The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on April 28, 1891 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1891
Page 3
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v'LVP.'Bak'er-went out; last tugti; on^No. t ; i."E- Anderson' was np from Glencoe'laSt - - " ' · ' ~ " " ~ ' ~ ' " " : m^MlHipi^^ ~~ DAY^TKffilJItiE:TUESpAY^ APKTIx 28 1891 . tenper- ,h» ps5t twenty-four hoars. .0.00 -- "" ^~^ '· - ~ " ^ I)- 0- b- winds: . . -27.--Korth DaVdta- Kirk'-pras an arrival from Helena: yesterday. . fc ._'^._ " ~ '" - ."-' -: 'Peter..^ErStftm., of. Wogansport, took fa. the city yesterday- _ . .- . ' F.'W. Kfuse, of "Arlean, X. Y-, sp^nt Sun- at the Sheridan. - ' . - G . w . Critchfield, of Valley City, spent the Sabbatu -with as. · _ . _ . ; "·" TRAIN'S ABKIVK. 1. Pacific Mail - - »· : 'KASTWAKD: , iTlistic Hail, - . ·· 925 a. E. - 12:15 a-"m. _ 2.-05 a. in 8.-05 p. m ACCOSE20DATIOX: P- a. HE Is apj?roachine KRAlai bore n U3 yoar paper t.- (/J.for the Tl ioore." IS JULIE F iji v.'tiere did you gqt that-purp? D no.t fail to hear the Rose of Castile to-, ipen- it- "P liBhr,-so as to let pis H." - . - jriii-Yesterday. to ilr. and .1IK5. Bert V. 3 SOU. - ' ^TS. ipreiae- court convenes in this..'city S'froiu to day. - · - , " " ' - lide, Kellv/slide:-' was very:! apprbpri- T used yesterday. -*_ ---. . J^Fa~ic"Juer is kept busy "nowaday** rdfug patents for sellers on the res- itiou.-- - ' . - - - - ' : -McDonald 1 retur.nea to her eastern home Sunday evening. ... ... . . · · .." D.-Al-.StocSiogs/o.tXjickinson was regis- Commissioner Hsrrnbh and-. Secretary ; -Highest of all iri-Leivecing^Power^---IT. S.' Gov't'B.epqrt, -'Aii§£jx'7,"1889. C has.-.Roth,Til. :W-~-Leahy-arid- James i over from Mandanjyesterday.: rah. Currie: Let us have, a game of. I will "John. DaureTSon ana Merchant; Retersoh: vrere down from Painted Woods yesterday. ..·- J. JLCouchman. of Bralnecd, was smonjj The Sheridan house guests ou the Lord's day. * ' · " " " - . Ed. S- Allen and Ed. Patterson "returned, from a, business trip to" Minneapolis j_y"es- Ilon.-R. N. Ink was no,Irom Wahpeton Sunday, renewing his acquaintances St the capital. - - . . , . ' ' - ' · ·-. Peter O. Anderson was down Irnm Painted Woods Sunday-, and dined at the Caster. _ : ^ " . " S. E.tJuIbertson, of Aberdeen, and.H. if. Williams, of Chicago, · Sundayed at the Sheridan. . ^ . --"U. M. Turner,'manager of the .Bismai "roller mills, was . passenger 'on'"Ivi 'eastbound, last nigirt - - f --Dr. F. R.Smythe,'formerly ofAVashburn, ·was in the city Sunday." He has decided to locate at Stetle and practice his profession. C. W. Soidell, of Storm Lake, Iowa. Henry Blake, of Ling Lake and L. T. Buckley, of Armstrong, were at the Western yesterday. . , .MrsrQohn Satt-erlund, accompanied by: her. dauKhterS Hilda and Lula, retutnedf- from an extended trip through-Montana ENtera- ABSOLUTELY PURE PBO.PQSJa.;FOR INDIAN SUPPLIES can be worn without caiisinR convenience.' ' " . ' " ' v ' · · ; · Do not be deceived by misrepresentation..; All other so-called w poroas plasters are imitations; made to-sellon^he -reputation of AUcock's. ' -"_ Al!cocfs.and let no solicitation , . "6'f /explanation induce you^o accept a .sob-. stltutfc .* · - '" · ' "^'^·^^^"f-:'-' ~ ' Lad'ies-peveV-n'are any\5y : -':pepsia after a winfii silass'ot' -Angostura Bitters.'the gan- ujnelof Dr. J. G.jB._Siecert" Sons. Woman's Aid Society. _".".": *_' terian churcb. will .meet Wedesjay afternoon of this week with = Mrs. AsaVFjsher, from two until five. '- " ."-.-·..-.-.--^ - - GRACE C. Wn.soJr, ·· Secretary pro tern. -- ,( r oetweeii the fats and the leans. 3 for one. -" "". . _ "." "* -.- Se'eTtt- Jay temterance meetings will be" fn the t'resbyienan church on Thurs- auTi ""Friday ; -b-egnming- atr-t:30-uadir i account of. the Abbie^ Car-rinRton -a troupe entertainment this eveuiflR, "whist club-met with J^dge and -Mrs icliester last night. ' · . ' . . . · cele Ozone: E. J. Moore, the popular ^luan in Dan Eiseuberg's dry-Roods es-_ Uhnient was down - from Bismarck .sday, drumming up trade. ' . a not forget-the question box at the perauce meetings-Thursday" and Fri. This will be a splendid opportunity everyone to-iearn all about the prohibi,- ·. law. . · - - . - · · jis Hrrajd: _Th_e JSatling 'gun Vvay,""and Laeut. -patten, n Ft. SuKlling.-has been" detailed ta "in- ict the inembers of Company '-F" in'ns Jitidvfll-warfare.- - ; : " . · nvone willinK to loan blobmins_plants, pntrihate cut flowers for decorating .the. rph for the "meetings ^Thursday and lay will- please reporj .to Mrs. E. L nee or Afrs. J. H. Marshall. b b i e C m ngton sm;b in Dr Thomas' rch, .Chicago, when, she -is not out on road io the "thoubauds "who g rtht ilrastnous (in me prt ach arc .oilier jjiousaads .wlioattehatlie church ear Abbie Carringtou sing. Sunday Anight. Talk's cheap,' hut when it's.;backed, up by a pledge of the hard caah'pf a financially responsible firm, or company, of worldwide reputation for fair and honorable dealing,'it means business!, : iSo.w. there are scores of sarsaparillas and other blood nurifiers, all cracked up to be the best, pure, t, rnps.t^).eculiar arid-won- derfuV but bear in" mind (Tor .-.your own sake, V there's only one jjuarariteed" blood- purifierand remedy for torpid.liver anoVall diseases' that come f romtne~blood. -----,,·· That one^-standinK solitary aiid._aione.-- sold.on "trial, Is . . :· . "· " Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery. ". If it doesn't do'good iff skin, scalp .and scrofulous- diseases-- and -pulmonary con- _surnpti«n is only-lung-scrofula--just let its makers know and j?ei your, money-back.. Talk^s cheap, biit to back "a poor inedi- cine;~or~a~comm"on~bney" by"selling : it on trial, as ;."Golden-.Medical Discovery" is sold.'.would bankrupt the- largest fortune. Tajfe cheap, but only ."Discovery" is guaranteed. . . . - ' . . - ' Clasliled Sinners, "Eight sinners carne forward for prayers last night," sai'd a. gentleman- conducting revival services in this city; "eight sinners. and som.e of rib standing at alL". "SVhat wonld John "Wesley, have said to such a speech as that, or what his inspired- brother'Charles?". Social stand ing discussed at the"altar! · / « . · - » - · . : -Aato'ryis related, that when bnB"day~the Duke of Wellington was : kneeliig-ar"the altar to partake, of ^the,.cQi?iliitmiori a peas 1 aut knelt_by.hfs Eideiorthe-Bame religions purjxse.^-Ah.officions person standing : by, whispered in words the Iron Dnke could,.. iiot but "overhear: "Come a-way from there. Don't "you know-you are kneeling by the sid_eof"the Duko' : pf "\Vellingtou?" "Let him remain," iBterrupted the diike;-"there is no riink" at this^a^tar."--Cincinnati Tinles-Stiir.- ' . - " t -'"' '."' sv L\.?n,b sermon on the games of J-^^urce 01 pride to the people of «the north ace lias h'ad-aibad effect o'n tlre^toiirna- ' " - ' * ' - - - - - · " - - '-· it ruiiniEuj team. The boys think tuey B about one chance out of/five and they I'L he jc it; .But they are going. to" try thi same v r. Be Hit \ retuniLd from G*rand Forks di\ morning IwiMng been duly In led department commander nf the -.G' for "Sorch Dakota, and also assuming duties ui adjuiantr general, a position ! : Hands Of Governor Burke. N e w s Presiding sU( r 0t Bismarck, was around the citj iVediiesday shaking hands and wishing": 1 to his manj friends of aluduiomini s. which he made: here-wnile minister- .to tht, vvants of sinners poor and 1\ Abbie Carrlncton, The coming of tht sweet singer, whose renown extends :to the uttermost, bounds ·of emli/ahon will be hailed with deligh ·by the citizens of this city and county, "Slie"is i mti\ e of the northwest, her noroe being in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and thi iria'kes.hT success and fame still more v :a --pkEPAKTMENTQETHE HvTElUOS, offioe U ot Indian Affuirfe-.WasHngton^ April 4.1Sfl. --Sealed proposals, indorsed "proposals for bc^f, (bids f on beefraus? be BbViiuJtted ia: Beparate en- voloQ^). bacou; dour, ·;cloihiiiK,_ or- tranfiporta- tion, etc-," (as tho case may-'be, and" directed to thg Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Noa.65 and 67 Wooster'street, New York, will be roceived untill p. m. of Tuesday.lilay 5,1831,'for fornifh- inc for the Indian-servicy ttbdut. 900,OCQ .^pounds bacon; S1.OOU.000 pound^tx¥ f qri tha' hoof.'1,600,- OOQ -Donnda net oeeL SSO,t^(} ponnd?--bfaEB,-_Sl,000 pounds baking powiier;^"ilOO,GC)0 -pnunds-'ittoni. IlsIOCO ponudsfoed, (i.COO pounds:hard' bread, 40,000 pounds hominy, 80.000 .pounds lard.. 600 barrels me*s pock. ^,uOO pounds oatmeal, SGO.iKX) pounds oata, 110,000 poua'dsrics.^.OOO pounds tea, 117.000 pounds coarse 'Salt, 150.00U pounds fia» salt. SOO.OOO pounds,eoap v l,100,(XXH pounds^.ugar,. 412.0CO pounds whsat. - . . . ' · . . . '---·- .-._ Also, blankets, woolen and cotton goods, (con- BittLngia part of ticking. 17,000 j-artt; 'standard cilico, 100,000 jards; drilling. 22,001 j-ards; iJuck, free frdm^all siziiiK. 34,000 yards; deniirrs, · 20.000 jardajgingham, SSO.UX)- yards^ Iventnclcy-jeans, 14,000 yards; cheviot. 20,(X)0 yard?; .brown cheet- inR. 230,000 yards; blenched sheeting, 45,000 yards; ;bickory shirting,-- 15.0CO-- yards;^tiud, 8,000 yards; winsey, 4.000 yards); -clothin^rrKro- ceries, notious," hiidware, - medical snpplies, Bchoul books, etc., and a lorgjist of miscellaneous -articlce, such, ad- haruess," plows, rakes, forks, etc., and"for. about 573 -wagons required for the servic«,' delivered at Chicago, Kansas i. ity and Sioux City. _ Alfo for each -wagons RS may bo required, adapted to tho climate of the Pacific-roast, with California, brakes, dJUvered snch " of tho articles. Roods and supplies that-hiay 'not' be contracted for to be delivered at tee agencies. - . - ' ' · BEDS 1TUST BS HADE OUT. ON GOVERNMENT .Can'tractcd tire-Habit -School. - Madstrn.te--You're charged with b Besg:iF--i w;isu't beggin', ynr vrorshnp'.. Magistrate; -But j-qii wfere seen holding o u t your hand. . ' . - . . - - Beggar-r-Tt's .tHis . way, yer -wpjahp.p,....I. had to hold out my band so _unich at school _ thai'.now I can't break myself of th,e.Jaabit!'- jr and repairing -prom-ptly attended-to. HERE f ? T x Y T A N O DON'T YO.U : FORGET IT! JOS. -Fresh and Salt Meats and Groceries, Etc., Better Place Can be FouncLT The OH Stand--Main Street ·WESTERN. H0PSE. IS THE BEST S1.50 HOUSE IN THE CITY. CEXTRAL. ROOMY ; , . ._OI J PpHIT£TSH£iUDiN HOUSE, MAIN STREET. N. B.--Special rates by the week." . " _ . E. 8. BEARDSlLETi', Proprietor. PURE WINES AND LIQUORS ONE CENT A WORD COLUMN J^OlfSiljE--4. span of ^ood horses, and. 10 -*- years old,-wai?on and harness^ complete. I*rice S17o oaah. Call at John Yesen'sy Bismarck. -. Schodoles showing the kinda and qnantities'of Enbsistenco'Ebpplips required for ' each agency and school, : and th^ kinds and qnantiuea in grosi. of .All.:othe"r goods and articles, together with blank" proposals, conditions to- be.. observed Tiy- bidders, timB'and plac43 o£ delivery, terms" of eontractrspcTjwiyznent, transportation 'rontpa and -all jDthtr necessary instrnctions-will-bo-fnriiie^ed i upon application" 'tri'tne Indian oflice.ia Wash~ inston, or N os: 65 - ;BndMJ7.. -Woqster" Btreet, .Ne w York; the coramissariefl, ot* Bntsiistence, U. tf . A.. .t Cheyenne, Chicago;. -IJeJirenworth, Qma^ia. "Saint LOUJB, Saint Patd_-.atid. San'-' Francisco; po^tmaste^3 at SiotLi City, lo.wa; Yankton, Bonth Dakota; Arkansas Cirsv'Caldwell.-Toceka and "W-ichita^Kansas, aridTncs-in;Ari5ranji:"- · ... ." r TEe hght i reserved by'ihe Government to fe- ·jeccany and all bids,,o£anj-"p"art of; any bid, and- tiiesa proposals . aro invited under proviso that appropriation shall be made" fortho' supplies bs Congress. ·_'-·'· Bids will be opened at the hor'and "day abovo stated; and bidders' sjre invited, to be present at - " J ~ JIUSCATEI. .CLAIVET, 4. Klrl for "general- housework/ Apply Mrs. J)ePuy, Avenue D., between Third and Fourth.' : · .'- as well a,s populir judgment at cord to lit r *f1re exalted position of queen of the operatic stage, one ever wore the laurels with more be^ coming grace and womanly dignity han she Mature'hns indeed bestowed upon her tht virtues and .graces ot her sex .with-a'lavish'. liana, and-to:those natural gifts'have been added the 'highest Rultu'r^. and refinement--At--t-ht--Athenemn, sup ported bj a strong company, to-night - Secure a seat-all^ C.DeGraff's. ^i HeJuii nr-the victim of the Northern IDC bnaKc Su£,dent \\t-,t of Mandan, 1 while being leiuovgd from that, place leBraini'tdsanitarium. The doctors con-, red it necessary that he sliojild xeceive pital treatment, but life Had fled belorV institution was reached. H Bumstead was made happy Snnda lie arrival of his wile" son^and daugh ~ Mm Chicago iTr Bumstead Is vice ilaent of tbe Northwestern Live Stock- panj and ik well pleased with the ipecis offered by the Missouri slope family wilUrriaKe their. · home. "at'- the" ilern house for the present. t a meeting of the trnsXt^CTche tour- ^·nt ninning team^rirwas decided to " r ' LJI " - i-l'mllTcogivp his tean,! dailj :tice undtr tournament rules untiliri nij? inspection- will take e before the trustees and : chief of-the- wtnieiiL- If the company present satis-; »rj- appeara_nce;no pains will be spared letter received to-day from ."thVeditor- '^'"T'Kellogc and Jewell--announced arrival at Charles'to'wui,"S. C.,-en ro»le iceau to New York'city. "Keg" is rt- «a as totally -succumbing, to ^the'in- ices of i aider Neptune, and as .ex-. »' n g nimself as :not -caring "a rap tner ths-ship weut to the famous "hole-- ie_oottoiD. of the sea," or-noL- ' " " Grace'ilulr,- the old: . da nRhter "of Mr. and Mrs. ,' of Hunttsr, - went cut last Lb" the 'P rai ne, .-K'atherinK- flowers to eat Some kind of a poison- m-ttacffects of which'-. she esdayT- ThFs Is a sad blow to ,"" ved Parents, and.- the r have the ,,,, ea 2 1RStrs ym'p_athy Of "the entire i y r'-'\ this hour of -t-li6ir terrible pttle.Grace was -a. bright, ;" sweet: onate . chiM . aRd"-th"e .family W e dolate witliput -her P Bon't Throw up the Spongre! * That hideous .ogre,-Giant -Dupair; often' fastens hia clutch upon tlio chronic Invalid Constantly.plagued by dyspepsia, biliousness' and constipation--nervous and sleepless too-: what .Wonder .Is'Itthat fcavinp; vain, a'rnultitnde dI.ji8el.eBS remedies ho is ready, figuratively speaking, to ' throw up tha Bponije." - Tjtt the unfortunate "take heart of grace," -Hostetter 1 ! StomacL.Bitters :Can and will patV terminus to his trials. It'. Rtien£th- .^SBS the stomach, confers nervonj viKor. by promoting assimilation o£. the food,: arouse j the liv«r when: dormant, and -relaxes the towels wlthont pain. The ability to dicest and asslrnllatajestnted the ability to sleep follows. ^Nothing then c»n stay-the renewal: of health but imprudence. Hostetter's Stomach Bitten, moreover, transcend! all others aa'a'remedj for malarial, rheumatic and kidney complaints. A.winejlusfnirthree times a. day. On.ilay 1st, A. Logan will nave an; .expert ca^trator at his place of business .Those desiring tneir colts ^castrated by _an experienced and - thoroughly competent man should give him a rail. -,- ^ .-. _'. "" Mr. J. B: Taylor'.finds it will Hae inipossi- ble to get good gentle driving horses -In the west^and ha^ehahgcd'his programme. He wifl start forJUinoifT-at once and .return in.ahouttwo weeks. Due announcement will-be made. . . . ';_ " ... ~ ; W ANTED--A^yonns inan with good refer- pncca as traveling Balesmeii on .comniiB- 6ion-in North Dakota and Montana. .Applj- to Bandall'HaH Co., WhoksafeCntlery, -lOiJjako St., Chicago. " . - ' . - . . . - ..1 F 'OB 9A.LE--Eight mares at ^orthv,Bt ^farain irtnelGo's office 200 acres of cropland for-rent~ Gr^Vr-Waggoner. -Ci IO difitnct clerk s records-- Send jour order to the Bismarck TRIBUNE for tho new books to comply with thp last school lavr Hchopl treasury rec;ords-on : hand, 'clerks' records and -srarrant books. . Order froni BISMARCK BUSINESS CARDS -Attorneys at F ^BANOIS BAHNES, . Union Block. M J-EDGLKLY, . ATTOKNEY AT Booai No. 1; Central brock. irfusic. P ALMtB'B CirY "BAN]) ANl5 OHCHESTBA. BlBHAECK, I* B Db'nblea in braBB-sind string. Music farniahed for all* occasions.^ Prices reasonable. 'Address H. H. Palmer,-Biamarck, N. D. TAB KATO OfEco at residence, avenues B and C, PERKINS, Seventh street, .-between ^ OEHTII1ED CHECKS." ' _ . All bids must be 'abcoiifpanie-l -by certified checks or drafts npoitsome -United States depository-or tho i'irst JJational bank o'f San Francisco, Gal., for at least five per cent, of tho amount of the proposal.. T-. J. MOBGAN, -i'271-b -- LTOO. · - . - - · - . - CnmmiEsioner. 9 O M: AHST STREICT, BISM4KCK, "-.'. I). Groceries and Provisions BAKERY J5.00 Reward. Lost or stolen from a Street's stock c ir, on the niglit oL tire Ibth. inst be hveen Mandan and Medina, N D , a npw CollinsjN6-.-128 stock saddle."_ The above" regard will be paid for return of saddle or information leiding to its return If saddle fs returned, rowdr-d will be paid a.n,d no qnestiorrs asked. Address, . . . R. FlNGKK,' Sonth Heart, N D Or this paper - BLACK I will start a town herd Monday,. April 27th. Stock will be herded at 60 cents per head. . ; " - . - . . ' " r ../ vMns. MLLLEK. ' ^ Go tcTMrs. Bannerman's for ice cream^ "Id district-attorney -matter of Regis- es was hefpre Judge Wmches- '- 011 a ^lussian. as to -the K3of factby the court. : Last indce decided adversely -to Mr. L a r - yesterda y' s "proeeedings was " f i n i s h -the-record in order to TT, S ^ e t o - t h c "supreme court .;ff"i ' and N ewton appeared for l f vRegister, and Messrs. Francis i-d fh r ^ Or the "defendant,:- It 'is^'ex- w Im s ndlnjts 0{: f «ctand conclusions" announced, by Judge". Wln- after May 1st, all dry goods" and ^ tores ii Bismarck will-close at p. m..escept Saturday. - .- of " colcs " to ""Pasture _ j - ' - . A.? LOG AX. 3 "earn to-daTa^MrsT Bannerman's.' ~ J.'B.-Taylor "has arrived ana lias a Cleveland Bay-' and..Clyde.;s.tallions; ready, for service at.his-place, south ^ide -of track, near mill."' Terms and .particulars will he- published later. " " _ . ' " . " A t t e n t i o n , Fire Department. ;, "In compliance .with.the pfovisions of the .city.orrlinances, the Bfsmarck Fire Department will meet at the city hall-at.8 o'clock p. m."on Monday, May 4th, 1891, for., the purpose of electing one-chief and \qne assistant engineer, to s'erve during the ensuing year." " " - - · . . : . . . . - " . - ' - - - " - ''. ' .-A. VAN HOES', . - ' ---;-----:-- ;:"A'cting Chief Engineer;- ; -Bismarck, X. D-VApril 22,1891. . - " - Clydesdale Stallion. gir ye'ars old,-1BV4 hands high, weighs 1;400 2)8 in condition. · Terms, S10 to insure. - Q level and Bay v :. . " -_ - "«' ' -.' ", . - . , . " - - * · . " ' Eilisli Coil StallM ·V-fs manoi^any bsr, 6 years bld,'16Vs hands high. ·ffiigljt l.apaihs. \VH1 stand for serrica at stable ofnndersifjned nearthfi mill. .-Terms', Sla to insare. '.All ;accideDtfl.n.t risk of oft-ners. - - - . - · _ " ' - · . . ' . . . - - -x ' - / - . . · .; :TKOPOSAL9 FOK 1ILL1TABY JL Office of Chief Qnartermask?r, T DBpartmfnt of D.ikotai St. Panl,.Mirin.,iMa!T,h-;iO.-1891-. 8RA-LED PROPOSALS will "be received at this office,.or -at tho following named poets, and at Helena, Mont.", "antil 12 o'clock m,, on.; April" 30. 1881, and opened immedint«ily"after ic.preaenco oLbidderei-forfarniBbiaKand delivery -of such WOOD, COAL, HAY, MTKAW, CO1JN.- OATH, HRAN and CHARCOiL. dnrinB the .fiscal iear i-omrn encine -Jnly. 1; 183l, ? as may bo r«jnired at Dolnth St. Pan! and Fo-rt3nellinf?." Minn;; Madison and- Milwaukee, Wia.: Forto Abraliajm Lincoln, Bnford;" Pembinaaifd Yates, North UJakota; Brookinga and Forts JSennettr-SIeade and rtnlly, South Oakota; Helena ; and:.Forts AssinniboinfiT (faster, Keogh, Mossoala, Shaw and Camp Poplar River, Mont., and Camp Shendan."Wyo. Preference will be given, to articltsof home production far manufacture, conditions of qualify and prico (inclndiue in tho price of foreign prodnctions or manufacture, ; the. dnty thereon) b«ing equal. Blank forms" of proposals "and fnll instrnctions to bidders:will be f Qrnished on applicFitioa to ttna' office, or -to "the Quartermasters at the varions posts"named.^-JOHN V. J?UKEY, QQarterrnaii- -ter^TJ. 8.-Army, Chief -QnartermaHter.. -_ : '_ _ "·__ Tuesday 'NigEtJ April 28 ·Engagement '" ··-·'-. -- -.'"'."',, Extraordinary Per Cose. 8 3.50 --MO-3.50 ...... 3.50 ...:.. 3.M 3.M t.-V) O1S .;H Hciml tiy Draft,iixpix-s OrJer,-V- O. Jluncy OH!LT i.r check, or Wi;I send ca-.'y;u-sot-:^^l iis ili-sir'.xl^t.lso half cii-scs, at luxlf.pricc oT v-'u ;rur!ra.iitei; t h u .supci-ior quality and absolute parity ot nvcrj package shipped py u. J, A, BURPJGHTER CO 13 MANHOOD! How LostJ How Regained! 'Medical: Work for Yonnp and Edition. ^' KNOW THYSELF. Or SELF-PKESEKVATION. A new and only GoldMedalPOnviiESSAI onlTERVOUS and PHYblCAI, JI Bin-Ti, EKKOK8 of YOUTH, EXHATjSTtD^ItA r»ECI.IX;, ami all of3£AJ«. SOOpagcs,cloth, gilt, 12j invaluable preacnptidns. Only fl.OO _gy=_ HJal j r -dosole eea'ed.--Bejcnptive-- ' us with e n d o r s e m e n t s p O P P l SEND of the Pre s and voluntary fKf f j MHUT testimonials of the cured. · I !»·*·« f* u "- Consnltation in person or by mail Expert treatment- I?,VIorAlJI-E SECEECY and CEE- TAIN CUKK. Addreas Pr. .-W.-H. -Parker, or The Peabody Medical ihstitnte,"-No..4 Bnl- finch St_;Boston,Mass. orPoitOfflceBoxlSSr _ The Peabody .Medical Institute h~s many 1ml- **tors but no eauaL---Herald. /(Copyrighted.) : THYSELF ONE FACT 1 ·IS^WOKXHr. A Thousand · : Theories. v The Twenty-year .Tontine policies 'of the Equitable life.: Assurance Sopiety matnring in:1891r-etnrn the policy holder -ali. : the premiums. paid, and'ther foiJo^ing- rates -of- Interest on'the premiams . which have ;· been ... paid -during the-' twenty. ·years, in addition .to the assurance of "his life "during- the e'ntire.peripdf:-' : ~ "'.- /. ""·-SO-" Year'-" 'rn in ca^h of all ioms with interest at the rate of '35 to""p5.-. r - - ""-,.- .-,6g to The Rfinowned Prima Donna, "Is .there" ncrbalm in Gilead; is there no physician therev : ' That cry- may henceforth cease, for all who-will can be healed hy obtaining the'-Sience of Life.*~ . See advertisement. · - : --: -_". ·· . .T .'_ . Safe, Quick and EfTdctlvo. The'valuable cur"ativ_propertiea of \V11- cock's-porons Plasters^are due to' the employment: o£-."the highest, medical and .chemical-skill. -They.are purely : vegetable," and in ingredients .and method. have"neVer been equalled; safe, quick and effective in their action; ttiey do hot 'burn of - blister, but soothe and relieve while curing, and Fire :: and_\ : ; Tornado^ · - Insurance. Largest of:\ Companies - .'·" in. lite. Northiuest. ·'. ·- Give. Us a Call. In English Grand Opera, sapported by on excel- · - · · - lent company.iii tbo - - . ..', ILlfc Rate. Tontine Period, 20 Years.. _ - -. . -A rptcrn m C£sh of^all. " , - preminma with, interest. AGE--'-- ^- -'-.--'--' .-.p-t-tha rate of; --"-·-- to;oo - : -\,-:".-;, 2* t ; The return on. other kinds of policies is hi.proportion. - ' . - - ' · ' · "·'." - There, : is no - assafance extant- - in_anY_ ,company which . compares with- this. THK EQrtTABijE.-is''tho-strongest corn--' pany in. the "svorld and transacts the.larg- est business:. - " . * . " - ' · ' . Assets - .-, ' : · · · · -; : -- _. ^125,000,000 Surplus - "" - ' - . i 25.O20,OOO Eor further information npply. to; ". ::'.. ; E: B". WINS^iP,^: - Manager, Fargo; N. D, Kesarved Bent tickets--$1.25 and $1.00--will'bo on salfl Thursday morning at 9. _o'clock, at I. C; DcGrafl's Bhoe etoro. . . " - ' . , . Druggist, Pure.Drugs - and pifits' - Bondries, inmery. Etc. · The ¥opulftr Edition, . Standard Novels. . ' · · _ . A complete lino of School Books,"Stationery ' and Periodicals.". ; iNEWSPAPERl V-i; VVHISKY NO. 1...'..,'KO. 1 - ·· ·-· t O L D J O E j ...'. ' Wholesae price, ; x:7 5 Send money, By order if; -possible. Bismarck, Ny:D. ·l'\Ve:are now- ready, to Deliver and make , ' ; ; ~ " ' " ' .per mpnthr* r Will not issue -ice tickets"or -weiRh. Wall fiU'yoirr ice chests and" keep, them full with the · best of=ice.. Bismarck .Coal-and;Wood ; -. ; P_SLATTERY, Assent":,. tlie ITlorlst of the Xorth"- west, can. famish yoa-with tho CHOICEST of '- Flowers, for .Weddings; Parties, Funerals, and all other purposes. ' .Largo assortment _ of fine bedding-" and house, plants. Choice flower seeds.- Send for Catalogue. Telegraph orders for f nncraLi promptly filled. MENDEKHALL GREENHOUSES,

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