The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on February 26, 1881 · Page 1
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 1

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1881
Page 1
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ii i Vox. I;G SPR.XGS, SAT-JHDAY, ^ZBRUAHY 25,1881. No. De Knsset in Ddasqaerado OASFIELD IN THE P7LPI7. From L a Pj'ne Tae "o ..owin^ comecy was j'nyec. in George Sand's lou^e wi i Al'rec ce V usset in a eacing^oe. Vustc erary c lat were not t le on y 1 recreations in taat losDitabe mansion, "\iey cie not ciscain occaiona v to ^ ay a luge ^ame of mystinca ion. One cay seve-a. grave eeitors O' tie -ievue ces Deux: Monees were invitee, among oners Lerrnimer, t i e tsro'essor of pn.oso-Diy, w i o WAS we.. U D m Zurooean c ip omacv. At n s einner Lermmier iaa presen'ed to niTi a mem- oer o' tie Zng isn commons, saic to DC ciargeewit.ia secret mission tn Austria, and O D igec to stop on tie wav in Paris. Tie cinner was servee DV a young Norm a n c y g i r - m peasant costume. Tie conversation very natura. y turnee ioon co.omatic suDjects. Lermmier D ungec heae ong into tie eeepest eecuctions. Tae pretencee mem aero." t i e nouse o-" commons cie not utter a w o r e , "ina y some one ero-Dpec an a usicn to tae " L c u u i D n u m o""Zuro-c." Tie cin ornate i m m e d i a t e ' v jnuicatec, Dy a gesture fu of H O D e- oi.jn ty, us in- t e n t i o n o s a y i n g a won. "Wou c yo'. .ikr to xr.ow," le saic ,, "tie vie* . l i v e of the £c uihbriu'n o j .r.urODe in t i e Dresent ?rave circumstances surroun' ing tae po m_s o' -.n,j anc anc. tae continent.' . ere it 15. _ wii try to m a t e r n ) m e a n i n g j a m . " \nereinon ae too^ 1.5 p a t e ' tJa^ec. it in t i e ai r in giving it a ra ie rotary mon tion, and cau^ it it c e x t e r o u ^ y o n t i e joint oi us Knr'e w a e r e the ^..aue, continuing to spin, remamec. in ec m ibnum tq t i e great a m a z e m e n t of the quests. "buch," exc aimcc. c.i ornati,t, "·? t i e ec ai i D r ' u m ot Europe. n e \ o r c I nt tiere is no safety." A deac. M ence 'o owec. The quests oenetrated t ie j o e , an( oinec'J i n a bu si o" aug iter. '. le clip om v'M-.t pi \ c to je J e j u r e a n , the c e e n a ' t i l ;i,.m ^ Lermmier cic not c o n a r e T e n c iist\'t-r o" t l e - a r c e u n l i ie e t some otic ' - p \ _ a caro e o co e \ \ a t e r u p o n ".s ic '! 'lurnec. anc. saw t ic y o u n g N o r m i i. ^ n ru, excusec, 'ier a w s w a r i (·eorge bane., t i e aiibtress of itie 'IOIHP, cou. d no .on^er c o n t a i n iierse 1 , ".)u r i't o u recognize A f r e e ? ' sie e \ r n i m c i . "Ai, tie scouncre ' t us Norniam v i-.-v ant ib ie "n t r u t h it was Vusset.w id, o n c e ih ' v e c anc cresset, w i t i tne w n t e c.u t la i jeen as e to p ay t ie c itficu.t c laract-jr to cot. i Oncla Saau Bom'janJed WUU -lallc-i i EJaKmore An * r i i m Tie .i rary committee o r mjix . ne overrun witn ·Drono-.aiS ~or t ie sale i ' vat nous a r t i c es e t )\ t ie great men of t h e country w n o cepartec t u s lie I r o i n " i f t y ' o a huncred years since An n u r o p n a ' i o n of $20,oco las a reary been in ice t us session to p u r c i a s e a swore Larriei jy Wai i m^ton , tie leirs o^ .ames Macison wan, the c o u n t r y to Decome ne oossessor o't ie manuscrpt " 5oo:of -.ogir," e t t ay t i e i ' ancestor, anc a orojosition from an ',ng- isi ·oarty las ^een receivec tor ne sa e o original COTICS o" t i e ccrresponcence anc writings n - ran x i m w n e at t ic court o-" St "ames. In ai.t^it'on, Mr. r^tvarc Jrue, o Virginia, aas a,portrait o" W a s a m ^ t o n , ·Datntec "rom i^e, w u c i ie wou a DC wi ing to oart wita "or a consicera ion. t is neec ess to say t i a t a gooc rounc once is attaciec to a tiese relics, anc. uc gmg ^rom tie reacmess w t t i w n c a congress cecidet to ourciase tie Wasiingtoa is not i m D r o D a D . e nat at east one or more o: tae o~erec wi . De purchased tais session. .^ i A Victim to West Point's Rigorous Law of Parade j Suci casua g impses o-" West Joint as the outsLe wor c ge's t i r o u j i the opaque niecmm 0"" tae e s c a j a o e s o ^ U s c u s v c a - cets wou c ,iarc y arepate us "or an i.-us- tration o-' antic ue aeroism as -in in jj 2.3 tie Spartan suferin^ cevouring -ox at lis vita s, or tie Koman no cmg nis ngat .land in I'orsenna's rec .iot coa.s. 3ut a oataetir story going tnerodncs sf taeoress slows t i a t martmetism anc snob aery o" its atmospiere nave not crusaec out "'"e man iness o West I'oint -- nor lave t ~ e cissipations o-" " Jenny ~-iaviens O" oemor- a izec he constancy o-' tae youn* men. Archie Goson, WQI e on oa-ace a -'ew years a^o, x e t a violent pain ii us rig it ear, w.iich .iac ae-'ore entering tae acace- my given _nm some t r o u D e. T ie .aws o" larace are n porous, tiougi it ts to ae pre- sumec tie yout.i construec' tiern too iter- a .y, since on y on tie -"ne^c o-" oatt e is a man ne c to rfsxin^ us ife n o D e y i r t r orcers. The cacet cou c not Imove. " e -e t an insect craw ing into ti- ear. Tae a.ooc DCgan t o t n c c . e . Tre ^^m ?rew into' eras e, 3ut -"or an lour, w.i e the troop in manoeuvres o ' mimic war, Over tbe jreen (is ds tnarciing ca-nc, meaaiire- ess Rpreac lie n U.3 e c.reic, Jor t a e co L. giim cice of tie iron ^ame, .ie 3ore U D witnout t t n c n i n p Wnen UK* cri-- was cone ic faintec ."rom'oss o-" ·'.ooc anc intense ^ain. insect, in orctna-y tree s^'cer, lac broken t i e tun sm r i - :ween "tie ear and tie Drain, incl tie 3oy was in great oen , but nna. y reco\erec, though warnec. 3y tie -xiv c ician that he cou c never 'jr e witi .limse'-"; t.iat How He Use 1 to Hunt on Saturday and ?reaoh on Sunday. cianges cf "lem-oera'ure wou -_ t i e w o u n c . But je was -u o ' t i e a n r i - tion anc arcor o" yonti. "-Ie insistec on going to t le o ains with t i e amous sev- enta Cava ry" r"e was c a u g ' t a year a'«o in one o f the Ditterest tempests on t ie -'rontifcr. I- is wounc aroceout a'"res \, 3«t by care.'u doctoring .ie was ah e to ^o on, T lis summer, however, Lie worst e~ects o " .'ie exposure be^an to te. aid the youn j .ieulenant was forced to as-c eave anc return borne. A-ter unto c agc-nies he ciec . Louis, a victin to nis ex- o- the rigor o- 4 -aws a " The incident si^u'.c sa-zgest Jes taat t jc aoy s s lou c oe ' '. lere are times w wn tAe s-ric:- roar: jecisosevec, anc. - ' as- wee* in Teme sense Wes 1 ; Point:, ,".aag3* Correspondence Cleveland Herald, Febr.iary 3 ' Learning tiat Presicent e ect Garne c , was at one time tjastor o*" t i e D i s c i p e s C i u r c i i n Aurora, Oaio, ana in *act t i e only one wtta w -yen ae was t ias connect- ec., a writer; o- tie Mera.c ca .ec iiDon t le Hon. C. A Harmon, one o- Genera Garle c's ear jest anc most in- uentia. -"riends, anc Drougit ut) tne SUD ect Dy recuestin? t i e narration o" any-'acts "tiat ic mi^it caoose "o rhate t)ub.ic." "Yes, Genera. Garne.eoreaciec acre in the Disci?£s Ciurci in 1857-58, I nine. i-.e was e ectec to t ic state senate wai e preacaing icre. Gar ie c, wien a Doy, ivec in to*vn at ci Terent times, ane in laying time was a very cesiraDe aanc, DU: a ter i · Degan going -o sc 100 ie was o s t s i g i t c " , anc, wien he came to tie -"ront at Hsram Co..ege tiis Drougit U D tae matter a-'rtsh, ane t i e c i u r c i acre Deing r a t i e r s m a anc Garne.e Deing somewiat at .easure on Sunaay, it was i*ec. up -"or mm to cone icre anc oreaca every two wees." ".t aas been cemec, las it not, tnatGar- fie-Ci was o r er a reverenc." "Yes. Tiat arises -"torn t i e ""act tiat t i e Disci i es C l u r c a does not r e c u i r e a '.icense' f " leir teachers, so taat any m r m D e r n.ay coneuct any puD.ic services. I Co not t.. in-f taat le ever was a preacier m t i e 'u.. meaning o tie wore." "\Vi you re ate T» of tie circum- s ances o r us jreacnn,, here '" · ' O i , le user to com- over usua .v bat urcay mornings anr s lend t i e c a y lunt- ip','. is ("Tiperament was one tiat cou c not "car .he c obe c o n f i n e m e n t o-" t i e i school roitrn, am' tiese Satureas were o ' ' great " e i u ' e to ii"i. ' e was a SD enciid s i o f , an'! IP was v e r \ successful m r "am -. i · w \\\\ t , r e out a n t v - e p i r ' v tn t r \ nr; to -reap i'p " 1 til'* i v frill ^ ·» i k f f to t" 1 ! CM-,-. : i -". , ( f 'be ( iy, and t h e 11'iio o: t u P r pie i.=ceno,ancy o" t i e lopti i'u \r H t L \ IP was a r ose stucent o" the (,-M tic-* o f ; h c ^aeers ' · i .i r e ;aan was agreea 3 e to ais ..uxurious tastes and not active aaDits. r~e was o" too inc y a nature -'or t i e ci^erences o j wea t.i anc position wi(h w nc h ie came in contact to engender- ma'ics or even envy, Dut ie et lis sense o" it DC -"e t in lumorous comparisons anc exaggeratec distinctions, anc at times, wier tie great g oom o e lis existence -'e . too .teavy on iim, he fia not entire y concuei a morbid discontent at ic lappier -"ates anc circum ^ stances o 1 " tfiose he 'ust y nought no oet- ter or wiser t jan mmse ', Bu: ais goor ecucation at a aig.v-c ass srhoo., waica gave to its writing a c.assica. r a^or .aat cistinguisies tiem so prominent y -"rom taose o- his a^-eat conrae'itor 'n nc.ion, anc ais association at CarnDricKe witi a t ie Dest o-" past anc present culture, wou c a one lave savea aim rom any simi.ituce to tie imoersonation o- Dae taste and temper w lica cis inures ~. icse vo umes. CHS ^wsyris'rr A XobUe ?errapln 7am. m secur t ie rest wi"i urn. r'lm dis as it was ' 1 U V M 1 - wa^ hti we m ' o r n i e c n^'. s'Tinets j o i n ; m,.n "\ er\'. ie ru j r r t , a n c h e never 10 hat £ot to the ie wnu i ta K a f\"ier irei i: e in r a fi'w s I M S t " p or y T*re snmetuni;,' as i c s i not lave j^one over simply ~r as us ib i n t o any su - sitisfiec u n t i . o it Some mgit. n t i e ne wou c t a e note oiper ane iimse'', n n c 'are- stv PC it. . e oou c t i e entire ".inect, j ( u t a point icre inc. t lere a IT ' iour ater -"rom: o Dfin f s le wou r. p r e a c i remar a i e dis cources. icspecn 'y n o t i r e a a e "or t i e i r comp etei'ie'-s anr t i e c earness o-'neir a r g u m e n t w i i c i m n = t lave Deen suno ice ·'rom t i e «peaer's stoc o"genera in'or- mation." "Wiat was tie sty e o ' o u ' o i t oratory?" "Large y tie; same as now. Tie same easy grace anc a voice t i a t t i e ru es o-" a.ocution lave Dut s i£ it y i m j r o v e c . I.e nac a sty e t len o" wearing us lair some wiat ong. anc Detng very D u s i y a n c i n C mec to fa . over lib 'ace, ic Decame very Dextrous in conning tie icavy, tawny oc*s -acc will nis Ingers tiat mace a somewhat ori^ma gesture to replace it." Disraeli ana Literary Men. 3xrd HoushtoR in I-orm ghtly Review -t is ui tie treatment o ' t i e aterary ciaracter that tie exc usive anc partia ODservation o- Lore Beaconsfie c is most apparent. Brec in a louse of -etters, it is, as we o'ten fine, not unnatura. tiat tie 3ursuit siou^e lave Deen cistasteui. to iim; DU:, as in ais writings ie fu y aval - ee nimse." o "-'its acvantages, anc 'rom ais ear.y youti ming.eci. so to say, in tae t3ro- -'ession, tioug'a eeciceeiy witi otier DC- sices iterary purposes. -iere is no reason that w len ic aac achieved boti, iterary ane -Do.itica. aistinction IB siou c aave eissociatec limse.*" como etc y "rom tae c ass r rom w iica ie sarang. -Ie aac .ae opportunity, of wiici his co eajue in Don, Lore Lytton, so am^.y avai s nSm- se."", o" aat ee.i^it-'u. exercise of tjatron- age, tiat seems rataer to eesire equa ity t lan to as -"or taat gratituFce w.iici in- te, ectua men are so siy tcyacnow.eege, a n e w a i c i may DC mace tD alter in tie very jenelts it con-'ers. I n t a e s p e e c i o- Lorc Beaconsne-d on on y occasion o-" late years w len ie aas Deen ^ easee ~o "orwarc any OD'ect in t is interes., or to tie lonor, o" iterature--tie meeting "or Mobile Register, _£.nuary 30, A "ew cays ago an artic e c ipaec'from a Washington japer aooeareu n t,ie Register, giving acescriotion o-' Senator Dennis' terrapin -arm in Yary.anc. As we lave sometiing o" tne sort to aoast o- in tie neigaDoriaoc o-" Mo Due, it nay not le amiss to give oui rearers a description of Yr. Yu -ore Dor on's great terrapin -"arm at Cecar Point. T.ns oro'ectiono" anc is on tie wes ern s lore Q-" \. ooi e iay, aDOu: tairty mi'es je ow t u s c ty, anc is imaDiteu orincua ly DV oystermen, wao reao go cen i.irvests from tie -nany jees wiici "urnisi ^ear y every oyster jrougnt to t i e port ot .V.ODI e. Mr. Dor on, wio ee^s a store at t u s point, has aaout t.iree acres "encec m wit i strong pumgs. Leac- ing to t u s me osure are two cana s, one on tie Day sice anc tie o t i e r o n t i e g u ," sice, wnici SUOT y wila sa t water a number o"" eitcies ten "eet wiee r\ne a mn- rree "eet .ong. T i c sane acrumu atmg "rom t i e excavation o" these eitc :es is t i r o w n on eaci su~e ant user. Dy the ter- raoins to sun t i e m s e v e s anc ay their eggs i n , w nci, n countec , wou L go u j in tie nv .ions, anc ( a n DC raec uo by nc 4 i u s i e . .n ti; w i n t e r seas-on t ie terra Dins remain miDeLt.ef m the nm o: t i e eilcies, iviere t icy stay u n t i SDringtime, never toucamg a morse o" "ore. A i \ s tem o" s uices enaD es Yr. Dor on to ^eeo tieeitc.ies "u o-" s a t water, or cram tiem nt p easure, anc. ie is net at a ce- pencent on tae tice 'or tiat -moose. T le num Der o' terrapins on t ie "arm, as "ar as can "e ascertamee anc :rv the closest ca cu ation, is Detween 20000 ano 25,- ooo, anc in t i e cou-se o-"tie ne,xt tiree or our years wi, DC sometung " a i u to ca cu ate. ADOUI Vay i, Dr Do r .on *naes nsourciase o" terrapins "'rom tne country Deop'e on t i e Mississippi Sounc, anc tates a', ic can secure at JU. a cn?en, anc tiat genera y averages about ooo a year accec to its -"irm, outsiCe o" tiose Dree tierein Tae m i a D i t a n t s o" Yississippi , anc A a D a m a l u n t tie:erra^irs win cogs trainee b r t h a . ounose. Tie cog ar-cs wien ae "incs one, anc lae lunter imme- ciate.y secures it Dy going to tie SDOt wiere tie cog Doints. Tae cost o' "eecing tae terrapins, wiici as we lave saic, is or. y cone n t ic summer, is aDoat one co .ar -"or tie season, anc the Drice per dozen MI Ne*v York las vanec "rom ei^iteen to eigit co ars Tie '"ooc, waici consists o f craDs fnc TSI, is caugat wita a seme, in front o " tae farm, and rea y very .itt.e expense s attaciec to t ie raising Of taese va.uaD» anc tortoises. Yr. Do on Degins :OSII-D aDOu. OctoDer i, anc tien on to aDout Yay 10. He genera .y sencs iis to Savannaa DV rat , anc taence to New Yor ay steamer, averaging a Dout 12,000 per season, anc aaa i: not seen for a cisastrors aurricane wiica some .ime a?o wasiedov: Yr. Dor- .on's r arm, it wou c to cay oe tae greates- terrapin 'arm .n tie worlc. He can always s.iip aL ae can get, -"or . icre is a reacy mar/eet "or aese deacacies. Tbe Trutb Atout the Grant Subscription. New York Times A -aaragrap i -"rom tne Was"in?-on S-ar m regarc :o" i ie New Yore sjascriD-.ions :o a -'unc -'or ex presicen:s aas aeen rearo- cucec wi:a aooarent in its accuracy Dy the usua. y we. in-"ormed New York Sun, anc aas seen accented as an item o-" curren" news Dy tie i . 5n-Drmec New Yoi c corresponcen-s o- coun ry newspa- ·Ders. Tae paragrapa orocseds on a somewaa. .uaicrous inversion o' -"acts. Tae mos. ridica. misrepresen-.ation is containec in t'ae statement taa .: le ?ji.a- ce. ihia move nent [ "or a su Dscriotion to Genera Grant 1 " las recucca tae New statue to Lore 3yron, to York Times -"unc to a sma.. ^gure, anc tae tae erection o- a waica lae ·DUIMC so co c.y responcec -- ic accom Damec us aomage to that toet Dy cerogatory remarks on tie contemporaries ane fo. owers o- us -"ame. Taere is in t r u t i no reason to suooose that witi nm t ie suDt er inte ectuau emotions re spone to tie ca.. o" ..angu?ge ane taou^i: ^o as to nnc in iterature t i f ciarm o~" .r'e. Nor shou.c it be "orgotten tiat the r o u ^ i i cm.'nTs o, political action, wii.e taey eeic.iit; coarsen tie -"acu ties, ane w i u e p..'. . : % t " r ·, every cay summoning ae mte igcnc^, to "staneancr e aver," i. can l a i e y je exoectec to remain wea thv anc "u . Yet, i"-"or suci reasons iterature won e aarc y extiect to -inc in ", lese socia. eramas very gerra. or cignilec. resresenMtives, tnere is no reason why ney siru.d De mace neicu ous ane o"ensive*. Tae caricature lere exiia- itec w t i a. monotonous repetition o" wores anc actions on y wortiy o ' t i e circus, ane win no relation to tie incieents or t)ur- pose of tie story, ineica'es either a ma ig- nant oersona OD'ect or a genera satire on t ie susce Dtibi.ities o" tae aterary c lar- acter. Tie Critics lave genera .y assumec tae fbtmer; anc if it is intendec to e a representation of tie au.nor o r "Vanity Fair," -.tie execution is a", once '"a se anc feeo.e, Mr. Taac*eray was a member o" a "'ami.y tha: hac important men to every wa «c o* '. ; "t, anc possessec an accc uate patr,mony "or any tnression. I-.e soe-i. mos- o* Jls for.une imprucen'-y Xac, f v iw *· * » v amount SUDSCHDCC to taat unc wi.. pro j aD.y DC returnee to tae suDScr Ders." Tais statement is witaou. tae s.iga:est aasis o- trut i. The New Yor=c Times "ur o. 'witn- out any aie from Pai ace.ona or Boston, nas a.L Dut reacaec tae contemplated amount o" $256,000, ana no suoscriDer ias, as a. egec'oy tae Star, expressec -ae s ightesx cesire to witicraw his su Dscrip- -ion. It wou e, inceec, ae nac iuci heen tae case, since tae Pai.ace Diia subscriptions were virtua .y Ciosec :e-"ore · ie Times -"unc was -"air.y startec. It may De aocec taat tae ma'orityof the SUD scn'Dtions "o tia: fuse aave een given wita the cec.arec purjose o-" tjrovicin^ an innui.y 'or ex Presicent Gran^, anc -aat it ;vi. t rest Vkita tie conors "o say wietier ne future destination o- t ic -"unc saa . con-orm to »is terms origina. yprotjosecin iese co umns. Garleld to be :nangarated Amid a Scene of Pomp and Splendor, tne I»So oi WtucU Washington aas Haver Seen. Arrangements for tna Acco'm- mocatlon of V sitora. - Cincinnati Iin.|tiirer. GaHe a wi. DC tae twentieth presicen: o~ ie Jnjjfcpc States, as ais inatiguration wi' mar t ne c ose o-1 ic twentiet i year o-" t i e sut)remacy o" the repuh ican tarty. Tie residents o Washington, tojret'ier w i l i ' J e -"oremost rcDresentatives o-" -ie oany. laveoeterminectiat t i e event De'ce-earatee as aas no event *bre in t le listory o" t le country, "o en: money '".as Deen suDscriDPC wi'h _avisi hanc, anc the enterprise anc energy o" tie genera committee in tjushmp tiin^s so steaci y as to insure an overwieimin? success is certain y commencaDc. Tae nationa capita wi. , on tie ""ourt-i o' Yarci, Dresent a scene wiici cannot but ie a most remar a D e oive. city i .se " wi DC fair y aiecen DB- neata gav co ors, D U D ic anc private DU'UC- mjrs wi j s a o w "orti r e s D e n c e n t i n taeir ric D. cecorations, whi e over the Droae - iftrouga "ares wi 1 je thrown arc es a - mos- witiout num jer. (),i ^ennsy vani'a avenue it is oropcsm to erect thirty eipit arranc arr.aes--one "or .vc.i state in 4ie union. In accition to tiese triurmia arca*s o-" tie most ma estir ciaracter wi be o aced at eitier end o" tie avenue-one at t ie entrance to t ic cat)ito grouncs anr tie otner at tae treasury Dui ein?s Win sue a Striiing accessories, t i e mi 5 tary oaraae cannot Dut DB gre:».t'v en- nancee, and the siectac e, as tie ine o r mam is taen up toware tie capito hui aing, wi' De one to D; remernVrcc -"or years Tne mihtary cho ay wi . couDt ess DC tie greatest seen since tie v/ar, as numDer o~" orpanuations laving so -'ar nerfectec their arrangements foi at t e n L i n g is so ,aree as to m a e it-Dro'DaD'e Hat t i e i n e o " so c iers wi extent: "rom f i e treasury -uiVinjr to thp prouncs. '""IP most p easing and i£ r ea*ure wi . De t i e intermin? in? o tie 5 ue anc (/rav, '"or, n t i e ?ranc orooession, wi ie companies "rom many o t i e sout icrn states. Tne cuestion o" af'orr in» rvccommo'" ations for tie immense numDer o-"-Deoo e wio wi DC in attendance las Deen o n f o ' n o ore mary moment, anc as it is grati'ving to announce een sitis-actoriiy sett ec. mi»tee at Washington consu tation wit i tie Ba timore anc Olio WTO owns anc operates t i e o n y r o u i e trac road to Ba timore. anc wnich, w i t i its ""aci ities, runs its re?u ar trains Detween t ie two cities in a sing e lour's'jtime Tie arrangement enterec into is t i a t t i e 3a timore ane Oiiosha'. run ia.-" lour trains Detween t i e two cities, anc t lus practica _y t ie Ba'timore ibte.s are tirown open -"or tie accommoeation o" t i e teop e present at -ie inauguration. Tie ."are wi . no. exceer «sixty '60} cents eaci way, and as tae Wasiington eet)Ot o" tie roae immeuiate y ac'oins tie caoi to. ^rouncs, anc t i e Ba tifnone cetot is Dut a "ew minutes' wa.« from tie eacing lote.s, the orobaDi.ities are tia^ taose w 10 s-op in Ba timoj-e wi,. DC enaDied to reac i t ie caoito -"u y as soon as taose who stop at tie Wasimg-on lote s. Tie rates at tae 3a timore r iote s lave always Dsen remariabjy mocera^e, ana "lure wii. DC no increase in t lem. Tae Ba timore ana C lio Deing t ic on y cirect route r rom Cin cinnati an" tie west to Wasaington.the company is mating tie most extensive "Dre-)- arations -"or .he immense numbero-teop e waica wi, oass over it next monti." Tie 'amous "Daisy Train" wi.. he run in as' many sections as are necessary to accom- mocate a. comers, ano, as t iis train is seven aours c uic «r to Was a'.ngton t lan tne as-es. .rains on any otaer .ine. -aere can ae no ciies.ion o'its carrying tae immense numDer o" t)eo-D.e. Leaving Cincinnati in tae evening it reacics Wasi- ington tie next cay at noon, wai e, Dy any otier -ine, tie na-.iona, caoito cannot DC reaciec un.i nigit. Tae new Ba timore anc Ohio s.eepers wii. ae araciec to a., trains, anc every possi Die r aci.ity w i . DC per-'ec'ee .o insure tae most cornp.e'e sa: is-'action to a.* patrons. - ic genera corn- has oeen in c ose management o* t le rai roac r o m p a n \ , Praise at ^ Venus, near.y a; aerrnos: cistant was cescenc'ing in tie west, tie wao e ce- jesia. area intervening Detween hem. .iver since, t ley iave Deen ptiroac ling, anc tieaistance to be accomiisaee Defore taey meet, cuic/c y -;o separate, is -D ain y a a aareat. I- Venus wou c on y occult, OT Dass over Ju Diter, it wou.c De a sig y. to oe rememberec-"or a retime, DU- siewents on aer resist, ess pata taree degrees to t ic nort i.^tnc stucents o" tiest?rs must De contentec wita comtarative.y Deauti'u aspects wnen -ranscencent ones are DC- yone taeir reaci. Venus anc "u Diter, t lere-'ore, divic e the honors o'". le "monta, ane no one wao oo/cs above on starlit niga's can -ai. to detect "ae two most Dri.- iant s:ars tiat acorn tie ceuestia. sojere. Venus wi l DC cnown at a g.ance, as -"air- est a?ic Drigitest o-the train, ane u Diter, oerciec aaove her on tae ce- estia. oataway, tioug i saorn o" its Dright- estraysas ic trave.s-'ar fromearti.y co- mains, is seconc on y to tae s,arry c^ueen. Venus now se's at g o'c_oc; at tie enc o" tie monta aoout a quarter Defore 10 o'c oc-c. Sllver-feearlng Trees. PicUie Rcuo'd. "t is se dom taat Dame /ortane bestows ier caresses on ^eoDie Wio are wortiy of them, yet in tie case o- Henry /reue- entia ane Louis Hasse ., it wou e seem taat iat o e .acy iae at ast come to aer rijjit mine anc aac Deen ever so .avisi o' ner favors on two deserving young men. On t ie IL\ i of Decem Dei, Zreuc,entaa. ane ·r.asse , ch.oncers in ne Taompson IV.cNa. y, at Si ver _leef, Xevaea, were patting a io!e into unusua y nare roc*, w.ien succen.y tie entire -"ace o- tae err't t ive way win a booming sounc into a b ac aoyss 200 -"eet feet cee-. Hasse.», who was t u r n i n g Lie cri.. at tae lime, in stant.y s Drang- aackv/arcr, tietieby siving iimse i from Demj carnec aownware wita t i e auge mass o' roc. Tie aston- isnee ci»orieers rea uer tiat en immense cave was Defore tiem. Two auncree eet over aeae, and faintly seen Dy cana e ight, rownee its c o m e . i e, lie -urt ier extremity o ^ w h i c i was| ost in t i e carkness. Two huncrec 'eet IDC.OW, Irm an-, uprigit, stooa a -orest o." auge trees. l\ooes were orocuree anc tae c i.oriders iiito the ore^t, whici was- -'ounc to De jetriiee. On some o - " tie trees strange ciaracter, were inscroec. Various mosses, a'so -Detrr'actionb, a j - -joaree green anc «i"e ie, covering tie grtmnc. A u these oetn "ictior.s carry si.- ver. Some o" t i e samo es o r o.cen from tie trees assay as ni^h as ^200 per ton. Last evening, in comaany witi A.rl Parser, m i m n T engineer, we visitec tae woncerm. cave atic "ounci tie eimensions as -'o .ows: _.ength, 805 feet, w:cn, 75 to 100 eet, iei.jit from tae bottom to ceiling or roo-", 375 to ^oo -"eet. Engiisli comic Papers. tae, Denver News. ·... It is a gooc sign o" ret?en .ance on oart o" tbe l^ayes acminis-ratkm Lie aead of tae cajinet, Secretary Zvars, interests nimse." in promoting t^e interna- tiona monetary congress, waici, under t »e oresent ~em?er of- tae tim«s, is ca cu- aiec o he-p si.ver to a arge extent, even 'f tje ratio o''s x,een-o one, ha; wdicji -tow o rains in. our coinage, is Bernnardt in America . J aris Corresiondent London Times. Tne Gazette Aneccoticue, pUD.isaed Dy "ouaust anc. ecil;ea jy Y.. D. Hey.i, gives some curious ce.aLs a DOU- tae sojourn o" Y e. Sarah Lern iarc: in America. During t"ie twenty- four representations a*: Xew York, V*. e. Bernaarc. payee Acrienne Lecouvreur -. iree times, ·. le recei Dts Deing 68,cxDo- ; "rou Jrou, six Mmes, witi 115,- poo ; Dame aux Came, ias, six -.imes, w i t i 127,000"; Hernani. four times, wra 8 1 ,000- ; ? let re, twice, wr a 30^,000." ; anc iTae Saiinx. three .imes, witi 5o,ooo" jRacie., in 1855, gave 'airly representa- ^ions, among waica ?aecre ""our times, witi 77,000-.; Acrienne Lecouvreur, six .imes, 'win 100,000-". Tae average re- iceiotso-" ^.ache. were 17,000", :iose o- Y ,e. Bernharet abou; 20,000:", au: i~mus^ 1 pe s-.atec 1 3a- aenrstnigiv o" Atrienne --ecouvreur procucec 28,000"".; w.iic.i re- cuces t ie receipts ne: rec "or ot lers :o 19,000-". A: Boston, ^^e. 3ern larct gave tiirteen reoresentatiotis, wita 2i.6,ooo-"., an average bf Ig,opj6 f . I- I am not mistaken, tae averge recei sts o " forty reoresen- ·-.ations given oy - ^e Comecie '7rancaisein Loncon ;ae vear before .as: was 25,000*., · ic average of t^e Comec ie Jrancaise in Pans c uring ta wao.e year "oein^, I be- ievev'., wi i lou: rec toning -Se su 3- sidv.'a sum whici was muca exceecec in 1878 curing . ie ex ii Dttion. f Venus aac mou:h cisease-'-Gaut rom Josephine's Palace and aa O.t Tree. London Telegta,,n. Ya maison, eesoite its interesting ais- :orica. associations, is c corned, -o cestruc- tion. A-reaey the tsar surrounoing it aas Deen into oui.ding .ots, upon w lica, suc'a as tae Parisian Dourgeois ee.ights in, are ra-aic y soringing ut). ane tae cia-eau itse/, w^ica aas passec into private aanes, is saie to DC on tae eve o* eemo.ition. Its on.y occupant at present is an oie -"ema-e caretaker, wao aas aeen emD oyec in tie caateau r or near.y aai'" a century. S IB aas a cunous story to te.l o- a strange ane romantic coincicence con- nectec wit a tae me.ancao.y fate o-tae .a;e _ J rince Imoeria,. It wou.c appear taat, a few days DC "ore tae outDrea* of aostLities, Detween /ranee ane Germany, youta- ful onnce visitec, and soent severa aours in tae pane, at p ay. As ae was a Dout to return to Paris, .owarc evening, a vio.ent taunaer storm burst over tae par*c, anc a magniicent tree waicn aac Deen oy Naoo.eon I., in tae presence of tae Zmpress "o- se-pune, was struck Dy .igatning. Tae oeot) e inaaDiting tae neigaDaraood o" Ma maison taou^ r. nt lo interpret tais natura.jiccicent as an evi. omen" -"or tae Prince Irmeria.. Tae tree was senous.y m urec, anc every efort was made to save its-re, Dut in vain. It gracua..y wiUerec anc ciee. ^ate in the spring of 1879 tae inteneant o" the caateau gave orcers taat it shou'c DC cut cown as we^I as some ot ler cecayec lira Der de-'acmg tae t)ar. On tie first o- "une accordmg.y tae saat- terec Naoo eonic tree was -"ei ec to tae earn, ane tiat v e ry cay tie ga..ant Prince Imoena 1 was s ain Dy Zu u assegais in -"ar cistant A-'rica. He, strange y enou^i, was tie .ast "apo eon who set bot in ?ar', and tae coinci- cence o-' his me'ancao.y fate with taat of tie tree t antee Dy ais ^reatancestor was, to say the .east o" it, a most remancaD e 'u ft. ment G-" a cisma* -'orecast, tae of- spnng o- suDerstition. WLUam Stuart's Oira Soup Punch 7oot ane g.uttony. Tae P U D , i c Scioo-"5oy.--'vlamniR -- " am creac'u. y ctsaDDomteu win o u r r e - oort tais term, George. W i y , at \our age v tnrteen) eear oaDa nac won two wio - arsups, ane a -"ew years atet oe was Senior Wranp, er." Dear Pa^a ^a*cing out o: stuDor --"Yes, my Doy, ajac r I'e Deen a .azy cunce ie you 1 snott'c aave grown .o measure over six feet^m neight, anc -"orty eig it inc.ies roune t ;ie cnest ^as you w i , } , ar.e bv tais time I s.iou d aave Deen Lore CiieT "ustice at .east [as you may i" you on.y go o n / F wiereas" Sigas aeavi y anc re-apses into stuDor.I Scene--Country Postq^ce--Postmaster --"Wiat'syour pleasure, ma'am T' O.d Lacy [wao aas Dut a vogue icea o' Mr. ^awceu's scaeme^--"_"ust put me up sixpenny wort a o-" Consols, p.ease; ate, .00 . nere, you neean't xeep 'em -"or iipe. I'_ taxe 'em away." · F.ats--Peop.e who co not -ive n taem. Best p.ace to see t le O c Year out--Tae !Xew Inn. fc 'f Great Bores.--The St. Go(harc i ' Tunne., .ong sermons, anc tae re Dels at:ae Ca-ae. The Suoerior Anima. -- Hi,if Aspect Waen Aoroae--Moce.^--"See my picture at tie exiiiition, sir?" Art -t-7-"We..,no; - can'. say I cic." Moce.--"At,I thougat asmuci. I'm Yr. So.odger's, Ha'ax a ce ymg. I-en the missus ^ncUicsc icn't right.y xnow me, not at first.',] [X. B -Tae mode.'s missus is very 1 muci tse missus waen tae mode, is at aome.' SpTin f a ! cM Repub'ican A "unny story comes :rom eastern Connecticut w u c a is we,, voucaec ""or. During tie war Wi.a'am. Stuart, tae taeatnca. manager and writer, was to give a cinner party at nis aouse, near tae ?ecuot, at ISew Loncon, at wuca ae desirec to fur- nisi okra souo. "^rncrng none m tae city, he te.eyrao ice to New York to a irm taere to acvise aim waetaer taey cou.c suDD.y nim. Next cay. in tae mids: o' a. l u s i o." war te.e£rams to tae New Loncon btar, came one acdressec to Yr. Stuart, whiqh reac, "We aave got O.ira." 3y mistake tie accress was omittec in copying, anc. tae telegram sent to tae Star office wit i tae war news. Tae mte.ugent ccitor ran. over tae news ti . his eyes -'e., on tus mysterious te.egram, waica ae tota .y misconceivec, aaca^ once got out a ~3ig Du..etin--"Anotier great victory Dy tae Union forces' We aave go: Ora'" \!acemoise..e 3erno,arct's .etters aome must ?ive tae r'renci cunous notions o'" Americans. Sae .e.ates tiat in onetaea- tre it r re igious susceptiDi «ties were torn a . to s irecs Dy a aeaa ct Carist wiica was put on tie stage to represent Racine. According to ler own story sae gave tne sta^e manager a specimen o r rea acting sue i as none o" aer j'-eat roles permit. Her materna. yearnings, too, are dwe.t ;uoon wita angi isi. Her DaDe aas written icr t lat ae is so impatient to see ais aaoree mamma taat ae is going to taie a sma.- opat anc come over tae sea to meet aer. ~ ais Daoe is a strapping Doy of sixteen, at tie scaoo. Louis LeGranc. Yacemoise-e us mamma is in ceac.y terror .est ae tjut tais pratt.e into execution, anc says sae .oois caLy in the papers to see if a sma.i Doat aas Deen met oh tae DiLows. Yean- wai e the main c lance is not 'orgotten. _--er Parisian acorers are ^cetjt in mine of her eoings DV .ong anc orosy -etters over ier own name in various "Dresses--a.. Keyee in tae most -.amDoyant strain of giorHcation at aer success among tae Dar- Darians. A- Paris is envying aer the money sae is rasing togetaer acre and antici Dating tae new s-v.encor anc petiles dejeuners in tae Avenue Vi..iers w len t ie great comeeienne gets aome. Happy Pair. , , troni lhc Leadvil!e Chr0mcle - -.fc . i:s cownry : m »cL -a s 2Con-,a. Providence . ournal. An ·innportan'; e^aoca in - ie February -jhases of Venus, is her con'unc".ipn wita fupiter, wbici occurs exacuy" a- mifinig'a^ on -,ae evening o' ae 2is~» 7ae two p an- e^s wll *.ben. Bftee 1 ; anI - pss eaca o:ae^r Venus *xm$ a .u j more :aan -.Iree^c e- greenor.a o-~j^fcer. Las; aur xn, ~u- was ;- 'it, Taomoson!--"oanson, or," waatever your confouncea name is--cien't you icar me ask you, ave minutest ago, waeta- er the cooc aaa ma e a ri^e puecing to-cay ?" Tew But er--"Wei.--yes--sir --I--cic." New Yaster--^'Taen way don't vou go anc see ? ' }#ew Butler-"Wei, you xnow Dest, sir, I daresay; Dut, upon my wore o- aonor, if tiis is a aouse rice -Duclcmg comes up to he^cining-rooin in, 1 saoulc. uce to give noficje." From Fun. OH LAW!--"Is it .aw y|u"re tai'tiug about! Loo s, now, waen I was a saucger I sao;twenty men for tae queen, ane sie gave me a trinsaun; out ill was on.y to saoo: one stray -'e ow -"or myse -", aecac, I'd be tried for murt Jer. There's aw for yez." Tiere's a use "or 1 everything'--Sma. chi c--"Breac--Dreac." Nurse--"Now of course you Itnow what ^reac is mace ·"rorri. anc what it is 'or ? ' ' Sma.. C ii c-- "~.~ is mace *rom . our anc yeast, ane every aocy tnows wnat it's /or." C-iLc--"Yes, I saoulc tin ti'so; zt's ;o tjut /am, anc treac.e, anc Dutter on--taat's waa". i:'s -or. "Yfeconstruec, Poor Maa,!V--Dirty .anc obfectionaxy -"amLJa trackman--"I assure you, .acies, I am a-?c.oin* a most enormous Business I se.ts -evervt.ii«* . on t ie sina ^ pro its anc c uic* returns principle. I never 'aves aayUm/s on my hands _" wisa to ge: ri' P o'." Young Laey--"No, I sutnose i? wou-c mean racier.a serious out.ay in tae way of " 7 yo i die. wIsX .0 se*. :it of : wita eac i otaer. Bota aave 'Deen DracticaJ.y cisfrancaised Dy tae out.ymg cow counties. Tbe Motion Improved. From the Georgetown Courier. Waen Yr. Lee, o:"_ eTerson, mo vec taat Cou.ter's "Incian anc skun/c ii.." ae "cauctec uncer :ae UD e," ais motion saou t aave inc ucec tae autaor. Wiii taat provision it uncoubtec y wou_c have ·Dassec cuite as unammous.y as it cid witaout it. s A Stale Eemarfc, Pueblo Chieftain The Denver TriDune says, "-'ae next -ime tae .egis ature meets in Denver better cuarterswL. DC tDrovicec." Toa: stor/has Deen pu D.IS ice in t ie Denver caLies untL it aas Decome cecicec.y sta e. But uen, no matter; tie next meeting o- the .egisa- ture wi_ De b.e.c in Pueb.o. Fortunate Co.oraco Springs From the Ltatvllle Chtonteie. Co-oraso S arings seems to ae a fortunate p.ace. It aas a ^rst-rate chance of getting tae state capital; au: one substan- ,tia won it has a-reacy securec Deyonc a _ tjeracventure, anc -aa^ is tae main o:"- ric« of-ae Denver anc IRio Grance line. Not on.y t ie .Co'.oraco, bu~ tie Oic yex- 4 co once at we.., wu, Se

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