Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on August 8, 1890 · Page 10
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 10

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1890
Page 10
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Fuoliahed evory Evening and Sunday Morn- Inir. (Saturday evening exoepted), by MITT PATTOIff J. E. HITT, Editor. J. W. PATTON, Business Manager. JDaily, including' Sunday edition per irtouth-. .1.............. 5) One year, ii! paid iu advance I5.0I Sunday edition, per month -...._.. a Semi-Weekly edition, per annum 8lji ·*· ·· six months...... ,,, 7; In clubs of ten ,,...., 81 Send money order-or draft at our risk. Ad dress "Constitution Steam Printing-Co." Chil licothe. Mo. EVENING* EDITION. FRIDAY, AUGUST 8. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. For Supreme Judge, .IAMES B. GANTT, Ol Henry County, *'"? Supt. of Public Schools, L. E. WOLFE, Of Randolph County, For Railroad Commissioner, H. W. UICKMAN, Of Stoddard County, For congresn, Second Coogressionu. District, · CHARGES II. MAKTSUJR, of Livingston county ANNOUNCEMENTS. FOB COUNTY C-I.JEKK, We are authorized to announce I*. J. Minnick, as a candidate £or Clerk of the County Court of Livingston county, subject to the a«*tt of the democratic party, We are authorized to announce Henry Cowffill as a candidate for The office of County Clerk of Livingston county, subject to the democratic nominating convention. We are authorized to announce the na of 8. A. Corwin as a candidate for the position of county clerk of Livingston county, subject to the will of the republican county convention. "We are authorized to announce the name of V, Samuel lisa candidate 1'or the ollice of county clerk of Livingston county, subject to the decision of the democratic party. We are authorized to announce the nameot Jas. Leeper. of ChiUieothe, as a candidate for tho office of County Clerk of Tjivinjrston county, subject to the will of the Democrat party. FOR RECORDER. We are authorized to announce Joseph Broaddus es it candidate for the oflice of Be- ·order of Deeds of Livingston county, snhject to the action of tho democratic party. We are-authorized to announce the name of Nat Cooper as a candidate for re-election to the office oi- Recorder of living-ston county, eubieetto the will of the .Democratic party. We are authorized to announce E. H. Wolf- skin as a candidate for the ortice of Kecorder of IDeeds of Living-ston County, subject to the action of the democratic party. We are authorized to announce S. J. Hogre as a candidato for the office of Recorder of .Deeds of Livingston County, subject to the ction ol' the democratic party. We arc authorized to announce the name of P. J. Bailey as a candidate i'or the position of Kecorder of "Livingston county, subject to the will of the Democratic party. We are authorized to announce W. A Green of Cream .Ridge townshio, as a candidate for the office of Becordcr of Koeds of Livingston county. Mo., subject to the action of the demo. «tic party. VOR TREASURER. We are authorized to announce Mont H. Smith as a candidate for the ofnce of treasurer of Llvmgstoii county, subject to the action of the democratic tion. nominating, convcn- 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination of County Treasurer, subject to the wishes of the majority of the demo- enratic party of Livingston county. Mo. J. HAIIVE MAT HEWS. I-OR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY. "We are authorized to announce B. B. Gill »B a candidate for the oQSce of Prosecuting Attorney of Livingston county; subject to he decision of the Democratic party, We are authorized to announce Scott J . Miller as a candidate for the office of Prosecuting: Attorney for and "within the county of Livingston, subject to the action of the democratic nominating convention. . We are authorized to announce Joseph Bar- tonaa a candidate for re-election to the of- floe of Prosecuting Attorney of Livingston eanty; subject to the action of the lemo- eratic party. :PO« CIRCUIT CI^ERE, We are authorized to announce John A Ryan as a candidate for the oflice of Circuit Clerk of Livingston county, subject to the de cIKion of the democratic nominating coaven tion. We are authorized to announce the name o± Elder J. E, Partlonner us a candidate for th oflice of Circuit Clerk of Livingston county subject to the decision of the Democratic "I have no sympathy," said U. S. Hall, of the F. and L. U., the other day, "with demagogues who go over, the country advocating the theory that the thieves are all in town and the honest men all in the country. The retail merchants are not your enemies, Where there is competition among country retail merchants you will find no trusts or combinations to take advantage of you. Everywhere I have been I found a spirit of competition existing among retail merchants, cutting down prices and undermining each other through the columns of the newspapers or printed hand-bills, all bidding lor your trade. In 74 counties I have traveled over, I have failed to find the combine among retail merchants, If we drive every store out of town but the one we patronize we will have built up a trust. If we organize over the country against men who have not organized against us, we will be a trust-breeding instead of a trust-breaking organization. Let us not make enemies of men who are engaged in a legitimate business, but keep after the trusts and unite for the welfare of our country." "AS WE PASS BY-" Secretary Blaine spent Sunday President Harrison at Cape But still democratic organs with May. insist that the president and secretary of state are scarcely on good speaking terms.--Tribune. The democratic organs are right. The two dromios used the Bell Te)e phone--at long range, too. AND now Hon. R. P. Bland fcns been nominated for congress by ao clamation in the Eleventh district (Jefferson City) by the gallant democracy, it seems that our Missour Democratic congressman have no op position before the conventions an will have none before the people i November. So be it. While the .. A. E. is not a political organization a majority of its members, be it remembered, generally lake considerable interest in Bepublicsn. primaries.--Tribune. It is so universally known that Jesus Christ was,, and is, the head .of modern Christianity that it is not deemed necessary to be constantly reminding the people of the fact. J. B. Jewell, Esq., of tbu Carrollton Democrat, will preach in Gallatin Sunday, August 9th. A. W. Lawrence, for 16 years agent of the H. St. Joe E. E. at Breckenridee, has resis-;ucil his position. Mr. John Curry from Elagcv City, Wis . came in yesterday for a short visit to his Brother, Willison Curry, south of the city. Mrs. Hockett and family, of Cliilli- cothe, Mo., wbo have been guests of Mrs. John Boulger, have returned home.--Independence Cor. K. C. Journal. Mr. Jasper Halsteacl, of Breckcu-* ridge, and Miss Msittie B. Davis, of GaUatin, were married at the residence of Prof. Burhnuk in Gallatin, Tuesday last. IF free sugar will give us cheape sugar, aad if cheaper sugar will b better for the American consumei why will not free everything cheape everything to the consumer, and wh; will it not be better for the con sumer? IF a protective taiiff, for protec tion sake, is a good thing for thi country, why not have the tariff sti higher? Everybody confesses tha the tariflE should be reduced and w say that no tariff at all would be stil Setter. U. '. HAI.L in his speech at Evon ast Saturday, said he despised th demagogue who went about the country "laboring" with his inout and abusing men because they woulc not become demagogues themselves "We are authorized to announce Alex Kob- naon of Sarnpsel township, as a candidate 4or the office of circuit clerk of Livingston ootmty, subject to the action of the Demo* cratic countv convention August 23, 1S90. FOR PROBATJi JUDGE. We arc authorized to announce J. W. Bird ·f Rich Hill township, as a candidate for the oiDce of Probate Judire of Livingrstpn county, subject to the will of the democratic party;oJ "''vimrston county. We are authorized to announce the name *IC. A.Perrin, of Chlllicothe township, as d*dato- for -the--position of Probate of this county, subject to the action of the Democratic county convention J hereby announce myself as a candidate for Judsce of the Probate Court of Livingston county, subject to the action of the democratic county convention. John F. Gilchrist. FOB SKEB'FF. We arc authorized to announce M. Broyles "- " - ston ingsi Demo- e a candidate for Sheriff of Livin -eounry, subject to the decision of the cratic party. We aro authorized to announce B. L. Taylor, as a candidate for Sheriff of Livingston cointy, subject 10 the action of the Dem-- ocratic party. We are ' authorized to announce John Thompson as a candidate for Sheriff ol Liv- ntfston county, subject to the decision of the democratic party. · ·We are authorized to announce the name of J. C. Jianev, of Medicine township, as a vandidate for the office of Representative of Livingston county, subject to the will of the O mocratic party. We are authorized to announce Jacob L' V mlth, of Chillieothe. as a candidate for the office of Representative of Livingston county, subject to the will of the Democratic county convention. -We are authorized to announce J, F. O'Reilly of Fairview township, as a candi-, date for Bepresentative of Livingston county. subject to the -win of the Democratic convention, August 23, 1S90. YOB VKISIOIN*; JtSTIt'K. " We are authorized to announce tho name of Prent'ce Waite, of Cream ftldse town- snip, as a candidate for the office of Pre- BidfDB Justice of the County Court, subject to tha will of the Democratic county con- toYheVili of the Dem vention. Ties^ Ties! I want evtry tie I can get along tbe C., M. St. P. road. Write to me or call to see inc at Cbillicothe, Mo., over Citizens' National Bank Aug7wlo C *-- ANDERSON. IT is said that twelve republicar senators will vote against tbe Fraud ?orce-Bill. Judge H. C. McDougal of Kansas City, formerly of Trenton a noted Republican lawyer is in Washington working against the bill ONE of our exchanges calls thi office-seeking element in the Alliance 'political agriculturists." Guess ,hey have got 'em down about right No MAN ever earned a million dot lars. If he has gotten a million dollars, or more, it is evident has robbed others. that he THE tariff question is the question and it has come to stay till settled. There's no dodging and no half-way business about it. FARMERS sell their produce in the world's market; let them buy there. That's the kind of protection they need. SOME people have been asleep for the last quarter of a century and cannot realize that the war is over. LABOR receives just that sort of protection from "protection" as a mouse receives from a cat. With our present understanding of the matter we dispute the idea that « people can tax itself rich. IT is a "poser" to ask the average western man of what benefit protec* tion has been to him. THE Republican township delegate election comes off in this county tomorrow, Saturday. Is Consumption Incurable? Bead the following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newark. Ark., says: "Was down with Abscess of Lungs and friends and physicians pronounc ed me au Incurable Consumptive Began taking Dr. Kings New Dis covery for Consumption, am now oil my tbird bottle, and able to oversee ihe work on my farm. It is tho inest medicine ever made." Jesse MUdlewart, Decatur, Ohio, says- "Had it not been for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption I would nave died of Lung Troubles. Was given up by doctors. Am now n best of health. Try it. Sample free at N. J, Bwetlaod Co. j Druggists. In Breckenridge tho other day a youna roan asked a rich old chap for the hand of his daughter and waa somewhat tsken back when the old gentleman asked, "What's tha matter with the rest of her?" The Chillicothe Normal School and Business Institute, which we notice in several places in this issue, is a deserving institution. Its president and proprietor, Prof. Allen Moore, has no superior «s an edus cator in the state. -- Meadvillc Bles- senser. When Baby was sick, -we gave her Castoria. When she was a Child.'she cried for Castoria. When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria. When she had Children, she gave them Castoria. ATTENTION! The Second Hand Store, old Tohnsvon Tobacco .Factory, on South Locust street, is the place to buy or sell ail Second Hand goous. If you want to buy or sell aaything give us a call. Satisfaction guaranteed. M E N D B N H A L L CO. Aprl 50 dw ti Spooner-Peyton, the "Lightning Rod Agonts," the usual company of dramarlc artists--the horns that usually test their talents in comedy at the Opera House one week, commencing -Monday, Ana;. H. Doa't rnias it. One hundred and sixty acres bottom psstnre for rent. Has not been grazed this year. Plenty of water. JulylOw4w ANDREW LEEPEK. A GEAND SCHOOL- The Chillieothe Normal School and Business Institute stands at the head. Its faculty, composed of twenty- three members, cannot be surpassed. This school sustains a Common School course, Teachers' Scientific, Classical, with superior Actual Business, Shorthand, Type-writing, Musical Conservatory, Fine Art and Pen Art. MONEY SAVED Republican Leagues are being formed all over tho state. Why not form one in Chillicothe?--Tribune. Yes, you will find it netieasary t organize, for the gallant 1 Democrac is goivg to get t'.iere thia year. B then under whose code of tactics ar .you going to drill--Filler's or Har Never send a dollar from horn when the article that a dollar «j purchase the same can be obtainc at bcmii. Blooey is our Qnancii bloo'-l. lib circulation keeps U; business body alive. Bleed that boo by sending your money away froa home and soon trade w i l l put on look of lethargy and inactivity. A! ways trade at home. It is twic blusscd. It helps the person patron ized, and finds its way to you again Speed your money with merchant who help sustain tho city you resid in, and who pay t;.x;-s and are wit you the ycor through.--Ex. elgned to perfo «f "vrlvich, depen body, but .Rrafsi+an Taat and Tit who has a diseased Liver in to at onco take ineana to euro it. The function tho Livor IB elgned to perform, aud on the regular excoutio «f "vrlvich, depends not only the general health of th body, but tuo powers of the atomaoH f JStnvtti the whole nervous eystom, shows ij i Importance to human health. run tho rlek for a slnglo day of neglectln this important organ, but uhould promptly gtt a bo; of Dr. C. Mcl^anc's Celebrated fciver Pills, tnada by T LEJIIH BUGS., Pittsburgh. Pa., ani Bse according to directions they -will euro yon promptly an (T permanently. Around each box !· i Wrapper giving full description of tho symptoms o a diseased Liver. They can be had of druggists. 4KS*Bewnro of COUNTERFEITS madoin FLEMING BROS^Pittsburgh, Pa. IVORY POLISH · PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. CURE BlckHcaaaclioand relieve all tho troubles IncS» clout to n- bilious etato of the system. Buofc 08 Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsinoas, Distress after oat-ing, Pain in the Biflo, o. Wliilo ttieirmoai remarkable success has been shown in cuxtxtg SICK 'EonSache, yo* Carter's Little Liver PUla are y valuable in Constipation, curingand pre' , venting thisannoyingcomplaint.'wbilothoyalH correct all disorders of thoatomacli^timulnto the Hvcr and regulate tho bowela. Even if they only HEAD fAcliatboy would bo almost priceless to those who I Buffer from thig distressing complaint; but t ortu I nately tlioirgoodneaedoos notendhoro,an tl thost , who once try thorn will find theae little pills valu loblo In so many ways that they will not bo wll* Iliog to do without them. But after olltiickb.ea4 ACHE [is tho "bane oE 00 many Hvea that here Sa wo make our Etcat boast. Oar pills caro it whila I others do not, j - Carter's Little Llvor Piila nre very small ana very cosy to tafco. Ono or two pitta make a doso. Ihoy nro strictly vegetable and do not gripo or purge, bat by their gontlo action ploaao all whc , Use thorn. InvialaatSSccnta ; five for $I_ Sole iy Oruggista ever; wbwe, or cent by mall. CARTER MEDICINE CO.* New York SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRIM I have for sale, at a very low pr and easy payments, a nice cozy cottage and one lot, less than one biocl from the new college building. Onne twiie, three times and -- . Look out or you will lose H! OfcCAK ii. SMITH, Agent. The street cars will meet all trams from 5:45 a. m., until 10:32 p. m. each day. jun!2 dtf Regular communication of Chillicothe Lodge, No. 333, A. F. A M., will be held Friday night, August 8th. Work in the Gist degree. Visiting brethren invited. J. W. TOPPASS, Secretary. Salve cuts, best naive in the world for braises, sores, ulcers, salt , r h e u m , faver sores, chapped hands, chUbJiiine, corns, and ull skin eruptions anil postively cures piles, or no paymenc required. It ia guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 ete per box, for sale by N. J. Swetlaud Co. PEERLESS DYES by attending the Chilhcotba Normal School and Busess Institute. Its .nstruction is superior, Us work thorough, its accommodations unsurpassed. For catalogue, address Allen Moore, M. S., Chiilioothe, Mo. THIRTY-ONE DOLLARS ays for board, tuition ancl room rent en weeks, and $125.00 pays for same brtv-six weeks tit the Chillicothe formal School and Business Insti- ute. No other private Normal in the Vest offers as low rates for (he time. L'b-e professors are specialists,and the juilding a model of beauty and com- ort, heated by steam, lighted by ilectricity and furnished with Ihe test apparatus. FREE CAR RIDE o Chillicothe, Mo., and return if the jrcsident of the Chillicothe Normal School and Business Institute does ot do as he advertises Advanced money refunded v;hei: :i student eaves school for any cause. Students an enter at any time, select their tudies, rent text books, receive pri- ate help free, have free access to a brary of over 5,000 volumes," c. ALLEN MOOKE, M. S., Pres.. ang5dw Chillicothe, Mo. LOST.--A check for 84 on Chilli- othe Savings Association, signed by G. Henry, made payable to Jo. '. Menegay or bearer. All bnnlrs are otified not to cash said check, un ! O£ the Best Makers in America, ess it comes through my hands. j at RockBottom Prices, = 5d3t . J. P. MENESAT. i AT I RENSCH'S SHOE STORE Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.! ivost side at square. Under the Leeper House. Everything neat and Clean. No "Waiting. Give us a trial, Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths. BOOTS AMD SHOES, What is Castoria is Xr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants and Children* It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing* Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years* use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys "Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria is the Children's Panacea--the Mother's Friend. Castoria. "Castoria is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers havo repeatedly told mo of its good effect upon their children." Dn. Q. C. OSCIOOD, Lowell, Mass. * l Castoria is the best remedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope tho day is not far distant when mothers will consider the real interest of their children, and use Castoria instead of the various quack nostrums which are destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents doirn their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." DR. J. F. EINCSELO^, Convray, Ark. Castoria, 11 Castoria is so well adapted to children that I recommend it assuperior to any prescription known to me." H. A. ARCHER, SL D., Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, K. T. " Our physicians in tho children's department have spoken highly- of their experience in their outside practice with Castoria, and although we only have among oar medical supplies what is known as regular products, yet we are freo to confess that the merits of Castoria has won us to look with favor upon it." UNITED HOSPITAL AND DISPENSARY, Boston, aiass. ALT,EN C. SMITH, Prcs., The Centaur Company, Tl Murray Street, New York City- DOWN PRICES TO TIME TABLE T-A;;;S CARtmttG PASSENGERS LEAVE BA8T BOUND. I No. 2 Locnl Express _ ...,8.55am -No. 8 »t. Louin Express ,, 12.24 a m tNo. 22 Accommodation Freight. 1.30 p m Stock freight. Sunday only 1025am |WEST BOUND. tNo. 7 Omahu E» prose...-- 4.10 a m ·No. 3 Pattonstmrs aocom -- 5.4ft p m JNo. 21 Accomodfttion Freight 2.(i5 p m Time Freight, Sunday only 900pm: .Daily. ti'JaiJy exceptSandaT. No. 2--Arrives St. Louis 0:15 p. m. Palace , Reclining ( hy.!r CarH(seatsfree)Branawlclc tO St. J j O l l l w . No. 6--Arr!v-H St. Louis 6:50 a. m. Parlor .:halrcarsuRci Pujlinnn Palace Sleeping Car Clillllcotbe lo.Ht. Louis. No. 7--Arrives Council BlufiH 12:15 p. m : Omaha-, 1:00 p. in.'Same equipment as No. 8. For rates, tickets, time- lableR, etc., apply T. F. HABBINTQON; Agent. Ubllllcothe, Mo. HANNIBAL ST. JO. GOIN8 EAST. Passenger No. 4 12.17 p m Passenger No. ...7 53 p m Passenger No. 2. PastLlue-- 9 5 5 p m Passenger No. 16, 81. Louis Ex BT8S p m Accoramodatlc L No. 20...., « 210 p m AccommodatlL'U No. 8 .. 4 l 5 r m uuinu wjusx. Pu-sscn ger No 1\ Den ver Ex . --4 43 a m faseutter No. 1, fast JJle ...5-45 am fa^seneer No. i» ~,» 7 15 a m r J MJwenger No 298 p m Accomroodattou No. 21 '. ,,.. : 9 05 am Accommodation No. 9 7 27 a m t\ H. Nasen. Agent, CHICAGO. MlLWAUKEESt.PAUL GOING EAST. No.4, St. Paul Passenger A i:35a. m No. 2. Chicago Passenger. B 1.30p.m. No. 8. Accommodation Prei(ht., B...7.0U*. m No. 12, to Seymour, A 5^)0 p. in GOING WEST. No, 1. St. Paul Passenger A ll:30a.m No. a, Chicago Passenger, B 4.20 n. m No. 7, Accommodation Freleht. B... 8.4=* » m NI). a, " " toPolo. B u.4Bp.ra No 65. Accommodation Prelgnt. C, 7.10u.m Explanatory-- A. dally trains; B, tlali except Sunday; C. Sunday only. H. P, Butler. Agent. We are closing out our stock of Queensware, Glassware, and a large stock of Mason's Half Gallon and Quart Jars At Cost, Call and see the low prices nn Glass Jars before buying. We can save you money on all kinds of goods. : ...A. full line of At cash prices ; a large line of Bottle Pickles at factory prices. Retail coffee and sugar at bottom prices. ALL GOODS SOLD AT CASH PRICES AT THE CASH STORE OF Wm. Southeast corner public square, second door west of Citizen's Na tional Bank, Cliillicothe, Mo. : WM. SUMMERVILLE, : Cash i Grocer, Special Agent for the American Tea and Coffee -- Something- Used to Make TEA and COFFEE -- Callland See it at Once. PRICE 50 CENT. Don't Buy a Stove. Don't buy anything in the stove or hardware line until you see Full line of these goods. He keeps the a « A a B V 9 ifcsg? *»* · B W H«BlvW?2l« No Trouble to Show Goods. H. O U N N I K O T . ' A M HALL CUNNINGHAM, PROPRIETORS FINE WORK. A SPECIALTY. Lace Curtainsjand Ingrain and Bag Carpets, Cleaned. WORK SOLICITED. PEICES SEASONABLE . DOYLE, DEALER IN JEWELERY, Watches Clocks. Carries a Fall Lino of Jewelry Fast afnii Line with Electric Lighted |ftnd Stoam Healed. Vest I baled Trains between Chicago. Milwaukee and Minoeapolla. Trans-Continental Route with Electric Light and Steam Heated VeaiJbuIeU Trains between Chicago aud Council BlunVOiuaiiaorSt. Paul and the Pacific Coast. Great Kntlonal Kontc between Chicago Kansas City add St. Joseph, Mo. 3.TOO Mllen ot Roatl reaching all principal points In linnets, Wisconsin, Minnow t», lowo, Sij.saourL South Dakota and North Dakota. For Maps, Time Tables, rates of pasnapo »ud freight, r t o , apply to the nearest BIB- r i o n asent, o f t h e CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AST. l*AUf, KAtLWAY, or to any R n l l - i'Oiul Agent, anywhere In the WorM. HOSWELk U r L i t K K General Manager. A. V. H. CARPENTER. Gen'l Faes 4 Tkt Agent. flgj-Kor ! nforroalion In reference to Land a and IVwns owned by the Chicago, Mllwan- I C Q O S I . p*ml Railway Company, write to H. G. HAUGAN". t-aml Commissioner. M i l - waukee, Wisconsin GHILI.IOOTHE Savings Association Chillicothe, - Missouri. Southwest Corner of Square, o--ESTABLISHED 1866. OFFICERS W.. H. MANSUB, J.. B. MJDDLETON, H. MANSUB, ProHideut Cashier Bank Attorney -DI HECTORS A. McVej-, Isanc Hlrsh, W. H. Munsur. J. B. Midillelon C. H. Itatisur. PAID UP CAPITA!/, - *W,000. SURPLUS, 10.000 Does a general Banking Easiness on J i b eral terms. Collections made and promptly remitted.. Deposits solicited.. IHE PEOPLES SIVIHOS BANK. XXT 1SSS, Precldenl Vice President CRohler Bank Attorney *S. McWILLIAMS, B. HA WKINS. \VM.B. LEA.CB, FKANK SIIBETZ, DIRECTORS: S. MeWllIinmn, Wm, A. Lane. James A. Grace, Cleorge Mlllmnk, ~. H. Abshlre. John VT. Bntner. '... Hawkins, Wm. B.. Leach. 3APITAL STOCK, $5O,OOO SURPLUS , 11.5OO Docs a General Banking Bueincsss. Your Business is solicited, and will be given prompt ttentlon* CITIZENS' National -:- Bank CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI. CAPITAL STOCK tSO.OOO 00 (Liabilities ol 1 Stockholders $100,000 00) Thos McNally. President. T* A. Chapman, Vice Prest. W w Edverton, Cashier. F K ICllcy, Assistant Cashier . J. Broaddus, Bank Attorney. Business Directory--Wm Mcllwrath, Tbos McNally. I JI Timbrook, T F Scott, Jos C Mln- ler, G W Weatherby, L A. Chapman, P B iley, W WEdgerton. usiness respectfully solicited. ll-7wtf FIBST NATIONAL BM, Off CH1IX1COTHB, MO. Capital Stock, - 6 6O.OOO Liability, Stockholder*, 1OO.OOO orplus Funds and -Undivided Prollts ~ - 112.580 -DO -·-OFFICERS--- ' . - damantlnc Johnson. President. Geo. Milbank, vice-president; ' J. W, Hyde; cashlor. DUtBOTORS.:..... .'· . : .A. Grace. .Goo. MUbank 1. Johnson. J. W. Hyde. . G. Brown, ' . K- Klrttey;' . . Mat. Glrdner, A. Lowenntein :. 8- Norman, Henry WaUbruun A rederal bankiur bustnew dcmn. Bum: erareapectfullrsolicited;' .-;:-,-.. :' : :" ^. ' ;

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