The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 5, 1881 · Page 1
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 1

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1881
Page 1
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1 w ciUe-ed u;-in a csreer o pros- -,, ! . . . , . · . Noru j entv. · . ie wif\cw*"» f c irtency rrorn or- Osio. . ' cu'atvo l-y i ·!« rjnrirm.1 .anxs anc i be en-orcec Oregon \vindit g u j of ban'*s in cuns'r uence wou £'in- ?eniS8y. v*a a evita y bring seii jus em Jarrassments anc cis- el!!?""* "^ SRt ~." · · · · · · · 2S»o« of Vend on ^he -S M)(£c KarlteV Jsc .31 i. · : " i 3.--"Jjdn the announce- ~Cr. Bfwirc Wttymper's Account or Hta £ jad vetoec the 'uncing oenv--30,0i0 Feet Above e»e Sea Level. a 'ai, (jo s-.oci market, which previous.*,aac g jeeft^ure buoyant, fe^-oi' to ?rom the Pall Mall «a«tte, Feb. ,. beirnr *.ime, a heavy rain in an'd the roads were T«vo hundred thousand dollars nrigh.t turn .upon .a single minu:e. 7ry hac just three hours and thirty minutes in which to win. This was the anish o'.irae longest *?/"*^ .jr;;o:nec.- 3:.: merce. I F tie present evident and admirable Vermont .". .: system o : banking is oroken down, it wl'.. Xl*^ lm 5 ··· . . . , . . . . * . "O, e .. . v i WestVir^nia , * DC fo_owec by a recurrence to other and ,B'C- YV seonsin ^ rior rae L . aods of naming. Any measure look- SEC a. Tiat whenever a new state is acmiTec in£ to sue a arresu t wil. be a cisturjin^ element into the union tie represen'juivts assignee, it incur financi* system. It wi. cestroy the ' *--. ^ «-det :o the number,^, herein pro4 confidence anc surely cbect the growing pros-[ _ r , ..' perity o'ue country. BV.ievin jthai, themea*. a^Sonn,TM*" t^^m"^-^^ 1 ?"gwh. sewed with increased Iforce and -Ihe decline cu"cily recovered in near y every instance. The c,aouit.on8 a; this hoar are a: toe higher ; »uch*u to-ca«. aster u, the .umess of the country. Sanas o* Tennessee 7?..'.'.;!'.'. '"'"''J. !*!!.'"!'..!'!»e«*eon wai ho'wever, mWy temporary, "y r 4 rw arc wivm"^'in his ecture race, for the 1 argest stages, ever run in isiuc arc fsscntia instruments in moc«rn com- Texas..» , ;o ale before!. OBJ);she njwarcr movement was re- -».«·,,',. to iae mem'sers of the A tine ·America. Waen tie time tot ais arnva* - r .. .£=-:__.. . _ j .-,,,...^,. v a ^.««. - · · _ nMD»r TM-s in«-...w v.,/.» o,,; -1s» A** 1 ine r 1 u "s on'he ascents o r Chimborazo "anc was nearly up, at least five thousand ?eo- it'n him two ~** s - looci u ?° n i 3e river Qan ^« ^^ e? 65 turned toward the wooc s -"rom _w aich :JG Carrel and Louis Carrel, -rom t n e V u e '.iorse and its rider .shou'c^ emerge into she Townanche. T^e height ot Chim3orazo. °P en country m tae rear L o- .i.wooc--one which je ascended 5rst, was about 20.000 ^ leacistw- November last not necessan y connected win vie nadona. : sequent congress sha.. he e/«cter. b;r csancs aw, aad laat any re V unc:n» act wili com JO8ee , . ofv «*«»«»» territory, 'an i number of inhabitants anc a a,m.~S^ivan *eet, and up to that time no cne. so -ar as l 3OU1 * , . - , , - . . . . . n P 3 f hecouid earn, sac ascencet^ -uglier tnan r. ear 'rom 17,000 to 18,000 fee-. Me had to :ro vide his own 'ooc, about two tons o" the most tjorcab e condensed provisions bem^ sent out in tins for '.he expedition. His mi .e:'rom the finish, ^icc, tie*, went f watches! ' The time ^ was 3ut seven minutes remained! b ed multitude, "He comes! "je comes!' Tne nob e -irtle mare, Sy'-ti'i, of .iu .e Arthur, darts lue an , . . . .. . ., ., . ce.ea: its bwn ob ect,, t! :be na- ; -"-»C p c "a -»*·· -«r t"*^ ?· Wl*i^» in number to representatives to which each state ma^ he tiona. 3*nking system or impairs its use-'n-.ness, ; entiLed, in congress, no doKiict e.ectiry more and convinced that section 5 of the bil 1 before j * on* represejra-ive. me wou ,c:, i' it saou' d Become a aw, work EJ! jreat laarm, I icrewith return t je ii u to tje house o"' representatives : or that further consideration wiico is provided "or in th* consh- tution. [Signed,] IRUTHHRFORD 3. -^AYHS. SHERMAN'S LEAVE-TAKING. icoxm. o-"-.he sea; -.hey afterward ascencec to a TJC ^ains ane asses of several, states by the appor :ionmcnt hi i are as 'ol iows: GAINS Arkansas a Ca i'ornia , 2 Georgia i -j an jj no present 8 i»n. -uinois , ,.. t Iowa ,. i.' .-... -, ,, . ^ - aeigh*. os" 16,500'eet, where they o CHICAGO, Marca ?T T4e worst storm o- » · . , three wee ' s a n o the season ^raavestercay and sn.conunoes ?TM * ' . . * m- and bloc adinj a 1. Trains on nearly all. the roads have " :»r,c,:n,j upon the ferryboat witi five m i n - utes and a -'raction to spare. TH3 OB:G:SA:, o? SANA. 3 y meting seen sus ? ended tLl the storm ceases, of whicj unah e to satis-'y the craving fur drink. added, to whica -ie ,iac a oac and a gastin j whsn he was i he' became reeh'.e and -'everi'th and was The Serolaa of Sola'a Famous Noval and Flay Ctmsas Secretary Saerman too'* . eave this a tenacon -r Ta^. $%re«t. of a Nawa Kaporter. z, traveling o'. tae oncers and em ployes o: uc treasury ce- Massachusetts .... i .J: S*BW YORK, March 3.--Tae Commercial partment, who hac. assemb ed in his room,.in Michigan. .» ^L-etin's Snancia. ar.xae ; 0 '.'owing word's, in repy to an address 1 I K N \ K k , Yar.:'* 3 --S. W, 1 ·^xirtei lor n e N c w c , c.ieu nt at Assistant Secretary 3'renca: Yr Acting See- .r.j^ th's morning o" pneumonia, a rer a sjort re [ ir y Drench; Lacies and Gen:.emcn; j says; TM day : « ^ e n e c a: :he stoc'j exchange on 1 -i»-. he'unc in^ i« had passed : · Nebraska. i! am 1 .e ie't brre Saturday in gooc nea 11 Ja ve received t u s m a r k o ' your at?reciation North Carolina. * - · r* * :h more emotioa than usaal \-"TM ; Pennsv vanta i .ee. we jave servte. toi«^er cur- South'Carolina I s c anc xincncss will me. Washington \\ . t h r n i ng OF :HK VUNDISG BU.I.. N , ^ aicb ;,.-- The fol'o " the rresiilent Vft.jin,.' I \:'£ IS ( u n r - i n g t h c "our years important anc exacting .a- ors durmg that time. 1 have no cou it that ;n my intercourse wiu you I have not a.ways seen w a n t you ,iere certi'y. I jave been,I have no c o u j t , often ^abrupt, impatien: and perhaps lave not aettt c ^servant o' a"» the courtesies exas licuic. Jncer ; tiese circumstances -ie used with great benetit chlorate o: potash, which he -iad qbtained by the advice o: lir. ICarcet before siartin^. The camp was near a rock of trachyte, which rose to je news about 18.800 feet, ^aere being on east house in·' o*" the ridge a conspicuous Racier, e n t i r e l y -ecbythe ice wiich "ell "rom above. s ' When they occtnieda newcampinp^ .ice, .jen tie news _ a ^ QU .; I7iiOO - ee thijh, his lieaUh imorovet'.. 1 came that the treasury wi^ buy, supposec at Qn the 2d o- January, 1880, an attempt market price,'we miuion co'i'ars o: ive and was made to reach the summit, btit owin^ . . six er cent bonds Wecneidav. This siren ;-h- to an intensely co.d wind they were obliged rna ^ 3 the same form that it came made stocts weax. from ; IB senate. Virginia ................. I .............. i , as cic a! so .a".er t ae ·I.- news "O 'O ..1C Camp. Psn« L - t . e r to N « w York Time*. · Who was who was tie ongin.!. n'" M Zo'.a's h e r o i n e ? -Y. Zola's -riend:* and admirers w r l proaab'y assert t.iat jhe is t'.ie irjcarnation of a class o; which t i e _ ty^c is a cteation of N'. Zola's genius, i. presume to ci.Ter wit.i this opinion, oe- "\tvir.g that when he wrote bis novel, the i n d i v i d u a l whom he took as a model was t h e once *amous 3.ancne cl'Aniijjny. r o r trn years t i i s beautifu. deiniinonda.Ke Hslonishec all Zurope wi'.i her prodigali- ties. At Bucharest sie was on the eve cf Gree.-c archbishop; at St. ?etarsjurg the srravest o r statesmen coni- » taAmuiM · CUCL. , JC IlllUCi, O» WIU. A. av .aCl IUC IIVW9 -- - - j . l( n West Virginia t lha: , he ^iden: had vetoed tae re'uncin* encouraged by fine weataer a^d co t s -- - . * ous sunsnme, t^ev mace ano.aer attempt. ooser dedii;ai 29 · · .-Tavin^ at .ast reaciec w^at seemed to DC, . vv: est j e _. tie ceciaion of the top, about_3^.5 in tie a-ternoon, they ^ or ^ _··«·«. .*.« £ak*«.B^ '«.«k^ fr^*^ *vk^«*rfi ^s*4**ijin r+*- ^n/m T "-Ht3f it* 1X7^ ^ "Tota.. A-.erw.-.rr, ( m j t t e c a i" sorts " c - O l-lies ror ijer sake; on ous sunshine, they mace another attempt. ^^ dedicated to her a wa,tt,lLa LOSSES. Lauer in the a 'ternoon came 3 JLCiford re 'usieg to £rant an in'unc- hac the mortLication o- finding that it was and iinane«ses t lat men observe in Ueir inter- N'ew ··'iunpshire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . " I lion to restrain the Western 'Jnion Telegraph \ower'.han anoUer e.eyation. Taerewas * " ~ ·***·· ·**% *^ -^ -r\i* 1- r\n* frt mzt,ff* ~ A f t T/* Vo the h.!U?e ··· consul-red the 'ail t n e Ini entilietl an act to ' » c : . i t a t e f t h ^ iiBtion: 1 .!. (ie'.it, '. an con- t · r e t u r n i . in the hou-.c ol :rprc--.ffnta- w h i c r j i ! .iriui^ated, widi li:c i'.i'i atats-iner.t of rriy o; (.-Qtions to v.. (u-a^c. pera:iv.- necej.-i'uy i"f p r t u n ; ' ; nc-! 01 BIK! r«res- · u r - - i I ' . i ' - i i - ' ^ : x - - i n t h i Ll"i"K week cf P.I fli nir i f r e l r a i n Irom :· ,i f u 1 ail', sa'isf K t ' r y . l - i - c i i r. · t' 1 ( 'i- hill. The i-\.i^f .1' she se^^i^Il M·'.:. i u ; . i - ; i r p fi-r r. a! r' I-..-C m t - M r n course wit i eac i otjer. Sti. we hi ve xen e!i,gaged in tie per : ormance o great and ira, por'ant uti«^i v, icrc cecision wa^ necessarV anu :inm:'ne»s inois^ensaa e. Now in .eavin; , _. fc .osts 3; net gain, i;. you to 'je irins errec to anotaer n j i e r e o f f uty ' * oses none, . lee. . lave no enemy jere . wisi ;o punisb, but that a 1 are ."ricncs waom 1 wou'c be to reward. Most of you jave aeen here ., many o" you are ii t. ibe . - ) U 3 i c service. 1.'ie hear, o Vermont i Tola : By this apportionment t ie north The south ^ains consolation. TJC news tiat wict had so far mociiec -ae recent i CAMINKT RUMORS. strength to te^api Moc M , anc the resu t or' *« norfjgast and driving the snow before ,, * * . . . . . i t , anc uey were a . co.d. w e t anc .ninety, a., was a genera, nse in stocks, ranging .rom was ia. to sea so 'o rr.:. or- '' fun lint; mi'.uie, i - t;' ur ;e . i i i . » n t . . - t o r - ' n t y o l' mciii-. n" i'riC l - . ' l diner rrif.i^n'o ICPC !hr p r c ^ e i i . \V in my a u t i i -rn · li.c ·* t h e i c ..; \xliich is about to :/.'.-!. I t h- - l-.rcn !w t h e m.iy c lange; may come anc go; anc,. yet there are men whom ~ now ailr ress w i o c o u l r not e sparer!. ' rom tae ;uh,ic service .me rom this (. epartmetit »s i c a r i y a.* any s e c r e t a r y who mi^ it he numec. Vour cu- Ucs arc extreme y important. Tae safety ,o' ·u ».ic m j n c » anr pu" ic interests a" de-ienrl y .-.:· 1 i t in-.' j ' . ' t Biinu?.: u;-on ihc exactness w i l l w i i c i accounts are .'.':\- j-ccir.ii 1 ;. ·' ·· il, :'- w!i j '*ej»', and the various i ; u.ies o' fuhorftinates · in ne ^ M i d i a ! ni'.cic.-t | ar; olmrvct". ar.i xr'ormec. Without tie r.n:. 1 cArnr.s'ly rccom- signr.lure ol many o' you 1 si^n no '.apers o' , liiat n.n- importance. Tic grcn Docy o I'w ( uties o. r optet he- , ttiis le )artrnent are jerorraec ay you; it is on. y icrc nnc tjerc when new ruestions arise, or 10 wise i') i where important DO tcie* ar - to IHT ursuec Commercia. says ; Zverytaing is at s^g, ^^ acvancec ., « t ie nake u o 11 ie ca sinet is con- Tje ^^^ ^ ^g cernerl. lieyor.d 3 aine notiin^ c ecicec.y is abottt s ,S 1 ooo',ooo o! settled and even be is not a ixed fact.' The _awu. cays ias money places. *iere jy the oanxs jjivinj u s note circulation. gave a Afi^'at at tie summit of Chimsorp,- zo ot 2Q,s^S reet.' They descencer. as '·astily as they cou'c to the camp before carjcnessl, made cescent jmpossi le, anrl thev got act ai 9 p. m , h a v m p been ;v-,t . :rp-se iion i' woii 1 i ^ry "I t h e i ·. t a- i« i h c |.'.i(''ic Ivn f in nii licraiog " M ' u t i o i i a l Ir-.vr; of the treasury sei "orms ~ii important .'uoclinn*. \'iu ^ave the custody ano cotitni of uie co ection anc. ciftiurercent ruy tlu'v' ti iiitooos'- fny o ' p u t i i i c Trvenur?; upon your iucgm^nt a" ac- u I pa-Siage of t ic counts ate, .'lassec; upon '/our Ace iiy a pub'ic :i"l re uiuling, present J i l l '' lt i ' 1 - ' " ' i^'Htain in its n l t n s e c - tuotiry is orcservcc, anc tacretore to you, more lion -ru»isi(i'.^ in rny judgment seiious.y t^aj, i o m e properly comes the crecit v' the imipair its va!ae auvd tend to lie destructim of performance o- Ue duties of Uis department. net le r ore coming to tie caii-Al anc -.he coun T» it ''ike'y to 'e duaTpointeci jy his want o* decision o" ciaractnr anc -irmnts*. It is verj' couot "u i ' the Mesir ent wil. Sen:, tae names of :IIB c^oiuet to tie senate to-morrow 'or con- ^rmition. "\is .»ck o r tnowlec^e o~" men and j! his cesirc to conci.iate 'ac'io^s has carriec him into a whir!poo 'rom wjich Je ini x it circuit to icacb solid ^roanc. I t is now saic Oaifte c has taken .ie ait in bis teeth and .las aamec Wayne MadVeajh 'or attorney jeneral anc Liat 'he jasj accepted. This is cone in opposition to he united sen'.i- m-;nt o r the ?ennsjlvama cee^a Jon. l-AST DAYS OF THB ADMINI5TRA1ION. A ssecia'i cabinet meeting was lelc to cay, tje ast o r tbe prtsent acministraticm. It was . times as high as 18,500. and ·, . a stringent .oan market, anc tae ruestion is |ed ^ mountain a - trace of mr,u,r. - i n aow to ?etit out. A report was current laat sicknessJjac; disappeared. Mr. \ V i y m p e r also desOribed tie ascent of Coro^-ixi, .inii said that;it was impossible to corceive a more crama.ic soectac.e t b a n that vist tae treasurer wou d pay to jans w.iica aave jjiven up their circulation toe lawful money which they /sac i eposita. to refleem t.ieir notes. cra-er presented, iJuminatec ns it was ht-- ow wi:^ ruccy suhterraneAU fires and Later it was oncia'-ly announcec taat je will above 355 a bri liant moon. The return jreenbac*s to those banks which may it was 19,550 feet, and the camp was j - o aave cepositec them,proticed Lie soncls whicj ""*«* below. They remained there t w e n t y secured their circu ation stil'. remain on ce- posit, and none of the circulation o" the bank aas aeen receemec 'torn ceposit. He declines, -Ojv. ",'aey six consecutive hours. 1-ie a so 0c?ri: iec a second ascent which he nip.ce at Ch'ni- Dorazo niear y .ive months iater, and the ici^h;, a(B tested in the same manner as however,to surrender green jacks upon recexs oe'ore, was in this instance a 'ound to-be in^ o: x»ncs. '.: tve per cent, bonds are, 20,^89-'etet. being y"ty-six reet less t.ian on a^ain ceposiied new certirjcates must be issuec. I ' money cannot ie got into tie bans in this wav the present i;Midna banking system o r ue : am than.f'u , wiuout any oss, without any c'fvoted princip«.ir to the . consideration o ' n n - t icir on,y o^her waf is to .my aonds at market cjur.iry. '."an sys-em has now been in optri- ;r*ve violation o." ruty, uat you, anc perhaps inuhec ousiness. A num j»r o," parcons were pr'ce to the extent o r pi2,OOO,OOO. Tais wou d St. "oieph Kews. orevsous occasion, mean heigit 3 the two einj 20.517 -eet. ; ASaco Across tne Pialas. ·iun alm^ ; tweri'y' years. No sa or nor more hcuthcU banking" system was ever eJtia.isbcc. us advantages a* a r,usimss are 'ree to all 'nave tbe necessary capua 1 . Hi jas tutnbheil a s our · ave per orme to \\: best o r our and wita satis actory success. Our country is ' srisicent and Mrs. Irayes. now prosperous, "our years ago her anancia duty signed this a-:«noon. A., o the family bave restore :he anxs to the condition .jev were in n 1 St. was fie western ter- a',ilitv, vacated ibe executive mansion exceotm* the ten days ago, or before the senate jassec he TM«u* o-^ai.roac communication. revonc '· 'ausidentanc Mrs. Irayes. Tjey remain -£. re'andiair hi - tSe treasure M vs more -han tj « Sta 2 e i,f oac '' JC sauc e d0rse a . nc M e ^, . . . . _ . . r e u n e - i n s 0 1 ··· - tae treasury soys more jan ox trams i^vere on y means o; com- to morrow, .he V«ecutive aepartments c.osec j5, 2f ooo;ooo, then the amount je^ond wil merce anfc communication w i t h the ^ock v c-irrency to the puMic w a i c i -"or the convtni- condition was one o" 3.oom and cesponcency. ear y :o-cay. .No Business a :er 12 o'clock in make the banks Moportiotate y better o^ :oan (fVloun^aiiiis anc the S ope. ."n i n e t nee and security «; 0 - e b i L Jo t e r h a a w . M - We bunc our paper money 3elow" par; we tJe war'and navy deparmente. " ~ : - -' --*-»*- -' "' - ' v biy never been erual ec by thai o any otaer .O unc the pub.ic credit impairec in a . tie mar banking systtm. Its notes are secured Dy c e- kets o: tae world. Jy your agency and by a jositi w i t i t ic government o' interest rearing, ravorai.e course o' events.anc more Lian a'l ay a j n c s o ' t h e Jnite'c. States. The section o" the ;en cays and 7».erraph Deo'.s.on. the xessng of Divine ?rovicence, we now nnd ai'.l be !ote me w Sic a re ates to 11« nationa aau t- -pubiic credit unexannp! eoi among the nations o' ing system and to w lie i r»ject.on is mids is tae word. We 5nd pub ic money at par will no' an essetia. ..tut o' a re'unding measure. YORK, ^arck whuer' offi860 there was a Wall streert ^y at Washington trying to get $5 ooo coo 'or carrying the mails over and one year Detween "ew York and San The trot)ibsition was extreme y "cieeky," com- IReine at ?aris, whether' she were absent, the newspapers were fii.ed wit.i Braises o; her cnarms; so that she won an amount o: popu.ariy not often acquired ay even real talent. She, too, was born in h u m b ' e .i'e; a worthy village priest adopted 'rom charity the' home'ess orphan, pnvs: the first eleir.ent. oi r i i - ucation, anc then s ot ' ier admitted to tae fas'nionab.e Convent des Oiseaux, where .t.iis education was completed. Tpence she passed, .as cashier, into la File ase, a w e . ' - k n o w n shoo in tbe Hue du 3ac, n o r far 'rom the 3on Marche, and taer.ce, via Russia, into tie clenii-monde, where she a'atieiired one cay covered with rubies and d i a m o n d s . She was lo 3S seen every- w h e r e -- i c t'.ie Bois, at a'.. Ue firs' re " r e - fa-it son as ner _ .auc ner debut. She ' no talent; she coulc neit ier sinr; well nor ~.ay ^e 1, but every one \vp.s f o n d c * " ."e 1 -, her rriencs worec so d i l i g e n t l y oat the gcgos accepted her as an artist. Tie Jaiais Koyu , the r'oiies Dramatic ues, the M e n u s :'i.iisirs, were in t u r n witnesses of her su'c- cetses in the C'naieau a Tcto, Le5 JtCem- oi-es ce M i m i ce 'Jamboche, l^e 1'etit r ' a u ^ f , L' Creve, I-n Joite ce r'ancore and Chilperic. At heart Blanche was not a D,ia sort; s i e s p e r . t money lixe iv^.ter, but n e v e r ruined a n y one, except hersel, w i t t i n g ' y ; charitable, wnaal, i: e x t r a v a - g a n t ; acored 3y t i e poor, to whom she a . w a y s ie'"t some or" her muni'i- cencc. In t i e court yard o" Lie Golcen Chariot hotel at Forbach therestii r e m a i n s an inscription scratcied with a knife 0:1 · t i e wa'. : "3 a n c i e d'Antigny, 21 "uil et, 1860," which tae '.andiOrfl preserves with j e a l o u s care, as lie m a i n t a i n s that _ier warm r e c o m m e n d a t i o n o r his -establishment was tbe cause o-' its prosperity, and h u n c t i b a r . k e d host er w i . te.. y o u , w i t h tears of gratitude in his eves, that Lie :\rst .ouis be ever owned vvas given to him oy t n e actress, who wanted to "rub his h u m o -"or u c " o n ner dramatic tour tJrou.gj Germany. It was on her return :"rom this excursion that hapyenea an adventure :yoica. o~ her character. She was in a carriage with two staid dowagers o:" the ', H 'Jnder this it is obvious no acQitional tianks wil. jerea.'ter he cr^am/ecl, except possialy in a 'em cities or Icc^'.iues w.iere tie rates o ' interest in ordinary :*isiness tremeiy .ow. No lew b a n t can and txe increase v · 1^, and sa"« in the custody o' the treasurer and his subordinates. We hnd accounting o3- cers pursuinj; their cuties even.y and exact-y Stiver bars, 113. Koney, easy, 2©3. Governments sttonj. Stocks c osec strong. ih* cuotations:-- 'EW YORK, J£arch 3.--Judge in -.lie Tru:ec States circuit cour; detec a cecision in suits broqgit .. T . . ., ., .. . - .. ,, noD/o 1-hubouig. A conversation bezan, W !.- r f,TM5- I:" 58 !'.'.'.?.*: f'5-. :y - SfCre " and Blanche.profiting by her rednec train- J ° yC( rCS ° Ved tO ' ve . . o :ertc to aet Jzoo.oex) t lat ;ie cou c: 3U « . t v * - »·--.- - - ' - · - -- . -- : , ~ ~ r -- / i e i n ^ at. the Otseaux, so caarmec her coin- l°^A!!P.-fl ! n ° Wer ' 0aU : - * 1S tM .TM ° re P i n i o n s that tney expressed hopes of a nion anc ouer te.egrai.3 companies '. wi-1 3e g*c to sjate janes wita o' existing jan is can cryou a.-. Wel's,?ar|i[0 v . N.Y. Centra 11.7jtf S«aoTonne... APiXJR TtONMttNT. be oatiinec. except by i:ie iuroba?e anc deposit any who desire to co so. · t 3 per cent. t'nip. N'o oi'ner joncs of'the Sherman was very muca arcctec and his Unite-l States can ie u^ed 'or this purpose, eoncludin j remarks were jroken and at times TJC one thousand ni i t n - ' o " t t a e r joncs re- almost inaurib.e. if.any ojcers w.ta whom c c n t l y Uiii-i' by t a - So""itec Stiles, and j^ar- Sjerman has been inlimate'y associated were |"g a h i g i i t r ;ate i iui.ereitt.iau the 5 per deep y a" 1 ..c.U , u;id, :nercu,re, ^;'.'.er feouiity or 1,11 hoiocr, cTiinot -illier Ue first o. r ly i.e rcceivea SH t e c n i t y ^r bank cucu'atipu. Tats r. a ir.'lica' c u n j e in bank ng. It ta^es from -janks r.e right taey have hereto "ore $ad under the law to pu-chase and ceposit as se:u- fte ,o[offing cemocrata votec in the aSrma- tbe amount o' reaiy menev on :he. street «o riiy f o r t ^ e i r circuJa.ion any o Mae. hones is- ^ ^^^ 3iwne L , C O=-fO: 3 , 7,1 :on, Cab'e company and the Trtnch Cable company 1 on a miil line *~rom Sacramento to, St i :o restrain tbe conio'icaion of the Western "oseph t.-4t shou.d make the distance-day?. Tie ~et V.MS 5xpc uoon a; Kusse,! told Tiana^'^r o' A. 3V.ii.-r. o- them, UTon anything what he iac cone, and asked if he could i»id UD to this 'cate, ^rformihe feat. Mr. Miller replied: ir « m ;«^r ,s-.. ,,,: ·"Yes.sirj _ w ^ c o i l , a n £ d o i t o y a _ D o n y to eit ier o. ;liat has been said any re'ic' on their amcncec ail.s, express. BajK«ra on ·· Veto NEW YORK, Yarch j.--Tje veto is we have hac' every reason to expect. .: can make no ^rea: over anc: con'.muance o~ ineir accuamtance wit.i nis interesting w i d o w who had thus ed their sympathies. At the rrontier. nowever, a change came over the spirit ol t h e i r cream; the Custom-house oncers cruce or, cr tossed a'DOUt her c'othes irreverently, and in a rage she shouted r'rom her sc-it, "uous ne pnnrricz fas all cr plus douccwent. tzs depigneufs .'" 1 need scarce.y the rest of t i e ^ , , - . , - -'outney was passed in silence. .0 accompcisa tiis Mr. Mi !er 31ancie's ending, -ike Xana's was a sac ne an order to restrain the Wes:ern Tnion Tele- ,urchaset 300 o' the'-eetest horses grapa company viol a.: njanyconci ions ofcajle could ncd in the wesc and emp oyec 125 one; hearoroken by the deata o' actar contract, mac. e with Lse two land companies to men. A g a t y o- these men were to be Luce, discouraged by a cabal o; laltans whlc i it now succeeds. ?ost riders. Toese he selected with re "er- at A.exancria, sae fel. ill, and so soon as j '.o'lheir li^ht weight and their known -'aris earned her canger, l j aris -'orgot her ma Jy a^rcec to; yeas i'" 6 ^** in '^ ^* ets J : ^ c -?"y e?ect is repotted as having rulec nutnjer ^19 was 136, nays 12 j. Tae resu.t was receivecwi:h some applause on the republican sice, ittllin^- er was tie on y re^u 3 ican t iat voted no, while by banks to cover circulation, anc w','1 increase ? ^e the, consoliction. cannz courage- It was very essen- existence. Only a few "Tiencs staid by ca. theratero' twenty miles an hour; The ties as crowded to tlie sale o' her effects, T-iere was nothing of great value to be o , near.y a. . jer .!· ewelrv hac jorses were stationec. *rom ten to twenty miles a|»art, and each ricer would be re" v t e rniter States and f'eorives he """" ^""' ~ . -- '«-, ·. I see no zooc. reason w r r je, L. should j« -- · - quired, tf rice sixty mLes. 7or the qliange disatjoeaied already, but al. the women suu y · . , · _ , ' -i-»-·"-chens, Richardson, ;SC] ^Bn,-;?*;. vctoec, sai/?isk,o" J-si. Hatca. T^ere Si ver was c uoted in Lorn on yesterday a: o'an'rna-S anc tae s ii'Jting of tae mails wantec some re,«c o- her wao wou.c no hi I h o c e r s . i f i he i**t secuntj wji.cjiae , T U man, (Wis; and Wri^jt. Cox t.ien stated was every pro whtiw o r Its success when put In 5*^; eoasols^$;^; new 5's, loyvg; Erie, $bj£. two miimtes were avowed. Where there -on^er be a r i v a , anc tae ziddin;j reached avt a c to honi s 'nyi.'! 5,ne by the jovernnent of trc Iiy (equiring ibem to ce',X)sit nc lei.-u va'ue o' any boncis;is- T'e average rat^ o" f ca t t a ' , em ^ loye.i'. in banking is more t j a u c.mble t i c rare o" laxatron upon capita^ erap oyec in (Hier legitimate ausiness. he intended to a sice iy the wil o-' the ma'ori- ty, and thouga he woul d vote against 'he bil' he wou d per "orm his dutv and present it in proper sjase. Tbe bi. taen iassiec; yeas 1^5; nays 113, and provides as -'ol ow« SECTION i. Tiat 'rom and a ier Marcn MC, ooeration, and i;.e -"ear o r ia .-'a' ire except -. . -,n i ie mines oft lose wjowere anxious to see *' eM _ m ^ _,... , rn it ai . It wil. oe Setter usec as a ^ * ummrt WWC 35 °' lever to biin^ about an extra session wuun w iic.i was wu, congress, je out o' ot else .be pocxe- some mi. ions m way c/ interest jefore ihe »i .1 can are The executive he day,«yuration day these amend the banking 1^83, Ue house o r representatives com- ^ re 2 a - Ar ,aw so as to deprive tie pin^s of t ae ad-vanta^e posed o r 319 members, to e aproitionec ^ t^ttttSJnV anc of secuiinguicrnotes ,y fiemostva uab.e Wics among Ue severa, states as o,^ws: . . . ' · . m is.ueil -y tae jovermicnt wi.J, H 1=) ^e.'c-vec, in ' A aaama 5 a . ar-e .ail ol the c luntry M. a nrqbi^ Arwnsas l-ition of 1 ie or^anu ng o" new *ut*s auc p.e- c * J,^ 3 ' \\\\'\\\'\\ \ J vent the existing banks from entarjjing tt.eir Connecticut...... . . . . . . . . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . . '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .4. cs^i'al. *~ ae nation*' jaskirn; i system i" con- Delaware... I t ic nates -'-orica 2 were no-stage stations .at proper distances, -abu.ous proportions ovei a vase ia mas- tents sufacient to aplci one man anc two sive si.ver, on lae Dotiom o r jorses jwere provided. Indians would engraved. sometirtss give caase, hu: their cavuse " " e C u b i i " o c wii. ae c Okec to- ponies raade but sorry show in their stern 7" _ , L A v l-t J a «ja holic^y m chase after Y.i .es's tnQroughbreds, m a n y A J^A..\C-.^ of whic'^ could make a sing.e mi e in a Saini Petersaourg, 6 18 "unle, 1863." v U 3 «r . ~*'£t^Wy^\ m V t ** i \ ml * minu -M nd 5:-T Mconcs. r - Blanche's motto was: '»U Amour fait toreund w -^^ w . YpwCty^to: he ?ue I-oers-m- Arrangements oeing completed, a signai vivre." and it til .ed her. In my humble will cor. the ^ovenm»ea:the6-ereactibetween :hdr ^"""W' 6 w: i ?ie -^g^. . gun on ae steamer at Sacramento -jro- juijment H is in tbe re of this woman 3 and ? and 6 per cents. *or al 1 she 1 me from .On tjtxt George, New York, yesterday c aimacyje meridian o-Apn.S, i86o--the th.a: M. £ola has sought his prototype, as -·-···--'--·-----·-'-·--- aour-or! staring--waeri Borcei Rufian, he has borrowed, in matter o" i.jci- ^·*" ^i^w's private sadd.e horse, with cents; '"rom Leon Goz an, from the Me- passed a; the I'is'.r.c; of Co ambia. 3il.jr Baker in the sacc.e, "" ow . arc te roo: · 3 '" s °' o ' t ' . a t al. r.ili je a monox y ' . . _ * · · . . . - . ~ . - · a r e - c y «-a-eu in it w» may ht.Te ?^f - . - . l o we. « ! te v JO COKtBtte t» .rm 3«8e»; 8 ? a r e " { " c » ® . __uiois , 20 jearances. Wesba^havep.entyo · wncs seirin^ a mpre Znciana i~ " ' ' ' ii.tcrest tnau the three er Iowa ' 5 which refunding av^r. save been 3e^un. liighianc Grey, in three straight heats, won the Vice-President Tuorupson, tf die Chase BS- trwtlog maica' with Tien FrankJn. Time 2.15, aona sank, saic: "idonot th^nki Jasj-i wott-d 2.15,2.13^. r ! makeaireat dea. o'ci ~ercnce to ue cotUKr- A «-etfram'rom Cork savs tie aucjorines ' _ , _ -- , . .her thepre»cen:hwsorac4i v«3«L ^ have -ic$Hvc inrnrina-ion' that some 2000 «*-'^acc Jis ride o-twenty mues in-orty. Venice Preserved, in which the court 3ver"-Ja»n4 is boomai^ - aofr.'atiyhpw,, Tea ft »s are now" there ant secretcr ingis'go- wne mij»utes. Tae snows were ceea in the Ac uuena treats tae Senator Antonio «. * ._ _,,._-. _... . .. ^^ s;;a.tined comparison o- i£, jouncea away moirs c e Casanova, and especia_y for tbe the Sierra Xevadas, character o-" Count Muffat* from Ot way's tesan a ew · lo 6 ·avora.'ie rale ol cent bones. To present "urtier organizatkn ' f --IkWti H%r IWTF · * · ' | o' jannsis toput tn;'._eot»rcy the w me sjs^ro ^^ajiana ...\ ............'.' y twin i "rom it tha: lealure teat makes i:, « +'-·-- ,t ROW .s, a 3an«in2 fcy^;em free now. a. fjovih ;bere is EO . " · ^ ' . - ' . - ' , . mounalas, anc one rider was lost -or sev» , cisely as Xana treats era. luns-s in a snow storm; anc a-":er ;he acorer. I recommenc a . , · f, . . "· -- T j -- -- - f -V » r^a^t. u r .r.Survcr.,theAmencan, anc. t. Scott, Sa.:.^a3fe Valley was reaciec additional the two 'oooks to alt persons wio mav be f'wrk. a-, .-as ; the Sttafs^wartsman, wi J compc:e at Wes ,' S peec j^came rJcessarv :o reaci St. 'o- curious -o see -or themselves v ia- -aerhaDS 'S^^S^^^^^ 9 ^'-'^^^ 1'Von J«ona- wen:we. one of the mos: string 5rtSi3torf «. n ^ M ^ ^ ,ns.. ana asting .en tays. unu ei^?.atte w^s to as crossed- at Jules- naturalism is t Je -3- undering o^ -Je dead, ;£e house of commons j'estfiix,a7, ^urf- fle-river w j s u ^ i anclranning ra- . .- ^- ^-Mt.yr.sbifanwnt hewoalckeep l(L!y,bujthe ricert».ungec his jorse into A - f *,,,·,, ,,,, .,«, /- iv n ·' · Ztoe·.:fM^in^». ;sTMH-*n'««riV» ·M^aal.anlv b ft «.^ -« «^» «,, -x. ·. A rreig it tram on t je C it O roafi anc a ma.. Missouri............ Nebraska. . . . . . . . · · · ... which . *eV w v»e su ecte "a short I- camut

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