The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on June 27, 1980 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1980
Page 3
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CHILUCOTHE CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1»80 Outdoors with c-t's steve shoot Uncoordinated, I guess! 1 hadn't used a fly rod in almost a year until yesterday morning, and did it show! In my first series of casts I managed lo maneuver the miniature popping bug on the end of my leader through a miraculous maxe of munofila- ment with the end result being a knot complete with a 2-inch loop approximately three feet above the popper. I just knew it \v;is going to be a great morning for fishing. As it turned out, it took only a lew minutes to recover by ability as a lousy fly rod artist and enjoy some excellent bluegil) fishing. And it was a great morning. One of the plusses to consider when fishing for bluegil! is that they are usually h i t ting and when they go after your live bait or artificial lure they really put up a buttle. · A friend and I began the morning by fishing top water for bass and after Ihe sky lightened enough to where we could see the bluegill working along the moss beds, we switched our attack to fly rods and t i n y poppers. The technique that seemed to work the best yesterday was to let the popper lie as quietly as possible for the first few moments after the cast. Then, after Ihe initial rings disappeared, a slight twitch would bring Ihe strike. Many limes the strike would come while we were waiting for the rings to disappear from view after the cast had been c o m p l e t e d . This occurred usually when we placed the popper beneath an overhanging tree limb as if to represent an insect falling from the foliage. The big blue'gill either slow- ly rise to the surface and inhale the popper gently or they smash the lure with a wicked vengeance. Once the hook is set, though, the real fun takes place. Bluegills have always been noted for putting up a good scrap and yesterday was no exception to the rule. I was using an ultralight fly rod and I nailed a fairly good- sized bluegill in some heavy brush. He went deep and left my popping bug attached to a submerged tree stump before I could get him out of the timber. All in all, we caught 11 bass a n d s o m e w h e r e i n t h e neighborhood of 25 nice bluegills, ranging from eight to 10 inches in length. Popping bugs aren't the only artificials that you can have a great deal of _success with while flyrodding. Flies are great when the water is a little choppy, which negates the effectiveness of the small top water lure. Black ant and grub imitations are usually reliable flies. If you don't have a fly rod or don't care to use fly rods in your pursuit of the bluegill, but you still like the challenge of artificials, then ultralight spinning gear is the answer for you. Tiny jigs, or flies with a small split shot about 18 inches above the lure, will take more than their fair share of panfish. And the fight is just as good on an ultralight spinning outfit as on a fly rod. The one aspect that remains the same no matter how you catch the bluegill is that a nice mess of panfish makes for a great main dish at supper. Good fishing.... '"Ss ~ · -*r,-i.-» J » »-'*fn.*«JI.'w? i, -i ^*'*W"' "*i. «i»-Tj« i . - . . · , - . o;"»*'j»-,*' v; wJGWC;^-. p ·· · ~- j... .-... :^-*«?s(awfc'rv *,» i^-" ^ jrt. *· ·*·*;*» v-» .'-. '"f^g '-"·*.·«· .pW* t %*V "ft---'*^* v ; s^g^;?^^g.p|^^^^^||f^«P| . ^;''^^-^¥^'-" ! - ' . - V : . · ' - ' " ' " . , ' ! · · ' : -^?^ '^'o:: r ,'vy... - v .; : .;' v ' ·v.Z" : \'..^%»s^ Trenton P.L. tourney The annual Trenton Pony League Invitational begins this Sunday afternoon with the Chillicothe Royals meeting the Trenton A's. The Chillicothe Cardinals will face the winner of Sunday's Trenton Tigers 'vs. Powersville-Lucerne clash .'Monday nighLat 8 o'clock. Other teams participating in this year's Trenton Invitational are Gallatin, Milan, Browning. Brookfield and Princeton. E a r l i e r t h i s week, Chillicothe Head Coach Mike Miller got a good look at both Trenton teams as they faced Ihe two local traveling teams in a twilight doubleheader at Simpson Park. "Both Trenton teams are tough, but they can definitely be beaten," Miller said. "Pitching holds the key. We can't continue to walk people and expect to win." All m e m b e r s of the Chillicothe Royals are to meet at Simpson Park at 11:30 Sunday morning for the trip to Trenton. Parents are encouraged to make the trip and see their boys participate. Popping bugs for bluegills This 9-inch bull bluegill fell for a tiny black popping bug yesterday morning in a f a r m pond near Chillicothe. The bluegill are very active at this time of the year, especially in the mornings and evenings. Poppers, tiny jigs, flies or natural bait are all equally e f f e c t i v e in harvesting the usually cooperative panfish that inhabits the local waters in abundance. You can usually find the bluegill feeding in schools along the edges of moss beds or near overhanging trees near the banks of the ponds. You can get a good idea of the size of the most effective poppers when you compare them with the dime in the photo to the right. --C o n s t i t u t i o n Tribune Photo ··"!*.'-.: Wheeling nips Lambert S p A SC HeduleS Olid HOtOS W11KKLING - The Wheeling women's fast-pilch softball contingent erupted for three runs in the bottom half of the do-or-die seventh to post a come-from-behind 8-7 vic- (ory over Lambert Glove recently. Wheeling scored two runs in the first, one in the third, two in the fifth and three big runs in the seventh. Mary Timmons raced home with the winning tally. Lambert's scored three runs in the third and four in the fourth. Julie Waite and Mary Timmons led Wheeling at the plate. Waite smacked a solo homer in the third. Lisa Gabel and Gilliland led Lambert with two hits each. GOING Lower 1978 prices! learance $1295 · Konlercasl iron engine · E«clusive itablc Urn-Drive' transank; · Convenient Tacn-a-Matic' Hiicn · Wide Tin I Tucs Trade-In! Was: Save: $1495 $200 INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT CO. 1039 INTERNATIONAL ROAD CHILLICOTHE, MO. PHONE 646-1812 WHEEL HORSE lawn t*. garden tmctors Schedules and a brief summary of various Summer Playground Association summer activities are listed below. TWIRLING The SPA t w i r l i n g and cheerleading program has been stressing pom pon routines this past week since cheerleading Instructor Misty Lawson is a t t e n d i n g cheerleading camp. Schedule 1:00 to 2:00, 11- and 14-year- olds; 2:00 to 3:00, 8-year-olds; and 3:00 to4:00, 9-and 10-year olds. TENNIS The first SPA tennis tournament concluded this week, deciding champions, runners- up, and consolation winners in each of the three brackets. Division champs were Linda Rupp in the girls 12 to 15 age group; Brent Kline in the boys 11 to 12 age group, and John Marshall in the boys 13 to 15 age group. Division runners-up were Karen Lyman in the girls 12 to 15 age group; Darren Oswalt in boys 11 to 12 age group; and Mark Simmer in the boys 13 to 15 age group. Division consolation winners were Eric Olsen in the boys 11 to 12 age group; and James Bentley in the boys 13 to 15 age group. "Since this was our first tournament, there were a few mixups, bu all in all, the tournament ran very we!!," said Neil Surber, assistant tennis coach. Although .the tourney ran smoothly, it also had its disadvantages, namely, a shortage of courts. "We (the coaches) would like to thank Ron Locke for the of the Chillicothe Country Club courts," said Karen Warren, SPA tennis supervisor. While the older divisions were participating in the tournament, the younger groups continued calisthenics, drills and various games such as "pig" and "donkey" (a game resembling "horse" in basketball). PEE WEE BASEBALL Standings Uptown Package, 3-0; Townhouse Restaurant. 2-1; Reed's Seeds, 1-1; Stilwell Insurance, 1-2; Chillicothe State Bank, 1-2, and Dickinson- Neptune, 0-2. Game Schedule M O N D A Y - J U N E 30-4:30-5:30--Townhouse vs. Uptown Package Shop; and 5:30-6:30-Reeds Seeds vs. Dickinson-Neptune. T U E S D A Y - J U L Y l-4:30-5:30-Stilwell Insurance vs. Reed's Seeds; and 5:30-6:30-Chillicothe Slate Bank vs. Uptown Package Shop. W E D N E S D A Y - J U L Y 2-4:30-5:30--Chillicothe State Bank vs. Dickinson-Neptune; and .5:30-6:30-Reed's Seeds vs. Stilwell Insurance. T H U R S D A Y - J U L Y 3-4:30-5:30-Chillicothe State Bank vs. Uptown Package Shop; and 5:30-6:30--Townhouse vs. Dickinson-Neptune. GIRLS SOFTBALL Practice MONDAY-JUNE 30-1:00 to 2:00-Red Devils and Sluggers; 2:00 to 3:00-Royals and Chilli Chicks; and 3:00 to 4:00-13 and 18-year-olds. TUESDAY-JULY 1-1.00 to 2:00~Red Devils and Sluggers; 2:00 to 3:00-Royals and Stingand 3:00 to 4:00--13 and 18-year olds. W E D N E S D A Y - J U L Y 2-1:00 to 2:00--Chilli Chicks; 2:00 to 3:00--Stingrays; and 3:00 to 4:00-13 and 18-year olds. THURSDAY-JULY 3-1-00 to 2:30--Red Devils vs. Sluggers; and 2 : 3 0 to 4:00-Sluggers vs. Team 3. GAMES Tuesday At Meadville 7:00-Royals vs. Meadville; and 13 and 18-year-olds vs. Meadville at 8:00. At Gravesville 7:00-Stingrays vs. Hale; and 13 and 18-year-olds vs. Hale at 8:00. CRAFTS The Summer Playground Association crafts program has had a busy week, making hand-made baskets and large decoupaged storage jars. Next week's list of events include papier mache pinatas, free-form sculpture objects, cloth and crayon batik, and ceramics painting. HANDICAP This past week in the Summer Playground Association Handicap program, the participants learned a lot about each other. They discussed friendships what makes a friendship a good one. Stories about friends were read and string paintings were made to give to a friend. Personality collages were also made. Regular activities include tag, kick ball, and taking nature walks. The group also made log cabins from pretzels and milk cartons and crayon resist paintings. Parents are reminded that in the event of inclement weather, the SPA handicapped program meets in the n u r s e r y of the U n i t e d Mathodist Church on Walnut Street. LITTLE LEAGUE Practice M O N D A Y - J U N E 30--8:00--Dr Pepper and Kent u c k y Fried C h i c k e n ; 9:00--Piz/a H u t a n d Chillicothe Sports Center; and 10:00-Hutchinson, Walker, and Turner Insurance and Westlake's. T U E S D A Y - J U L Y l-8:00-Terry's Body Shop and B a r n e s - B a k e r ; Kirksville pounds Unionville K I R K S V I L L K - T h e Kirksville Red Birds pounded out 17 hits in whipping Unionville, 15-5, in a North Division battle in District Two Legion baseball action last night. Kirksville now stands 2-3 in league play while Unionville dropped to 2-4. Greg Mooney (triple, double, single) and Tony Eagen (homer, double, single) both went 3-for-3 in l e a d i n g Kirksville at the plate. Jim Darr picked up the win while Dan Pickens took the loss for Unionville. Convert unwanted articles into cash by selling them thru the Want Ads! CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI-44401 --PAGE 3 Bacon Sales tops Mid West 6-4 In Pony League action at the Simpson Park ball diamond, Bacon Sales defeated Mid West Glove, 6-4, in a non- league practice game. Mid West Glove got the win as Bacon Sales was unable to field a team at game time and had to forfeit. Head Coach Mike Miller has issued a new rule which he said will be strictly enforced that states if any team cannot field seven players by game time, it will be forced to forfeit. Despite the forfeit, it was, by far, the best Pony League game of the season. Bacon Sales jumped out to a 6-0 lead behind the power of Lloyd Allnutt, John Marshall and Mitch Lent and then held on down the stretch to post a 0-4 win. In the fourth inning. Lent slammed a 2-run homer for Bacon Sales. Hard-hitting David McCoy ripped a 2-run single and C.B. Wilson drove in two runs to cut Bacon Sales' lead to G-'t in the sixth. Mid West started a potential rally in the seventh inning but Beaver Harkness turned in a sparkling catch of a line shot to left center by Jeff Slilwell to end the contest. Lent pocketed the win. He walked nine and struck out five. Randy Nosek suffered the loss. He struck out eight and walked four. IKMI IHH II -I ui:i iai \- ii HACONSAI, IM.AYKIl ViKin 3ti UiirkiHSsIl Simmer .ss Lnil-p Lucas llt Man.luill-lt IVtrrjiOII c Allnul cf Kt'ilh [ill Acortl rf K S ( B ) All :i 2 2 11 ;) ;t ·j ^1 :i Tulals ;M M I D W K S T I'l.AYKU ('alriis-Hli NoM'k-p Sllluvll s.s McCoy c Uli'lllVki' Hi wiiMii-ir I.imllcy.ah Martin cl Kciih rf UmicrwiMUl rf (·1) All 2 4 :i ·i i ·2 · :i · i K u i 2 2 0 II 1 U 0 0 ti 11 1 1 1) 1 1 (1 II II 1) II Siiirrliyl Mlilwi-,-,1 Hlicdli ^ak'h SPA girls win 2 of 3 The Summer Playground Association girls softball teams won two of three games from Kingston recently. In the first game, the Chilli Chicks defeated Kingston, 16-6. Amy Craven, Monica Marks, Kristi Montgomery, Tonya Reed, and Lisa Swift all collected hits for the Chicks. Jill Pitts, Monica Marks and Kristi Montgomery all turned in solid pitching performances for the Chicks. In the second game, the SPA 13- to 14-year-olds dropped a 12-17 decision. K i n g s t o n capitalized on numerous walks and errors. Rhonda Willis belted two homers and Nikki Symmonds and Kristi Montgomery each collected a roundtripper. Lori Dayton (losing pitcher). Kim Lauhoff, and Ginger Gates all collected hits. In Ihe third and final game, the is- to IB-yuar-oldSPA girls rode the strongarm pitching of incredible Lori Stoll lo a slim 2-1 victory. It was a t y p i c a l Sloll performance-few hits and a lot of strikeouts. The hard- throwing southpaw fired a 2-hitter and fanned 17. .Sloll, who also led Chillicolhe at the plate, drove in the winning run with a single. Chris Wilson singled and scored the. oilier SPA run. The SPA girls would like to extend a special thanks to Lynn Coult, for keeping score at Kingston. 9:00~Hutchinson, Walker and Turner and Westlake's; and 10:00--Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dr Pepper. W E D N E S D A Y - J U L Y 2~8:00~Terry's Body Shopand Barnes-Baker; 9:00~Pizza Hut and Chillicothe Sports Center; and 10:00--Dr Pepper and Kentucky Fried Chicken. T H U R S D A Y - J U L Y 3--8:00~Terry's Body Shop and Barnes-Baker; 9:00--Pizza Hut and Chillicothe Sports Center; a n d 10:00~Hutchinson, Walker and Turner and Westlake's. Shelter for your family Protect them today with MFA Health Insurance Protect them tomorrow with MFA Life Insurance We've Got The Shield For You ROSS MFA INSURANCE AGENCY 814 JACKSON 646-3881 CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Get Your Free MFA Almanacs Here SHIELD OF SHELTER 80 Chillicothe JAYCEES FIREWORKS! SUPER VALUES ON ALL FAMOUS** FIREWORKS CHECK OUR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS! * * * 100% OF THE JAYCEE FIREWORKS PROCEEDS GOES TO BUILD A NEW FAMILY SHELTER HOUSE IN SIMPSON PARK. LOCATION: THE BIG TENT NORTH i OF BARNES BAKER MOTORS \ *. : HOURS: 1:00 P.M. to 9 P.M WEEKENDS JULY 10 P.M. 1,2,3,4. J .* HELP THE COMMUNITY BY HELPING THE JAYCEES!

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