Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 26, 1916 · Page 4
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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1916
Page 4
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Wednesday, July 26,1916. THE FORT WAYNE SENTINEU Try O-EAT-IT, the New Combination Bran Food, Fully Baked, Ready to Eat, Crisp, Toasted Slices, and Be Free from Constipation and Indigestion Without Medicine. Insures Health, Without Cost-Simply Substitute 0-EAT-iT fOP Bread and Breakfast Foods. Ask Your Physician About Q-EAT-IT. Trial Package Free. Thanka! Ko More White Bread or Breakfast Foods lor Me WIlU* O-EAT-IT Hcice." ! Kendallville Ne\v«-Sun: Mr. and Mrs. C. I . N iles of Fort \ \ a y n e , were ' S u n d a y gue.-ts of A. M. Nile.-, ami wife. ' Decatur Herald:---Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stone and daughter, Mi*s Ruth, of Fort Wayne, motored here yesterday to visit h i ? ' f a t h e r . Squire .1. H. Stone. Mr. and Mi*. Milo Bhu-k of Foil Wayne. and Fied M \ r e - and M i n t a Acker of ( i e n e \ a . were OUT Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. In in Acker. Decatur Democrat :·-Joseph Laurent nnd George llciner retunied to Fort Wayne th'n moining a f t e r a \isit o\er J Sunday with their parent-;. Hick But- l l e r and Oeorsre Miller returned to Fort i Wayne this morning a f t i - r a vUit o\er Sunday with their parents-. Mi«s Mabel Burns' w e n t to Fort Wavne Saturday " a f t e r n o o n for a vi-it w i t h her father. Thomas Burns, and other rekithe*. Mr. and Mr«. W. W. Stewart of Wren, 0.. went to Fort Wayne Satuutoy a f t e r noon to \ i s i t ' wiih Mr. and Mr*. Stewart V, brother, the Rev. .1. M. Stewart fin'! fa-'ilv. Piluffton \ e \ \ s : - - W . L. Wilson ami \v\-f J'.nd Mi. Stnekev and w i f e , of For 1 Wavne. motored here fror-i 1'Vrt \ \ n v i s o ^'"idv.- ;nri vi«ited wl'- ^'r. an) Mr 1 * Fir! White and otl'er f riend*. Mis- Helen « ; tmher. of Pert Wayne, is :i finest of Mi*. .[fine Opn«bv, of Sout! Johnson street, .licob Master-on spen* Sunday at I" 1 ""'* v\:\::- ; fie «uei -·' V*' d:MHiter. Mr*. William Kichey Mr«. Rosa C.aun*. of l-rt W?vne. went to Pennviilo Ill's morn'jifj to visit few 'ivs nt th" honi" of her parents BlufTton Banner:--Be*'i" Bo'ti'i aiv sisters. .-Mien" nr.d Nellie, retuvne. home to Frrt Wavne Sunt'av afternooi sifter «pr:ulin7 n frv f ' » v = in tho oiU u i t h B»n Bennett «nd fanvlv nnd othe relatives. Fred Wilhelm. of Fort Wayn was in the ritv ve-terdav visiting hi fninilv Mrs. W. R Rrown went t Fort Wavne t h i s morning to spend th dnv vUiMn" Mrs. 7,. B. Mcade. Mis Oeraldiae Vore and Mi-.s Clara Oephar of Tort Wavne. spent Kundav in t H rUv with the hitter's parents. Mr. an SYou don't -leefl ineilieine'. T.i.u ?:i and (.onsilpation will (lisauearquii-kly below. j-ien you quit using bread ami faubsti- /TUe the new, scientific appetizing and j? hole-some bran food--O-EAT-IT--for it. 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Please send me. by return mail, a largo trial package of O-EAT-IT, to prove what you claim for it is true. Name Street , City State Irs. Frank Vore. Mrs. K. S. Walmel cut to Fort Wayne this morning to ttend a dinner paity at the Anthony otel given by Mrs. Blaekston. Auburn Star: Mrs. Lewis Blaising ml little son of Fort Wayne, were Minda.v visitors at her parents, Mr. nd Mrs. I-. B. Crothers, of West Eleventh street. Columbia City Post:--Mibs Sjlvia \arus, of Fort Wayne, is visiting in his city w i t h friend-;. Lewis Bolerjack uid family, of Foil Wayne, spent Monlay in this city with Mr. and Mrs. VilliHin Pauline and Ella Droves of I'arkston, South Dakota, spent Sunday in Fort Wavne \\ith their unit, Mrs. William Strauss, and they irrived here Sunday evening to be the nests of Mrs. Kl!a Malone. Huntington Herald: -- Miss Ksther Stephens, of Leavenworth, Kas., and Miss Evelyn Geller, of Fort Wayne, are p u e f t s of Mr, ami Mrs. Klmer Miller for few weeks. Mr and Mrs. C. F. Bash, of Fort Wayne, are spending a few days n the t i t y with Mr. and Mrs. Hale Bradley. Plymouth Democrat: -- Mrs. Fred Bleiick, of Fort Wayne, spent Sunday w i t h Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Quinn. Mr. uid Mrs. Lew KHinghani were in Plym- o u t h a short time Monday en route from Culver, where they had been sojourning for a few days, to their home in Fort Wavne. Mr. Kllinghain is the publisher of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. Warsaw Union: - Miss Ruth Ilartman, who has been spending a few daya with William Peyer nnd family, of Winoiia, returned to her home in Fort Wayne on Monday. Albion Democrat: -- Fdwiu Malony and Miss Lera Shew spent Saturday and Sundav with the former's sister, Mrs. W. T. Jopp, and husband, of Fort Wavne. Moutpelier Herald:--John Pheller returned to Fort Wayne Monday morninj!, where be i= employed, after spendiusr Sunday in this city with his family. The Progressive Store. As the closing days of our great July sale draw near. 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Real Estate Men Want Cooperation of City, School and Park Boards. --Best Grades of Coal-COKE, CHARCOAL, WOOD AND : KINDLING AT Fort Wayne Coal Co. Phonos 1082 and 1905. WEIGHTS GUARANTEED Wm. Kaough Coal *3o. COAL, COKE, WOOD, EiC. Ytrdt at Lake Shore Tracks, We«t of Wells Streat. Phone 503 f, HAKD AND SOFT COAL Order* Filled Promptly. All Grades. Home Phone 136. Bell Phone 450. GEO. H. KBUDOP. v J. J. VOOES COAL CO. Phone 220SJ. Res. 1831 Green. Oorne* Jackson Street and Nickel Plate Railroad. SEED BEOS. COAL FEED CO. CORNER gXT i AND NORTH Phone 2374, tion Matters Taken Up in Convention. St. Louis, July 20.--An increase of nearly ten per cent, in Building and Loan associations assets in the past year was reported to the opening session here today ot the United States League of Local Building and Loan associations by II. F. Cellaring, Cincinnati, secretary of the organization. The convention will last two days. Secretary Cellarius also showed decided increases in memberships in the various locals, his report, in part, being as follows: j "The popularity and growth of the local building and loan associations of tho United States continues on the increase, as is indicated by the statistics for the last year. There are now in the United States 6,806 associations, with a total membership of 3,334,89!), and assets amounting to $1,484,205,875. This is an increase in assets for the year of $120.407,075, or 9.3 per cent. The membership increase for the same period was 230,964, or a little more than seven per cent. "The onward movement has been most marked in the last decade, during which period these associations have more than doubled their assets and nearly doubled their membership. In 1906 the total assets of the local sociations were §673,129,198, and the total membership was 1,609.714, an increase in as?ets in ten years of $811,070,677 and in membership 1,635,185. "No class of financial institutions anywhere is contributing ?o largely to 'the material welfare of the wage-earn ers of this country as nre the building and loan associations in the work which they nre now carrying on so quietly and unostentatiously, that the. general public has but a slight conception of the magnitude of their operations. They are meeting an actual want in a spirit of co-operative helpfulness by providing a sale means of investment foi small savings and employing these sums for home building and home owning purposes. "Ohio shows the largest increase ii; assets for the year, gaining $22,175,82!? followed by Pennsylvania, whose- in crease is S21.803,720. Other increases for the year are: New Jersey, $11,298. 097; Massachusetts, $10.761,818: Illin ois. $7,81«,323: Indiana, 87.2r1.531: Iowa, $5,l. r )0,507: Nebraska, $4,522,457 and New York, $3,043,150. The average amount due each mem ber is $44..05 as against $437.41, tin amount shown last year. In addition lo the secretary's rcpor there were reports from Herbert W Pinkhani, Quincy, Mass., president o the league, and Joseph K. Gamble, Phil adelphia, treasurer. The afternoon program calls for discussion of eo-operative banks by P H. O'Conor, Poabody, Mass., and o rural credits led by J. Vincent Robert' North Yakima, Wash., and T. B. Browr Topcka, Kansas. A resolution was passed Tuesday night at tho regular meeting of the Kort Wayno Real Estate exchange indorsing the work of Mrs. Josephine L. Netibitt, who has been in chargu of Fort Wayne's city health and beautification campaign, and the board of health, park commissioners and school board were asked to co-operate with the realty exchange in hiring an expert to continue the work started during the last three months. W. If. Ingham presented the resolution prepared by the public enterprise committee of the realty exchange. For the Hospital. The Fort Wayne. Kcal Estate ex change also put itself on record favoring an anti-tuberculosis hospital at Fort Recovery and a committee consisting of Lee J. Ninde, Albert Schaaf and Charles Nolan was appointed to confer with Dr. Erie Crull, health officer, and those active in the fight against tuberculosis. Took Adjournment. The members of the exchange took adjournment Tuesday night until September. The annual picnic of the exchange wili be held Sept. -1 (Labor day). This picnic «ill mark the first meeting fol- wing an adjournment. A meeting of ic board of directors, however, will be eld this week on call of L. H. Moore, resident. PAULDING NEWS. Australia has proibitcd the importa lion of jewelry. Misses Bertha and Florence Oirard cnt to Findlay, Friday, for a.visit with riends. Mrs. Ray Klinglcr and little son went 0 Columbus, Sunday, to spend a few ays with the husband and father at :amp WilliH. They will also visit rela- ives in the city. Ben Moore, the clerk at Burgner's "Nothing store, is spending his vacation t Cedar Point and with relatives at ilarion this ueek. Miss Ixiis Oiirkce, of Beaver Dam pent Sunday with Txiatha Barnes at he country home east of Pauldhig. Miss Ivc'ssa Masters and mother, of \nlwerp, come to Paulding, Friday, for 1 few weeks' visit with the families of 0. K. Lcinard and G. K. Coons. While playing about the house, beinp milt by Jennings on Kast Caroline treet, Gencvcvo Ruff fell from a raftei nd broke her left arm. Miss Lucilo Bell returned to her home it Muncie, Ind.. Tuesday after a short isit with her grandmother, Mrs. Johi Diu-kwall. Her sister, Miss Helen, will emain for a few weeks. Mr. and Mr?. Clyde Klingler, of Hudson, Mich., spent "Sunday with Frank ^mith and family. Mr. Klingler returned (o hi., \voik at Hudson, while Mrs. Klingler went from here to Toledo to visit lier sister, Minnie lladley. Roy Bailoy, Vina Newman and tho hitter's mother, Mrs. Alvin Carr, and children, motored to Delta, Sunday, ami spent the day with relatives and friemU. Ernest Huffman and family and Ross Huffman and family went to Benton Ridge, Friday, for a visit with their father before' they return to their home ut Chicago. Mis. Noia Chatterton, who is making her home with her father at Antwerp, spent Monday in Paulding. Miss R u t h Helms, daughter of Rev. Helms, of the Broadway Methodist church, Toledo, is spending a few days in Paulding the guest of her sister, Miss Koneta. Ralph Griibb arrived in Paulding, Monday, from Dallas, Tex. He has been in Texas with his parents for_ several years, but expects to make his homo here for the next three years. Mrs. Michael and son Richard went to Fostoria, Friday, to be with Mrs. Michael's mother, who was overcome with heat. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Smith spent Sun- ay at Manitou Beach with friends. Misses Violet Ramshaw and Rhea Dais spent Sunday w i t h the latter's sister, iiss Bess, who recently underwent a mstoid operation at Vort Whyiie. Miss Martha Buck went to Hicksville, londay, for a three weeks' visit with er uncle, Ford Buck, and wife. Ralph Reed, who has been in Canada ince. early spring, returned homo Fri- ay. John Jenkins, wife and son Ora, Virgil enkins and wife and Rus?ell Watkins, if Lima, motored to Paulding, Saturday, nd spent the evening with friends here. Miss Mae Cramer spent* Saturday with Ur. and Mrs. Frank Martin at Cecil. The hree enjoyed a picnic on the Maumcf iver Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harl Savage and Mr. and Mrs. C'arroll Spring motored to James ,ake, Ind.. and spent Sunday. Mrs, Jeff Spriggs, of Malkle, Ind., and Mrs. Robert McMuccn and two daughters, of Pirn, Cal., are. guests of Mr. uid Mrs. F. P. Spriggs. Mrs. McMullcn s a sister of Mrs. Spriggs. 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Intl., July republican 20.--James Thief Snatches Gems While Confederates Prevent Chase. Indianapolis. Ind., July 26.--The police are investigating the thoft of a bag of jewels valued at $500, which, when jolted from an automobile on the K.' street hero, were grabbed by a thief, candidate for United States senator, was the principal speaker, Tuesday, at tho home- Doming and centennial celebration bo- who disappeared. Mrs. Clyde Bendum and Miss Ella "\Voerner, both of Muncie, who were in tne machine, were prevented from giving chase to the ing held iu this city this week. Mr. I thief by two men, who, tho women say, "Watson devoted much of his address climbed onto the running- hoard and The cuspidor Is ono of tho wors 1 breeding places for disease germs, anc neglect to keep It sanitary Is really a crime. "Washing is not sufficient Many use carbolic acid In cuspidors but It leaves an odor and Is dangerous to handle. Zon«te has double the germ- klllingr power, leaves no odor. Is nonpoisonous, and Is so perfectly safe tha a child can use It There are 100 vita uses In every homo for Zonltc, fully ex plained In illustrated booklet with each bottle. --- COMPAniSONS,---- Peroxide Is known to have no germt- cldal value; Carbolic neld Is poisonous and very dangerous; Creosote product* have an offensive taste and odor, besides many are poisonous. Zonite la more powerful than any of the above, yet has none of their dlsad- vaftages, 7onttc Is absolutely the most effective and practical antiseptic and disinfectant for household use, and has a wider scope of uses than ever before attained by any similar preparation. Zonlte has no equal as a deodorant. ·elntivcs at Spencerville. Alviu Carr has been in Jackson, Mich. :or several days. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Miller gave a six o'clock dinner Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. 0. K. Dickinson, former residents of Paulding, who arc now lo en ted in Dallas', Tex. Their guests were Mr. nnd Mrs. E. E. Sage. Mr. and Mrs A. X. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Buck Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Bashore nnd Mi and Mrs. Earl Jordan. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Fall and daugh lers Sarah and Mary Florence, spent Sunday at Manitou Beach. . Miss Hazel Roberts returned Sunday to Lakeside hospital, Cleveland, where she is in training. Misses .A^nes Wcimcr. Annabel! Moornhead, Ella. Barnes, Tva Hamper and Mclvin Moorehoad spent Sunday in .lackson. Ed Kopeboom. wife and daughter Charlotte went to Hudson. Mich., Sunday to visit Mrs. Roseboom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Oregg. Paul Lehman, of rhunibusco, Iml,, arrived in PanWing, Thursday, for n visit of some length with bis sister, Mrs. Clyde Shook. Mr. Shook's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I 1 '. M. Shook, of Sherwood, drove over .Sunday and spent the day. John Weimcr t,penl Sunday with friends at Cement City. to a. criticism of President Wilson's administration and especially to his Mexican policies. He also paid tribute to Theodore Roosevelt, whom he said "propounded a policy that should control UH in times like this." "Watchful waiting is not a policy," Mr. Watson declared. "It is simply the statement of a man who has no policy. If he liad a policy he would not need to watchfully wait, but he would enforce the policy." ALWAYS SATISFACTORY. People are always pleased with Chamberlain's Colic, Choleia and Diarrhoea Remedy. H. M. White, Turtle Bayou, Texas, writes, "We have been soiling Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar- rhoea Remedy for years and have not had one single complaint." Obtainable everywhere.--Advertisement. If you want a Housekeeping Outfit and we cannot show you that we can save you 25 per cent, upon it, we will not ask you to imy. Foster's, held them. Three persons have been arrested on suspicion by the, police. · ELECTRIC S E R V I C E The Fort Wayne Rendering Co. Under New Management --Automobile Service- within a Radius of Twenty Miles Daily Service for Collection of Hotel, Restaurant and Meat Market, Greases, Tallow, Bones and Garbage A Call Will Bring Us Promptly HOME PHONE We Furnish THE HOME on EASY Payments HOUSE FURNISHING CO. 0to»« only OIHXi SQUA.1FU north ra4 · FEW FFJBT ~-tflTMn±* TOANSnCR COJUOU* The white poplar has been used as a natural lightning rod. o Bon-Poisonous Antiseptic, Oormloide, Olslnfsottnt, end Deoder*nt Zonfte is the most economical product The annual White Dress Parade will be held at Robison park, Wednesday, August 2. Tho line-up, four abreast, will begin at 2:30 p. in. Girls under 6 years of age should line up on the tower side of tho pavilion, while girls over f should line- up on the river side. As in all past parades, each girl will carry an American flag. As on Boys' day, the Traction company will carry all girls and zomte is tne most cconoimcai proauci ,, . ,- ' - - . i , ,,,, f'irla' ATM fnr f Its kind. 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