The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on May 4, 1870 · Page 2
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1870
Page 2
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.). K .NUWCO.MKIt, itotior. Wednesday, May 4, 187O. leinocratle State Convention. , At a mcctiny of (ho Democratic Slut CpiftTnl .Committee of Ohio, hold Do eunber 10, JSC9,lt wns vcKolvort t h n t t h next Demon ntic Stato Convention o Ohio bo hold in tho «V,v qf Colttmbm (,n Wednesday, i/inicl, 1870. 1t was also u'solvrd that the basis o lojircHcntnliou in suit' convention bo a follows": Tlial onch oiinly u\ tho Stall bo elitlilcd to one delegate, and also 0111 Vlclcgnto for every livo luindrcd volef cast fovllou. George IF. Vemlleton foi Governor, at Hie election held on tho second Tuesday of October, 1800, ant ulso one delegate tor every fraction o two hundred and 11 fly votes cnst foi thatgentloniuu at that time; which bu bis of representation will give Lorain county livo delegates. At the same meeting of tho Democratic State Central Committee, it was Resolved, Teat the "Democracy of each county In Ohio be requested lo nonii uato their county ticket, and also appoint their County Central and Executive Committee*) at flic same time that they appoint their delegates to the State Convention. The following are tho officers to be nominated by the Democratic Slate Convention, on tho first day of June, 1870. Secretary of Stale; Judge of Supreme Court; Comptroller of Treasury; Commissioner of Common Schools; Member of Board of Public Works;. Hy order of the Democratic State Central Committee of Ohio. C. N. ALLT3N, Chairman. JAMES "\V. NEWMAN, Secretary. BSy "Without regard to law, constitution, or rights belonging to States, and relying upon the blind infatuation of a people who have so quietly submitted to infringmonts tho lindicnl loader* scorn determined to force their revolutionary schemes in overthrowing the Federal government and accomplish their purpose at tho earliest possible time. A few days ago. Senator DIIAKI:, of Mo., introduced in tho Senate of tho United States a proposition that aims to place the States u n d e r the dictum of, party influence. In substance tho proposition is to so amend tho Constitution us to givo to Congress the right to interfere in tho internal regulations of the State", and throw them under military rule whenever a majority in Congress may wish to do so. Tho amendment proposed is that, ''The U n i t e d States. "shall protect each State against domes- '·tic violence, whenever it shall be shown "to the President, in such manner as "tho Congress may by law prescribe, "that Mich violence exist in said State.'' What is the object of such an amendment? The Constitution ahcady guarantees to each State a government republican in form. Should that proposition to amend tho Constitution become valid what would prevent such a Congress as the present ono to "show tho President 1 ' at a n y t i m e that '-domestic violence" exist in any State which would attempt to regulate her domestic afl'airs in accordance to the original intent and sovereign right? By virtue of such a change in tho fundamental law, Congress would have the right to step Cfiy-Tho Chinese- question is exclto- ing some- attention in California. Tho Legislature of that Stale has resolved-to, request their Representatives in"Con* gross (o procure tho 1 passage'of ft')a\y forbidding any American vessel to bring lYom China to this country any ivilcn passenger who has not our Consul's pasport to any Asiaxlo Ibluale, unless t-ho is accompanied by her "husband or father, or gives other satisfactory ovl- denco of good character. This proposed plan is with a view to stop tho prost i t u t i o n business so largely carried on by Chinese companlesi .o ,. -Bay- Hon. A.O. TnuitMAVs expose of tho laud grant swindle presents an appalling htato of recklessness by which "rings"' socuro tho passage of those bill granting public lands for tho benefit 1 of monopolies. Wo publish in 'this week's issue an extract from tho speech inado by Mr. T. during the pendency of tho railroad giant bill of which so much lias been said and written. Tho bill passed tho Senate but not without tho M'olost of every Democratic vote. ·nOi USJTMAMIII:\V J. HAUDKU, a olork in ,ho Cleveland and Piltsburg Hail road otllco at Cleveland, shot and killed his vlfo in Toledo last week Tuesday. hi- klelily on tho part of tho wifn is t h o a l - eged cause. BAUDUUstin'ondorodhiin- i c l f t o t h o anthorlticsi Wo learn that Ut'iMMt is a sou of Mr. IJKVI BAUDUH, low a resident of Birmingham, Erie ounly, and la about 27 jcnrs of age. fhroo foot in depth, with a sub-soil of tcrtlUtng qualities sufficient to furnish iuoxhaustaule fertility. " Tho scarcity of building timber Is amply ooiuiian^atoftiby' tho tj'oiiiiral distribution of rooks admiral eti'uctloii of Watercourses _ ni!i;abld f o f l h O o o n dwellings and. fence's, are well dfelrlbultd. Unlhlllng spiings of pufo fiojd water ' B®-A distressing calamity look plnco t Hiuhmond, Va,, last Wednesday. V h i l o an immonso crowd Was assom- lod in the room of tho Supreme Court f Appeals, i n c l u d i n g member of the -egislaturo, the floor gate way beneath ho great weight, precipitating the lowd to the lloor below, which was ml of tho House of Delegates. About fly-oiglu persons wcro killed, and 117 voundod. are very abundant, aucLayo iug copious supply, need not bo sunk over t w e n t y . to forty foot* . , . ..»-, Tho water power In Marshall comity Is Uiu feature in' which' it Btandsjprc* eminent. Oilier comities of" tho State havo as good Mil, as fluO a 1 distribution of timbered, watercourses, of building rock and ol u n f a i l i n g springs: but nt) county in any Slata In tho West has such an a m o u n t of oxhntietloss water power. Tho,Big and Little IJluos have rook bottom and rock, banks. They aro easily dammed. Tho soft limestone ledges are easily excavated for race ways ttiul foundations. Tho water never ceases to flow in the dryost season. In fact, tho valleys of tho Blues 'havo, within tho county of Marshall, all natural requisites for most extensive and prosperous ngricmltnral and manufacturing operations, , Tho Wausoon Kopuliliottnot last week says : On Sunday last, Mr. Isaac Springer, w i t h his BOH Edward and little daughter Mamio, a daughter ot'B. Can- Hold) and daughter of Mr. Sop. Gray, visited his farm, a milo or so out of town and roturnod after getting tholr dinners. But a short time after rolurn- ing homo, (hoy wore all simultaneously taken quite violently 111, vomiting severely, and tho general supposition was that Ihoy had boon poisoned in some un- ncoouutablo way. Modical aid was called, and such assistance rondorod, t h a t they wcro all pronounced oilt of danger In a low hours. Something that thoy ate or drank is supposed to havo boon tho cause. Thoy havo entirely recovered. my entire utoui/of Cm I'littJcU, I'Bill For tho next pfaty ·/ 1 fiLc$, i j ',$* t W6 have right to tuu ·! / r: purchased tlie exclusive -\BAtD WIN, IfftUNDON !j NEL80N~~ $ '* ,' 1 '/ I ' "* ' ·»'»«« -\ ' · » . * '» . L ' . b_ '. W!,olesalc r tind rfeint! tlcalors'lh P6reign and 'Domestic Dry Goods Yeomaft's Wall Paper Trimmer All orBolclliy \i4 trhilmcil fiw of W t'. WOObl'KK. III Klyrln, (·IIUlKO, SBnii! HIDKS, Aic. 2Uf» J, A. TOPLIVF. FOR SALE. T IHiprnpoity of Urn nndnnilRnoil, filtimtod In Iho \ Illujto ur Uvm'pool, Mudlim county, Ohi Sffif" Canadians have boon in it fever of excitement for some time past over the report that Fenians Imvo been active for a general onward movement upon Canada. Last Sunday was the time on which was expected a general attack. 15ut nil is, quiet. Tho Feniuirs havo been in secret session, and from this comes tho scare. It is (.aid that tho raid will positively bo made between now and the first of July. Uut wo guess not. BSy* Vfc observe that the Democrats in scveitil counties havo already placed their county tickets in tho Held. Tho campaign promises to bo commenced early this year, and will no doubt be lively and exciting, as the Importance of an election for Congressmen takes place. Our Democrats will tako notice that a call is made for aSiato Convention to bo hold at Columbus on tho first of Juno. It is recommended that, county n o m i n a t i o n s bo made at the t i m e of selecting delegates to tho State Convention. Wo learn that the wlicnf^Jlolds throughout tho couuty present ajrory favorable appearance, notwithstanding tho very trying Avinlor thoy passed through. Very little injury was sustained by "frooKiusr out," and tho ilelds look green and flourishing. Tboro is every prospect thus far for a fair crop tho coming season. oral, C'osliooton Domo- Wo fiolicod that tho growing wheat has inprovcd gronlly sinco tho rains of last week. If it should continue lo "pick up" as it has within tho past two weeks, farmers will havo no causo for complaint.--/Seneca Advertiser, »» Tho Chillicotho Advertiser says: Everywhere tho joyful sound is hoard ilint tho wheat never looked betior for Iho lime of year than now. · tV ' i The Springfield Transcript says the wheat fields look promising in that locality. Wheat will bo In still greater abundance if nothing destroys the prospective crop between now and harvest. , , , consMlnjforoiio tuu.Htoiy friinm bnllillnjr In mo i m i l ' u i i m n m l Cultivator Kaiitoiy, mill Tot; onu brink IlliwkhniUli Slum anil lot; onu ImuhC mill lot, iiiulOHO Horaounin, (oirutlun wltli thu loola iimi n|)|)iirntui, contlatliio of ono ol vlil-liono now ui i-n- Jlnu mill liollor 111 goihl oiilor, one plaiior, one wooil liitlio, clrculiii'mina l,oiin« niiiulilnca nixl IUIKIIK foi lioi IBB tublnjf Tho iiWolii ull In itood i u n . nliig onlor, inul will nil Ijo sold cbuiip. Also, WANTfifi AGENTS tJttiilisri in J/idci, tolls, FM'ii.'tPlaaliirtiiii J/atr, Suit, iO'. K c o p r o i i m i i h i l y o n Imml i i M o c k of I'li-mh nnd )oim»llii ( a l l mill Kip Skins, Jinnies* mill buk- I.uutliur, riiiilliiKH, itc. 10,000 Illdos, 100 000 Hill-op fl. 0)000 Coon Hklim, 100,000 h k u i i k b k l n u , 11AU I) \VAHJO, WALL IMl'KH, HOOTS A X D SlfOKS, . . CAHPKTS' IIATS AND C'Al'S, OILS A X D PAINTS, j f ' gpioultu*al Xmplemenfs. IStc. oet 12, IBM; - ror " " lc " « ° EMPltiJB 'id soil STATJS on WASHING In Trio, Huron. Itlolilnnil or Aalilnnd P o r n i l c o or fnrtlmr imrtluiilnn, Imiulru on t promises or nt No. 60 JUonvlii iitroot, tlu\ olmul. jl-OW JtUI'KKUHT * CAHH DKY OOODS. DRY GOODS! HAllDWAKJiJ, Nl!\V STOKE! NJ5W STORE! J. @. Brooks 4 Co OLD CANJ/ NTOJtK, S. W. BALDWIN', S. K. L A U . V J J O N , O M'1'JltA, 0. T. \V. LAL'XDON* 1). C. H A L U W I N . T. I.. .vi.r.s 20-1 v A I A H O I . - K u: ., In Builders* ^ Hardware ! TABLE AWD POCKET OUT£ERY Spring and Summer Goods, MILLINERY. NEW MILLINERY STORE, into this or any other State, abolish its legislative assembly, order a new election, and depose its Governor and appoint in his place a military commander. .It is another attempt to eradicate State authority, wipe out State lines, ajul place tho power in a congressional ma- ·jority, and thus completely undermine the whole system of our Federal Government. The Radical leaders have bo- como bold in consumaling their vill- iany. We fear tho day is not far distant in the future when tho people of this country, and Iho States, will bo under tho absolute control of a national Congress composed of venal and bad men. J65'"ltis stated--we have not seen tho law--that a law was passed last winter extending the terms of County Auditors from March until November, and by this law the term of all Auditors now in oflio is extended until November 1871.J" «.« For those Seckinj,' Homos In tho West. For the benefit of those who contemplate tiavoling westward in search of tho fullot'18C8 at the Congressional election in the Now Orleans Con- grcssionnl District, U. S. HOST, Demo crnt, received 18,702 votes, and the End- icftl caiulidalc, Mr. SiiKi.noy, formerly of this place, received 8,759 votes, showing n mnjority for the Democratic can- didato of over 10,000. Upon some pretext tho carpet-bag Governor Jliro'v out over 12,000 Democratic votes, nnd gavo to SIIELDOM tho ccrtiilcnto of election. SHELDON took his seat and HUAT contested his right to hold it. Tho contest was disposed of a short tlmo sinco, nnd strango to say, tho Kadical Congress permits SHELDON to occupy a seat, notwithstanding ho received less titan nine thousand votes of tho t w e n t y - n i n e thousand that wore cast nt the election wcro only tivo candidates BIXCIIUM, of Ohio, was tho when there In tho field. only Republican wbo voted against this fraud. Tho Independent Domowat of last week about hall' justifies tho action of tbo Governor in giving SIIEDDON ccrtiAoato of election, and claims that iu many of tho wards tho llopublicans could not vote, and that tho election In each ward was hot aside. Those elections wore entirely u n d o r l h o control of tho military, by virtue of tho so-called reconstruction laws, and tho probabilli- llosiaro that no event occurred In which to justify this refusing to count 12,000 Democratic voles In order that a Radical might havo a majority of the votes actually counted. new homes, ive produce tho following cxtiacts from an aniclo which appeared In tho Wutorvillc, (Kansas,) Telegraph, as to tho advantages offered to settlers in Maislmll c o u n t y , that State: The county is thirty miles square, comprising twcnty-llvo lownslilpo, and containing 500,800 aerosol' hind. It U thus scon that tho Hull road Company procured from tho Government, in aiil of tho road, the handsome subsidy ol 185,000 iiores of land lying within the limits pt Marshall county. A largo part of it is still owned by tho Company, though being uipidly sold. Tho railroad land is of tho lirst quality, and lies mostly in tho southern pat t of the county contiguous to tho railroad,--though some ot tho Company'*) lands extend to tho n o r t h e r n p a r t o l ' t h o c o u i i t y ; through which tho St. Joseph Denver railroad, now being built, Is to pass. There aro scattered tracts of Government Ian 1 yot subject to eighty aero homesteads. There is much land held in private hands at reasonable prices. Tho railroad apprisement is iibout five dollars per aero, at which price It is being sold. Tho c n t i i o surface of this county, ox- copt about ono township, is d i u i n o d by t h a t niagniticcnt mill stream, tho Blue, and its branches. Tho course of tho Ulg Blue is from north to south, passing through range of townships number seven oast. There aro several places on tho Big Blue within Marshall countv whore there is wntci power sufficient to build up largo m a n u f a c t u r i n g towns. * * * Blue Rapids ih the scat of tho promising colony lately started on tho Blue, near tho railroad whore there ia a depot. It is ninety-live miles west of Atchis.oii. There is a splendid water-power hero and tho now settlors M ISS BIXN1XGTON would liifoim tho Indies cf Kl)ilu and vlolulty, Dint «hu banoponcdu New Millinery and Dress-making Establishment, In tho loom rthottly over Smnpsol .t Rcely's Biir- K»iy, on Mlddlo u\umio Slid luia laid In n largo and vuik'ct block ol Mllllnmy nnd fancy dooila, \\hleli gait hiiully fall to plu.tsu. She Is ulso pro piucdtado 3D 3c- © IB - In ull Its brunches, II01VEK 1'llG'ftEK, Superior W.hlto 1'Iiiuos in every a t v l u of Striped, ITald, IIono-iumu, Wolls, etc. Aho, Printed 1'lquo.i In new pattoins, ilOWER HIG13EE, Superior Street, Have opnuud now bult Clothi In 1'onguiM Sows, Foulards, Mohnlri, Jjiuluri), Suiir- uuckors, Ch.iIIka, Ac · IIOWEI1 I1IGBEE, Superior Street. 1000 Parasol* InnlHIiu notelllcjof Illatk Rullled I'ongeoi, Fane), UiHdiuuH, bun Umbrellas; UOWER So iflG-fiE/S, fe'dperior Street. JHack Mama Lace Sh iwH, Oltonian »)id Reversible blinu Is, Kormosns and New 8prln« Wraps Also.SOUO(jprlugbh.iwlir, lu novelties uf the season. HOWEK I1IGBEE, Superior Street. Chrrjtfdi'iesf and Family Supplies. SHAWLS, DltKSS GOODS, J/OJ'LLN'S J-'OIi SUITS, J A r ' A X K K S K SJI.Kh, AjMKjfJCAN JILAOK ,SJIiKS, P A R A S O L S / W I I I T K GOO!)^, Ll.VK.V C O M . A K S A N D LAOIC COLLAKo, J'A.N'S. u n i t v j t 11. / 1 B E my nci|unn(h dnn/ - uln In iho nd IJ ends In i- .111 Extrnonllnury Imritnlnft lu Jlinck , unHurn.i'Muil In rinivllty mid price Aluo, i'reuch iiml Irish i'oplliin ut gro.itly r«. prkos. 2%) 'Superior Street, CLEVELAND. U 0 l It) (OIlflllillK* (loii/lfiurufoiu, C O U G H S AND COLDS should not Ininllimcd toriin onnncmed for OI)U khullld ICSt 111 Illiukd BlXlllllj. l)r; attrytnl'i C'OttrJh Syr!'p /J thu lioit rcnipily In UW.vWrld lor tile cure t f all ilMuti4 of the I.IIDKI. A lijmplejdine w III n l n ,vx . rellc\o, nnd om-n Ijicilk ftp n mo-,t d l R l r c j|»^ Dr. Sarymit'y Oollrjh Syrup; CLOTHS AND C A S I M E R E S - C L O T I J I N l f TO Olt!)i:n. We hafc n full Rlock of Groceries \ \ h i c h u i l l bo rokl n", eap a^ t l x WANTED. AUBNTS WASTED t'OH PrOspoctnu'Tr' JTIWEE I IBLEJLJYRICS Bonnets Repaired, A Masterly Versification of the Sublime Poetry ,j/' the liible. pronounced by loiulliiR clergymen and lay. niBiipfalldOBominatloiis, T/uironully ml' in lied nnd Rlgllh csttfoirtort bottt )/r Its u i u u t l n - tilimlo merit iifirt moc/mnlcid flnlah A bountiful I'roipccltfs, fiom u new and oiigluiil dvftiirn.xlum:- hi(f thodirroiontstjlosor binding, oto , sentabso- idly K U K K t o n l t nccniitsd n» iismts, nMt nmiin- plotopy « h o n ilrolruil, ntSO noi ,ont k-ss tlian lllo \\iiolcsalo prko Inclusive lorrlwry ami llio most oul.inr. llboial tuims. dil 31 l p or lull nnrUo , C P. VKNT, Publlshor, ., and can be iaken b\ tin. 1 iiioJl U 1. icato woman in child, or tho ttrongtiiJan! Dr. Sargent's Coityh Syrup -., Splulii S of Iflooit, Ai,nVYi| l 'thi'sHr'iii!'i' Disoasm of tho Lungb, 'Ilnunt and Cheat, PRICK, FIFTV CKXTR I'l.'R JJOTTI.K. Kor»alc.byftllJlriiifKlsU,]andb) tho propilckp ,,,,. , , fiKOUOi: A KKI.I.Y W h»ksnlo DrnKglsWicorner \Vwnl ^trcot and ''m Cash Paid for aH Kinds of Produce. BEONSON'S'"EMP01UU]\[ OF ART l" I.INCISM1I, O BLACKSMITHIXG. toims, uto,, . , ubllshor, 38 West Fourth it , Cincinnati, 0. ITavIng nald especial attention to thosclcotlon ofhcrstook ol good 1 *, she. hopes lo leeeivu a llbeial 31-ly nhiiio of public pationago. lllj rla, May S, IbTO. AVEEILL'S CHEMICAL PAINT Is cheaper, handsomer, moio dmablo nud olastlo tliiiu tlio bost ol any othoi paint It wilt not pool crauk nor n h u l k oil This Paint will last longoi than tho best white lend AVe have pnui white and ovoi one hundred dllloiont shades This Is no iimv thing, Its goodness iu full) proved by time and iui. Call and ee WENNJNGTOX JJHOAD\VKI,L, 81 '" Agents, LEGAL JolmSJpo, Plnlntlir, NOTICE. In tho CouU of Com- r, i ,,,» --, , , nionrioasln nndloi the U. l. Wilson, Defendant.) County ol Ixnaln und _.,,,, , , State of Ohio rplIL snlddofundant, icildliifr In thoolty, county i a n d b t n t o o f N o w Yoik, i\ 111 tako notice that s " .,'''I, 1 , ", t ", 1 ' "0"I1I"K I" Loiiiln county, Ohio,did, on tho SlOth day of Mareli, A, n 1870, lllo his petition In the Couit alorosald against said doiondant, set- tliiKloitli that said dctoudantls indebted to him In tlio sum ol {300, baliiii'-o duo on n piomlssory Intuioston $1,100 lloni beptcmboi 1st, numy 1st, 1870, and Intel ost on }300from said last mimed dnto. Tliu plalntlir also POWDERS. SOAP POWDERS, OH Washing Mnuufaotiircd lit ilnni-liciltor, llngland. A Prime Necessity in Every Household, Tills mirlvalodiutlclo )ia.s immliecl a popularity biirpiu)8ln(?o\or.\ prupaiatlonol Us k l i i d l n Ainurf- ca. mid Mhorevoi It has been used, nothlnircan bo sii Htltutud In Its pluco. It i ulluvcs tho household ol Itachloldiudgoiy, milking washing-day unions- my rather than a bunion. It complotely dlHsolvos all stalna mid dirt, and i amoves them from thu fub- i Ics with voiy little labor or i ubblnir. U'lio IHO of thoso i'owdera will BIIVO many times their com In pittioirlng tlio fabilcn ft-om \\OM- In washing. All ollior soups and piopnratlon lined In wiudilnir con tain olomunts that m,t Injuriously upon tho lib tho AND E X G l i ' A V l X C S . C'lIHO.MOS, T. U U A J » A S ix GIU:.\T \ A N D V1IOTO- Passe-Partoitts of Every Size!- o ucfs. Denier In OVJLL In Gilt and Rosewood ; IV.tnrc Ohss Cor.U .ind . ' . , 1WJ, to.Janum and aftoi Wo learn from, our that in .Iho whoat-growing soctlons"of this State presenting Lp tho Holds of wheat arc ig promising Indications for goods'yield" of gniim. Tho favorable »priug wonthbr ,1s doing uiuoh lo tiring up hcrttoCoro doubtful looking il«jd8. intend to improve it extensively. Tho now town is being built up quite rapidly. * * * * * * Coal lias boon found, promising to be abundant, near tho railroad oast of tho Uliic. Gypsum in inexhanstibo quatiti- tic-s, is louml nt Marblo Palls, and across tho Blue, opposite tbo mouth of Little Blue. II, is of tho finest quality Magucsian liimstono abounds in n u m - erous places. It is entirely froo from grit, and is sawed and cut w i t h o u t dulling any tool. This stono 1ms been extensively shipped to St. Joseph, Ateh- ison and Loavonwo: " orimmor.tal uses. . masses from ono to throe foot thick, arid from loit to twelve foot in length, aro worked for building purposes. Thev tiro of beautiful cream color, soft but tenacious in torture, and from which caps, sills and monuments can readily bo furnished. Limestone suitable for build ng put-pones can bo found all ovor Marshall county, scarcely n farm beinir Without a qua.iry. ° Thoro ia no poor soil or wasteland in Marshall county. Tho alluvions alo-nz tho streams for the production of Indian corn is surpassed in richness by no lands in the West. For whoat.and other, 0 1 ""-'- t h o upland.or, rolling nl'l'nrl M'ltsinn « .._ - lii mild acthn caused to bo attached certain pion- city, light,}, oxulIU andstoi'kn belomfluir tisnia doleiidant, In the h a n d s o f l ) J5. Mussoy, of Am- hei-at, In tafd county of Jxnnln, nnd esnoclnlly 100 shaies of tlmonpitnlstouk of n coipoiiition known by the namo a u d s t j l e of the "Ohio Stono Comnii- ny, and \ill askaiioidei ol Courttosell ehosame, to apply the proceeds, or siilUolent theioof, to satisfy such Judgment as ho may obtain ucalnatsald dcfondant insaid action Tho defendant Is rcrmlr- edto iiniwor bald petition on or bofoi'a thothiid Satiud.1) niter the IBtli day of Juno, A i. 1870 tain olomunts that m,t Injuriously upon tho libra of tho clothliiK, ammlng It to bo oiully toin. The most ilollcali) fubilt, such lunnuslina, laco, ciochet woik, and baby linen may bo washed with thin propaiatlon without tho ollKhtait Injniy to Its tot- luro. No piopnrntlon compmos with It In clomilnir combs, brnahes, apoiiKei andgioaso fromunipctn, llunnou and all mtlules 01 woailntr apparol. In- oluillng oilks mid bioiidcloths With this piopai a- tlon haul watoi can bo used us well as boa! mul when used In bathing It lomovcs all I'oiulgn substances Horn tho skin, producing nonsiitlons ol perfect Uonllncss and luvlKOrntiun. HHIB soon i Ing thu highest condition of health It has tho olTcot 01 the most dulliuito piocMBCH ot bleoohlng upon all lab, rici, with iiono of tho Injurious olTooUi piodnctd by mitli processes. i / i u w , v i u j In hoii3u-eleimin« these Powders aio IndNpon- siblo, and used In ciomiinK oaslngi, mouldings anil fin iilturo, all stains and ddt uro omovod « Ithoul (liniming tho luj-tio ol tho moat delloato .onamol pnlittsorviiThlshes. Do Witt Block, IClyria, Has Just iccelved n ftcsh stock of S ft hr^siwMm-U 1 ' 1 "'' fl '" ln !1 " V 1)a!!CI '" °" sho1 ' 1 " oli '' 0 I h n w ) llsl ] cos'i^S^ ITS. Paints, Oils, c., Wiich ho is selling at lloduccd Prices. Klyi la, lfa\, i TITK'S J l K . A ' j A l i K K Sly Hy N. I( .Tonsaox, his Attoraoy. JOHN for building and fiib largo columnar INSURANCE. OF STATE'S OITIOB, Departmental Insnranoo, J COLUMUU8, OHIO, Mai oh 80, 18TO. 5 ll n rimtftiiv omrii'iBD, That tlio I/YOOMIXO JiiH. I.VWUINOC Oosii'ANV, located, at Mum-Y, fn, the State of I'OHUSJ Ivauiu, has complied, in irtl re fipt'ot*, with tho laws ol this fatuto routing ' Insuianbo Coinpiinlcs, for tho onrrrtU j oar/nnd has llltii in this oillco a sworn stuUjmoiit, by tho iironorolUctfrs thereof, showing Its condition mid but.liK.s'r, nt tHo date ol sneh statement (December 31,1 KM,) to be as lollowa: A(fBiogi(to nmountol aMillublo Asimts^.417,593 44 Agglegate amount of Liabilities (ox^oii capituJ), Inf Imllnp lo-lnsuiiinoe) .. fifi.CGS 37 ADKiiitt of liiLomo tor tiro pruceulnij your in eash , . 88070003 Amounj of expenditures for the praccd. , iutf.yeiu In cash 3I27SS07 . u " .'? V'.'Ji'i 01 ',' 1 rt I?? 0 ' 1 110W ' to ll11 ''on''* of faml- llw tlmtWutclter's^oai) I'owdos Imvo no injnrl- o is oirecW upon llio mtlUvs washed, or upon lllo or health. Most nt the compound* niod In \i nshlnu contain intfrodlonta dcntiuetivo of the texture of thoelothiHK waalKKl and poisonous In tholr natuie. Many lnftmicc»ol tho dciith ol clilldron k from t.wt. Ing thea conipoiinds nroioeonlad. . Theso Pond. V " Ot '" thu Lose no tlnp In trying Vtotohor's Soup Powders I They die ntaklntf-ii ^ondorful ohiuiie in ·· Wiishlnc- days" In thl»«/iintiT, nnd"House.i,limuin K ''I "1,?. coming_otll/n^oT f^jmH. .The w^ll"i?J nmi ,-.·.·- --"'«";·'·","" *" w ·· HSblnK-dfty" arouuHhoi* tobouiuloiatooilovfiiipioclatodbytlior ' '"tPJ ^ i » » * t » v i « r o i i . i K I I . , , , , , , . , , , , , Oj» \M \J( In witness whereof, I Imvo hereunto oubscilbcd my namo, and caused tho soul of my oflluo . ».] to bu allUod, tRo day imd year above Written Y A B w TM , JAB, WlLljiAJI8, Chief Clerk, C)ti8. DOWMNO, AKont, Klyrla, OJilo. LEGAt. small ore,! by u grains, nro DIVORCE NOTICE. - Mary Lllloy ) TOHN MLLEY, of Jackson, In vs t) tho county ol .Taokson, nnd stato John Lllloy.,) of Michigan, is notllled that Mnrv Llljoy did, on the SOth day of Apill JOT 11( i h$r petition In tho oillco of thoClclk ol' the Court of Lomnion Pltvt, within mid lorthocounty ofJUiraln aiwl; State orOblo, charKlng tho mild J^hn Lllloy ?'!."..!?"'.'PilO"' 01 ""?' ?."'l ovtronio nruolty. Mais - , nKi WolVom ordliittiydnys thntnoonowlll eomnrcho) u tho sigulllciinco of tho.wllty pld,8oug-. , "Tlmm1. tlramp, ncold, scold i Scold, Mump, scofd away, T 7? l - ' a blt of coinloi t tako k Upon n washing day." . Thoso mnglo Powders save your time, snvo your othOT snyo vour rrtonoy, sniiro tly to tho finrrtioiiy i r(tt ''« r your me, snvo your iiro your pi tlonco, mid ipvlness of tho hoi ufo. i injui-o tho articles STOV13S. Denier In nll'kluds of COOK AND PAIttOR STOVES, Manufactures And donlor f» Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware, PLOUIt MILLS." THE GRAFTOW MILLS. \\ ill keep on h md nt .ill limes th« l»s( uf Meal Jj ye J-'lvur, . M A N Y L E foi Nile 1'UJtn .ijrrrcf./: H'JXK A.\D HJt or P'OJKT ['"·modi pui IIO I I I U ' I " ' " ii' li,|, Flour, Corn O U S l ' O M r G R I N D I N G , retain their or. Vlannols bctonin anft mid wftlte air nw, *iiln«whltofilurt«M»5n?2tt suo , n t t suowy ^ hlcli romalas OTOH If Inld Midu for min hs CAUTIO^JI epvxt i'AUTIONI wi, - - - - - ' , ,i . . . . . that youK oil with « nee nro and asking lliuuho mny bo divorced from the salii .Tohn Wiley s which pout Ion Uinll.atand for, hoar ,iutr nt t ho novt lorm'orsnlii rnnni. c S. u .""iJ lu ( | i- PgZJVgsg^M ly any cstRbllbhmont of tho Grafton-Center Hotel, 1 Oni. ROOFING, BPOVTW'O. 1 · ·· . .1 ' The Southern States! D MOBILE WEEKLY Published oxnr half ai' REGISTER, -., ,, ' i l vi r, vsi) M i\ j7 i « n l M A M n i ^ -i),.,, s,, | | l u ,, M1 |, m | tt( | K |V.' «f W.wi, .v 1 . 1 ,', 1 ,!",:,";,, 1 :, 1 !'; 1 !..'."'.''^ 1 ;,,:!'";/!* I'll'lll'lmi'l"! 1 '/" U 'l"ll'-'uij iK'iMl'om Ili'l'llHp" ih. .,,, · !''''""", 'n l "'·' '''"' !M '' UIIM'U'I t l i u Miiu-sl .111.1 11 ( l|o^t n l l , li- ol the kln.l r ^.'." .. ^ .' s ui'll is t / i » I j i r t j i i ' v , !·» lilt! . (HlIllluiM ol tfli* i.lC.IIcul |IOlV * ·awhile biiUi ·tlnuilentii a i e i e i u l . FOR S A L K I no to rln Ohio, . JH)Tla,pot, SO, 1800. of buslncM, Uuvu Main Street, Klv- K.' A. CAJ100N.' 3y STILL A T . M KmvwiY, Tftilor, .would Vosnpct- "P, 11 ," 11 ", 11 " t" the i»H)Tla hut ho N 1 pm - Klyiln, Aut 1114, - ,----.=»i«- ··" l ' 10 J'oiin.i: Onlv ?30a per vonr ?1 ["«'mviillii. Send f J 00. ?IO.OO. Vho JJOKUtaV U .... bonth. bpceiinen cop free P'oprleeopRcrflbYcr.'jIol'lU^Ain. N 1 count'.. ... tho Jot) ofl: trlot, on Saturdi nt 10 0'ijock A M n ilav of Mav, A. 1) 1H70 Si'hi'ml jlouni In said dlv «'llli'ntliiiiM-an bo examined lit lam Wiil.Blci,C«rlMu, Ohio WJI. WKllSTr.K, THOMAS (!I:AH.\M J: w. (,uowi;rj,, ' YOUK G A U D K N SKJBDS AT 3IAXVIU.K6 IIOSK J'OTATOfiS AT Local li QSAGK OJIAJN'OUS sunn AT. NWSPAPEIlf NEWSPAPER

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