The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 9, 1924 · Page 41
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 41

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1924
Page 41
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MOTHER'S IK I Police Stage Liquor Raid ,, on Apartment; Three Arrested. Atlanta. O»w Feb. 9.---Mrs. Asa C. Candl*r. W. J. Btoddard and O. W. K«*ilnff were arreited by the polio* today while' Hated in an aparttnent houie around a table on -vnlch the police Mid stood a quart bottle n-hlch contained a email q u a n t i t y of liquor. They were taken to the police sta- tlon and released on bond* of $100 each, algned by fltoddard f«r appear- anc0 before Ih* oltjr recorder Tuesday iribrnlng at 8 o'clock. _,. C1TV ALL AGOG. A t l a n t a was agog tonight over the arrest of Mr*. Mary I* R. Candler, younffsWlfe of Asa 0. Candler, St.. millionaire aoft-drlnk maunfactnrer with W. J.' Btoddard an/J.O. W. Keet- Inr. of this eltjr. a* the/ wriV silting around a table today on which reposed a quart bjttt* which polio* said, contained liquor. Mrs. Candler 'admitted her Identity tc- the police, chief, Who eald *he tolj him ahe and her friend* "were only. havlnr a little party". In the apartment which. «he declared, belonged ty a friend of her*.. The apartment owner, she told the chief, had gone (o n r*"rny suburb tor t h e a f t e r n o o n Asa G. Candler, millionaire Coco Cola maker, defendant In Mrs. de Bouchel'a 150(1.009 breach of promlae suit, was awarded the rerdlct '.last week, Mr*. Candler was formerly Mre. M^ry Llule Ragln. Mr. Stoddard la president Ot the National Cleaner* and Dyer*' association. ' Mr. Keeling la In the trick business. BLAMES LACK OF THRIFT FOR DIVORCE Los Ang«Iea, Fob. ·--(*)--Lack of thri:t has been the chief cause of rcc*ht divorces ;h*r*. accof" ig to statistics p'veparad by Jud(« Uslph ·H. Clock of the ? sup«rior court. coV- ·r'tn*r about 1,000 dlvorco cas«s. "In. a number of cases/' said Judge Clock, "the married coupU lived together l«s« than one day, while the greatest l e n e t h ot tjm«. that any couple lived toicother and then soiiifht divorce wai 3» veart. r ! li- EMERSON PIANO HOUSE ^ GULBRANSEN Truly a Great PLAYER PIANO We invite you lo come in and licar these beautiful Instruments. The most responsive and easiest pumping foot power player manufactured today. --Oak --Walnut --Mahogany C o n v e n i e n t terms will ciuiblc you lo own one of these instruments todny. We will gladly explain our payment plan. Call or write for information. PRICES Trad* Uif* C O M M U N I T Y MODICI r SUBtJHBAN MODEL COUNTRY SKAT MODE1 WHITE HOUSE MODEL $420.00 $495.00 $575.00 $650.00 WE SELL Q. R. S. PLAYER ROLLS became they arc better S EMERSON PIANO HOUSE i! 143-145 N. Main St. £- ii-j Sfc»'~::!'~ : ;ii!;*'? : 5ia GLiEE. CLUfi OF'S^REG^tiED BY FUNERAL ioturee. so that. price* frequently re in inverse ratio to siz*. f Pout-war social ohansres are ^icid esponslblo for the poor market ao- ord*d huge-masterpiece* with their mainy yards of canvas. Soorea of The laic Woodrow AVilson organized the Glee Club of Johns Hopkins University, shown above, in 1884. He was a pout-graduate student at the time. .One melnber was .Charles H. Lcvcrniorc, winner of the Bok Peace Prize. Top row, left to right: Louis T. Stevens, deceased; Woodrow Wilson nt age of 'JS; Albert Shaw, editor of..Rcview of llovicxvs; lUchard H.-Harvard, Baltimore: James Patfe, Brownsville, N'. V.; «nd Benjamin T. Robert, of Morgan lark. III. Center row: F. M. Warren ot Yale Cniverslty; K.R.I.. Gould, New Yorl;; Charle* Lcvcrniore, ftok'Prize winner; Unvid T. Day, Geological Survey. Bottom row: Edward Ehglc, editor; Burr J..Kamnge; Arthur Yager, Governor of 1'ortoTUco Under President Wilson. . . . CHIE Kit PUN Send Your Curtains to Us And Get A Real Thrill of Delight Why worry about Curtain Week when we can make it a week of pleasure for you. Every curtain handled so carefully and every scallop stretched so perfectly. Let us give you that thrill. --Phone Main 5834-- DECATUR COMPANY Northeast Cornet Franklin and Wllllan* St. Longworth TelU Coolidge House Must Act on Proposal. YV.'iiliinplon, Fob, 9 --Decision by U e p u b M c a n Mouse leaders lo lake up Mie J l o l l o n Tax B i l l In the House? n e x t T h u r s d a y , and to hold I t before :hat bcdy tnHJl disposed of. was c o m m u n i c a t e d to President Cc-olldge today by Tieprescn^taltve -Longworth, of Ohio, the JXepubllcan leader, and Chairman Sneli of the House r u l e s committee. f ADJOURN" J U N E I. The President also was t o l d th'al House leaders proposed to make every e f f o r t to adjourn by June 1, nnd t h a t they considered tax leffls lation as of s u p r e m e Importance. In discussing w i t h ' - t h e -executive the possibility nC passage of .the Mellon B i l l , representative Lonpi:- \vorlh declared that It would be Impossible to o b t a i n House approval for | tho B n r t n x rate of .25 per cent. Tlie · best possible rale to bo hoped for, , .Mr. L o n f c W o r t h said; : would be more j than 25' per cent, but considerably (ess t h a n 44 -per ceht;' : aS ;propoeed vby the democrats. j L.lSADl31!S' PLANS. j Tho leaders plan on taking- up the tax bill to sidetrack,, temporarily, ! appropriation meMurcS but to con; alderably cut ths supply should the Senate debate be prolonged, Tho two Mouse leaders discussed with the Prefcldelit, the legislative program of t h e i r body, and told him that an attempt w o u l d bo made to consider major legislation . In this order; taxes, i m m i g r a t i o n , Muscle Shoals and soldier bonus, with appropriation measures sandwiched In between. IMMICHA.TIOS" Illl.l.. SOCIALISTS WILL M E E T I N N . Y St. Louis. Mo., Feb. 9--New York tviis selected ss tho place ot the 192* Socialists National convention by the national committee m e e t i n g here to- dny. The convention will be 'May 11 Washington, Feb.' 9 -- Pre*dnl plans call tor the Mouse lo consider the .lolmsOn I m m i g r a t i o n Hill as soon HE it disposes ct tftx legislation. C h a i r man Johnson, of the I m m i g r a t i o n committee t o d a y f i l e d a report on the measure. Pointing o u t t h a t the prcSTmt three per cent lavi- based or. t h e 1920 census. expires J u n e 30. next. Tlie report declared th'ere was "Immediate «:fd u r g e n t need Cor enactment ot i m m i g r a t i o n legislation." "The committee is advised." t'.ie report continued, "that tlia n u m b e r of aliens desiring to enter the United States in very large. It Is reasonable to assume tin Immigration of between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 Would have entered 'the United Slates d u r i n g each ot the past "two years (f the three per cent law had not hatred the way SUNDAY SERVICES IN ASSUMPTION A»sumrt'.o:i. Feu. fl--Sunday school f:30 n . in, CJporpf C h e n r y , n u i i e r i n t f n d e n l . M o r n i n g woesJilp. 1O:30 · a. hi. "r,'f^. the Fjipht of Men'." Ern-or1h T."airiio G: (| O P- Kr.ijiKPlKtir «ervice,' 7 - -00 p. m. "Lite on.l Death." C ' H R l S T t A X C T i U H C i r . SUntinj 1 echoo; at TJ:W a. - t u . fttctrninic 8«r- \ v itiB 1O;SO a. m. H t v . . T . V A . Clcinenn- of Churiczton. fornici- : 'ppnlor. *-ill clcllvftr K A K A K B N R CMUnCII rrcuchlnp at 10:30 A. m. «ev. Roy felnlth of NU^catur in chaCffe of fH»rvlc«». ' PRKSBTTiahTAN CHt'RCII. hour of g^tvlce** Th« Junior LITTLE CALL FOR LARGE PAINTINGS London, Feb. 9-- H) --fcarge can vases painted by old master* to han upon the spacious walla of the rlc man's nanslon arc li.ird to sell I these days of apartments and sma bouses. Bond Street dealers say tli demand Is altnost entirely for sma \ _TIIK-- FLOUfDA FRUIT COWPANT another cur loud of . GRAPE FRUIT AND TANGERINES --AT-- .t3l N. Main Street. AMMANBROS HONJ.:MAIN 3aOR120i SOI C.\W1U.IAM ST. . oountrr mao»lo»i M*t *··· ·!* ·old' to the ncwtr *·*· ·*· been t«« ·ceu»i«4 wM . tnr to car* about art. ·»· M houiM ar* slr*a«» ' ·vrfllM4 turnltur* and ·ru««**tl«MU I SPECIAL! 14-k, 25-Year Case 6-Jewel Movement Meant Satinfactory Jewelry This Stamp on Your Gift Box Grape Fruit and Oranges $4.90 $100 Per laihel Per 1 4 Also a few Tangerines at $3 per strap 331 North Main St. OUR FEBRUARY PRICE :.TAG TELLS T H K STORY These values need no explanation--Our price tac tells the story. Another thine we want to mention is the quality of the Furniture we show. W* want to fttinuUU btMl- ness and -to tell more folks about this merchandise and the low prices. W« want YOU to come in and look our price tags over and judge for yourself. I Offer Girls My aids to beauty, and to woman youth By Edna Wallace Hopptr I had a vicli, ambitious mother. 9he searched the World; with me to flna th» lupremf beauty help*. Tlitif mad* me ft fahloVis beauty. Vnd. now, aft«r «0 y««r« tn the Irtne- tlfhti, ther .keei) m* a Ueauty 1 still. Other Ittfll, In these «n.m« ways, can nuttlply their beauty. Other women i«n, to old «g«. ko«t their y o u t h f u l bloom. I want to helt them do BO. Tlie very Aelps that France gave mil, ire how at yotir oomntanfl. ' . ' i 1-am vory-rVrr bii«y on the state: But I »m tAklhit time to tell you the »«br«t»'of my beauty and my youth. A n d l h r p e tli« time Will come w h e n !t1rl« and women bs ; tUe millions will enjoy \vhal I enjoy. 32 helps Ih four I foilnd 32 tilings that women need 16 tteep t h e m At tlicje. l»st. F^-encn 'ex0*ft» combined them In four Applications; Thus beAtfly and pereli- nlal yoiUh'were mads Very ^asy for me. · ·' - · ·' - · · · f C"ne fs mr White" Tout* Clay. Not- Ilk* the crude and m u d d y clays »6 many use to'3ay rhl* WSJ' 's w h i t * , rofinert and dainty.. Twenty years of scientific study, have made It ama»- Inxly efficltsnt. t.'ti«e' White ·Youth'. Clay to..purg« niy tktn' of alt that clops or" mars. It ,tt "elves me that rosy, baby-like complexion, BlackheTds or n mplOB, oil!' ness or blemishes ar« u n k n o w n to Kiei tt rirnt* the iklh, oomhdtn all llntl and v Wrinkles, k««p* the.: t*c» «klh ever like a Rirl'l. * . \ ,On« application of my Wlilte;Tputh ·Clar brln«8 almost unbelievable - r e - sult*. Msrlv ,»omen seem to Atot («n )·«·· 6»»Unueil ; :»»e docs; mar- vels, is It did Tor me. No «lrl or woman * : iio ohce tries thi* clay will ever go without It. price is Cft cents ana $1. _ . ' · ' Two matchless creams Jly Youth Cream Is a cold cream, based on letnon nnd strawberry. It IB made' to embody all the best that science knows to .whiten, feed, protect and sindoth the jslUti: I use It after lh« ciny. It Is also m? night oreahi to apply oil retiring, -DAJrtlmes I'use It a« a .powrder base. No ori« ever f o u n d , a. cold' cream' 1 to. coTOnare'^lth my Youtii Cream.. My Facial Touth is.a HquU'cleans? er. It contains no animal, no vegetable f n h It cluihot Assimilate In any way .with the sTiin. But It penetrates the R k l n to the. depths. When t wipe : lt off. All that clots the skin oomes wilh It. Xp-'-othjar method cleans aVklh" like this. ;· · ; ' · " . , ? Luxuriant hair My Hair In thlclt ahd'-lustrmis. ..!». irows f i n e r every .year, t hove never Had falling, hair or dandruff;.; ncvef- a tnuclv of pray · ' · · , '···' ; Thu III due to mr 1 , Tduth. An* other French creation, 1 apply I* da^U mth in eve drover, dlr«c«t to the scalp.'"It take? but a moment and It docs not muss theshatr. ·! cart do no greater ltlndn*S« tlmn to urjre frou to employ It It costyBO cent* and }l. All drunrlsts and toilet counter* *upiy th»«S product* wnlch I u«e Th« price I* «maii Et'erir (tlrl or womfth. If she wlli. can have the benefits I. sot.^ Go find them out .My: ifeauty Bdpk eoirtek with each. Ildny Wallace Hopper, COS Lake Shore Attractive End Table Now $5.85 White Medicine Cabinet, $4.65 Pining Room Chairs $3.75 Each Queen Anne Buffet in Walnut finish $37.50 A Number of Fine Overstuffed Suites ^ A more advantageous time to buy than now will tiol be had. fur «vH-y flooj sample suite has been marked »t rock-bottom tt«urtv tiverr out- lit is typical of our quality standard, as included ar* product! of tb* most notable manufacturers. \Vc liuve « few thrce-jiisc* ovemUiffed suites which are pricci'. ns low as ?9'J.50. 3-Piece Walnut Period Bedroom Suite I'lic cabinet work of this outfit leaves nothing to bo desired--finish is pleasingly obtained in a dull walnut'ton*. The grac* of each piece emphasize! ths quality and beauty. Suite includes a bow-end bed, a dresser with large plate mirror and chif- 412 .50 BANTA FURNITURE COMPANY 246-248 E. North SI. Jot. N. Faith, Manager 30 East of Water SI. ;· NF^VSPAPJ-R! NEWSPAPER!

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