The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1955 · Page 38
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 38

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1955
Page 38
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(Id.) Upper 5e§ Moines Thursday, Sept. 1, 1955 The, "Praise and Properties of a Good Wife", found in the last chapter of the book of Proverbs in the Bible was written for the women of Solomon's time, but the ideals back of the list of qualifications still apply thousands of years later to the women of 1955. The philosophy is appropriate after all these years but the way the model woman of today carries out the virtues is quite different. And so are the materials with which she works. * * * The Bible says, "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. , The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him Rood and not evil all the clays of her life. She sceketh wool, and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. She is like the merchants' ships: she bringeth her food from afar." "She riseth also while it is yet night and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. She considereth a field and b'uyeth it; with the fruit ol her hands she planteth a vineyard —She layeth her hands to the spindle and her hands hold the distaff. She stretcheth out her hand to the poor: yea .she reach- eth forth her hands to the needy.'' "She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet. She maketh horsef coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.—She openeth her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness." "She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed: her husband also, and he praiseth her. — Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates." c r * An exemplary ferrfale is jusl as hard to find today as it was back in the Old Testament. And though I fully realize that neither the eternal truths nor the majestic language of the Bible can be improved upon, if we were interpreting this chapter for today's woman, I wonder if it might not go somewhat like this: [THESE WOMEN By d'Alessto Never underestimate the power of a good woman. She is worth her weight in Uranium. Her husband trusts her; he knows she meant it when she promised to forsake all others and love, honor and obey only him. His interests are paramount in her life and she will never knowingly do anything to hurt him. She tends to the duties of her home for she knows that the clothing and feeding of her family are strictly her department. She goes down to the super-market to buy food for the family and she selects delicacies, in season, from all over the world-— at the mos economical prices. Sit" is the first one to gel u| in the morning and sin- cooks Rood, nouri.ihing breakfast foi her loved ones. Her human servant. 1 - are ivn-e>:isiant but she ha: n myriad of appliances to maki Jier housework easier. She rent: a vacant lot and plants hersei a garden so that she can put veg jn the deep-freexe for next winter She does the mending, selects am makes the clothes for tin- lamih and from her hands cuine Ih gentle soothing and tin.- t'le<-tint caress associated with wives an:i mothers. Her way of "stretching forth her hands to the needy" i. to push doorbells t..i the Rrci Cross, the lieait, cancel', !>>!:•> ami other fund-, and to figure i.iiii a was- to give fruiii her budget to the church, the (--immunity die.-' and other worthwhile pi < .H-I-IS. She knows that millions of little gilts combined are lots more- effective m helping jiii.-ery than jneiely living to piay Lad\ Bountiful. She IB not afraid of the coming of winter for r-iie ha- let do-wi: the la-1 vear's -now suits, knitted mittens, for the young.-ter.-,. Jj'pu.-;iit n<r\v storm b'i'il.- and ha- them ready for the fust ;-now tali. Sue also has a little cii-h put :,Md<- (••;• the more ii.;uia!'ve "stor:i-y day." All her family aie aHrai:t- she is out with the girls, she thinks twice before she indulges in idle gossip. She lets kindness color all her versions of a story. She looks after her family: she isn't lazy. She knows that homemaking consists of far more than housekeeping- She works foi and with the schools in gelling a good education for her children and she sees to il thai they have the best possible preparation for life—a strong religious faith. Her children point her ou proudly and say, "That's my Mom!" and her husband always says nice things about her. When they come to their golden wedding anniversary, he says, "What! Has it been fifty years already?" * * * And with the ancient philosopher of Solomon's time, we. clear down the centuries' into 1955 can say, "Favour is deceitful, and beauty vain; but a woman lhal feareth the Lord, she shall be praised." It is a far cry from reading the Bible to a discussion of the ust? of profanity among the small- fry, but we mothers know we all have to contend with the problem once in awhile. A local mother was surprised the other day to have her little son come in and say, "Mama, is jackass a naughty word?" The mother replied, "That's all irntbc way you'mean it and say it, dear." The little boy was very thoughtful for a time. Then he went into the bathroom, got a bar of soap and handed it to his mother. "Wash my mould out. Mom", he said. "I guess I've been swearing again!' : Insurance men are notoriously diligent when it comes to seeking customers. One local insurance man that I know is also notoriously successful in placing bets that the odds always go his way. In fact, if this guy bet that the sun would come up in the west some morning, I think Old Sol would probably oblige for one day only. However there was one day this summer when he lost a bet A group of Algona businessmen were on a fishing expedition and this insurance man bet that he could reach Bancroft before the gas tank, which registered, Empty, really gave up the ghost, bout three miles out the engine pluttcred, coughed and died and ur bettor conceded that he'd lost nd started to town for more uel. The rest of the party wait- d in the car and he didn't come jack and didn't come back. Finlly when they had just about lecided to walk into Bancroft and : ind him, back came our sales- nan. He and a can of gas, the noney to pay off the bet and a check for a paid up insurance policy he'd sold while at the filling station! St. Benedict By Mrs Philip Arndorfer 44 I understand she was hired as an emergency stenographer to stand by during coffee-break time!" TITONKA NEWS Eugene Harringa, son of Mr and Mrs Harm Harringa, arrived home Aug. 17 from Bremerton, Washington, for a 25 day furlough from the Navy. He will report back to San Diego. Mr and Mrs Henry D. Harms and Vicki are spending a few days of his vacation at Charles City where they will visit Henry's sister and family there. Mr and Mrs Ted DeBoer were accompanied by Mr and Mrs Art Rode on a trip to Colorado and points west. They will be gone about 10 days. They left last Thursday morning. Mr and Mrs Bob Ladd and family of Forest City were,visitors at tlie Harm Harringa home Thursday evening. Miss Myrtle Sachau came by train Sunday morning from Chicago to spend a weeks vacation with relatives here. Kenneth Swan and Gordon Swan drove to Morning Sun. Monday, to attend the funeral of their grandfather. Wm. Swan. Mr and Mrs Henry Gracfen, Karen, and Carol and grandson of Chicago are visiting Mrs Graefen's sister Miss Louise Senne for a couple of weeks. Dr. and Mrs Joe Coyle, Judy and Joe Jr., of Chicago arrived last week to spend a few days at Mrs Coyle's parents, Dr. and Mrs Pierre Sartor. The Ted Van Hove and the Clyde Yatcs families have moved into their recently completed new homes. The Wilbur Sextons h a v t bought the Junior Hansen home and will move there as soon as it is vacated, Junior will operate a service station in Clear Lake as soon as housing facilities are found. Dr. Pierre Sartor celebrated his birthday Aug. 21, with all of his children present. They are Mary Oesterrcicher, Mrs Mag Bleich, of -Britt, Mrs Marcedes Coyle of Chicago, Dr. Alice Sartor of Charles Cily and Dr. Guidp Sartor, and all of their families. Mr and Mrs Ike Buffington, Dick and Jane, spent last week visiting relatives in Chicago. Mr and Mrs Otis Btidlong and children of Waterloo were Monday visitors at the Mary Budlong home and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Harold Gartner, Sandra and Diane, attended a family reunion at Okoboji, Sunday, Aug. 21. Mr and Mrs Wm. Kopas and daughters of Wichita, Kansas, are visiting at the Nelson and Michaelson homes and Mr Kopa's parents at Britt. Mrs Kopa is the former LaVonne McCulley. Mr and Mrs Junior Thacker and son of Rock Rapids visited Saturday and Sunday at the parental Anna Alke and Paul Thacker homes. Mrs David Roberts and son of Dallas, Texas, arrived Monday to spend a few days at the Jay Budlong and Everett Rippentrop homes. Mrs Frances Doyle of Gary, Ind., was- a house guest of Mrs Dan Froehlich this week. She also visited at the Leo and Jack Ludwig homes and the Ben Don- home. Mrs Doyle is a cousin of the above. Mr and Mrs C. L. Froehlich of Wesley and Mr and Mrs Edw. Kerber qf Merna, 111., called on the Dan F. Froehlich home on Aug. 24. Early in the morning on Aug. 19, Mr and Mrs John Peuschl and two of their daughters, Julia and Stella motored to Milwaukee. Wis., to visit at the home of Mr and Mrs Mike Peuschl and fami- Iv. John and Mike are brothers. They returned to meet Mrs John Preiischl's sister Helen and the latler's husband who were visiting relatives. Mr and Mrs Ben Dorr were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Dan F. Froehlich Aug. 25. Mrs Ben Dorr won high'prize at a card parly held Aug. 26 at Rcgina Froehlich's home. Roman Arend, Dorothy and Ronnie Arndorfer will be home Tuesday after having been to visit Mr and Mrs Lloyd Mueller and Mr and Mrs Paul Riesen They were gone four days. Mrs Mueller is the former Rita Arend. She is a sister of Roman. Mr and Mrs Rieser live at Downers Grove, 111 They are brother-in-law and sister-in-law to Dprothy. Mr and Mrs Don McCarthy flew to Miller, S. D. last Wednesday to attend a livestock sale there. They were over-night guests at the James Egan home in Miller. Then they flew to Ester- ine where Mrs McCarthy's father, Nick Haan, is sick. He lives at Kranzburg, S. D. Luke and Jerry McCarthy stayed a few days in Bancroft with heir cousins, the James Coyne 'amily. Mrs Coyne is Don McCar- .hy's sister. Janice Goche was a guest of Eileen McCarthy at St. Benedict during the past week. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward oche of Bancroft. Saturday afternoon callers at he, Philip Arndorfer home were Mrs Leo McEnroe, daughter June, another daughter Vera who is -Airs John Ftubes and the latter's son, Stephen. Mr and Mrs John Rubts, June and Steven had driven most of Friday night from their home in Kansas City, Mo. They will be in this vicinity and Spencer for a week. Spencer is the home of John's parents. June had spent several weeks in Missouri with them. Mr and Mrs Leo McEnroe and Mr and Mrs M. H. McEnroe accompanied Mrs Philip Arndorfer to Austin, Minn., Aug. 28 to be present at a reunion of Mrs Leo McEnroe's relatives. Several Isc- brand families were there from the Tilonka vicinity. Two of Mrs Leo McEnroe's brothers married Isebrand girls. Mr and Mrs Clarence Christenscn from northwest of Wesley were al^o there, the latter a sister to Mrs Leo McEnroe. The Christenscn son. Wilbur, and wife: and family from Wesley attended also. EXPLOSION A gas pipe line explosion on the Ted John farm near Walnut resulted when the pipe line corroded. The blast blew a one-ton section of pipe completely over a set of power lines, dropping ii into a country road 300 feet away. U-D-M Want Ads Bring Hesulf, The District of Columbia nan a delegate in Congress for four vears, 1871-1875. vo:o:o:o:o;o:o:0:cfoo:o:o:o:o'o^ In last week's recipe contest one of the winners was Mrs Edna Teeter with a Shrimp Spaghetti with a mushroom sauce. Because it was a double-header the sauc,e recipe was crowded out,, so I'm giving it now. H> cup melted butter '•.- cup flour cup cream tsp. salt tsp. paprika tablsp. chopped parsley tablsp. lemon juice Ib. cooked mushrooms. all the ingredients to- This will serve -4 people '••• l '-> '.i 1 1 1 Co ether. Mrs M. P. Haggard's Tuna Cas scroll- 1 i-. so good that I'm giving you this one also. 1 can tuna fish 1 can mushroom soup 1 can chop suey vegetables '•_> cup pecans or other nuts Combine ail the ingredient place in a greased casserole and n;:ke half an hour at. H75 degrees Serve over rice or Chinese. noodles. —GRACE. REPORT CARD Subject Grade IT* a usco WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and comfort than any other combination window ! iveiy dressed in tne she can secure in incomi- uh e.-t the Jainily her own looks \ve!i-.-t.yl:-d i-i liit; best ')! W ;i! iic Shu fx< rci.-cs inn flit aii-i .-1 h;/ir HI/:- -in, •M-'ii a i.'jini.- c! ,thnm|nUSCO DOOR HOODS AND irm w;th j WINDOW CANOPIES add great- •u! |J -,- U 'i' ! ly to lhe beaut y of y° ur home! ! i ! Charles Mi Her " ; '<-"-..<•• i RUSCO SALES " n '."', u ;! Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. ' i,','.,.'. (Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algona HEINIE'S BAYSIDE RESORT ON AGENCY BAY OF LEECH LAKE Modern Hskpg Collages with gas heat apt. size ranges, refrig., deep freeze service. Dock and fish cleaning service. Safe Swimming Beach. Lakeside Kecrealion Building. Excellent road aJl the way Irom Algona. Phone 3074 or v/rile: Heinie & EloiSe Fisher, Walker, Minn. Send your son or daughter back to school with a new Smith-Corona for as little as $ 122 a week. Five models (o choose from. Smith-Corona the World's first and fbslest portable typewriter VACATION WITH US ? We invite you—and ihs odds are 70 to 30 you'll be back year after year. Ours is the perfect location to enjoy complete relaxation in our modern housekeeping cottages among huge pines away from all traffic and hustle. World's greatest variety fishing in 6 beautiful lakes. May we send you our complete story? SUMMERS' PINE POINT Park Rapids, Minn. (21 If) Read The Want Ads - It Pays! CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS 'As Much As $9.00 Savings Per lOOLbs. Gain" MINERAL MEAL Min- Corn Savings now pay off more- than ever! And get first class RESULTS with your hogs on ^r^cnt ral Meal Results on corn savings are greatest with pippt.r supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up .to G bushels of corn per 100 pounds gam. compared to ordinal y corn feeding. That cuts normal corn costs in half. If cBrn is SI 50. you can save up to S9 cash per 100 pounds ot gains. On" a 200 pound hog, that adds up to $18. Sargent Minral Meal p«.-ts such big Torn savings RESULTS,' because it has the. genuine pork building ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Minral Meal has vitamins, proteins and minrals phis extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag - All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" We're shooting the works -to bring you the biggest bonus-deal in our history ...4 Come in and see it demonstrated See this and other makes portable typewriters demonstrated here. REMINGTON UNDERWOOD ROYAL Portable Typewriters On Display At Upper Des Moines PUBLISHING CO. PHONE 1100 ALGONA Prices starting at *79 95 OU'VE never seen anything like it— we've never seen an> thing like it — nobody's ever seen anything like the way Uuiek sales are soaring. Already, they've shot way past every high- water mark in our history. (And we've Sot (lie rest of the year to so!) So we're celebrating. We're shooting the works. AndjyowYe the winner. On top of the whopping trade-in allowances we've been making all year, we're now adding an extra-big bonus allowance that brings you your new JJuick at the lowest figure of the year. And Mister— what a Uuick it is! Big and brawny—with the bold styling that says 13uick and nothing but. Whip-quick and eagerly able—with VK power that's been stepped up to all-time highs. A buoyant and level-riding IJuiek that travels you over any road in confident ease—carries Even the new hit in hardtops— the 4-Door Riviera — is included in our profit-sharing deals today. Shown here is the 236-hp CENTURY, 6-Pas<.enger, 4-Door Riviera, Model 63. Also available in the low-price SPECIAL Series as Model 43. you in llic balanced cnmfnrt of all-coil spring* ing and torque-tube stability. And— -4 Huick blessed by the smooth magic of Variable Filth UynaHo\v :: — the only trans- missiwn patterned on the switch-pilch principle of the modern plane's propeller to give you electrifying getaway response and better gas mileage to boot. Well— what do you say? Can you deny jour- self all those thrills when they conic to you for so thrifty a price and \\ith so terriiie a trade-in allowance? Come in— today if you can— while our deal is on and the lid is oil'. ill-ii Buuk b:ii!.h * \'.iriMe Vil t«.h;. It is sli fan on vti.'i'i J))»j//t..v .iirJ un R> is lit: <>n!\ .:i.hutii:t;r, u Biggest-selling Buick in History! 105 N. Hall WHEN BSTTE8 AUTOMOBILES ARE BUUT BUiCK W1U BUUD THEM —,.-™_— —.. - - .-,—, BRANDT BUICK Algona, Iowa

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