The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on February 26, 1881 · Page 5
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 5

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1881
Page 5
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w: _i\ -- 1 _ v* N. % DAILY ANB WBKKI.7. EL 2A3O COUNTY HORTICULTURAL CIETY. Mr. was on, y witness . ' on Ine s:ajc ror tie ce'ence anc wser Froirt Tuesday's Daily-. PUBUSJJBD BY OAZET~E FU'SUSHINO CO. -s. ' r r - re* Aaaum 1000 Six-Months fc.oo ThreeMomhs 3.50 OneMomh. j.oo \VEEK_.Y--IN APVANCB. ?«r Annum 4* "o Six Months M.OO Three Months 30 On* Month .ai ADVERTISING, Rates made known on appl cauan to the office. . O B WORK. r*cllitt« tor Plain and Fancyl .ob Printing equal ti anc a:: of any e lablwnmcnt west of the Missouri river. Wnat the sscmty Did at Tnalr Meeting lad com p eted his testimony Mr.- aat lg ' son, .ae -xrosecutbr, commencee tae anju- men-, in case 1 . Waen ae aac finished oar: o' r. tnd be-'ore "ucge Wi iams ' took rooms ast evening. Tae meeting was :ae £ oor, tae case was acjouned unti. one we., atteacec aric tae greatest interest was o'c.oct. mani'estec tirougiout tie wio.e session. Tie £ I'aao County ..orticu tura. Socie ty ae.e a specia meeting m -. ie II Tna Dragon and tae Swan. "nders:anding-, then, taat ne true stars o" its ^resen: cistance. iichis beJevec. are meant, you wi. see tut tney must be :o ae neai.y bur times taat o- 61 Cygni; at immense cisUnoes whei . tei you taat anc lencewL. 36 much nearer anc wiga:- this caange o'taeearta's position, amoun:- er -.aan any star in our presen: heavens, i n g - o 185.000.000,-rocuces very Tie-"ac-. o-~ tae proper motion o:" s:ars .itt e para, ax in any star. Tae great ma- ena 3 es astronomers to eetermine waetber ' ority, ineeed, ex it D~I: no sensi 3ie parai .ax or not a doub.e s:ar is a bmary, witaou: in tracing whoever, but their directions remain as waiting for o 3serva:ions o: a revo.ution o: were ce- constant .o a.i osservation as i: taeir cis- one conipanent abou:-.ieo-.aer. -'the two A arge number to l-ROF. F. H. LOUD OF COLORADO COLLEGE. I aope t.ia: you a - succef-cec A: one o'e oc. court again convened 116 t w o conste. at.ons wiicn new members were anc Judge Wii.ivns commerced lis argu- scrbea yes:erdav. artc i " so, yt»u too * ess - anc e were in the stncest sense o-' components have-a common prooer mo- »ving aavertiseirieni* in this papci and thexa discontinued w i l l please make it kuown ai rhe business office w'here they will be properly attend ad to; we cumot holu ourse ves re-ponMt'le for acKeruse mcnts continuing in ihe paper unlevs notice is thus given CISCUSS10T Mr ?arsons, ca ec Me meeting -.0 orcer meciately uoon tie cone usicn of tie argu at 7J o'c.oct. anc tie secretary L. ± A.- ment, Justice 3entley notHeo ce r end- en, reac ne minutes Q-"tie previous meat- ant taat le wou.c require lim to enter m^. Ma or Me A .ister was ca .ec uoon to WeekU or Dlily. are strucx off acc ress 136 SOClCtV U 3On t i e S U 3 C C t o " the list at expiration I ,' i Mr Harry ilss a the authomed collector and sohator g r aoe CU ture W.11C 1 ae C 1C a: , e n g t l , ore- fpr th« Garette Publishing Company No claims are al owed agam-t any employe of the GAZBTTK to offset any of our' accounts. All advertitetnenis for the WHKKI.Y GAZKTTK must bt handed in not laier than Ihursday noon. Advertising agents are respectfully notified that we do tot want any »dverti.w:ments fron them. b. W. STEELE. of the GAZETTE. Fom Saturday's Dail\. We are in receist o" a cooy o: tae nun utes o" tie twe.ftn annua. meeting o: the Colorado Congregation,! association,, in w'aica we ana tie "o.owiag important item in re'erence to tie Congregational caurch in this city, a is tie sanner church, in tae way o" C i r i a t i a n benevo- ·nce, in tie state, laving contmiltec more than $1,200 to various OD ects during t i e year. Its SaDiath-st 100 is t he' argest in tie association, ant, -Vty-six nave aeen accec to its memsiersai ne year. from Sunday's £ai/y. Mr. Caar es I'-. '.) -), o'tins city, was marriec to iV.iss Mamie 1C. l-".ynn,. o' "e^ersonvi. e, Inciam. .it tie L'ni.e aote in Pueblo on .-'ndiy a ^ t . ev. .. . ie rec m uiree joncs us remra s s y c a i m g attention to -Jruoj7Bllnl u "g Com^Eny. tie aemirab.e artic.e on tie agricu.tu-e, lorticu'tqre anc pomo ogy o" tie state 3u 3 4 isaec in tae Xew Years num 3cr o" t ie Denver Tnaune atiu written oy W. ji. J a3or, es£ , w lies artic e ic cec.arec 36 worti junerecs o: tiousaneb o" eo. ars A. Co' 3urn, _·*,. to tie peoa.e o" Co.oraco.' r e a so reae A. McGovney, C i a n n i n j etters on -"ruit cu ture "rom W. A. I-Ie m, o-Canon City, anc esse Crazier, o' /.or- _)ragon, a uono; sna',e whose vo u,minous · est but one o: a., whose distances have near.y optica..y eoub.e. Tae appjcaiion is cast more tiatn ha f arounr. the Vit- been measured, and so "ai as known, -.he of tais princip.e aas -ed to an unexpectec Tne star nearest tie enc o- tie very nearest v i s i D . e i n t i s atitude, since resu.t in est- '.ushing a connecuon between considerable apparent cis- one anot icr.' Taas five ou: o-. ie seven stars in the Di soer are round :o iave their ofooer motien in common, 30*.a ant Mat icwou.c require !im to enter »-« ^. Tne star nearest tie enc o-" tie very nearest visixe in t i s atitude. since resu.t in est- '. $200 Donos to a? Dear at Lie next ter^n.o: tai. is iyt htt'e out_o- t:ie .me Between tse A %ia Centauri our nearest r.eigiMr, « stars at very tie district court. iVTr. 'ofer -urni's^c -'ointei? an( t'le ?o e Star, the next is ae - Liere wit.iin tie circ.e o" p;r actual occ u .a- Dances from o " tween the ?o'e star anc Je.ta "Jrsae Ma- tion. joris. w iRe t ie liirio, t i e srightest o-" the \y lat t ' ien j Ue clsta nre o-" tiis com- nree. namer. ^luaan V A -ia Draconis) -, aia tive y rear iur ? About tiirty-four as regarcs direction anc ve ocity. '. A.. " " -" ". ic .'nion ^ m i n ^ C e i n p n n y " lave -i ee artic es c.-" incoryorAiio i in t ie oFice o" tae sec^etaiy o f s^nte Tne incorpora- -.o "ors anc trustees for ne tirst year are, .',. ,aton. A S., A. -Sweet,, T ran'. Cross. anc OD.'ect o ' t i e c p n i p a n y is to co a genera', mining D jsiness, anc is ence, waica were ^..acee on S3ea,sing o*' tae mcs o'graoestiat wou c v do we., acre, the speaker strong- lie, .a to operate in lae counfies o' persons c'u ing Gunnison., Cia~ee, Summit, Lake, "-;ins- ea'.e, La ?i.ata, Ouray, San ."uan), anc y recommenaee tie Je aware, "ona, Isa- 2 ?aso, win tie princna. o-nce of the 3e'..a, Catawsa ane Creve .ing. _~e was company In tie city o" Col Draco S^in^s, mc'mec -.0 t u n tiat the Loncorc rioenee Co o. Tie capita stoc-c o- the company too ate "or tais a tituce, and t i o u ? i t that is g2oo.ooJ3 diviced into 2000 sic.reso' Caiuorma varieties wou.e not $100 eaca,. Tae capita stcc.i is fuV. paic co in V.r. -rieLm way between tie cou^ie star Zeta JI-SAC Ma oris anrt i e - a o " t i e -itt^ 3i*ar. 7rom ^'huban lae curve o t ,e Oragon may 3e tracec t i g h t around Ui-ia Minor, as far as n oomt w lica !· in itie me win r^et^. Jrsae VfinorU and I ) t ta L rsae .Va- oris. lae-"ormer o-'taese stars jeinu n , K way ietwern t ic latter ruie the point oe- scr'iDed. . re t i e ^ is an a j r u j t t u r n , ane tue oc'y J t i e sei pent D e n e s 3ar- warc to liis neae tri-.ion to je at a.. . i s n u n b e r i s too ^reat "Doctor, tie Ciscoverer o" tiis -"act, ca .s it Aopreciatec w icn simply "sta^-crift," -t is regaruec. as evicence o~ namec , '.et me t aerebre, try 10 give some a true oiysica. connection 3etween aocies "'Verne cescrirec w u c i , as far as we xnow, are as distant . 'rom ?nuban in one ctreciioa as ii Jeta ec : i' ly thousand times. Or again, . "Jrsae 'V inorib jn the cirertion ust onpo sue. Tie aead' tae form o' tae .etter idea o its vastness. one o" ais heroes as trav*/ing arounc tae eail i on a wager in ei^a.y cas. In n i n e cirs, at nat rate, ic woguc jo a rm icn iii-le*. "'icn to go flirty four trNion mi es wou d require tiree luncrec rni jion years--a time w i t i m wh'ci tie'.racitiona' six nousanc years since Aeam is contain- motion, yet not the s.igatest teneency to "rom one another as our sun -'rom 61 Cyg- ni. n tiis'way we can exoiain lae a~3- oarent meifference of the components o~^ some couD.e stars to eaca other's attraction. Tnis same star Gi Cygni is eouDle, and t ie components aave tae same proser 3e easi.y traced' in tae evening at this time o" year, anc is in ~\ci wiihm tae circ.e o- oeroetua. a^Dsntion; aut t ie heac, t.iou^h -.en cents on tae eo' ar, or ten co.lars oer rea . y . u s t i n the ci.cum erenre o ' t n a t c i r market tiis c - e - ie3 at 8 "· m cirect v De ow tae *'°- e necessity o'covenng graoe vines, Messrs, year. 7.-.e orooerties now ',3y t i e so near ^ e n o r t « r n TM^ n as lo )e seen 1 1 w i n cncu.ty r a t a . A r.tie .at e r it 3621115 to rise on lae eastwarc sice, and .'aso county a tiouga anc non-assessa3.e: o tae capita j stoc aac succeecec in growing $60,000 J6oo saares 1 lave been re^ervec tiem at Canon City wiere the season as wording capita , anc o-"this a: were .on jer ane tie wealler warmer. A on:r uiacussion tien ensued U3on the share me revolve one about tie otaer aas yet an i ustration -"rom the ve.ocity o-" ' 3 een detectee. Without supposing taat . a .. . L" we cou'd overcome ne convexity -TM system is ineepeneent o- the .aw V. b u t w i i a t i e -omt 3ent a h u i e t o o n e o ^ t:ie earl h anc send a ray o-' hg^/rom o: gravity, we may imagine that tae cis- sice. A ' o' "Draco except tae henc may uig o o i n t {0 ^ ew yor, tae ray must trav- tance Between components in tae bur thousanc mLeS to go Here anc Direction o' our ' me o-" sig it is very great, so nat tie time o' revo.ution is very .ong. .n the case o-" any group o-~ stars whica iavf» a common star drrt it seems easiest to suppose that tne separate stars c t i e i i i Co.sum, Gumm, Y.cA aster anc otiers company are as ;o,.ows, vi/:.: "avoring covenne; t i e vines win earn, Tie Mary Mab.e mine, situatec on whi e .Vessrs. Jro^i ' n c .rving were in- nortieast sice Crysta mountain on Roc , , t , . . i V I P W cree-c, ac oinmg tae Aovicsnce .oee, one V I C "- bick, nna it wou d acconio ibh taose four thousana mi es -"arty-one or -'orty-two times i" the course of a sing.e seconc. Win tiis enormous ve.ocity _ig it reacies us "rom tie sun in eigit minutes, but :o at " ect eac:i pfier's motion. 3ut not even come 'rom 61 Cy-ni it recuires ive years aere, ane sti .ess in tae universe o-'stars nine i u l l e ate l n evening conies into ,"u anc nine montis. notaing nctitious about it. canec toj nin/c it urine essary or at east not necessary unti. ate i i t i e winter. Tie i _ , suJiect Q~ p r u n i n g was ciscusscc 3y Messrs. Crawforc, ~)e La Verjiiie, j'rost, A., o" the pi je "or t i e com'j.etion o" t i e Curr, b n y i e r , Co j u r n , Gumm anc otaers. 3. Gage, -ormer y o" t i i s city, asr'ornaec tie ceremony. water works win t i e exception o" a few pieces o' ten i n c i TJC -ia\e reariec t i f - ci'y anc. t i e WOK c. w i r ^ it 15 progiess ing ra-3io.y. Siou e t - e w e a ' n e r contir.ut 'avoraa e t h e c o n t r a i tor- w.i! crin ile'f the wor. in a ew c a y s anc Co orac c Springs wi once more ie -jrovicec. w i t ' R u x t o n c r e e w i t c r . It is nee ictec fa 1 s o m e f e . i } in as 3e cau^ec j y t i e j u r s t i n j . o* imoer-Vct oioes w icn tne water is ir^ t u r n e c on nit nis ce i w J be 0:1 o ' , ' temporary n a t u r e Personal Yr R -". Wemrec cimo u ? -'roin t i e soutn on t h e a'lernoon t r i m )estercat. Yr W '. . o m i n , o" C-ihon C i t y , was among tae arriva s at fie Co.oraco Spring^ hote. yesterc,ci Mr. D W .'A^e, o" ne rum o" Messrs Cu v e r , 'age, i l o y n e Co., o" Caicago,' is in tne c i t y , v i s i t i n g us uauij.iter, Mrs. G W. Turney. ' Mr. C. W. Verkery, tae a^ii'-.x-it su jer- .% r. Craw o r e , t ie corresooncing becre- ' a r , i e i e a ori^ .ctter o " encouragement inc. giving bonie i n t e r e s t i n g 'acts U3on tne ^u'»jsct )' gmiis ,i'i( t ap )!es rom W. -·'. '.ihor, sc ic' o ne State I.orticu tura ·iLiety, w nch w.i-, -· acec on i e, and t ie h i-i- o: the society were t r n c e r e c to R r. A t o g e t h e r fie i j ^ o u n g w it, .1 very suc- e-,s u UH m t f r e - t i n g one am its pro-^-5 wil c.fu' ie-- be proc u c t i v e o'" ,'ieit ; f oO'i '.'ie i n ^ e ' i n g a c j n u r n e c to ,ieet next Situr. ly e w n i u _ j in t i e s.ime i ice at ';. yj o'r la - m i e -Vom Scoie.c. Tae vein o-" tcis mine is a* east two ""eet wice. "ron mine, situated on norn sice 7\.or cree, onc-ia ' mi e r rom Scone e. No assay has aeen mace ,'rcm ore^, ,n tais ° ner -' "any o ' y o u rise eai'.y e n o u g i to mine. ' rejarcec as a wio e, lave we any reason to 3e.ieve t i a t tiere is actua. revo ution about a common centre. The aypotaesis o" a centra sun o* tie universe, -"ascinat- One la " i n t e r e s t in Tremont mne, situ- uatec i '^ f rom hcolie.c on ine n o r t i s.ce o' Ga ena rnount.un. T u r e ' a.s^s l l u e ^ on( - t i e - ie;ic ° Dy uFerenl OK LC^.S wete made on "rom tiis hune, .nc v i e l c e e 18^5 ovmces to ve S a . or A 3na t'ne t o n . ! ' Une-na! interest in 'etntiec mine, si'u- atec on -ir^t jenc.1 on t r e nort i side 0' cistance las It i« true tiat wou c not recommenc waiting lor it }s no ~ a c c . j r a t e i y K n o w n . out nis at east it at nig it. 3ut wi . say tiat in the morning is certain y nown tiat tie 1 ' nearest stars asout 5 30 it is in-"u view iig i in t i e sy, car ,not se muca nearer taan tais, w li.e i n £ as ll is, seems to DC winout sasis in anc a', tie cirections . ust given Jor tracing t i e avera ^ e cistance 's certain y much it app^y as we", to Hat josition as any greater. One or two t u n g s w u c i may aave seemed surpribing be "ore taebe measurements became Known are easi y enouga unc?rbtooc as soon as we aumit to our ook J or'it at nat aour, y o u wi . je aicec in in«.mg it 3y noticing nat ne jng-.test star t icn visij e m t i e northern sty I 3 a I).-aco in .1 .me from .'o e. Tiis b t a r i-j ca .ec yrae, beinsj in tie sma. conste.-ation o: I ie Lyre or .. ai j. Tae we . x.nown M i . k y Way lasaes scienti'ic fact. Among so many masses moving in every cirecticn is nere not canger of co.- .ision ' Suca a catastropie cannot ae ce- monstratec to oe muossnle, out it is ex- ceecmgiy, anc is renderec so, mines the" tiat the stars are at tais strange as tne statement seems, by tae Une i.-, very ve.ocity o" the moving 3oeies. Were Dy t i e t w j stars, muca nearer to each otaer taan to any otier Dodies, eft at rest in suca a re.i .y inconceivable cistance. t i a t n e stars are not rnagnifieu tc esroje. Tie 3tst i n s t r u m e n t is taa: in w i i c i the tixec stars, aowever bright t icy position, taeir mutua attractions woulc c o 3 e jesice A jaa Lji.^e, ar.c in t ie ajpcar, seem tie bma. est, and any a n - soon impart to eaci a motion cirect y to- Ga ena m o u n t a i n , i *i mi es ea of tue Potter Case. st o' Sco- ft' 11 '- 310 ' it, in t i c oart neatest nat star size or ciameteris cue to imper er- ir c. No'absay las jeen mace on-t.ieore. '"Cygnu?. lae Swan , ue same conste - turns o" t i e g ass ane ne eye. .tis Vain One- ja." interest in Do inin mine, situ- -ation,wi»c.i a wee or Uo'ago you no- enougi tiat a bocy whici COU.Q slow a atec in sasin o- Jearcree c o n tae norti- ticec at evening m tie norti west, anc rec- sensible sue at suci a ognizee jy tie "igure o a crosb. Taere very m a n y times arger than our sun. "n west sice 10" Crysta., 'ust over tie civics. Tiis mine yie cec 15 ounces .n giving an a i c o u n t - o ' tie .'otter tna. j n si.ver and $10 in go.c. One-ia " interest m C ipjer mi y, we statcc nat t i e prosecution lac resteo t leir c ise, anc at t i e r e c u e s t pe, situ- atec in 3,-isin o" Jear rree just over t i e are .our stars m tne u s r i g it beam o, tae 'act, as soon as we tnow lie distances of cross whici points a ong he Mi.y Way. tie stars we are aole to ca cu ate aow O nese tiat at tie icae oi tae cross (t ic nori icrn enc] is. Drigntest, icnre ca ec A.- t i e cefense ne tna was ac.ournec civice "rom Crysta. creek at Dase o" Crys- P^aCygni.anc t i e n e x t souti o'r.isis mic unti. ten o c.oc yesterciy morning. Waert t ie court convenec yestercay, Mr. .-.arrison, t i e attorney '"or tae prosecution, asec i r tie court wou d ?rant nm the privilege o" reca .m^ Mr. Ca.,a- Tiis mine is situatec tiree way Between Lie t w o s . a r s o ' t i e arms. ta mountain. southeast rom Sco-jdc. Taere are 'our para. e. veins on tais one c.aim. So o/ua: o ' a cross, tie Dire is represented not near y so 'ar as 3een prospected taese veins are as y' n 2! lts ieac IS " l Vom 18 ' n c i e s t o 2 - e e t in wiota. named or souliern enc 01 3ngat our suniwonlc an^ear r ie were ccua y "ar away. Anc it is ounc that ic wou.c iresent a yery nirc m t e a pear ance. Ie wou c t to oe sure, .ook srigit- ;'l ware tae otaer, anc in time taey wou.e wita a saocc waica wou.c vaporize 30th. Jut a very s.ig at motion on the part o""either Defore it en^erec tae sphere o'tie. oner's attraction, (un.esi by acci- eent cuectec: ^recise.y toware tae Batter) teou c cause eac i to cescme an orbit '.-.arm ess.y aaout taeir common centre. Tie ·"orm o tais oroit wou^c cepend on tie masses anc ve ocities of tae two, and tie more raoic taeir motion the ess , ' W icn tae figure a swan is usec in er nan 61 Cygni^'3u'. on the other land wou c they DC to remain in eaca other's g it as t i e stars in ne ronnanionsaip. Tae :romment pae- ^isoer. T ie st^rs t len a r e iea.!y s u n s , nomena o suca a meeting are easi.y-im- or. to oe more djcact, our sun is one o" tie agmec. Two or33 are pursuing tae courses i n t V n d e i i t ' V / ^ h e V n V e c T t a t e s ' r a L w a y . ban on t i e stand, wii'.a w^as grantee. r esoective7y C.ipaer No. i. No. 2. No. 3 ane wai.e eac i arm of tie aoss aecomes stars ; anc one j e o w t i e averPge. too, m niaikec out by tae given eaca at 3e "bund at the "oot the uprig it beam, mau, service, ciace .'ostmaster visit yestercay. | Mr. I r v i n g .- rice a .'.*. Mr. CaLaaan, upon oeing sworn, saie -.aat y o i _ Q n c.ioaer No. t i tiere iave 3een ic lac seen autaonzec 3y Mr. ?otter to our assavs; ^R-, - ro m surface roct.yie.d- -Irst o i n t o ' awing. Two more stars are size ane 3rigitness|. p.aced quite symetrica.iy m ne -.wo AnoUer taing waica t i e cistance o' the other, ?. '·'. Crowe . anc t i e Misses Crowe. , re turnec 'rom an extencec eastern visit on tie a-'ternoon express yes.eruay. Mr. Dan. M. Jraper, wao *'or some ime pas', has 3een with tie aueitor's o":ice o' tie Denver and Hio Grance, in tais city, .e't yeste;cay :or ais lome in Missouri. l e w u . prosas y re turn :o Co.oraco Sorings in tie course o a month or six weecs. i A Bit of Blorrapby. -'o'. owing brie" biograpaica. s^cetci 01' Mr. 0. L .vennecy, of this ci:y. was onntec. in "Jridc" Voraeroy's Grea.Wes:, ot the 6:a mst.: "O. '. Xenneev, engrossing c erk of-.he sena e, was born in I-'u..on coun.y, rec.aim some ewe,ry which ae iac in ec ^ ounces; Me seconc, nird anc -"our.a wings, nearer taeir tias, anc quite in t ie stars exo^ins is t icir amarent.y ixecoo- W1 i c . 1 -.awn -int-Sat -i*» iar -", -o aet it. -n ..:,,,,,, TM-«.^.;,,«. ,, losition waere one wou e natura v .oo sitions. .aesia^es o- t i e conste ations a m e n its creation. ..aci as seen -roni Lae or rataer rom tae p.ane"3 accompany it, is a: r irs: · 3awn, 3ut -.nat ic lae :o get it. .-e , rom assessmen: ao.e yie cee respective y saic tiat t i e cVencant owec aim some money. Tais was the enc o" tie:estimony "or the prosecution. Tie de'ense openec tieir case 3y ing G. -L ?otter, tie ce'encant, upon tae 2 39'»» 3°°X anc - 3^° ounces in si ver., A mi,, run on same made a". IB 3os-.on anc Co oraco Sme.:ing worss.a 1 ; Argo, yie'cee ^3 ounces. _t is intention o-" .ie :ompany to se- waere one wou e natura y . 'or them, tae wings 3eing sent a .itt e -"rom have tie aeac. Tae outer star on .ie right a mere of .ig at, one among a t i o u not materia.y ciangec since tae sa nd equa.s. Gradua. y it aecomes more o.cest reco.-cs . Wien it was suaposec D r j g l t anc Deau .ifu., at .ast it maxes a ""urtaest -'rorn tae po.e; is Zeta tiat taey mig it Pe at a, mocerate cistance, cay o -, tae warmU o-" its rays " Cy^ni. As tae two conste-iations tnis -"act was iie.u to show taat they were is exc.iangec win taat of Us new comqan- wmch : ce- a - asienec toget ler to one revo.ving I 0 n _ Anc ever increasing attraction urges i.crise to-eaj are no: so conveniently visi- ssiere. Now, aowever, s.ig it motions are tiem nearer togetaer; w h e n ' u s t as it seems Wore "wi". bieastie two 3ears .us-, at tae present recognizec 3y t\e tc escooe, waica can- impossi3.e that they shou c remain apart. stand. testimony was aaout as -b.- cure r rom two to six mere mines in the .ows: _ made arrangements wita Mr. vicinity o-" those now ownec.. Stearns some bur wee^cs De-ore I got the De ousie c on a., o-' tie mines tae coming time o-" year, I wi.. not so ce- not 3e exp.ainee as cue to any motion 01 taeir motion, aastenec Dy this mutua- in- coat f^- Je was to mate it anc give me spring. ' scribe the oosition o " the various oD.ects the ear. i. anc oUers wiica must DC as- f u e n c e carries one aeyonc tae otier. pay "or it. .ime in waici to Tiey separa.e, never again to approaca ; -..i- *· re ymg nois, Novemser 13, 1851, nr.ovec :o .^aw- rence, .Kansas, cunng tae strugj eto make 1 the territory a s ave state in 1855. A thouga,- a boy he saw and -V.t aL the aarcshbs o' "aar/c cays" of 1855-'5$, even u? :o close o't ae civi wai% _-Iisunc.e,. oan Asout -.wo Tae oricers o" cormany for .ie en- o'note, 3 u : I must mae an exception of c n a e c t o a orware mo:ion tarouga space weets ae^ore :ic coa: was ce.iverec: :o me suing year are Z. A . C o 3 i r n , pres^tr'env, one, in consequence o- its icmarxab.e o- our sun anc AIS attencant p.anets, in- eaca, as ae-we, descri3es a so itary '. was measurec or tie coat and uner- Cianning Sweet, vice orcsicent; 5. L caarac:er. _t is a ,'ain'. O3'ect, sut may se c.uein^ our earti among taem. 3ut eaca a very ciferent course from that stooe at tie time tiat I wou c not sere- Zaton, secretary, ane A. S. We'ci, treas- bune as bLows: C.ose tesiee Aloha ' s ^ro3a3.e taat a tie stars, our sun W jj C a 3ut-'or the otaer it wou.d aave pur- cuiredto 3ay for it fu. y waen deaverec. ~ urer. f Cygni, on tie op3osite s'ice -'rom .ne lead among tae rest, are actuary in motion m S uee. Suca an encounter is not entire.y cid te.. tie comp.aininj witness, Mr. Tae company is composec o'some o" O : DraeD, are-.wo sma. stars, the me be- various cirections, with various ve.ocities. matter o-fancy,-"or in at .east one instance Steanru, taat Mr. Ca .aian, ne proprietor our most respec'.ec citizens. Tae mines -; W een waic i is parade, to tne cen .ra. ine Tais motion o: the stars is ca ed "proper astronomers find incicauons -.aat some- o- Jie Na-.iona , owec me money btr. ares:octec al a very .ow igure. Tne o: - -; ne cpnste. a.ion. i. e. to the uprigit motion,"-or i. is:o je cetermined for eaca thing .ike this aas aeen matter o* history. 3eam o-" tie cross. Draw a .ine -rom on oromises taat ,ie wouic s.:oc-.03e so c is va uec on $ ,ow ass, _ )ecuni " ary aic : gav e Mr. S.earns mating va ue o~ en-ire orooerty A ?aa Cygni to tae more sou'.her o- Uese Tae o.ans arc prospectus of tie :wo stars, anc extena i: :o mee-. a .ine con- s r .ar .ncepencen: y o- eaca otaer. Some o" to? stars exai3h proper motions waich no-, to preser*-. $20,000. Tae o.ans arc prospectus o: tie -. wo stars, anc extena i: :o mee-. a .ine con- are -"ounc, waen we consieer their cis- it u i l u the -o owing Monday, company are so mocest as to inspire con- necting tie more nortaern star wita Zeta tance, .o 3e rea. y ra-sic. O nese, 61 :mig-,t aave said something to Mr. Stearns ficence. ___^_ Cygni. At-.he point wiere ;aese anes Cygni is an example, and a sti.. more relating caargeo-' ".ie iote. curing We are in-'ormec.-ia: Dr. So oman, a meet is 6r star in question, markaxe instance is a -.e.escosic star in Mr. L S. Cornue, tae contractor, has finishee · le extension o-" tae Denver 3lio Grance from ?onc ia S prings to Mays- Taere was muca re'oicingat Mays- viLe ane tae irst :rain was received amic "iring o* anvi.s, blowing of whis;.es and absen: in ne mountains out did not repre- vor a 3 e notorie-.y in C^.orado Ssrinjs cur- four-siced ngure having stars at tae angles so -ast nat, un.ess actec upon by some the cieers of tie^nnasitants. sen:-.hat I was to aave permanent em- i n ? . ne past r ew montas,'e : .he city ra:ier anc a 3rig cter one within ; a ., aowever, brce . ,,. . r - summer anc wni e Mr. Ca.iaaan was man W1O ha-3 gained consicerab e u n a It is :ae corner o"a-.rapezium or irreguar Ursa Major, waic i,, it is a:ed, moves OtlCSt WAS m llrC-C* CC. I T l l O ^ ^ J j i l C S f * · « _ . . . _ _ _ * _ T _ . - ^ ^ . : ^ _ _ A , _ _ . . . ^ . _ . ^ . . .*«.. ~ ··* r~ j±f -^ Ti* v^s ' · * * % r t « ^ ^ » « ? # i ^ « « c - ' f r t - ^ ^ r *^ -. ^^i- o'.oyrrent -'or tie nresent. " cie not te ex^ectee y Between aours o-" ear.ness Mr. Stearns na: I aad engagec-o go wita anc cay .ig; : ' on "riday riigh:. Tie coo Tiis exaiDits an apparent motion in-mite soace beyone tie u-.most reaca Mr. Tieacoreas acvance agen;-or I only :or _ so he c.assed iimse« --has been in among i s neii i aors o-.a pecu.iar ^inc, .ie te escooe; anc Me combined attrac- "aorcer runans.' --,e wa,saneye wLness o' in amoas and srutal Quan- -j-el. raic on ^awrence. His -"ataer served ut,uer Genera... Jim Lane anc o c John 3rown. Tae consequence or taese years consicerea .-^ en?asrenieii: a :em aorary ooUng water ever since'ais arriv.i. in - ie o- war aas mace aurt a racica repu3 one , ^ un cerstooc that : was to ma^e dt anc it was inown Q lne o ^ cers as Ca*x. .-leattenCea scnoo. at tae state uni , r ;^-,nr ' rn r Vr r» aian that " »-«*» . . · a t r i a trip anc - to e A.r. ca .aaan tnat . w as many o- . ie DCO^.C, -.ia: ae lac versity. ..awrence, Xansas, -ine.e» Coione. WQU c 3rO3a:) y 3e 3act in t i e c o u r s e o Mr. Tieacore comparative.y -aint. or w n c a we iave no Knowledge wnatever, r. wi. t r.y o into Ue regions o-' waica aas astronomers to meas- tion o a . t i e socies o - tae visible u n i - uie r.s cistance -"rom tie earn. srin- veise \vii. rot 36 su^icient to sring it cip.e is exceeding y simole. Suppose, -"or or to prevent it -"rom 3ursuing nis so'rrfary A. S. Joanson ae was o. tae aj^raising tiat appraisee tie .anes o" t i e we e:s w len I started. t o _ c me was Q .,, I .o Canon . J ue- a-"ter A.chison, Tooexa ane Santa Ze rai'roac , p- Western Kansas, lor.g aefore roac ^^ ^ w ^, c r e t u m tQ Denver yia Co . was 3ui.t; went to tie .ncian Territory in 1873, as ac e r t j c t i e ^ nitec States Xiowa, Comancbe anc Iftcian agency; was in :ae jjreat treaty of tht: year at Fort Sil in w nica t^e notorious c iie'"s Santanta a^c Brg- *^re were re easec 'rom orison; came to Colorado in 187^. qonnecteu aim se ' wit i tae Coi.oraco Springs Mountain 'e«*br a tame, afterwarc anc -"or -"our years ·was teacaerin the Stale 1 Dea" anc Duma ins^tute and also ecttor o' -he Dea- Mute c, rub isiec a- tae insfitu-.e; resi^nea - .e-"t a very envia e repu-ation 3e- lim in o'her cities w icre ae had re- siced. We uncers'-.and .aa: he has .eft goin^ sou-.a Jug-, soo'-eet, it orj.Vaen-.: .earn :rom re.ias.e sources taat a.. o the Colorado Springs parties aa?e cis- posec of -. ieir m:eres-. in the notec 3.o'3ert ^. Lee mine at LeacvL.e. Messrs. ~_. Y. -Viarsaa. , L. D. l-louee3usa anc various otaer eastern parties are tae purcaasers. We are unao.e to state waat amoun: o-" money was rea'ized 3y tie sa'e. Mr. J. D. Mac_in returnee Suncay . a narrow . esca ; e - r j^^ n orth" * " " " cepiity a n e ^ Springs. A" r .er returning to ne aote. 'rom Mr. Steams' store ' to.c Mr. Ca ahan :aat I lac given Mr. Stearns an orcen on aim. i so many worcs :ha: ie rat icr gave me to uncef^ stanc taat ae wou.c. I to c aim that Mr. Taeaeore aac agreec to pay me -"or my serv'ce in advanqe ane tha: on ;.ie -"o,.owing V oncay or Tuesca :ae mon ey with waich :iie c large ·a.acec h's i ustra'.ion, tia: J rom a certain poin: on course :orever. .T we imagine an inaao- Tejon s.ree:. ! see .ne. co..ege cue wes:, katec p.ane: aroune tiis runaway peop.e tiere can see now a num aer o- crecito-s :o grieve over a^pearec say N" N W. Tae caange o." di- sky as ari .iant wita s:ars as our own. -out - rO m Soutaern New Mexico, waere ae anc ais unceremonious clesartjre. Steps were recuon cu2 to my caange of position wou e a'termi.ions of years taeir eesceneants - severa. o-' ais friends aave seen engagec about to be taken to aave aim arrested for enab.e me to measure its cistance. 7or i" wi . have no stars except in one portion o-" in mining pursuits curing ne winter. Mr. -jrosecution of Miss Maggie " Je co..ege were further off, a given change the aeavens. where a . wii. 3e co..ectec in Mac/tan informs us taat ae was breed :o 3ut -. -e airc aac : .own * a mv position woule no: cause so'great a a c.uster, then a "ter mi ions o-years more .eave taat country ay tae Indians, jxe- caange of cirec:ion f aac i" i: aac seen *.his wi.. secome invisis.e, and tae in'aaa- wka two companions were camoec in tie ore - ie arirs .he aw cou c reach nearer, a grea:er caange woulc : iave seen rants wi.i aiow o " no aocies outsice Ladsone moun^in, aaou; six;y miles irom " Passenger 'rave, on :he Denver 3io Grance las Seen exceeding y ligh: ever t ie mide.e o' January anc. i: can -jrocuced. Xow -.lis change o-dicection system o" taeir own sun. Socorro. One cay a runner was sen- from para .lax, anc Ue c.s:ance o j L r a star were moving exac: y toward us Socorro to the cam 3 to notiry uem -~iat s*.ars is sau.sit by fiacing Ue or "rom us, the te .escape wou.c. show no ;he Apacaes were lurking in Ueir vicini^ ' ' cue to ue caange in '.ae orooer motion waatever, aecause .ae ci- ana .'aat i : WOIL.C 'ae acvisab.e for -.aem -.o since tie mice.e o' I wou.c senc him ° n -y be accoun .ec. or 3y . le p^eva enceo gar ^'g ^osi .ion i'rbm one'sice o- aeooi: rect.on of tie itar would no: caange. But come :o Socorro for pro-action. Taey a*, jay tie orcer. , s:orms and boccaces on .ae Sana .^e arounc - je sun :o"|tHe opposhe sice. [In observations,mai.e wita tae spectroscope once, no: even-.aking dme -jo se- dic no: now any.iin^ ajou::iie ciarge roac - . » , - soea'dng of .he cis:anceo.":ies:ars Imus: give. resu.s waic i are De.ievee :o afforc a cure-aeir worses waica aac s:rayed some 1878 anc wen. lo Texas, anc wai.e on g . me ^.J., aQ o ~ ctf ' - aant upon my shouxer in :ae Lince Workmen are S'i.. ausy running a :un- no: 3e supposec^-^o inc.uce'.aa-: o: .he measure o- :he ve.ocky o: a s:ar ia :he ci- ais:ance ror^ camp, Taev *e:i -^»eir camp neloii -,ie Zureka .oCe on Cieyenne ouine-s. Trie po? use 9:". language rec*.ibn o" :he ar_e o*sigi:.Accorcing:o:ais anc aU ,aeir e Sees aeainc in -aeir anxiety a: Puea-o, wai e I sa: reacing a pa- moun^in anc ;iie owners, repor: faa: -ae ma ses ;hese obfec-s "s-ar v s f " rea,i;y ce;ermina.ion, ao'.a A aaa L'rsae Ma, oris -.o ge: ou.o- -Je coun-jy. crowing c_er c o' uecistrict court o f Z^ ?aso coun -aer. ~ was no-; placec in a eel. after being 1 , incica ions are becomin sf more -avorable -,ae-r are very ciferen' Socles' as -faev and A'.p ia Cygni are aporoacaing u$, and mountains Mey managec -x keep an- i?,, 1 ' i88j; was en« arres - ec a - p UC3 _ oanc while wai ing 'or every cay. Tae ' - ' Co .draco Springs -.rain, in; ~^e of£cc the senate a-. ',s .as -. was a. ow- -'le . now £ of abou of ae on changes ^ a; pass Apacaes raatagec y exercising prec^cion

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