The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on May 4, 1870 · Page 3
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 3

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1870
Page 3
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imray COUNTY ITEMS. for.' tho AH Democrat* nro niithorked to act us agents to procnrij milni-ilhor* to tllo 'N»TITJJT10!ULIST. . M'.j nupectriilly solicit thv kindly, aid of Ovory Do- ·' Hinder to Ineroaao tlio cUcjulAtldlt ijf thlfl 'paper. Wh«n not convonlvnt to UsU'o'iir blUe'u, jjiiyiucnt fur mibierlptlotis oart lip tont, through nia'ls in' |uld to thu following named pertain: C..WAOK /Oliurlln. I). L. WAIIHWOHTII... , t III 'IIKSHV Mo.STvntT. ' 1). T.- IIVNH cnosa x KoaKitTMOM . ClIKHTBH A C'OOl.KY .. . Dr. II A. I.AN'onON.. 7I.U. I'AIIK v. lr. O. (.'. UNnr.Hinu.. lt..S. ilOllV M'OTI O. I d S T l l l l l --T,- A M I I V . « H Grnlton Cunter, llawBoitvllU'. IIlliit|n«ton. Auihont. llrownholm. Avon. Henrietta. '. I,aOnin«i', 1'lttalleld KIMini. ..I'onlluld, romci ny «*J Ii'iy--Dry (ioodt, Ae. C. R.Vi'iit- lllbls I.yik'i. Ilowor ,\. lli;:hec--liry (loodH. 0. IM\vnln(t--t'lro tiKnrancu. .Mary I.ltloy--Dlvorco NotU-i'. llnpid-ht A. Can---For Sale. A. 11. Mi-Comb i--lirafton (Vntm- Hotel. J. A. To;)l!lV-(1»s|n K Out Sulet ofl'iurlaKCS Ac. \ i l r l Wanted--l.iwal Notlco. Btarr Itrotlu-i". ,t C'o.-I.oeal Nolk'e. Vonit'iox ,t Day--Five Local Notices. Howard A.iyH'lalloii--'Special Notice. iMIs Iiinnliii;t(iii~Mllllnery. lli'oadwcll--Chemical I'uliit. .. -- _ »..-- NoricK.--Thcro must bo no further delay in milking payments - of amount^; clue us on subscription. To those in uiTcui'iiges, we wish to impress upon them the impovtuiico ol' adjusting 1 such indebtedness (it once. "We reyi'ct to be called upon to make this Imperative demand. .' ' MAXI;I.I:IJ.--On Sal unlay ANTIIONY SIIADDK.V, employed in a shingle 1'ae- iory, had liiw left hand horribly mangled by a \iw/. saw. lie wns taken to · Iho olllee of Drs. SAMI-SKI., KI:I:I.'V, Micro hi" hand was. dressed. THE Kansas State Record IVlnlinjr iiml riibli-ihin-* Company, at Topeku. Kansas, have issued a vory valuable pocket n'lcmb'rAndimi book, c o n t a i n i n g sectiOinil »ii\]«. The book U intended . lor tho-,e dealing in real estate. Ad- Mooting 1 of- the Suffrage Assooi- ulloH.ou«Saturday. ; , / v ' ' ' s . i ', ' Tho Ilrstcjitttrtorly inootirtgbf tii'o Lo- ratii Wbiijun^. SnllVngo AssobliUWii was held at this Town Hall, bn Saturday. The liioefihg was called to -drdor and" presided ovor by,pv. Ouis\voi.i). Tho attondenco was fair in numbers, and in poiut of intolllgenco compared favorably with nn equal 'number of persons' that could assemble for any other purpose in our midst, Tho following olUcors wore clouted": President--Dr. Oiswold. Vice President--Mrs. Lanndon, M. D. ·Sei-rctary--Alr«, Judge Hoynton. '' Tho bnpldx ' Mower I ttud nnd Biu-ns Corn Planter Hnunl'aotory; Wo iiiiido il visit to* tho kiyria.Agi'l- cultuhU MnhUftlbhu'liiir Ksi,iiiH U r,U; n ,,t Establlsliliiont M.B. Shopliard. Kxeeutivo Committee--Mrs. N, S. Towns.Uoml, Mrs. 1\ H. Dibblo, Judge Hoynton, tdri. Loran Taylor Mrp. R. Jkcddiiifrtou, Mrs. W. l'\ booster, Miss L. Smith. 1'YOm tlio h'llort submitted by tho Treasurer, airs. M. B. ynr.viiAiiD, we learn that the Association numbers in membership lifty two names. This list includes a small proportion of Iho adherents to the cause, and embrace only the names of individuals who nro active in the Woman's SuflVag'b movement. Tho finance of tlic Association, as exhibited by the report, is as follows: Anlotint rccciM-d In- ntomliiMshlp A m o u n t rvuvlvud liy donation f'JHOO I'J.riO-- lUS nt tlio or«nnl/.atlon,... lsii VU-tors k'ctuixi lic|iuit« ill' comcnllon, Ticasniois book nnd |ii)-it;ijro, 12.00 iifill 1,UO-- |!1I,60 dress as above. STOCK.--Mr. R. K I D O W A Y , '01' th'e Silwlii'rii pin-t of this county, and ·MVoirt whom a horse was stolen for which Hoi'vujoi. wiV« convicted and H u n t to the p e n i t c n ' t i a r \ , hru i-'econtly lost several head of cattle and horses by 'death. It id claimed t h a t the animals ha.s been poisoned, but by whom iHuls not been ascertained. -·««- -- · SJIIN(»(.I:S.--As u slight evidence 'of building going on thU Spring, we mention the fact t h a i J.VMI-.S II. SI-AI'I.DIXU, r.t his .shingle factory in Knlon t o w n ship, has already this season cut two hundred and iifty thousand shingles. The local trade of t h a t v i c i n i t y has exhausted the supply. J.vmtNAi, KKVKNTI:.--During t h e month of April nine hundred nnd s i x l y - · eight dollari, were paid (oJtidgeSTi:i:i,i:, 'collector for this county, as internal . refcnne arising from licenses, for rent ' upon .sales, c. Of t h i s nnioimt, live jlmiidiTd and lll'ty-elght dollars were ' lor stain M. upon cigars and tobacco. ~ Mtu,t\i:i:Y.-The attention of ladies "is directed to tho advertisement Of Miss BIN.VINOTON'J) new m i l l i n o r y and · dress-making establishment. Sho has opened rooms immediately over SAMI-si:i. KEKKY'S ofllce. She has selected her m i l l i n e r y stock with a view of pleasing tho ladies o f t h i s vie'inily. llei styles are of tho latest, and in q u a l i t y the best. IDI.!;IIS t N.--A c'on'u.spoild- c'rit.'toilib IJcralti writ'ing from Obcrlin · BIIVS ttiorc arc loo m a n y idlers in t h a t place; loo many who seem to Imvc no daily occupation but louniniig, and · whose liightly operations are better _ k n o w n to themselves t h a n the police; and suggests that the 'Ji'i-ectlimm'y Hu. rani Mii/ltl remedy tho evil to some extent. All of which, undoubtedly, means that there arc getting to bo too many idle negroes about that (own. T.-- Personally, it aflbrdi us pleasure to be able to a n n o u n c e th6 lialniu'oon lianil 47^ Al'tel- transacting rotino business por t a i n i n g t o tho Association, tho president introduced to tho assemblage Judge W. "\V. HOYNTOW who proceeded to address the mooting. The major part of the Judge's remarks waS based upon legal propositions, lie contrasted Iho .statute regulations concerning rights between men and wdnicn, mid tho rules t h a t existed under common law rl'guln- lions. Ho cjted the advancement for woman'.-- benefit made from lime to time by statute enactments, and referred to existing laws of several of tho States" relative to what rights are acquired and re-.trie ted by such enactments, in tho control of properly and guardianship of children. Xotwith.standing that much and favorable progress has been miulo to bring about an e q u a l i t y of rights, he desired t h a t further progress should be made. The first proposition examined by the Judge was t h a t , J!y the original contract of government, the price of pro- lection by the united force of individuals is that Of obedience to Iho united will of the c o m m u n i t y . This united will is declared in the laws of the land, and that united force is exerted in their due and universal execution. [4 Hliickfetonc, ,'!7^.] lie then dwelt at somo length upon the following points : J--Tho obedience that is required iS individual obedience, and each person is only answerable for his or her i n d i v i d u a l violation of the laws; and the protection given is to him or her individual protection, and is the reward of such obedience, 2--He, 01 she, who is required to render suck obedience to the laws of tho land 1ms, or should have, (he right to participate in hist Saturday aft'oHioon, and wnfi ploas- bd with tho evident p'rospol'it^ b'f;tho Company's works. Our rentiers 'are well inyaro'that this enterprise, as no^v orgllhtitcjr for thtVninmifhptlH-o of tlio H».M.s'(is Improved D'll[Jlcx'itbwor mid Koaper and the BUHNS Corn Planter, is a n e w t h i n g In tho manufacturing lii- terost8of Jilyria., . , · · . , Tho Company' has, wlfilfn 'tlio past few months, added machinery' and ox- tended tho capacity o f t h o establishment. Tlio business of those Agricultural Works has boon placed under tho supervision of Mr. W.' ALDKICH, a gentleman of tho highest mechanical skill. Operations were commenced under all- verso circumstances as-rogaided necessary machinery to successfully drive a business of any importance. ' New machinery was immediately atfdcd and th'u manufacture of Mowers and Corn Planters at once commenced on a much larger s'c'alo than had been carried on in the manufacture of these implements. In addition to tho largo number of corn planters now being completed under tho improved aild perfected plan to green dr'on'., --A now aafo ; juijt put into tlio First National JJnnk is made entirely of stool. · ' ---A. H. MoCoVois ifflsTtalcon'tho'^on- ngomout o f t h o Grafton Center hotol. ! . --SllKimferoRonlng of niHIInory goods at Mrs. FisitKn's, on WfiUiiesday and Tim rsday of this week. ' j -- Many'of pur property owners are fixing up 'tholr(.-p/eml'8es,.l)y p u t t i n g I hingfl in i gob^.f tuto pfcpalr, ~ ' iers' , motto for, mo ins boon do's- sold la "new till orders now being received, tho Company has in course of construction about ono hundred of tho Duplex Mowers. Tho liiibouiidod satisfaction this mn- cliino gavo last year, not only to those who used it, but to those who witnessed tho trial tests that wore made, together with the number of orders already received this Spring for machines arc cheering indications of tho growing popularity and superiority of the Duplex Slower, ilnil promises a healthy addilioii to thb ilianufacturing interests of this place. This is Solhetiiing all our citizens should feel a pride in; Any branch of industry liial-is so c'6luitictod here as to gain for it prc-omineneo not only Increased Iho revenue O f b u ' r beautiful town but coillmaiids for it distinc- tioii aiitl adds to its wealtli. This establishment already gives ctiip'loymeut to over twenty mechanics, and as the business of the works increases the demand for mechanical labor is likewise increased. In addition to tho bliilding o'f farm implements, an extensive business is carried on in easting metals for Other branches of trade. '" bqd'umt tm'riy to HBO, Novei got tlght-mul advorllao." ·--'Tho" routing' of tho'siips lii the Episcopal Church, which was to have taken pladoon Monday, was liuloflnoiil- 'y postponed. ... , '' --PoMunov DAY are on hand with i desirable stock of dry goods.'-Consult thoir now advertisement, and then ·islt their store. --Persons interested in tho purchase of carriages, buggies and wagons will 'do woll to consult tho advertisement of J. A; TorLiH'- in this paper. --By Iho I-gcrnain that ominatod from n dentist's ofllco close to our ofllco tho other day, wo conclude that somo women who arc n u f o r t u n a t e enough to have poor teeth are blessed .with excellent lungs. --What, is the ciihcrcnco betwfcbll the- now safe in the Ifiist National Bank and tho Probato Judge's office of Lorain c o u n t y ? Ono is made of steel and tho other hns STEEL in it. , --It has boon suggested that Auditor JOUNBOJJ ongngcd a mechanic *U Ln Grange, to do work on his promises, w i t h o u t consulting "homo" mechanics. Tho query is'wnothor that's in accordance with precedent. (?) No allusion to past grievances. ' . --Olir cntorprising follow townsmen, JAMES 10. Bnoxsox, a few days since, consigned lo Chicago 1 abOnt.ono hundred barrels of choice riptltos,' which ho purchased last fall in Western Vir"-inia. ntlvo to the IIigh,Sc)io,ol course of Study has been handq$ in l)y _tho Supcriii- loiKloiitVfor p'ublicalldn :"· · · i mail aciicoi, COUIISB OP STUDY-. it Trrm. '·PIIIHT VIUB.' rofij/ Term, Trrm. AlKOlira ,,,,·,.,., ^Yiifiiurn, A rltliiuetlo. NiitH IUDtory.4illoitfiila-oiilnii...L'liyjlwtl (ieog'y, kng. (ii'ilniinur Kng, (jriunnwr Kni?.Uranininror or Latin - or Latin · ' , f,iitln " Y H A B . J i ', . , n'tUAIgolirn, UM. 7 m i i i o u n c o U j t l i n j i n l j I l c o r j C l j r l a n i H l v l . clnlty, tliftt, Imvlilg 1«ntal ilib'hhup LIIOWII in. DID old Jlrookrf t'limliiK Kwilory, ,»|l| U iti 1( | on Miiln utroot, nunr yiiton'K Jllae)i»iiil(li .ih|)|i..lie In [ire imreil toitoallltliKlsor Joiner andCnriViiil'-iMldik rth sliwl notlcfl/ and In u d) lo thai will i-nnlitfe' liln togiiiirantoo»ntl»ftwjllon. JCveiy klml (.niulhlim iiml roimlrlnjf jiroiiiDtly atlcnileil lo, on lll.,.|'l Nut lUlHpiophy.Niilil'Iill'y Wiuiiiolany '(·! ml) hng» Anul.VHlii Kng,CompoW'n ItholorloorCii'sar ,. Uenilor. orOuaar., ,,, _ .... T · , . Tinnn VBAK. peninnlry. '. .·.'.tionmutry Trlgnnnmelrv. Uiemli(try.j.,...(;hiMnliilr l v(,'lni.) l'li,vAliilogy(4m.) «i«|. Hlnfory.op lieu. HHlory or ClvllUovvriiiiieni i*v*v"ni « t * · " · » ,, , IVIUKTII YKAU. Ocolotfy . .i,..,.'.-Amronmny... .Moral I'lillosopliy Menial J'lillofy'.aionlfllnnil Mo-llvl«w Arllhinu- 15ng. Wluriiliii'ij, nil I'lillos'v . rjlo.- ,, or, Virgil KIIJT. T.IUirnt'nra UuvUnV, Kyijllnh -·"· M . _ -, or Virgil.,.,... Uniiiiinur, This above coin-so is substantially tlic sumo that is" puvsncil in all tlio Ilifrli Schools of. this, niul -otiipr Stato.s, and - ' - THE SL-OAB PAUTY.-- Justice lo tho ladles of the Ladies' UoiiovolentSocioty demands a passing notice for tho deep interest manifested in making the fair last Wednesday evening at tho Dcebe llotuo Hall so pleasant an entertainment. The occasion WHS all that could bo desired. The room was tastefully --Neighbor ALMSO'ST WOOSTKK, as tislial in the Spring bf the year, is going through a course of greens-- coAvslips gb'ch'i to b'b his. favorite. Wo hope he Avill become sufllcientlv refreshed to get back on (ho old Dcmocitatic platform. »»«- . Jbiious.-- Wo' ni ; o indb'bted to Sheriff PicCk for a liftt Of Jurors dniAvn for the Juno term of tho Cotirt of Common Plc'rts, as follows!-- tho Old course, except in the order of HOIIIO studios. For example: botany and phys- p places, liio latter requiring a knowledge of chemistry for its siiccosSfiil s t u d y ; botimy 'cbiiics in vory iiatrtrally dftol- llittilritl piiiloR'cphy. j'l .s a science that is receiving more atten- tion'in all grades of school because of ts.vory.pnietieal character, as well as valuable n u n science of "observation" ml 1 "elassffloation." It js hoped that patrons may encour- age'thoir sons and daughters to complete the regular course. It hasIteen arranged after much care and coinpari- son with like grades. Patrons will also see, by it moment's reflection, that in a successful graded school (hut each patron can not select and run a course of his own. It would simply end in gen- oral'confusion o f ' t h e graded. This is well understood and accepted in all woll graded schools. All patrons may not sco alike, but tho general good requires some concessions of opinidns. Our entire course covers twelve years. The first eight years lire 1 (he snino as in tho Cleveland nchbbls arid in Northern Ohio generally. The first four years arc generally called "Priihiiiy grades"; tho sccolul four, "Grammar grades"; tho third four, "High school." One r'dasbn why so few pupils complete tho fiill courso, is Ihat the study of tho flrflt Bight years is a monotonous round of arithmetic, geography and reading dic'rliaps ttlc Same book three or four times ovci) Jr Kilglish grammar. terms. lS 4. ai n) (; . jvniscir. 1 R(tcr.AJK // K B cLA'iM l UKOOAIM.--Now l» the llniu for those \vlio noUl wool low to plloh In Woolen giwilii In ftieal variety niul nl prlpri lo»n Ihon uvor hoft)'r v .. ,I/)»k al llm new Hiring ntyli 111 UALDWIS. l.ArsnoSA XIIWON-'H, WB linvcd jiihcly-llvbiloilni* AVhcoh-i A'NVIIIiioiiSowing ^|chlnoJn|iVrrci'lonl(r, (mi ii- ly new) which lie M i l l wiirrynl ami fi'll iV)r|«.'iOO 30lf . . n. n. iasin:ii A SUN. \VANTK1) J W i l l pity (ho 18 ii'.sl innikot jirlcu lilt wrou K ht. |i%.;i . . N. \VAUM.II, IllCAL KstAj.i' ( AOK.VCY AND CONVr.Y- '«i:il.--Thu fiili^rllior will Kei'p a list ol 1 ICs. tale I'lirKiilo, both Kami ami Vlllnj;,' in-opeily. A l l iiilv.iinlii((o id J;lvo inn it -HH. lolliosi] anil lice. Ill o piirch/1%.. | am nl«i i ll-- n)rli:ii-Kii to i! i:i,1m\\ \|H|I- il utlier lognl impc'i d on shot l no, W.M. II.Ti'CKKH, Solnry i'ulilli-. Itecwili'r'i OllUp, Ulyitii, Ohio »*· -l?i:Ar. JChTATK von SAM:,--I oll'er for null!, ill K'nsoniililo jnlre, n Imn-c niul I| on I.mll hlroct, iilho, u n i i i n l i u r ofollu-r vnlimljlc lo(M-lu«r pint of UK- town. Tlio»c u l i o i l c s l i c orlolH r o r d n c l l l n x h , will iliul UMKC lo ho vory ili!»lro.ilil« oncs.- TO N. WAIIVKK. The Duplex Mower and , SPIINCPII.O. I am aofnininU'i] with llio m-miijinU'd will) llio u|ioimlon of nil mow- l In Dili, v i c i n i t y : hiivi- iwl mill u - t c d Iho Di'l'i.KX, nnil i-oiiMdi-riloni' of lli Ml mnl niti-: c-rs iis riinvimliMit It In .. SALL\ xii.' '' } ' '^' lo f''' 1 ' 1 ' of Ohio, T.ini'Dfisj; Om«lillnctal,) J-oi'aln county, M. iinnianil of an oitler of Hnlu ill. lin Court of Common-iMtfiui, In anil .lor.kalil, lilu of Ilroiul jialf of |ijt; nunilier ono , - . Jlol sllualuU on Uiebonth 'CM, II) Kiyi'lB, In SAMeounty ri ''l J [ " N ' I J" X ' I'l»li!liir'ii' 1 Atloi'ni-'y. nlMiOI " j: DIVORCE NOTICK. I l e i n y llau'ii.s, jilir. i ^ ^ I. Jiill.i A. K.ucin, (li-n. 5, -omln iinj nu »,,d pm-ilc-i arc liuv iCK"'.".'^'"'! 1 "!' 1 |1 *J U »X'"« "'«« clilldrPii. Il1l " l , l ,i, l ' l ; l - lf ' 1l " l - lll| .°'"l''«lii'layorjauii.iiv l A. ., !·«», nl _« lirnnt. owni'd by OIIK N.'I«OII A. W.ll- \ i n i i *\ i»" (ii*"!! "ii*t"V"'*' ""'' "** "·"" t"i**ny liif PrnyliiK Mini In' iliay Im'.'/ivoroei'l from »ii'|,|'llo- 1'inli 111, hlay II.IM- lliueinloilj if»iil(li-|i||ilniiflo. !'.','':!.!'...!'!: ''..".'I'M." 1 !: 11 . ,°. lfll '! i ..'!'"! riirthi.r i-olluf A p l XOTiCK. . l^niiin ( oiialy, ^'·, t liii II ivnieinl,cBMl tlmton the Iwonly-cleluh dn'v i I eljrmiu-. n tho y ...... ,ro,ir Ixjrdonwiliouwtii;! · i K l i l l i n i i i l i i ' i l i i i i i l M . v K n i } . Hi,, conn of Common l«.'ii«, In and lor Lyr.ilii county anil Slnio of Ohio, (.;-. pi-Kim . mil hclil I n i h i - i o u i i o i j:iyrl.u I'rc«cn6 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Ul ''"' t ' """· W l ii I In" m a t t e r of th\ " ' l ' 1 ' l " l ' lii, f |,«|,,,.,| x ,,, w . MtilVi-i-. nnil in clo^lnir ditchi-V flun,. . t - c u ' d no -Mi- dr.iu --lit. HlntiH", n o w i - l n h t on I h u i i i v k r i r t h i ! It-mi!. lr..,i.u.| iV,ri ol l i i ' i i n « l l l i l | i i l t a l l ( . n v r n l i n i | , i , , v ',",1 | u tnnivcni, II xrval I.-IV..IN llm IVMIII In iln,.. ihli-k and «i't (jia-h, liy Im-icasiiiK iln'iiiolloii'.rili,. «'iil- Icrt wltlwut nri/ln^ iln-IIOIM-S liinv.n.l. nnd iln- low IIKII iuii favors tliu niurhliie In I'IIH- . i m l l M i i . ii-llevliiK l l o f l h c Mi.'.ln i i c l l n n n r t l i o cuitco. tliiih lij n raiilij flni,' H - c l m H i l l f t v i . i i ','',' .! ". ililnhui-. n f f . i t t m i n Oils vl.'lnlly, nml Ij nil li,.l,l Hi,. Mime n i i l n Ions rc|ii!i!llii^ llio Dfl'i.Jlx u l l h imsi'lf. J A M EH n, Km. AS. TOWNS vs-n. o . AIIJ;. M. ini'i I h f i v i ' n i l ( l i K j i ' a r , «lili l l i i ' D r i ' i UN M O W I H I l l l j ann'surKrao-,, l « r « l \ illfi-ivni, l.inm.i--,, nii.i all a-Miioil IIH- tln-j IH-H-I ».uv a nini hliii- m Linkon llm ti'iiin. In iiiiM\lii«ih"ili1yni'ri'MMi' inai Inn'i- illil milI-IIIL- (ini'i- Tliui-haiiKt-iifnti.lloii Is alu.c.M '"·" P l " " ' w a l k i n g I.MIII. an.) · irrm 1'iK .-ansc cnino on for hearlnjr unou ll.'ii ol III.- Hoard of JJdi'oloiB ol'hald l .1111- njy "ij'l.ih'' 'xiiirt having oMiinlno.1 Hie urouh n PMillnl'. In .a ,1 rase, ail.lui'.-d In oprn tonit ami M i i K i n l l y n,h |Mi| In III.' |iri!inll.ol, iloe llu.l , ,' 1llll ', 11 " li ,TM h-'- hi-i-n Khcn hy pulillcallon of IHei,lil, r( :,n,| 1 H ,, N ,,. ,,,· ,|,,. ,,,. t |i|, m (lh ,, v ,,,,,. ,.,,. I'liiin'iJ.'Irili 1 . "".'','''· |H **'""' '"" IM '''°'' tC'"Aml»i? » In i - 1 i'l p i t It Imi. U Inihvn-iti-.uuiih'rcil. I"" 1 ' ·"";' ihiil ill" nmn« of i I . I I I I H I I I I - . H I , - itnriu. ( urn I'lnuior Manuiiicuirliu | .iiiili.iny. I,.-, niul III.' vim.- h )n-i.;l) cllaiiKvd, un\ ,'·,,'"' V','"";'" "' 1| ' 1 r " l""«'l»" !»' lier.Mllor time 1 I lii« l.h rlii A«i l.' ,W.,i k»." miller « hloli I I r u o fact Hint our townsman, Dr. L. D. WOLD, Iris been appointed Superintendent of tho Soldiers' Orphans' Home, established near Delaware; Tho Board of Trustees were in session o'n Monday, and the doctor was notified by telegraph of their preference for him Id take the Siiperintcndeiiey of tho now Institution. We regard Hie appointment a good one, knowing the adaptation and (nullifications of (1m doctor for such a position. CIIANGI: OK TIME.--A now t i m e lilblo effect on the 1st Insl., on the L. S M. S. ll'iihvay. Trains pa«s Klyriu as follows: Going East--Atlantic- Kx- press, G.03 A. M.; Day Mxprcs-i, J.3G A. M.; Cincinnati Kipi'css, 2.30 P. M.; S p " i i ! r;\jri'S-),9.30 PjM.; Sandtisky, 8,-l.j A, i[. Going West-- Accommodation, 5.30 A. Sf.; Special Chicago, G.3G A. Jr.; Toledo Express, 3.-11 P. M . ; Pacific Express, S.IK) .'!'. il.; Sandusky, 5.-i5 P. M. TRIP TO TIII: G'ouNTiiV.--=Wo made a 1 circuitous trip through portions of Kitton, Grafton and Carlisle townships last week, ^\ ^ c foimd farmers busily engaged at farm labor, preparing Iho ·soil for Spring crops nnd alivo to tho dairy business... Tins bilef visit t'On- vincod us of what, wo' have repeatedly hoard, that tho dairy biWncBs of Lorain county will bo largely in'cfcased (his year over that of former years. We noticed Bcvoral new fuctorio's, and loarnod of many fanners who ar6 ?irc6tin'g more attention to dairy product than cultivating the soil. Tlio growing wheat in tho section through Which we passed, us a general thing, pvesontod an'unfa- vorable appearance. "Wo observed sov- .eral-fields that looted w e t l a n d givo's promise of u. good crop, while many other fields presented a voi'j' unhealthy state of tho crop, nnd mimot possibly' yiold half a crop owiup to the whiter kill. The lino growing weather 1 wo' lidvc been blessed with has had n. salu- .tar-y .clVoct «pon««omo fields of wheat .that heretofore looked unpromising. making those laws, if of sutllcient intelligence. 3--Any respectful reason giv- cn'lo exclude woman, is as^conclusive agaii-st tho man. -1--At eighteen, a girl may mnko contracts entirely binding upon her; may MIC and be sued, and engage in all k i n d s of business. A boy cannot u n t i l he h twenty-one years of age. This he regarded as an admission of the girj's superior fitness at that age to look t h e world in the face, and raises the question, Why is she not a, fit to vote as ho ? u--A son and daughter arc scut Out i n t o t v i e world from the same household---he twenty-one, she eighteen years of aso. In respect to their civil rights they arc entirely tho same, save in.this, he is arniodjwilh tho ballot for his protection, and siiois disarmed. This being the case, \vha't argument, he ask«, can j u s t i f y this inviduous discrim- i n a t i o n . At tlio conclusion of Judge BOVIN- TOV'S remarks, Dr. Gnnwor,i spoke for n few minute 1 ), contending for an equality of rights for w'oiilan now denied l'o her by tho hiw in matters of the care and guardianship of children and tho control of property. Tlio dijicrJinina- lion the law makes between man anil woman, he' regards as unjust, arbitrary and co'ntrary lo all right. Tho huVs should bo so changed as to not only extend to woman those rights of equality she is now deprived of in tho manrtgc- u e n t of affairs pci'trtinlng to' her individual interests, but in regard to the ballot, ofjvhich, ho thinks, she is so unjustly denied; Ho is of the opinion that Itf extend the right Of EHiflVago to females would bo tho inauguration of higher morals in govcrnicnlal affairs. Mr. CALKINS, of Obcrlin, was Introduced to tho audience: lie took hold of tho nlattcr more in a spirit of mounting a hobby than that of meeting grave question'; and tho presentation of argument thereby dcinonslalingto a hcmtat- decorated, and tho social greetings seemed to animate tho participants with ·'Hull, nwcct llfol Into thy iilenslnc bounds AKH|II t como to pay tho cominiui stock, My sluuo of iorvlcu, mid, In glad roturn, To tflta thy comforts, thy protuctcd Joju." The occasion was enlivened by excellent ing public the necessity and rij#it of yielding to the demands for female eufl- rago. J Ic AvUndcred from point to point, indulged in the same "glittering generalities" as were worn thread-bare upon tho negro question, flo'atrid oil' on tho Declaration of Independence, and finally planted himself upon tho untenable position that suHVago is 1 a natural and inherent rlglrt. During bis remarks ho produced resolutions adopted at a mooting hold in this place fourteen years ago favoring woman's suffrage. In tiro evening ..quite- a largo audience assembled at tho Hall and listened to a lecture by Dr. TOWNSITKSD; "Wo hoard only a portion of his remarks. The ar^ dent supporters ·tfcro highly pleased with his lecture. {lo epoko. from the stand-point that, "Tho restriction of tho franchise' is a wrong-- defend it if you 9^»i-',' . . , . , ..... Tho president announced that Mrs. - has' loft it promise to deliv- a lecture before the Association sometime diiring the coming summer. music, mid edibles were furnished in tho very best order. The ice cream, tho first of the season, wont oil' with a relish. Wo inilkc particular mention of the happy manner in which STBLI.Y and EMMA WOOSTKK assisted in making the ice cream department a leading feature of the evening's entertainment. LIDRIK BOY.VTO.V, Mrs. IF. BRUIJE and EMMA WOOSTCK appeared in fancy dress costumes in contrast to the representation of squaw and daughter of Lol the poor Indian, by ELLA SWIFT and LIW.IE POND. Mrs. HAYWAHD appeared in full Highland costilin'c, while "Joruslm Snodgrass," a Yankee Miss, with bellows bonnet, was represented by MAT- TIK BlIADIfOHD. MlN.NIE STAIiK, the flower girl, surrounded by boqucts, seemed to give the daintiness df early flowers their full pleasing bearing by her emblematical array. In the fantastical attire IDA WOLCOTT outnovcled novelty in her Independent attire. The outer army AVIIS made of paper, and exhibited an ingeniousncss that -would really serve as n novelty in Paris. -- «-»«_ - "GoAic."-- -OurtOAvnsman, Mr.NonTir- itoi', jpf rpctratcd a good joke upon him- solf a few days ago. Our subject always wears a smile upon his countenance, and is infinitely fond of jokes. Ills forte in amusements is checkers, in which ho is b'y no moans a novice. In fact, he's an expert in that amusement, and usually comes oil' whole handed.' Not so, however, in the amusement of testing the speed of circular saws. On a recent occasion our Knight of tlfo Checker-board might have been seen, statue-like, standing by the side of a circular saw, evidently endeavoring to sdlvo the problem as to whether the saw Avas in motion or not With as" ihitcii confidence as to moving and securing a crowned king, a thought occurred that a finger to "moA'o and win" would furnish n solution to the problem. Tho vcs.ult of tiio move Avas that ho succeeded in obtaining; a position -- for one hand. A mangled H. Allyu, Wellington ; (J. II. L-dblnis; rafton ; holm; Jfildcn Worthington, Eaton. T. Liltlc, Itusiiiii; Sheldon Paddock, nidgcvillo; D. P. Johnson, lluesia; L. F. Clifford, "Wellington; Daniel Bigc- lo\v, Columbia; L. D. AlcoU, Kldgo- villo; Amos Urnmnn, Elyria; U. Thompson, llussia; Ilenrv Montague, Eaton; Isaac L. Case, Sho'fllcld; M. J. Linden, A v o n ; E. D. Marium, La Grange. GEOLOGICAL.--Tho Superintendent of our Union Schoole and his geology class have .been making some examination into tho geological formations and curiosities of our vicinity. They found a* co'nple of remarkable old boulders on tho river bank, near tho Hod Mill. They evidently belonged to a vory ancient ago, showing tho wear mid'marks of tho glacial period, when huge ico- bdl-gs passed over 'them. Ono of the roctts was duo mass of Crustacea shells and bpral. 1'iio remains Of the trilobitc wore found--a species of jlrllciiliitii that existed in groat abiindancti a thousand centuries ago, biilndw out of existence. - The rocks liar! undoubtedly been carried from sdriib distance, as thoy arc entirely clilfcrent from tho Devonian strata that underlies this vicinity. They evidently belong to tho SblUrian ago, before tho creation of fishes. Our attention was'first di rooted to the fossil specimens iri those boulders by fllr. BASSKT.T,, whd,aided us in procuring some ilno specimens.' Mr. CAIIUUTIIKKS informs us that ho is making arrangoiffonfa, through Dr. TOWNSHHND, for-tho results of tho recent geological survey for the benefit of his class in gfcOlogy--aiuVnusufilly ilf- torosting cjtiss, consisting of fourteen or fifteen' of 8ur most i"ut6lligont young people. _ - . -- ,,. r . . . V w v r v i ^ v t *'»n'*ult|^ltmillliili Pupils become very tir'dd of such mental monotony tho year round, year after year, and sock any excuse to lca'c school. This is oorreclcjj by introducing more variety into the'lowcr grades; but some patrons do not understand it. "Why attempt to master the alji'lractions of iirilhmclic, ils roots, progressions, £c., in tho grammar grade, and only discourage tho pupil by (ho fiiiluro, when the elements bYalgebra would bo perfectly understood? The moro difll- cult parts of the common branches' will Hibcivo dttelltldil in tho High School i : cvi'dws. Tiios'ludy of Latin is rccom- mendiicl as tlio best mdthod of studying Englislli laiigiiitgr and English grammar. After nil bioiiio'iitJtry course in English grammar, the study can bo "more successfully pursued through tho Lnfin tliau by any other means. Though tho study of Latin is entirely optional throughout tho course. Sui'niltXTKNDK.NT. Foit SALE.--Wo tlli'cbt attention to thcadvcrliscmont of lti;i-ltKCirr£ CAUII" of valuable property for sale. They also dnslro travelina ag'onls. iinllipen: hy iHiitf out w»rr... n . llm-, 111 If k and \\gl Ki','1---'. Dm liu K i ' . i r i u . uiiin'.H 1 ihln Ki'ii" I nnmed, u U l m n t luinijln, ,|\ , mi ^ lliat.-oiild n u t l w cut u l l l i '.iiiniliur KU.II-. mow n n v K l . i s i \ r l i 'l'holil«li KCIII-'II, ndiinlcd lo I'n i.l M.»N- KII.I · , ,, . , fAiiMsi.i:. O , AUK. 13. iHi'i, Illavoni-0 ihu Jjrn.rx MIIIVKII. ami inn «.'ll pleaneil with UU- way il.lovs lt^ nork. I conlilii It allehiilraiiKhl iniii-lilno. ' I l i e i w o ni.iiloi.s arc eM-elli-nt In priiclli-v, ami tin- innelilnu Ih well ailnpled tu uven an iini'wi rUrl.ii.'es. S. G. C. UIIIKTT. T . A C l t A X f l F , . AllJ'. 15. ]'ft r t. I havoone ·* ··· . . . . D I I - I . ) . \ MOWI:IIS. ami Innc . . moil n v-vciity iicii-H w i t h II ihls I conslilcr- It i i l l K l i t d r a i i c l i t m.K lilnii 1 lilimr.l of lolik'li, I'liiuiky f.-ri)iinrl, unllllo lie U I O M I I . 1 nil I t o n llic liljtli inolliin, at a \ i ' i - v Mow inn i of llu- ti-.ini, mid nllli entire !..itVty to'tlu- iiinclilin.. . l A M K S X . I I I V . . . . . . . . . A i i K K I . I W I ia'« iiicd the Uri-l.KX Muxreit Mils \c.n\ It !s o n u o l tin- la'ft inalilnt.- In ilin.M.ilo. H \vlicicotlu-r i n a r l i l n i s \ \ l l l nut, H i - , nn IIIUK' m.ililnc. I c.ln mow all day w i t l i U, only lo oil. , . .iinl l) nhlcli 1 h e M . i l e h r i l , . I.oivilti I'onnn-, *'.; . line ' l u l l be known. i - - · · - . · · * . . mil 1,111.1 t i n mtj H I M J V U fiini-i ' ' 1 Vljiii.ii}- u-i.ii, A. J). 1«0, of oil J W i i n i ' f - ni\ hnii.l ami Hie of enlil Court, Ht , 'I"' !"y of April, A. U. '"'___ '_ __ WM. X. I!W(7CS, M -S STKIt'.S sj.\ LKlnru T.-ilPotA '.illllu. I'lnlnllir, ·I'o«cr .1. l;,,,r,'ii; ,-t ah. Deft x C ;. \ r,',",'! Coin I of Cmr- t'» tlic i-nininniiil of an oiitprof snlc. l«- Oil tiadml'ty the -(th A. i'i-n l l u ' l i n n n u i ' ! ;in.l 1 o'vlnok i M . o f f V i l il ly, I h o lolliw-liiK .lowiiiio.! \f H \ oMnto, to wl'i- , Miuiil.- In (In. l x i T i l i i a n J h i . - i t )t|,|,... v |lk., at w i l l in.m I-'"'" 111 ·; 11 " 1 hlatoorohlo. iiii.l known iih a pail of i-nsy i n n . "I '"mi ierlwi.iny.,.|Klil (S5) In Mil.l lowiuhlp. iu,,l Kl.YllM. Mftl.'ll. 91 1871). .llllVn'nt klinl^' ..r iniiMi-r"., .iinwlDK wllh iliu,l)l'l'J.rx, I .. Jii- latlci ivnelilnv tile I'akliM w o r k i n g aiirl best machine I UUT n.'C'il o»;i\\- IIMU). . , , , . A. I-A! iscil «P\TI-II' nml liiht ycur tllil in} i LOCAL NOTICES. .WANTKD-- A Gun.-- To do -general )i)UM\vurk In" n sni.ill family. Imiulio nl Oils olllcc, aitf Heavy Black Gros Grain Silk for {5.50, worlli ?·!, nt I'oinuniy Duy'8. SIil They have now received their full Block of Spring Uonds lit Stun- llro's A Co. Tholr Olook la vory attractive, nnil price's vory lo\v. Kvtm IniliiconionU offered In l)ros Goods, Hoots Ki.viil.i, Man-li, Si. ITd. I am fnnilllfir wllli U i o u o r M u K ol'M-M-ral illlli'i-- out k I in Is ofniDMi-r-. I.IIHI j-car I inwl Un Dri-i nx anil wax liuttvi-Kallmlcil tli.ui \ \ l t l i any I liait I«M«I- iiM'l. I fiiiinil I l K - i l i i n h l u i n u l l i M i of Krv.'itpinctli'al viilnc), and inowl-il loiliriNl i-MMr, lylnit ilittiinilu* K'rullllil. K n l»K aiiiiiniljtliu Ili'lil. nml out It aK i-ji'aii- ly IIIK! hiiuilMiinuly as if R hail hci-n frco fl;nnlhi; graiiS, Till-) madilno i v o r k bi'ttvron iniciivcn Mil 1 fa«os limn any oilier I over »a\v. J.KVI I-. SKAIW. SPECIAL NOTICES. WISDOM TO Youxi. .Mi:.\.-On tliu llnlliiij I'litiilon In Yonlli anil Kinlv Mini- luioil, \\ltli MIII.K in.1,1' Tortile i'l'rliif.- nnil luiVoiinii. nte. Soul In M-aU'l li-tt( i r-iivolop"'. fi Ixjiimleiln In Hi i 1 '."."'" ! ' ?n»ii 1 ii«'li'jtnl « iloini n ili«;,Kn.MiiKl, ihPiico oaM.-rly Uilntccn u n l j H i , |liil;-,l.iasioni' M ' t l n t l i n irMuml tlu-npo i K i i i l i u i l y aloiitf llic lino of llm North nml NnitU riiiul. nlno ·..·!« ami N-\VII !lnlt» lo HIP |ilcci! of bo- K ,!JM' K ' m hj( ''', t '" "I R;| "' K'vni" U m l o w n s h l p "I I t l i l K P i l l l c wlii'ioou UieTimn Hull now blamti. .ilil )iivnilv.s beingiippiof-pil at U l A l t M I s DOWMVO, ,, ,, ,. MaMi'rConimh I. II. J'Oi'i-M'TOS. )l:iliitm 'i, Atloinuy. M}i'la, A p l l l i X l l h , ID-R). ' MASTUK'S SALK ov HEAL ESTATE. Jontflili Itnrlior, I'l'IT. ) In the CourllorCom- IIK.Ji 1151 Hi- AinheiM. )-, { inon 1'leiisorr.oraln lHilWliij,"-loiieCo. 1 l)irt',. ) County, O. . l l O W A I l l ) AtJOClATKIN, ):J\ 1', I'llll'tiM n n n c l i v c m a n i n nnd Shoes, Groceries nnd Unnhvnro. 311) Heavy yard-wide Sheeting for uls ia tlio storo of I'omoroy Day. 310, the new spring styles of Hats and Caps, at BALDWIN, I.Ai'NiiON BoAnhiNO IIoUHfe:-- llog'lllar boarding can nt all tlmoi bo obtnlncil at my Ijonrdlng liouso, ono iloor south of »Mr, \\' illlaco's coojior bliop. SSly jAliiis Jloi.aun. _ . . WANTUD-- tjlx rojj'nlar boarders. Apply as nbovo. Pomoroy Day have good I'rlnu ft'oin (ix to l-J,' centH, 3ia . --Mrs. II. E. Fisher hns Just returned fro'm Now York with ono of Uio best slock of Millinory nml Fancy Goods ovor brought to this market. Also, Ladles' and GcuU 1 Furnlbli- ing Goollit, wlllcll will bo hOltl vory low for cash. lllla, i'a. $900.--Wanted o.u-li (Vuinly In Iho Stalin, lo l i . i v i ' l anil l.iko nr ilor» hv «inn|ile, fur THA. ol'KKi;. nml hi'l' I'. To Miilalile men we n l l l l u h o a hal-in ol ('"." t ?1,000 a )«ir, iil)o\e lr,-i\i'ltnt;iiiii' ami a ri'asonahlMe.nniiil'^Inn 0:1 s, IniineUlat.) iippliciillon- apt Millo partle*. Hcfcronoe e.\cli:.iii;ei|. AMiih t;,, . IU'!" Immeillately. ·' Miliv 1 SD-lw 8SI I!f,\\i'i}, M u w Yolk J5Q5'" Jtowurd Sanitary Aid lion, for Iho Kolii'f anil Curo of thu K n l n Unfurtiinalu. on I'rlncliileii of Chrfbllan ·on lllo Follk'sof nlrs Kr \y an villaii throny. Kstayson (ho Krrars of Von III anil (h "-·"- -- · ' ii'liulon lo MAiiiiunkninl MK:IA Kvil.s, w i t h fianllary a I it for iin 1 alijii'leil, hcii IVee In sealeddiveliim'S. Ail.ln"*, I I O W A K D AS bOUATIOS. liox I', I'hlla.lel|ihla, I'a. . Sly THE MAEKETS. EAIILY ll'sr, POTATOES i*on SAI-K.-Every mil! who lins a K»' ( len should not fall to plant llio iinrly liosc 1'olato. For milo at 25tf tlnger evinced the rapid motion of tho saw at the time tho test was Oun VILLAGE.--We havfi boon shoVn a draught fo'r'a now map 1 o'f Elyria, which is to bo published during tho summer if a sufficient -.interest is manifested ill tho 'work to insure its publication. The' old map is sixteen" years old, rtnd donsetfnontlVr'of b'ui little use }· and V?G trust our citizens will'nian- ifesfc enough interest in this enterprise to secure-its' publication..', The publish-; ors have'tho best of ro'coTriVnondatious from Piiinesvillo, jKit'vdnna, and other places, which Bcems to bo sufficient guarantee to warrant the fulfillment-of the ·publishers'' contract.-; SYoih ' the draught shown us wo infer that the map will bo a very corroctinc,,aud.pubU8h-' pd iiv the best'of style- 'do'etffi loft al Iho Recorder's office for record during past week, were tlld following, showing t h e recoil t Transfers of real ostato: Jacob Rbbison toAinosFoun.Charlos- ton, village lot 39--$70f.' ',. ' I. C. Onnsba to Philij)' Siplo,, part of Antherst township lot 2fcS2GO. ' " Iliraln Blackmail to Db'or Newton, Henrietta township, 57 3-10'qcrc--$2000. Ed^vin Pool to S. S. Par'l^o'i'i Wellington township, 6 acre's--S1300? Prints, at 0#, 8, M, alid cents por yard. Uooil bluaclioil cotton, yard wldo, W«v. Good bi-owji cotlon, ynvil, wide, IS,^. Other qtinlltlci equally low, l)y i ' XBI.SON. · ii vv »» i t a i i j ^ / j v u*sk vn VXUVA^* J. A. Daughcrty to.'IIirani Witbpok, Pcnlicld township,'60 acres--$2200. -D. L. "Wadsworth to Emelin'o Briggs, Wollington village, lot 7--S200,. , Milo-IIarris to J. Robbins, A'fhhorst- villc, lot 100--$400. . ' . D. C. Glading to John Fox, Stofflold township, 50 acres--$3100. , , Grove Hanco to George- AloxrtiVdor; Eaton township, 17}£ acres--$1050? , . Win. ,;Wyldo to ,Wm. M. Tappa'n,' Br'bwnhelm 1 ' township,,50 acres--?2000.' - Dr.; Pic'rce'fu' Altorativo Extract, or' Golden -Medical' Discovoryls'the'gront-' ost bronchial tonic;and'blood purifier e've'r discovered. Tl - ----"--"- i in Its ^ . 'congns. Sola by iTrr(g"[ists,' ' ' ' 0,'rao.ticUthreo anrl.a.ttu''Uftra to' R.-t: Piercoi M.-D/j FiVffalo, N.' Y.; tfh'Q' ' cs. 6't throe bottlds^frfio of cxbrceB charg-' J6®*'P, oixicroy '' GREAT REDUCTION IN TUB Pincn OK COAI.,--I am prepared to fiinilsli every ilcscrlption of coal at n grout reduction' I'roiii former prices. I havoon lianil, and am ninstaiHly rur.clvInK, Ihc-lioH qualltlosof coal, wlileh'f ni^'dulorinlnqil tixllai)o»o of at irte lowest posullil^jii'lces, ami as' I liuvo my coal Hhlppeil ilhect from tho nilncj; I can duly competition. I have also on liuiul'ii'lli-stclass(|imllt.v of cliar-eoal. I nm hound' to retail coal olionpDt than It can ho purclmsod by tlio ciu- load ami brought to IClyrln,, It ^-IH P also. ho.jHb'rp co'uvon- lout', for, yon toimrclmsoyijnrcwluf itidhy rctitll, us thon you can rcco'l^b Jiintns nfiich a-lycm reipiho, anil at Mich times ius you want It. Call al my yard 1SLYK1A MARKET -^ M»$» Apples, Riven, |)ei-hnBliel(Wlnlir)$ l 00 .j Apple!), rtrletl, pared and cored (new) per Ih R .. Applib, pared and uncorcll, per Ib.. , fk . Hurley, per lnn I (» ., Itntter, )ier Hi so .. '. lliiiuih, ]er ImR 1 W ,, lleeswax, per II 3D .. Iluiikwlu-al, per bn* M .. (lorn, pur Inn (now) (n .. i Corn In the car :;; .. t, Chevu pcrlh., , ClovnrSced. jrti'lnis Chle.koiiB, Uro«t.cil, per ll J'-BK". per do/A'U Flour, per )l)l . I f lax."noil, porblis lllili's, ureen, pqr Pi II hies, dried, jirr ll Hams, smoked, |(er Ib liny, per Urn llo^i, dre.s^Cl4, per liundied I/iird, per Ih...,, Oats, per biiS (now) Onions, por bus · · - · - · - · , por but (new) I'e.iclics, pared, por ft Itye, per hus Silt, line, per bbl S.ilt. cimn-a, \At bhl .S]iiiulij|)r«, per Ih Tihiiitliy Seed, per bun Turkeys, dro-(,cl, pnr ll Tallow, per Ib Whom, pur bus (new) 100 Whont, pin-bus (old) Wool, her Ib , I 5 TtiO n 12 (100 son n in io mi 1000 in ·m 1 oo ao IS TX. a w :n3 vi 5.W I I 8 i oo ·io . B50 '.1060 ·13 . iis '. coo : 165 PKLT, AMI) VVK MAR- KMT. [Corrcoled Wce,kly,by Ilndd ILinkln.] Illilcs; gY"on', tiiitfliiiined ( 7 (y . , Irlniinuil and satisfy youwclt'. [IT] N.WAONUII. Cp-PAitTNKiisnii'.--J. Wal'dcck, late oftho linn of Wnldock Itumbach, Ini8 formc/l n puTlno'i^'HIp with' Win. Snoaror, nt tho old stand, who'rjj tHo ifurnltnttobuKliiOTB In ^l' ; ,(U,branclios, will h'crWflfirbltjcaiTjudoiiJiifKtpv tlio nrrii iinni'a of 8n'o'ivffl'r r » Witldouk. 'tiio pnljllo ,aro ah : sur6d triat,uo pains wilt bo spiircd to sjiipjily^tlioin with' ftir'n(£uri 6f Uio UtSllnmllty,' and nt'falt pf/cei. 23lf · ,8s · Day, li'a'76 tic(dfcd to t'li(olr tMl »i« at pry OooiW, it largo stock of Gro- co'ficj.',, " ,,; ,..;,..,. 31il m^o o'n Hmlil a duo stock of now.nml.scconii-n'mul WaRoris ami Biigglou, which.I.o'ffo'r fo'r.sulo oi reasonable, (enn«.' Tlio aliovo Wngona anil lltig-, glon" arq of llio'very bent mnkg. Shop on Mill Bfcrwt.'licJow Stlir'r'a tloic. ID .prli 0, Dry, Flint i,y ." , " united n K(pj, grcon n (,o ·· d r y . . . Calf, Ki'ec" Deacon .... 'al Iv November Coon, So.l liii'K« " " 1 nmall .. i" j ;..,... Mink, Inriru, No. 1 xmall, Miiskrnt, fall and winter Jllnck 8 ca-ed ....... , Whlto " ............ UppiiAMim .................. Mousy Cut- .............. Itcd Fox, No. I ............. (irav " " 1 ............. in 10 ia 17 (n) SO II d'O 1.1 7.') (,r, 1 m Sil I". . W 70 «n 1 00 W (·', tB Si. ft ·»· ··a (n) :» 'i M rt 3 W 1 I'S (ft 8 00 7n w ,. 10 (,» .. W (.5 IX) "n w - io n (ft io 10 ® 15 1 IX) W 25 :» (To 00 i i:i.uiu, ii;, on Hie as/A, dtat (/· ?,:,,:, J. A 1870.' 1 i ! ,'v'' ( ir,". 'i 1 ! 1 ' li ?" 1 ', nf ' 'V" 1 , · M "^ p - 5 r " ° rsn|it i day. tlKMi.ll.iwIiiKili'seiihi'd i\,il o«i,it t .. t, wll- I Mtiniii In ilii- to\Mi«lnp ni A;n!u'i,«i ) counlyof nuniboi'lliij'111110 (Mi IiiMii'il't.i'vir'Ifln'JIili'iioiin!^ i-,l .-Hi, de.('r!lied i|.| lollowc: l)u K liiiiln K in the ,-.-, (.- ol th« Nouli i||,i K or 0 ,i,|, c-o call.'.i) in a n»;, t w h o m (lie iioilli llncoi' llio lot pii»| nuul ilii-mO M-otti'ilv In Uio rent in of mild roiid. iltruu .-h.iliiN and Ihlrlj-oiic llnU. Thcnrv soiitb 30" IU-.I, Iw-olvo (12) rlmhiK and lllly.ihc (65) IlnK liein-.' simili :r," ."-t, .'leven (I l) ehnlm niul twenty (io links io an ,.iU livo. n,v m -« south 17° west, blit cliiiins ami i'U'nt-ll\-o llnl,j, lo a flake, llieiu-o jpnlhiltj" .'ii,t,.eluhtcliMniiftiwl liay.slx links to me MHIIII line ot int. lot, ilieno.i.Mriitrlv nn tliosnfd tonllt line oli;hti'hiilni and thlily-us.,'links, lo tho o.iht lino nl HID land Iioivlofoni IIOUK-III ul II I) tonuM'll, tlicni-o norllierly tilnnjff-aEd| iin^ mid'l ttilli Ilia oasl anil went lines of lot " t«cn(-nlne.(SO) rhalns and fortv-lhiv,. (f;t) UnKs o the land l.iieiiicily own.'d l.y /J. )HUjbai|, ami now b\ hiv « MOW, (li.'iire n/» Hi Srt-' M-.-KI, aUm r llio wot llm-orilii'mid Iliibbardland,nine clialniiind eleven llnU (.) Uio. jilaceof bujiliiiiliijr i,ontiilnlnK Iweiilyandone-liiillWresoflaiid.MM'i'iillnxanlrlp ol l.iinl aloiik' ·-aid IlnlilmrdV west line '·nlfli'lcnlly Wide lur a ro.vt or a rlxlil of way lo .lanuM N'l.'hori ·I M HI iy. b.ih: vrembes hcliie nmra!Ml at4 000,00. ClIAin.lis DOWNING, Mahler CominlkSloner. TON, riff s Ally. 28-5w II. U April l l i h , 1M70. WOO LEX MILLS. To Parniers and Wool-Growers- to ivilt ami iniiivova ELYRIA WOOLEN MILLS! A r.,\ nrn now prepared to compclo with nny .|nlilMiiii(nl 01 the klml, 'iVy have aKo op vm '.l \M.K KOO.MS n low ilooMbonih of Uciin'n Family .roi-i'i-y .--tore c.iit »Uloof I'nbllc hqiinro, whom all Indsol iholr nmnufaclmcd goods can be lia.l at AHOiirlaelllllesformnii. ilaelurliiB aie much In'tlcr, wo leel sulo in sayiuif Hint \\a can Mipply our cu-iloiiiora, on DIVOKCK. DIVOECE NOTICU. T YniA UAIiniTT, who h a non.i-eililmil of 1a- JU rain coiinlv, Ohio, nnd M-ho I* suppose.! to vo- blUu In Snvov,'linsi'tt.'i. will taVrnnlfce Hint, on tho loth-liny of April, A,,D. 1SW, Oliver!', JInr. rllt Illod his petition mralnil her In tho Coni't of Common I'lcin of J^)rnln Connlv.-Ohio, unllliiK up In 8nl»tjulco bin umrr!ii|(0 wlUi nor and Iho wilful nbsenuoon her part fruin him I'm 1 moro ihiin Hie tliix'o years lost nasl. Thouraveruf urtld. pilltlon Is for n a»vore.o'iVo'm rtild Lyilla HarrUt, on the ground'of Wilful alm-nce, nml for olnor rcllof. Sat'I l.yilla' l)»rrltt will ftirlhcr tako niillco thai mill petition \vlli 1)0 for hearing nl tlin Jii)in term, A. I). I8TO. ofitiild Court. O, P. 1IA11II1CT. I yv II.Jl. rori'M'.ios', his Alloruoy. ' 1/aled Airlift. IfJO' ' . 83.0w WJTK B T A "far ir 1? T oi JU jfJL ll IV |^ JL O ,' '·"lanncU, Caxsinicrc.", Satinctfj Jaa Cloths, Coverlets, J'Vyttrcd Carpets, h'ntlting Yarn, and, Carding and Spinning, t price? lower llian Knstcrn Shoddy Goods can ba iirohaoed, Wo w i l l also mako Iho aliovo goodn ir our (-iislomcns out of their own wool, ami for i.'lr ha\» appointed iiKents Hi tlnv illowlux nlnri'i, \\hero th.'V iii»y leave lhiJr wool nd hav.i Uio Framl* i-oliifii.Hi nt onv rlllt, vl?.; , NOUWAtK-M. Keller, o))|)0illii American' 0118.'. HUIION--I), .t I*. Andnu, MorchnnlK. WKI-l,INiTOS--Iiolv.'1-l K. Uoblin.011, · Depot streuU mie door wot of Turluy A Oi^lcn'ji llaki-ry. Onr 111'ink-, for pnfil fnvoi*, and bollcll}our pa- Nov. f, 1600. 3 Durclur St., N.V. or 38 W. 4th HI,. ClndRpttl. 0., It they wnnl tlio montiiopuliucuua lx»iBOlllnij.. BiibiwrlpUon.books ]niljll(thod,(Mid IhnnioiKA* eraltema, tkiid(brcIroulniif..Tliciywlll.coalyo«( fiotlilng, ami mny bo of great boiiefll to you.',

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