The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 12, 1903 · Page 6
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 6

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1903
Page 6
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THE CHBONICUC, WJCDNSS Ldte ties f .«*.-;··, San Franci** and return, July tcbjcive, at too- ths* aaK rate*, good IS- For apply to ticket write to A. J. Smith, G. WHAT HAPPEHBD WAS AWFUL Linves Chicago 10:30 p. m., Au- ·0B*t iTth» for San Francisco; $50.00 I* »W/' : *be round trip, Chicago to Los and San Francisco. Corre- tingly low rates from other Three trains daily through to the coast -without change. Daily ·»«'«orta!!y conducted tourist : excursion^. Write for itinerary, ahwtrated folder and full particu- Mrs. - 19-31 A. F. CLEVELAND 334 Superior Street. Cleveland, O. which is aa aat Infliction upon other*. Doat Insist «poa one's aeviag a too* owl hetplag. Take It for greate* that your gaiet* kaow their ia fact, ah* i* not a dMUeat ealM aa* woeJd he apt to accept or am* If *a* waat*4 It Bea't eatertaia yo«ir fri*a4 wita ta* price of too marketing, aa* ona't ten her. ·tanee, that the charlottes caata apiece, or that yoa had 17 ceata a pound for the Your Summer Vacation. As a means of completing your ar- *angement for a summer vacation, ·send 4 cents;in postage to A. J. Smith, G. P. T. A., Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry.) Cleveland, O., for the following b^oks:--"Lake". Chautau- ^ua," "Quiet Summer Retreats," Priv- ilrges for Lake Shore Patrons" and "lake Shore Tours." o HEW COLORADO BOOK. While svreral a*w*pap*r m*n were In the office of Private Secretary Whit- aey awaitlag aew* of the post ostc* investigation th* other day, United States Marshal Thome* B. Reid, of Milwaak**, who is aa oW friend of Mr. WhitaerX caaM in.. la the coon* of Mveral aa- ecdote*. Mr. Reid told th* followiag oa Mr. Whitney, say* the Washiagtoa Star. "Several year* ago we went north on a flaning excursion with a party of railroad men, taking a private car that was aeat oat and going anywhere we pleased. Coming back, we stopped at Eagle river, and while out in a canoe with a half-breed and myself Mr. Whitney hooked a muskellonge while fishing for bass. We certainly had a time with that flan. But Mr. Whitney kept him on the line until we paddled ashore, j when the Indian took the line over his! shoulder and proceeded up the trail,! the fish following because he was tired j and could not help himself. ) "When we got into the shallows I j could wait no longer, but jumped on i his back and pinned him down until Whitney could get a crack at his head [ with a club. When we got back to the I ,,, , .. ,, ,, t ,, car we hung the fish on the railing, and \ t Tak * ** f* ed fres * fi ' h *«* ° T « its tail dragged on the ground. You can j from dfnner ' free from the bones imagine how proud Whitney was. and! to a *·»**· . season 7" h salt and 1908-PAft* * Wk*a invited oat doat take a critical «urr*y of the table. trnitlnlilBgToiciL object a* If more from curloatty the* from iat*t**t Kxpreation* of plaaeara or delight at table decorations are. hov- ever. always appreciated by tbe aoateaa. Lastly, don't forget that taeee little observance* are founded upon good taste, convenience and kindna**. fltfHO WILL SUPPLY * YOUR EVER¥YVfANT : V *·- * WATOH CHANGES IN f HE6E AD8 ^ - - CONFECTION ARY. One cupful of stale cake crumb* with three well-beaten ergs, three-fourth* cupful of sugar, thr^e eupfuJs of milk, and one teaspbonful of lemon extract. Bake in a pudding dish until the custard is firm in the center. Then spread with fine, ripe raspberries, and heap whipped cream over all. Serve warm.-Home Magazine. ICE CKEAM SODA. Id CREAM BY THE PINT, QUART AND GALLON. 'sDrugStore ·a LOM tracer. HARD COIN TO COUNTERFEIT. SUrer Dollar. Pre**** Ofct of Cold M*t«U I» Not Eaoily you can have a faint conception of his! J Indignation when the. other boys ex~j pressed doubts about his having caught . J n o t e n w " h mayonnaise. : A addition to this filling, which is excel- The Chicago Northwestern Ry. issued a beautifully illustrated book on Colorado. Any one in- Crested in Colorado can procure z copy by sending 4 cents in stamps to W. B Kniskern, P. T. M , Chicago, 111. m-8-24 it. He appealed to me and my nat . i lent with white or whole wheat bread.- ural propensity to joke got me to do j something I have since regretted many j a time. I stood behind Whitney where j he did not see my face, and while sol- j emnly asserting that he caught the fish, r accompanied the statement with a wink j ·Washington Star. with Jim at 11 Low Rates To Cplordo, Utah and South Dakota, ·^ Minnesota and Wisconsin. And Return Via BIG FOUR ROUTE Round trip tickets to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Salt Lake :Cky and Ogden, Utah; Custer, Bjeadwood, Hot Springs, and Lead, -^-^ Dakota- St. Paul, and Miny Minn.; and to Ashland, a»d,tht Superiors, are on at very low .TABLE ETIQUETTE. A Few S«s*eatt ' latton vandV partioi- tes,' 5 roiites, tidtceti, lim- rers, etc., call on Agents : Route," or address the ·a to the Proper · '' · S*eletjr. \ ' . . Don't butter bread when eating soup^ or break it up in the soup. Don't leave .your spoon in the cap when drinking or at any other time. Don't wash your hands in your finger bowl. Dip the tips of your fingers Inta the water, and dry them on the corner of your napkin, advises American Queen. * Don't take seeds from your nMnrth with your fingers, except when, eating grapes, in which case the seeds are extracted from the pulp while the skin is held at the mouth and are rentov** with it. Don't open the mouth while chewing. us^ avoiding a_ noise made bj^ thejips, hite- man tc**' Fstate ELY POWER BLOCK PHONE 650 *CO- Sweet Frank--I've got even last Ned--How did you doit? "I gave his girl a pair of pretty vases, that deprived the stcry of any effect on I and he will go broke keeping them filled the belief of the company. They scout- j wita flowers."--Chelsea Gazette, ed me as a second Ananias, trying to- serve a friend. | ' "That night when we were all asleep, j I crept out of the car, aroused the half-! breed and we went to an Indian camp j a mile away, hired a greasy buck to' JSany to Cmt Fifes. There is a great deal easier way to enr figs for filling for cakes than tbe old come to the car in the morning and! fashioned way of cfaoppmfc theln in a claim his pay for the fish. That performance cost me two dollars in cash, bowl. The sticky, tough nature of the figs make chopping them a long, hard besides the wears and tears of my shins j 3°»- requiring much time and strength: falling over logs going and coining. I Take a pair of old shears or scissors "What happened in the morning was! ** OUL the ^S s mto t"^ Pieces, which just too awful. The Indian., carefully ^ k es but a very few minutes. You will coached, marched Into Tie car while bc surprised at the difference in tlm« we were at breakfast, and approaching j *** strength saved by this method. Mr Whitney, held out his greasy Hand j Raisins as well as figs can be cut up in and grunted: 'Money for the fish you i «"»· way - instead of being chopped, bought yesterday.' ! ^^ tried - and you lrtu never ch °P fi S» "For a minute Mr. Whitney was I again. The white of an egg beaten to a speechless with indignation, and then! «iff "froth and mixed with the figs after the flow of language was something j startling The half-breed hurried into the car and hustled the Indian out, and he took to the woods with his two dollars; "The boys laughed and guyed and yelled until Mr. Whitney actually became sick, and went to bed for the day. Many a time since I have thought of confessing what I did, hut I never haffj " the courage to lethmvnow until now.*: they have boiled into a thick paste, with a little water, and the addition of a littU sugar, makes a very nice and tasty'fill- ing for layer cake.--EpitomisL Blackberry Bread Stew blackberries ten minutes, sweet* en to taste and then fill up a pudding dish with alternate layers of the hot "irwed fruit and thU slices of nicely toasted bread, rtmmed free from crust antf buttered. Put a plate on top and bake in a moderate oven for half 01 ibree-quarters of an hour, and set in a cold place and serve witb rich cream, or eat hot with a rich sauce. -- Washiug- teaStar. Prcttr M Citlman-- You hear of "journeymen carpenters," "journeymen plumbers" and all that, but you never hear of "joarneywomen" at all. Funny, isn't It? Sttbbobs-- Yes. It certainly should b* proper to speak of "journey women cooks.'* They merely journey from place to place. -- Catholic Standard. Metaphor. "This world is but a fleeting show/ remarked the austere citizen. "I suppose so," answered Mr. Storm- ingtdn Barnes. "And the taxpayer is the man who pays his money at the box office and takes whatever the managers choose to give him."--Washington Star. O O O To preserve and restore it, there is no better prescription for men, women and children than Ripans Tabu- les. They are easy to take. They are made of a combina- O tion of medicines approved and used by every physician. Ripans Tabules are widely used by all sorts of people- but to .the plain, every-day folks they are veritable friends in need. Ripans Tabules have become their standard family remedy, with a long and successful record to cure indigestion, dyspepsia, habitual and stubborn constipation, offensive breath, heartburn, dizziness palpitation of the heart, sleeplessness muscular rheumatism, sour stomach, bowel and liver complaints. They strengthen weak stomachs, build up run-down systems, restore pure blood, good appetite and sound natural sleep. Everybody derives constant benefit from a regular use of Ripans Tabules. Your druggist sells them. The five-cent packet is enough for an ordinary occasion. The Family Bottle, 60 cents, contains a supply for a year. o i o o c c A. hank cashier of long experience stated recently that fully one-half of the silver dollars in everyday circulation ^were counterfeit. He declared that as there was only a little more than 50 cents' worth of silver in a dollar counterfeiters were making theni of the exact purity and fineness of dollars coined by the government The bank clerk said that the makers were clearing about 25 cents upon each dollar made. This story went the rounds of the newspapers and was believed by most people, says the Kansas City Star. Thomas R. McManus, the government's secret service operator here, whose basinets, is to know all about counterfeit money, said: "I read that statement when it was printed. It was too ridiculous for serious attention by experts, but as it was believe* by great many people It might be "worth while to say that of «rery 100,000 silver dollars in circulation not more than one is counterfeit wfOi any percentage of silver in it. It is true teat a man could make a dollar with the same sjnount of silver in it tat the government puts in and make a good" profit on it if he could pass* it, and" many people wonder why it is not done more than it is. "The reason 1 is very simple. All government coins are stamped out of sheets; 'of coitf metal. This gives tbe coin a clearness and sharpness of line ^ could never be approached in a ; made of molten metal run in a mold-. ;" Jtn^expeTt can tell at, a glance a coin that Urats- been_run in a mold. because the metal does not fill out the lines^iufd corners: So. as a first propb- sitionl your successful counterfeiter of ^colns iTnnst nrsb'set up machinery that would stamp tb* coins: out of cold metal. "A plant of tnfs- kfnd would cost m many thousands of dollars that no man with thaf nracli money would think of Investing ft In so risky a business. That is preventive No. 1. The second is that strch machinery In operation, if located 1 fn a city, would ' shake the building and 'be so noisy that it would soon- be discovered. '. It would be out of the question to operate such a plant in- the country, of course. Inquisitive country people would soon nose- it out,,, and the government's ' operators would soon pounce upon- it So; in brief. I've told you why the^baniv cashier's- story was a very silly one. You can add, to give it further effect, that an expert can detect a counterfeit silver coin the moment he sees; an* touches it" BUSINESS GOLLBQ1 Viattbra are Welcome. Fifty ftmUnti now Enrolted. ELYRIA BUSINESS COLLEGE COAL AMD LAKE ICE. DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Gents' Furnishing Overalls and Jackets Dress Shirts and Ties Working Shirts etc etc. TOM MONROE, 600 LodiJSt. FOUNDERS AND MACHINIST* wcntr OiiMcrki c«. General Machine Work* LORAIN ELYRIA ICE CO. Office tS X.BridR»St. J. F. FAUVER, BARBER SHOPS. LEEDALE SHAFER, Tonsorial Artists Hot and Cold Water Baths. Antiseptic Took and Brushes Uicd Only Sharp Block, East Broad St Clm. F. iiuth, Hotel Attdwvr Barber Sfitop It stakes mairv- combination's make up a good sfiave. We the combination^.. to all Steam Drift, HoJsters, Derricks, Channelen, Saw Mill Machinery, Grinding Male, Ekrator Macfeioerr Complete Power Plants, Etev*- tors and Mills. INSURANCE. Cash $ I I 69.00 Paid to Widow by THE MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE at end of thirteen years on pcKcy, No. 149664, $1,000, ao i year endowment. Does your policy pay dividend* with death claims? .. Call on or address R. E. Griswold, 505 Broad St. A Vtttaable Coatrtbatlon. Charles Aldiich, of Webster City, la., has presented to that state a historical collection concerning men and events in its settlement and development. Iowa "has no arcniyes and Mr. Aldrici has spent Ms Iffe in gathering the materials. No waiting. Four- skilled barbers. Facial Massage. AJ31 the Best Tonics BUXTERIME. Have you triad BUTTERJNE? Uniform in Quality Cheaper than Buttur Try a Pound. EMMONS ; BAKERY, 601 W. SI BAKER AND' GROCBRL .We have a splendid: line- 06 Coffee Prices and Blends- to- Suit. Our Special Brand at 150- a poundt i sure to pFease all who use.- ih Other Grades frbniHi4c to 3Jc 31 pound. 2O7 WEST STREET f»WD« W-S2 CONTRACTORS BOXUERS. MINKSON HALPIN CONTRACTORS «f»a · 30 Chestnut viSiBHro. Fine Offle* Work a SpMUJt*. ftomn FUtur»» Counters,Tables, Shelvinfe.Sta. C«M our E»n mat* before letting Contract*, for* *fj h'»t o- C«roeht*ir or Oaoinot Work. MILLINERY. OUR ENTIRE STOCK now being sold at exceptionally low prices to make room lor fall goods MRS. HOOOHTLBi mmtl OVER FISHER STORE. SOS BROAD tT, MOVING AND TEAMING; 626 W SECOND PHONE 338 J.VOGLER MOVINB a TRANSFEft 1st s s FOR MOVING VANS Call 35 on Either Phone. HADAWAY BROS, LUVBBX. Good Storage for Household Good*v Teaming of all Kind*. PHYSICIANS. DOMESTIC igth, Au- and CHEAP SUMMER TOURS Via BIG FOUR ROUTE London, Ont., August it'c and and. Niagara Falls, Annual Cheap Excursion, August 6th. Yellowstone National Park, Pcr- Columbus, O., July i3th to Baltimore, Md., July xSth, sonal^r conducted Excursion, gust loth. Hamilton, Ont, August 15* i6th. ML Vernon, O^ August 8th and August loth to igth. San Francisco, CaL, G. A. R, Joly 3it» to Auguat H^th. Columbus, O., State Pair, August 3i*t to Sept 4th. Cambridge, Ohio, July 13 and 14. Mt. Vemoo, Ohio, July ao, ai, aa, 95 and 17. Richmond, Ind, July a8 to, Aug. 3. Tern Hame, Iwl, Aug. at and ta. BattbnOR, Md, Sept. it, 19 an* *o Rome Chf, lad, Aug. M to Sept. a Tickets to th* abor* points on tale at afl Big Poor atatloiM at half rate*. Pol Information at to time Hmta, pit»0ag*o, MO, wffl bt gir«« on appcatkw ta p*r- ta wridR« to a*iy Big Poor son or oY B. C. K*lMF, T. P. A, 91 Watt* *tr*n Cfcfihn^ OUo. Best family ntachnn: sewn-i in tbe WORLD Call, write, OF'pbooe for prices to M. N. TERRY, T2i Garvin AveElyxia O. Phone W. 88 GROCERIES. ICED TEA. Try Magnolia Tea and.- you-will use no other. Half Pound Packages. B. H. STARR KeopWolS Nature's Summer Diet is Fruits and Vegetables J.BURRELL, R. G. ANDERSON^ Office Hour* 12 to 9ano 6 to8 p. m.. · No. 6 1 2 Lodi Street. Home Phone W. 14 B»ll- »» STOVES AND. TINWARE. S** the Celebrated Detroit Smokeless Gasoline Stove Best Hade. Blue Flaae when lighted E. F. WHITNEY SON, 684 Broad Street. TOBACCO ft CONFECTIONERY ICECREAM Delivered to any part of the city at 36 cents a q O. F. NICHOLS, Jr. PHONE W-81 28 667 odl St.. cor. W-Rlver, ELTRI BOOTS AND SHOES EASIEST SHOE ON EARTH. Dr. Reed's Cushion Shoe For Men and Women. Sure cure for Corn*. Bunions, Hot r Cold, Tired and Tinder Feet Exclusive Agent. ELYRIA BLOCK SHOE STORE, Win. C. Smith Prop. *.'; THE SEASON'S BEST m ·· staff. I recefo daflr and keep tTerything facsh. Yowl v * get the s«ne scrvfee and the same prices here that 700 »* wffl get on any market^oftcn better. That taTei you ·· the tr^ and ende* bother. Telephone yotsr order, and Ji PH be prompt In delhrerinr it. J» * * ji B. A. FRANCIS Proprietor

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