The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 17, 1899 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1899
Page 3
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BUY THE GENUINE" SYRUP OF FIQS Hoyt'a -A Bunch Athenenm tonight. of Keys" « CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. S3f~ XfRfHS 1.1 MR. T PATTEHSOjr. ' Firn VJ rmisBxK. rZ. Black. Baik Block, ONE CEJCT A ».VOK! COLUMN. Officer Huberw tneapaeated from his dntwi on tfa* polwe tor» bj a atUck of lagrippe. Maadaa at the tegb- ^^ Quite* delegation of chanta wore ia ttteodai lau»e aeeaioo yestti^iay. Bom, Tiiwday monung, to Mr. Mre. W. T. Jazd. of Mother sad and boy 7 " The MMBW Betrice and Bnina loab the wests of theiT father QIBL . WANTED-\r h.m-1. ifftropoiilati |-IOCSE-»or »el Aprfj- at T. J Tally s * · aurofT ink and Biaa-lscai Jt m-n m -T«y t :.«auictunnjf and lutrodwv iln-lr cu»i». Mead) ' ome»t aoa target m«jaw u etMwi legitimate bu.*it»«B itMOi-Bti to nun thjt are huotvt tod titllD»- to atuad tr IWKIB.-.- Kifereac»s rv-iumxj. Send 4eil-adtiye*..*tl Mamp**! eftiel ,.l*-for n'rir to THE BEX MxsrrACT^ai;o Cowtn So. :SS Cliartn* at net, Nf « Orlraiu, La. to !i«ra the hn-her trade. lj- ffiwrmiw Siw mootfehr ifter ooly Ptfffc: «**ei~' jira«Fx««», Spruut ra*uj MIOO. 8ttvi.*atB from (iit4i}^ »Mirf*Hi -with . Tucl» pn--ca««l. Wme at once ulnv Mian. A BAHG«V-A«T let«, cur £m|iure si 3° N D. n»n hrei-e n-jlb two awl Ro-*wr "-t Liah of Stark county. C. E. Crum of MeKenzie, and L. D. Bailey of Sterling, were among the guests at the Grand Pawfic yesterday. Harry Cornwall aad O. J. Seller of Jamestown were guests of landlord McGowan at the Ouster house yesterday. W. T. Best has one of the most attractive window displays in the o'tr in his new quarters at the Eppinger block. The city flre apparatus is being thoroughly overhauled and fixed up at J. D. McDonald'-* blacksmith shop this week. Mrs. Cramsrie of Fort Yates passed through the city yesterday on her way home from an extended visit with east- j ern friends and relatives. * j Bishop and Mrs. Bdsall were expected' to arrive in the city last night from Fargo and win be the guests of General and Mrs. Hugheskuring'their stay in the citv. ^ m* *nrak«**^^«.*«. Cough and msurnption -- Cure jnettian tic ----- -- ·. · iwOcif^b jstcli-- cn» eccr known to (descc: a tew dace* invariably cure Use vorat ·nece** la Uw core of Consumption k without a parallel in tfie history of medxSTc. Since it«i am ducomy 11 ha» been mold on /·«rf which no a guarante otSer tue^ nan!. If you have a. Cotuth, wo earnwUy ask you to try it. la United States aiuf Titurta tfr , ape. and $UO, and In Eoglaad Is. liL. Ss. 3d. and fe.Qd. SOl£ PROPRIETORS S.CWEILSC] LEROY, N.Y HAMILTON, CAM For tab by P. C. Betnin«ton. unty /or .imsport. THE WEATHER. *. Ft*. !«. HW. Washington time. B. H. Bxossox, Section Director THE CITY. F. B. Oaklc\ of EdgeJ arrived in the ·city yesterday. F. 3. Origan of Glraeoe was a guest at the Custer yerterduy. Sheriff S«rcrn of Jamestown was a ·visitor in the citj yesterda). Jpbn E. Burke of Sheldon was registered at the Sheridan yesterday. Dr. Porter and Attorney Patterson drove to Handan estvrday afternoon. C. H. Po«ter erf Eliend.ile was among the gutsts tit the Sheridan yesterday. The olub dautf »t the Sheridan last eight was well attended and very sue ctai-iful. S. Parkfr, a prominent LaMouiv man, was among ihe arriraN at the Sheridan jresterday. Thf-re is taik of the vountr men givinc the members of the Fin de Seicie club a dancing party next week m retunf for the numerous *oeial courtesies extended Tt are tare yea do not. Nobody vutst. Batitcenc* ' Itcomeatoihoaewho bave bad coombs ajsd colds uont toe threat is nv, ind the Suing membrane* of the longs are inflajoed. Stop yo^r ^High vben it first appears, and yon remove (he great danger of future trouble* Mayor Beeder of Wahpeton in the eft} yesterday morning and mingled with the members of the legislature. _ A special train will be run from this city to Mandan tomorrow night which will carry a large delegation of Bismarck Odd Fellows to that city to attend a public meeting of the order. Dr. S. D. King the Wahpeton dentist who-has been quite .seriously ill at St. Alexius hospital for the past three weeks was a little "better vesterday but his condition is still regarded as critical. The citizens of Braddock in Eromoos county want a newspaper and offer a good bonus for some one to start one. Braddock is a growing little city and would probably be a good location. A music box which will play "Just Break the News to Mother" or most any other popular song for a nickle is a new addition at P. C. Remington's drugstore which, ia drawing large crowds daily. Sheriff Bogue: Have made no arrangements yet for the banging of Cole. It will probably take place in the court house yard either on the south or the east side of the building, I have not vet decided. Col. C. A. Lou nsberry, the publisher of the Fargo Record, came ia yesterday and will spend some time in the city watching the course of legislation, greeting oM-time friends, ana looking after some official business as agent of the land department. Several letters from fhe boys at Manila were received yesterday by local parties. General Miller was in receipt of one from Col. Trueman, which stated that the bo\s were all well and in the best of spirits with everything quiet, which was dated Jan. 3. Dr. and Mrs. D. S. Moore of Jamestown were Bismarck -visitors jesterdav. Mr. Moore is superintendent of the state hospital for the insane at Jamestown and will urge upon the legislature the matter of making an appropriation for providing more room at the hospital it is. said. E. H; Wilson reports that the damage to live stock by the recent cold weather in North Dakota was very -small Ad- vicra received from the ranches of the Northwestern Live Stock company in Emmons and Stutsman counties show that the loss was comparatively speaking very small. Jas. Wallace has opened up a harness shop on Upper Main street in the building formerly occupied by Mrs. Dunn's millinery store. Mr, Wallace was for a long time one of the employes, at the capitol but has now decided to go into business for himself. He is an expert workman and has a large and especially well selected stock of goods. St Alexius hospital is undergoing a number of repairs this week. The pillars which support the building will be replaced by new ones as the old timbers are decaying and the building settles as a natural consequence. The raising of the building necessitated by the placing in position of the new pillars has caused the plaster to crack and fall off in many places. Hoyt'a "A Enoch of Keys." This dainty farce will hold the at the Athene urn tonight. Hoyt's arrived Bunch of Keys" is one of the beet mua cal skits ever presented to the publi msnmioHS. Special Committee Make* Its Report j oa tbe Condition of the Various lnfrtlltBl1t.l of Att Wefl CoodncUd, bttt in Need Some Improremest* mod Repair* Cemaittec's RffonimeiulJtUoM far Ap- proprimtion»« Large Reteetioa From Origin*! Reqnc*t». The program consisted of a song by Mrs. Tubbe. entitled "111 be MamaTonMit,'' a short sketch of the life of D. R. Lock a»J the reading of one of hw poems by "*B,aBd a book renew by Mrs. WUaon. Dainty refreshments j were served. . These enw able aociab wffl be given Special Committee ofl Institution,. n^tbakJ^SaBfo^^^^ ** The special committee appointed to visit the state instijutions and report npon their condition, reported to the I* the Baby Cvtttng Teeter It has an amusing story, is full of w : and music and Manager Bothnor eac season selects the cleverest camedians and the prettiest bunch of girte that th Rialto can furnish. It ia just the kint 1 of a show to drive away dull care. 5 » ·»···--» . Besot deceived! A cough, hoarse- neasor croup are not to be trifled with A dose in time of Shiloh's Cure wi save you much trouble. Sold by P. I Remington. ^ i a» A fine line of hats, new sprin stock, at The Boston. Have that clock of yours repaired anc made to tun, by Hill, the jeweler. -* * ^ « ·» A few more window shades, going a 20c each. Now ia your chance if you need such things. Go to A. Healeys for butter. the verj- bes A Jamestown man who is a strong prohibitionist writes the Alert a communi cation taging the defeat of th* biH creating the office of temperance commissioner and says He don't think tha officer would amount to anything mote than a figure head who draws salary in case the biD should go through. ·»··» Learn to say "no" when a dealer offers you something "just as good" in place o Hood's Sarsaparilla, There can be substitute for America's greatest medicine. All TO MEMBERS, who have not bad their negative* made for tbe legislative group are requested not to delay sitting for them, as the time is short. No charge made to members. Remember change in location as I am now situated on ;. Fourth street, first building north | of Tribune Mock, on your way to Capt Moorhouse: I have just received} the capitol. a letter from an old ooJdier who served j VV. H. OeOraff. under me in tbe civil war and who asks i ^ | me to help him to get on the pension I , ' li«!ts. He is certainly deserving, but! Call on Healey, the grocer, when you thirty j ears is a long time to remember ' want butter, groceries or anything good little*incidents. I have letters from men who served under me almost every day and always like to do anything I can for thebms. It is reported that there iff two feet of " Bh|e 3^^ wtts tnm $13.50 at The Boston. _ ,, .^. ^ $10 Pntooeof Ajrer's Cberry Pectoral PiastCTS over your tangs Par four cent* In t*ib)iittfr ·n« W* h»T« the nelalT* escape from dea- whohadoccasontocrossit Wednesday night after dark while returning from Mandan. The warm weather the past few days has melted the snow which covered it for a time which accounts for this present state of affairs. Yerterda} Miss Mary Bright (colored* died at St. Alexius hospital of Bright 's disease. Miss Bright was 91 rears of ag« and has been very ill for some time past. She was taken to the hospital about two weeks ago where she breathed. her last yesterday. Sne has been a resident of Bismarck for over twenty years ted made her living for the most part by doing tittle jobs about town. She was an hoppst hard working old lady and was highly esteemed by all who knew her She has no relatives in this vicin- it. The funeral will occur Saturday at 10 o'clock from the M. E. church. There are many imitations of Dr. Stegeit's Angostura Bitter*-- inoat of them dangerooa, Tbe genuine is a bomeboid remedy. Wanted-- A few more batter custom ers. Fancy dairj butter delivered each week bj sending a postal card to W. D, King. Menoken. King's batter ha* the brand "M. D. K." on each ball | and caste n*ar setting fire to some timbers in the basement. Some visitors at the building discovered the danger in time to prevent anything serious. * MM* a*a*t eatan or taftra* *«w»n Jouse yesterdav. The report deals with be Institutions separately, and is signed by tbe five members of the committee, Ames, MeCaana, Boyd, Alien and Dwire, Mr. Boyd being fhainrmn of the aommittee. A summary of the report of the committee follows: STATB IJf8A*E ASY1PM. Lack of room for patients is the chief obstacle to the attainment of the best results. The sanitary condition of the institution is good, the management has conserved a desirable condition of cleanliness and ventilation, and the patients are well cared for. The committee recommends the purchase of a tract of land of twenty-five acres for farm and garden purposes. A total appropriation 6f $105300 is recommends ' for tie institution. AGKICCLTUBAI, COLLEGE. The agricultural college ia a source of valuable theoretical and practical information and the expenditure of public money is warranted by results attained Scientific farm methods have, been promulgated and are being employed. An excellent jlaas of students is in attendance. Laboratory quarters are inadequate and more room needed for scientific instruction and demonstration. The committee recommend an appropriation, of 127,700 for the institution. STATS fT2*XVKB31TT. The institution ranks favorably with others of a similar class. It is not richly endowed as those of some other states and shows cramped resources. The military training is commended. Needed repairs should be made. Be suffe to ase that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, d'res wind, colic and is the best remedy for diarrhoea; 25 cents a bottle. Always in the lead, The Boston, for low prices and square dealing can not be beat. l^^vw^JnsTto r*i»«*i »*d the jeweler, in Remington's drug store. December CoHfrtfTft The state auditor furnishes the foBow- ing statement of' remittances received from county treasurers, representing the collections for the month of December of the taxes of 1886, which became de- tinquen t January 1: * 480059 lota Hall as tpfrndafe man has _ arrwteo-charged with 'Stealing wheat from a neighbor and thert seems to be plenty of evidence against him. Tbe retail hardware dealers had a meeting in Grand Forks yesterday. There are something Bke 190 hardware dealers ta the state of which UO bekaut to the association. Ole J. Brakke, a Minnesota man who started to the North Dakota wheat fields last fall from his home with a large sain of money is missi'g and foul play is suspected. When last heard from he was Grand- Forks. TheN. P. passenger traitt was derailed at Grafton one day last week, Just the stop as the train was slow Diekey ....... . ............. 5511 6U 5,43355 Mclntosh ...... -.... ...... 2J201 5Jd*an .................... 2,18281 Morton ..................... 443829 O'i^er .................... 1^0697 Fierce ...................... 62360 g?te"e .............. . ....... 2,88161 Stark ........................ 4,72382 Towner ..................... £83341 S^" 1 ....................... 3,81583 Williams ..................... 285^ Barnes ...................... 957689 Bottineau ............... ,,.... 334543 Barieigh ..................... 6,90043 gayalier ..................... 4,73432 gddy .................. ..... 2,39576 Emmons .................. 1,62757 Foster ....................... 3,91248. 7,11443 to remedy the defects of wear and tear. The committee recommends the passage of Senate Bill ,, _ -- ,, JJo. 59, providing a tax of two-fifths of a gcHeOT 99634 mitt for the maintenance of the state 5J e / cer ' 142386 upiversity. STATE DBA* SCHOOL. The needs of the school for the deaf are stated to be more urgent than of any other institution. The -quarters are cramped aad there is not room for more than half of the deaf children of the state who should attend, New floor and roof are needed, and the danger from fire from stoves is strongly dwelt upon.! There is no sewerage, no room available for hospital, and the facilities of the 7O3823 Fembina r 2732196 Ramsey 3341 gg Kehland 29.00980 Jtta^ 11 ' 20-5437^ Stutsman'. '.'.".'.I'.'. S|565 84 Tra^ '.'.'.'.'.'.'."'.'.I'.'. 33^6409 Wells 3,66141 at the depot. Had it been going at ite asoalaign rate of speed a bad wreck would have occurred. The Mclntosa BepubUcan figured qnrteprominentiyia a libel suit last week and the judge of the district court assessed the paper $100 for the privilege of lyalrrag out in meeting according to its sineerest convictions. Alex Stensbj has severed his connec aon with the Grafton Xewa and Times* Mrs. Bates win hereafter conduct the paper personally and in so doing will have the best wishes of every newspaper man in the state for continued and merited success. wen A man who had served a term- in the county jail at Grafton and evidently ufced the place was released several days ago. He tried in several ways to gala admittance but was unsuccessful until he kicked in a large plate glass window valued atraiTo and after which. h» was immediately gathered in. RViTA tution is well kept so far as the efforts of the superintendent and employes are concerned and the per capita cost of ,___^ keeping pupils much less than other' S^TM^ similar institutions. Tne committee - 01000. recommends an appropriation of 551,650. SOjLDtEs' SOME. The soldiers' home is well and economically managed and its buildings are ?327,751 Si The collections are much heavier than at the nuances of extent. Karl's Clover Root Tea is a pleasant , purifies Clears the complexion. Easy to-make and pleasant to take. 25 cents. Sold by P. C. Kenrington, the druggist. , ,, .^ _ Healey has the best line in good repair. Th« commandant and «ntaecit. matron are diligently observant of the comfort of inmates. The institution needs some improvements. The com of groceries LAND MANHOOD 'jre« latpotency, JJlgatEndssionsaad ? diseases, all effects of self* abuse, or excess and indiscretion. Anenetonleaad blood builder. Brings the pink glow to pale cheeksand restores the fire of youth. BymailSaeperboxjftboxes with s written guarantee to cure m reload the money. NERVITA MEDICAL CO. CBnton* Jackson St*, CHICAGO, OJU For sate bj P. C. Remington, druggist, BfrmaMfc PROPOSALS. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the- undersigned at Bismarck, X. D., until 1 o'clock p. ar^ Monday, Feb. 20,1399 for the erection of a grain elevator building. Plans and specifications can be seen at the above mentioned office. Bidders will be required to furnish approved bonds in sum of $3^500 to insure the carrying out of their contract. The rights reserved to reject any and an bids. MISSOURI VALEET MIUJJTG Co., ·J. H. Xfiwww, Secretary. Mew and elegant fine of silk front imported ftadras and Percale shirts at The Boston. mittee recommends a total appropriation of $13500. MAVVU.LE M3KMAI. The school is well and carefully man aged. Increased attendance has ren- pered present facilities inadequate. An assembly is needed and provision for an additional wing ought to be made if the resources would justify it. The incom- lete sewerage system most be looked to y the state, and £1,500 is recommended for this purpose. Supt. Carhart is com- Oimented for good work done. The rustees are congratulated for their earnest efforts for the best interests of the school. A total appropriation of $22,00 is recommended. The Fuller Lee Disc Press Drill. The Fuller-Lee Dfae Press Drill was brought out in Western Kansas eight years ago to be used in the'semi-arid districts of Western Kansas. Oklahoma lots. This drill saves one-half of tbe labor of seeding as no harrowing is- required before or after--the discs colti- vate the ground thoroughly. It spreads the seed two inches wide which gives it a better chance to stool than when sown close together shoe track. wad Indian Territory. That country gets much leas rain than the Missouri valley. It met with immediate success as it produced fair crops where shoe-drills and Itnas SO; Percent more pressure on broadcast seeders produced failures. In- j STalS?* %£ff£. £? side of three years it drov« shoe-drills ] third of its weight to press the shoes out of that market In that country it: i°to the ground while the discs cot into is claimed, by those wo h»vc used thai thc K roUBd * Aeir own The institution has pressing needs, ike the Mar-rifle school. The buildings ack minor repairs. The water supply is not completely distributed, threatening insurance. Lightning facilities are also nadequate. Steam ht-atins plant has aken the place of furnace and this out- ay Is approved. President McFarland nd the management are complimented or good work done. Total appropriation of C35J35 recommended. STATK p» raasm AST. Appropriation of $3,000 far the last legislature has been ntilizaji in the erection f a warden's residence which has af irded more room in the institution ttoper. Increase of cell room will soon e demanded by the increasing number ' committmens but the committee does lot urge the feature at this time. Total' ppropnations of W9400 are recom } meaded,'of which £2,500 is for an electric ; ight plant For La Grippe. Thomas WoitfieW Co, 240 Wabash *LTanT iSrtiSlf SS?! *** srrin * "fc wheB *"* *** a ^^ ' *TMFVH rolfe white shoe drills drag. *feet and most prominent druggists.' snowfall during the winter. I do not go " " ' V ^' third hghter than a shoe press CREAM BAKING recommends Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for la grippe, aa it cot only gives a prompt and complete relief, but atao counteract* an; tendency of la grippe to result ID pneumonia. EOT sale by E. S. Beardsley. Awarded Hrfbeat Honors, World's Pair OoM Madat. Midwtort*r Ratr Call at the Boston and see the fine line of spring suits. Society Social. The first social of tbe Ladies' Aid so- ctetv of the Presbyterian church at the residence of Mr*. KL H. Wilson yesterday was a pronounced success. Between thirty five and forty ladies were present that far but 1 can prove that it produced fair crops in certain dry portions of North Dakota, during the past three years, where shoe-drills produced failures. Shafkm cultivation and heavy pmsure to retain the moisture and spreading the seed is the -secret of it. This drill is m use on practical!} aU of tbe large farms of the Red River Valley. Men who have reduced wheat raising to a science like A. R. Dalrymple and X. O. Lanmore would not buy town by the car load and Ia aside shoe drills if they were not superior to shoe drills. They might buy one to experiment with but they would not buv the second and third It hasnoequalinstabbte work: ti» discs will cut into a «olid road and cover the seed. This drill has 1 kota from thiw i and flax and ten to fifteen bushels oats per acre more than shoe drills on the same class of land. Frank Grambs w my agent here and a sample of the drill can be seen at hw place. By sending a postal card to the Fargo Storage A Transfer Co, Fargo, you wfll receive a pamphlet containing "iO letters from leading farmers of the itate telling just what thej know about the Fuller L** Drsc Press Drill. Respectfully, M. F.' 4F fe JEWS PA PER I -IWSPAPKR!

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