The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on February 14, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1899
Page 2
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|- STHICTtT NOME ·O yCOOD Powder were quietly married at their future home in the Rappahannock flats on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The ceremony was performed by Rev.CharJes Bayard Mitchell ic the presence of only a few intimate friends and relatives. ThJe bri«lt« kxilced very pretty- in a beautiful tajik* made gown. A sim{4« ring service was read, after which light haaeheon was Cluv :: f nr »v li sris. u £y x. a. Dervw.. earner. p« mootfa.. 9.00 . i.a 90 The report of the grain commission, of which Senator Marshall » Mmi»^.^ wffl contain many very interesting ponds irib are irat lirjeiiy reflected ia the interview with that rmtu^m pobSshed this incrning. Tbe ft^tK^....^ report isneceamily voluminous,* it conn* Jxtgo scope, including aB thn raetibtUl points at issue. Tbe committee is jiartiy entitled to credit for hart* toft oo stone untamed tootiag to the aotatiaa «* *» perplexing qaestioB. of grading ·Seat For yeans tbe farmers of Norta Dakota have ielt that an injustice km* been done them, aad say step* that may be taken lookny toward the forma- tSoa of · plan that will protect them win be received in aspirit of gratitude. Tbe oanmittee's idea of having a Dakota aTaa inspector at the poma suggested fcooeot the mean* roggoatod of giving North Dakota farmers a better chance before the inspection department The TWBOT hopes that the labors of tbe wmnpittee will remit in greatly hene- fitting the wheat growefs of the state. _-,.,_ in the dining room.. The rooms were tastflv- decorated with smilai and American Beauty teeea. Both bride aad groom are weD known hew and hare a large circle of friends. Mrs. Sewall is a postgraduate of the Manning college of this city, and has achieved considerable fame as a reader, not only here but also in the east where she has pursued her studies. Mr. Sewall is claim agent for tbe London Guaranty and Accident company here, and is alao prominently known as a smger, being basso in the Church of the Redeemer quartet and also a member and manager of tbe Metropolitan mateguartet Tftey will be at home a 60S Xfnth street a after March L" od's Pills . soar *um. - -- -*. S..M bj »lltroat*K«- to iai» «tU Uaaft Oc**. Geese are not supposed to be very senai- ble creatures or at all particular aboutthe eleaniinesi of the food they eat. Popular Science News, .nowerer, records an Instance tn which they were bettw than their s^iam.S · i I i NERNTAS VIT ^resImpotency.NIghtEmiaBkmsand ra«tiBgdi,Mttc«.«Ji effect* of aeif. -·"^ alMtt, or ezcew and iad}» crette. AnervetaokiMKt btoodlmader. Bring* tbe pink gtowtopatechetki and re»tore« the £19 of jrouth. BymallAOeperbox;ebons -=i- -· NEMVlfA MEDICAL CO. fbrukbj-P.C.Ba PROPOSALS. Sealed proposals wffl be reeefa --Ifff'X S? the^nndersignea at muck* Jf. Jj^ tnitu 1 o'doc da^ Feb. SO, 1899 for the erection of a grain elevator building. Plans and specifications can be aeeo at tite above mytkiBed office. Bidders wffl be required to furnish approved beads in , sum of 93,500 to-osare the carrnneont of their contract The r^tk reewved to rgect any and aU bids. Miasoroq VALLCT Mnxcto Ox, . ·* fi* SJfwrtSf, SecFrtsknr. -- geese in question were on tbe hank of tiw York river, Virginia, and had die- covered a good supply of that delicacy of ·onthera goose diet--piece* of watermelon rind. Unfortunately theae rftrtlrilnr piece* wen to covered with mod and cand a* to he in a veryonoomfanable condition tor eating. But thegeen--a large flock-knew bow to overcome the difficulty ^AaeaehMrd picked wrtaptoeeofrind from the gwbago heap ttaupectedtt, and ·if it seemed too dtat^for immediatooon.- ptioa carried tt a* one* to therlTer, __ B Into the shallow water and -----watohlngttuntfltternnnlag-stream "*» «·***!* *»»**** efteaueuus nutter and com j To California Without Change vU «Tfee Milwaukee." j I On everj' Saturday during the winter \ an elegant Pullman Tourist Sleeper will | leave Minneapolis (8:25 a. m.), St Paol | (8:36 a, mj, and arrive Los Angeles, CaJ- i iforaia, at 8:25 a. m. following Wednesday. . ·- ' - · Via "The Milwaukw V famous »Hed- rickBoute" to Kansas City, thence via ] the A. T. 4 S. K. Bv. "through South- I era California. A most delightful winter route to the coast Quicker time a made via- this route between St Paul and Minneapolis and Califortia than via any other line. .Rate per double berth, t0 .ougfa from St Paul and Minnfiapob' Leave St Paul and Minn^ppfa every Saturday morning, arriving Los Angeles every Wednesday morning. For berths, complete information, and lowest rates, apply to "The Milwaukee" agents, St Paul or Minneapolis, or address J.T. COKLKY. Ass't Gesl Pass. Agt. St Paul, Minn. · m ^k flK « · e^h ^ML £ · STEAM LAUNDRY: O NLY STEAM LACNDBy rs THE CITY. Pint clou workman. Satutactkn to ctmtotom a on UMrwrabto maxim with ! of «r l£*. A "^ BU1 Pr ° T " U * ·"K'' 1 "** fiAROUETTE COUCH, ··"-* vs. Proprietors. Corner FHta aad B/o*tfway, parettvely clean. Tils accomplished, the osssteppe* too tbs shallow water by --"He* Its freshly washed feed sad go£ bledr off tee edible pulp with moob Tbe writer watBhed tbe geeet for batf an -ar or more and enrtibe thing done r«- »ea»edb/, and that by aereral Wrta. It aetf the* parttrnlu flock had ee- the babit of ttat wathuglbetr SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TRIBUNE. ^ - ^ ^^^ " · ' - ^ - W . W - w W ·F^^^r^p P. E. BYRNE, Insurance Agent, - O . I Umo. M Y w. ». Alliance tea. AasWNawTetfc. i Six Companies, Repre*entin* in Over Forty-fly* mmoa* of Dollar*, - -..- r * . : '----- _ ·' -- -- « · · » H*»V^W «te information Oat after knocking | about the west ior many years-one ti» bright writers gaaduated by the Bis- j marek Tribune--then editor of Clark's paper--the Miner at Bntto--one of the most popular newspaper men in Mon- 4ana and the west--J. M. Quinn has StaQy landed in the effetest portion of ·tin effete east as a light of that effete poHaeal organization, Tammany, and -bas a remunerative place in 0» city water department Quinn was in New York shcrfly before the late presidential election, and made one or twospeechea. and hisi western style carried tbe east- eroera into various stages of admiration for Quinn--who is one of the most ardent advocates of Btyan and free silver ever to come out of the west All tbe same, Quinn's Bismarck friends are pteased-iope bia place ia a good one-and that it wffl last--until begets ready to leave it. · · ' - - . -: . ' """ ·".'·'"'', -- "-: hii ·hip eaQed the ' p- What «a« the nan* of tfa» ahtafl harotton my note* Oe EU« aadthe most AT a very recent banquet, given at Dayton, Ohio, under the auspices of the state republican league, Cushman K. Davis spoke to the toast of "new lands and new reeponabjlitiee." In the course of the distinguished statesman's remark* he eulogized the personality of Wmbun McKinley as a leader and a man, "which entitled him to a renomine- tion and triumphant rejection, 1 ' and then turned to the war Tith Spain. He ecored President Cteveaod "for ending iantes whicb,if he had faced them would have kept aloft the horror* of war from the shoulders of his HIKCCMUI " Mr. Datii' remarln wffl have a tendencv to do away with the oft repeated ramor that he was laying the wires for the preeidentia] m«ii»mihjn for himselt ' Lxritberemeabered that at 2* p. m,on the 10th day of February, 1888, the president and Secretary Hay atoed tbe peace treaty between the kingdom of Spain and the United States. This document which win cat an important fig are in American history, also bore tbe names of the peace commiagjon and was certified by Vice President Hobart Lees than three weeks will elapse before tbe day of adjournment of the legislature. Only half a dozen bills have passed and become laws. There is no need of alarm, however, for beyond the appropriation biQg little legislation is wgent Dangers of tbe Grip, reatest danger from la grippe is hm "n pneumonia. If reaaon- rTMT r^-jr -*d7bowever, and" Cbam- berlam's Cough remedy taken, aB danger will be avoided.. Aiming tike tens of thousands who have used this remedy for U grippe we have yet to learn of a single case having resulted hi pneumonia which shows conclusively that th»a remedy is a certain preventive of that disease. Jt wffl cure la grippe in less tune than any other treatment It is ifwgtandsafe to take. For sate by S. Beardsley. " OfcO MAHOGANY DISEASE. *~~ ···M Sudden Drop. This is the tlm* o* tbe ye«r to took tor*sadden drop la the prices of dothlaf. It isn't bKuue we nave charted too much heretofore, but because we are willing to let the remainder of oar winter roods go for !«*» than they are really worth. Winter Underwear. Gloves and Mitts And every other article of winter wear in oar store will be · · · »oM at «stonUhin Z 'y lo*r prices . . . Mo Trouble to Show Semling Hoover. s. M. PYE A cx, «ja^*w» «* tia* i P»W August 8th, $130^60, VENUE new located in ow new quarters opposite the First National bank wtthSe dry goods department of our store. New and stylish spring patterns arriving dally. Drop in and see tbe new store. * Former Bismarck Girl Married, Tbe Mtnneapolu Times says: "Mary Adelyn StoyeO and George M. Sewall Witt · CMrt mt Drmwen ·M* Hake* Triable For Faadllce. "A friend of mine -who has been too busy with the problem of vraysand means to pay much attention to the adornment of his house a«k meyertodaj to select for him a good piece of colonial mahog. any, as he wanted to have one such piece to his house, and I declined to do so until 1 had explained to him the COM," atid a soenlo artist whose bouse is one of the shew places m a town near New Yoek, "I knew that hla furniture was oak and apholstered stuff, and that just so sue ae be placed with it a good example of old mahogany his troahlai woukt bsgto. The mahogany would kill his oak. and In eouseof time It wouM mean the rafor- nlahing of his house. Els was a case of Ignorance ***** andldldnot propcee to upset his household. I have seen the old mahogany dueaes work Its way Into many bonse- bolda, ana in many ease* the results have been disastrous. Talk about having a mortgage on your house, why, that Is nothing compared to tite annoyance of fing that you have a lot of modern oak ITCHING LIMBS For Three Yem. NioJrt»KoUn| Terrible. lm« ttdriat tod bontet I SMteta(orth»*7wami« . Innr *k* flto treobt* I »««I Im t. (o to . furntture on your hands- too good to throw sway when yon hare once begun to collect old pieces. It ha* taken me nearly ten years to live down a collection of oak furniture which I made In St. Louis and which hat hung over me like the shadow of a great sorrow. I was boarding in St Louis and doing work on a big production, when my wife and I decided tbat we* didn't like boarding and that we would try housekeeping, t had no time to spend m looking for a house, » we took theflm one thatweoonld find. We spent just one afternoon tn fnrnUhing it completely --dlshM, draperies, rug», carpet* and -ta otttflt of very new oak fumltare. Ther*- sattwM just what might have been expected. Our boose looked like a Qrand Rapids showroom. We moved to Sew Tort leaving behind a» much of our oak furniture as we could, bat when we got Settled here we found around 1* a lot of it which was too stood to give away and which we could not sell. ' "I had picked up by this Urn* * few old pines of mahogany, and the more I stnoten them the more I deaptad my oak. KUPITZ I DeGraff's y o a . Then I built my house, and I waa forced to move some of those pieces Into to, I have been crowding them out by degrees ever since, however, and now I haven't got one modern oak piece left. In the meaa- tjme I have watched friends struggle with their modem furniture after they bad picked up an old piepe or two, and their troubles have been like mtne. When my friend asked me yesterday to select aa okt piece for him, I told htm what I have told yon, and I said that if after thinking it over for a week be *1U wanted to make the plunge I would help htm. He will probably want to begin on an old chert of drawsTM, for that U anally tbe opening wedge, and then old andirons, table* Witt otowfaet and oorner oabtoeU will follow, ' poor far the re* of his lite. 8 5 i Op or about the lath inst, I shall open np in tbeelecantsod commodious store in tbe new Baker block with nearly an entire stock of first class up-to-date genfs furnishings, also sundries, notions, trunks, bags, etc.. antTduring the. next ten days I snail put a figure on ·B^___B-_MBBBiaiBllBBSBBeB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^a«_ Shoe stock, artics, duck coats, flannels, and sheepskin overcoats, blankets, comforters, pants, overalls, hats and caps, warm gloves and mitts, ------m^--^* That will clean them ont in short order. They Witt go for what they war bring regardles* of cost Those that need wch. SoiM^arty 5 no event win they last but a few days. f W. S. DeGRAFF. 8 ·························8 ii a a^^^Z^SZ Tuesday ASP ^m · » ^f^ *jasm» w ^^k W*MV TKAIXS. DLWUfG CABS £A»Tjk«puTHJj TIME CARD-BISMARCK. «.' $» % ------ ^·^'·^^^·F^^ '·%£S,#$*\ a -'* r £te£. Wevt Bern*. Oft P*rmU at Tu**t Office/» SlilPUMfllA i

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