The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 15, 1899 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1899
Page 4
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--·-·°m fmnfnng w muasjo I aoUe* toot**, the thJef who bad klaawn taxta bisowahaU . Jaiaed as gnat a mystery as aByTaaaea gghBi^matt robbery IB oaaa dayilgkt, lot Oat whan the f«($kaniuaad(bsBo- He* arrived aad proceeded aabaaaly to to- spa* tto lector box two tomtits **·]» «o»«wl twJde. TUsledto*aaanh,aa4 ·0 yards off, tying on the grooad, with beak mack* apoaU,waathe«iMek. Whether tite tamtita ted Atoned to indoaiin Whose name *»-- r *-- " fri-p in |Trt , BJ ·MM to tbe abeck ii not dear, tat ttt* tits, Dangers of the Crip. The greeteat danger from to grippe is ito restating m pneumonia. H reaaoD. ·bte care is aaed. however, and ·«j«e »re Bs um, wwever, ana mam- oeriaia'a Conga remedy taken, at] danger win be avoided. Among the tens of thousands who have nsed this remedy tar » grippe we have yet to learn of a CUBM FOLKS OF TODAY. Streagth utf Sutu, the Social Classes. io noras or witt *v«r took apoa Urn a* aa anemy, a hypocrite aad a tnmooat *»* wdaJ profajata in On be, '-" « _j| fjpam. It negro's disposition to struggto faTecsT Joi hia late amaneipation from slavery being of too recent a dale for him to SAVJfAWW **** * ol i» i *«d that spirit (A equality ao JIAJI » u «'evideot among bis brethren of other dimes. He demand* oniy justice, proper ^^traatmeat and tbe prospect of a anffi- oentlj well guaranteed salary to enable to cover his daily want* Under a le government and an era of returning prosperity, with employment isa». by aw Author.) ** all, the Cuban oagro, satisfied ia hi* L wants, will prove quiet, orderly aad la «· .nisauu of December. 18M *"tmi*sive. tbe really hardworking Ptesidetit Cleveland, speaking of Oafaa,* teaeat ta tbe ""tire popolation. Bat aaid, "Itissoneartoaaaatobebardlr 01 "^* di *ta'bed political condition*, eeparated from oor owa territory. "*?° b ' *? to9 *«** «» w« ---__ --» having resulted in pneumonia which anows conclusively that this remedy is a certain preventive of that AwaBB, It will core la grippe in leas tme than any other treatment. It is pjeaaant andaafe to take. For sale by · E. Beardaley. Report of tlm Condition of Ou, First Xational Bank OAWt. JKJBk tsOoUy aad diacoontg $ 171,887 7S fnttntutttti rummii.iit »u* a ·Tl« iT Overdrafts, secured «nd ojw-CTire C.S. bonds to «ecniB circulation PremunmsojiC. 8. hoods ... . gocte, swmn ties, etc Banian? house, fnrmt 2,480 St ed States woold be the greatest baonnperior to the whites ia courage aad that coold poarifaly befall the JalaBd«ndnraDce. may become on the contrary from tbe standpoint of indaottrial, -^n^tarbalent aad diaordeiiy element*, aad iatelleetaal progress. The small foretga population of tba Tbe contention on tbe part of Ameri- 1 « J * od . eonsistiag chiefly of German, can sympathise* and advocate* of OB-***"*. English and American mer- baa independence that tbe Cabaas can-°bant*, tar tbe mort part agents or mid- no* rote their ooaatry a* badly a* tbe djajn « n ' numbering bat a few tbooaud, Saaoiard* hare ruled it, and should beTM 000 * be included among tbe politieal- girea a chaooe to show whether or not 1 ? significant inhabitants, a* they would they are capable of self government la ***** «· retain their nationality while excellent ia ha way. doea not* 1 * 1 continue being foreigner* on Cuban offer a practical solution to tbe Cnbaa*°U- probtem, involving as it doea world- ID general tbe Cuban* are trflay de"" " ~ J ~it apoa tbe Spaniard* ia tbe -«, for their daily bread. With tb« tbe island, itaexcejrtion of a few cigar factoriea. ClearanceSale of Winter Goods C. M. DAHL'S. Here are some seasonable bargains. Prices as low as can be made. . Some special bargains . . . nf "TM' OT00 ·»* *»· indnatriea, , owned and operated by foreign capital. Other reti"egtate* _o«?ea . ...... , .................... Doe trom natkmal bsnjks .. ............. approved re............ other cub Item* ... .i..... ....... U8960 Sate* of o«Jwr natioaal banks ................. i«S 00 eper cnr- g.andcgits S« 73 r rewrrein ra.-- Specie ............. ,,,, IOSS7 50 r notes... OOOOD food nth TlTs: (S percent of circulation) * otal ------»- -- .» u.u.oujim uwocu ma operaiea oy lareign capital. sSow ^» S^Iation of the ialaad today i*tie entire manufacturing and indn*- t^SJSj about 800,000. oae-balf of which iatrial life of Cuba ia controlled br Soan- ri,"^dfa. awaM !22fl^ the other half evealy di-tards, moat of the rngar estates M · - 42X100 oo "r* 1 08tW8eB Cabana and Spaniard*, owned by or hypothecated to Spaniard*. m ° r * a * es woo oo i^* 8i7e«» total popalatioB of bona practically all the tobacco plantatioaa *^ rblteCllbaM TM 800 ' 000 - *» **** VB «'«» AbaJo an owned ^ aid __._ ( The total area of the ialaad te4l,«M^niard«. aad tl»«iatwi»rteam«aij aqaara mJtea, ezeltujvaiof tbe Isle of line*, and most of tbe railroads throaga- Haea, and other anall islands, the for-oirt tbe iaiand are controlled by theST mer containing 1,800, tbe latter aggre- The Spanish element therefore renre- gatog 870 square mile*. tents capital, the Cohan element Sbol Tbns in dimension, ,he MM d of Their relative position* wiMrofler w Cobm closely appraximatea the rate of change by the mere cessation of Spain'* I «ew Scrk, which support* a popola-aovereignty over the island, a* * l4 5 e S^ II86 ' 000 ' 00a aedneM «* Vmon»l and proprietary ·aderiBg that cf it. total ezteatrigfata must aad will be eoaSdeVedli ^?i ^'^-^LH^ s cS rer *"" * aeaaa °* * ~.|a.^l..^H ' lStt ^ te I THa «0«W*I^B nit «.U«. *·--- · _ +* . ,, . .. «, . « . _*3*»"»«'l ^^00 001 OVERCOATS. Heavy overcoats, exceptionally choke goods wffl be sold at a reduction of ao to 30 per cent u long as they last. Heavy weight, best quality, double breasted coatsand vestsin chinchilla and astrakhan to be closed outat great reduction ia price. Gloves and mittens, all styles and sizes, most go regardless of price. A fine line of the latest in fur caps to be sold at a reduction worth taking advantage of. We still have a few lined duck suits which most be soM and will go at surprisingly tew figures. HENS SUITS. CI £ V £ t .. 8ult * stylish «nd duraWe. Fonnerty $8, now *«« nude Ce AJ% $5.00 Fancy cheviots, satin lined, one of the *«»ie**uitson the marketTtQ AA Formerly sold for $1*. now $9.00 - . ------ -- ~_.~«B u well as a ftyttohandcomfortable suit. ec An Formerly $8. now only 5O.OO Durable Hue cheviots for young tA AA men. Formerly $6, now only 54.00 Boys suits In durable xoods. Form. «*«h eHy $1.60, now only " 90C ln ourstock wiMbeofferedat make room ** our low Call and Look Our Stock Over. accMtomed to that almabonae emlgra-exirtence, accepting it as second nature tbe mother country baa not«"d aspiring to no betterment or im- ettew "' |WOTemen * if ^^ ad*«"wl comfort h «*e«* lnns » te aeqoired attneezpenaeof work , togetber«nd thrift e a *%* a b M B M »«« f Director*. ^mr^ *' *** -N5^^iii in nt^iiK | H. S. FWES2.1 Thf Shoemaker, S SAFES. BiCBOiO GEO. C. QARROW, afMrt. tt ftwl, Mia. B%e and burglar proof safes, 1 *- 1 -- -ifc deposit v»«lS etc. 8ECEET 80CIETI». UASOS1C. P. * · · · c. n. DA IIL 1 CUT . . . . ··· I FLOWERS Amerieaa beantie!. ,, _. oaten. ConunoQ roses, red. cink reUcnr, while, «^5 to *I 50 ^S nm a. tuzpp. Carnattona. SOto 75 tents TlT? gwdoeen. Violet*.S5 crow per ^22 TO short noHoe. Only fl^t C 1«S * Nortb Dakota Floral Oo,, ~ F.UJQO. X. D. "* ATHENCUM . OSE A7GHT OAXr. Friday, Feb. 17,1899 Here They Art. They're Off in a Bunch. THE OSrtJWAI. JUTO OSLV HOYT'S A tali of Keys, OR THE HOTEL. ADA BOTHHER AS TEDDY. The Effervescent and Sparkling Farcical Comedy. ^^ SAINT PAUL ·*·*·*«* (·4#av*«f444? ^i^fiiyiiiii^ jpy "North-Western" Advertisers Entire Hei U*t of Calefcy SflBgj, Bwerredjaeats at Remington's. Prices 50,75 and tt. Is the Sbortsst aad Best Roote t» CtUCAOO aad the BAST MWNEAPOUS aMi ST. PAUL; ", alw, Uweqarpmmt of itobaiiu U tbe mart ^-- of ttecw bnllden ut,eafeddrte* »u HEW EMCUUID, BOSTON, MONTREAL, QUEBEC; ONTARIO, - MEW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA e o WATER SEINERS n» HAVANA. JOKDOff OSDSS OXfttD WOtaOOtS M«M» the flrrt «nd * mootb S i *°' B. H. BBOMO*. iths in the island for tbe moatii of Oc-f°«ns« to benefit and enrich her loyal tober, 1898, a* one birth to every 86 »»d favorite *oaa. But no arraignment death* reported by the health depart-o* Spain's conduct in tbe part or con- nent The official death report caa demoation of her iajqaitoaa treatment hardly be taken a* aa accurate record a* *** colonists, however severe, will of mortality, owing to tbe fact tbat«»ail to alter present conditions, which many hundred* die and are tmriad ia arast be studied and dealt with M they Je country of which no notice i* given 8°* exist to tbe local authorities. Absolately independent Cuba would Tbe inevitable result most therefore ktean political isolation, commercial ^t the namerfceJ preponderance of tbe *tagJ»tion and economical paralyzation, paaiafa element in tbe white popala-» ralapaa into anarchy aad barbarism on of tbe island, toe continued pro- "^ retrogression to tbe status aod ia- -oe* of SpaaiahiaftiMatca, Spanish thrift aigniflcanoe of Haiti or Santo Domingo, and Spanish dollar* outweighing aatire The Onbans are intelligent They are power, indoleaoa aad penury, aad tba quick to learn, aorewd, and a* a da** oontinoanc* of gpaotob method* sad *obsr and temperate, bnt on the other practice* ia free aad independent Oaba. tand they are idealista They are not All tbe oonstituents which mate up practical nor thrifty; they like loza- »be mixed Cuban people, whether ia- font iadrfenfle far better than bard Magenta, native bora, autoaomia** or worit *ad they are fervent worshipers resident Spaniards, woold have a voice «* H» "let tomorrow take car* of it*elT' and vote in tea administration of gov- eutt With their Spanish Mood they ernment, aad it would b* found that faaTe berit«d many defect* and few of the native Cuban being a minority to the virtues of tbeir forefather*. Their hi* own land tbe island would continue Qualities make of them "good fellow*" to be controlled and ma by tbe Spaa- *°d excellent companion*; bat, jadgiag ianto--obstructing progress, thwaiBaai *rom a M year*' experience ia Ooba, I reform* aad pnvanting its romiaaMlal *»** " toe people of tbeUnHwd State* and indwtrial growth. wUl do well to establish ao clow to Xa* Spaaaard ia Oaba wfll acvwoa- ««·!» ·»»»· a republic rabject todi«- COBM rahanttM an4 will rate la Maul J tarbiag revolatioas, aad thereby aooapt time hatred aad contempt for tbe in- the responsibility in history for a crime aolar deaoaadants of M* raoa. who ia ««*Hut otvilisatioB. A. a OOCBIM. Is ·feefrie U*ited butt iulde sad out. uxj «ff^**w^^5»iaa»^^y^nt%in5S Cor. Second and Broadway. FINEST TRAINS ON EARTH FROM St Paul C. K Lrmc, Pieddauu T. D. KtXDtKK. Vim Canadian COAL - WOOD. . ICE. . OATS . . BRAJff . - 8BOHTS - CAPITAL, 9100,000, tntere* Pmtd an Time Deposit. TIE 1HEHTORS uvcoim, A fJori* ««p*r(or ten*. I**«lrfes««rbe made thrMB-hrt»«litof of LswsFRBS- ELEX^TRIC UGHTDE AND STEAM HEATED. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBUNE. HEW WEW YORK AXD ALL POINTS EAST. TbrcRurta F»«i Xr»m. Daily u 508TB PldFIC C0.4ST POUTS. Rate* A ttraj/*

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