The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 14, 1902 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 14, 1902
Page 5
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MORNING. DECEMBER 14,190*. THE DECATUR REVIEW SCRAPSJK NBWS WORK ON CEILING. Oahranlied iron worker* put In flutur day nifht on toe now meUl celling or the National bank of Decatur. Thin work cannot b« done during banking bourt, *o It wa» neccuary to mrork at night. BACK TO DECATUR. ChMIfy Richardson has returned horn* from a, three weeks' viilt to Bprlnnnel.! nnd hai taken the night management ol the mar lunch room. IN KANSAS. J. M. Miller Jeft Friday for Kan*a« to look after broomcorn. HI* t!au«ht*r, Opal accompanied him A* far an Kama* City where »he will vtolt until :ft«-r the holiday*. ABOUT «W. The Uaptlnl ladlra rli-an-d hotwren I ami 1250 on thrlr annual «al« and dinner jrlven at the church KrKLiy. Con*lderln« the ndvrrnc conditions of the weather this *um I* very creditable There will bo a xale of doll* fit Mm. K. A. Qastman'* homo on the mound Monday. OOT TUB RKCORD. At elate Y. M. C. A. meet at Tacoma, Wn*h , Dave Ornnt of St-attlc broko the world's record r» r Ionic dive, hl» dlglanc* bring 1.1 feet. I! Inches. This In four Inches bettlnK than the dive ntnle by Burnout Hkelley of Peeatur ut the Jurkamivllln meet laxt month. The world'* record up to that time was 11 feet. 8 Inches. AGAINST DONATIONS. Poorlo dry Rx/l! men have slRiied an agreement not to give to rummage sales church fair*, and so on, nor to buy tickets to fairs or balls, or make cash do. nations In any way to such enterprises. * WAHA8H WON The Wabash defeated the All Stars Fr»- ;ay night In the Brunswick league names bv a score of J.?. 1 ' to J.IIS. This puts the Waba*h bom-lers at the heiul of the league. »T| J. 8. McCleltind .overseer f the poor, Is »omo hotter but hl» condition Is regarded still as being critical/ NEW SET. Sheriff Thrift has a new set or dockets In which the urorcedlnmi .mil accounts of hlx office will be entered. ALLOWED W M.8. The highway commissioners held their regular meeting Saturday, but did not transact any business further thup the allowing of btlls. STIU. IN JA1U Samuel McMrldo U s t i l l under arrest nt the county Jail. He «'inncil Rive bond without appearing In the circuit c urt and If h« wn» ntlc to arrange Ir-iul he could not be released until Monday. a» Judge Vail lias liccn out of.the city for several days. OOT Kl.orR. The employe* 'f the Shellnliarger milt yesterday sent 2WI |»uiiids of flour to the poor couple living on liMt Main street whose rise wax mentl nc ( | In The Re. view last week. Thlx couple hns fared well since Its mmdltlon was discovered. last EMINENT DOMAIN. Thi- l.i \ee police- could not reg n i K h t Iw'O.'iiiKr (lion- WJIH no telephone communication w i t h 1mi»l»itiarters The Short s'reet station wire wiis found In be int.'ici y«.' ( .ei'diy morning, b u t * t h i n was i-on'lscatnl bv I hi fire de|M.rtmi-nl ·*· PEOPLE YOU KNOW Mr*. It. r. Hind* wnl to Oranltf City for n vliMl Ili'V. llorarc L. Strain will lonvn lo- morrow inornlnK ill t o'rl'wk for rhloiuo. Mlasi'd I.i-l.ih H nd Still iJlllchiinty havf gone 10 81. Loulx for n vlult of net-oral Olli'll. Mixsc* Emnrn W i c k s and I.^lnh lliim- Hhor arc visUInt frl niln In Ccrro Onrdo today. Ml»* lrn-r HiiMmrd w i l l nine al Vh- Maroa liani 1 ooncrrt Tiii'»ilii\ i-vonlnR. Mm. John Paviir nun boon \ l « l t l n g rcl- atlvo nt Miutjn. Little Dorothy Wright has li n visit- Ing nt Arthur with her eramrfalhci- »«(! family. 1 '"·»·" Mlfw Blanche Unison, thr* l i t t l e ila*,h- tor of Mr*. Wllll.nnn of « h . - llotmn IrtilM- Ing, who hull brtn callod livno by her molluT-n lllno»K. will v\Mn the CnliimM,i f'omcdy 'om]any with which she- boon touring, thin week. Her molhr In hotlir and was taken to St. Mnr'» hos- pltal Saturday. Mm. Lou I'aync returnod to her home In Clinton M tfr n v ' 8lt w l t n hT *""· w 8. Payne nnd family. Mrs. Mary Smith roturnod homo In Mowoaqua after visiting n oouplo of flnys with her molhor. Mri. M. M. Ixiwry. on Kast nivlnion utroet. Mix* Nettle Moore has returned homo a f t e r a throe weok*' viill wtlli relativei at Amenta. (Mrs. Clarence Drake ha* beon the guoit of her parents In Dcoatur th* p»»t Mlm LII Oli-sxier of Oreann vlnltod P«oatur rcUitlvoH durlnr the pait w*«k. Mr*. Nellie l.-l'»riee ha* iv turned after a two months' visit with relative* and friend* In M!**ourl. Mr*. A. 8. nark of Dulton City I* vl*. Htng friends In Drcatur. ·Mr. and *lr». W. Q. Wlddow* of In dianapolis arc visiting l n Docatur. . John R. MHIor will leave this week for Llvingitont, Ala. EXTRA UNBMEN I»«f Jtfc. The Hitmen «f tlw Central Union Telephone company put in a big day Saturday. White · fwr of the line* In the city were fixed) up and put in working order. mo»t of *lw*r ttm* wa* de- votul t«- the toH RDM and- toy; tricht they h«d right HIM* working. The llMmtn »ay that the .fturtlon In tlv f.lty to very bad, «m» WW ha»« Idea whet they wfll b« «bl« lo ««« al the Mne. wwkln*. ntl*»n ertra linemen arrive** lute In th* »tt«*noon«n*lw wUI be put to work today. Utoeipected Uia.'. otlww will arrive today. Kaoac«r Burto ot ««·· *«» Cou »*» Klepnco. o«»pany had aU »*·»·«·"»*; at MCLAUGHLIN'S XXXX COFFEE per pound-- lOc (Delivered only with other goods.) *e»e+»+«+». »»·+·»·».».·»*«*»*«*'*»+*·*"*****'******* «****»*e*«*»»«*«*»»t»«* 3,000 PARLOR MATCHES for-- · Closing Out Of Dolls Choice of any Doll in the House I5C PURE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Six pounds for 25C CONDENSED MINCE MEAT Three packages for-- 1000 *+·*·*«+«***·*·*·*»***·+·*»* Jlrcadc 20C NEW TOMATO CATSUP-Pint bottles-- lOc PURE OLD-FASHIONED COUNTRY SORGHUM-Per gallon-- 60C GALLON TABLE SYRUP . Per can-- 35c , BROKEN RICE Seven pounds for 25c BEST JAPAN RICE Per pound-- 8c ioc CANS POWDERED LYE ^8 per cent pun:; 5 cans for 25c ALASKA SALMON Thrcr cans for-- 25c MAPLE SYRUP J-'ull |iiarl boitlcs-- 30o ***·*»*»*»+***·***«******* all this week HALF MARKED PRICE KIRK'S CABINET SOAP-A good laundry article; 12 bars for-- »»+.»»+»+ t +«»4 + .+ «+,+»++« + »«»·+»*» «*·*»*»*··«»· BUSHELS ol fancy Wiiconitn Rural PoUtoei, special for tfait iile, per bn.hel 59e. Th«f* potatoei are aound, lolid, freth etoek. Plena do not compare thla»toek with lh« ordinary peddler goodi offered tor Mle by credit etoret. They ·re easily worth 20o a huebol more. Special tor thii iile, per bunhel 59c Great December and Christmas Sale. Look! Look! Look! Put on your glasses; prices so small you will need them. The biggest, largest, greatest and best line of standard well known brands of groceries ever offered in Decatur, and at the lowest prices we ever made. We want your patronage and offer you 10 per cent more for your money than any other Decatur house. Meat market! The best of everything that money can purchase. Look at the prices. I CALIFORNIA FRUITS At a little more than ha'f. SMALL CALIFORNIA PRUNES Sale price, 7 pounds for 25C HONEY PRUNES Fruit that is as sweet and as rich as its name ; these are fine ; three pounds fur t 2oc JUMBO SANTA CLARA PRUNES Large, fat, raisin-cured f r u i t ; sold everywhere for 12 1-2C ; sale price, only loc- ORANGE CLING PEACHES As fine as sold anywhere fur 121-2C: sale price, per pound ioc ROYAL RED APRICOTS Nice stock; most stores get ijc for these; sale price ioc CLEANED CURRANTS Xew goods: full pound packages; per pound ioc PURE OLD-FASHIONED STICK CANDY Candy stores get 2OC a pound for this k i n d ; sale price all t h i s week, per pound K JUMBO TEXAS PECANS Xew. f a t , p l u m p n u t s ; candy stores sell them for joe a pound ; all this week, per pound 12C LEWIS' POWDERED LYE Three cans for-- 25C GEO. W. CHILDS CIGARS Eight for-- 25c NINE O'CLOCK WASHING Seven packages for-- 25C PREPARED MUSTARD Pint jars, only-- lOc ioc SACKS TABLE SALT Only-- 17 POUNDS BARREL SALT For-- I8c Breakfast Puuds One third OIT U-u»l Price. GOOD BREAKFAST OATS Three pacl:iv;i i for 25c ISC PACKAGES RALSTON HEALTH OATS Sale price ioc RALSTON BREAKFAST 'FOOD...... Sale price 1-K CERA-NUT FLAKES The new food ; t w o packages for 2;c HURON ROLLED OATS A fine t u m b l e r in e v e r y package ; per package . . . ioc PILLSBURY'S VITOS Two packages for 251- ANGEL-FOOD CAKE FLOUR-- Regular 2SC packages nc GRAPE-NUTS Two packages for 2^c SHREDDED WHEAT BISCUIT I 'cr package 12 l-2c NEW BULK ROLLED OATS Six pounds for 250 NEW CRACKED HOMINY 1'resh this year's goods; ; pounds for . . . . 1 5 0 BUCKWHEAT AND PANCAKE FLOURS I ' u r e old-fjishioued Xew York 1 luck wheat Flour, ( pounds for 25c MRS. AUSTIN'S SELF-RISING BUCKWHEAT Full 2-lh. packages; } packages for 2$?. MRS. AUSTIN'S PANCAKE FLOUR Full 2-lb. packages; 3 for 25C VIRGINIA SWEET OR FANNIE'S PRIDE I'ancakc Flour; per package ioc .»»»«+«+«+»+«»»*«»«+»+«+»* Drag Department If you arc sick and need medicine examine the list of standard well known remedies we carry. Compare prices with drug trust prices. Say, do yon know tliat the Retail Druggist Association is thcjargest and most powerful trust in the I'nited States, formed for the express purpose of marking up prices on their customers? They have sent letters to eveiy manufacturer and wholesale dealer in the drug line notifying them not to sell us under a penalty of a universal boycott. Kvery Decatur druggist knows that fact. If you are in favor of trusts and high prices patronize Decatur drug store" ***+«***»****+«+»+»+»*»+»*· CANNED GOOD5 FOR ALMOST NOTHING ioc CANS CORN Per can 7- BARABOO CREAM SUGAR CORN Worth i jc ; per can ioc ioc CANS POPULAR STRING BEANS 1 'er can («·' 12 i-2c STRINGLESS BEANS I 'er can ioc iSC GRATED PIE PINEAPPLE 1 'er can ioc isc BALTIMORE BARTLETT PEARS 1 Vr can ioc GALLON CANS OF APPLES 1 Vr can 25c iSc BALTIMORE CAN PEACHES Per can I2c 2sc CALIFORNIA CLING PEACHES f n syrup : per can fc 17 I-2C i ioc CANNED PEAS * Xew pack, nice goods : 3 cans foi J.Sc CHALLENGE BRAND EARLY JUNES Per can ioc EXTRA SIFTED NORTHERN WISCONSIN EARLY JUNES Two cans for 250 SEEDED RAISINS In f u l l pound packages; per ] laekage 1 2 1 -Jc BLEACHED SULTANA SEEDLESS RAISINS Sold in all stores for 2oc: sale price, per pound ijc CALIFORNIA NECTARINES The cheapest they have been ill years; '·ale price, per pound i j SEEDLESS RAISINS In bulk ; per pound Meat Department--The Best Meat Always CALIFORNIA PICNIC HAMS Sugar-cured, medium w e i g h t : December sale price, per pound . 1 LARD COMPOUND Pure and sweet; costs less and goes farther than lard; sale price, per pound i i-"c ' BOILING BEEF Per pound, 5c, Oe and ^ c OLD-FASHIONED PICKLED PORK Two pounds for * 2 r c STEAK--Good .shoulder stock ; three pounds for 2 r c ROAST BEEF Per pound, /c, 8c and . Christmas Nuts and Candles * · 25 to 60 per cent lower than candy *jtore prlow Great Sale of Candy All This Week. GOOD MIXED CANDY Candy store price I5c; our price, per pound BROKEN TAFFY As good as any 2oc, only it is broken ; per pound 'FRENCH CREAM BON BONS Candy stores get 25C for these; per pound 'S c HAND MADE CHOCOLATE CREAMS Candy stores get 25C for these; per pound '5 C BEST MIXED NUTS All new nuts; Almonds, Walnuts, Filberts, llrazils and Pecans; per pound. i8c, or two pounds for 3S C CHEAP MIXED NUTS Better than the dagoes sell on the street: two pounds for 25C JUMBO SOFT SHELL ENGLISH WALNUTS--Per pound NEW FILBERTS OR BRAZIL NUTS Per pound ' 5 r PAPER SHELL ALMONDS Per pound 2X CANDIED CHERRIES OR PINEAPPLE Per pound S oc ·»«»«»«***»*» *·»******+ 8c ' 20C i ioc ROLLMAN FOOD CHOPPERS The best, simplest and most satisfactory food chopper made; three different-sized knives with every machine. Small in size but a giant in work;. sale price, only 4SC +»»«*«*.+«»»+ ( Patent riedlclne* 26 to 60 per cant lew than drug truit pricot. McELREE'S WINE OF CARDUI $t bottles "oc REX GERMAN TEA 250 packages i?c ONE MINUTE COUGH CURE 5oc bottles 33 C PIERCE'S FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION $i bottles 93 C KING'S NEW DISCOVERY 500 bottles 47 C GREEN'S AUGUST FLOWER 7^c bottles 59° KNOLTON'S DANDERINE $1.00 bottles «ic CALDWELL'S SYRUP OF PEPSIN $1 bottles 93 C CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP 501- bottles 47 C EXTRACT OF WITCH HAZEL 25c bottles I4c DR. HOBBS' LIVER PILLS 250 bottles 140 CASTORIA ISc bottles 28c FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAR _Sc bottles Hjc PISO'S COUGH CURE 250 bottles 23c McLEAN'S TAR WINE LUNG BALM 25c bottles IQC ALCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS Two for 2$c HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA $1 bottles 93C | COBBLER OUTFITS A Splendid Christmas Gift, A complete outfit; any one can do their own shoe mending; special for this sale, a complete set, only 4jc .«+.».»·».+.++«+»»»»·+«+»+«+·+«+»+.»+»»»+ Wash Board Sale 3$c WASH BOARDS Defiance Globe-Faced; sale price ·I9C ' 3 oc NEW ERA WASH BOARDS--Globe face; heavy zinc; high protector; sale price 240 4 oc BRASS PACED WASH BOARDS--Will not crack or corrode; will last for years; sale price 34^ 45 c ROYAL BLUE ENAMELED WASH BOARDS Extra heavy; extra well made; sale price 37 C isc BUSY BEE WASH BOARDS--For children; only ioc +.+.*· «.»·».+. + .4 · I .».*.+.» $3.50 KEYSTONECLOTHES WRINGERS--One of the best wringers made; warranted for three years; .sale price $2.69 $2.50 RIVAL WOOD FRAME WRINGERS--Ten-inch heavy rolls; every one warranted; sale price .. $1.95 ,CHALLENGE WOOD FRAME WRINGERS Ten-inch rolls; not warranted; sale price $1.29 DAISY IRON FRAME WRINGERS Every one warranted ; sale price $1-75 MARVEL IRON FRAME WRINGERS A good, cheap article ; sale price 97c Great Cut in Boys Iron Wagons Notice--Any one buying these wagons and not wishing to take them home until Christmas can have them stored here free of charge and delivered when desired BOYS' SMALL STEEL WAGON ' Nothing stronger for the size can be made; sale price 59c BdVS' MEDIUM SIZE WAGON..... For this sale, only 930 BOYS' $1.45 STEEL WAGONS For this sale, only $1.19 ·+»*·+«*»*«+«*«»»*·*«*»*» * t + t * t + ) *ii»«i ROYAL RED TOMATO New, solid pack; per can, IOC ,*» + ! 1Ii««t»»»»*«*«»»+ FRESH GINGER SNAPS Per pound-Be WORCESTER TABLE SAUCE. Per bottle-I Oc CORN STARCH Per pound-- 8C POUND PACKAGE SODA Onlv-- 5c PURE FRUIT BUTTERS Ouart jars-- __ J° C __ BROKEN ROCK CANDY Per pound-- lOc DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER Pound cans-- 43c PROCTOR ft GAMBLE'S LENOX SOAP Eight bars for-- 2SG GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER 2$c packages-- I9c CALIFORNIA HONBY PRUNES.... Three pounds ' 20C ·ore ledictaes PAINE'S CELERY COMPOUND.... $i bottles 890 PINKHAM'S SANITIVE WASH 25c packages 23C AVER'S CHERRY PECTORAL.... $i bottles 93C SCOTT'S EMULSION $i bottles 9« McLEAN'S KIDNEY AND LIVER BALM $i bottles 770 CUTICURA RESOLVENT $i bottles 950 SYRUP OF TAR Cough syrup; SGC bottles age PINK PILLS FOR PALE PEOPLE..... 5oc boxes 450 HARTER'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS 25c boxes 190 ELECTRIC BITTERS SDC bottles 470 HARTER'S IRON TONIC $i bottles 930 LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OP BEEP... Two-ounce jars : 250 HALL'S CATARRH CURE 7Sc bottles 690 POUR-C COUGH CURE 5oc bottles 43C BALLARD'S SNOW LINI- M BENT....**.. 5oc bottles 4$c ML 1.1.».«.»; ·* ·*« SPAPERf

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