The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 29, 1900 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1900
Page 4
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I II t' THK r. Alex. Gf«7*tm H*d Worked U Oat i« 1S52, Aa ictewstiEjj '.!-"«tr*tion of th« ex- \vitir which, th* UTJ? of as as that of y*--'-r.U iua year* it. * f » u ~ ·.(;:* wfoaad la »-J »*d Iwji cf owned bv Mr of Wet Third ?HK CKSUS bo Attained b/ tbe S8W8 W Tfl« STATB. A HAT ECLIPSE of latercwt Tbe obj-ct« of tbe federal oeaiioa are it t!ire- k:a4« Tu farojsh a ba*'* for t..' apf^niKuueot of li^pre^ctatue* tu tSw lower hos« of Ooagre*-*, to a* th,0 growth of liie t' . r ed aad lu..^" ^cal ufjjiu. so* IwetlMr, Mr Alex Gr*7«oo. aoi tHe daonsjt*. is"^ of which w«-re aiaJle m (he e«Hr S' r «. are p" j~"ua. ·ciipees of \artJ-» kmi» to otxar in ri.f teeat 7«*rt up 10 AH." Autoa? thtws »T, dravs ·»: 2 %r*"a r s- a *' ! ** s 33 i th- ··.::.»* - .u, l» (til* "The prj)-c::3 o! *u c I:fc6 of ih? ma th»t w »· «-:c- uu thn ixh of M IT. ISOO Tne t-«! ti' "S °- ·** »ii* * °i by ia aufuureut ttti»« auu »f«*r · jc.uOt a w In* ·chpllc fiajtiUv'sou 4 s - 4 ci n s»ft-r · O'clock » tu ra« elj'j "f whpw Ivi mm after I'J o'cJv:k a trx Tn« dura tooa of totipM? .' nr* /.i'.. imn Digit-. flebp**d. 'i j G»!colaf**1 atd pro jecte-t for ih«« niTuisau » t-» i'ule -if Washington. DC" Tci* was \irtt:«a by Mr Gray Ma on MAT 10. !S5.» Mr. Graysou wn»a\ re»tJeu: of Ales andr:a, Va , and a, ctyileapim^r bv pro fe**l»U II* »*» tt g'a.lJatf "f the University of Virginia an 1 worki-J oat the proper was of ec!ipM~. evident!*, ·olely becao* of hU I.AV (o- uiathi maUcs il« lid t»jt uv i · ·« tin) demoes:r»tiou of th-» earn? it ae»4 of hta work H-swasa Virginian and wh?u the Civil War b.-giti Htit'Tv ! the Cm federal* Armr rfe bt-;i.n · a oap'.iiu mod wa* killed n I*i · · · charge at Gettysburg Hi* lind fr'cuds vrrre anabld to reoovtr his body In the hviV of dri^-ingi is n pnj«j taon of a tra-it.-: of Veiiu-i w h f h i» to ooccr late uu ih j after': ·:! "f Jony \ 8012 The exactness of the time cilculaletl trf Mr. Grays^n for tbe baglnmnK of jwteKlay's eclipse may be seen from the followiag ex tract from a dispatch from Wuhington. D. C , which appears in this morning's papers. "The tirit cou toot WM echedulwi to tak* place a; 7.44,02 meridian time, which is eight minutes and fifteen and neveu tenths ·eoonds f Aster than Washington time. A few seconds before that time the edge of tha sun and moon were in ojn growth of population sad Mrealch The U a coojurntiooal ce-aawity. the 8KIKK BITS. .£ Rudjjet of Bright Items of Ixcal »ud Uenorat Iute,rc«t. -- May is on the home stretrh . -- The leaof matrimony swamps many a courtship. -- Oa Jane 1, pssple will b3 coning to their csasns. -- Right in the swi-n-- Frederick oonnty strawberri»8. --Men show much cariosity regarding the doings of women'' -- The weather hen presumably thrives test in fowl weather. --THE NEWS w never in eclipse. tbongb it is often fall. -- Did you see the eclipse? It was the topic of conversation yesterday -- Women imckly resent impudence from a woman and take it as wit from a loan. -- There is a court where an appropriate lawyer's brief would be simply "Be sice" -- Now tha "sweet girl graduate" prepares to make her bow to a captive world --Then two people sleeping together 'Both have the nightmare, there's a skittish team. -- Earrings are out of fashion bat a good many people still have a ringing in their ears. -- Tomorrow being a national holiday all the banks and the internal revenue office will be closed. --A special meeting of the Indepen- «^Jt Hose Company will be held at 7.30 o'clock this evening. --The pestiferous fly is beginning to put in an appearance and the voice of Sfad mosquito is also heard In the land. «, --People who can't afford to go abroad nsnally say they "wouldn't aross the ocean for all there is on the ..: Other side. ' ' -- The axle of one of the wheels of a , Hygeia ice wagon broke ia front- of the f-vwtidenceof Mr. F. J Sobroeder this - morning and the wagon was let down iff the- street. - Dr. Stafford to Lecture. ^,r. Dr. Stafford, of Washington, · will be to ^Frederick tomorro w, the guest ".· '*firiendB. At 3 30 o'clock in the alter' noon he Till deliver a lecture at the Visitation Academy, on "Jolios Cassar " There is no charge for admission Alumnae and friends are cordially ia- v tited. Railroad Laborer* on Strike. "Vfilkesbarre, Pa, May 29 -- The lamplighters, trackwalkers and repairmen employed on the Leblgh Valley railroad from Falling Springs to Ma"honing struck last night for an ad- rance of \.ages Tbe average wages paid is about $1.10 a day. The men want $1.50 a day The grievances were submitted to the company officials a week ago. and they demanded an answer by yesterdav. No answer being forthcoming, the men decided to strike. About 350 men are out. The section bands between Sayre and Jersey City, 1,500 in all. are also out. Murderer WTatt to Unnc in July. Annapolis. M1. May 2? --Governor c»n,t»i wrf«-dstv siened the death ·war- rant of Robert T. Wyatt, and fixed July 27 as ibe date of execution VTyatt was convicted of the murder of Captain Oliver M. Caulk, of the sloop Dream, ·jrojcii was en nnte from Baltimore to St. iticaael s, last fail. A colored dec- '-l iv uf t *»:» Probably no rscia! iatitat. a IB tn oona«'-:«'l with th^ growth is ;:iU o! unrrux* In cu2^uivi.* the Robert, 4-yeirol4 wa of David bcn*Uey, H*,'«etowB, fell backward into a tcb of UuiiBg wntti aad was scelded vr7 badly. Tb« Ixxljr of Samuel hch'liing, of r iikttowa, Washington county, who -; Jooiu iiapkuis H-J.::AI. Baln- 2j.»o. A caioer c£ th? IZZJA:, was to his hoto* fur burial Mrs W:!»32i I'r:-* i»i := Si Ciiroliiwj cuoDty. Scaday ertutog. ?fae ha-i tuna ui px health for *«v«ral mot its »od overexerted ber«lf cle«a iog bo«L«»a few d»y« before hsc death. I-: ! o a*4 of Wiilum Broadway uient whfctbet he or she u kiagle, rwi, widowed, or ditorcwd. if jw tu»ny jearo the marriage ha* »h«s hi* bad. aal how m*uy of tae*e children are now living From taean»*rr to the .|ut-*liut.» it uiJL*»iblp to detrrtuiut? Iho birthrate, ·ha prera! ·: -of ixArrlaz-, tfss pr ; r ti u of w.imeu a'i-i i-hiliireu to lh» w h j l e [Kipulallou, i h );._.! aii.l f r a t l f u l u e v i u f uiarria{ S far its tho po.ver and importance of u.ttions are jt-l*»adt»a'. apou tlw «iz) of th* population, to that extent Lt the accurate de termination of thvad qaeotiona a matter of public necessity lu iht United Sutts there vtoall [lit) popuUtiou But uvtrn wu-n Me i-r »aru that the population is growing, it IH btUl ui!«e«ii4ry to know ho AT u m growing Th» millions of India are m r-easing, but it 19 by a proces-i of many b.rlhs aud mitiy cUtit'n In jf.wil years millions are bom. in ttmtM of fauiiuo million* ilie. the population lUireasiag bei-aaso a few more are born than dm It u growth, bat savage growl h There n u m ire excellent kind of progress, that rwituuug front the ejininuuuju o' a moderate birth rate and a Hiuall death rate The marital BtiitUtics c Elected by tho consns are in many respcctu very interesting. Thus, the extent and power of the anti-marital force-? can he estimated tn a way by ascertaining the oropjrtion of people between 50 and Gl years of age who have never been married. Consos statistics show that the proportion of unmarried females between these ages is greatest in the East, in North Carolina. Rhode Island and Mat sachnsetts, for instance, while the proportion is smallest in tha West, Sooth Dakota, Utah and OWa- ioma bringing np. tho rear in the order named. Men, on the contrary, are far more likely to remain single in the West than in the East. The proportion of nnmarriod men between 50 nud t4 in lowest m the Southern States, e. g , Arkansas. Alabama, and Georgia, ind greatest in tbe block of Western States west of the Mississippi. In Nevada :iS ^ per cent of the males bet ween 55 and Ct have never been married, [dnho coming next with 3.2 4 pur cent, Montana next with 3!) 5 percent, etc. That marriage is still pre eminently tho sphere of women seems to ba indi cated by the fact that more women marry than men, and they marry at early ages. Thus, only 31 per cent, of females 15 years of ago and over are nn- married, while among males of the same nsos the proportion ia 4t per cent. Taking girls and boys between 15 and J ) years of ape. is found that one ons of every ten girls is married, while among the bjys the proportion falls to one in two hundred These were tho propor- 'ion in l^io Whethe r these cjacii'ions lave changed since then is a question that can only be answered by the cen- sns of 1900. «--liI^l Aprilin»t V«liulrnl Dctrcy. Washington. May 29--The United States stipromc court yesterday decided Admiral Dewey'c. bounty claim against the admiral's* contention The effect is to deprive the admiral and the men engaged with him at Manila of half the amount claimed by them. Chief Justice Fuller and Justice McKenna delivered a dissenting opinion. The original claim of Admiral Dewcv and his sailors was about $400.000. The court of claims reduced it to $200.000 That decision is sustained by yesterday s decision The admiral's personal claim is reduced from about $20.000 to about $10,000. Ex-Socretary Herbert, counsel for Dewey and his men, gave notice of a petition for a rehearing. StrlkinE Plumber* Tleld. Philadelphia. May 29.--The"first defeat for one of the 40 allied building trades who are demanding an eight hour work day. with increased pay, ·was sustained yesterday by the plumbers, who decided to return to work at the hours and wages which obtained before the strike was Inaugurated on May 1. The plumbers wanted an eight hour day instead of nine hours, with an increase in pay to $3 75 a day They were receiving $2 to $3 a day When they found the master plumbers would not accede to their demands they reduced the scale to $3 25 per day which was also refused About one-third of the plumbers received the increase. To Settle Baltimore'* Klectrlc StrlKe Baltimore. May 20 --There appears to be a movement afoot to bring about a conference between the officials of the United Railways and Electric company and their stnkin? employes, looking to a settlement of the strike of 300 of "the latter, which has plunged Baltimore city in darkness during the past week. While no official announcement ha^ been fortbrom ng by agents of the company, it t* brevet! that thev are willing to meet the strikers half way and settle {he dispute f ·«· jury K»T» a verdict i*x !a« defendant Gareror Smith hoc a /i«d the death T. W,»*u»n4 Asto* -- July /T and Smith on Aogo»t 3 ' Tm«r«« broke into the railroad ticket office at Kings Creek. Sotsenei county, but Iho uek-sie »i«ji*ti were afurward foand in a freight car. Jacob C IXtyheff died yesterday afu-r- noon in HAgoro'.'jwn affer a year's ill- a«»i, aged M yara He was a contractor and baiJ4*r For sme years he cocdncMd the Ujrhotf lumber factory lu Hagt*rtowu A warm oouieot u promised at the I^uiix^ratic primaries iu Allegany county thii otentug --The Bryan men will seek to nave delegate* elected in favor of tnitraciing for the silver leader, while the Gorman meo, led by Asa WHlinon, it ih Mated, want nuiuntrnct- pit delt-naUs A larv« vote will be I'llled. Tbe Hryau men are very ae- u v e The Uouui\ Ounroution occurs Friday FUN KIM LS. The funeral of Mrs Atuului Schearer tuok place at 1 30 o'clock chia afternoon from her late residence, We»t Patrick street Serx ice* were held at the house by Rev Dr E R Esebbacb Thepall- bearer* wer°: J W. Starr, William Roelkey, Fritchie Hanahew, Lewis Koester, Henry G. Dull and Lewis Wnehter. Interment was made at Mt Olivet Cemetery. F. Schroeder was (he undertaker. An Ancient Belief. The ancient* belleve.l that rheutnittam was th^ work of n demon within a iiiiiu. A n y o n e nbo has linil tiu attack of hciitttc or mtllaiu- umu-ry rbeuniatitui will acreo that the ia- tlicttuii Is ilumoniae vnoueU to warrant tbu bullet. It has never been claimed that Uham 1 1 t » T» t . l 1 ._ n 1 I -.,,».* · I m ~t* ut It trill cure rhemt lam. am! hundreds lear testimony to the truth of thLs statement. Onu application relieve tho pain, and this quick rallet which It nfTorilg U alo-e worth many tiuiet Its co*t. for sale by A. \j Pearre. UniEi£l-,t. Dlatr«asiae Stomach Oiseaao Permanently cured by the masterly power of **outh Amerlrtn NcrTlne Tonic InrslMi ueed suffer no loncer. because this creat reni edy can cure them all It la a cure for thu whole world of stomach weakness and Indl- eestlon. The cure bocins with the first dose. The relief It brines Is marvellous and sur prising. U muLos no failure, never disappoints No matter how lone you have suffered., your cnre 1 certain under the use of this erpit bealth-plvine force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by S. i-chlay Bro.. Frederick. Md. it njiktur evifrybodr l-jot oa. with sor- o'-r f*EUu* fetr»w anil H*i» IB a siji'sb summer thip* li I! yja Lt*l head- us* your he-i aad deii vbvre Ike l»:cst rice !oi tu . uuly GEORGE A 16 North Market Street Dr.LaFranco's Periodical ComDound ra:cE 25 CTS.AT ORUCCISTS Lumbago and Ssat .1 (J Uoid. Justice of tbe Pesce. Crosby. Mi-* . m ites the fellow lui: statement. "I cnu cert f$· thit One Minute Ciniirb Cure will do all i'lit Is clntued for It My wife could not eet ii-r brenth and tne first do^e of it relieved tier. It hntnlso heneBted mr whole family." It actn Inimedintelr n»d *:urt*s conchs. oolds. rroup. irrlppt bronchltlf. :istbmn nnd all throat and lunu troubl'S J. II Keller, 1U3 N Market St. ABnghiUHieBog Would be sure of a welcome in almost any home. But what a welcome he would have in a home where the hope of children had been extinguished What a welcome this particular «bright little boy" did have m such a home, may be judged by the closing paragraph of his mother's i----=· 1 1 letter, given below. There is no room f o r t h e w h o l e l e t t e r , which recount* a story of fifteen year* of suffering and a perfect cur* by the us* of "three bottle* of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, two bottles of 'Golden Medical Discovery,' and some of the ' Pellets.'" In many instances childlessness is the result of conditions which are curable. It has often happened that when "Fayorite Prescription" has cured a woman of female weakness and the nervous condition attending it, her return to health is signalized by the birth of her first child. "Favorite Prescription" makes weak women strong, sick women well. " I cannot tell half that Ir. PKTCC'S medianc has done for me," writes Mr*. T. A. Kaxan. oi Ntm-U. Watanga Co, N. C- "it win do all that ia claiqicd for tt--promt miscarriage aad render childbirth eatv. It has given me a bright little boy. and I would not have had him had it not been for your w*nd«fu! medicine. I cannot say too mock in praise of it: I think it is worth tt* welfht in told. I thank God.for my lift, and Or. Pierre for ray health." "Pleasant Pellets* clear the complexion. Srowned. After the tmtrfler Wyatt set fce to the craft and made bis escape in fine yawt, but was captured in Balti- ·lore two days later. Protcnt. Havana, Mav 29--Mgr. SbarretU. bishop of Havana, yesterday protested to GeneraJ Wood against tie confiscation o* church property by a number of TS'nnicira'i* ! . Ci s General Wood replied that this was a matter for the courts to decide, and tliat he did not fee» ne { iad a rigrb* *.r make a military order 1 on an ex parte statement. --·?· Shake into Tour Shoe* Alien's Foot-Ease, a rtowder. It cares pain Jc.1, sn^-rriss. swollen feet a-d tscrowisc Bails, a»d Instantlr -take* the sting out of ·eras mad bcnlons. Its the ereatest comfort fiseovery of the xge. Allen's Foot-Kaae tiebt or new sboes feel easy It is a ) cere for 8wc»iiB4r, «allot» and hot. -fcinfff-* trf it fcvday. Sold by all irncrii s SB* s^Ofl stftres. ' By.lcaU fir 25c. Allen £ . T. ""Aft /«· »nfferifle f^-n pHei for fifteen years Wk.xrt.r. u l»f Uiisc tTO Vl= o 5Jt Wi"'s i'-'. H 97 e! «»ivfi." writ*- W. J Baiter. 5., «, :; r.,ic v f n he»»r«v»rythhje Be . r: a Market Street " ~ A Pleamire *nd · Duty- 1 consider it not oulr s plear-re bn» » dtitv owe to my neizhbor^ to tell about the won- l tt,r* effe--frf f- tnr -s-s br «· Hm^jv use of dutmberlaia's Colic. Cholera »nd Diarrhoea iiemedy. I -was tak«o very badly with Sax. aad procured.* bottla^ftbis remedy A few doses of it effected a permanent cure. I take pl»*snrctn T«eaean«awuc tt to others xaSerios from ibat d«adfsl olsease.-- ^J. W. Lytjch. Dorr. W Va This remedy Is sold by A. tr Pearre. Drmrelst. "I h.3 siomici trouble twenty rear? and srave ap hope ol being cured till 1 b«r».» tonge Kodol Ojs?«ps!a. Cnr*. It fe»s done roe «o mnch £KA I call it the Savior of civ life." vritfr« W. R Wilkinson. Al**ny. T«nn. It Xti? 7SZ tsZ. J. S. EsQSTi nrnesrist. " ^ ^ + Rev. Robert L. Patterson »fcT»: ~In ^ riving my nnqnailed endorsement of * · the X-Ray Headache Tablets. I feel » 4 that I render a personal errfee to any : + on* who may thereby be Induced to ns» * + them. They cunnot be nuntasaed as a · retne^y for h»iwlRcb** TM Sold Ny whole- · sale and retail drorci«ts. : THE KEELEY CUREI Twenlr yean of Ehssomanml sseeen tn tot BALTIMORE. MD.. Jan. 1. 1900. VOHS CHESHUAL Co.: I have been a sufferer from Kheu. matlsm for the cast 16 years: at times have been unable to rci-e my arm, and never knew what a good night's sleep was nntil »h»- imst ireek. irhen I was cured by your Elixir. 1 am in my tXtth year and I f««l better today than I have for 10 years You use this testimonial any way yon n ish as I appeul to all x who are snfferla^ frr.ra Rheu.natigm ji to (rfve your Elixir-i trial tne°ameas X Idid and be cured. 1 !iveat229^ tre- X mont ave.. an-i am ' ome to anyone to /K ·peak of the sooii your Klixlr has done ~" me. Your* tr. Ijr. .Tnhn \V Whalen. State of Marylind City of Raltimore ss.:' SnbscrihtJ ail sworn to bt-fore me this t)th il -y of January. 19'X) W ^ L T E K ^ . SMiTH. Justice of tbe Peace. 1 X I'KCA St. - 25 ard 5O Cents YOHN CHEMICAL GO. BALTIMORE. Welcome comfort, cleanliness and economy' Bid farewell to trouble, worry and unnecessary waste! -In other words see that jour kitchen ia equipped with a On Range. Housekeeping at best ia hard work in summer. \ A Gas Range will make it and will aid you to -ave money. STOVES AT COST fO charge for setting np. Tiie net r^te tor fuel and illuminating Gas, when XHh are used, will be $1,25 per thousand. ·i 8 1 1 1 I I I IK M-H-i'H i I i I i M M l { 1 1 I I I I I t I-M 11 Hi I H i t i|. None cennine without the signature. *+f 8 EACH ONE SEPARATE ICesch lamp of coal was separate, with lees to walk on. unit arms to wash and brush itself clean. It wouiil be just p. little cleaner. *D3 cnold eet into ronr rellar jn.«t a little easieni. than it does at pr»'cnt. Mind tbouch. only jnsta little. We ihmK we have tbe cleanest and best coal ever mined. We think we deliver it ax promptly and earefcily as it can be done. We (thould fte clad to have Tour opinion, and -we'll treat you fairly. J. BI5ER. FISHING TACKLE Ton can't catch flsh with poor tackle as well aj yon can uith the best. Old Izaak Walton was w'se when he recran- mended yon to bny of only such dealers as ns. He knew his business. Of coarse his advice has helped ns. It can help yon. We are dealers in Fishing Tackle of all kinds. We can tell you what to get, or if you inow, we can show it to yon. CENTRAL HABDWAEE OO. Drink aMf Drug Addictions. THE KEELEY INSTITUTE. ii N. Cwtto? St . Wftsbtertws. D. C. is ti» Dbblct s£ O!raM» or to Varr- J. L. KERVAND, EI6IITER, LITflOeftiPflEB ad fUTE PfillTEB, 1012 PENNSYLVANIA AVE., WASHINGTON. O. C. EtKS' WORK A SPECIALTY. letter. Hots ST*! BiH Heads. Cb«Sj, Drafts, etc. Certificates of Stock, f 13dly TCK*. B.T. Cnl. ORta. rutfivv ted toamn Saks. JESSE MARDEN, 10* A OwlM Bt WHIT'S IN A tUIIE? ISABELLA GAS WORKS 35 W E S T PATRICK STREET. 1 'Something" There is a certain "something" in ;he cat and ssyla of a shoe that makes t distinctive. Shoes have that "something" about them which makes them superior to other ahoeg__ The styles for athletics, for tramping, for the promenade, for dancing, for home wear, for all round nse, are distinctive and exclnsive in character. They have the "custom made" look. They are the most perfect fitters and very easy on the foot. My Lad/s Foot SEE THAT THIS IS BRANDED CN. EVERY SHOE. B, ROSENOUR SONS. The But!aid's Lipr Department A HOME | "T: \M o! Fyrnitiire is to F.H oi Caiiy'' i -r. i Turkish Couches. A Handsome | COUCH TOR $9.0O None with half tiie valne has b?en offered at the price. · · It is covere*.! with three-i-olored veloar, spring edges, tcf ted Z seat and head, with cushions, for the above price. T We have a large Jioe and can give you whatever you · · want :n Coaches or Lounges at * '". Carly's Furniture Store.!; Nos 42, 44 and 46 E. 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All *bese words H^e properly d?scriptive of the But lalo's stock of Whisbes- Every fam ilr needs pnre liquors There are times when you can't tret alone out it. Just as important to bave good pnre 15roors a*yonr family doctor; tba* is when xou have brad I yon can depend upon. Ke»c the man; !» t fT o ra-i ferrate I iwro In sttx-fc: Carvel. Wbeatiand. Old M. * M.. Overholt. Peacock. Panl Jones My OW Bejerve Ry» 1S79. OM Melval* 1S9O. ?t-"»ood 1*2 OW Kin* 1 «3O»T«J VW3. Wll- ·wn. M.rxlitd Kre. Ulbfon. 6. O. T»y or. I. W Harper. Tosrist, J5aBiw;OTL, Aitamont. Allertcn. Jas. E Pepper. Green Rivrr Strar f JAS. E. WALKER CO. i [ Shirt Waists, Shirt Waists, \ If you need a Shirt Waist and want a good one at a low price, WALKER'S is the place to get it. "We can I please you in style, quality and price. £ If you want material to make a Shirt^Waist, we can j also please you. Can show yon a beautiful line at prices « to suit all purses. J A special price on a line of Marlborough Cloths, in * Foulard Pattern?, beautifully finished. JAS. E. WALKER CO. CO.J CKXXXX3OOOOOOCX9OOOOOOCXXXXX9OOOCOOOOOCOOOOOOOOCXXXXKXX Knee Trouser Suits for Boys, three to fifteen years old, occupy a very large portion of our store and attention. Boys' Clothes Tailoring has-kept even pace with that of men's clothing tailoring-. It all rests with the dealer whether the boy and bis mother get that measure of satisfaction which they expect. We have them to please all. LOWENSTEIN WERTHEIMER; Head-to-Foot Outfitters. j-H4-M-I"I-r"M'I-I-I-I-I-I-K'-I-I-K-»-?M-I-'I-I-I-M''I'I-I'-I'I I I I I I I I I WATCH OUR WINDOW FOR WATCH BARGAINS, Elgin, Waltham, -- Hampden, Etc. Every Watch Guaranteed. We carry the largest line of STEB- LI2JG KOVELTIES rattable for Commencement Day Presents. Yon are respectfully invited to inspect them. We carry the, largest line of Colombia Graphephoees and Record* in the city. Machines repaired and Eecords shaved. The public is respectfully invited to can and hear the latest Mngic. Come and bear SOUSE'S Grand Concert Bond. BLOCHER BROS., JEWELERS. ·! 1111! I ! H I !-M I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 : JUST RECEIVED! A CARLOAD OF Wises. Gto«- Brandies, Ales, rortrr. Uhjnors, Cordi»!y aad Farties *ud Dcroesiic Clears. naterjtase Telephone 2ST. Wiolessie and Retail Depsimrem f^r VwiB*. Crats^Tartles. Cob Kra-, Ac, TffK BCFPALO, CHAS. X, aAGER. Prorrietor. OB, ANNA 61ERIH6 Physician. T»eaty 'T« years' ei Tifuc* Specialist In u ».as o . Wc3en only. - . W 168 L V«««t*b]e eompc sd fcr l. Wires wlti'tat efi.. *r*s 15AND 3AP10S CELEBRATED Refrigerators and Ice Chests. Calf and Examine These Goods Befoi Purchasing Elsewhere. W, H. B, ETCH ISDN, b'BtetakhZ a SpttHatty, 10 atf 12 S. Market St., fnd% Telephone 122.

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