The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 11, 1896 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1896
Page 3
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THE DAILY Tks Daie la History -May 1L HYMff PRAYER, 05} . {STl-^ T i-^a F.-v.^.-.i '*':..:s-^ H T-. i. . tiva . ivra -^V- 18W- TLviiss B- r..T-.Mi K-*i. Ac,vrwaLfi {^-: di«xi la X:» ^vr« c:ij : born ISii ISSS-- Ovirratl tiw»»ra la\-j IVAu^rod. »i.-u .n. .a BJO; Ir-i J lixs . i*^rs laB4. USfr-- Hi-O^i TtU 8 F. M.. BUy 1=2 · ytetftl DttMSek to Tk* New*. VAS*J«»TOJI. D. C., May 11.11 a. a. Fair, coat i n u e d warmer tonight aad Tneaday; cooler la afternoo a, w i t h thunder storms. W. L. MOOBB, Chief of the Weather Bureau. MEW AD VS. TO-DAY. E/« For SUe 104 B. South 81. Bye Sissies Lost 19 W. Second 8'. Specialist Dr. Hardesty. Local Mention Chaa. B. Font Statement.Frederick County Naf 1 Bank. Refrigentors C. C. Carty. Milliners ~.~... Sheffield Co. Furniture W. H. B. Etchlson. Houses For Rent W. A. Mansfield. COUNTY CORRESPONDENCE. A Gaateofo* of Current Erenla 1» County Town*. BBUXSWICK. --The weather for the last few days has been delightful. -- 1 great many children are sick with measles. --A great many people In the city come ami go every uav but tbe writer does not KUOW and does not have time to keep up with their movements. --The untiring, ambitious, energetic Miss Lily Herring is truly busy with her music work. --Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Flag have a beautiful garden. Everything seems to be growing at a rapid nte,lconseqt»ntly will soon have plenty of new vegetables. --We will very soon have brick pave- mente all over the city, which will be more than acceptable when winter comes around. --A street has become quite a business place. Ton will find grocery, dry-goods and orng stores and one book store. --When the summer boarders get here tbey will know where to n,ake their pur chases. XOUHTAIZrDALK. --Your correspondent while plowing for David King unearthed a dry locust root measuring fifty-one and a half feet In length, the large end measuring three inches la diameter and the small end measuring H Inches in diameter. This is the largeit locnet tree that has ever .been heard of In this locality. --Mn. Jacob Clem Is seriously 111 a 1 present writing. --Mrs. Samuel Mort, who has been ill for sometime, ia slowly convalescing. --Mr. Oliver Zedricke, who has been complaining, is somewhat worse than he hsd been. --A pound party was held at the home of Miss Mamie Qrushon on Friday evening, the 1st, Quite a number of guests wen present. Qamea wen Indulged in until 18 o'clock, when an wen Invited to the dining room, where the table stood filled with all the delicacies of the season. After doing ample justice to all this they returned to the parlor, when singing and games wen continued until a late hoar, when all departed for home, having en- Joyed themselves hugely. --The black reptiles an getting exceedingly numerous In Sprontsvflle. --Mr. Heary Brown, of Sproutaville, paid a flying visit to this place one day last week. PEBBLY PEBSOSAL. neeeant Paragraph* Aoostt Thoae Who Come aad Go. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Markell, of Baltimore, and their daughter, Mrs. Joseph D. Baker, left this dty this morning overland for Hagemowa, when they will remain until Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Krise, of West Second street, spent yesterday and today at tbehosae of the parent! of Mn. Krise, near Ley's, this county. Mrs. 8. O. Stainton, of East Charch attest, left at 1045 this Burning on a visit for a few weeks to her relatives Ia Pltubenr, Pa, Mr. Wsa. MacGffl, traveling seleemaa for a wan known Northern firm, paid a abort tiatt to the aosae ot his parents la this city yesterday. Mr. Whteey Wood, of Philadelphia, spent yeatsoday with the family of Prof. OynaTBOsaaa,oa East Caarca street. Dr. Wfitbarger, of Washington, D. C., spent yesterday with friends fa Fnder fck, Mr. Bssss, of Baltimore, was taegnett of relatives aad frieads tn Frederick yesterday. Miss Helen Hoke, Emndtabura:, ia visit- rag la Beltlaaon, Mrs. F. L. Stoaet, of Frederick, baa been TWttnj her mother, Mrs. fi. M. WOson, at Dnton Bridge. Mr*. Wilson, whe resides with her daagatar, Mrs. W. O. Little, has been sick, but H now better. Mr.Wmiam H. Reese, ofTn Ni«re tlpuanfMol ferae, seem a aottloa ot yeeWidai with Mr. Joan Hasbanm, near Mt Pleasant, this county. Ceit Hie Ftaaw. White eetapiBf a watt wltb a hoe, Mr. Lewie W. Mehrliag Rtrack a brokea bottle with ate teft haad aad nearly severed the end of one finger. The bottle waa on a shelf aad naseen by htm. WbMffi Feeds ami stance It may be best to reader It promptly, bet one shoaM naaenber to use evea the most perfect naaediea only when needed. The best aad mott simple aad gentle remedy la tbe 8yrap of Figs, maaafactand by the California Fig Syran Oosaaaay. 3ay y«n aaw it in The Kawa. »TBJ£0(*OF 8ABBAHI8KBMOXS 4* Ci IV CHCBC8E. Frederick Paetofe Wb*c *ae«».(e-- Ueeu were «ii ic« at Ike ci:y Owing lo ih« weather Urge eo»£r«gsti:i!$ were pretest and excelled sermons were delivered. strvlcee moralaj and e/enlag were h*M la $L Jamt's Lutheran Caarca by th* ?setor. EST Staff Capt Ala Blaoche Cox. D., O. a»- tilled by her A. D. C-, Ctptiln Hill, both of WaafclngioB, eoadttcted special meet teg* at the dalvatloa Army barrack* yesterday. Ctual services were held In the Grant Baptist Church yesterday moraine tad evening by Elder P. O. Fahraey and Eider Braoer. IB ihs morning Or. Fahraer took (or hU tfrxi a portion of tit* 6 h verse ot the i7tb ehap'.er of 6; Ltke, "Lord increase oat fal:n." Elder Broker conducted services In the evening. Owing to elckoess of the pastor, Rev. George Nixdorff oocnpkd the pulpit la the Evangelical Lutheran chorea yesterday morning. The text of bis discourse u "Open the door of th» Beart d rff»»T? Cirlr." I: :ie e-culag Prof. Cyrut Thomas delivered an able ·errnoD from Matthew the 18th chapter and 3rd verse: "Humility-- tbe necessity of becoming as little children." In the abtence ot Rev. Dr. B. R Esch- bacb, who hu been In Hagerstowo. attending the annual meeting of the Maryland Classls. Prof. Joieph H. Apple, of the Woman's College, occupied the pal- pit In the Evangelical Reformed Charch yesterday morning. No services w«re held In the evening. Professor Apple't termoo wa» bated upon "The Lesson of Today." The ninal services were held in the Presbyterian Cbnrch yesterday. In the morning Her. Dr. D. J. Beale took for his text "Some X rayi from the Scriptures." Usual eervlce* were held In the evening at 7.30. Westminster Leagae at 6 45 o'clock wu led by Mr. Alonzo Dean. The inbject of tbe evening was "Christ Oar Prophet." · RCT. J. H. Wflhite, pastor pi Trinity Slsthails: Ciarck, Soaili, dell» ered an able dlsconne at the atnal hoar yesterday morning, from the GOih verte of the Oth Chapter of tbe Gospel ot St. Mark, "And immediately he talked with them and aslth onto them, be ot good cheer, It Is I, be not afraid." The regular meet- Ins of the JSpworth Leagua was held at 6.30 In the erenlocr. At .730 the pastor took for his text, Pialrai 116th chapter, 12th Terse, "What shall I render onto the Lord for ail his benefits toward me." Usual services were held in the Hetho- dfit Episcopal Charch, Rer. W. L Me- Kenney, pastor. -Hla morniog text, was "Lord, I nave loved the tabernacle of thy boose, and the place where thine honor dwelleto," PE aim, XX VI-. 8 For Us evening text he took, "Not every one tbat saith onto ms, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, bat he that doeth the will of my Father, which Is In heaven," Matthew 7-.81. The Spworth League topic was "Before the Crown the Cross." Services as usual were held in St. John's Catholic charch yesterday morn ing and evening. Karly maw was said by Rev. Fr. Gaffcey to a large congregation at 6 80 o'clock: a. m. Children's mass at 8.80 was conducted by Father Barrett, and high mats wu said by Father Gregory Rev. Father Gsffoey delivered a sermon* at each mass, from St. John, 16 chapter, "Ask «nd you shall receive, that your a mar be filled." Sunday School was la the afternoon at the usual hour. Tke children's May procession has been arranged for Sunday afternoon next. Little Miss Monica FItipatrick, has been selected as the May Queen. Interesting services were held at the United Brethren Church yesterday. la the morning the pMtor, Her. C. W. Stlnespring, preached an able and eloquent sermon upon the subject "The activity of Satan during the preaching of the Gotpel." The text was found In Luke, 8th chapter and 19th verse. A large audience was present. Seven new members wen received into church fellowship. This popular pastor took for hi* subject ia the e vesting "The revolutionary powers of the GoepeL" Text, Acts 17U chapter, 8th verse-- and preached another eloquent sermon. The young people's meeting wu well attended and wu tod bj Miss Bill* Waltz. At All Stiats* Pnftwuat Episcopal charch yesterday morning, the rector, Rev. Osbome Ingle, took for his text John X7I, M 24-- "Whatsoever ye stall ask the Father (a my name, he wffl give it to you; uk and ye shall receive that your joy may be roll" Th* principal theme WM prayer. "In tb* church, at home, wherever it is needed, It should be the serious thought A day's work oenn with prayer endeth well, the family altar Is a noble Institution, and the prayers of the church an sublime. But of ill petitions that go up to the throne of grace, of all the stated fonts of prmyer.thsre art none equalling the simplicity aad beao- ty of the Lord's prayer." In naklBg the ar- aoonccnaetsfor the week Mr.Ikgltsaid: "The Wednesday evening ·errioe will be held in this church at 6.45 o'clock. The change is made for reasons of a very pleasant nature The congregation think it Biting to celebrate the thirtieth man!' vemry of ay nctoiaie in a social manner that evening at the rectory, la thankfulness of the love of my parish aad God's watchful care over me durfag all -these yean, I desire to sseke noofaUloa by a simple service la tab house. Ap- pndktiac the aJad feettagB aad good will of mr people and grateful to God for an ate sMreies tn spariac *» to celebrate tats event, I cordially ta vile every one to join la this simple service of theaksflv- iag." At aifbt the text wu taken from the ptnbfe of the pTotUzal soft, the sez- ·oii btlmg cUeTr sJHrnnil to the ooafirmadoB class. Serrtett for the week wffl be ae f oDowfc Today. Tuesday ud Wednesday being Bogitton days, when thanks afecfend fee tee blssstagi of the fndte ot ta* etna, then wffl be Bwralag prayer at 8.90 o'clock. A meeting of the vestry will be held this evearas; at 4 o'ekt aad the class for eoalrautioa wffl SM at 7 JO. the Toea* Men's Bible Clase wfll SM* Tuesday at 8 p. SL,asMSthe awethly sMetinf of the Brotherhood of Bt. Andrew wffl b« held at 840. Than day being the feast of the Asceaatea, servioe irtfl be held in the church at 11 a. m. The iitaay wUl be esid on Friday at IS mow. The chQdrca a» rehaanlag carols for the WaluaatWe feativaL The Maryland ClMsU atHagenton SetittUy eoaftnaed the apolatauat of Rsv. W. C. B. Saaleabereer to the Church of the Incarnation, of Xasmite- barg. Among dele»a?es elected to the general syeod at Dsyton, D., May were: G. A. Wal-jswre, Or. EL R. Cscabeeh. C. S. SiHlc. O A- Bayder, aad *-C.Me The follow tag resolution was pasted by ia* claetif: "Resolved, That Maryland CiaasU celebrate the 1S6 aonlrenary of Michael £ctii*tter. as the ptoMer miaalonarv of i Caorci wiUoa UM bonds ot lh{* c'«t(ti; *sd further, that the cfi:ers i'.a. dei. u. Mehrle Z*crLas, be la*:ractei to ar- to b* c*r- ilOft." Mi'estmlatter was ««l«cttd as the p!*e« for the celt «jBoa! uieeUn^ of the clisfts, to meet M«y 1». 18»7. TBE U1UU.T No excKisg qiwitou confronted the K Kcfcrmed elu»l* *. 'is tecrn: sisa if tiere U i H i=*i^a '« the H*formed Charch tcdty ii U potclbiy the old one of l.turgy, which tome yein ago caused great dUco»ilon There U * possibility ih*v tb« tiuwllon may sgla bj brought up, tbcagb Us a modlced form, at toe meeting of the Potomtc Synod, composed of nine cUuet , of which Maryland Claisls is one, and which eonvaee* at Alloona, Pa. next tall There U marked dUsatlcfsction with the present Uinrjlcil service by tome, thoaga it li pretty generally conceded that a large majority of the ministers, If not of the memben, of the Maryland Cluaia are strongly in favor of a liturgy at least M elaborate u tbe present rltaaL STXOD Beginning today the Middle Conference of the Maryland iiyaod of the Kv«a- r.B'bersr $20} . be ic' i; Brunswick. The synod will be held In Bethany Lutheran Charch and will continue three days, and an interesting pro- gramme h; been arranged for tbu time. Rev. J. EL Asper is president of the synod. THE WORK OF DEATH. XKS. D3SSXT. Mrs. Mary C. Dorsey died Saturday evening at the aomo of her daughter, In Cherry Run, aged 84 years. Bhe wu burled in Frederick, her former home, today, her remains arriving here this morning. Two daughters survive her, Mrs. Bef ton, of Cherry Run, and Mrs. Matilda Ramsberg, of Baltimore. Mrs. Dorsey's remains arrived tn Frederick shortly after ten o'clock on the P. R. R. Her funeral took place from the cars The pall-btarers were, Messrs. Chu. W. Ross, Jr., Richard P. Ross, Geo. Dennis. J. R. McPherry, Jso. U. aiarfcellsad L. B. Cllngan. Rev. Oaborne Ingle officiated at tbe grate. Interment was made in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. A. T. Rice Sons were the funeral directors. Mrs. Dorsey was a Miss Johnson before marrisxe and a member of one of the most distinguished families of the State of Maryland, her grandfather being Thomas Johnson, the first governor of the State. She was a lady of great refinement and education, and in her earlier years she mingled with representative people of the country. She was related to Mr. Chu. W. ROM, of this city. KB. X'LIHAHAS. Mrs. Ann R. McLtnahaa, widow of the late Wm. D. McLanahan, daughter of John Georpe Smith and sister of the late George Smith, died at the residence of Mrs. Clara Y. Lambrigbt, on Kait Patrick street, last eveniag, aged 77 yean 8 months and 88 days. Her funeral will take place from the residence of Mrs. Lambright on Wednesday next The late husband of the deceased at one time owned the Citizen newspaper. KABBT DHHBT. Died, in Baltimore, on May 9, at 8.45 a. m., Harry B., in the 28th j e»r of his age, beloved husband of badie L.', and son of the late Richard E. and Sarah X. Disney. Bis funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 1800 Patterson avenue, Baltimore, oh Tuesday, May 12, at 8 p. m., thence to Fulton Avenue M. K. Church. Interment will be private. Assistant. George D. White, of Oakland, hu been appointed uslstant fish commissioner for tbe Western Shore by the new fish commissioner, J. B. Gnagy, who hu qualified and entered on duty. Mr. White's salary is fixed by law at $600 per year. He hu entered upon his duties and will be stationed at Lake Brown, which Is now owned by the State. XwoGeeee. The Glade Chnrch case will be taken up by the court tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Hears, John C. Motttr and P. F. Psmpel are counsel for the objecting committee, and Mr. Jtcob Rohrback for tbe tide favoring the removal. The Deyhoof case wu argued before the court on Saturday last for a new trial No decision hss yet been returned. Hoeae Again. Mr. Chu. T. Kussmsul, who recently underwent an operatloa at the Maryland University Hospital in Baltimore, returned home on Saturday evening and wu given a warm welcome by his many friends. He is gradually recovering from the effects of the operatloa, bat it will be some time before he Is completely cured. The operation wu performed by Dr. Tiffany and wu a marked saccesa. Fioaerty Deeded. John Boutzahn to Jo*. A. Wood, 1 acre tad 1 rood of land, (10. John C. Norrls and wife to Daniel Wutler, 1 acre and 7 perches of land, tea. C. Staley Qasnbrill and Joan U. Markell to George Williams aad Charles Hllde- braad,$acres,! rood and 9 perches of lend, $41*. The fatten) of Mr. Basnet Derr who died suddenly from paralysis on Thursday last, took place frost the Lvtheran Church ia Mlddtetown yesterday mora- lag, aad wu the largest seen in Middletown for some years. The Sabbath school, of which deesusfl feed bee* svpettetendeat for tweaty-flva yean, escorted tie remains from the edge of town to the caarca. A gaae of ball took place Saturday betweem the Snow Birds and Beniztowa Teasea, nulling la a soon of eleven to sevea ia favor of the Snow Birds. Winning battery, GramMee aad linger. The Crickets end the rtsencistloB Jaaiors will croet bat* oa tbe Derelop- ateat crcaade this evtaiag at «1ft. Tlnrowa ba Joha Eeteriy has his head bandaged aad his left am la a sling. He waa on his way to Brunswick yesterday on a wheel, when he was thrown by a breaker near that place and received the IB juries above. He was broegnt home ia a wagoa. ·» Rich, red blood Is the foundation of good health. That fa) why Hood's Sana parilla, the one trae blood purifier, give* health. A LINEMAN'S FALL JOHK laPftV.SEatOL-8 AKD PEB BAPS FATAL ACClDtXT. l.»s*b ejftd 'rac»*«l HU Skmll- SerkMM Aeculcat*! Shootto^. Mr. Jobs T. Lipp*. ton of Mr. Ibos. Ltppe. while engaged ia eattlag br»ncte« from the large iiaiicn tree la front of tbe LOAU' Orphan Aiylcrn thU morslag, was knocked off »od fell a dUuacs of about 35 feet to the grvord. He was picked up Is 12 CSCCSSC1.XU COSiillljfc »uj csrricC Into the Lasts' Ins'.iia.'-. »o-.-ic a a t x - i amlnatloa tevealed Uui ce aid susUlned concttsalon of tbe brsln, in »ddHkn to possible fracture of the skull, and sra* seriously hurt. j Just before the accident Mr. Lippt, who wu S4»ti'.lcg Hank Miller IB trimming the brioche*, climbed up lie tree | tor the parpoee ot uwlog off a large limb. He had entirely severed the J limb tram the body of tne tree, when, In falling, the Urge end came ia contact with his body, completely knocking htm from the tree. The an- fortunate man came crashing through tbe lower branches, striklac the cobble- ·touee oa his back just » foot or two Crum a i»rgo (quire no no near the bate of the tree. The lower branches had the effect of breaking his fall, and bad his descent been a few seconds slower Mr. Miller, who wu standing nerby, could have crnght him tn his arms. Tbe fall wu a terrible one aad would doubtless have kll'ed him outright had not his descen; been broken by contact with the branches. Eugene Walters, a lintmsn of the Inter Bute Telephone Company, who wu standing on the pavement immediately in front of the Institution, wsi one of the first to reach the side of the Injured man, and with the uslstance of Mr. Miller carried him In the orphan house. Dr. TJ. A. Bhtretts wu summoned and after an examination had the Injured man sent to his home, on tbe Northwest Addition, where he soon afterward examined more closely the nature of tbe injuries sustained. The branches were being trimmed from the tree in order to prevent Interference with tbe wires of the Interstate Telephone CompsBT, i*h!cb pMJ tha traa a: po!a; very near the limb that wu displaced. Tor the purpose of preventing threatened rouble from that source, It was deemed best to cut the limb away near the body ot the tree. SERIOUSLY SHOT IN THB STOMACH. Clifford Miller, a lad of about seventeen years of age, who reside* with his widowed mother on the farm ot Mr. Louis Markoll, a short distance from this city, accidentally shot himself yesterday afternoon, the ball entering about the center of the abdomen, and producing a very serious Injury. The weapon wu discharged while the young man wu endeavoring to extract s cap which had already been exploded. The revolver wu a 28-calibre pattern and in some way the hammer had been raised and forced down while the weapon wu being carelessly handled. Immediately after the accident the boy notified a colored man of his injury and the two at once procured a conveyance aad drove to the office of Dr. F. B. Smltb, on Court street. Observing the urlous nature of the Injury, Dr. Smith immediately prescribed for his patient and had him removed home, where he called later in the evening. Mrs. Miller, the boy's mother, hu been on a visit to Springfield, Ohio, aad in accordance with the advice of the phyiiclan she wu Immediately telegraphed to come borne. During the put three or four years young Miller hu been singularly unfortunate In the way of accidents, none of which have been so serious ae that of yesterday. Several years ago he broke his arm, and while the fracture wu knitting he had the misfortune to again break it in the same place. At another time he wu klcxtd In the face by a hone and suffered the loss of several front teeth aad was otherwise injured by the force of the blow. Mon recently he wu shot in an eye, which alssost destroyed Its sight Footprtau The College MuseunS, Baltimore, hu lately received from Dr. James A. Mitchell, of Mt. St. Mary's College, Xmmits- burg, two large slabs of shale sandstone, which bear the footprints of three-toed lizard-like animals, known u tbe dlno- uan. The rock is of the Jurs-Treasskj age, aad the formation from which It wu derived is the same u tbat which produces the "brown stone" extensively employed in fronts and trimmings. The tracks wen In the solid rock of a flag stone quarry near Xmmittburs;, found about 90 feet below the surface. To* Heavy for bis Hone. Willie Edward Adams met with a bad accident yesterday while rid Ing his wheel on the Baltimore pike, thi» side the toll late. He wu coasting down a hill when wheel gave way aad threw him to the pike In very bad shape. He braised his bead and also his hands. His wheel wu picked up In a half down pieces. He wu folng to Nsw Market U spend the day with ais uncle, Xdward Adams, bat was compelled to return to Frederick. NotDrowed. Wm. Foland, who wu reported ia this city to have been drowned on Friday night to the MonoeacT rim, returned hosae on Saturday evcaiag at 5 o'clock, aca surprised aad asaased to bear of the report. He had spent the night with a friend near Monrovit aadbroafh( back a fiaaoatoa of frogs, Wa» started the report of all drowning or lor what purpose is still a mystery. Fire iat the OomKty. The store sad dwelling of Nlssrod Pattern, at Pleueat Watt, this county, wu destroyed by in Betsrday Burning, with nearly all the coateata. The bvOdiax ' taian-J f or $«0. The fin ww of incendiary origin aid wae timed Ia U* ceuat of le* store. Mr. Datrew says he f oend the lock of the cellar door broken off. OrsjttUznO. The dlnetora ot the franklin Savings bank aet this morarag aad organised by "M*t A. D. O'Lcarr, president,- Ju. Hoack, president pro tern; Wm. H. Nteo- dmus, secretary; George Henleia, dis- coant clerk. From the Carroll News: Taa FBXD- BBKnt WBBXLT Haws aaaooaoea aa edluoa of 5.000 this week. TKB Raws U a live Journal Runaway Aocfdeat, Edward flat, of Walkersville, wcs thrown ?r m bngjy in a runaway accl dent near Wslkertville, Saturday even Ing, sod hsd on: araa and hhollar bone broken. O,3t.lficatka* of thai they shall be property owners, tax psjen, resident* of the d-s'.rfet and reai- desvs of vhe county two years. They get H a day tor tetual sett tee, *sd we to serve jointly with ib« uicssora at-large ia Use!r rccpectire dUlr'.ct* oeir. Tae assestors-al Urg« arc to ii*t«rc!e« when itx n«*a«aieCv» of e*va cuirlci ne 10 te s.fti« aad to aotity ihe dlt'.tUt kwcMcrs of the time. Te iM««t®rvi'. lv:;^ td lu:r!c! ii«if»oi» »!!· onxi »· tfce Cocn HOOM Jaae^aBdeaierapoa iheii datirs lmm«duiely the sMeeson wt.i ««aU oat by uuktl. blaakft which properly uwocrs are to 5!! oa;, git Ing * full tad c jtnp-tu; iUt of property they own. vt!olo£ I. M iu kctati vtlae "to ibe u-.mai: tern be may believe tbe tame K b« worth la " The k »ak* fcn to t* fillet! oc: e of 20 days. JOHN HBIDRIOKSON. The V!)cU*At dote Cumpinjr, of £m- mtuoafg, ha* elected officer* to serve during ie catalog year, fbe folio flag were elected: President, V. E. Howe. rice presldtn', OKSJT D. FraU}, secre tary, W. H. Troiell; tivuurer. J. Heary acake»; cspialn, Charle* R. Hoke; first lleatenant, Howard Rider, stcoad lien- teaant, Barry Stout; chief acxxleman, W. K. Ashbaath; hoen director, Joseph D. Caldwell. The reports of tbe dlffannt offl^rs showed the company to be In a prosperous condition. Its membership numbers thirty elxht active firemen. During tbe put year Kmmllsbarj hu suffered no loss from ores. Ituece. The following is a list of the advents id letters remaining In the Frederick Xty poetomce Saturday, May (Kb, 18W. To obtain any of these letters, the applicants must call for adttrtittd fetters. i not called for within two weeks they may be sent to the dead letter office: QKKTUXKS'S LIST.--Frank Ahovn. Author tent*. J. M.OrouM, ill L. Downs, (fa. Itav*. ir. aiMwortbr. John N. fjler. 0. Eoert, D»u!el H«Ilni»n, OuurlM HurrU, WUliam JODOU. Lewis Lintob. Lenuo Miwbell. Featon Mitchell, Ctutrie* Uqrrar, Frank MDI!». John Stlne. D. H. ehult. W. «. Sttncoo. A. J, Wit- blto, Joba WeUer. Wm. Walkvr. LAons' LIST.--MlM B. A. Bot«lor. M*rr Brown. Mn. Joha W. Garulae, Mm. Wai. Qruer.Mr*. H. U. Hatuluiw, Munle Mtoo. Mrtu U. M. 8noaff«r. ttn. Thr«M 8b«meld. Mn Sarali L. Water*, B«Mle WlUiam*. 8mr*. The Frederick county supporters of tfsjor McKloley for president are sure hat he will be nominated on tne first jsllot. They say that the Itaders an *"Zt!sg irjuuil iur a tice-pregiuent. LOOAx, MENTION Dr. Hardesty will resume his professional visits for the treatment of eye and ear diseases and will be at the City HoUl on Thursday next, 14lh lost, «t 18 o'clock, and remain until Friday at 2p. m. _ In my walk ap Market St., I dropped [n at W. R. Bteiner'r. He asked me to look over hit buildings and grounds. He told me no one has any idea what a large and extensive place be has by passing by It oa the street or road I find that as often u I have been then I did not know what an extensive place it wu and I thought to myself, what an elegant place it would be for the proposed bicycle factory, or for a lumber yard, or for a manufacturing plant of any kind, as then Is plenty of water mnd au necessary buildings. This property will be sold at public sale at the City Hotel in this city on Saturday, May 16th, 1896, at 11 o'clock a. m , and is worthy of tbe inspection of enterprising business men. OHABLSS B Four. Twenty Oente will bay one gentleman's two blade Vest Pocket Knife and one box of Magic Shoe Blacking--Qaynn's Hardware Store, But Patrick street. The Frederick Building Association will commence a new ssries of stock June 6th, 1896 Persons desiring shares will make early application to J. W. L. Cany, secretary. Dues an 15 cents per week, representing $100. The association loans to members at the nte of 416 LOO per cent, per annum. By paying a title more per month than Is now pud lor rent members can own their homes and pay for them In weekly lastalments at a low rate of lateral. John 0. Hirdi, President. · Funitare PoUea, Maaoline, the great Furniture polish, makes old furniture look like new. Qnyan's Hardware Store, Bast Patrick St. BeaaovaL J. J. Kennedy, Tailor and Repairer, bu removed his shop to Ho. 48 8. Mar ket street, near the bridge, when he is prepared to do all kinds of cleaning, pressing aad repairing clothing at reasonable rates. BEST A KEPLBR. PBtrrr. sw»»r. DBIICATX AKD WX SHOUT BAT A 0O2BV OTBXB THtxea or THB OB9AHDIM OPBVBD Off OCB OOTTHTVU Iff THB tAST 1BW DAW. L10HT AffD DAJffTT, OAICUUsTXD TO ADD A TOUCH OT ALMOfcT CBUsV- XXAIi OOMtOBT:tO 100 Iff THB BRADB. DOKT HBSITATB OR AC- OOITltTOr THBCOKT-THB PSK3B WILL MOBB TflAff FLBA8B TOP. KlPUCR'B, 01 KOBTH KABEBS ST. ?. a.-ir rotr WAH r A SHIBT WAIST TBAT WILL Wit, CALL Off Tja. MDLUN1X* nriBi :TJX KZRIT WINS. «TttB ROYAL Sosaedays afowtcalM the atteatto* of the pmUktoaaew line of "high grade" wool car- pett, "Tae Boral lagnlna," aocMthtnf sew for Frederick, beaattfaldewfaeaad an enttn new weave wafck wfll outwear any wcol carpet ever pat on the market. We an the -first" to show them IB this city, so far they have been ready sellers,evea thomf h they be higher in prioe Uaa tee ordinary wool carpets generally keot; It wQl pay jou to see them If you an Interested in carpets, they stand on their own merits and will speak for themselves. Another big invoice of fiae cotton warp Buttings jut arrived, such elegant styles and h'idsome weaves never be- fon offend tor to little money. KBMP. T HJ MODXL, . 38. LITTLE BOW8 FOk THB ttlOH TCBJC iXiWK COLLAKS IN NE:K bCAur-aea THtsa BI ALL MEANS. NIWBBLTe. Kil) AMU OTHBJt- WUB. ASK TO BBS THE NEW ROYAL IT-MADB or FBBNOB OONTIL J f A N H AMD INTO AN HIGH IDBAL Or SHAPE AKD riNIBB. PKICB tl.OO. F1KI OPBNBD. CCKTAISB JC6T JOHN HENDRICKBON. F. V. BTADB. OVER3TOCK1D, MOST QO. 4 CARS BEST TOMATOES, MO. 5 " 8OODCOBN, U9C. 3 " EARLT JITKB PBAP t »a 2 " PINEAPPLES, '35C. 2 " DBSEBT PBACHB8. 3SC. F. V* STATJB. NOKTH MABKET 8TBEBT. TBLBPHONX CONHBCTIOK3. DOLL BBOTBEB8. T~\OLL BROTHXBB. 9» AKD 101 HOBTH StABKBT BT. BIOBB. L BADBB Of T OW RflJ3filW Off JUOW LADNDBIBD BHIBT WAIST. ODBBaiBTWAiaTOCTFCTorLAST 8BA80B 18 A JlATTBB Of HIBTOBT. WB'VB MAJDB PBEPABATIOffS TO DOD00BL1THBBALBTHIB 0BA80K. MOMTBB AOO WB BBBAN LATIK6 THB LIHBBt THlBlft ADTAKOB aBIPMBICTBABB ALLOH8ALB NOW. THU STOBB IB THB PIPOTFOB 8HIBT WAIST 80PPLIB8; QOT A BOTAL B roOK YOB TOP TO PICK VBOM. THB BEST IB BBTBB TOO GOOD iXBOtTB FrjBUO.AMD WBTB OOt THB BEST or B«OH KIMD AKD HBABLT ALL flOOD TIME TO BUT ICO W. LAO1B8 KID LOTP8, HBBB ABB TRB OHLT BBALLT HEW THIN8B Iff 0LOTB8. 4 L1BOE SIB W HOOKS, aaOWiHBAVT BVBEOIDBBT, X IKOH BZTKA WBLT. BLACK* WITH WHITB BMBEOID- BBT, WHITB HOOKB AMD WHITB WELTH. BLACKS WITH BLACK flOOBB, WBLTB AKD EMBBOIDBBT. TAffa. WHITB AffD BBOWMB WITH BLACK AffO 8BLr COLOBBD BM- BBOIDBBT, HOOKS AMD WELTS TO MATCH BM.BBOIDBBT. B1ZBBBXTO7. THia iBABBAUlirULOLOTB. OTJB PBIOBtUW. DO LL BODOOK TDODOCK*KEJULQ. A F-BBFB7T SeMovk* liaf-. bc*et:t«' a*", em? Aihy ?-:: v. t -- · g«fi mat ttthifjOMttM irvtt. J joe i.- tUt*o.7vtt are nS'»it-- O.-^f ic OorKcre «ai we w^i aocr.iae j _ w* t. at" ecxtnun bn?f ap riCoct ot '-!·; ok MUOOCK * HEiXi6. A. T. aiOB ft SONS. TABuIBHKD 1800. A. T. Rio* SONS. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. TELBPaOHBTt. JAMES B. WALKER » OO B. WALKER * OO. MINU FDBH18HINGS. ABBAOTIFUL HBQLIOE 3H1R1, FINE LIGHT WEIOBT MADK4.S OL01H. FAST IN CCLOB ASDrSiT COOL. SOMETHING VERT DEBIB- ABLB FOB 8CMMEK WBAB. ACOUPLEIB LIMB Of TBIKTJK- 0EKWEAK IK ALL QUALITIB8. CAMBRIC AND DIMIT7 NIQHT BHISTS. B. * w. COLLABJ:AKB CUFF8, TIBS. BOW8. GLOVJ6, HOBIBBT, AC. THB BE3T SOO. WH JTB BHIBT IN TOWK.;WS PAT PABTIOCLAB ATTBKTIOK : TO THU DBPABTMBXT. LOOK AT IT WHEN YOU NEED FIXING UP. £)· W ALKER A uu. BUILDINQ LOTS. ·r\O DBBIKABLB in Morlb-Wwt Addition to Frederick, st;fn«i 11.00 TO 94,00 A FBOKT FOOT, according- to looUloo. THSSt ABB BABGAlSb, sod now is tbe time to bur wall* ther ar*;ae- yor particulars and "~ GEO. fi. ZlMMBBMAf. DOLL'S. D |OLL'8 flOTBL CAFE. Allta* d«UoMi« of tee teuton an beta*: served at prlcm as low a* pcMitM* bf ooBpeum and attssrtiv* waiter*. ODB OIMIM8 BOOMS ABB BBIGHT AKD CHBBKFPt, Fraffs, 6oncnu.I)evlledCnba, Lit* Lobsun, Clcas la ·v«xr «yl«. ELBQAIIT SHELL OTBTBB8. A rermlar diaetr s«md tnry dar ^. The Lifht and Datk i*«t I aat dim*' S» *V°** »" 1»«*** .«»· Hl" pnnaasil. Always rnshaadwoL C. D. DOLL J. F. HSENfiAUIR. BAILLNQ6. BT RBCB1VBD AKOtHBB IKTOICBOf THE CBLE- BBATBD TUSTABBJTAD. BWBBT POIATOBV, 8PBIK8 OKIOK8, BULB, BEET3. HAMS, B. BAOOK, CHIPPBD BBBr. BBBADsadOAKBa. MILIlod CBBAM. , w« fcav« oeiaad ui grades et WHIBEBa, BTJM. BIX AKD BBAKBT. Liquors for Metleleal ywrpoMS LAGBB BBBB. TBB 8BBAT BLOOD MBDICIWE AMD TOBIK. OKLT MO. PBB BOTTLB. THB BAILIKe OBOCBBT OO. 87 North Market Bt. CENTRAL HARDWARE XX PAINTS i PAIMTSI \PA1KT81 WAfiOH AKD IMPLBMBBT PAIKTB. CABB1AOB PATHTBU HOOSBHOLD OOLOBB. EOCBBPAIXT*. BHAMBL PAJQCTC, BAE1K8 X3AMI^, (for B**rde ew), TOPDKB38IKO. OIL8. TABKISBBB, AC. *J»r. HBXHHAI7ZB, MAKAGXB, A, B.HAEOBTTT. r^W-M--^-ji_--u--i -~ if*Sf ·~n-"a-- i CjUMULNB SOHWBITZBB AMD NBCFCHATBL OHBBSB. HALF-PUTT BOTT. TBT/ BF, x x: XJOOK OOT FOB. THB Big THJKTWinBAM JO A

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