The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 13, 1920 · Page 14
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 14

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1920
Page 14
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SIX American Forests Dwindling; Prosperity Depends on Them 66,000,000,000 Feet of Lumber Used in this C o u n t i y Hvcry Year --Country Still Short a Million Dwellings--"Grow More Wood," Is Insistent Advice. ' THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, _JWEDNESDAY,CTOBER 13, * WASHINGTON, Oct. 12.--\\ B. Orpeley, focster, of th United State* Forest service, In a article In tho current Issuo of Amor lean Industrie*, «mys thnt th . united States uses 88(000.000,00 i feet of lumber every jear and tha 'our solution of tho problem of fu turo scarcity la not to uso loss woo but to grow moro. Ho says: Consider for a moment our sit nation today as a people of wooi users. The United States at t h l moment is short at !na«t one mil lion homes, tn comparison with Hi. need, new dwellings ar» boing con . atructod at a snail's pace becausu , of the high cost of lumber, w i t h other building materials, and of In _ foor. From the shortage of homes . arise exorbitant rents, crowded living conditions, «ind lowered standards of comfort and family l!f« Tho arorftge farm In the Unltcx! States needs about two thousand board foet of lumber over year for new building* and lfnprovomont« Because the average farmer can not /obtain lumber at prices within his rtac-h, farm development is handicapped and the efficiency of agriculture Buffers. This Is a factor of no' slight Importance in our vital problem of food supply and living costs. W« need six and one-quarter million cords of wood a year to mako , our newspapers, magazines, boohs, pasteboard hoses, and other products manufactured from wood pulp. We ore meet'lng this neod at present only by Importing a third of *ur paper or paTior-majdng materials from Canada. We require from ono hundred to one h u n d r e d and twenty-five million railroad ties «ach year to ke»p and extend our railroad lines. aside from enormous quantities of timber uaod In - other forms for railroad construction, and the building of car*. VTe have to have at least six million _ feet of timber yearly for boxes, "· crates, and barrels, a requirement which Is steadily Increasing. In sov- i eral highly developed agricultural »,regions on assured supply of containers for shipping farm jfroductH j to market has become a serious i problem In Itself. tirottt Qu.iiut.ltlM Consumed. A group of our I m p o r t a n t manu- fuoturera, tho makars of wood veneers, handlun, vohli'loa, f u r n l t u i u, and agricultural .Implements, con mime one and ono-hulf b i l l i o n fee of tlmtmr yearly. It In u p o n ' t h l group, perhaps, t h u t tho g r o w l n s shortage of timber f«.lh most heav lly, since they requite largely high grudo Jmrdwoods and o t h e r ' Urn be. which the vlrirtn forests of t h e United States f u r n i s h e d so lavlshlj but which Jt i» now becoming mon and more d i f f i c u l t to find In d u f f l e lent qmintlticw All told, wo d e m a n d of our f i n e s t * about fifty-six billion foot of tiruboi yearly, ankle from well ovor one h u n - dred million cords of small mnterla. for fuel nnd various chemical products. There IB nothing comparable 10 this «normoun use of wood In tin. History of th« world. We are pre- omlnentily a wood-unity; nation. It s wood thnt has developed our ftirm anda, thnt hna largely Inillt anc: equipped our railroads nnd that supports m n n y of our valuable and distinctive manufacturing Industries We use from two to f o u r times a it muoh wood for every mamber of our population ns tho most htglily developed countries of Kuiopo. Tho abundance and general distribution it our native forc'.stn have line] a -remendous part In tho domestic and Industrial dovolopinent ot the Jnlted BUtcs and In Its commercial upremnoy. We cicn not face the uturo without n sober and Intclll- »nt conaldoratlon of t h n t fact. Even with largo substitutions of ther materials for lumber, the Jnlted States with Its growing popu- atlon c»in not greatly redtiee Its ire«- nt total uso of wood without sprl- us I n j u r y to Its h o m o building, Its grleulturo, and its manufactures Ind wo must (Ind out how to n u p p l v tir own needs largely from our own e«ouree», for it'Is d o u b t f u l it litrn- er Imports can be greatly Increased ithin reaoonablo pi lees Answer IH To Jrcm Wood. The answer to the forestry prob- im of the United btates Is not to USD '«s wood but to grow more--to put ur Idle cares of burned loggecl-off m'boi land at work growing trees Rebels in Vilna Proclaim State "Central Lithuanian Government" with Early Diet Announcecj by Polish Insurgents. WAIHRAW, Get 1 2 - ( 1 ! V The A. P.) -Tho new ' V e n t r a l L l t h i u i n l a n Bcivc.rnmc.nt" In Yllm, prop1,tm od the eroatlon of a. new s.Uo says a I.Ida cltapAtch to t h n Nai'^il A series (if j i i o e U m n t l o i i H Ims been. iH'iui'd t h e llrsl ( i f w h i c h i H o o L i l i n s t h e new H t n t e ( i n d i i n n n i H O H l o eon- » u l o n d l o l In t h e lie i r 1 ' i t i i i e . The s e c o n d , u l d r e h s c d to I he Polish ifciv- e r m n e n l , asks I'm fiirglvonoNs for t h e i n i i t l m of fk'iicricl KollirniiRld's ( l o o p s iinil gly-OH notice of th'e eron- l l o n of I ho new stnto, tho t e r r i t o r y of w h i c h , It In Hot f o i t h , I n c l ' i d r s the l o w n of, (iroclno « l t h tho i Ivor Mn- m e n n.s the d i v i d i n g l i n o f r o m I'o- l,i nil. T h e p r o e l a n i n t l o n f u i t h e r links t h . i l t l i " T'cilfsh troops n p c i i n j I n R c o n l r n l l . l t l n m n l i i he r e w a r d e d is an . i i i n v ol o c c u p a t i o n . ' AUTO FATALITY EVERY 31 MINUTES, NATION'S SCORE , WORLD PEACE DEPENDS ON CHRISTIAN UNITY WASHINGTON, Oct. 12,--WorJ peace will come only wheiY tho prln ciples of brotherhood ne laVl dowi by Christ hav e 'boen adopted by al nations, the World Brotherhood Con gress was told today by tho Rov Samuel Z. Banner of Phllftdalpnla and the Rev. Herbert Dunnieo o London. Both speakers declared ti World war resulted from tho diplomacy of Europe, which they c h n r acterized as "sordid and dirty." The congress received word today that at tomorrow night's sosiion Tn- der Secretary of State Davis would , transmit to tho delegates a message . from President Wilson. William ,1 Bryan will be ono of tho. *.poakorj $100,000 PKARt, ROBBERY. , ·' PHILADKLPHTA,' Oct. 32.--Tho " theft of two pearl necklaces, vahi at more than $100,000. f r o m tho homo of George McFadden, Jr., VII- lanova, has oeen reported to th« Jtollce here. Tho Jewels wore t f i k o n from a case In Mrs MrFadrlpn's hert- room. Recommends Var-ne-sis To All Who Suffer From Rheumatism Further Proof That W. A. Varney, Lynn, Mass. Dear Sir--" For six years I suf- x*red with rheumatism. My knees w«r» so stiff I could scarcely walk, ·ad in going up stairs I had to pull mytelf up by taking hold of tho rail. I ( ·offered constant pain. Phyaiclnns ·aid I had muscular neuralgia, and I took many remedies without relief. At times I was unable to turn In bed. My stomach was so bad that I could scarcely retain food. I took Var-ne-sis and found it of great value for my stomach as well aa for ay rheumatism, as I am now free from rheumatism and can eat anything with no ill effects. Var-ne-sis Is a wonderful medicine and I can recommend it to all suffering as I did." Mr». MARGARET MAHONEY, 622 Fifth Ave., North Troy, N.Y. r»r-o»-l U · T«»tabl rctnedr that ·MM been rernitrtiably »iirre»r-nl ID fcr«tlo num of rheiimatlun, parllcn- rlTtfcaMeUMthat h»»«been tr«»t»d with ordinary remcdl« month aft«r aaonlh without r««al(« Send fur Book- ·t,"Th« Kaitof Hinn»n Htngm," It'* rr»«. Addr«nW.A.V»rni.T,I.yno, Man. WR-NE-SIS RUB-ON EASES -PAIN MT. M'KINLEY CONQUEROR IS DEAD IN FORT YUKON NKW YOHK, Get. 12.--Archdoa- ·on Hudson Stuck of tho Y u k o n , tho first white m n n to nsceml M o u n t M i - Klnlev, died nt K o i t Y u k o n Alaska lust Sunday. Word of hla d e a t h was received here today. MEAT PACKRS OPPOSE INCREASE OF DEMURRAGE ATLANTIC CITY, Oct. 12 - Ono .iih In iwery 31 mliniti'i of tho xtcpii f o m m o n l y n l l n t t i d wilclnR l i o i n s IH tho t o l l of n t i t o m o b l l e n in HIM I ' n l t e d Blati'B, (,' M Tnlbcrt, ot t h e iniiloiiiU i n f o t y c o u n c i l , told , 4 m c o t l n B of lni.niC|CX|inrtM hen-, N i n e t y jior c e n t , of all nrolclcnta o c c u i on p u b l i c hlpthwnya, he Miilrl A i i l o n i o b l l M t a t a l l t l o s h u v n K n o w n f i o m 100 pel- 1,000,000 p o p u l n t l o n In I t i l ' l t o 110 I n I d S i j , n l t h o i i g h t h e y nro not Increasing In proportion to the Inc'rc'iiHp of m n e h l n e H in use M r Tulbprt (idvocnted f i n ni.illon of M i f e t y c o m m l t t e o f l In e v n r v com- riniiilty. LEAGUE ASKS INFORMATION ON SITUATION IN VILNA 1'AIU.H, Oct. 1 2 -- r . p o n llourgools, ns p i p s l d l i i K ollleor of tho executive c o u n c i l of I h f l LeaRiie of Nations, him telegraphed the head of ( h o m i l i t a r y ml.ssinn n«nt to M t h n n n l . i t h n | I n f n r m n l l o n h e t o r n n r d - ed Iron) t i m e 10 t i m e n» occasion ( a i l e d for, regarding events In Vllun w i t h a view lo such action as m i g h t lie u s e f u l to put an end to the*., «c-. · n p . i t l n n of the city hv General '/.c I- KtiuHltl. th'i I'olloh Ilium-sent comm . i n d e i . A Popular Event In Ten Dollar Day Lee's repeals a f e i t u r e w h i c h w i l l appeal to many f u r n i t u r e buyers-and make new f r i e n d s for the store. If you l i m p a f u r n i t u r e need come on Wednesday and fill it. Yon may do so at a clodded .saving which will make your eominq wll w o r t h while. 1379 MAIN STREET ixm WVOKCTK b r o u i j h t s u i t fo- d i v o r c e a g a i n s t ! Is wife, A n n a , n'l elnrr nilcpom'upr iy her on Anrrim- ·' l i « t The- writ I'H i c i i i i i v i h l o to t i l - ^ c i p e r l o r c.our' on l h ' n - ·''! (".-I I - n! XOAember, Tln» c o u p l e wen m ! · · · , ( « o n J a n u a r y I ; I d ' 1 "UNCLE JOE" CANNON BREAKS WRIST IN FALL nANVJU,H, 111., Oct. 12.--Repre- flentntlve Joseph (5. cannon Buffered considerable pain today from the fracturo of ono of the bones of hl» left wrist at his homo here. Tho I n j u r y was received when he slopped on a piece of coal In the basement a n d fell heavily on Ma arm He did not call it physician u n t i l \entorday. An X-ray picture revealed the fracture. A Big Bargain Day K v e r y o n c i n l^ridgcporl knows Lee's Dollar Days -- and the splendid \ a l u c s \vc have always qnen on those red letter d,i k vs. Here is a far bipgcr- --more important event --for you.. The same range of bargain-, is here-- hut the m u l t i p l i e d value of the offerings make them appeal to many more people. DOLLAR DAY Remarkable Values 72 H H WASHINGTON. Ocl 1 1 1 -- H u l l road proposals to inrrpiiso doniu'i- nigu charges on freight -ciira d e t t i l n ed by shippers were a t t a c k e d trnl.iA by the I n M t l t u t o of Amorleuu MCM; Packers In a brief Illed with the In, torstato (.'oinnierce eomnilKalon, w h e r e the question In p c n d l u f r Th* packers assoi'fod t h a t much of the delay In moving froUrht Ociulpmcnt VMIS duo to the mllroacls t l u n i s e h e t that Increase In (lemurrago vliai-gos would not necesmirllv Increiise the ellleloncy of operation, ivnd w o u l d penalize Hhlppwn iiinnoceasiirlly. Itecpnt l a t e Increases, the ibrlef uldod, have already put u p o n shlp- -r« an u n d u e sharo of tho cost of l l t o a d ro-ndjustment. ASKS FOR REHEARING OF JUSTICE HITZ'S DECISION For Wednesday, Only Every Item Special for One Day Porcelain Top Kitchen Tables While Enameled Adjustable High Chairs Bedroom Chairs and Rocker^. All Finishes, Combination Mattress,Any size Big High Back Comfortable Oak Rockers Three Golden Oak Slip Seat Diong -hairs Fine Reed Rubber Tire Strollers-Some with Hood White Enameled Beds-Any size High block Woven Wire Bed Spring Any size Gas or Electric Table Lamps White Enameled Cribs and Biisiinettes With Mattress. Heating Stoves, With Nickel Trimmings Two- Burner Nickel Gas Plates Double Ovens With Glass Doors \VASHluVC3TON, O t. 12.--iPost- iirister Gonvnil Hurluaon tmlny fllcd vlth tiin DMHct of Columbia Ku- remo Court a potltlon for ti roliuin- n;t on tho tlodilmi of Justice J i l t ? , n e v e n t i n g ewlutilun f r o m t l i p m a l l s T th« y«vr York Call, ri Sorlnllht owsimpor. Tho c o u r t set tomorrow IT hoarlnff on tho motion Tlio Worklntrman'a Co-oporatlve i J b l l s h l n g AflSoclntlBn, publlshora ot I tho Call, in a brlof r c n l v h i K to t h f postmiiKtor srDiicnil'H p o t l t l o n , c hiir- nctorlxoil Mr. 'nurlojrfin'n action ns "Moroly for the purpoKo of clofoat- Ingr t f '» order of I ho loiirl," and -Ip- dared ih«i,t no now fucla woro ( o n - talncd In tho roqiieat for lolionrliiK. ARTHUR M. COMLEY TO SPEAK AT VOTERS' CLASS 60-inch Couch Covers Golden Oak or Mahogany Pedestal Oak or Mahogany Writing Desks Silk Floor Lamp Shade Parlor Tables Wicker, Walnut or Ivory, $15.75 value-- Full Size Com- fortables Pair of Fine Quality Blankets A r t h u r M C o i n l e v w i l l give (lie oond In the series of l e c t u r e n p h i u nod for the I n s t r u c t i o n of tho new voters at tho ( J o l d o n Hill strei-l home ot the Y. M C. A A v o l l u s rnaohlno wlll_ b o ( l o r n o u s t i a t e d u n c l '" nirrkl instruetlonrt fl£lven LMIs^ iphrcxo'no H o w n K I I V O the f i r s t In tho sorie«. Oilier piograms n r c liUnnocl for Oe.fotiei 20 and .'7 All w o m e n I n t e r e s t e d I n t h o l i i H t r u o t l o n s .ire e x t e n d e d cordial I n v l l i c t l o n ^ __ ____ _ £ TWO DISABLED U. S. SHIPS TOWED INTO ST. JOHN'S Dressing Table Benches, Bedroom Chairs or Rockers--All Finishes Steam Cookers for Canning-Hold 14 Quarts 5 Yards Heavy Inlaid Linoleum CANTON HALL 1087 Broad St. TO RENT Avall.'tbln for D a m o n , Iln/unrH, EntertulnmontH. lit. ifor p u r t l e u - lars apply Juriluir ol liullclliiK 1087 Broiwl St. Ojip. I'OHI Offlro VP JOI1NH, N. K . ( l e t U'-'Ph,, Arnerlcnn ntpunuilil|iH DeUo i,rni 1-aho J"unin.H, hoth dlmililed nt sou, wore towed In hero veaterdny. Tli« Ixilc-a. riillncli'lphlii for 'opctnluiK-eo with ii (virtro of coal n n d oil. |u«| h«r niddor. Tho Lulco Kiirrm.i !o«l l i e r propnl- Inr blade.') w h i l e b o u n d h o r n Mim- olieHtor fur N o r f o l k REAL BEAUTY IS In tin- Complexion and tin 'I (ml HfiiHon EL GANTIS CREAM JUld Powder IH n ltcr|iil N fl «f Mo-.t Women \viio Cmv view iio'in, TO i|.;\ Tho f o r m a l l n « | , ( c t l o n .mil open I n g of t h o N n w 1 ' i u v l c l u i l h o i e l w i l l t a k e place t o m o r r o w n l g l i i ( ' I t j ofl] e l u l s (mil o l h e i H n l l p ),,, K U I - S | M ol 1-llciUH ]( J o r c l u i , preshlc'iit of I Inh o t e l jcollowlng Hie Innin-etloii i,t M i , , h o t e l n bariijiiet w i l l be i,el,l a n d several m e n w i l l n d d r o n i t h n galh "ring The hotel IN tho MrMl one OM-IIIH Ivrly for negroes, to l.,i In the Mtalf rm- AVITHOI/T WATI.'U ·1/KU'MC, not, |J The nniulel pal workei-H Bti ueli MMlerdny 'ind thp i-lti Is wlthoiil (·!,·( 11 Ion V, £.,i Velvet Uugs Size 36x72 in. White Enamel Medicine Cabinets With Mirror Doors «!«·«· QM|H«E 42-Piece Blue Bird Breakfast Set on any of These on Wednesday Only Any Household Range--"Built to Bake." Mahogany Sectional Boolc-caacs. Fumed Oak Living room Suited from the 7 'piece suite at $47.50 up. Mah. Frame three piece Muleskin Living room Suite $99.00. Three Piece Mah. Frame" Tap. Spring Seat LivinR room Suite $98.00. Buffet, China Closet, Ext. Table, or Lib. Table. Mah. Davanette $47.50. Any Dre«Bcr in stock. . O. Dining room Suite consisting of Ext. Table, Buffet, 4 Slsp Seat Chairs at $92.50. vory Bedroom Suite, Bed, Dresser, Chifforobe $74.98. Any combination of articles up to $75.00. Any Rug in our big stock up to $85.00. Any Grafonola or Talking Machine. Any Piano up to $^50.00. Any Living Room Setlee up to $110.00. And on this Big Special Offering--White Enameled Bed, Sanitary Springs, Cotton Mat :ress, Golden Oak Dresser, and Chair or Rocker--price for complete suite, $67.50. 6x9 ft. Cong-oleum t Rugs Pair of Tapestry Portieres Pair of Fine Quality Feather Pillows ·· ·· l i « l i l s i v l n y time.) Sun rl^'.s 7 :(I2 n. in Hun i«'lH 11:10 p. in. TIlpli water 1 U : I ( I |. m, Uiw water , . . . . 7 : 2 0 p. m. Anarchy in Russia Fear of Officials (Coil tin nod from I'IIRC 1.) Hire itenod to a t l m o Bolshevism disrupt Ilia c o u n t r y , r e c e n t l y I I M I cleared B a l l s f a c t o r l l y , n e e o i d l i i s r lo reports received by tho d e p n r l n i e n t . The h'ugue of B o l s h u v l i n i w i t h the Turkish N a t i o n a l i s t s also rim: been I r r e t r i e v a b l y weakened \v!t'a the r e n t of M,ustnnha ltcni:il .uul his followers Most .significant of (lie w a n e of Soviet I n f l u e n c e I n K u r o p e , accord- I n g to oIllcIftlH, was the rejection of U o l s h e v l k overtures by SwltJ!' v "laii«l w h i c h In .situated so an to ho able lo form an a c c u r a t e o p i n i o n of tin; character and f u t u r e of. the vvlol r offline. It Is now also k n o w n t h a t .somewhat curlier H o i i m a n l a rejected overtures of. tho Soviet go% eminent. Tho j u d g m e n t of Socialists u p o n the Soviet g o v e r n m e n t w:« o.\pc«cted t i be roKlstored w i t h partlrul.ii 1 um- ph.isls at t h e m o e t l n j r of (he f!i-r- man Houialists nt Halle, whern t'.iv- rlplit wlnff o« (bo ( i e r m a n Socialist yiurtv Is exiiijtrd to w i t h d r a w frori t h e c o n v e n t i o n on I he I«MIU :if :ul- h e r n n c o to tho Moscow (Milrd i n ' o r l l u t i n l o . T h e r l f f h t whiff I n d t i d p H I h o Broat m a j o r i t y ol' Sorlnllnt'1 In (!.Tm n n y and m.iy bo considered, In Iho o p i n i o n of oIlli-lalH as r p p r i ' s e n t a t l v e nf (he ffrnwlng n t l l t u c l r of dlslnisl of p:eneral!' in ICuro'io t o ward Dolshevlsni. "My SK-lon Muck makm the round trip from ISrw YnK-k to Philadelphia in 24 koun-- « lny» n vc«k. It linn never mimed a trip «»d (mi nlrnijy paid for itunlf Devcral time*.". J rom ojtlHitr ma vflmnircit v · AiuM Illmymt I* rmmf. three-poiut motor and transmission JL Buspension and the flexible, pressed steel. frame of the Mark truck make possible full- capacity doliverirs over rough roads -- with no fear of chassia distortion and its attendant costly repairs and loss of time. Distinctive Mack engineering features combined with 1 8 bafje Mack patents have developed the motor tri ick the world is talking about. Capacities 1(4 to 7!4 Ion*. Tractors to IS ton* Catalogue* upon raqucrt MACK MOTOR TRUCK COMPANY 073 CniinrcUrtit Avenue, Ilrlditeport, Conn PERFORMANCE COUNTS" WARN ING 1 Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for 20 years and proved safe by millions. SAFETY FIRST! Aaept only an "unbroken package" of genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," which contains propef directions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheumatism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and for pain generally. Strictly American! Handy tin boxes of 12 tablet i cost but a few cents--Larger packages. Anplrln li the trad., mark at Bayer M inufncluro of MonotcotlowsldMter of talloyllc*cl4 sure IF CO£® BAMP I3)A^f S AFFECT YOUR THEOAT r TRY A BOX OF THEY RELIEVE ALL THROAT IRRITATIONS AND STOP A COUGH ALMOST AT ONCE INEWSPAPERif

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