The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 14, 1902 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 14, 1902
Page 7
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· * v ··* -|T f t f ^ ' ! IfdRMlHd DBCKUBER14,1901. *HE DBCAflJK HE VIEW *· - fayV^j ^| - ^ B ACE'S HEADQUARTERS FOR CIRISTIAS PRESENTS That are useful u well as ornamental--we have without a doubt the largest and best assorted stock of Furnishing Goods found anywhere. NECKWEAB-- In all the late ahapes--Ascot*, Four- In-Handa, Teck*. Puff*. Bow* and Strlnjnv-all selecUd for th* holiday trade from the beat maker*. MUTFLSR0 in all *haps* Oxfords. London Square* and full drew: atoo the Knit Muffler. CO fill 2fe up to $d.UU HANDKERCHIEF8-A largo a**OTtment, 6c to HwSchaffiMT V Marx HjadTulored $1.50 HMOKINO JACKETS--A suitable prewnt at W. Wand $10.00 SUBl'ENDEHS-In etlk and ll*l« wvb-nlce pre*ent»-Mo lo $2.00 Ten Years Ago Today inlDecatur WEDNESDAY, BBC. U, 18*1 Otto Parro went Into busmeem for himself by selling the coal oil barrel* behind the Morehouse ft Well* etore and the Spencer ft Lehman ·tore. H1* enterprise «ot him to Jail. H. D. Etberldge, a traveling man from Dorchester, MM*, died suddenly of asthma at the Bever* hotel. Cbarle* A. Gord died at 4« We*t Cerro Qorde street Dr A S. Walt* moved tt Ws new building. 1U North M* 4 " ·*'«·*· Haivey Denton and Alice Nihlwr were iririled by Justice Hammer. Th* Blocmlnfton Bulletin Mid: "De- Mtur now rank* atoad of Btoommgton In popBJfttton. It «· 'or seevral yeart ranked ahead of u* in enterprise and busln«** ability and will get the state fair If it want* it." MM* Clam Weyt entertained theAnchor club Dr. BIHott moncd from Macklaaw to Decatur. The "If I Had Man." OI/OVE0 AND MITTENS, lined and unllncd, in Mochas and Kids, for draw; Golf Qlovf», rtll colon*. aWTOATBKa for Boy* and Men, the largest assortment In «he city. UMBRELLA»-ln silk and gingham, new fancy Jwm- 8l'IT CASES AM HAOS-In elegant goods, fancy trimmed!. _____^___^__________ Price* guaranteed too low for good good*. Overcoats and Suits NEW IXT OF THE CEILEBRATED If . S A M OVERCOATS JV8T IN-"8WELL COATS." We can Hhow you a Man'* Suit » Q AA (hat b*al« lh*m all for tho money. It to all wool and a neat pnWurn. Boo thorn. ITTiTso WINTER CAPS that will please you at 2So to COME AND SEE- Race Nothing lannfactnring Co,, 135 North Water St. Special Holiday Cigars JOS. MICHL SONS AflB NOW PACKING '1HBIR POPULAR Little Rose and Bouquet 25 IN BOX. 25 IN BOX. In special Christmas sices (45 in a box) for $1.00 and $1.50 per box of as, especially for Holiday lifts. Nothing could be more appropriate for a smoker. For sale at all popular cigar stands next week. Ask to see them. AjVW v 'A" n - - - - --There Is an old gentleman who bought half a block of ground in Decatur twenty years ago, for almost nothing, and recently he eold tho same ground for a very large sum to the "government. In conversation with John A, Brown, the "real" estate man, the other day he asked me. "Did you hear what Mr H. sold his corner lot for yesterday?" · "No, I have not heard," «ald I. "Well." he replied, "ho got W.OOO for it. What do you think of that?" "I suppose that Is pretty good," 1 remarked. "Pretty good! Why. do you know I could have bought the same plot for |i26 eighteen years ago? Just think of it! If I had bought that I would have made a very handsome profit Anybody who had purchased land around there twenty years ago would be rich now. It's getting worth more every day. I could , have bought some, but who would have !j thought everything would have gone up In this way. 1 could kick myself when I think of U'" What an old story this Is. with Its variations, I have heard it many time* and frequently In this shape: "It I had taken an endowment policy twenty years ago for 110,000, I wonld be Just getting the money now," and then the man draws a long breath and looks up at the celling. Yes, and besides you would have received tho dividends that would have accumulated on tho policy. How much dividends? Well, we would have paid you (at age 36) over 16.000 In addition to your $10,000. Then he takes another long breath, and «ays, "If." Of course if an agent had approached ono of these "If I hads" twenty years ngo, he would have said, "I can't bother with it. Where will I b« In twenty years' time? I may be dead. Come in next year anyway, when, perhaps I'll have more money." Of course I appreciate the fact that good things twenty years off are not cal,' culnted to arousa Immediate enthusiasm I What tho average man and woman' l' looks for is something good that will j I arrive the same day or tomorrow mom-1 I Ine early. I ! If we could have a sign "Endowments matured while you wait and with death," I what a rushing buslneis might be done. ' Who know* but the time may come' ' when "children" will object to maturing ( slowly and demand that they be 21 with-1 I O ut waiting for the passage of that num- | ber of summers and winter*. I I suppose some company would arise j and "guarantee" that rate of progress' If It were demanded. People are investing In guiher oil stocks, rice lands and Tasoo Delta; guaranteed Increase of 25 per cent value. The good old-fashioned way of earning money and saving It and (waiting for rompound Interest to get In Its wonderful work I» not altogether popular with ' the rising generation, but it Is the one pure way of keeping what you have enrned, which l« the key to Individual financial success. The Mutual Life will servo you by making them a small deposit each year. ! Tou can open a bank account with them, i and deposit every three months, or every I elx months or yearly. i We differ from banks and building no- 1 cletles, as should you die, we will re- I turn to your estate, wife or children, I 110,000 If you have made but one deposit, I and If you live, will return your prln- ' ctpal and a fair rate of Interest. If the i banks In Decatur would offer you the ' same contract we do, they would have to enlarge their present quarters. ' Convince yourself of thewbove facts by i Investigating our contract. I , The Mutual Life Is the oldest active life Insurance company In the United States and the largest In the world. Three hundred and fifty millions of well Invested assets; five hundred thousand depositors; thirty thousand In Illinois; 1 four hundred in Decatur. Make your wife a Christmas present that will take care of you both when i you are old. We guarantee your Insurance to cost you less than any other company. Women Insured at th* same rate as men. "Get In before It is all gone." H .C. NIBLCCK, District Manager, Room 3, Central block. OHAFMAM WILL BBBUILD DMtr«f«7k7 Fir* of Sat- ·ul.Uvan, III*., Deo. »-"'· Chapman. owner of th, building burned Saturday. will Uk*ly rebuild In the near future. The couth wall of th* burned bulWng WM teft standing until abo« 11 o'clock ·alwday, when It WM lorn down by W. A. CfeldVfll *nd fore* of workmen, f no one wa* serlomly hurt r»*«itt. «r.. her wladbw of tkelr ·HiBmt apartmsnts. Mr. ket only a few days ago and was Intending to consolidate the one In the Dyer block with the one that buraod. 8. W. Wright Bon were, damaged some by smoke. The clothing from the ·tor* of Whltfleld, Burton * Bnlow was partly carried out and stored in the Jenkins block. The police did all in their power to fight the flame* and used the hose cart to the beat advantage obtainable. 8. P. Lilly of East Nelson township was here Saturday on business. James R. P. Weaver of Arthur was her* Saturday. Dr. W II. OUdvlllo of Bruce was here Saturday on business. Smral Mm her* attended (be Jack llyen 'fate Itldey. Jaek to selling out preparatory to moving to Missouri In the .·print. J**k *nd his wile ar« eitimablt people and their new friends in Missouri will find them upright and honorable peoale. Deeds Beoorded J. A. Montgomery, administrator, to George Graf, administrator'* dead to the east five feet oft lot It and all Of lot 3». excepting 20 feet ott the east side, all In block 2J of Carver's addition to Decatur; IMS. William H. Cross to Gertrude Bobbins, lot* S and 4 In block 6 of Harristowni n,ioo. Bertha J. Kuny to Charle* B. Cook, a tract In block 2 of the.resurvey of lot* 4, E and * in btock a of western addition to ANOTHER WORST HeKf the Boards at the Ouera House. SINKING COAL SHAFT. Down 100 FlsttUd Work Goes Alonr W«U. Mary A. LJohUubsrger to John B Rueksr. the southeast quarter of the ; (000. The work ad tn* new thaft of the Man- ufaoturonr' and Consumers' cotfl company 1* progiwMtng rapidly. The shaft Hu been *unk and finished to a depth of WO feet from the surface. There are wall* of * double thtekin** of heavy timbers with six tiMhei of cement between. TA* cement keep* ·out the water aaM the wall* of the *h»ft e* they have fceen built en absolutely *ecure. The opening i* IteS fefet in *iie dew of the wall*. After the cementing- wma done It was, fouM that a Urge ·mmlnt «t water had gathered at ttw bottom of the *haft and thi* was pumped out and Che work of Mnhdng Che shaft wa* contlirueO. Five men wortc «t tto Doltoro of tt» steft. Tb* work » lnyii'iMtoi m njMr as a»M lie hop* ·*» t»e mad**** ar« entirely *atMed w«h the way to whieh It DECATUR. ILL N. WATER ST. Sensible Xmas GIFTS I F you are going to make a friend a Xmas present, let it be a sensible gift, something that will be serviceable. In our store will be found thousands of articles in keeping with this suggestion and at clearance sale prices. SILK WAISTS Monday and continuing during December we will place on sale 150 311k Watot* In black and all eoi- ws, some valued as high a* 17.60, you* choice of any waist In our store-$3.98 No reservation on 1 thl* oale. It te bona flde and we predict that there wag never *uch a Bilk Waist opportunity a* thl*. There I* hardly a known color ttiait cannot bo found in the ·lock. COATS g FURS Commenclnc tomorrow mornlnc we mak« another cot tato the ·slllng price of our Coat* and Fun, Mid wUt Mito coming week malce a record for coat and fur **Wng never before attained by tor Decatur noun a* far ui price ft con* cerned. We haw tho garment*, and the style* a** Ml rtifht. and -together with chi* extra cut In prky w« ought to be able to dispose of everjr one of them before the end of th« week. Of course tfw best bargain* await the eorliett purchasers and w« will have your attemuton on Monday morning' If you want a Coat or Fur. HANDKERCHIEFS Hi la not evwy Xmas that you have an opportunity lo look at the largest line of Handkerchief* evwr *hown to the merchants of the United States, and not only look at them, but nurcjiaitc If you wish, and at Ju*t what we would have to pay for tlhom. Wo purchased the entire line of James Elliott Co., of New York, at one- thJrd off regular wholesale price; wo are selling them to you aft less than wholesale, look them over, while the assortment Is still unbroken. XMAS PRESENTS A few Suggestions worth looking at .. HOSE^-In price from 26c up to HANDKEECHIBPS-In price from Bo up to .................................... QLOVES-Jn price from ate up t» TABLE L.INI3N-- In price from Kc per yard up to ...................... NAPKINS-- In price from 48c per dozen up to WOOL BLANKBTS-ln price from 12.98 up to BBDDINO-- Every kind-- at every price-- all will make useful and desirable prevents; Sheets, Pillow Cases, Pillows, Bedspreads, at prices that can not be equalled any place. PUR SCARFS at any price, from 89c up to SILK SKlRTS-In price from ».8to SlbK PBTTIOOATS-A1I colors, In pricey from 13.98 to $10.00 for Xm*«. Booteee, all colors, special for this coming week, 26c and Infants' Wool Hose, extra value, for this week, per pair Infanta 1 Mitten*, all cotont, extra heavy, per pair, 26c, 15c and Infants' 811k Hoods, wool underlining, a special value a*. 75c, the coming week, only MO Honey Comb Towel*, regular lOc value, on sal* Monday morning Skirt Flannels Skirting Flannels. In a variety of different patterns, extra heavy, at, per yard, Oftft Little Remembrances for Xmds. 75c $1.25 25c $1.25 25c .. 75c 25c Sweaters FANCY I,EO PIN CUSHION8- only SHETLAND FIXSS SHAWLS or Fascinators, in prioe from We to FANCY NOVEL MATCH BCRATCtTERS- very attractive PERFUMERY or TOILET ARTICLES-In price from lOc to BROOPHES-SplendW pattern*, rolled gold FANCY COMBS--In a variety of Styles, 2Gc up to FANCY BEAD CHAINS-Vorlety of colors, each Ladles' Sweaters, In wWte, red, green and blue, latest effect*, and will make a beautiful gift for a lady $3.50 Yet M»nasjw Wanted More It, Ad- "The Road to Ruin," the play present- ed at the Grand opera house Saturday night, was Just about the kind of a show boon iflayed botwwn a team from this city under Looter Davidson'* captainship und the Taylorville team in that olty on Christmas day ha* been abandoned. The boys tame to a decision about the matter SomrUov night. The wcaithcr la too cold for good football. BADUBOAD QOMIP* Foreman W. P. Carter of the Wabash coach shop went to Bement. --»-- Tho C., I. W. is preparing to Inaugurate a sleeping car service from Springfield and Deoatur to Jacksonville, Fla,, by way of Cincinnati and the Queen and Crescent. Passengers from the C,, I. ft W. will be transferred at Cincinnati or Indianapolis to the through sleeper. one might expect from tho name. The *c*ne Is laid In the "Tenderloin district of New Tork city and the play deal* with the most degraded class of people and a succession of desperate incident* are Stven. A man is thrown from a window, anoth. T h« sm-ller engine, will be ^^^W^Win^*!*TM"* 1 "*TM « nd "» «*« *"«""· W '" sweetheart ana rescuea jusi m UM tan ai e t h c lr usual drags. It Is calculated escape the train, people are put in Jafl, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ fa ^ for tho beginning of tho new It Is reported that ·Ota Ann Arbor road N to loan some engine* to the Waba*h In the present emergency and that the Northwestern wBl *end engine* to pull their own coal over the Waba*h to Cb ca«o. None of thoee engines have yet appeared on the A BUSY DAY For Judge Smith In County (Jourt--Jury Monday. Judge Smith had qutte a busy d«y In, the county court Saturday. There were quite a, number of minor report* and other matter* which occupied hi* attention and several nwttent of greater Importance. C. M. Boscdmaa was appointed administrator of the estate of the late Thomas Boardman, H* gave bond In Uw» sum All local freight and passenger «n- of ll,«0 wtth Mary a Boardman and- glnes on the Wabash will be pressed Into I Margaret Blue a* *ureUe*. service today In the usual cleaning up I The will of the late Anrte M. BchuUel wa* tiled for probate and Jan. U was *et as the date for the htarin*;. David PatMTMDk Owrle* a Haokin* and John W. Alexander Were appointed appraisers of the eetat* of Bdward , in a bank of quicksand. All of these thrilling Incidents were poorly presented and there was a sufficient amount of trel vulgar sayings to make the entertainment disgusting. The play Is the one which the woman advance agent who wai here a week ago travel* for and tbe manager tay* he doe* not like the woman advance agent. HS say* she advertises hsrself too-much and doe* not aar enough about the show. 6 o'clock last nigh the Illinois Cen- had *ucceed«d in getting one through wire from Mattoon to Peorla and another from Clinton to Centralla, but It took all of the line* to make these. Later in the night other wtre* were got In working otder. Not» OnrtatmM Game. !B» iw* of feottwU jeWcto WM Beetles numerous running repair* two engines that were In the tale at the Decatur shop* of the Wabaek wet* turned out ready for service last week and wo i aon will be «ut In a few day*. _ 1 Foulkei. T. W. Jacob*, administrator of U* estate of ICaivaret KlnosJd, filed bis final report and wa* dtoctoarged. THB JUBT. The juror* selected to report for service In the county court Uoaday are John Sawyer. Albert ·mWs W. X SnMey, o. w. Btoy, B. P. ReyneU*. William Bob- Mne, Htnry Kerrttt, WUN* Martin, Fraak Rlbef. M. ·. Hornbaefc, A*M Hun»phrl** and B. MaMMaa. aereral CSM* hare been *et for trial JEWS PA PER I JEWS PA PER I

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