 * »»» ! .n *b R «ven£ nf «raerfT*'n:-. ThT. provision he made .-tther !v the »rat» or national government f-»r tin'- p»vm»nt of ofacrs nnd rnPn tor attendance at weekly drills. . . . Th" report shows ihat the autnorized str»nsth of Hi« «-r.tir» miHtary and niival Astablishni^Tit on ^fptt-mber 3"0, 191 1 "' W.T^ 4 2 ^ ' offi^^rH a n d S.3.75 «ti- liste'd men. Th» -tcfial sfrength on the same date was 400 offl'-ers a-nd 4.32-7 enlisted men- General Sadler -says that organizations larger than one regiment should not be sent to S*a Girt Camp Ground because it is not large «noujrh to permit th» a33^m!IinK of Sarner umts lor proper" instruction. He hoids thstt It larger bodies than a regiment are to - «rtcamp. the state shoul'l purchase a . large tract of roiling country manoenvre _camp. . for a. I Something better fpr your money at Costa, Values m Sweater* for Saturday. Up from I frame; hot -water h«»t. Carroll sti Ko. tmprovementa. St. for sal* . Rlojjejr T Mm flfcj j Tot on El, S-Btory *a«fcj all 'il« ana 5^8 B. State to olog». op the Cook, B. KiHiaefiy, Forst-1 10-17-Jf' tt.y ft- f hou»«« on , ·^ Bide ·lieyp al«n f - taqnlr* 402 S: «-«-tf F»R .8*i.iB--Hou»» on SprfoK St. Btrth6rfpra:Ave.vTa»»»lo St., BBltoVufr Ave_ Hanover St. Cook Av«^ Olden Are- Walnut A»*. »nd many others. H. M. HotohlnKm. 4 a Broad St. l-B-tf_ FOR 9*Tra_CEJworJ» St. M slo.J 0 room brick honaes, good condition. WJOO each. Ap»ly-;to Clarence Wlllets," "-Soutliard ' For Sale or :FOB «AT.^I Hoo«e«, an part* of ^ D n-4 ton; lota, farms, hoo*e«, diamond*.,' hor»e«, antornoblle* taken In nc'a+ngs. \ Baal. 132? Oeneicee St. -- 9-lS-Smo" i Real Estate wanted. \ office* from ft up. Klroor* ·"·tutjrerald- 14J T5T State St offlce* *rfl Ballfllnt, *-l«-tf Apartnjents For JP jVt-ROO3f aparUuent for rent; in ulo BOS ; Ten-j St BIHlngIi«in, 179 Strath JBroafl: FOR KESrat-r-2 4-rwO tsath, -oh 11-U-Frl. * Ttf«s. tf apartment*, with, POR mu» j^--Tnre«-*ooin apai Uaent, second floor; all convenience. 48 If. Stockton. ~ ll-»-t* FOH i««i« r--«-ro« apa»Tuient3 with bftth, for · llrht : hotuekeeplns; -elevator, gteam ieat, all modem renJewcea, Apply__to; Janitor, COt o^^'^'OT'Ct AUQ teltphoBa 277-A. 48 eon* Aleda, "Stockton St. FOR F - n »--Api tfl^enta Honey To ' .TO IX»A!» on bond and _ -- -- * Sf*"-?*"*. *lnt«r«»i. Harteh 147 IB. State at t ort- . S-t»-tf » KD -- $2,SOO at 5 pet cent for «- or S years, flrat mortgar* on farm at M arr»»; sltoittA Ott New Brin»wlck Turnpike 3 mfles from Prloeeton. F. H. Freeman. Monrooath Junctioa, N J. R. ·IF. D. No. 1. . . ll-4-lioo T-JJB, Time* o worth bnalneax drm T-1J' fJLn ff *n ·-- worth »onol«. A«- mes ottce. I-ll-t( BM*. BHZCK irv¥ ·**! -T-« f*» change for " -Box 681. dty. FOR »«T,^_B»j»nl frame with all Lui II^OO; te.uia eaar. 205 'V^nkineon "BlOg. FOR BAT.* / CeU* r lot*, st. Bt, a Aflflrew 11-1-1M »«-atory i-i VTtoa, k Wation, near FOR dwelling^ Mora In Ea«t Stnjvesant and Hermitage Area.; low Trlee; easy term*- William 3. MOOTS, 141 E. State St Vj and -* and barn. " ' Moor». 141 FOR SAtB--s aiuaj AW»T J- *.·· tueir nouye*. l-»tory 10-lt-tf IFOR ti i^ad St.; ilton 1 noTM frame bonso - with ; Jane*, lot- J Kalty. 147 B. StfttB St. ._- ·***» 8 s^nfl JbtB In TJentirine. Apply Tliuotby t orlonr, *?8 Pair St. tff-JJSt* Jag- f« good! TocatfcaY.'init*^* " flat*. Apply Bell phori* «9*3-A. 1 __ _ non-r«»Ident offer* lot« oa T^ftyatt* AT», at » " A^i*!/ - *^1U1",», fik ^ioon^ Street 'V WAnr TO BtTT any atwd »ntfy iiome or farm, from 1 acre "} ·««». to Buck» Co, Pe..,.« « r ir- Cfc, H. J, some Dela^mf* Hirer at. oiler, at moderate price*. \«'B.», or want" B good inland ·t effeap, or »tn»Tl or large well- Jr 1- *ted Tienton house,- tKen anareg* or Take Prospect 9t, car ana call on Deck- I* lotofer «*Tet a -a or |n-^ stall men l«; da Clinton. .Oeaeaee and . Deoon lota B»ll phone »n4-lC. iom hoase with l»rA* wini Park. TO* all . _ _ . and plWntr of fruit tit^st cor. and Riadlnir Afes., Hlncreat. Call at Wlnfc'ler** . naao- Store. " fit Z. State .Street / - . ' . - . - - " »-«*-tf . _. SAT.IC--I2.JOO d^^rt wfll bar J of . thoie beantlfnl" homes on aotitn aide tf W. Hanover St~ ahovo Carhonn. 8!l ler. Printer. Iff* B. rT«ruo**r St. »-JI-- FOR 8AU6 SlQj -ssant A»e, * , beantlful horn*; In perreet cftBdltloo; term lot; modern oon««u!ene**; at rlrft prio*. X H. DamUv, Jr.. * -TMch . . Forst-TMchey BI«*;. , f-T-t* WA.V1*K1--Loan of $700 on flr*t _.oit- on »-«to,, krtek 4hK«It;a -2J4-Time* ofltee, · Anti^vea wanted. ·i/AJtl.LKB and eroeker* bom«ht Ronyan, 111 Paaaak: »boae *144-T V S-l Old Papoia Mriart ea*» prte» tor tv IMA. «·*, C:*ld *eUla. _ . . ^Sfe CUHS f OR SAT.EI China, »i»//i»"w »nd 1»A»rimerless, slightly used, at vet/, price*. A criance to saT« "AH nnredeemed pledges. gnaranteed. money. All s; · 11 KA«T FRONT 8TREKT, Th« Only XJcenied Pawnbroker In tti* au TO i'-VJBifcx "AhOTt 7-tiom house la the neighborhood of St^ie and h^rnber* Siat A?«rtn« * "WSataon. US Wlllrtr,«/xn Bldjf. H-«-tf SaJe. .-- Sevei.-t»cii-aore Ritoate -two, miles from railioafl station; lxr» Jtwt rlrht for f. ult-anl poul-. trfr good tuBainit»T near aelghbors; price 11.SOO. "Fogg, the Farm w. East State St. ll-ltf-H FOB, g* T.titi-iT ?aorea vwlthont build- ln«r*; 12 aores timber; all Hfht~-for ·er.eral .fanbinc, fruit and poultry;* located tn H«nt«rdep County, Tf -r Price,. Jl.lOO; $600 wanted. D«*«r.! 48 Hayes Avenu*, Trenton, N. 3, Suburban For ship; come out and see McO-lllard's acre lot»; buy one an -- ' WBlte Horse. N. J. IF; i" most agreeable store in town to do business in what somebody said about us. Pretty nke coinpliinen% when you think of all the other agreeable stored i n tovn. - - . . - " - . · ' . . i That's pur pu/pose; an agreeable stot'e; agreeable people to serve you; agfeeable merchandise; arid agreeable money back if you vant it, --* ^" most reasonable prices in the city. All Suits One-Fourth From $30.00 Up ^O MAN^ WOMEN HAVE BOUGHT UITS AT ^ Sate and marveled at the wonderful values---they are such^ splendid values--that the news is worth repeating. v ^ $30.00 Suits At '$35.00 Stdis At $22.50 $26.25 $27.12 $40.00 At $45.00 Suits At .....;., $50.00 Suits At ...;...-: $15, $17,50, $18.50, $20 Suits Saturday, $ 60 Misses' and Women's Tailored Suite, made of fine cheviots, serges, broadcloths, novelty mixtures and Eni;; t lish tweeds in the most approved models. Colors: navy lue, black, gray and green. · $15 Coat Sale Saturday Presses 1-4 off l§S^. $18.75 , $ 5 ?*-$20.63 CJo»tu of kcxjey--^plaid back, Fancy Mixtures, Serges, pole costs, many of them, half lined with guar- tf anteed sating.- AetimT rahiea $17,50, $18.50, $20 y ain lined, SkirmjT Broadcloth Coats, Irned ... ..... ..... $19.75 $22.50 Kelts 8-»-« «r»: .4S Hayes *-!-« rifht *·· i. *liS(l;, wltli at or test. B. Kitzber*. 401 St. Inter-State 150S-W; Bell »-I4-*ao KOOHV PArEI«m, $2.M upward- H. . Seller. 1024 a Broad St. InUr-Stat* .' l«»J-Xt Bell phone 7M-I. ' " ' " ' ' paper »»le» TOO' rive youi. papering; elsewhere; the only place -where yo» c«n f^t »atfTfactlon of latest stylea, -oar- anteed work and low price*. . At Vire- _l«fn'a. 111 N.- Broad, above Roofs I CAK oi vmtfOV a new tfn rofrt «r repair and 'paint the old one. No pat- setf dortor th« next f o d*ra. o^ner* 1 . "attention will fee ent p«!nt Property r«l'ed t» roofa, gotten, *pouta, haaten and range*. Send all order* to J. Damon Donlon, (hop Mark»t and E.eatur ft*. Open eveninja ontll * o'clock. Both chorea, .· ^ . t-I»-tf Cart-Off Cltt.hing Bought. c»a\-ort_ clothtng ' ana ·hoes bought; pay the highest prices; es.ll st *tore or Bell phone U02-A and we will call; open evenings, s. IJp- m«n, 2«$ K. Broad St. abov* perry. In black or coJo'rs; wide or leather bncldes, 25c. ·T" -tfe."vB»lt»/fe:. black, brown." white, navy or jper»fcu»p gUt, sliver or gnn metal buckles. 25o- to $3.98 each. V«aT*jt^BeIti lit. black ronly; niaBe with lai«e velvet buckle; $Z.06 *altte.-'jfor. Elastic Beltings In Wack or cSiars, Joc^nding- persl*'"', 25c, y«rd to $300 yard. Special Waists Vat«?s Ladies' Walstf fix black, nary or brown cllifc- f0nraadeov«r peisyian, net yoke *nd cuff. _ Begnlar^5.000 valuefor^$3^8. . *__ - Mi«r l »l»'ne Waists in? all colors, including black hmF eoflSroiaereav front. $8.50 **ch. ~^~ T?iiored fatsos Walste, tucked enibrot- dered or plain fronts. $1.50 values for ^1.60* "M §k.ile Waists wfe 4rith, aeat la?e yoke or embroidery front and-near fleeve; $2,50 value for fl.85 IViinmcd Hats, $1.95 WotUi to SIO.00 cSio Any $40.00 Dress it . . Any $63.00 Dress at . . JIair Ornaiwetita s»lr B*ne«« phttd iA. i»««J»r-$fcw _3* t*»«r B*iT«t'.fl*, plain of w««tt "They Tepre»enC.ths latest ideas tn fashion- aw* 'c«sriU to Jnaiehi M.oo able headgear -new »oft shape* now so popn^ V.JIIAL *OT Bft.. ·r?d9li. »·«»». lar. And.the trtai»ing* are^eeidedly Varied. comprising' flowera. fo«j*hers and occMonal tofiche«;of ^old,'«lv«- or lace.":* ^ · " No two Sre ^alike in the selection .; and the valnes offered wduld rej^ilarly rrtail at almost donble the unuanal value $4.95. A big - tor now qiioted. A mo«t is.featured tn this sale, at b»ciirt« of Barrett*, »i! -*!·»» and 7J» *«oh.' '' ~^: ._ Special.up L frorn , . . Saturday's Hosiery and Undei wear Sale prta« Mrynt«4 etr pfsini B t» Ja Rlbb«4 Ho*e, raedlom or heavy weight*] editable for boy*' or gfrts. Regular 19c- " vatoe*. 2 pairs, 2Sc. -. Misses' Fine Ribbed Lisle Thread H«e, fast black.' tnade with double Bole, Regular . p*ce J6c. pair. Women** Pur» Thiiid 811k Hose, me«le with lisle *ol» and d««p gar-, ter hcnv. '$1.60 value - tor $1 pair. and. Ho**, lui^ium weight H*le or cotton, la black or tan. Bpsctol valua. 3 p«lr». 11.00.' \Votn*n'» 811k T-M* Boa*, m-"·*·*· or llctit w*lght*; i.»alar vr.oflt- value. BO*. Mir. WoinanV UJjfl«rw«ar, «llk mfffA rant!", Testa or $1.J6,. for y5-( ***h. v Women's Fle«o« .Wood tln*sr-" wear, Ions or short 8t»av« Tests «md ankla pant*, We. s»«4v. Children's Ploaoa Uned Under- w«ar, light «!· fn*4tam w»l|rtit«, white or Mra. t, *s*n- In ^S COAB Specials for Saturday Vi.OO, 56,50

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