The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on September 29, 1955 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1955
Page 4
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WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Television Programs WSUrTV. BARR18BURG E3SE1 DREW P E A R S O N Sas: Tronfeie May DevejM Inside Cabin* Over Ike'i Friendly Folfcy Toward Russia; Ike ·Ml Lone History Of Minor Aitaeoft*; 3 Potent CalMara- tans Plan T» Box Nixon Fro* RULE fnVNJOMT fOR TOBAY 6 mmifUy the Lord wMh me. anf let nt exantt Us name togeth- We exalt his name by our deeds S «r«0 as by qur words. e automotive industry tests by sending sound waves thru * sfal ' and observing the wbicb appear on a tele- -! screen. WASHINGTON. - Here are some of the things likely to happen inside the cabinet while Presi- ·eat Eisenhower is convalescing: 1. There are bound to be some | important differences over Russia 1 Secretary Dulles has made sour faces privately over Ike's attempt to get along with the Russian- Vice President Nixon has sided ; with Duties, and even made a ' speech w hich knocked d\» n some of the "Summit" goodwill. Nixon ' made his political reputation as 'a Russian-baiter and will continue that way inside the cabinet. But men close to Ike in the White House, such as Harold Stassen, Sherman Adams, and Nelson Rockefeller, who know how the j President feels about the import 1 anee of peace, are certain to tan.- i gle with Dulles and Nixon. This j may prove quite a battle. ' 2. There will be little chance of , tax cuts this year. Secretary of I the Treasury Humphrey, though anxious for tax cuts, is determ- I ined to balance the budget. His I word will be law. 3. More defense cuts. Again I George Humphrey is likely to i have his w ay about cutting the RUMMAGE At Reduced Prices Friday Morning Only, 8 to 13 q'clpck First Christian Church BARGAINS! SAVEupto50%onFUEL| WITH SIV«Lffrt VXC1U*IVE FATIHTID I 1WCMH-ONI HUtTMAKU! I ftfffc ·! these exclusive SIMlt feeteres $M Trade-in Allowance on Your Old Heater! Easy Terms -- No Interest -- No Carrying Charge L. 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In general, there will not be too much upheaval in the cabinet or around the White House during Elsenhower's absence. He had been away more than any other recent president, and had used the general staff stem of delegating authority He once told his joint chiefs of , staff that he didn't want any problem brought to him until there was a unanimous opinion, and he has followed the same general system with other agencies -- . namely, letting them make the decisions This was one reason why he never reall understood the implications of the Dixon- Yates deal. NIX ON NIXON Ordinarily, the man uho uuuld emerge as the heir apparent to j Eisenhower during his weeks of convalescence would be the young v ice president scheduled to fill his shoes in case of death. But political prognosticators who have already picked Nixon as the Republican nominee for 1956 forget one thing. Nixon won't be able to carry his own state of California at the GOP convention in San Francisco. For the boy wonder who shot to fame on the issue of the Pumpkin papers and Communists-in-government made some powerful enemies during his quick climb to the top. Three of these happen to be the governor of his state, Good-1 win Knight, who will control the California delegation in '56: the i Republican leader of the Senate.! Bill Knowland. who will help him control it: and the chief justice of the United States. Earl Warren. \vho, while out of politics, has a way of making his views known ' back in his home state. 1 These three have no reason to love ?mon. Knowland and Warren in particular remember afl too vividlv- THURSDAY P.M. 4 00-- Movie Matinee 5 15-- Movie Quick Quiz 5.50-- Crusader Rabbit 5 55-- Weather Vane 600-- Cactus Pete 6:30-- Lucky Leroy 6.45-- Front Page 7.00-- Life of Riley 7.30-- My Hero 8.00-- Badge 714 8 30-- Country Carnival 9:00-- Chance of a Lifetime 9:30-- Ford Theatre 10:00-- Family Playhouse 11:00-- Sign Off FRIDAY P.M. 4.00- Movie Matinee 5 15-- Movie Quick Quiz 5:50-- Crusader Rabbit 5 55-- Weather Vane 6-00-- Cactus Pete 6:30 -- Lucky Leroy 6.45 -- Front Page 7:00-- Film 7 15-- High School Football 9 30-- Hank Wright Show 9 45-- Four Star Final 10:00-- Family Playhouse 11:00-- Sign Off KFVS-- TAPE GIRARDEAU Channel 12 Thursday Afternoon and Evening 5-00 -- Looking For Knowledge 5:15-- Douglas Edwards, CBS 5:3O-- Cisco Kid 6:00-- Watching the Weather 6. 10-- Crusader Rabbit 6:15 -- Ames Brothers 6:30 -- Ramar of the Jungle 7:00-- You Bet Your Life. NBC 7:30-- Four Star Playhouse. CBS 8:00--1 Led Three laves 8:30-- Mr. District Attorney 9:00-- Mayor of the Town 9:30-- Badge 714 10:00-- Ozark Smile Theater 10:15-- Football Forecast 10:45-- News 11:00-- Sign Off Childish-acting oJults or* jusl silly, but a child that act* like an adult I* a delinquent. NATO Forces Still Not Strong Enough, Gruenther Warns CHICAGO if£»--Gen. Alfred M Gruenther. supreme Allied '·tun ·under in Europe, said NATO forces are not et strong enough to beat back a Kussian attack. 1 Rut they should be in three or four ears. when (i or man forces will have become effective. Gruen{(her told the closing session of (he American Bankers Assn convention Wednesday. Gruenther warned that the "el | fective Soviet smile campaign" is ,currently melting a "certain fear that acted like a cement" in binding tho free world together. R R F V M P R P\S« iiaiv ,ui TM* "^ mtie campaign' does not BRENNER PASS. Itai -if -- mMll any ,^,1 change in Russia's American occupation troops with | smbUlong t;ru e n ther said drew from Austria over this his , The general said Russia has 175 tone invasion route today to join troop divisions, "the largest :and allied defense forces in Italy. j jrm v j n t h* world." as wi-tl a* The troops, removed under the 20.000 operational pianos ami 1550 \ustrun independence agreement, will plug the defense line gap in northern ltal just south of this Alpine pas-. The first unu ( .f the 3.300 man the tops securely with scotch tape it" S force made the frontier cross- -- - :ng shortly after dawn Riding in jeeps and trucks, the 200 officers and men from the first battalion of the 350th Infantry were headed HM Daily Register, Hemfefcn* Illinois Page Two Thuredny, Scptewber 29. 1954 Easter lilies are OB the verge of' Rail and nice usually start becoming all-season flowers. About i search for food after sunset each 40 new hybrids better than stand-1 day. ·rd varieties are now being com- ---pared by the I' S Department of Agriculture Spring is the best time to control pocket gophers. U. S. Troops Leave for Italy submarines. When packing perfume-, lotions and other liquids for a trip, tape for Viceruu The uill be billeted in t w o camps outside the town in the northern plane of the Poe River Friday Morning and Afternoon 9.00--Film i 8:36--Strike It Rich, CBS 110:00--Valiant Lady. CBS 10:15--Love of Life, CBS Rescue Baby from Auto Hit by Train HAMMOND. Ind tf -- A motorist rescued a bab from a stalled car seconds before it was smashed by a tram Wednesday wnue the infant's mother watched in | horror, unaware her child was I safe. 1 Mrs. Edward Martin. 18. Cedar Lake, had jumped from the auto moments earlier with a second son in her arms Charles Fe-sen- ger, Gar. saw she could not dash oack in time to save the other I boy, 14 month-old Joseph, as the ! train bore down on the crossing. Fcssenger leaped into the auto and snatched the child out of danger as Mrs. Martin stood helplessly by on the other side of the tram. She did not know of the rescue until the train stopped. «,TM ; io« i? ch , lca §° conven - 10:30--Search For Tomorrow, CBS Advance ?O/es of tion in 1952. Knowland was ap- 10-45 Film proached by Senator Taft with the 111:06--Jack Paar Show. CBS proposal that he be vice president tl:30--Welcome Travelers. CBS on the Taft ticket in return for 12-00--Film switching California's huge bloc of 12:15--Bobert Q. Lewis, CBS delegates to Taft. 12.30--Film Few young senators have been , 1:00--The Big Payoff, CBi Typhoon Smash Into Southern Japan taken up to a more tempting! mountain. If he had accepted, he would be president of the United States today. For Taft would have been elected and Taft is now- dead. But Knowland didn't accept 'He stood, fast behind his old 1 friend, the governor of California. I Meanwhile, young Nixon, who had been vociferous in his public avowals of loyalty to Warren, was , ,, ._ .. busy behind the scenes trying to ' 6:05--The Scoreboard scuttle him. And on the belief! 6:10--Cowboy Corral I that he could deliver the Califor-' 6:25--Crusader Rabbit nia delegation, Nixon got the coveted No. 2 spot on the Eisenhower ticket. 1 In the end. he didn't deliver He couldn't. But he got the spot anyway, and is now vice president I of the United States. I But the other Californians whom lO'OO--Channel 12 Theatre he double-crossed will never forget 11:00--News 1:30--Film 2 00--Brighter Day, CBS 2:15--Secret Storm, CBS 2 30--On Your Account, CBS 300--Film 4:00--Cowboy Adventures Friday Afternoon and Evening 5 00--Looney Tunes 5:15--Douglas Edwards 5:30--Julius Larosa, CBS 6:00--Watching the Weather 6:30--Topper. CBS 7:00--Dangerous Assignment 7:30--The Lone Wblf 8 00--The Lineup 8:30--Person To Person. CBS 8 00-- Dollar a Second, ABC 9-30--Old American Barn Dance TOKYO 'I" P'--Advance sales of Typhoon Louise smashed huge, waves into southern Japan today, I , crumbling seawalls and forcing' coastal resident* to flee their i homes. At least 47 persons were injured Two ships were sunk and six others ' were washed away. Eight buildings were destroyed Full force of the storm's 115- mile-per-hour winds was expected to hit Kyushu. Japan's southernmost island, later today but already the winds had reached 70 miles per hour, just five miles short of typhoon force. Horrisburg I or forgive. And Gov. Goodwin Knight, himself a strong contend! er for the presidency, is in their camp toda IKE'S MEDICAL HISTORY 1 Maj. Gen. Howard Snyder has I kiven Eisenhower a complete phy- ' sical check twice a ear and keeps a voluminous file of every' medical ailment. This detailed case 'history was turned over to the 1 heart specialists when they arrived in Denver It showed the following ail- .15--Sign Off Somerset I Former Somerset ' Resident Entertained With Birthday Dinner Former residents of Somerset who are now residing in Michigan ' recently gave a birthday dinner in honor of the 68th birthday o f , ment* during the past 10 or 12 Mrs uj ?5 n Thompson. The dinner years. wa ? held_ at the home of her son Bursiti.s of the left shoulder, inflammation of the stomach lining. This doesn't include intestinal disorders, which have af- HI 34, Smrth of HarrnmbMj Ends Tonito Sensational Attraction Added Short Subjects Admission 50c Adults Only daughter-in law. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Keego Harbor, Mich. «... ....^ «,- At noon a lon * beautifully dec- flicted him half a dozen times orate ^ t«blc centered with a cake since his election. He was also to PP«d with candles was laden laid up for four das with a se- vvith · deliciout, dinner The group verc flu attack m January, 1943 spent an enjoyable day visiting and during the North African cam- reminiscing of days gone by. paign ' Mrs. Thompson received several Dunne his vounger days, he nice gifts. picked up malaria and djsentcry T^ 6 following were present for in the Philippines He has also tnc occasion: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil had his tonsils and appendix re- Thompson, Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. moved He is still troubled by a 'rvan Conkle and -?on. Cletis, of football injury to his left knee Pontiac, Mr. and Mrs. Colten Sauls joint in 1912 and uses a special. i a n d children. Patsy, Engil, Fred. five pound weight to exercise the Jane, Sue and Wayne of Keego bad knee He fits the weight Harbor. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cook. over the toe of his left shoe and Mrs Lula LeMasters and son. swings his leg back and forth Gregg. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Cook Ike has a l u a s guarded his and children, Bob and Susan of health zealously. He is the only Wayne, Mich., Mr and Mrs. Rus- prcsident who had a special doc- sell Hull and daughter, Gloria, Mr. tor attached to htm while in the and Mrs. Dan Mattmslv and daugh- A r m v He has repeatedly said it ter. Linda. Mr. and Mrv Herman is part of the job to keep in Rood 'Dowdy. Loretta Cartright, Kay mm Friday health To uard off colds, he takes pill.s made up from Dr Snyder's oun formula Ikr also watches his \\eiKht and automatically Roes on a diet whenever the scales .show o\er 178 pounds He K a v c up smoking six ears ago, because of high blood pressure Brantley and Pete Lorenz of Mich igan and guests of honor, Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson. Out-of-Town Friends, fUlariy.t Attend Rites For Mrs. C. C. Warren Driskell and son. Dick, visited Monday evening with Betty Oxford and son, Ricky Mao Wallace .spent Monday with Dorothy Bcal and children Mr and Mrs. Gene Williams and family of Evansvllle and Mr. and Mrs Karl George of Herod have ! recently visited Mr. and Mrs. "Sleeple" Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Newt Church called one afternoon this week with Mr and Mrs. Raymond Oxford Wilma Beal was an over night Out of lown relatives and friends \«ho attrndcd the funeral of Mrs. r ( Warren held Sunday at the guest'iait week with" Mary Strick-- n^~.i_* church ~ ~~~ Ireram Hill Baptist church were Mr and Mrs. Hllli* Warren. Waldo Warren, Charlie 0. Warren. Mrs. Kdna Glenn. Centra ha, Mr. and Mm. Gene Von Ucnen and children, Bertha and Franklin, Detroit. M Sgt. Charles C. Warren. Indianapolis, Mrs Andy Warren, John Warren. Mcl/eansburo, Mr awl Mrs. Clyde Bundren. New Rurnsid*. Mr. and Mr- BUI D. Harrison and Bobby. Metropolis. Mrs. Mary Ann Creel. Mr. MM! Mrs. I. Board. Eldorado; Miss Alma Edwards. Marion, Mrs. *am Kirks. Mr*. Esttor Rk». Mr*. Martha Hackf, Mr. and Mrs. HffMs Hicks, Mrs. Ida Mr and Mrr. Hardin Evans of Gaakink City have recently visited , with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stride I Im _ I Sisk, alfof Pontiac, MichT Dr. and Mrs. B. II. Sisk, Lawrence- vill«. Mr. and Mrs. Giles McCoy, Glen McCoy, Mrs. Thclma Heidi , man, Mrs. Helen Surysnski, Mrs. Bonnie PaschotUi, Mr. and Mrs. Bud UekUnwn, GSM H*MM- man. M. Louis. Miss Marst Trim* ImtlanoplsUa, Mr. nlM Mm. Jubart Cox, Znitor, Mrs. UHte Hunt. Horrin. and Mrs *a Lemmotu. New MARK IwMNt WHh A Pint? MY Starring in THE LEGAL BEAGLES Partners in law and marriage postpone a honeymoon bocausa of a youngster and som* poached fish in this light comedy. WSIL-TV 9:30 P. M. Channel 22 Houptmann's Grocery CORNER CHURCH PhoM 1*8 A MeKINLBY Free Detivsty PURE GROUND HAMBURGER, 3 Ibs. $1.00 YOl'NT. TENDER FRYING CHICKENS Ib. 45' SUGAR i TRED SMOKED JOWLS, Ib. 19* READY TO EAT PICNIC HAMS . . Ib. 37' POPULAR BRANDS -- REGULARS CIGARETTES . ctn. $1.97 DWAN'S -- Sour. Pitted. Red. Pie -- 3*3 Site . 3 CHERRIES cans 55 R W A Y DILL PICKLES . . qt. DINNER PARTY STRAWBERRY -- 13-oz. PRESERVES, 3 jars $1.00 SO RICH IT WHIPS -- Large Cans MILNOT . 3 cons 33 C MIENOI makes the richest, smoothest puddings ever! ·NnVf ^^ n ' m M ILNOT MAKES RICHER, smoother pudding because it's a double- rich dairy product - made from whole milk. Richer because unwanted water is removed. MILNOT contains more than twice the mineral and protein values found in whole milk. Extra vitamin A and D, too. Smoother because animal fats are replaced with easy-to'digest vegetable fats which blend with pudding ingredients like nothing else on earth. H AVING PUDDING? Make it with MILNOT! It's richer, smoother . . . costs less, toot Tk« MILNOT w«y to nwk* *NMi«e«... Prepare your favorite intttant pudding by replacing milk with an equal amount of undiluted MILNOT. For regular pudding, use half MILNOT and half water in place of called for liquid. Cook as directed. IN fours, UM MILNOT instead of milk or cream. Taste the richness, enjoy the IN SAUCES AND SALAD MOSSING*. MtLNOT is an any-way, any-time blender for nil of your special ingredients. IN CAKSS AN* COOKJM. MILNOT helps lake the cost out of cooking . . . adds rkfe ·IMIFHnl eUM IN ran AND PASTKICS. MILNOT is anoothw than mUk or rnam . . . tops, too. oa n wmppos loppinff. ££rj^^^£ H^^9999^N9^^^^^^99 9^^QIw SS^^W^^O fw9^9^w 5Sft C^^Hl s^S^E ^^^.^3^£

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