The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 30, 1891 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1891
Page 4
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BISMARCK DULY TR1BOHE: THURSDAY. APRIL 30 Date in History- April 30, Ofr-- LrtK*o, HOUMMI 1*0*1, died UM-Ch«rmlief killed MA ijuecu Muff, ouuiort trf WlMmuuf Or»nKw (William III of KoKlanii). bora. 1771-- Hows*. Ballou born at Richmond. N H . died June 7 Itfti, organized Uuiverealists, often con- i founded with hla nephew of same ntuufr who died ID UBl Washington in* the United States. IBM-- James Montgomery, poet, died. 1868-- S cav airy tight*-- oneln advance of each Federal army In the Hold. * Utt-- Sanguinary battle at Jenklnaon'a ferry, Saline rh er. Ark. (Steelo'8 commaiidJ, Federal loan in killed and Wound»d 800. Confederate unknown. 1878-- John Nicholas Genln. hatter and author, died in Kew York, born 1819; paid $2S for first chok-e of seat at Jenny Und's first oon- oert. 1880--Outbreak In Paraguay with much blood- abed; political revolution results. a passible rival, so much so, inaeea, triat the appearance even of a club armed suitor mu»t often- be Welcomed as an agreeable surprise party. The marriage of near relatives IB discouraged with a strictness not often found among barbarians, and polygamy, though sanctioned by public opinion, is restricted bribe difficulty of pro- Tiding for the wants of a large family. At a distance from the crab swarming sea- coaat famines are rather frequent, but the natives have developed a faculty for starving, or naif starving, for weeks without permanent injury, and rely on the expert _ ence that soonet^or later nature will renew ) where the supply of spontaneous food --Professor Felix I,. Oswald m Good Words Women ArtUt* in the World. 8 The statement is made by an authority who has looked into the matter, that there are more women artists in London, Paris and New York than there are men engaged in the some calling; and that the women are making more money than their male competitors. The reasons given are that men adhere too closely to the principles of art, as the term applies to painting, and do not enter any of the avenues branching from its legitimate trend, while women take advantage of the opportunities of all branches, such as designing, drafting, illustrating stones and articles for popular publications, and arranging decorations for the household In these fields they have been very successful,-and retain a virtual monopoly of the work, because they are best adapted to it Not long since, it is recorded, a young woman attained distinction bj illustrating an article for one of the leading French magazines an d her work was pr used as being far superior to that of the mule artists who had previously executed all sjmi lar work, -to the exclusion of women "Five years aco," sas the editor of-tbe publication, "uch a proposition would j not have been entertained '' The future of women'm the art world would seem to be of the times be read anght There is a noticeable and commendable activitj among women artists, and recent successes will doubtless stimulate them to accomplish yet more praiseworthy results--Jenness- Miller Magazine THE ANIMAL INDUSTRY, WHAT THE LAST NATIONAL HORSE SHOW AMOUNTED TO. Animal* on Exhibition at tb* w N«w York HadlsoD Square Garden, with Prio** of AdmiMion "Away \}f la G"-A The sixth annual horse show of the associated horse breeders was the first one held in the new Madison Square Garden, New York, in the magnificent structure upon the site where the humble old Madiaon square shed has echoed BO often to the neighing of ^steeds, from ft child's Shetland pony to the backing mustangs of Buffalo BiH. What did tba boraa ebow ohow? It«y» played first of all the amount of money there is in this country. The ostensible purpose of the, promoters of the show is ttl '"fmprovement of horsee. Farmers are more directly interested in this improvement than Any others, since it is the farmers who rear nine-tenths of all the horses in the Union. But the prices of admission were so high that it would take almost a wagon, load of farm produce to procure a good seat in the amphitheatre. The lowest price was that for general admission. This entitled you to no seat at all, to merely walk around an inclbsare, at any moment a frisky steed thai- felt particularly .good might up with lus heels and kick you into kingdom come. The lowest priced seats, were a dollar and a naif, and from that* they ranged up to $7, the price for a box. What is more, the sea^ta for/ the opening night, /were ev'ery one engaged Beforehand. 'Wealthy pecipTe filled them. Splendidly dressed ladies /earing diamonds flashed through the boxes like bright winged birds. It was all very grand^-but ihe', r~ /~* fianner was not there. Tbe show was in the hands of a number of rich people, who exhibited horses worth in them- sehrea half a dozen times ad much as the horse raiser's whole farm. It was a display prepared to get money from rich people, and it was a success. In alT 651 horses were exhibited, magnificent animals, many of them A New York paper thus mentions some of them- There are certain horses which every one must see. Mambnno King, of the Village farm lot, is one. He is a most beautiful trotting horse to look at, either m motion or a6 ease, and with him is Prince Regent, who has won more money this year on the grand circ»it '_] than any other horse on it. _l l**Erom the same" stable come Jubtma bright one if tbe signs i and Bt'lle Harnlin, who hold the record for trotting in double harness. Then you want to look up Alcantara, the stallion of whose get twenty-five have made under 2.30; and Young Highland Gray, another stallion, with four, of his- offspring, and the bii? Clydesdale stallion Drnmskeoch, who bUnds l(i hhnds and weighs 1,800 pounds Then there are J. D. Gheever's imported stallions, Realization and Helicon, which cost $12,000 and 18,000, to import; Dr, Seward Webb's magnificent string of fifty horses, Ed- warcl.Kelly's Greenland. A J "Cassatt'i) Ben d'Or^and the great jumpers, S. S. Howland's Ontario, Mcorehouse Pepper's Eoeebery, and H. L Herbert's Transport. There are over fifty entries in the hunter's class, and twenty tandem entries and more etches than can be put in the ring togetht r. AN AMERICAN MERCHANT PRINCE. How Maraba.ll Kleld. of tbJcpfp, III* W»_4* Fortun.- Manthall Field uow rank-, high among tbe heroes of commercial riiu rjirise--truly a merchant, prince, liu button U but a pOTOpal Illustration of tbo growth of Chl- MAKSHALL FIELD. sago and the northwest, and that is per- iaps the most marvejous thing in the history of development, The intellect that can hold in intelligent control a buameaa- amonntmg to $35,000,000 a year, extending over one continent and into another, is qrfite equal in its way to that which successfully commands the largest army. In the case of Marshall Field the growth has been perfectly aegular and healthful, om under clerk to merchant prince He""was born in 1835, in Conway, Mass, he son of a rugged Yank,e£jfarraer and icion of a family which has peen In New England since 1650. He obtained a common school education, and at the age of seventeen became a dry_ goods clerk in Pittsfield. In 1856, at the age of twenty SATIRICAL COMMENTS rOR SUPERSTITIOUS DREAMERS. If You Dream of Tour Creditor* It ·*---1 That You Aro In I«bt--Lover* Ohooli Jf«T«r Ureua of H*cg+n ar Soldi*!?. Doa't Dr*am of Kmtlaf Gurltc. To dream tii path both straight and (air. Tour wurk doth happittees dipiare. Bat crooked wayti denote mutki ill To Uioee who hare a beadstronc will. Of oouree if you happen to dreara aboat «raqkett paths you can get out of it ?n the ground that you are uot pOHtiessed of a headstrong will, and! that it is as near as dreams ever come true If the sign to right, it was the dream that did it; If mt-a»ytn had no reason to expect you can change it to -one of the many exceptions that are required to prove diaaina are retlBIg; -- ~ -- ~ There used to be an old woman down in Illinois who bad implicit faith in anything saw printed If there were any goes-' ahe tion of the accuracy of a statement, and one could bring h«r a newspaper declaration on the subject, she was convinced, and never again had a doubt Now it would b» highly improper for the skeptical reader to isk what she would have done bad she happened to find counter statements on any subject Orations of that kind would knock the Mnfchnent out of any old woman, or old theory either, for that matter And if that HFYOU SHOULD TRAVEL OCR Trie WORLD A5 FAR AS YOU COULD QO, BETTER SOAP TfjAI^ SANTA CLAUS YOU'D NEVlvR qLT TO KKlOVs/ Women in Women are represented in nearly every branch of business known in New York- There are numerous dealers in groceries, dry goods, fancy goods, gloves and hosiery, house furnishing articles, carpets, corseta and clothing, general florists, furriers, pawnbrokers,"tfrndertakers, piper dealers, importers^ imen, lacgs and feathers, bric- a-brac and antiquities, china, glass and perfumes, and dozens of o^her branches erf employment in which thej are engaged to a greater or les,s extent As a d,u,s they do not venture into wholesale business, preferring small profits and less risks, but the splendid buccess of f ery many of these Wideawake business women ought to furnish an inspiration to pthers of their sex, per- jhaps equally capable but less energetic, who_toil on in poverty and obsottrny "It is not capital but brains thit one most needs to be successful," said u t,t lish modiste "Some la/lles say that thej-,1 ick means to advanre in business I began with absolate^ju)ihing b«t raj trade, and now I own a handsome residence, employ a larpe forcp of workers and have a large and incre,ising-Hicome " "Discouragements' -oh, yes," said another -successful woman "I have had them in abundance I once sjt'irted for the East river bridge to throw mjself over, determined to end a life so full of trouble and care But I thought better of it before I had gone rmny blocks, and"-- with a little twinkle of her eyes as"she glanced around her elegant apartments-- "I am very glad that 1 did "--New York Cor Springfield Republican Mrs. Hull's Idea of Unnedileil People. Mrs Fl ruxe Howe Hil , w h o is one of the tnlenu d d uighters of ?Irs Julia Ward HOWL s i \ s th it in her opinion nvc5 causes are contributing to kw'p women from marriage 1h 1irst and in mv opinion the mon. import xnt, is the inflinnci of relative* Soimtmus it is, a m o t h e r w h o can not part w i t h IK r son, ami so induces him t o b r e i k o f f i i mutch, sometimes a father who wishes to ku p ins d nighter w i m uim (as w is the u ah tin father of Elizabeth Kir.ttt, l i r u w m n g IU never forgave her fjr coinnnting m itnmo'n ) N"7iw it is a mai-riid si«rttr \v ho prev tils upon her sis ter to n m un single ornlrivesaw iv i suitor in order that her relative's propeitj may all go to her own children, and again an ·^engagement fails to conle to uiything lie- cause the Ii^nce-mubt support his motfher and sisters ' T l i s ( torn] cause affects women w h o are used to admiration, and w h o hesitate t o n M _ i i i s i \titemtnts l h » j o f U n n t g left t i n ir lir-t and best opportunities fgr. mnrn i^i nn twining t h e j w i l l have still better chant « s iml hcwtate 1 Her to make disadv int i^r oifs matchi sut marry men for w h o m tin v d i not fed alTi r t i o n ' ^om« w o m i t i art u n w i l l i n g M marry a poor man and u t an too upright to wed a rich man \\hom they cannot love and An A n r l Southirri l i , l , i tbe an ' ' * , p t stand t b r nt Indian Art. i, , i X 'en the cradle of m o r n i n g , and likely w n ' x-rome i .-, grave for half tt !o/f n arn-uus - t i l l exist wbo under u l . t i i t i . s ,,' the old traft Till r o p p r i - l m bra.- w i t h brass or tilver ornamental inns us/ ] \, h, manufactured in f i n j o r f , Vrk num.. and are «UU drawing t h e i r li*t bnAth at Manambucha vadi and Tintprvti, ', u the cunning has KOD^ fmm tho hfttwl in 1 the work Is less powerful tnai the v kn-i*nt one -- Nine- te«wth ( entnrv X'vmrnauf*.! rotmi. Studio is Bi-.v Jerry Jodd asked. "Whicfc w t h e s a f i s \ fe \ArhUngor summer sail ing' N t h i t r/rrect» Father \ , He ,honld have said, "Which is the more dangerous'"-- Good Chester White Sow. The "little crooked nose : Berkshire" is a general favorite among swine, particularly in the west.« Bnt there are other breeds that have their enthusiastic ad- vocater, and one of these jthe- Chester White. One thing in favor of the Chester White pig is that it is an American It originated~m XTBester county, Pa. It is of a made up breed, composed of half a dosen other breeds--perhaps more than tfrfltik Hams says foe -Chester White is admirably adapteA to the land of care most American formers ^rive their swine, whicff is a land of left handed comph- CMKSTKK ment r It is u large, strong hog, of vigorous and hardy constitution The sows are imuionselj prolific, producing soiae- timefc be\ ent« u {jigs at a litter" Hams also recommends the Chester White as one of the b^st crosses with the refined English breedsy»6w0}i as the Esse.t, Berkshire and Yorkshire Thf r^uss will pro- dnee pnme animals, havthgnhe fine mtat qualities of the English breeds and the Strong constaWrion and size of the Chester White The ( hester Whites are animals of quiet habits and quickly fattened The illustration shows jxrh-ijie the best form of this breed The fepi-rmi^n m the picture was 10 monthw ohl when she had her portrait taken Markft animals of this breed, farrowed in March or Apnl, will weigh jJOO fcp 940 jtounds when slaughtered in November This is csactly what is wanted ni the hog btfsincsB-of those times--«rl v maturity and quick sales When allowed to grow to their law -J eue and greatest fatness the Chester Whites will reach a weight of from (500 to 900 pounds One advantage of the Chosters is that they can be fed and fattened to kill when yonng as w»ll as to tw* allowed to grow to maturity And one disadvantage mentioned by HarriH w that the breed is not jet long enough established to always present, uniform points, so that thf breeder who bays ene of them must remember he represents not .» familv so mnrh as himself, and he may prfjvnt points of his remote srrnb anc^^trv snch as large lop ears, slab sides and a capacity for racing South Dakot* has already organized * state poultry association which M to gm a poultry '-W^ttna ***« wmter. ne^ he chose Chicago fonfthe field of his lie's work, and entering tbe service of joley, Wadsworth Co he advanced so ipidly that in 1860 he was made a partner A little later the firm became Farwell, Field Co In 1865 this firm dissolved, and Mr Field united vtith L Z Leiter and the famous Potter Palmer m the firm of Fiejd, Palmer Leiter Mr Paftnei went out in *b67, and the firm was F*eld r J.*it«r Co. till 1881 Just before the great fire of 1871 the sales of this firm reached $8,000^ 000 per j'ear Three and a half millions of its property was destroyed, but,-unlike most of the losers this firm ue«eded inp recovering $2,300,000 in insurance boon after the firm became Marshall Field Co There is no magical secret in the methods which have led to this success, they are simplj' strict honesty, small profits, short credits, selection of willing and unbitious employes and promptness in sei?m^ upon the best new methods of extending trade Mr Field is a fine looking, i ^ther spare man, slight!v. nbeve the medium height, With white hair and a refined and pleising countenance!--inlW# he married Miss Nannie bcoty«iaaghter of Robert Scott, of Ironton, O .And they have one son and one daughter, beth married In politics Mr Field is an independent, and does not object to being called a mugwump THE -NEW ORLEANS TRAGEDY* Three Participant* Whose Names Have ^ Uoctome ^\ idely Known Three men gained prominence~ot difter- ent degree in connection with the twigcdj at Xew Orleans which btgan with tbe murder of David Hennery, the chief of police, and culminated in the Ijnching of eleven Sicilians suspected of being his as sassms __ One of these was Manuel Politer, who, after his arrest and while on trial, made a partial confession He was among the number of the acquitted who met death at i the hands of the mob, and as his perhorwihty was the .tioiial during the inve«itiK»tloiT*lis end was tragic Wfien strung up on tbe _ streets he lady or any of her tan should be Living let them be informed that dreams do »me true This cannot be denied, for a book has been printed setting forth all ·otic of dreams and what they mean, arid all any one neg} dp if he wants a war map of his future is to eat mince pies and doughnuts and go to bed j , DKEAMS OF LOVERS ,i \ Should he in the early watches of tht night find himself in the midst of what the police (.reporter calls a conflagration let him be admonished that To dream of burning doth imply A sudden danger ripe" and nigh O* all escapes yon then beware, POT though Fate threatens die may span. It will be noticed that Pate is a person in this case and not a glittering generality. And like many another person she has provided herself with an ample way of escape if the dream do not come true In that case she may tell yon she .threatened all right enough, but on mature consideration concluded to sp ire you for future mid- nigh ^lunches Lovers should never drea^n of beggars It portends disaster of some sort or another, and tbe man who finds himself in the act of beginning to dreara about u beg ga'r--himself oc any other--and cannot wake up, must go to see his love with an accident pohcj in his inside pocket after that E*or fate LS on his tra k, and will not be switched off But if voti must dream-of beggars, please be ptrsuaded in time aud give them sqaiethlng Else you will n t v e r know puice If }ou dreiini of soldier* it means tbat your lad love--or jour fellow, if the dreamer-be one of the^l urer, weaker sex-will have to quit his. or her present residence, by paternal order, on your account Now, if you know b.ejjr_sbe is comfortable there, do not--let me implore you--do not dream of soldiers -- * ' To dream th it jou are cnttfug hay indicates, that jou will have influence m society--cut quite a an ath, as it were And if you dream- of racing the ha., together yea are fated to stand at the head of a»- sembhes Now, w"hat would be nfore proper than to dream oj raking the hay A NNDAL STATEMENT for (the year ending A December 31, A D. 1890, lof the condition and affaire of the United States branch of the Commercial 4Inion LIMITED, Of LONDON. i Organized under the laws cf the kingdom of , Great Britain, jnatle to the Commissioner of Insurance of tbe state of North pursuance of the laws of Bald state. Manager, Charles Bewail, Assistant Managers W. T Kaafman and A H, Wray. Principal Of fif-eTNos 40 and 48 Pine street, New York Cjty, Jr. Y. Organized or incorporated September 28,1881 commenced business October let, 1861. ,"- Capital. V, Amount of capltalja ock actually paid incaah Propertv or Assets of ,.$l,2 r 0,000 00 the Company. The Tulne of it« real f state is $ 842,906 57 1 he cash on hand in iU othce is 67 97 The caefi on deposit in bank is 417,017 88 6koss premiums in course of collection not more than three months 'dne . The cash in handsjof branch offices . ktockb an^l bonds owned bj the corn- pan} as per schedule attarhed to original s aU-ment, total carried out «t 11 ark«t value her sUru-^lne the, 4 caznuanj 4V.S11 S9 37,779 40 Total asset'' MW.OOO 00 ,U,172 03 $3,m 2")-, 72 Liabilities Antonnt ^tf^os^esjet unpaid A m o u n t of tlaimi for lostos resieterl b rbe company -- Whol* 1 amount of unearned premiums on ontatnudir K risks Amount of HJ1 othe existing i Total Imbihtie Income Pu Whole amount ceived Whok amount of cash premiums received on politics written in the state of "North Dakota $6 538 81 Whole amtjBnt *l interest money received Whole amount of income received from all other bonrccs $173 tJ3 U,f)47 68 Ifll'i 3fW 97 ., 7V.21 79 eg the Yeai 1890. premiums ro «0,75J 08 3rt,0*l 44 Total m ome .$H2M'i3 Expenses During the Year 1890. Whole amount of losses paid during the jear lhW $l,587,hi7 Amount of losses paid upon nAB" takto m tno state of Norlh Da- kotn - $3,282 -ii Amoun f «f commisMon* and fees paid ,to officers and agents during the jear 18MO aTter you have once dreamed of cutting itf ^SSount of taxes paul dnnng the joar The additional labor is trivia.1, and the '""" twice climbed to tho limb ·above him and MANOIUTTA loosed t h e c h o k i n g cord about his ueck Then husbands were tied and his body filled with bullets Kre ' i- OJ ITEZ. he had ceased to ))reathe the crowd swarmed up and tore the clothes from his body, taking the dirty fragments away for relics W S I'arkerson, w h o led tin multitude to their lavi less vengeance, is ,1 lawjer not jet fort\ jturs of ii^t, (if ),irs,'e intellectual ittamratnts and i^ofxl social standing He lias received vrarmiitf from tn · Mafia that lie is to be Killed Joatiujii Miuiorltta, a Catholic priest, has Uso been marked down for secret vengeance, although he is an Italian His otfr use consisted in TU Jorsing the Provenzano fiction as less ffuilty than thAt controllctl bj the Matran KH.S If either of these men meets with difference in recompense is quite worth the trial I To AVOID DISASTrKS I When, in the slumbers of midnight, a j man or u. woman dreams that ho or she is I swimming it makes all tlie difference m the world--or ^thfe water--whether Ins or her head is under or above the surface Jf under, then look out for troubles, and plenty of them, but if jou are navigating I all right,switfl the pjaeid element beneath 1 yoo, flatter yourself that you will live to r make all or most of your enemies your I footstool To dream you wade in nurf and stubble Forctcllcth sorclj toil and trouble, rscverancc win not fail I O'er toil and trouble to-prevail 1 Another chance to jget out, you see, but r there is one dream that admits of excep- , tion. If yon gbould^uo far forget yourself as to dream of legacj, get up in the early morning and go about collecting all your 1 available onset .s, for what you bave in the 1 hands of "apotber" will be wasted anddis- | sipatfd without doing you any sort of good, '-To dream about fighting at single combat i signifies lawsuits and marriages, the book I says i If you should g( t into the habit of dreaming, and in tuat pi table condition should find yourself d n i m i n g o f a man with a ' lighted lanttrn, try to kill him off of otherwise ittrict his attention, for if re goes on w i t h o u t interruption and puts, it out it signifies trouble for ou, and plenty it If }ou dream that j o u l n a r a hen Amount of taxp^ paid the state of North Dakotn darini; the v^-nr IS* »20! 4i -Amount of fees jiaid the commissioner of msnrauce of the i-tate of North Dakota dnnnc the ye^r JLhtt) (not in eluding taxes jUh r )2 Wh'ile umoant phid for salaries of officers and acents during th§ 5 ear Whole amount of all othw expenditures during the year 1MK) 10 12...2I1 07 121,076 7 t Bisks Gross amoant of risks taken dhr- ^ m g t t i e i u i r 18W f '4«,iiY) 27t Grose amount of nsks Uken in the stat» of Norta Dakota dur- Whole am unt of neks MANHOOC How Lost! How Regain* A. Oreat Medical Work for lonng Middle-Aged Ken. Sew Edition MOW THYSELF. Or 8EtF-PRESERVATIOli.'Anewand Gold Medal PRIZE ESSAY onKBRVOU! PHYSICAL DEBILITY, ERROR YOUTH, EXHAUSTED VITALITY, E MATURE DECLINE, and all IISEj and WEAKNESSES of MAN. SOOpages^ gilt; 188 invaluable prescriptions. Only by mall, doable sealed. Descriptive Pros o« with e n d o r s e m e n t s of the Press^fnd volnnta testimonials tt the cure _. Congnltatton m person or by mail. Expert ment. INTIOLAHLE SECRECY and C TAIN CURE. AddrejjjLPr. W. H. Parke The Peabody Medical I Institute, No. 4 Bnl- flnch8t.,BoBton,Ma8S. L orPoitOfice Boriaas.l The Peabody Medical institute has many *-- »int no ennal--Herald. (Copyrighted.) iHEAL THYSEL i, VHJ Brmiclut, ' can FKB. ill-he 8t Paul, 1890 S Kallw;a J Great Northern tt' With 3,300 miles of steel track it run^thr coo-ntifS in iY innesota. North DiiJ- c ti , !: Dakota and Montana, running ; - a points from yt. Paul, llumenpohfr, Vi^ \jBhorand Dolnth. It furnishes through close connections, the and cheapest route to all pointc m Id Utah, California, Oregon, WoshiBRtcn 1 ish Coltunbia, Alaska, the ( anndfen N west and Manitoba. It is the on'} American line weht of ( hi m, ing a truck laid with 75 POUM! ste-1 rail owning its entire magnificent eqnii ji ; elegant Dining and Sleeping cnre,.Hiuiir. DHJ Coaclies a d I 1 roe ( olonibt 81petrs I t i b the direct route Heteeti 8t Paul M m t u i Anoka. fet. ( loud, Dnlnth, West -npr Fergus Fhi Is, Crookston, Moorhi i l In firnnd Forks, Grafton, \Vmni)e« Di Lake, Llltcdale, Al*rd*en, Huron, Wash ton, *OQI Falls,and hioni ( it» It is the only line running throujtn the R Milk liiver reservation, with wdi I tr without change f r r m at. Paul und Mirnei hs to Fargo, brand Forks, DeviU Ijike, pot, Wilhston, Buford, Glasgow ( turn Hinton, (reat Falls, H«lenh and lintti t has three lines in the lied Hivep v i l l t \ if . onlj hne to tho Pnrtle Mountains MJ 1 threo lines in s»onth Dakota t roacfa^ft A-PR nf frpp 00 1 7,t84 33 »f kle it is ,i tm ttj good sign, but jou can ? n i 0 ^i t ^, r "uli.*? 1 " make it a heap better bj catching the ' "**~ ~'~~~ fowl Tha.t clinches the sign as it were, and afttr th it fate can no more go "bock on yo^than if \ on slept with the scissors un der yonr pillow to make your lover come back. No married man should dr,am of eating Whole umonnt of lot-hpe Incurred daring the jear 1890, including. ' hone claimed and not je f doe Whole atnonnt of lowws inrnrrod during the year 1H"0 including those c'aimed Irat not yet due in the stattt of North Dakota $3 117 70 Nnmher of sgpnts in the state of North Dakota . 17 OF N H W YORK, ? t onnty of New York. f w Charles Powull mnragpr of the Unitpd States bra rh of the Commorcial §Whn As- flnranoe companj, limited, of \ London, being duly sworn, depo'vs and sajs, thut the foregoing is a fnl 1 , trtip and o irrertetatcmert of the affai s of said compani. t h a t ' t n n Niid insnrance" cotnpany K*Jhe bona ndp o« or of at leaot one nnndrpd tlionflan I ^ dollars O f - wtnnl rash c.ip- ital, nnf»tpd n ·«« stato find United States *toj kt- uml ijouds, ( r n boid« and mort^tappR «*f ' eJ-tatounind m h p n d and worth donhle thp ant fur which th hnme IH mortgaged and thTraTPThfcabovJBjpseribed ofhoers of paid in.- sarance ?ompan ~ ( u \RLEH SEW ALL, Manager. Snbwnbpd ami Bworn, to before me this 19th dnj of Jpnuarj, I"*! JNO \ land of ii/znLCltrjral value now rej sin m the country. It is the principal line to La^e Mil iretockn the pleasure, Ashing and hunrmg rctoru the Park region of Minneiinta. Kor mf»», tn k tB. r R'* and goidee. HPSJ! an} agfnt of t i e cim pnnv or wntj «c F W H l T t N ' , Gen'l TMS an'dT cket.»g tt it I Northern Knilwni.ijt Panl. Minn -^ harm it is feared that the vigil intes will re Igarlie. In the first, place, g.irl.r is not a assemble ind do bloodier work than perpetrated at the parish prison that Did They Want the Hoj or the Mrtnpy" The storj told b Harr\ J Ferguwin .1 hrllhoy at the Rioheln u hotel in ( hic-iRo, recentlj to tlw-«ffect thit be h id beon kid naped from his honii iu Ne« York state when five 5ears of affp, anl that he fallen htir to 180,000, 'h LS ltd to uni \pected developmpnts A fashionable dressmaker claims trip hoy as her son She says she was divorced from \ugust J Ferguson, tfie lad H father, in Xevv ^ ork, n n d moved to rhic»go, wliere she n u r r i f d i man named Norton smcp deceased nht p i r k w l Harrj nut tf a group of boys is h. r son and in f u r t h e r proof of his » d c n ' i t \ itul her knowlpxij-»if it described rrrtam nurks upon his bodj ^he also related to the lad » nnmlxT of mrulcntH of^childhood, whtch he did not remember till'she (Ailed them to his mi d Several other people wanted to estat hsh relafionirhtp- to the lad, but when it became known that his "fortune" was really lens than $1,000 they withdrew their claims " T l i P r r i i v t h p followinc; e U m p n t a to he taken nit^i r m s i ( l » r i t i n i n at \ i i dwivor to tear* the pr«wnt North Amencan tribes) and nntions tiJirk t-r t h n r ontnn First, KnuUl oval hfAilPil paLaeoljihic man BBC- ond, the long headed Ksquimau third, the long beaded people south of the Bfcqai- man, fourth, the abort bepd«d r*o» of th* Cuftfc ete pleasant thing for any man outside of Gaul I to put upon Ins table and in the second -though t h a t - is a minor consideration-- he will srtrel} -fiwl out that his wife docs not love him And if you \\ int trmio the whole business it one fell svVoop, then dream of eating dinner just after having concluded the drv-im atrout garbc The dream about eating w i l l never le fulfilled till the family-, of which you are now so valn.-vblc a mem bersluvll have been divided and scattered to the four vv inds or the three-winds or the two, if thire should not happen to be enoogh persons in the family --Chicago Herald _ ___ ,, ~- Itnyal .TocuUu-lt}, Ijonl Salisbury-- Have yon ever ea^cn- lAted your highness, the number of " urn- ! brella* v o n have used since you ascended the throne' " I Qnr«n Vjctoria-- I suppose no nore tliin I Other f o l k * Lord Salisbury-- I «a,s t h i n k i n g jou did. i You know we have had fifty jears of con- I tinuoais reign And Iyrd Tweedledum and the Marquis i of Bareacrew burst out in a Joml haw-haw. --Jewelers' I'ircul ir A comm.s oner for N irth Dakota in the city .of Nqw iork J H T \ I F or NORTH DMIOTA, i I l , s i n \ , C E DEI ViTMfST, I I, A L ( arr } ( ommiRsioner of Irji»tirance of the State of N o r t h Dnkota, do herebv oertifj that the whore is a trn coj } of the original statement now on hit' in t h i s oBire In witness wh rr of 1 have herennlo set my hand anil affixed the ·· »1 of this oflice, at Bismarck, this Ifith c'ay of Febrnsry I"*'! |8?ALJ V L r*Bl!\ ( ommippioner of InsuHmce. Rl L L ( O^:FBKRI) ( hief ( lerk STATIC OF NOBTH IHKOT^, ) OPH( F OF f MMTSNIOVl-H Df l N S C R \ N m 1 « ) M I 1 \ ^ ^ ' · . i i t n n ( \ T f 01- \i Tl Wher^is, Mi" ( omm n al I ni n A^-i-rr compan\ B co t n r s t u n orirani7«i n n l i r t h e Inwi f t n ^ l n n d , h(u- tiled m t l i« of- n c e « s w rn « ntnnient e x h i b i t i n g . it« c n Irtion «r d bn-mnhfijor the year ( n l n i c Dicnmber 11, FREE Dorior Brown Soqnn Hlf l « t « n t U i o k w i t h i m n p t i o n H , on the ( ' niiif tnf\ ure * **P malorrbcicaiH' nn^; bint* Sterility, rmr r 1 T etc Aildnrtt .IB THOMPBOV i,nrn«l 1 I P d Bui a-iS C 1 " "!· en Ij ban rnrcd in 10 vo t ny n i l CTT 1 Dr J ' t n - n r n - c 1 A t r a d i t i o n i list H u n n i h a i wai born in MahA. Tins f i m m- » .1 hixitonc island WIK, i he Uucf stronLthojd in t h i M«iit*urnuiean of 1 he CartJiaKiniitns of old, aa tt .»^itw. of the F ngiwh Tba«e and in the neighIxmn^ i-.ia.nd of Goro i here still remajn e.xt^ ,-n-e ruinaol C«rthafcinian-(M PhaBnician) t^mptoa and an abnndaACB of riformnhlo to thp rixinirfm nti- . Inwp f t h i « vt«tp regulating the b IH n ·« Bnttnfo an 1 V \ | ( » H S Th* nnid f r m p i n j has t ' v ' t i H u ( ft i l n K oiTtinp i ronj f it* rhnr»«r oertih ill i f o r t f i n i z H t i i i n i i w i ' f 'V 1" I'lirempt tx of I ( «f r I»RI I · w I h^r. f Tt 1 \ [ i nr ) I c of I n s i r eg. f t M a U x ' V r t l I « n « r t i | · .. o^o * ci, i d a , r e r t i f j t h n t t l i Y TB n »n ft r - r j nr v i« f'nlij on t »PI ·*' I ' r r n g ' ]f^ n n t l w n/wl lurenffi ro trariia t i'« in i r r ) f r i f t t / I n».inn»,B tf tire i n n ir- nnrf in f m Htrt a o r i m « [f, t h o In in thernof, n n t i l t h o ( l o t laj * l ) r p m t v r In t««t u"( n j whnv f 1 hftv h»nd an 1 sen] «t Hmmarrk t h i n isfll - - e n d i n g U r n r J Vm WO DE (t*M hy PRI £ 91-00- I i r- It !· iu»nuf»otured u 4 po«d«r w h l t h ' in a cluu of B**r. * cup of coffpr or if* ir in fo K t h r t u t t h * knowledge of Ihf p»tlp-1T I in absolute rml«M, and will tlTltrt k p*nn*cri* »"·' "P" ·n 41«ohollc wrwilt It hu bwin liven in thcu«»J of OMAft, and In f-vtfj lumtMnof m pptfot cure bmt 1 IOWM It nf-rfY F*lla. Tn*«yit^m o-io« imprftffP to w i t h thrflpretfln it fiwximiwin utter impoMlB"' for th« JlguoT *pp«ttt« IA azut COLDER »PKTIFIr r«.. Mol* rmprtffn CINCI WW A *n OH TO W P4«* book of pwiloulu* frM. T.5 M had » \ I) * 1 r t - n n r o m t m^ lot! d* of P«.b- B A BY CARRIAGES y fc prlmt* iii«rtl*« ' -f f n f l o W t t c r w th t K 1».»lir nurlRfff" Deiirerrt Frte of Charge ill tv.Tn».- In t» sond ror lll CHA8. NEWSPAPER!

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