The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 16, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1899
Page 2
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* I ThoOntjr High Crad* Baking Powder Offered at · Mod* ·r*t» Prio*. CAIUMET NONE «0 GOOD. EVERYDAY SAVINGS. TERSE QUOTATIONS THAT ARE POPULAR FAVORITEa *o«*e of Th«-m *r» of Rrmvtr Oriel*, amd It U of Intrmt 10 Lrmrn «**· «a4 by Whom TheM Word. TfcjU gfcr gismarrfe gributu. By it. H. JEWELL. D«ib, one year Weekly, ace jtear . Dailr, or earner, per M«M*.. ·car e'c. Tb» The everyday sayings which are on everybody'* tongue smut-rimes have a ; faroff origin, and it i» interesting to learn j When and by whom they were first said. The society editor could ill dcaa-ibe · ' festivity without the aid of · the wee sma.' i hours ayont the twal. ' whkh ia found ia { Boms' poem "Death and Doctor Horn- I MAT10 *»- brook." Dancing i» never dancing, bnt | people "trip the light, fantastic toe," for ' which expression the editor is indebted to no less a personage than John Milton. " Conspicuous by his absence'' was used by Lord John Russell, who quoted It from 1 _____ TaciMM. "Atsd echo answers where" U 'Huron from lord Byron's "Bride of Abydos. ' ' 2^1 "It beggar* description" is found in 'An I Q£I tony and Cleopatra." ' 'Where 'ignorance ' is bliss tis folly to he wise" was said by Gray in his 'Ode to Eton College " -1 begun is Tvflt done'' may be traced to Horace. "According to her ~ ' Hood's "" "'"l\^r ft^r^La *** sHl * I I -jsriwrtuW ,2%. w* 111 c ·rh. coc.r^o,^. P I I 19 THE WEATHER. Obawvations talrn at 8 p. m AE. K Fob li, Sberidao Houw Barter Stop aid Batb Rwts. J. C. DOLAM, . Proprietor. "THE utiir flr-t cia.-« place in tfce * oitjr. Buiu four chain. H | If il , I * ? s - 2 i «· n S =5 Hanv. Helena THB taxation of corporate interests i» such a complex question--those who have heard all sides of it become con ^ fused--prejudices disappear--and -ome- j back to Horace. "According to her gar ' A thing akut to anxietv to be fair and do TMmt she cut her cloth' was raid by Dry- i - ,,, den in "The Cock and Fox." Sir John' tne average question is ·u 3b 3» 3a U S 42 * 34 tt) 1! 12 % 12 8 14 6 S IS -eland*., fair j cloadv.1 cloud; ' cloudy. clo«dv lootly fair cloud; clootlj- B. H. Bso\»o\. SectuM Director justice takes possession of man. The more this tax analyzed the more apparent are the in- equitities and it is discovered that while corporate interests mar, as a rule, be assessed too low no other property is taxed at "its true value," according to Jaw. Look at those fine Bed River valley lands--that sell under the hammer for 990 to 830 an acre--assessed at from $4 to 16 an acre--while in the central and western part of the state lands are assessed at from $1 to $3 an acre--when few quarter sections would bring 85 an acre under the hammer and man\ land holders would be glad to sell their hold' ings for the value fixed by the assessor. The variation and discrepancy fc, greater that: between, corporate and private interests. Probably in no county in the state are lands and ail manner of personal propem tased at a rate nearer that contemplated by the law--at its fall value"--than in Burleigh. And the more the statesmen j horse.* 5 " "My dear, jny better hatf."~wa8 OB the bin investigate the more they will t ^d by Sir Phnip Sidney, in "Arcadia, be convinced that in proportion to its j population and wealth the centra! and j _ western jwrt of the state pays taxes' plified is from a fable by Gay largelv in excess of the eastern section, v Senator TwicheO has been looking into the matter of unequal assessments and is prepared with an arraj of figures that ought to convince any unselfish, individual of the necessity of some sort of leg islation to overcame the present evils-not as between corporate and private interests only, but between sections. There den in "The Cock and Fox. Holt Ja "Sir Wflliam Morrfe' Ca.-*" said, "The better the day the betuw the deed.", "Out of sight, ont of mind" date T PATTERSON, MTT a aw. First SaUuoal Bank Block. SAFES. OIEBOLO SAFES · LOCK COMPANY GEO. C. QARROW, agent. St. Paul, Mian. GREAT REDUCTION SALE. Overcoats and Heavy Winter Suits 1883 aid is found in Googe'a "Epytaphes, Eglogs, and Sonnetfcw." "And there, though last, not least," is from Skelton'r "Colin Clout," and "Through thick and thin" from the "Faery Queen." "Rare" Ben Jonson gives the advice to "laugh and be fat." One of Bishop Home's sermons is the source of "It It better to wear ont than to rust oat." George Wither In a "Poem on Christmas'' gives the warning that "Care will km a cat," and a couplet from John Wolcot'u "Expostnlary Odes" contains the same sentiment: Cue-to our coffin add* a nail, DO doobt, And every grin to merry dnr»» one out. "Nothing venture, nothing have," is found in "Five Hundred Points of Husbandry," by Thomas-Tusser. Churchill, In "TheChart," said, "The more haste , the loss speed." " To go in one ear and j out at the other" probably had its origin i in Chaucer's "One eare it heard, at the ' other it went out" Prior, ia his "Epilogue to Lucius," gave ] ns_an adage which is in use every day. B OCCOEB, PHILBR1CK COCHRA.VE, _ LAWTSSS. First National Baak Block. UABYE? H.VHBIS, " ««AJ. XS , XSTATB 4S» , Hanaoad Block O1?E CEIfT A WORD COLUMN. QIBI. WANTED-At ** h . hotrL the Metropolitan . ---- tn every ---- - . --- · --- -- T -- injmnrn^tnynw company and introduce their goods. Steady empfonnentaial law meame m good Jegitj- mate basme«s assured to men that are honest and wdUnr to attend to bn«D«g. Befrrenees rwnured. ^*nd sr»-addn»o«i xtanpcd ttmt- ope farrpdjr to THZ BBI MASCTArrrBiso COJCPA vt \o. 2» Cbartiwi Street. **· Fire- and burglar proof safes, vault doors, safe deposit vaults, steel jail ceils, etc. SECRET SOCIETIES. 3TASOXJC. OT*rek Lodge, A. F. 4 A. M , No. 5. Heet* first and thin! lloadw* in each month at O. B B. Hall. J W.Foter W. M. M. M. COOK, Taucred Commander?. Knurhts ,, -. Meets third Thursday m each Workmen Hall. "-·- - ~ - - Iforkmea HaU, Dakota ^^ J. A. BASVKS, BocoriJer. No. bU I I M M I K I S. B, SCOTT. MOD. , f a »w** *k«' practice. Spmw n»h Student? tram O^tnvx assorted wtth B r ^I H '^l? ooll 'S5 K * nt * d -, W ?J® at Barbet College, JCameapohs, Minn, ..... ---- a »«"y* Chapter. Xo. II. O. E. 8. lt«t* mttib A. MODEL. Swastariv A B VRG UX-- % seven room DOU^P with t *"» kfe, comer Seroad and Kcw Enquire at rrs.idence. . shoold be uniformity in assessments. the earnest: supporters of M. X. Johnson was Editor Tuttte of the Mandan Pioneer -- who was so disappointed at "the result-- he roasted CoL Robinson -- Johnsons manager -- to a brown turn -- charging treachery to Johnson and otfaer mean things:!] that fine Xowinfhis era of good feeling ~~.«.K «u^uv w outuuwrcuge --unless iie-i parisoa? are oaensive " Thomas a Kera- basproof--which of coarse he hant-- J ?is says that '·Oftwoevilsthelesslstobe ihatBobicsoa was true to Johnson--as! $ csea '" aBd ta fT 1 **' 5 "*'«**»«'»" ,, '· 'Tis good to look before you leap comes from Martin ^Parker's "Excellent Sew Medley." Goldsmith tells us that "Man wants but little here below." "Coming events cast their shadows before" is found ia 4 'L8ehieTa ·Warning " by Campbell. "Discretion U the better part of valor" occurs in Beaumont and Fletcher's "A King and XoKing," and Shakespeare ·uses almost the same words In '-Henry TT J '--"The better part of valor is discretion, in which better-part 1 have saved my life." Many other sayings have been used with slight variations by several authors '·ConJpsnsons are- odions" is found In Burton's "Anatomy of Melancholy," to Heyward's "A Woman KiLk'd by Kindness/' in Donne, and in George Herbert i In "Don Quixote" we read that "Comparison 1 * are offensive " Thomas a Kea- helessistobi 'Imitations o; Thirty-six vehicles pass the London Stan- sion House in a minute at noon, the- busiest time of the day. A reporter counted 1,948 passing east and west in a singto tonr " tt^^s^ew tensw, capable ^ carrying 16,8« pera^ a n d W M dray, capableof hauling 1.000 ton, i Bi«marcJc Hive No 2--Ladle-* of th*» Mac- catxvw mo-t flr»t -tod third Monday ID ' each: month at V O. r V liall in the Dakota block Od?HgH Bemuistn. Lady Cotnuander; ( l^dlm; Dilioa Kscurri h«'[vr " KX1GBTS OF P1TU2AS. St. Ehno Lodire So. 4. -Metts irery Wrdnes- 1 daripTmjiiff at Wtjrttwn HaB. Dakota Bljck. . J. Wium-E. C. C. C. A. Joa.ssoji K.of H.S. AXCIEXT ORD£B CXITED WOBEMEX Bismarck Lodw, Ko 131 Mrets the first and atrd Fndar feTeauws o* each Booth- at their hall u. the Iak«rta Hock, at S o'clock. 4sc». DCESUS. a W. a H. BSOSKOS. Beconfcr. , . . _ . , -- -_ -- -.,^__~_ ^,^. w tud£ 'J7G c!jllct -i beaten. If Robinson explains the- mat-1 ^9 Jer ,*?. t 5? jna ?'" oot % "Paradise Be- terto Tnttls and Tettfe finds he is like Tuttle to fr-assas wars TM»fc 't * "P-* 0 ^* » 1 ^rt» ««« neckwear Foil of truaks and ralMe» at rock bottom prices. A. full d T i °= Mor and dressy. They are inre to please you. Call and ml spect oar stock. · No trouble to show goods 7 SEMLINQ HOOVER. fl^lafkB A A fl%4%ltf STEAM LAUNDRY, O x kU *^»t cwto . workmeg Satisfartwn to an inexorable maxim with "" flARQUETTE COUCH, Preprietors. Corner Fifth and Broadway, *iM****iWiNW^ ·0F wrong--it wifl be just sndo the wrong he has done to one oi the most patriotic and popular citizens m the state--in whom Mark Haana anj Eres£deat McKtntey have always had great confidence--and to whom they were pleased to give a plum--m the shape of tneStanding Book tradership. TAKCTG the reports of newspapers as evidence it transpires-that the late cold wave brought more suffering to the people and stock in the south than it did In the north. In Texas and Alabama the Jwnlt was particularly disastrous for the reason that the country was ffly pared for so sudden a change. The soldier toys who had taken Hood's Sarsaparilla are said to hare stood the long marches much better than their · companions. This medicine give* tv and endurance. _ ---»····-!-- --~- «*f *+****+! tj\*v A»* f. anv i gained" Maton had already said: Has chi'dhood siows tire nan As morning shows the day. pressioa "Ante not sold thai gutters." Hiddleton gives "All i* not gold that glistens," Spenser, in the "Faerte Queene^ays, "Gold Is not an that goW- en seem-?." Lydgatc ba» "In all that glister* gold all is not gold t-ut outward rimweth light 1 ' lhyden*8veisioBl«**All, as they gay, that gliroens It not gold," and Chaucer, in the "Canterbury Talea, " ·ays the sama thing, bnt with more dr- CUliiiCCQtiOZl; Bot I tiink ibst wWch schineth » the eoJd fa naught ai that I bare herd tell. i *There'« task la odd nnmberv" Ixsrer makes Rory O' Moore ssy. And in "The Merry Wires of Windsor" we find "Good hick lies in odd numbers, ««»they say there ts a divinity In odd nambers, either la nativity, chanee or death " "Heaven aever helps the man who will not act," ·id Sophoclea, and Sir Philip Sidney pat the Bane idea in smaller compaag ia "Qod help* those who help themselves." "Holy" George Herbert is the author or compiler of many ghrewd sayings, such m "WonlcUt thon have thy cake and keep it too*" "The wearer knows where the «te» pinches," "Littfe pitcher* have wide earSf" "It is poor sport that is not worth the candle," "God's mflls grind glow but ·are," "Half the world knows not how Short Le»,o. tn A tiresome caller who had cpent the wening at the home of a friend, a yoan* bay, and had devoted nearly aD the time toadescription of a trip to Europe, fnan «·*." "Hall tbe worid knows not how Which fte had recently retnmed, Mid to «»eother half lives," "His bark is worse aera8here«etogo: ' than his bite," ' The burnt child dreads **I beg partoa for being so talkative, |;theflre." "The-mill cannot gnnd with ner my long STOTT « »« ay adventure* ' 'vater that Is past, "Whose house is glan ·bfoad has entcrtaiced you bnt ffly." ' must not throw stones at another," "God "On the contrary," she replied politely f e 01 "* 8 to *-e without a beH." "An in *rtt tvu tm*****'* n**A *M«. ij ,,«_.»* f - " " -^ -- -- -- ^ . . M. j , 3tn; A C^Ji«5iA Ir-mVB^F baa entertajied me trite weUr "--· [ttl't r*j^r^«o^,r«* * FALLING RESTORED tob«Mrer qBarrels wtth his tools," "To a dose shorn sheep God gives wind by measure, ' This M probably the oriftin of foe proverb "Sod tempers the wind to the shorn laffib. ' which was said by Sterne in i "Tnmam Shandy " Herbert aho quote* "Man proposes, God disposes." Thfc wa« first said by Thonuw a Xempia. Agreat many of our common oaring! are taken from Shakespesre. 'A» dead a« a door nail" and " To give the devil hU due'' are from "Henry IV." "My cake Uidcmgh" Uftom -'The Taming of the Shrew " "5crew yoor coarsge to the ·ticking place" is found in "Macbeth." Some quotations from Shakespeare an credited to the Bible, as. for itwtance, "That bourne from which no traveler returns," which to used by a worthy deacon once a week in p**yw meeting fa the belief that it i* a Scriptural quotation. Beaumont and Fletcher are reopoatible tor several much used asying*, sa a* "Peggan afaoold never be cboosew," fotind to "The Scornful Lady," aad "On* man'* meet i* aotht* man'* poiaon," which to taken from "Ix»re'« Cnr«," and iaB»tier «"H«OftaM" occur "To tato ttewrong«nrbrtbe «»," -To gM hr bookor creok," ·Ttteouat their rlMt^mnt ·*· awr're kMelMd" aad "To --S«w fork Po*. PYE Fire, Tornado, Plate Glass, Accident Insurance. . . . Sepresezits iraress.t3r-fi.-a-e aies isa. Ua-e -arsria- CsOl Losses Paid August 8th, $130,860. Groceries --^- Micvb* M«*»A*««· iu ·· j^«^kA« -a^uDiuv^aa 29- vu Kt? our goods high and the prices reasonable many sales to satisfied customers. KUPITZ mfl^fl ,,-£!)- jDeGraffs On or abont thp l.'Vth mst eicgant and oom Mock with Srst cla«s nj»-to-dato I sbal! open Hp in * store irr the new stock of also potions, trunks, bags, etc,, and darrn? the wxt tec days I shall put n figure on '-- · ' · ··'··»»»»»»H»iPI»M A CHANGE VENUE. We are now located in our new quarters 2 WOSi !l! he ., First Nati «"»«J bank wth the dry goods department of our store. New and stytisb spring pattern* arriving dailv Drop in and seethe new store j.TM. P. E. BYRNE, Insurance Agent, - 5lx Companies, Representing In Cash Over Ferty-flve nillloiM of lters I Shoe stock, arties. duck coats, flannels, and sheepskin overcoats, blankets, comforters, pants, overalls, Jiats and caps, warm gloves and mitts, Ittat will dean them ont ia short order. They wiU go for what they wiU bring regardltai of cost Tho*e that aeed race, come early. In no erect will they Ia« bttt a few days. W. S. DeGRAFF. HIHjjilHIIItfJIIffifif^llflf^,. '' f A^ ^^ .-.-.. .« nu t,*-^. ^i ir KJ r^f ^^, Wf-n f on-tnonro»t.«n«j Dint "** ·Haw, «htt* * i r ; t j « v f TM ·*·« «pn Can..*?, ^f %.*'-,*' ?? r -*· FLOWERS ·to-n Olrn^^ WicT^S: "*··· ^^? ^iS5» S^T£ .-!!rff ik i ·"»"·»,*! wtrtx ner «^iotTcT J 1Sf«^;? ·-·· ffi££3?^£*ZZ Dakctt Fferal Co,, " FWtGO, N. I. ' - "··*· »..»· ··*··· NFWSPAPFK!

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