The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 14, 1902 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 14, 1902
Page 12
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Ill TCP TOE DECATUK REVIEW SUNDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 14, 1902. I'BJWTIUUt* tJKlON. . »»«-.--.:s~r:::R« wlm In the lr w*r» ugly looWnc thine*, 'or every man who §aw them knew they were duncerou*. The «T**t wonder wa« that teveral people were not Mriouily Injured. But moiit of these wire* are to ·« un derground. and we are promlttd thli work will noon be ilimr. Kvery one who « thn tangle Salurdny morning murt have frit grateful for the rhiingc that Is about to be Introdiici'd. fll'NDAY MOHNINO. lKr. »· AN EXCEPTION. It )· i n-our««lnn now mi*, then to realise thnl gnm\ puBlic service to twos nled. alfo thnl Ihrrc mny !· a dlxpmil- tlon to ri-winl It In » auhetantlul way. One ( IH,IID!C with the public mr- vloo IK that In It g'uiil w»rk l» paid a* well un thut of ixxir riuallty, and whin the uvcraw ni.m reallw-a that h« l» t«i art the name r warl whether hla work I* «kn« well or ixmrly thrre IK not much doubt left »« i« li"W ho will d» It An · xcfptlon I., t h i n gun-nil rulf In the pun- He MTvIci' nhotild he- tinted xpeclwlly and thn young m.m »hiulil hav lil» attention railed to It. At thr am« time It may !.. mrntloiircl In him that It may bo t hi* advantage I" dn hlx wi.rk well. Th Mac'on county board at «IJ|) rvltofH fiii-nl»hc» thi i-xceptlvnnl Illustration At the ioor farm thcic l» u atcwunl who^ admittedly IHM done a good job of managing. He him looked nftrr the place much a» a careful man would look after III* own affair. In thla way Mr. Kirkman lm» navrd conalderable money fur the county, a miUIT that has been known for «ome tltnr. Now the board hu» rftliwd hl wugeH. It id true the rnlw did not come niilll after Mr. Klrkmiiu nn- flounced h - mart give hi* attention tn twmcthlng fixe, but then It la better to have It oomc late than never; only part of tho fore,, of the leamin I* lost because Mr. K i r k m a n hitd In call fur an Inn-raw In till* faHhlon. It l» well for the county Mr. Kirkman him bfcn In chargo of that place: he has nhuwn what can be done there-anil f u t u i e lionrda can ilwayn have thin a* a xaiiKe In determining what l» good work In t h a t difficult plucc. However, the i'unity will at no time want u Hteu.ird who make* n R»(»il H)IOW- Ing at the exii nil* c.f the lumaU'.s of 'lie pi»r farm. ANOTHER P1OTIHE. In a nhort time w Khali hegln to bear from tbe uuer,itor* In tin- anthracite roal fleUI*. and then tlure will be nn othc r story K»|IIK over the wlies fur a few dajs. There, have been Iilnti the operatorH an. making ready to nlmw a happy condition nmnng the mlnci*. anff of course thcri' will IN- tesl'monj of Koine kind to bm k t h i s up When the operator gets the Miami we ·hall hoi* thi miner* In rrnnsj Kaiila arc among the licit |»ill wnrkmen In the world, convlderlnif the skill lln v bring to their wo;k There will be »torlei or big earnings and of wurkm n *i opul V that they refine to work more t h a n hnlf time. Again we Khali h e i r .-ome- thlntt of the Ixcf Hleak t h a t I* two Ineln ,H thick, lirid tills time U will IM- on the tablu of the mlnerM In Ibelr company c.i him. There In Kijre to be a wide variance In the teaUmoii) presented; taking the written record of the cane. It will b(» hard for the cummlmilfmi rx to determine the exact truth. Itut the rommliwlon'r» are rlnwn In the con! field region', they . i n K i t about and note the places In w h l . h tie.if miners ha\e to HM-. There arc noin- men on that commission with .«i use amik'li to know that a well paid workman elocN not pernlit In living In a place that by moKt mn woiil^ bo regard, il HI uiiin habitable. * PRIOR TOO HIGH. The miiNTvlHora from the country dl»- trlctK have detennlnvd that 110.000 In a reasonable price to n«k the. city for Kjlr. view park, but at that figure wo can have th« coal rlghtR under the land. As It ha« tX'fn determined by expert* that It I* Impomlblc to sink a coal shaft In that neighborhood, the \ n l u e of the coal ilKlits can not !»· placed very lil(;h. Mayor Rhlllliift M'leed the feeling In the city when hi- stated thlK price waH too high. It IK not UK If the place were tie- Ing sold tu immc tirlvnte corporation n be liscd only for Itself and for profit. In thla ease Hccattir came nlonif and asked the prlv-Higo ,,f nviklng t h a t a Iwnuty spot for all tho peop'e who may come to Pecalur. for n day, a month or a year Thn answer Is t h a t the eltj e in have title to the propei u mi JM.IOII Till* an- Hwer Is not entirely eneinir.iRlnK. It was thought the hn.inl could do better than thin. Pei haps the price will have tn lie paid. BKTTKK RVRKT. One of the heating petition* that w.ii befor^ the city council has bn n with drawn. The gentlemen who were l e - hlnd thi* enterprise for some reaxon concluded they did not care to «i Into the heating bu lines* In Decatur. Ter hap* they will take another try at the thing ·omo other time. The city council now hux mdy m« p'e tltlon to consider. A hope Is expre*ned by Home that thi* be nut deUed so long aa to give theae people time tn withdraw from the bunlnesx, in make up their mind* to do something else. There waa a notion on the part of «onin that the petitioner* were about to gel aom'c- thlng of great value for nothing: It *ecm* the petitioner* did not look at It In that way. poulbly owing to the fact that they gave the question rather thoiotigh atudj. Not long ilnce we heard that the git* company people would not have gone Into the heating famines* were It not that competitor* coning Into the town pro- pOMd to do 10. The folk* at the gas office denied thla, aald them wa* nothing In that itory, that they had been piepaf- Ing for thla a long time. Now what nt will the future make on thla? UETTKR CONDITION AHEAD The kind of weather we had Friday night abows the valu* of underground wire* In tbe bu*inea» dlatriet of a city. Tkera wa* a licet atorm. and thi* I* the on* thing that to but calculated to bring out all the weak feature* of overhead wlrto,. Th« man who cam* down town early ·aturday morning aaw a tangle of wlret la tfe* air. Workmen were going along the *tr**t* teariag dowa thoa* br*k*a i ·Ywy f*w f**t you eooM a** · Klght hi ic In the centi r of the corn belt and the railroad hub we ruid of mills being shut down because they cannot get corn to Krlnd. The nillrcnids cannot find cars to do the buslnens. It ap- prars to be the same cry all Hie way from the Missouri to the Atlantic and we have been hearing It for months, first In one Industry then In another. What Is the matter with the transportation ilo- partment* «f the railroads? Over In Indianapolis a corn mill had to shut down because Brain that was only a Mock aw.iy could not he delivered by the nill- ronds; t h u t looks like Inefficiency, HEIETOLD Cal Stewart Talked to Them About Other Days. WHY HE QUIT RAILROADS. He Is Now MLklng Money on tbe Road. Cal B t c w n i l , the coined!,in, who K.IVC the entertainment .»t the T.tbernat lo for the Uec.itur Gun company last nlslit. met a great many of hln old railroad friends during the afternoon. One of tin- first men he found whom he know was Chief Dan Sullivan of the police department. He went over and liad a iong talk wltti I Dan. Mr. Stewart went to work for the Wa- baah In 1K76 as a brakeman on freight and served In that capacity for eleven years under n lot of old conductors who are now running out of Decatur. When asked how he happened to quit the railroad business after serving »o long, he r«.-llcd: "Well, I got a little cut off at each end and thmiitlit r,i better cnrlt before I got cut In Iwo In the middle." Mr. Stew.irt | lout a f Infer off his left hand and BO mo I of the totH o f f 011^ foot. "I was the ( principal comedian In an old box car down In the yards, that served aa a · waiting room for the brakemen. I wan ' leaillni; rmi n t h i n during the last six Sears I wan in D e t a t u r I GOT I'AV FOR IT. "When 1 quit 1 wi nt to St. Louis and ! HI' d to get on as ' the vaudp- Ullo holmes. I f i n a l l y (jot a job In the -dinns and staid w i t h It about a year. Fin i l l y I Rot with a gnod company and w e n t west for t w o uin. 1 finally went | to New Voik and struck the manager of I KI Ith's vaudeville thratei- for a Job. I I staid areund there for sixteen weeks he- fore I finally pot a Job. f did a/Yankee | dialect t u r n and It pivme.l to make a hit. l A f t c r w . u d 1 went w i t h 1 mrian Thomp- son'*' 'Old Homestead' company for one aeason and then the graphophone people got me." Mr. Stewart experimented with making records for tho graphophonc till he got It down fine and the company sent him to London, Paris and Berlin to remodel their laboratories, and he. has been making records ever since. This Is his first season making records on the road, but hei likes It. He gets a iilg house everywhere and Rives a good entertainment. Friday nlRht hv "played to standing room only" nt Danvlllo. Pure F.iua Cues Dropped. Hdckford. I l l s , Dec. l3.-T.he le'S-il pro- eeedlngs Instituted against thirty-four local grocers for the alleged violation of the pure focd law In the sale of Illegal \lncKar and spices were dismissed by Justice Widell for want of Jurisdiction. Assistant State Food Commlusloncr Patter. scm nr Chicago was present and staled that the cases may be taken before the next grand Jury, Armenia M.«onn. Argenta Masons had J big time Wednesday night. Thirteen candidates were Klveii work tn the degrees. About twenty-five Masons from Deeatur were present and assisted In the work. The visitors were royally entertained at supper In the bull over the KMder building. _ CHRISTMAS BOOKS! Yes, do you send me a book for Xmas. Not a bargain book, bought from a haberdasher, but a beautiful book, a book to caress -- peculiar, distinctive, individual; a book that hath first caught your eye and then pleased your fancy, written by an author with a tender whim, all right out of his heart. We will read it together in the gloaming, and when the gathering dusk doth blur the page, we'll sit with hearts too full for speech and think it over. WE LIST A FEW OF THIS KIND Venezuela want* the I'nlted State* to do some- arbitrating In Its behalf. Word comes from Krigland that this will bf acceptable if 1'nclc Hani w i l l guarantee [layment of the finding of the, arbitration board. Of o - . i i m - I ' m l e docs not want to g i t Into a tblng of that k i n d ; lie I* too shrewd a trader to g« against that l i l n l n u rod game. Perhaps It will lie Just .is w l l tu laj- down the doctrine t h a t on this continent tuition* are not to' collect hltlx for their subjects by a incd force; somi t h l t i K of this kind will slm- pllf u I b l i m t h a t Just now threatens to ber MIII» ,i p i i j M t u a l amiuanec The \ . l i i i "I l l u I O I T I i rop In I l l l n n l s this c a r IM K l t ' » as something m c r tlM.IWfl.O"). Thde was ;i time- when a figure of (hit s!z would liiiv, . i p p u i u d big, but slrir,. v,, l;,:v got In the of spi aklng "f l u l l l o n dollar sti e| trusts there Is a notion t h a t tbe I l l i n o N farmi rs lire not "lulnc much; some Monil, : If thc.v will be able to get through (he H i n t ' r on a p l t t a m e if a Hlllc over n liiinilied millions. * A n i w j i i i K e m i nt Has mad, la»t week that Htz-lininiiMn will lu^uln enter tile ring and challenge the man at the top of the bench. Hereafter we shall not bet on I'llx unless he deposits a certified check an :i Kunrantre t h a t lie will lick (he oilier fellow. He can lo It. many b.llexe, but will lie? II W. Knight Is xiirprlsnl the notion should h a v e gone abroad In thli town that his proposi d Intcrtirhun scheme from hero to Bloomlngton has been abandoned. He la right; as u scheme It cxlula, and by this time all should understand It will never be aliuiidoiied while then. Is llf,. In II. W. Knight. Adams county In' trris state proposes to seriously consider the mutter of using convict labor o n the public «o«ds If the plun works well In that place many other countlea In the stale will r i ,* that they have road* thut can stand a little Improvement. The lutcat from the teat of patriotic war It that Miller has the best of It for ·peakcr of the next legislature, but Hint no man can tell what »chemo Mr. Sherman Is hatching In IhlU fertile head Of his. That poverty care on Kaat Main street was handled quite, well and thoroughly. In spite of the fact that It was not mentioned In the, bargain column. I I "Ah. thk mint be tto line I expect- THE SOCIAL LADDER I'y (.'. 1). (iil)S(m. KncliiM-d in a doiroratcd liox. I'rin 1 , m-t S5 WANTED, A CHAPERONE M y ' P a u l Leicester Ford, author of "Janic Meredith," etc. Illustrations in color bv Christ\ S2 THE MESSAGES of the MASTERS I'.y Ainon llrndford. IlliistraU'd RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAN hi koycroft BEN HUR $2-50 JANICE MEREDETH ·rin;;- edition S2 WANTED, A MATCHMAKER l'.\ I'nul Ford JAPANESE NIGHTINGALE P\ ( ) n o t o \\ atanna FAMOUS ARTISTS illti'-lrati'd edition l'i\ Sarah K. Halton. Fx. $2-50 DON'TS FOR GIRLS DON'TS FOR BOYS Fiiu' soft loatlu'r SI REMINGTON BUCKSKINS J n Portfolio*. DOLLY DIALOGUES Christv illustra $2-50 n.20 - New Copyrighted Novels - $1.20 Tlii- list Mow Hive* only a few titles of (h issued, and list at $1.50, and which we ^-U at ?i Iiy mail than von pay most stores at their ,-ej for postage. "The Confessions of a Wife." by .Mary Adams. "The Little White Uird," by James M. Itarrie. "The I'lne Flower," by Henry Van Dyke. "The Virginian,' by Owen Wister. "Hearts Courageous," by llallie li. Hives. "The Mississippi Rubble," by Kmerson Hough. "Temporal IWer," by Marie Corelli. "The Intrusions of Peggy." by Anthony Hope. "Captain Alacklin." by Richard Harding Davis. e new books of fiction that have recently been .Jo. Von can buy the new books of us cheaper 'ular price. In ordering by mail, add l i cents "Tlie Two \ anreveK" by Booth Tarkington. "Donovan Pasha." by (iilbert Parker. "The .Maid at Arms," by Robert \V. Chambers. "J)orothy Yernon of Haddon Hall." "Yhe Leopard's Spots," by Thomas Dixon. 'r. "Castle Craneycrow," by George liarr Vc- Cutchcon. "The Spenders," by Harry Leon Wilson. "The Right of Way." by Gilbert Parker. Subscriptions Received For All of the Leading Magazines and Papers, Pp^PKIAf4 Dl/»4l t*4*t+ ( i ) 0 1 1 l i c t u r e s arc appreciated by every one | | Cll l l w U I I W i U l w S :in1 wt ' can slu)w morc nice Pictures than any store in Decalur. Framed Pictures at all prices to suit everyboily. I lieu tnframed Pictures in plain and colored Photographs, Platinotypes, The on!) nici- and complete Hue in thc city. They are the kind you never tire of. \ V I v I ) ' ) , and carry the best and most complete \Y K1X ), and carry the best and most complete ' slock of mouldings in this city. Can show fully 200 styles of Picture Moulding, and we have t h e largest slock of made-up frames, both wood, fibre, and metals, in square, round and ovals.So bring your pictures and get them framed. Framing Pictures FINE STATIONERY Put up ill Ilcautiful P.oxes. Just thc thing for a Christmas Present. Leather Goods Pocketbooks and Purses-all prices, 5c to $4, for Men, Women and Children. Bnrat and Carved Leather Good*. Something New and Novel. Calendars arid Novelties This store has always been headquarters for beautiful designs in Calendars, Xmas Cards, Booklets and Novelties, and this year is no exception, having made selections from thc best houses in this country and Europe. They are beauties. Fountain Pens ^We carry a full line. Paul E. Wlrt Pens. Rest Pen on the market. Every Pen warranted. If not right, bring it back. Game Boards The Combination Board is the board of the day--one board on which you can play more than FIFTY GAMES. PING PONQ Haines Essick's Book Store MAXTOR'S OLD STAND. 120 Prairie Street. Opposite Citizens National Bank. Decatur, BlinoU. N I § *@*®*$*$*8*$*$*fc* *®*®*«*W***®*W*W» ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY PIANOS ·AND- ORGANS Special Sale in Decatur, Ills. Dec. 15 to 27, 1902. F. T. PHILLIPS, 149 Mast Main Street. A Rare Opportunity to Secure a Piano or Organ at Wholesale Factory Prices. Grand Clearance Sale Of slightly used and second hand instruments. Special factory sale of brand new" Pianos and Organs under management of direct representative. F. T. Phillips arranges with the W. W. Kimball Co., for a special holiday sale, receiving from the manufacturers for this occasion, a Special Holiday Price. K\cry ii.tmner during (Ills sale « l l l «et .1 In ncllt bj six-uilni; a n, »· i n s i r u ment at file rettulun Factory Wholesale rrl-«, either for dish or tlnn p i.\rni*nts The Especial Reason For Inaugurating This Safe Is for HIM purpose of disposing of an a c c u m u l a t i o n nf shopworn and se ond h.tnil instl imicnta mostly :t l l lakeit in i \i hiuiKc for new Inslimiieiiti. some Mken back for non-payment, and others simply shop \vorn. and stjles now dropped t'mm catalogui'. These I n s t r u m e n t s have all been put In (joml condition anil n o t h i n g " H I be offered for w a l e that w i - cannot recomiiK nil. .N'o mlsrepres. n t a t l o i i M c »n ihcsc' K Mids will be aluuv, d, but will he sold on a KuaratUoo to be .14 r epresented. ami w i t h furl'hi r aKi'eeniont ''» al!o-\\ f u l l a m n i i n l paid for IheTn to apply OH any new Instrument, any tlnii- w i t h i n two v i a in If an exchange sho.ild be dexlrcd. The prices on these will be made -,, |K\V and on Kill 11 easy terms that thei, will not ri main on hand long Manj honns are without an I n s l t i m i c n t . T h e y would' like to bnve on*-, antf need one, hut Miclr Jnciime Is not Htifflclenl to enable them to pun Unse n new one Here is an opportunity to tet a bargain In a good second-hnnd Inslrumenf, backed hv a I'e-llable guavantee. at prices and on terms any and all can reach Thcv will be d'Rcd out .'it SIK h values thai we can Afford to allow f u l l price paid to apply on ne«R- goods at any time within two yearn AND WK WILL, DO IT. Vn, t can get these goods on small monthly or weekly p i y m f i i t * WITHOUT INTKn- K8T Realizing the Cact that not nil prospective purctiasers will uw ( i Instruments, but are In tftie market for the best the market affords, we have arrange* with the largest manufacturer* In llic world, of PlanuH and Organ* the W. W. Kimball Co, (whose representative we have been for thirty years* for a Inrgf romrfgnment of Instrument*, new. latent styles and design*, and direct from the factory, especially for this occasion, and they are now 'here nna wo invite the most critical examination In tlHs connection we linvr- arranged w i t h the manufacturers for the assistance during this Bale of their General Agent f ir Illinois, Mr. Henry A. Stone. To nil who know him this will be a sufficient guarantee of the mosl considerate and courteous treatment He will be in charge of Iho new gioods department, and any representations made by him cnn be strlclly rolled upon. About half a century of honorable business record, with «n over Increoolng demand for their good*, coupled with the, unqualified endorsement of tho greatest living critics, musical colleges and con- *ervatorl«s of tho world havo placed the product nt the W. W. Kimball Co. In tho very foremost rank of piano and organ manufacturer* They never do things bv the halves, and when Miey do make a cut in prices fr ti special reason, It is a strong cut and a deep one--the reductions are bonda fide, tho bargain* are genuine and this special sale M one of Ilieso oceanic/us. Thla will make the finest and largest stock of Plaito* and Organs over on exhibition In thin part of tho «t:itc. Beginning Monday morning. December 15, 1902. and' continuing to Saturday even- Ing .December 27, TWO WEEKS ONLY, f,-n will offer this beautiful stock of anon and Organ* at ACTUAl. FACTORY COBT: aihop worn and second hand gooda at half their actual value. This stock consists of nome of the very be«t make* In tho country, and will Include the famous and world renowned 'New Scale Kimball," the "Hailet. Ttavta Co.," "Whitney," "Hlnze," "Arlon," Carleton.' and other well known and re. llalile m.iki'x of I ' l m o s Tlic ' · ' K l m b i l l IMiiini I ' l i v c r . · one "An,.n I'iano I'l.ivir, mil i lie Klmliiilj orpins Kvery liiMiruimiit w i l l li,. iniiikcd WH01,i;SAI,IC I'UK'ICS In iiliiln HKIM,S, Knowing Just w h a t It 'Will 5011 .111 easy niDiillily or 4|iinrlrly payments, also w h a t 11 will cost you If pulil for lu N o n K V I A T I O N FHO.1t PRICKS M \ U K K l \ \ l l . l . UK MADI'J Tf A N V O N H A r1ill«l can buy as low an the closest b u \ , r We cannot ,|ui|.. price* here on t i n s onllro Mi.ick. but ,IH an i xaniplo of what WP propow to lo. we i|ii ti the following: Itr«nl now, eastern m a n u f a c t u r e d iil.nio i-iihliK t Brand upright, f u l l nl/.r, elcK.-inl panclH roll fan bonnli. extension music r.'ick. KoNf In ;i regular way through nccnts vouM cost jou fjOO tu'$330, KK nt llil.s sal,, lor J177. on iLiymi-nlM of {in down ami Jo a month If y-u »-l»h, or lit per cent oir Nir .spot caHh. Wo will offer HIP lilKheHt unulo of up- rlKli« pl.iiioi varying In nil" 1 nnd finish frv.n the- pl.iln C.IKO to tho mont oli-Kant CH»(S with Marquetry fronts, hand curve,! pam N lu I x a u t i r u l venrrrs--regular rein; prlcoH riniK" from f27r, to $(50-thi R B II|I- prlro will be from JI77 t« »:»J on 4..-i!.v OIlijANS--Ni-w oritmiH with :il| thi latest Improvements, rotnll prlc« rannlnn from $7". I *1K will gn nl this mile $45 to $75 on |M.\mcnl H or t~ down 1111,1 f.i .1 month If clpHlroil TKKM8 OK SAUC-IIO to »25 rani, anrf * r l» $1it u month will Hvur« any pjano In thr tioiiHP. K clnwu iiiut t! to t,"i a nionlli will tako n n y now 'irg.m In slock. Hlx per c n t Interest churned un rtofprri-,1 pnvmontH on all NKW hiKtriimintii. HKMlOMIIIOR-Thls wile botfim nn Monday, the 15th of DrH'emb^'r, and ptftltlvf- ly clospn 8nturd.iyi oM-nlnc Dpornnber l!7lh nnd thcro will be no KXTKNHION OK TIMK. fall curly und make nelcc- tlonn from full slock M K W I L L A I J X t X N HAII.ROAD FAKE To A N Y P r u i ' l l A H K K OF N'EW 1N- HTIII-MKNT8 W I T H I N DO MILES OF We '»II1 dellvr.r all now Koodn «o!d, freli{lil |in paid, tn \oiir npurrat rallrnatf freiuht sl.illon · K h m n i -tool i.n I scarf gpo* with PHC* !l mo, nnd slool anil Inittructlon biolc with earli orgnn '·at.iloBiipi nnd f u l l pRrtlculum of tlilH Hum will bo m-illpj to all who cannot call und will Kdid aiUIirsH. All nolH, contrncVand ICMPS takpn lu ncttlenic'iit for goo-lii will be field and pol. Ipcted by the Kimball Jomn«ny, and will not be «old to any bank, mwipy Ipndpr. nr otherwlw. no that any prnmlne mada I will b« fiiltbfully carried out. We» al»o ' Incorpnr.Kc In «uoh pontrnct* or leaspn that "RKABONAltr.K KXTKN8IONR WIU, RK ORANTKD IN CASK OF BICKfK88 OR OITT OF KMPIXVMENT. W« will havo on pxhlbltlon tho new KIMRALL I-IANO PLAYKR. the most wonderful Instrument of thc 20th century, wth which a c/nlld can pxcputc the mualc or thc wiin-ld'* (rrpiitost planlsta. Htul- .'l«n« and ^ilanlBtfi oipcclally Invited to hoar It. f For the accommodation of thole who are unable to vlult this Halo during tho daytime we dhall keep tho (tore open every evening until 0:30 o'clock with rood Hlfht. All purchaum mada for Chrlntnu* itlft« will be carefully H to red and will ke delivered Chrlitnu* Eve. or Chrlttnuu day If declred, and your cecret carefully protected. Location of sale, old stand, No. 149 E. Main Street,! Decatur, Illinois. F.T.

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